Taylor Swift - All Too Well: The Short Film

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

2 aylar önce

Written & Directed by: Taylor Swift
Starring: Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien & Taylor Swift

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Emma Zen
Emma Zen Aylar önce
Sadie literally looks like if autumn was a person
Abby Smith
Abby Smith Gün önce
Ikr! Gorgeous!
neide Pereira
neide Pereira Gün önce
@Emma Zen u
Linnea Lee
Linnea Lee Gün önce
Lagarto XD
Lagarto XD 2 gün önce
Deon Saxen
Deon Saxen 2 gün önce
Big Up Swift
zaini sheikh
zaini sheikh 24 gün önce
This version is like silent pain. This is like when you are still hurt but you don't have tears to cry anymore.
Anna 2204
Anna 2204 17 saatler önce
@Suhani Tewatia So, I am picking it up Picking it up yuh
Lieselot Légat
Lieselot Légat Gün önce
A random account
A random account Gün önce
Speak for yourself I cry each time I watch this
Suhani Tewatia
Suhani Tewatia 2 gün önce
right now i'm in a state of mind i wanna be in like all the time ain't got no tears left to cryy
Irene Casini
Irene Casini 3 gün önce
exactly that
Digital UMMAH Ofishal
Digital UMMAH Ofishal 22 gün önce
Another fun fact is that both Dylan and Sadie has been huge swifties for a long time now ,I'm so glad they got a chance to work with Taylor😍
Dustin 9999
Dustin 9999 9 gün önce
Where's the fun
Saoirse O'Farrell
Saoirse O'Farrell 14 gün önce
kitkat. 13 gün önce
This hits so hard when you had a boyfriend who treated you like this. Specifically in the scene where they are arguing about him dropping her hand.
Jennywren7 Gün önce
Yeah, this brings back a lot of memories
Barbi Csuka
Barbi Csuka 3 gün önce
i feel you bestie
Ok 3 gün önce
亲NK 5 gün önce
Wendy Lacey
Wendy Lacey 7 gün önce
I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years from a similar situation and this film showed me a lot about what I thought I needed when it was something else entirely
Khatrizce Villanueva
Khatrizce Villanueva 7 gün önce
Carlie Merriweather
Carlie Merriweather 4 gün önce
Vlad Bush
Vlad Bush 4 gün önce
No u r the only one.
Clara Stevenson
Clara Stevenson 5 gün önce
KennaCat 6 gün önce
Me. I live for this song!
ZombieXCorn 2 aylar önce
The way I’d love to see more short films for other songs being re-recorded.
erin erin
erin erin 20 gün önce
i’d love a back to december’s film.
anonymous for comments lol
anonymous for comments lol 28 gün önce
no but seriously it’d be so funny if that was actually jake gyllenhaal on a spam account LMFAO
anonymous for comments lol
anonymous for comments lol 28 gün önce
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ either this is Jake Gyllenhaal or a troll bc what💀
Emma Miranda-Roach
Emma Miranda-Roach Aylar önce
@mae daneza I was thinking this
Anna Kate Prescott
Anna Kate Prescott Aylar önce
Teardrops on my guitar
Chloe Temptress
Chloe Temptress 22 gün önce
My best friend passed away with brain cancer when we were 15 . She’s a spitting image of this woman In this video. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It’s almost haunting. However I’m watching this sobbing for the probably thousand time. and feeling like I’m watching her growing up and to experience love and heart break like I did so many times In my early 20s… damn.
So Ni
So Ni Gün önce
❤ omg. How bittersweet beautiful.
BS17 2 gün önce
That’s very sad. I’m sorry. I hate cancer and brain cancer is especially horrible! My niece had bone and brain cancer when she was 3. She’s 15 now but the horrendous effects have lasted years.
