Fasting Your Way To 100 Years Old

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Bloomberg Quicktake: Originals

Bloomberg Quicktake: Originals

5 aylar önce

Fasting studies suggest it can improve your health and lifespan. But one hurdle remains: very few people want to do it. Now scientists are finding ways to mimic a fasting state without actually fasting.
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G R 17 gün önce
I've lost 29 lbs in 2 months from intermittent fasting. I feel great! My arthritis pain is almost gone. I feel more awake and alert.
Party Size
Party Size Aylar önce
Was relatively skinny all my life. Never could gain weight. Developed a change of taste and smell 4 years ago. Food didn't appeal to me, almost couldn''t bear to eat things. Lost 15 lbs and can't gain any weight back, but I have stayed very physically active and found that I can live just fine on about half of what I used to eat. Just had health check-up and result was very positive as indicated by a full metabolic panel, healthy heart indicators, etc. I'm in my 80's.
Ron Aylar önce
@ALMARS hahaha lol
anewbeggin Aylar önce
@Bio Hacker I have now reached 100 years old in the span of a few days. I have ascended to the next level.
Bio Hacker
Bio Hacker Aylar önce
@anewbeggin is that true? amazing if you can type and read and you are over 90!
ALMARS Aylar önce
I haven't eaten anything in 2 years since I was born, I actually don't know where I am now,, seems endless clouds n mist...
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson Aylar önce
@anewbeggin I haven’t eaten anything since I was born, and my doctor told me that I have the body of a 25 year old triathlon. I’m 100 btw!
Kaze Jah
Kaze Jah Aylar önce
I've ranged in my 30's i ranged in weight from 200-275 lbs. At the height of it, I decided to fast for 4 or 5 days at a time while doing low impact cardio. I have always been able to go long periods without food. I ended up dropping 7 lbs a week all the way down to 215 lbs. Since then I stick mostly to 1 meal a day, and if I put any unwanted weight on, I fast for a day here and there and literally walk the weight off. If your body isnt spending its energy trying to break down food you consumed, other beneficial processes kickstart. No doubt such processes extend life.
Jay Flora
Jay Flora 3 aylar önce
I’m 37 years old. I’ve been intermittent fasting (14hr) since I was 17. So 20yrs now. I’m still the same exact weight. Basically the breakfast in my university hostel was so bad that I skipped it and now I haven’t had breakfast for 20 years.
Jay Flora
Jay Flora Aylar önce
@iranjackheelson No. I have high metabolism by default and this has not affected it. I go to the restroom as many times as I eat. My friends used to call me washbasin in school.
iranjackheelson Aylar önce
Has it lowered your basal metabolic rate?
Dan Dascalescu
Dan Dascalescu Aylar önce
What does that prove? I've been eating between 1800 and 2500 calories per day for the past 10 years and I'm still at the same weight of 160lbs. No intermittent fasting. Periods of 3x/week resistance training, alternating with months without exercise. 🤷
Jon 3 aylar önce
Me too but without fasting (though, I'm slightly younger than you). Can't imagine what will happen to me when I do 😂
martin hawkins
martin hawkins 3 aylar önce
8. ..12 eat then water + cold shower twice a day no smoke drink 3months now 35 pounds lost 78 yes old feel great
다미최 Aylar önce
Fasting has literally saved my life. Autophagy took care of my loose skin. The results are quite fabulous.
Tumbleweed UK
Tumbleweed UK Aylar önce
Do you eat one meal six days a week and fast for one day? And I would love to know what you do eat and drink and what exercise you do or lifestyle rather than exercise. And do you take supplements. I am 75 and drifted into OMAD when moving house and find it very comfortable as long as I am on my own and not tempted. ! Namaste 🙏
Richard Lawson
Richard Lawson Aylar önce
@ddsmitty1 your life changed today...the secret is getting out as more people like me testify to the shattering benefits of omad and occasional long fasts ..if only everybody knew
다미최 Aylar önce
@Richard Lawson Exactly. It is quite amazing , however, when we tell people they have trouble believing us. Its just science.
ddsmitty1 Aylar önce
@Richard Lawson wow, this is my first time hearing about this benefit to fasting as opposed to regular diet and exercising. I’ve got about 50 pounds left to lose, and I’m now going to make fasting a part of my continuing plan.
Richard Lawson
Richard Lawson Aylar önce
@다미최 it's first I had loose skin but with continued fasting it went away...but I notice non fasters need surgery to remove loose skin
James Moss
James Moss 2 aylar önce
For about 4 years I've only eaten two meals a day, lunch and dinner. I started eating that way because I like to run in the morning but if I ate breakfast first I'd get a stitch so I just cut breakfast out. I immediately felt better, more energetic and could easily focus for longer periods of time at work. Just recently I started skipping lunch too and I'm surprised to find I feel even better again. I was originally concerned that I'd lose muscle mass or too much weight but that hasn't happened at all - by doing a little strength training I'm still able to build muscle fine and my weight is stable. I don't have any Cochrane studies to prove what I'm doing is healthy but it sure feels like the right thing for me.
