Magnificent Storyteller Soldier Reveals What He Saw In Vietnam

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David Hoffman

3 yıl önce

In 1990 I did interviews with 180 baby boomers talking about their early life during the 1960s for my television series, Making Sense of the Sixties. This is a clip of poet and educator Bill Ehrhart from one of those interviews - a very articulate Vietnam veteran who joined the military with patriotism in his heart. He has written a book on his experiences - Vietnam-Perkasie: A Combat Marine Memoir, Search the word "Vietnam" on my TRshow channel to find more related clips. Including one more by this man. Here is his background of service - W. D. Ehrhart served with 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, from early February 1967 to late February 1968. His service number is 2279361. He holds the Purple Heart Medal, Navy Combat Action Ribbon, Presidential Unit Citation (2), Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Service Medal, Cross of Gallantry Meritorious Unit Citation, Civic Action Meritorious Unit Citation, Vietnamese Campaign Medal. The last three were all awarded by the now-extinct government of the Republic of Vietnam. He received the PUC and the two Vietnamese unit citations as a member of 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment. You can find more at his website

E Stanley Rosales
E Stanley Rosales 2 saatler önce
Great video! Where is the ending?
Nigel Leggett
Nigel Leggett 3 saatler önce
Just like Afghanistan you can't change a culture
Hector Rodriz
Hector Rodriz 4 saatler önce
This man is no mindless jock or war dog or whatever. He's so.articulate, so insightful. I'm so glad that a mind like his made it back to tell the tale. And what a horrible tale that is. Of course, one soldier killed in a dumb war for profit is one too many.
wulfrvm 6 saatler önce
i cant tell if thats the fakest looking real moustache or the realest looking fake moustache
Aaron Daytona
Aaron Daytona 12 saatler önce
This guy is awesome!
Aaron Daytona
Aaron Daytona 11 saatler önce
I love when he said “the whole country smelled bad, it burnt the nose” 😂
Joshua .S
Joshua .S 17 saatler önce
This was fantastic. It's nice to just hear a soldier's story from Vietnam and how it was, not the culture clash or the biased views of both left and right but just a guy saying what he saw and how he felt.
Suicide headaches
Suicide headaches Gün önce
where is the full interview??
DeadEyeDan16 Gün önce
I feel enlightened after listening to this man.
Schaefer Accounting
Schaefer Accounting Gün önce
He did his job and that should have been it. But hey, if a feelings session helps him, great. That's what the world needs. More fucking feelings. A my real man doesn't talk about what he had to do in a war.
Jolinda McBride
Jolinda McBride Gün önce
My uncle lost 167 men under his command and this young man's testimony helped me validate it
Jolinda McBride
Jolinda McBride 12 saatler önce
That's the most intelligent thing that I have heard today
Jolinda McBride
Jolinda McBride Gün önce
War is not an answer to anything....its a solution to fear
Silentt29 Gün önce
David Hoffman
David Hoffman Gün önce
Thank you so much for your support. It matters. David Hoffman filmmaker
J B Gün önce
I didn’t know Howard Stern was in Nam.
Saucy Revenge
Saucy Revenge Gün önce
If only I could tell him he wasn't wasting any film and that every second he took to think was worth the decades it took for me to find this gem. Thank you.
David Hoffman
David Hoffman Gün önce
Thank you for your comment. If your resources allow, I would sure appreciate your using the THANKS button under any of my videos including the one you have commented on. It is something new that TRshow is beta testing and would mean a great deal for my continuing efforts. David Hoffman filmmaker
Liam Barnett
Liam Barnett Gün önce
The US needs to realise that it is not the world's peacekeeper, no one wants/needs it's help
P2dalow 420
P2dalow 420 Gün önce
Howard? Is that you?
Ron Helton
Ron Helton Gün önce
Ron Paul
Old Ironsides
Old Ironsides 2 gün önce
Guy in thumbnail must have a deep incredible line of frilly wigs.
charlie cross
charlie cross 2 gün önce
Enjoyed this cheers, have a good night all
TO 2 gün önce
Vietnamese welcoming him? He was a bit naïve in the 60s.
noflamejustafk 2 gün önce
This is eerily similar to my experiences in Afghanistan
thank you for your service
Jeffrey Simmons
Jeffrey Simmons 2 gün önce
My Brother served two tours in Viet Nam. He came home a different person. He died in 2014 from Agent Orange related illnesses. The United States government should have done more for the Men and Women who were made to serve in this meat grinder of a conflict. God Bless you all
dwoodog 3 gün önce
I love hearing things like this right from the horses mouth so to speak. Very interesting.