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 3 gün önce
Shes been in stranger things...and I'm sorry for your loss
Um, chile. Anyways, so…
Um, chile. Anyways, so… 4 gün önce
man, i’m sorry for your loss. hope this vid can provide you with some kind of solace. it always gets better. also, funnily enough i know a vocal coach who is pretty much the spitting image of Sadie Sink. it’s pretty mad!! x
Gabbie Logan
Gabbie Logan 8 gün önce
This actresses name is Sadie sink. She's very talented and does amazing work. She's been in multiple productions if you would like to watch some of her work to remember your friend
Smriti Sewa
Smriti Sewa 3 gün önce
This has to be one of the greatest songs ever written.She is just the best storyteller.Her creativity and talent is clearly visible in her songs.Writing,Singing,Directing and whatever Taylor does,she does it All Too Well.We all can literally listen to Taylor when we're sad, happy, angry, depressed, excited or nostalgic...This movie is on loop in my TRshow and in my mind.I swear I can live alone with her music...
CGagnon5 7 gün önce
I literally can’t stop listening to this. Legitimately might be one of the greatest songs ever written and I’m not even a huge Swifty.
resilienci 14 gün önce
When she cries and holds her heart. Yes. We’ve been there.
Amber Whitaker Adams
Amber Whitaker Adams 23 saatler önce
Girl yes.
AllTooUnwell 2 aylar önce
Okay but can we just take a moment to appreciate Sadie and Dylan’s impeccable acting like that was truly amazing
Tanishka Sawant
Tanishka Sawant 6 gün önce
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ Just Go away If this isn't your Style. Just don't come at Taylor and sadie.
Lost In Space
Lost In Space 24 gün önce
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ I see you in a lot of comments, saying pretty much the same thing. Obsessed.
Callie Jean
Callie Jean 27 gün önce
@Sushi Ojo you're legally at adult at 18? Please dont get mad at me I'm just saying
Callie Jean
Callie Jean 27 gün önce
Ikr, I'm a massive fan of Dylan and even I got mad watching this and had to remind myself it's just acting
Elena Spano
Elena Spano Aylar önce
literally everyone's appreciating that as they should
Miranda Tais Mansen
Miranda Tais Mansen 2 gün önce
Only a true artist can create a 10-minute musical masterpiece and somehow make it still feel too short.
Lol Twins
Lol Twins 7 gün önce
The way this video gave me the closure I needed. The scene in the kitchen reminded me of a situation I dealt with, you never see what hurts you in the moment but looking back on it. You can see what everyone else saw while you were blind. Thank you Taylor
KennaCat 6 gün önce
That's so deep.😔
Eliana Salinas
Eliana Salinas 16 gün önce
can't believe that we lived without this version TEN YEARS.
Aphrodite 19 gün önce
You can just feel the emotion In Every word…..it’s not just a song ….it’s a love story and one that we can all relate to on some level …..Taylor you are a master of your craft. A superb masterpiece
Annelise Whelan
Annelise Whelan 17 gün önce
and the thought and detail of the lines, that inspiration only comes from real pain
DorkyCabello 2 aylar önce
the more you listen to all too well 10 minute version the more it shortens like it doesn’t even feel like a 10 minute song at all😭
Meowvostok1 8 gün önce
@Courtney Azbell what- no it’s not
Meowvostok1 8 gün önce
Dustin 9999
Dustin 9999 9 gün önce
No shit sherlock
Anjali Vyas
Anjali Vyas 11 gün önce
deez 18 gün önce
@Ryan Hopkins lmao you tried 💀💀
Joseph Halevy
Joseph Halevy 18 gün önce
Teen wolf and stranger things. Who’d’ve believed they’d evolved into such perfect and beautiful actors! Taylor Swift is the Einstein of writing, singing and directing. She knows how to deliver pure art, all too well.
Anvesha Awasthi IX-D
Anvesha Awasthi IX-D 7 gün önce
This song closely captures all the emotions felt during heartbreak and that too in order, sadness, jealousy, hopelessness, anxiety, depression, and lastly anger. Truly a masterpiece heartbreak anthem that will forever be remembered.
Jasmine Ochoa
Jasmine Ochoa 5 gün önce
me too, he was even older too
KaiTheKreator *
KaiTheKreator * 14 gün önce
I was uncomfy with the age gap at first but once I heard them talk it got better, overall beautiful short film every detail was explained the lyrics pin point every thing. Amazing work Taylor and so sorry for all the pain and suffering you had to go through but you have overcome and became an magnificent woman
B.Y. Gün önce
And from first hand experiences; middle aged men going for 18-23 year olds are not serious--regardless of how much they promise to love and marry only you. It's almost grooming
Cynthia Pruneda
Cynthia Pruneda 7 gün önce
I think their age gap is the point as well, as she references to it later, that she'll keep getting older but his gf's will be her age when she was young too. IT really just depicts the differences in maturity.