Paul Wieland
Paul Wieland Aylar önce
I'm a 61 years old trail runner having recently started intermittent fasting and a modified Atkins diet for health reasons. I fast for up to 72 hours (normally 16-20 hours) and found as an added bonus that my long runs (including mountainous terrain) feel a lot easier when I do them in a fasted state. I'm marginally slower than with full glycogen stores, but I can run for hours without the need to refuel. The only thing I need is salty water, depending on the temperatures I run in. The only potential issue is getting in the necessary calories during my eating window 🙂. I've lost 6kg and am at my ideal running body mass now and maintaining it.
Nilay Izmire
Nilay Izmire Aylar önce
so you eat and go to sleeep. Great! Very cleaver. you need energy while sitting down and watching RV in the evening. And also your sleep needs energy!
Norbert Djihnson
Norbert Djihnson Aylar önce
@Godnyx well it depends on what you eat and how much energy you expend You know most Africans eat one meal a day does work
Godnyx Aylar önce
@Norbert Djihnson OMAD is 1 meal per day. You said that you can live on it. And I said that while you can, it will probably not work as you'll have huge trouble getting all the nutrients you need (without taking "helpers").
Norbert Djihnson
Norbert Djihnson Aylar önce
@Godnyx what are you talking about ...what is OMAD? No idea what you are carrying on about dude
nealrutgerskid 5 aylar önce
I feel the most important is to control your portion sizes, meal times, active life style and reduced stress. It's possible in towns in Italy where lifestyle is more relaxed and less complicated. Not sure if it's possible in a city or town that requires a lot of responsibility.
Deb Babbit
Deb Babbit Aylar önce
@GianniVHL Cio! Do you live in Italia? I know that there are villages. Are there really no doctors' facilities within 3 hours drive? That's a problem for an ambulance, isn't it?
GianniVHL 2 aylar önce
@Deb Babbit Yes, my father's town had 1000 people
Deb Babbit
Deb Babbit 2 aylar önce
@GianniVHL Does Italy really have many small towns that are like this?
Wayne T
Wayne T 2 aylar önce
It's really how you react to the job; if you can be calm and relaxed then no problem.
giuseppe nero
giuseppe nero 2 aylar önce
I think you just blew all these experts out of the water.
Me SJ 5 aylar önce
My father-in-law is 102 & mom-in-law is soon 97, they never have special diet. They eat traditional danish food and still not so sickly. One thing I notice is that they use their bodies a lot. They biked, exercised and walked. They trained until they're in mid 80's. So I think that eating natural foods and exercising is important for longivity.
Roz Christopherson
Roz Christopherson Aylar önce
@princeofexcess I agree 💯
princeofexcess Aylar önce
@Roz Christopherson Exercise is definitely part of the equation. Fasting seems to be an even bigger factor. We know this based on animal models. Even primates that are forced into a certain eating schedule at the zoo live much longer.
Roz Christopherson
Roz Christopherson Aylar önce
I bet they didn’t have jobs sitting in a cubicle looking at a computer screen all day. If one has a very physical job or active lifestyle, then a lot of artery clogging substances will burn off before clogging the arteries. But many people now in modern times do not have an active enough lifestyle to burn off this substances.
ashotofmercury Aylar önce
@princeofexcess OP wasn't implying that it was a study. 🤨🙄
Thyalwaysseek Aylar önce
How horrible for them.
David Price
David Price 2 aylar önce
On my feet from 6-4pm, no food. First meal at around 5pm, every day except weekends. Reversed type 2 diabetes completely. It's all about insulin sensitivity
Kaze Jah
Kaze Jah Aylar önce
Ditto, minus the Diabetes, but it runs heavily in my family.
ashotofmercury Aylar önce
Woah dude!! That's amazing! 😳
John Greene
John Greene 2 aylar önce
I have haemachomatocis, high blood pressure and a few other bits and pieces I've picked up in 60 years. I'm not over weight and have had tough manual work since early teens. I was put on medication and had problems, then more medication to sort out the problems of the first medication. I gave up alcohol and began eating once a day. One year later I'm now off medication altogether, I feel like a teenager again with plenty of energy. This month I have fasted for 7 days, I've lost 5 pounds and feel wonderful. My food bills are practically nothing and I have no medical expenses.... Now my doctor wants me to encourage others to do the same.... I highly recommend fasting to anyone that thinks it would help. You will see your body change in weeks and feel all the better for it.
Melanie Dempsey
Melanie Dempsey 2 aylar önce
That's fantastic! I'm curious what you eat for your 1 meal? Is it calorie dense?
Joseph Capaul
Joseph Capaul 5 aylar önce
While intermittent fasting may not work for everyone, it was able to work for me. When I was 27 I was overweight by about 45 pounds. Between intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast and not eating until around 1 or 2 most days of the week and exercising I was able to lose 50 pounds and maintain my weight. As long as I skipped breakfast most days, I was able to eat anything and not gain weight. Didn’t know intermittent fasting was a thing when I started, but it made sense later how and why it works. Been fairly healthy for the last 3 or so years now.