David Ben-Abraham
David Ben-Abraham 3 gün önce
In short: The US, during the eleven-year protracted war in Vietnam, sought to maintain the West's colonial hegemony over the South Vietnamese people, while the fighters in, both, North Vietnam (Viet Cong), as well as many of the common people in the South itself, sought to be released from colonial oppression. Had JFK had his way, American troops and advisers would have all departed Vietnam over the space of a little more than one year. Lyndon B. Johnson, who took the helm of the US government after JFK's untimely death, wanted the war to go on.
Silver Saber
Silver Saber 3 gün önce
Afghanistan is the Vietnam war of 21st century.
Geronimo Carlos Martinez Ganzo
Geronimo Carlos Martinez Ganzo 3 gün önce
That why they loose Vietnam... because no one wait there with hands open...
Moe 3 gün önce
It's shame and/or resources. Nothing learnt by fellow americans. Decay, on your own ideologies. It's coming.
Moe 3 gün önce
usa will decay by its gov toxins and its people ignorance. It's coming. No outside interference as projected. Promised and its coming.
Nick Steuber
Nick Steuber 3 gün önce
how can someone be so reflected and not self reflected on how important a story is at the same time ("Im waisting your film"). great guy nevertheless
Daylan Poore
Daylan Poore 3 gün önce
I come back and watch this about once a month just to tryin gain slightest bit of his intelligence/this man was 50yrs ahead of his times
Coreh Martinushkevich
Coreh Martinushkevich 4 gün önce
11:20 it's so that the homelands unwittingly support the war and create a controversial divide amongst those who did or didn't support it.
frawldog 4 gün önce
🇻🇳 👍
Nickonizer 4 gün önce
im saving this for future use, I have a feeling ill be coming back to this goldmine in the future
Mango Mangay
Mango Mangay 4 gün önce
Reminder that LBJ supplied the United States with bombs from a company in which his wife was a majority stock holder. And The Gulf of Tonkin was a hoax. As is the pretext for every American war. Kill your local CIA operative.
al altest
al altest 4 gün önce
The same devils are still there and doing the same killings for the same reasons! this world will not have real peace as long as USA stay a warmongering superpower.
Art Sonnevelt
Art Sonnevelt 4 gün önce
I wasn't expecting to see the human side of a war criminal
Eric Vidal
Eric Vidal 4 gün önce
Seems like a vers smart man
Just thank god you weren't a black Vietnam vet. Sky was the limit when you got back. Wahhh waaaahhh 👶
snaggletooth 70
snaggletooth 70 4 gün önce
Is this cat still alive today i wonder
David Hoffman
David Hoffman 4 gün önce
Read the description please. Very much alive.
Dashmir Veliu
Dashmir Veliu 4 gün önce
Truly insightful, thank you so much for posting this
David Hoffman
David Hoffman 4 gün önce
Thank you for your comment. If your resources allow, I would sure appreciate your using the THANKS button under any of my videos including the one you have commented on. It is something new that TRshow is beta testing and would mean a great deal for my continuing efforts. David Hoffman filmmaker
Brian Vinther
Brian Vinther 4 gün önce
Making his girlfriend an icon... "You were...Jenny" (F.Gump)
Tony M
Tony M 4 gün önce
This got over 8k thumbs down? Likely right wing nationalists who can't believe that our country has made many historical mistakes... the people who will lead us into this type of action again...
joey101 2 gün önce
Don’t talk out of hate. People on the right and left are responsible. The American people are responsible.
Fenderman 4 gün önce
He’s right, people living in the states have no idea what’s actually going on overseas
Crooked Paths
Crooked Paths 4 gün önce
His first view returning to the USA was of impenetrable fog - a metaphor for his whole experience in Vietnam.
Outside The Box
Outside The Box 4 gün önce
I never knew jeff Foxworthy was a veteran .....
Aaron Catalano
Aaron Catalano 4 gün önce
If Howard Stern and Weird Al had a baby.