Sad Boii Hours
Sad Boii Hours 7 gün önce
The fact that i'm a fan of Stranger Things, Maze Runner & Taylor Swift. This is just beyond exciting!
callmehhaley 2 aylar önce
i will now be replaying this short film for the rest of my life time
Sanchita Tamang
Sanchita Tamang 2 gün önce
Rumi Thompson
Rumi Thompson 3 gün önce
mary girardin
mary girardin Aylar önce
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ If you don’t care for her or her music, then don’t listen, that simple.
M1xVerballist 2 aylar önce
It’s the weirdo from roblox..
Rose 2 aylar önce
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ Youre missing the whole point 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Miranda Tais Mansen
Miranda Tais Mansen 2 gün önce
This 10-minute version has cleared my skin, raised my grades, manifested abundance in my life, and saved the world
Miranda Tais Mansen
Miranda Tais Mansen 2 gün önce
the original version is about a girl who's heartbroken, and taylor's version is about a grown woman who's talking about her past.
So Ni
So Ni Gün önce
Joaquín Martínez
Joaquín Martínez 21 gün önce
I just realised the instrumental part at 7:21 is subtly different and longer than in the studio version, it sounds even better :)
Catalina 15 gün önce
Sadie and Dylan did absolutely incredible. This whole song is beautifully written, and I think it's one of her best.
James Ete
James Ete 2 aylar önce
She proved the world that "RED" always deserved a Grammy.
viral Buzz
viral Buzz 2 aylar önce
The one who needs brain is Taylor Swift. All she does is crying about 10 year old relationship 😂
Celeb Shorts
Celeb Shorts 2 aylar önce
@viral Buzz just like that, I hope somebody buys you a brain
Celeb Shorts
Celeb Shorts 2 aylar önce
No honey! She proved that Grammy always deserves RED!!!!!
Adriano Vazquez
Adriano Vazquez 2 aylar önce
I don't like the way the Grammys have kind of almost overrated her because she is undoubtedly a talented artist that has released quality albums but I don't understand why she has won album of the year three times. With folklore I can understand that win but with those previous two I'm honestly baffled to this day
Shubham 2 aylar önce
Arjay Dela Pena
Arjay Dela Pena 12 gün önce
I love how she gave everyone credits. Best and humblest artist!!
Ronan 5 gün önce
This is masterpiece, the best storytelling ever in music history.
Emily Stevens
Emily Stevens 24 gün önce
I just noticed he’s wearing the scarf at the end!!!! Ugh, every detail is absolutely beautiful.
Júlia Penha
Júlia Penha 15 gün önce
@Anika Rathore what about them
Anika Rathore
Anika Rathore 16 gün önce
And the cups when he talks to her dad
Dr. Bento Pardus
Dr. Bento Pardus 24 gün önce
Yeaa... So lovely i noticed also ☺
Ches 24 gün önce
I can’t listen to the original version anymore. This song is just…. AMAZING.
Viviane t
Viviane t 18 gün önce
This is the original version :o
Natalie Nevins
Natalie Nevins 2 aylar önce
This is so raw and real, I almost feel like I shouldn’t be watching it because it's so intimate. I feel like there's a lot of people who can picture themselves in this position, having flash backs to similar moments in life. I mean...Wow. I have full body chills right now! So incredible
CfromNC 2 gün önce
Totally agree. I cried…way too much. The flashbacks 😢
Diane Winters
Diane Winters 2 aylar önce
Wow, I could feel every moment. Reminds of relationship I had with my friend's brother who was 10 years older than me. It lasted 6 months & it was intense from beginning to end. Thank you Taylor.
dariennn 2 aylar önce
I like hot pockets
Heleena Inoc
Heleena Inoc 2 aylar önce
Brighton Henderson
Brighton Henderson 2 aylar önce
me too, the soft stares and the gentle touches remind me of that new love where you’re just obsessed with each other, it felt too real
Sydney Hernandez
Sydney Hernandez 18 gün önce
If we could just have a whole tv show with Sadie and Dylan I would be incredibly happy
C 16 gün önce
same! i'm currently reading a book called "it ends with us" which has an adaption in the works and i genuinely can't picture any other pairing playing the protagonists.