Daryl Townsley
Daryl Townsley 2 aylar önce
@Alexandra Smith check out Jason Fung on's not about calories as much as hormones.
M Haas
M Haas 2 aylar önce
Similar. I was never obese but by going no sugar low carb with intermittent fasting I lost 25 lbs and keeping it off. I have far more energy than before and more focus clarity of mind. I usually fast 16 to 20 hour's a day. Been at it 2 years.
djayjp 2 aylar önce
@Florin Apostoiu Hmmm that's a deeply persuasive counterargument....
Florin Apostoiu
Florin Apostoiu 2 aylar önce
@djayjp That is intermittent fasting
djayjp 2 aylar önce
@Florin Apostoiu Intermittent: "occurring at irregular intervals". He fasted most days and at the same time, which instead is regular or periodic in nature.
SOC SOCO 2 aylar önce
They live longer because they don't get stressed up about renovating their houses every six years, as we do in Australia. 😅😅😅🏦🏚
Lajwanti Shahani
Lajwanti Shahani Aylar önce
When I was physically active I ate three full meals and snacks in between but the work culture was extremely stressful and the toxic lifestyle led to a cancer scare. After my treatment I decided to quit my job and focus on getting back my health. I've switched to mostly plant based, but diary included because I take A2 cow milk products which are beneficial, cut out packaged foods and make my own food from scratch (part of it grown in my backyard), in fact as part of slow living I'm even milling my own spices to cut out all chemicals and artificial colors. Also, I now eat two meals a day, lunch and dinner, and live more consciously.
Kyle.D.C. 2 aylar önce
Autophagy is one of the main benefits of fasting and the increase in health as a result.
Ed R.
Ed R. 4 aylar önce
Intermitent fasting is amazing. I do it daily without even thinking or planning for it. I work late night…wakes up at lunch then eat before 6Pm and thats it. Simple and less work
From The Peanut Gallery
From The Peanut Gallery 3 aylar önce
IF best invention ever. Next my GPS.
Sergpie Aylar önce
In my late teens until my late twenties, I enjoyed a voracious apatite, eating the usual three large meals a day and snacked a lot, but I was always conscious about what I ate (grew up in Sardinia, La Maddalena, born in Rome though). I’m 36 now, and usually just have a large lunch or dinner. Sometimes I snack on some eggs, a fruit, or some yogurt, but that’s about it. I’m also lucky that I don’t really get a sweet-tooth and don’t really enjoy sodas or juices. I think sugar and vegetable fats are likely the culprits of the vast majority of ailments today.
iranjackheelson Aylar önce
We're sorta on the same page (and have been). How long have you been doing this OMAD fasting?
SRSO Aylar önce
*ate 😝
SRSO Aylar önce
I hate that way too when I was young and then my metabolism slowed down and I couldn’t eat like that anymore 😅
Chris Carol
Chris Carol Aylar önce
It’s maddening that Medical doctors STILL do not focus first on diet and exercise. It’s the foundation of health.
Rubidium Strontium
Rubidium Strontium 26 gün önce
*and sleep
The Truth Doctor
The Truth Doctor Aylar önce
It’s not stunning when you consider that there is no profit motive in it.
LiFeInMoTion Aylar önce
I have been doing 17/7 IF, (9 am Breakfast, 4 PM Dinner) (Nuts, seeds, eggs with greens and mushrooms, berries and yogurt for breakfast) (Veggies, Avocado and small portion of Protein (Fish or Chicken) 8-9 cups of water. I use Ghee for cooking, and Olive oil for greens. 8-9 cups of water thru the day and tea in the morning. No sugar at all! I'm up at 5 am, walk 2-3 miles 10-15 minutes of exercise each day. 57 years old Male.
R Castillo
R Castillo 2 aylar önce
Europe also has very strict food restrictions (i.e. no preservatives, coloring, etc.) The U.S. food is substandard compared to the food in Europe.
Patsy Stone
Patsy Stone Aylar önce
People need to know that men and women respond to fasting differently. Women have many stages of life that require specific nutrients at certain times of the month. Dr. Sinclair seems to think that how he does it is how everyone should do it. There are many studies that suggest metabolic flexibility, using periods of fasting and not fasting works best for women. Listening to your body is the most important thing.
Kerry Night
Kerry Night Aylar önce
Sinclair makes it clear (not in this video apparently) that when he talks about what he does, he's just talking about what he does. He experiments on himself.
Cat C 🧋
Cat C 🧋 Aylar önce
Yes, plus intermittent fasting is inherently harder for women because of tighter regulation of blood sugar levels.