HoosierMan34 5 gün önce
It's interesting to think about the disconnect between what the media was saying compared to what this guy saw on the ground. Seems as though NOTHING much has changed...
thomas darby
thomas darby 5 gün önce
everyone reading this I have an importing message that will change your day . . . . . GO FUCK YOUR SELF
Boyd Grandy
Boyd Grandy 5 gün önce
Viet Nam was a proxy war against the Soviet Union, who directly supported North Viet Nam with weapons, material, training and on-ground leadership. Kennedy and others, subscribed to the theory that if South Viet Nam fell to the NVA/Soviets, the rest of Southeast Asia was also at risk. Lyndon Johnson, eager to seem like an FDR type leader, vastly expanded the US air and ground presence in the Republic of South Viet Nam in 1964, in order to put a stop to Soviet interests there, while placing insane ROE restrictions on our forces. Viet Nam was a fuckup from start to finish, brought to you by LBJ and the chief whiz kid Robert McNamara and enabled by such mediocrities as General William Westmoreland. A lot of factors went in to the US withdrawal from the region in '75, but the primary foe was always the USSR, right up to the day that it collapsed under the weight of 70 years of false promises and murder. Turns out, the folks in the north were more interested in getting rid of the old French inspired regime in the south and to finally get everybody from Europe, the US and the West in general out of Viet Nam. By the way, nobody was more surprised at the reaction of the US public to the Tet offensive in '68, where the Viet Cong literally ceased to exist as an asymmetrical war fighting force, than NVA General Giap, who knew how badly that effort had gone for the VC and NVA. Some of that reaction can be placed on Walter Cronkite acting in a fit of pique because Westmoreland wouldn't let him have access to OpSec data, some on the standard fecklessness of US politicians, and other embedded sources in the US. We never had an exit strategy, or even a well defined war aim for Afghanistan, the place where western armies go to die. By this time next year, the Taliban and the other Afghans will have happily returned to their normal way of life when not occupied by Western powers, which is retail murder of each other. So much for seeding democracy and nation building.
Jeff  The Pharaoh
Jeff The Pharaoh 5 gün önce
Back in Iraq 🇮🇶 …..
Renee Charles
Renee Charles 5 gün önce
Bill,my bro was tagged awol and sent to Fed prison.He has anger,im his sis,so do i. Thank u for making it clear to me.
First Last
First Last 5 gün önce
He looks like Howard Stern
ThereAreHotAliensOnMarsTrustMe 5 gün önce
Either you assert control and build a government whilst integrating the local population. Or you stay away, because you have no goal and therefore will fail. I am no expert on colonialism. But it makes more sense to profit from a country rather than to have wars without end.
Beejee Pacha
Beejee Pacha 5 gün önce
This guy should have been hired as an actor, or a TV presenter. How come the most charismatic people are the ones who never make it in Hollywood?
Mark Walker
Mark Walker 5 gün önce
...and nothing has changed. "Weapons of mass destruction" Ya right George. Nothing changes. The world turns, century after century and NOTHING changes. From the Crusades, to World War II to Afghanistan. If it wasn't so sad it would be comical. After all these years, has anyone looked into any of the numerous questions regarding 911? In any murder investigation (except JFK) even one of these questions would be delved into. Nope. We are just pawns. I can never get the image of the "falling man" out of my head. Just a normal day, went into work like every day, then......... Like this guy in the video. A young kid. A pawn in a great game played by old men.
Quinn Holloway
Quinn Holloway 5 gün önce
War is Hell But it's not the Soldiers who are demons The real demons are the people who command it The people who start the wars The constant bickering goverments and parties who try to justify War in all matter of ways Resources, A Sense of 'Duty to stop our Enemy', 'To bring order', Because it's justified in 'the Lords' Eyes' despite the good book not saying anything about using weapons that cause extreme damage
Pasajero De La Brújula
Pasajero De La Brújula 5 gün önce
Sir, NEGATIVE, sir! Sir, the private believes any answer he gives will be wrong and the Senior Drill Instructor will only beat him harder if he reverses himself, SIR!
Web Crawler
Web Crawler 5 gün önce
Where’s the rest of this guys video? I could listen to him for hours
Vicarious One
Vicarious One 5 gün önce
My eyes literally rolled on their own when he said (with a smirk), “well, when I got to Vietnam…” Here we go.