Yemima K
Yemima K 17 gün önce
"you didn't even look at me once" I want to say this to everyone who treats me like I was invisible in every meeting and party but I know they'll never understand just like him.
Yemima K
Yemima K 12 gün önce
@Raivan Alvaro ghazzi thank you so much
Miyu Keji
Miyu Keji 12 gün önce
This happened to me whenever my bf speaking with other people don't know why he doesn't talk about me with his friends
Raivan Alvaro ghazzi
Raivan Alvaro ghazzi 13 gün önce
I'm so sorry they treat you like that i hope you find Somebody who look at you like you matter.
Dhairya Rami
Dhairya Rami 17 gün önce
and i will watch this every 2-3 days now for sure
Kavindu Saranga
Kavindu Saranga 17 gün önce
Taylor never disappoints ! This short film is so impressive, one of the best things that happened in 2021 , Sadie and Dylan and everyone else did an excellent job in this masterpiece! ❤
Ana M
Ana M 2 gün önce
Gosh can't get enough of this!! Taylor is such an amazing artist! Being able to put all those private and deep emotions into a song like this, where everyone can find a bit of themselves...pff..masterpiece! Don't you just love the power of turning pain into art?!!! 🥰
DatBrian 2 aylar önce
CosmoMcFloso Aylar önce
Nah we all gonna forget about this in a year
liv 2 aylar önce
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ can u stop dude😐
State Of Swift
State Of Swift 2 aylar önce
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ Like Other Singers Never Ever wrote a Breakup Song..JUST SHUT UP AND LET HER LOVE LIFE
Mary shaiii
Mary shaiii 2 aylar önce
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ bruh I literally see you replying like this under every comment. You’re obsessed with her???
Isabelle Katherine
Isabelle Katherine 2 aylar önce
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ lmao this video proves that she is so far from uncreative. You're just bitter.
śübh namdev
śübh namdev 22 gün önce
This is just beautiful. The song, the story , the actors , everything
Anam Nasir
Anam Nasir 18 gün önce
Beautifully expressed. I've binged on it since the release of this short film.
smeraldo flower
smeraldo flower 3 gün önce
I’ve watched this so many times and listened to the song even more times, can you imagine you surprise when my Big Questions college professor assigned us to watch this film as our homework for next week’s class discussion? I was like BET!!!! He even included the link and all lol. Prof, are you a swiftie?
Elisabeth Stuewe
Elisabeth Stuewe 16 gün önce
There are no words. This is amazing and just epic. I forgot how much I love her older music and respect her as an artist. She is unreal and this short film is beyond incredible...
Camille Darrell
Camille Darrell 2 aylar önce
I love how Sadie is in a red lip in the situations where she wants to be portrayed as older/mature. Details are incredible.
a kiwi
a kiwi 2 aylar önce
@Abbigail King Well the dinner party scene, and the scene where she's wandering a gala all alone looking at the attractive women around her.
Abbigail King
Abbigail King 2 aylar önce
what is a red lip situation?
Soph B
Soph B 2 aylar önce
so true!! also hope this isn’t weird but you’re beautiful and i hope you have a wonderful day :)
Ali B.
Ali B. 2 aylar önce
Omg yes
luc1jana 2 aylar önce
Annelise Whelan
Annelise Whelan 17 gün önce
Sadie and Dylan compliment eachothers acting styles so well, they seem like a real couple
Self Care journey
Self Care journey 15 saatler önce
I know there won't be a (Taylor's version) for evermore, BUT I REALLY WANT A SHORT FILM FOR CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS TAYLOR!!!! Evermore is like that child who was never planned but came out of nowhere.
sporty04 15 gün önce
Every single person who has experienced losing someone they deeply loved can feel this short. Magnificent work Taylor, Sadie, and Dylan and whoever else was involved in this! 🙌
zahrrhaz 7 gün önce
It was my mistake for not watch this masterpiece since the day it releases. I never had a broken heart yet, but this whole scene told me.