Jef M
Jef M 2 aylar önce
18 hours fast on weekdays. High pace running 3 days a week. Your body will thank you.
martin hawkins
martin hawkins 3 aylar önce
20 hrs no food 4 hrs food ....3 months 35pounds lost... 2cold showers a day smoke drink 30 yrs....78 yrs ..old feel fantastic
Patrick B.
Patrick B. Aylar önce
@Richard Lawson I'm more impressed that u are 93 years of age and know how to use a cell phone, even write comments on youtube grandma is 95 and can't use the simplest mobile to save her life.
Richard Lawson
Richard Lawson Aylar önce
Listen...the keys to the fountain of youth are as meal per day...drink only caffeine after candy or soft drinks...93 years old and I just knocked out 16 strict chinups and 33 strict pushups...I bet there's lots of college kids that can't do that!!!
Kadzo Aylar önce
martin hawkins
martin hawkins 2 aylar önce
30 yrs nothing
Cman🤫 2 aylar önce
So you don’t drink or smoke ?
Артём Кушнеров
Артём Кушнеров 3 aylar önce
They just showed a few centenarians, who said they eat whatever they want and not a word about fasting, and then somehow magically connected this to fasting. Ridiculous.
Stella 777
Stella 777 7 gün önce
True they don't fast, they all eat fresh produce and eat small amounts of food
Koffing Aylar önce
they are paid to deliver a video for a certain amount of time, that's why the pace is so slow and full of filler content
Relaxed Media
Relaxed Media 5 aylar önce
I don't eat in the mornings. I found it made me nauseated. Now I don't eat until 2 or 3pm and it's actually caused me to reduce portion size and steadily lose weight.
Donovaan Aylar önce
One factor that people - and seemingly especially professionals - almost always forget or neglect is what our bodies are trying to tell us. There is a reason why one feels hungry, stuffed, tired, energetic and so on. Our bodies are always trying to tell us that we're doing something wrong or right or that something is off. I love approaching almost anything with data; it is fascinating and helpful. But we cannot forget that certain things like our bodies and nature are pretty much made to be interpreted completely without complicated tools and tons of data. I'm not saying that we shouldn't use the amazing resources that are at our disposal, but I really want to emphasize that we should also sort of go back to the roots and just listen to our bodies and nature and what they are signaling to us.
Julie Lowe
Julie Lowe 2 aylar önce
After 20years morbidly obese, I changed to eating lunch and supper between 12 and 6. I loose about 1 to 2 lbs a week, 7stone to date. Kidneys normal from stage 3. I don't eat gluten now and all my muscle and joint pain has gone. Drs just trott out all they 'know' and it can be harmful. My stomach band nearly killed me. Now I eat well and work full-time.
ℝ𝕚𝕤 Aylar önce
i'd say that old people from the same area tend to have the same great-great-[...]-grandfathers/mothers so basically share a lot of genetics, which in some places...they may have hit the jackpot of beying healthy for longer. i know someone that washes their teeth like max once every 1-2 days eats basically the same stuff i am, and still has white great looking teeth in his 30's without any cavities ever. so....genetics. basically luck 🤔
David Jackson Jackson
David Jackson Jackson 4 aylar önce
Yes I practice I.F. but also the benefit I get is that I am healthy and feel a lot younger than my 70 years, in fact I feel better than I did in my 40s.
Wayne T
Wayne T Aylar önce
@Don Berry : Some of us might be gone then!
Cornelius Bulik
Cornelius Bulik 2 aylar önce
@Yank ee Luigi Cornaro's The Sober Life is a true inspiring book.
Don Berry
Don Berry 3 aylar önce
I fast for Autophagy and I believe I’m aging backwards. 75 now I’ll check back in 25 years. 😉💪🥩🎉
Yank ee
Yank ee 3 aylar önce
There’s a great little book on natural healing written by an older man who cured himself of a number of maladies without medical intervention, called My Physician, Myself. I read it a couple of years ago but lost my copy. I’m going to Amazon right now to order one and be more careful with it. It’s more than worth the read. You might look into the work of Luigi Cornaro, a Venetian nobleman who lived to be 102.
C. Daniel Thomas
C. Daniel Thomas 2 aylar önce
I won’t suggest fasting every day but if you can train yourself to not eat or drink anything for at least 24 hrs once a week you’ll feel much better. Depression and mental health also improves. You’ll have more self control when it comes to life in general. I thoroughly recommend it.
Kerry Night
Kerry Night Aylar önce
@Blah blah I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. It's just not necessary to be unkind when you disagree with someone. I wish you the best.
Blah blah
Blah blah Aylar önce
@Kerry Night nothing can help me. Im fully aware of that. That doesn't mean I can't call someone out for peddling a line they've heard from someone, with no basis for their claims.