Azzam 5 gün önce
11:30 "I'm wasting your film" no sir you are definitely not
john Baldock
john Baldock 5 gün önce
As true then as now! You can't Liberate a people who don't want to be Liberated!!
Cheetiong Yeo
Cheetiong Yeo 5 gün önce
And now the US wants to pick a fight with China. How crazy can they get? They would never learn.
JohnLoydon 6 gün önce
Rodney Weekle
Rodney Weekle 6 gün önce
“Stay alive until I can get out” ……….. that quote unfortunately feels like it applies now in this day and age to almost everything today………… I could go on to explain what I just said but my answers will no doubt , how truthful, would get me suspended from TRshow again for the umpteenth time….. truth in today’s circles more than butt hurts
Olivia Hackshaw
Olivia Hackshaw 6 gün önce
We’l soon have videos like this featuring the” Afghan Vets” saying the same thing
angela1984a 6 gün önce
Smoking kills...
Gabe Sikora
Gabe Sikora 6 gün önce
Wonderful story, even better hair.
Clayton Delaney
Clayton Delaney 6 gün önce
Literal prop cigarette.
Oties Driftwood
Oties Driftwood 6 gün önce
There was a part 2 somewhere. I can't find it now
Father McKenzie
Father McKenzie 6 gün önce
this is epic!
Desert Oasis
Desert Oasis 6 gün önce
Is that Howard Stern?!
Michael 6 gün önce
Am I the only one sees Stern each time this video preview comes up while scrolling?
Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks 6 gün önce
He looks like Dr.Bumquist from fear and loathing in vegas. Groovy!!! Grooooovy!!!!!!! Kinda sounds like him to!
David Sheriff
David Sheriff 7 gün önce
This guy looks like Howard Stern.
Andrew Caraway
Andrew Caraway 7 gün önce
Based on the (question) of his academic background it can be perplexed. I could only imagine wanting to do the right thing for the betterment of the world. Its dozens of different sociological, religious, and personal ratinalities that conceptualize the siphoning of ignorance many go into the military and come out "PTSD." The less condition ones (i.e) that have never have hinted for their food and rationalize meat cooking from mommy and daddy are the worst. 12 years in the medical feild and I've never seen a bunch of bubble children failed on by their parents who should be ashamed of even existing utilizing 12% of their brain matter. (Oh, but I'm tired) screw your tired and exhaust all of your means to create a better future for your child. It in amazement ... it baffles me how drugs(growing a weed tree can get welfare people off their asses... and yet, they are wi)ing to prop...not harvest but prop their weed plant so the colas don't collapse on eachother. But hey, garbage deserves tax money for the rest of their unrefined and unrestricted years of self propagating disease and non contributions to anyone being 80lb overweight...Right?
Lordeverfall100 7 gün önce
Howard Stern telling his war stories
Michael Mai
Michael Mai 7 gün önce
11:31 "I'm wasting your film", The real meaning is he was wishing the war never happen and he doesn't need to talk about it.
ap0lmc 7 gün önce
All it was about was to put money in the pockets of the Elites the war started with a lie and it ended in massive tragedy. Flight of the Intruder showed pilots bombing targets that had no value to winning the war but the spending of tax payers money for all the weapons deployed. It also was geneside of black Americans sent to the front lines.
Suzie cream cheese
Suzie cream cheese 7 gün önce
I loved Life magazine, but unfortunately it was part of the propaganda machine.
Thảo Võ Thu
Thảo Võ Thu 7 gün önce
I'm just guessing how anyone might feel if some foreign superpower unloaded like the hammer of God on their otherwise peaceful life when they had done nothing at all.
BRan DonDon
BRan DonDon 7 gün önce
howrd stern you are a pos
Hayden Holley
Hayden Holley 7 gün önce
David N. Tuck
David N. Tuck 8 gün önce
A magnificent liar. He fought and only saw 4 enemies with weapons. This person is looking for personal gain by stealing valor from those that fought the war against many armed enemies.
Hayden Holley
Hayden Holley 7 gün önce
He's telling his own personal story about what he experienced he's not "stealing" anything. smh
S M 8 gün önce
Good thing we learned our lesson and never made that mistake again :-/
jackie sauriol
jackie sauriol 8 gün önce
Just keep observing, right unto our deaths, keep telling the story. Thank You for this.