Ivy McIntosh
Ivy McIntosh 2 aylar önce
Sadie's acting here was honestly incredible, the little mannerisms in her face were so well done, she really is incredible for such a young actress.
a kiwi
a kiwi Aylar önce
@Benjamin Ramsey I have no idea what you meant but I'm assuming you're asking why I thought they were being misogynistic. Bringing up a man's work and comparing it to a woman's success when the two of them have no or negative correlation to each other is just wanting men to be better than women. We're all equal and everyone's success is valid. There is no need to invalidate anyone's hard work by saying things like that. Hope that answered your question, and hopefully, you'll speak full words next time so I can understand what you mean properly.
Stephen Carson
Stephen Carson Aylar önce
You could say her acting was all to well😏😆
Sneha Das
Sneha Das 2 aylar önce
@Meyllah Abigail is this support to make any sense?
Dee Youmans
Dee Youmans 2 aylar önce
Incredible acting!!!! She’s got such talent, all the best to your future endeavors 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Fatima Padilla Dircio
Fatima Padilla Dircio 2 aylar önce
𝐬𝐨𝐩𝐡𝐢𝐞 ❤︎
𝐬𝐨𝐩𝐡𝐢𝐞 ❤︎ 10 gün önce
im so proud that i was here when this song came out, imagine 30 yrs and teens in the future generation would listen to this and probably be like i wish i was already alive in this time, while were still here just enjoying this amazing masterpiece.
Kristy Kennedy
Kristy Kennedy 2 gün önce
Took me back to my first love in college. Thank you, Taylor, for a beautiful song, a shared story, and a short film that took me in.
Ayushi Chatterjee
Ayushi Chatterjee 19 gün önce
Just when I think Taylor can't wow me anymore, she goes ahead and does it again..
Nina Bertrand
Nina Bertrand 7 saatler önce
the acting is so crisp, raw, real and the film making really drops great subtlety and triggers such important emotions for the story.
Lily Seemann
Lily Seemann 2 aylar önce
"The punchline is: I'll get older but your lovers stay my age" this one destroys me. One of her most powerful lines ever.
Emily Wan Dosen
Emily Wan Dosen 2 aylar önce
@Lildeeqa maybe but that contract she signed when she was 15?
Lildeeqa 2 aylar önce
@Emily Wan Dosen Relationship wise, she was grown. Parents can advise u but u have to experience life for yourself. Most teens/yound adults are defiant & don’t listen anyway.
Emily Wan Dosen
Emily Wan Dosen 2 aylar önce
@Pizzabob tbh neither her no he should be blamed. I don’t get her parents. I don’t judge them but cmon they let 15 year old to sign that kind of deal with Scott which costed her old recordings and then they let barely 20 year old to date with 30 year old. They even let her to date with JOHN MAYER who was known as a womaniser and 13 years older than her. Okay I don’t say that parents should be controlling but for me 21 is a legal adult age at least she needed a consulting when she made both decisions. Her parents didn’t do the consulting part.
Pizzabob 2 aylar önce
@Emily Wan Dosen For me tho, it's on him picking her when she was that young. He's way older, he should have known better but life I guess xD
Phinda Wankhar
Phinda Wankhar 2 aylar önce
@Hannah Poral Jake Gyllenhaal
Marci Abbey
Marci Abbey Gün önce
Her songwriting is impeccable.
divya 18 gün önce
"Time won't fly it's like i'm paralyzed by it I'd like to be my old self again but i'm still trying to find it." Damn. This hit home.
HayleyBug627 9 gün önce
Sometimes people forget that celebrities go through moments like this like non-famous people do, i fee sorry for anyone who’s gone through that pain and suffering, i understand it.
Brandon Araiza
Brandon Araiza 5 gün önce
What a wonderful film, I loved every moment of it, and the music is so amazing!
Madilyn 2 aylar önce
This is unreal.... forever grateful to you and all you've done for music
Alini KU
Alini KU Aylar önce
I’m the 4800 like!
elfie 2 aylar önce
Fancy seeing you here 💞
Crystal Baum
Crystal Baum 2 aylar önce
INGEOUM M 2 aylar önce
Let's go......🥳
Shreya Acharya
Shreya Acharya 2 aylar önce
Please do a cover of this🤗💕
Siddhi Arya
Siddhi Arya 15 gün önce
Taylor is just so amazing for directing this masterpiece and I can't even begin with at how flawless Dylan & Sadie were. It was so beautiful.