Kerry Night
Kerry Night Aylar önce
@Blah blah I promise you that calling people names will not help your depression.
ashotofmercury Aylar önce
@Blah blah Or maybe they just had a different experience from you?? Wow. 🙄
Blah blah
Blah blah Aylar önce
I’ve fasted for 7 days very month. Eat clean. Workout. Don’t smoke or drink. And the depression has taken over my mind and my soul. So in other words, you’re a liar.
mossden 2 aylar önce
I’ve been doing Hormases for about six weeks, my breathlessness and angina are remarkably reduced. Plus I now have a, supposedly, perfect BMI !
mossden 2 aylar önce
@clncaa quintero It’s Hormeses hormesis is a common thread underlying many of the health benefits associated with intermittent fasting, cold exposure, heat exposure, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), intermittent hypoxia, and even certain phytonutrients found in plant food,
clncaa quintero
clncaa quintero 2 aylar önce
what is hormases?
John Johnson
John Johnson 5 aylar önce
I have fasted everyday for more than 3 years. I eat 2 meals one at 12pm one at 8pm. I "cured" my GERD symptoms.
Beth West
Beth West Aylar önce
@VideoAmericanStyle He fasts 16 hours per day.
Yeng Sabio
Yeng Sabio 5 aylar önce
Time-restricted eating.
Thanos Al-Titan
Thanos Al-Titan 5 aylar önce
@VideoAmericanStyle I sleep at 5 am to 2 pm
VideoAmericanStyle 5 aylar önce
@Thanos Al-Titan eat at midnight? What time do you go to sleep?
Thanos Al-Titan
Thanos Al-Titan 5 aylar önce
For me, i eat twice a day at 12 am and 2 pm
Thy Kingdom Come
Thy Kingdom Come Aylar önce
Before: I can't afford food. Now: I do intermittent fasting. 😜😂😀😜😀😂
DrSEO 4 aylar önce
It was a pleasant surprise to see the US funding fasting research!
L R 3 aylar önce
@DrSEO I eat overnight organic oats and that's about it for grains. I eat a wide variety of foods and don't worry about sugars that much. I eat a lot of foods with fiber. Seed oils I avoid like the plague. The last vaccine I had was a tetanus a couple of decades ago.
DrSEO 3 aylar önce
@L R My guy, I've never fasted for over 20 hours. I'm pretty sure your former self must've been augmented by the framework of liver cancer and emphasised a need for extreme correction. I can see a 36 hour fast being easy when the alternative is death, but now at 74 and being clear of its imminence (at least for the meantime) I can see how it would be much harder to commit to. The best way to prepare for a food shortage is bulk-buying rice and other gains & cereals imo. All you need to wait out a food issue are carbs. But fasting 6 hours a day for instance might highly increase your odds at survival. I might only be writing this much because you mentioned being 74, and I'm absolutely elated to be having this conversation, but I wouldn't let my mind worry too much about a food shortage. The international agricultural supply chain is currently too heavy to allow all Americans to go through an actual famine.
L R 3 aylar önce
@DrSEO I did a 5 day and 4 day fasts between my bypass and liver cancer surgery and now five years later at 74 I have trouble even doing a 36 hour fast, which use to be easy. I'm not sure you can eat your way to health without some form of fasting. Even an 18 hour time restricted eating window isn't easy. The only reason I can see is that I am preparing for the food shortage.
DrSEO 3 aylar önce
@L R I saw it too. Kinda cringed because IF means MANY things. There's several different types on fasting and in our oldest documents about it we can see evidence for it being very person-specific
kauigirl808 3 aylar önce
I believe just eat in moderation and stop with the junk food. Cut out the sugars. Portion control is also key. You'll live long. I don't even eat dinner. Just not hungry anymore. Once you adapt to the lifestyle, it gets easy. I don't call it fasting. I'm not doing it purposely. If I want a snack I'll eat. But I don't over eat like most people. We eat way too much food.
Kerry Night
Kerry Night Aylar önce
@John Wurf That's called an n=1 study. It means nothing. Sorry about your friend though.
tootstoyou1 Aylar önce
Totally sensible and no hype.
John Wurf
John Wurf 2 aylar önce
My friend intermittent fasted and Got cancer
McMac Shalfilya
McMac Shalfilya 2 aylar önce
That sounds straight to the point and accurate
Aunt Purl
Aunt Purl 3 aylar önce
Dr. Fung and other researchers are finding that you don't have to do crazy long extended fasts to reap the benefits.
Nedwin Lembar Hermavian
Nedwin Lembar Hermavian 5 aylar önce
Fasting is not only about holding our starve. It's more than that. It holds us back from anger, emotion, and desire. And the last one might the reason why people healthier and live longer. 🙏
Herr Weiss
Herr Weiss 2 aylar önce
@ololoshka deprive*
0000asdfasdf0000 3 aylar önce
@ololoshka Been there. Done that multiple times. It taught me mental and spiritual discipline on so many levels.
0000asdfasdf0000 3 aylar önce
Yep. It taught me mental and spiritual discipline on so many levels.
Nedwin Lembar Hermavian
Nedwin Lembar Hermavian 4 aylar önce
@ololoshka it usually starts from 04.00 a.m. to 05.30 p.m. A week is not fasting, it hurts yourself. There's none of teachings like that.
djayjp 4 aylar önce
You've never met a hangry person.