Lucky Jim
Lucky Jim 8 gün önce
No disrespect to this man, truly, but I thought when I saw this video on the scroll that this was Dana Carvey doing a bit!
Ruben Van der Straaten
Ruben Van der Straaten 8 gün önce
I guess it's because of the American war propaganda machine, but what did this dude expect? You go to wage war in a nation, fighting the people of that nation, and are shocked to realize the locals are siding with their own people. I know that these soldiers are indoctrinated into thinking they're heroes before they even leave boot camp, but it doesn't make it any less annoying to hear. Especially considering the vile things done to local Vietnamese women at the hands of G.I.s (not to mention Agent Orange). The US is always waging wars and proxy-wars in other nations to try to circumvent their superpower competitors (China in this case) and there is nothing noble or heroic about it whatsoever.
Ruben Van der Straaten
Ruben Van der Straaten 6 gün önce
@Sam Tate The logic was unsound and based on the American propaganda machine lie that they're heroes fighting a war for freedom and justice. He assumed that the locals would welcome him with open arms because he was American and American soldiers are lead to believe that they're all heroes regardless of the war crimes that they'll commit. It's same reasoning that leads thousands of idiots to be proud of the fact that a US drone strike just killed an Afghan aid worker and 7 of the children he was helping. It's the same propaganda machine that is currently not accepting responsibility for the deaths of these children, and 100,000 other dead Afghani children since 9/11 (a generously meager estimate, considering the Pentagon lowered the age classification of potential combatants to 13 to justify the piles of teen corpses). There is every reason to ridicule the American Military, they have made the world an objectively worse place and expect the world and it's people to kiss their boots.
Sam Tate
Sam Tate 6 gün önce
he stated that he saw that locals like americans in WW2 and thought that thats what would happen. his logic was fine. no reason to ridicule
Beth Norris
Beth Norris 8 gün önce
Sounds SO much like James Stewart.. it would've been swell to hear the end..Is there a part two?
Sam J.
Sam J. 8 gün önce
30 years later, Bill Earhart remains dedicated to this haircut.
Shh'Kotsky 8 gün önce
He looks like Noah Caldwell-Gervais
Buttman Jenkins
Buttman Jenkins 8 gün önce
It's ironically very symbolic the way his eyes turn from lightened to pure black as he's recounting his tale, going from wanted to help people do doing whatever it takes to stay alive...
mkfourgli1 9 gün önce
looks like hes still in that era
Joseph Kicklighter
Joseph Kicklighter 9 gün önce
“I’m wasting your film.” No, no sir you are not.
824Kobi 11 saatler önce
Zenith Star
Zenith Star 4 gün önce
Broke my heart, hearing that 💔 As if the rest wasn't doing enough of that
Frank Konrad Karl Krimmer
Frank Konrad Karl Krimmer 9 gün önce
Moderator, yeaahhh i thought;
L F 9 gün önce
I wonder what year this is looks later 70s
Lupin the 3rd
Lupin the 3rd 7 gün önce
this was filmed in 1990
David Hoffman
David Hoffman 9 gün önce
Read the description please. David Hoffman filmmaker
CrayZgunZ 9 gün önce
Unfortunately not a lot of people have the attention span or respect to let another one talk long enough to show they are great story tellers. That's the real tragedy. This guys is a real treat.
Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez 3 gün önce
I never noticed that, so true. Prob guilty of it myself lol
Flowing InTheWin
Flowing InTheWin 9 gün önce
The hair and glasses reminds me of Jacob Ladders.
Supreme bonkripper
Supreme bonkripper 9 gün önce
I was so happy and pleasantly suprised when i saw him in the ken burns vietnam war documentary
Avenging Angel
Avenging Angel 9 gün önce
That man didn’t waste a single second of that film. It’s a shame that what happened over there is swept under the rug and forgotten in modern times. There’s so much we could’ve learned from it all.
Steven Dee
Steven Dee 9 gün önce
This guy is worth listening
dxc 9 gün önce
Sad to see that this very thing is being repeated in Afghanistan today. His use of simple metaphors confirms how great he is as a storyteller. Thank you for sharing.
Sebastian Stubenreuther
Sebastian Stubenreuther 5 gün önce
I had the same thought
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