26 D Samiksha Salvi
26 D Samiksha Salvi 14 gün önce
Damn!!! Like I'm new to the whole Taylor Swift universe... And I decided to listen to this masterpiece. I made my own interpretation at first but later I watched over the internet what exactly each line implies. Trust me that very moment each line was piercing my heart LITERALLY!. It was so beautifully written, the feelings were conveyed so precisely. I'm glad for the moment I decided to enter the TAYLOR'S UNIVERSE!
asceoe 17 saatler önce
Listening to this MASTERPIECE after read “ It ends with us “ hits very hard
Emily Grace Owen
Emily Grace Owen 32 dakika önce
There’s something really special about listening to Taylor sing these songs knowing the huge distance between where she is now and who she was when she wrote them.
Arina Sally
Arina Sally 2 aylar önce
Sadie's acting made my jaw drop. She is such a talented actress at such a young age. She will be so huge in the future
sjdbfjfjf Aylar önce
Alex Thornhill
Alex Thornhill 2 aylar önce
Our generations Emma stone stg
macey〈3 2 aylar önce
She's a professional actress in many high rated films and tv shows. she already is successful lol but yea she's very talented.
For Music
For Music 2 aylar önce
Cloud 1106
Cloud 1106 2 aylar önce
Yesss i love her so much
Jadaaa 12 gün önce
I love this song!! The acting remembers me of a relationship i never had :)
Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson 13 gün önce
Taylor Swift you are so extraordinarily talented, thank you for sharing this gift. This brought tears to my eyes, and I’m a grown man. Beautifully done.
Dark Femininity Personified
Dark Femininity Personified 14 gün önce
This is gonna be one of those videos I gotta watch at least once a month isn't it
Miranda Tais Mansen
Miranda Tais Mansen 2 gün önce
Taylor Swift isn't a singer. She's a storyteller... This song is so beautiful, so meaningful.
Desi ASMR 2 aylar önce
I am extremely impressed with Sadie...she has grown so much as an actress in such a short span of time. I absolutely adore her as Max on Stranger Things so having her play this role was such a treat to watch. She is incredible, Taylor made a great choice casting her!
Deon Saxen
Deon Saxen 2 gün önce
Jackpot Swift
Kelin Fernanda
Kelin Fernanda 3 gün önce
@Chit Layco k
Kelin Fernanda
Kelin Fernanda 3 gün önce
@Tiff Benson P
Kelin Fernanda
Kelin Fernanda 3 gün önce
@Chit Layco no Oi oii ok lpp
Tiff Benson
Tiff Benson 2 aylar önce
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale 18 gün önce
No well-known star in the industry hustles like her. Major respect! Although I'm loving it I hope she doesn't forget to take a breather every now and then.
Wagner Henrique
Wagner Henrique 2 saatler önce
I've pictured so many times a scene for "Dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light" and this is just perfect ♥
Callum Balodis
Callum Balodis 10 gün önce
Such a beautiful song, something we can all relate to at some point in our relationships, alot of Gas Lighting.
Kriti Pachurkar
Kriti Pachurkar 18 gün önce
And here i am still crying over this beautiful song and video 😭💕
starstella123 2 aylar önce
I love that they adapted Taylor’s physical appearance to fit Sadie’s and not the other way around.
Josenete Souza
Josenete Souza Gün önce
Azeni Huchak
Azeni Huchak Gün önce
meu examor
Deon Saxen
Deon Saxen 2 gün önce
Vibes !
Levana Benedetti
Levana Benedetti 15 gün önce
EXACTLY what I just thought 🥺🥺
Alencia Tan
Alencia Tan 2 aylar önce
Shashwat kadam
Shashwat kadam 8 gün önce
it was really awesome to watch the film , I was seeing my self in the film but the difference is I was in the place of SADIE . it is really a masterpiece because i connected with it. hats off TAYLOR Mam
Ademola Adelaja
Ademola Adelaja 6 gün önce
I love everything about this music, just so perfect for me
Lillian Le
Lillian Le Gün önce
I cried exactly at the moment when she said "I'd like to be my old self again but I'm still tryna find it."