Ndivhu  Nsenga
Ndivhu Nsenga 2 aylar önce
I disagree with Dr Lingo. I've been on OMAD for most of my life before I knew it's supposed to be beneficial to my health. I just couldn't eat more than once a day. I'm 59 & look 45...go figure. Sinclair is right🤩
Roz Christopherson
Roz Christopherson Aylar önce
I’m 61. Take no medications. Have been vegan since age 55. Cheat occasionally/rarely with pizza or potato salad or yogurt. I don’t skip breakfast because I’m very hungry when I first get up. I eat a lot of salad and fruit. I am trying to avoid what I saw happen to my parents and grandparents who ate the Standard American Diet. They lived to between 80-90 years old basically but suffered from high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes and took medications daily from about age 50 onward due to these ailments. Not only did the ailments weaken them, but the medications also took a toll on their health.
incense junkie
incense junkie Aylar önce
@Sherl Hoeppner It's not just about illness, too, though that is definitely a part of it - it's about losing loved ones - family, friends...ageism...perhaps losing some independence or hobbies that one can no longer do (for eyesight or co-ordination often does decline, it doesn't have to be a catastrophic illness). I've known many 85+ who are ready to die. They've lived a full life, they've lost loved ones and it's difficult to make friends at that age; society sees you - if they see you at all - as redundant, a burden, an "old fogey". Our elderly aren't respected, nor is their wisdom or stories admired in western culture. Perhaps culture will change as the baby boomers head into their 80's, we can only hope. Most of a certain age were very attuned to death at a young age; they may have lived on farms and had livestock, or seen parents/siblings/family/community members die of what we now find treatable. Dying is not shameful or giving up; it's a part of life. Of course there's nothing wrong with wanting and trying to improve one's health, looking ahead into old age; but methinks some of this has to do with the incredible fear of death.
Roz Christopherson
Roz Christopherson Aylar önce
@Sherl Hoeppner I plan on going to the Promised Land, too. And it’s nice if all of us could just close our eyes one day and wake up there the next day. But that is not guaranteed. Most likely, illness will be part of our lives as we age. To minimize the occurrence, duration, or degree of illness, it is best to take a proactive stance and eat right, exercise, have healthy relationships, etc. Otherwise, the trip to the Promised Land could be preceded by diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney failure, cataracts, arthritis, cancer, etc. I would rather not need bypass surgery, stints, open heart surgery, amputations, dialysis, knee/hip replacements, chemotherapy, kidney transplants, etc. before I arrive at the Promised Land.
Sherl Hoeppner
Sherl Hoeppner Aylar önce
I must be weird or something but I don't want to live to be so old, and I don't understand people who do. I'm 62, fit my whole life, on 0 meds. I'd rather check out early, ready for the promised land!
Sapt Yogi
Sapt Yogi 2 aylar önce
I resonate with so many of the comments here. Most of the centenarians I know have only had natural diet and a somewhat simple life. Trying to make some kind of super diet to add "100 years" as one of the stuff you want seems very disturbing.
MattHumanPizza 2 aylar önce
I'd say we as humans can build upon our knowledge base. Nothing disturbing about that. Einstein stood on the shoulder of giants. We can do better than our prior humans.
John Eduard Octaviano IV
John Eduard Octaviano IV 2 aylar önce
I’m on the 27th day of one meal a day, and I feel remarkable change in the body like clearer vision, smoother skin, I gain muscle mass while losing unwanted fats, sleep apnea stopped, etc. I expect more discovery in my body as I continue OMAD journey. I struggled for the first 15 days when it comes to craving for solid food outside one hour eat window. But, yogurts were lifesaver as substitute for solid food. After 15 days of OMAD, my taste buds and tummy changed. Those croaking frogs in my tummy (hunger pangs) are a thing in the past. If it’s almost 24 hours of me fasting, my taste turns bland like the feel when someone is recovering from an illness. So, it serves as hint for me that I need to break the fast soon.
ckbond41 Aylar önce
May I ask what do you eat in the one hour window. What kind of solid food do you eat? Do you do a lot of smoothies as well?
Maddie Fishblob
Maddie Fishblob Aylar önce
My great-grandma’s turning 100 next month & she definitely has been fasting to get there. Also eats a lot of laxative chocolate 🤔😆 idk why, maybe to manage her weight cuz she’s really into that for an older lady
MDP Aylar önce
Also where you live, 100% affects one's longevity. In the USA, a country that is highly car-dependent, mainly fast food culture, lack of pedestrian opportunities like sidewalks, pedestrian bridges, etc. is not a place where it should expect its citizens to live a long healthy life.
Adam Jason Sanchez
Adam Jason Sanchez Aylar önce
I do 18 to 24 hr Fasts at a minimum, daily. On occasion 36 and 48 hr Fasts... the max I have done is 62 Hrs...