Chloe Ellman
Chloe Ellman 19 gün önce
i’ll never get over this
imrebeccap 2 aylar önce
I'm glad she picked a 19 year old that actually looks like a 19 year old. It adds to the realism of the age gap!
Holy Smoke
Holy Smoke 3 gün önce
I knew she was a hack. "There were cowriters in the room"..lol ok talylor they must have just been bringing u coffee
Thx Quxxn Of Slythxrin 💚
Thx Quxxn Of Slythxrin 💚 Aylar önce
@Catherine Collins she's 19
Brittany Flowerday
Brittany Flowerday Aylar önce
@rockinonthemove Same.
Raybran Aylar önce
Yes! I totally agree 💯
anna shark
anna shark Aylar önce
Catherine Collins no.. when she dated john they had the same age gap; taylor 20 and john 31, sadie 19, dylan 30
xolove rosé
xolove rosé 2 gün önce
Guess who’s not writing her own song? THIS IS HER MASTERPIECE!!!! Shame on Damon Albarn!!! 🤮
Rocky Ugsod
Rocky Ugsod 15 gün önce
Taylor Swift is really talented. Props to Dylan and Sadie. Sadie is so pretty ❤️
blakey s
blakey s 20 gün önce
at 12:11 when shes reading from her book SHES SAYING “i walked through the door with u the air was cold but something bout it felt like home somehow” LIKE I JUST NOTICED THAT HOLY SHIT
such mel
such mel 19 saatler önce
That’s an insane catch, nice job!! I always wondered what she was saying
Anushka Kulkarni
Anushka Kulkarni 13 gün önce
yessssss she says!!!
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 20 gün önce
But it doesn't add up
Anie 24 gün önce
im so proud of you taylor
Aaron Noah
Aaron Noah 8 gün önce
Hey, I can't stop thinking about the memories of this whenever I'm here I remember of my late wife because she's the one who's giving me info about her. Happy new year 2022 🥰😍🌷🌷🌲
BangtansMandu 2 aylar önce
The way they made the moment in the kitchen feel so real. Like I felt like it was something I shouldn’t be watching. The acting was so intimate. They’re such amazing actors.
a kiwi
a kiwi 2 aylar önce
@Lynette Estrella It was mostly improvised. Like the scene was scripted, but the actors improvised most of the lines and that is just so amazing. That felt so real.
KB REAÇÃO 2 aylar önce
Amelia Beeby
Amelia Beeby 2 aylar önce
@tatum635 yeah but that’s the point. their age gap is the same as in taylor’s relationship
SO.PeachyKing! 2 aylar önce
The argument is something that many of us have felt before in a relationship. Personally, I felt like I was watching a scene between me and my ex. It felt so real… some feelings are so hard to explain.
tatum635 2 aylar önce
He’s too old to be kissing all over her
Romi Armijos
Romi Armijos 14 gün önce
Es increíble ver como hace esto Tay, estamos tan orgullosos de ella !💘💗💗💖💞💕
Divya'sVoice 15 gün önce
It's been two months of its release I still keep coming back to it this short film better win an Oscar
Aaron Noah
Aaron Noah 8 gün önce
Hey, I can't stop thinking about the memories of this whenever I'm here I remember of my late wife because she's the one who's giving me info about her. Happy new year 2022 🥰😍🌷🌷🌲
John Kenneth Icalla
John Kenneth Icalla 5 gün önce
I am not broken hearted but, it touches me like I am. Made me drop tears in my eyes. I feel what's the song delivered. That short movie and the song have that feeling tho🥰
Renata Rufino Dos Santos
Renata Rufino Dos Santos 3 gün önce
Taylor Swift in heaven, how can a song sum up everything that's stuck in my throat that feels like I'm choking... Thank you for such a beautiful and meaningful song.❤️
SE Jacobs
SE Jacobs 2 aylar önce
Much respect to Taylor for casting Dylan in this, I feel like many people haven’t seen how great of an actor he is. So hopefully this will get him some well deserved recognition and attention from this huge fan base.
xpsaa 2 aylar önce
hes also a T fan!!
heathferro 2 aylar önce
@Phoebe oh shit I didn’t know about that! Thank you for the explanation 🥲
Phoebe 2 aylar önce
@heathferro it was a major action stunt accident on the final movie that involved being hit by a car. dylan suffered from concussion, a facial fracture that broke most of the right side of his face, brain trauma and PTSD afterwards and needed reconstructive surgery and lots of therapy.
Hazel Allison
Hazel Allison 2 aylar önce
Absolutely this. He’s an absolutely superb actor and 1000% deserves the same acclaim of someone like Timothee. He really is something special, talent-wise, and deserves full recognition.
heathferro 2 aylar önce
@Anabela Ridolfi what kind of accident?
Himanshu Yadav
Himanshu Yadav 21 gün önce
Don't mind me, Just here for my daily visit to watch and hear this masterpiece. 😌
Storm Girl
Storm Girl 21 gün önce
Estoy aquí, de nuevo. Sufriendo y disfrutando al mismo tiempo 😭😍
_atalia_06 9 gün önce
This is so beautiful.. Sadie was the perfect person for this short film..
Domin 4 gün önce
Taylor eu te amo. É te odeio, por fazer essa obra de arte! Love u Taylor 🇧🇷
𝒞𝒶𝓈𝑒𝓎 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝒹𝓎
𝒞𝒶𝓈𝑒𝓎 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝒹𝓎 Aylar önce
“You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath.” Damn. That part gets to me.
Roxi Bianca
Roxi Bianca 11 gün önce
I'm crying my eyes out
alexis 15 gün önce
fr i was sobbing
Za Atti
Za Atti 16 gün önce
Very deep
Rowan Blaze
Rowan Blaze 17 gün önce
@Bavkn How I see it. He kept her like a secret; like something hidden, but also easily revealed or thrown away. She kept him like an oath; like something serious, something sacred.
Bavkn 18 gün önce
What does that means
Miguel Villanueva
Miguel Villanueva 14 gün önce
Now everytime I see this film reminds me of the most special person I've ever met. I remember it all too well. Love you forever.
Merry Miller
Merry Miller 9 gün önce
Incredible song, incredible video! I love Sadie Sink!
Manisha Gurjar
Manisha Gurjar 4 gün önce
The ending is so heartbreaking... I don't know why but i feel some kind of pain... some things will never be same again
Vrinda Narang
Vrinda Narang 23 gün önce
I like how she tells a story in all her songs .
Abid Ali
Abid Ali 2 aylar önce
Sadi was the PERFECT person for this. She’s old enough but yet still portrayed just how young Taylor was and how big of an age difference was...
a kiwi
a kiwi 2 aylar önce
@V C That is exactly the point. It's supposed to make you feel uncomfortable, because that's exactly how Taylor and Jake's relationship was.
Aaron 2 aylar önce
Hmm... *Tia B* 5 days ago Sadi was the PERFECT person for this. She’s old enough but yet still portrayed just how young Taylor was and how big of an age difference was.
Maria Swiftie
Maria Swiftie 2 aylar önce
@Alma Esquer no problem. Have a nice day!
Alma Esquer
Alma Esquer 2 aylar önce
Ahh ok! I thought it was a little weird how much older he was than her but if it was on purpose then it was perfect! 👍🏽
CharlestonTracy 2 aylar önce
@Junayd people
Sophia Sarwary
Sophia Sarwary 16 gün önce
I think the most beautiful part of this short film is that the ending is symbolic of Taylor in real life getting the chance to retell the whole story behind this song now that she's older.
Mery Gomez Burgos
Mery Gomez Burgos 15 gün önce
I think this is one of the most powerful, magical, sad, brilliant, beautiful and wonderful masterpieces any person could ever create... This story is incredibly unforgettable. The couple made a great job, just you Taylor Queen Swift. How can she make these things? She is an angel. Congratulations for this short film. You came across our hearts forever ♥
Sofia Camarero
Sofia Camarero 9 gün önce
¿Para mi? El mejor videoclip de la historia ❤️ Menuda obra de arte
Kelsee Schouppe
Kelsee Schouppe 22 gün önce
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