Scoobtoober29 Aylar önce
Remove all junk added to the food. Live forever. I bet that is part of it. Also be happy. I strive to be less stress laid back as much as possible. That is part of it for sure. No coal miner lived longer than 40. Average life was around 25 in a mine. That is high stress. Work 100 hours of hard labor, same thing. They are moving everyday and relaxed. My great grandma lived till 107. She ate cookies on occasion, played cards untill the very end. Relaxed and talked with friends all the time. Little TV, lots of reading and crosswords. Visited husbands grave and reminisced with pictures.
jammin6816 3 aylar önce
I’m on day 13 of a 21 day water fast. I’ve lost 20 pounds already and expect to lose another 10. I wouldn’t be able to do this without electrolytes and trace minerals. I also take vitamins B1 and B3.
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 14 saatler önce
@jammin6816 I tried doing a 7 day fast and I had to stop on day 3 because my heart was beating irregularly and my muscles were twitching all over. I was only taking one tsp of pink salt a day so that’s probably why.
jammin6816 14 saatler önce
@Dylan Johnson - I just took sea salt, pure magnesium and pure potassium. I drank a lot of water with either squeezed lemon or apple cider vinegar, neither of which affects your metabolism or blood sugar. I also had either black coffee (no additives) or green tea.
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson Aylar önce
@jammin6816 what did you use to supplement electrolytes?
jammin6816 2 aylar önce
@TheyLive InIdiocracy - I think the key is practicing. I just finished my 21 day water fast and I believe I could’ve easily gone another 10-14 days because my body was used to it. Before this I did 4 4-day water fasts so my body knew how to adjust. However, without this “ practice “ I think it would’ve been more difficult.
TheyLive InIdiocracy
TheyLive InIdiocracy 3 aylar önce
@Ottee2 I did a 2 days fast without anything (no water), now at my second day I couldnt stand the dryness anymore and drank a cup of ice tea water.. I need to up my game, used to do 7 day water fast then egg omelets im weak at this.. I want to switch to only veg/fruit diet with intermittant fasting naturally not thinking about it but tomorrow will think of kebab roll because Its the last meat I have in the freezer..
Adelle Gün önce
I would like to know how and where the evidence is for saying that fasting while missing breakfast can shorten your life span. No way has this got the scientific backing. If there is science behind this....can someone point me in the direction of it. I fast daily and eat between 12-8. Occasionally extend this fasting to 2 -8. And sometimes eat all day long. Every other week.
Ralph Cantrell
Ralph Cantrell 5 aylar önce
YES, fasting will improve your health and you should therefore live longer.
Alfred Robinson Pascasio
Alfred Robinson Pascasio 5 aylar önce
Fasting can make you live longer if only you love what you're eating and what you enjoy in life
Neil Lynch
Neil Lynch 2 aylar önce
Eat to live, don't live to eat. Eat when you're hungry. Avoid over-eating. Do some exercise. It's not rocket science. Though it does help if you can avoid mental health issues in a very badly run world.
Tilen Groznik
Tilen Groznik 17 gün önce
Harold Lieberman
Harold Lieberman Aylar önce
My wife's grandmother lived to 99. She always ate healthy, never ate candy and chips, and was very thin.
Your mom
Your mom Aylar önce
18 months of time restricted eating. i eat between 4pm and 7pm only. Whatever I want and as much as I want. I have lost 60lbs, feel great, and my lab work is fantastic.
domenico bertone
domenico bertone 2 aylar önce
Everytime time doctors are not in control of our lives, they say "be cautios, we dont have enough studies, fasting slow your metabolism"
Austine Austine
Austine Austine 2 aylar önce
Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy 😊I have earning been $50,000 returns from my $8,000 investment every 21 days.
Melissa keewatin
Melissa keewatin 2 aylar önce
Jaster Brill
Jaster Brill 2 aylar önce
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Anderson Marshal
Anderson Marshal 2 aylar önce
My first experience with Mrs Teresa gave me the assurance that has made me to invest without fear of loosing, I got four of my friends involved with her already
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith 2 aylar önce
I've never heard or seen any of her clients complain of lost....I think she's just too lucrative and perfect for this job
Hiroko Morioka
Hiroko Morioka 5 aylar önce
What's the point of living long without friends and family members? My father who made it to 93 always said that.
Colleen Lewis
Colleen Lewis Aylar önce
I get what your father is saying its not the same as the bond with the ones that passed
Fron Villa
Fron Villa Aylar önce
so you are not his family?
Soukaina 2 aylar önce
Maybe we can make new friends. And in terms of family, you'd still have grandchildren right?
TheyLive InIdiocracy
TheyLive InIdiocracy 3 aylar önce
@Nonduality Because most people dont have the intelligence, Its not that I look down, but right now Its crucial to have a brain being around me..
Amna 3 aylar önce
Then he spent his entire life seeking validation from friends and family.
MrPanSzymon 3 aylar önce
I think that western society makes one huge mistake, they treat everything as a kind of race. This diet is better, that eating pattern will make you healthier, IF, paleo, keto, vegan, whole grain etc. etc. But you can clearly see from those centenarians they have a very peaceful way of living, little stress, no races, no internet and media around them constantly. This is probably a very big part of it as well
Leonie du Plessis
Leonie du Plessis Aylar önce
So true "Stress big factor
From The Peanut Gallery
From The Peanut Gallery 3 aylar önce
Correct. Capitalism always figures a way to make a buck on any level.
Blacklight Freakout
Blacklight Freakout 3 aylar önce
How do you know these people had less stress. I am sure they expereinced World War 1 and 2 as Italians. I am sure their life was very stressful.
Grant Van Meter
Grant Van Meter Aylar önce
I fasted for. 19 days... Ended up with refeeding syndrome... Elevated liver enzymes. I would never fast for longer than 5 days anymore.
Mihaly Hosszu
Mihaly Hosszu Aylar önce
Based on today knowledge it seems to me that heavy exercising just balances the amount of excess food we are eating. People are lifting tons of weight, running hundreds of kilometers just to get rid of kilocalories consumed before. That is lot of stress by extra calories followed by more stress on physical load, over and over again. Intermitent fasting, reduced caloric intake and an active lifestyle makes more sense to me. Don't be afraid to be hungry from time to time, the last thing we should be afraid of is to die from hunger these days. Generations have grown up without knowing what really hunger is. People are eating not because of hunger, but out of habit, three times a day, plus snacks in between, that is insane. I am hiking in high mountain range, no food all day long, just one meal at the end of the day. You wont believe it, it's much easier this way. 50+ years, no pound of extra weight on me, I wasn't seriously ill for decades, my physician doesn't know me by name.
skylineXpert 5 aylar önce
It depends on how you do it and if you do it with intent because you are depressed then it can quickly come out of control...
Stranger In the Alps
Stranger In the Alps 5 aylar önce
Yep I was depressed and fasting helped immensely. It was like taking Wellbutrin and adderal but without the zombie effects or crash
Thanos Al-Titan
Thanos Al-Titan 5 aylar önce
@Aesya Mazeli That's also make me realized how amazing our human body is. This body that Allah gave to us is just incredible, Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Masya Allah.
Thanos Al-Titan
Thanos Al-Titan 5 aylar önce
@Aesya Mazeli But, at the day 10th I fasted, I just felt calm and relaxed. Actually I felt calmed since the day 5th. Long story short, those fasting cured my anxiety and depression, make my brain and logic back to normal, not worrying about life too much anymore.
Thanos Al-Titan
Thanos Al-Titan 5 aylar önce
@Aesya Mazeli Yes, that was exactly what happened to me about 5 years ago. I unintentionally fasted for almost 2 weeks.
Aesya Mazeli
Aesya Mazeli 5 aylar önce
@Thanos Al-Titan no, depression caused people to unintentionally fast. A sizeable amount of depressed people just stop eating.
liseS Brunhart
liseS Brunhart 3 aylar önce
I like the idea of the overnight 12-14h fast
Dr. Mukhtar Yerima
Dr. Mukhtar Yerima 2 aylar önce
Fasting helps with cognitive health as it, like exercise, stimulates the production of a substance in the brain called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). The role of BDNF is to ensure the survival of neuronal cells and increase connectivity among the cells and in so doing helps in preventing cognitive disorders such as dementia. So fasting can be seen as a panacea for a healthy and long life.
Iris Eiselt
Iris Eiselt Aylar önce
Thanks 🙏 Great video 🙏🙏🙏 I pray 🙏 to reach 103 years 🙏🙏🙏
Manny K
Manny K 3 aylar önce
Wait a sec, did he just say that the 16/8 fasting is harmful to health and can cut down a person's lifespan? I'm even more confused than before watching this.
Marco Bianco
Marco Bianco Aylar önce
@A D exactly!
A D Aylar önce
@Marco Bianco which also seems to make sense since hunter gathers would have had to hunt food then prep then consume.
Kim Mathis
Kim Mathis Aylar önce
@Marco Bianco Context! This is not a pointless discussiion amongst English Majors. When Valter Lungo speeks of breakfast he means 'colazione'.
Marco Bianco
Marco Bianco Aylar önce
@Kim Mathis 'breakfast' as a morning meal was a post industrial invention to sell more cereals to the masses. Its a misnomer. Its real meaning was the first meal of the day that 'breaks the fast', which could be noon or later.
Adrian Ravinsky
Adrian Ravinsky Aylar önce
yeah he definitely did say that - would like to learn more about that statement. anyone see any details on this?
ຜາຍ ໄຊ
ຜາຍ ໄຊ Aylar önce
they should also be studying a lot of monks in laos, because i heard that there are so many monks. these monks only eat once meal per day and they use their body to starve for food. i was asking my cousin who is a monk, and he said so many temples, he visited/ing, older abbots are in their late 80's and starting 90's. for example, my mother's youngest uncle just turn 107 year old, back in xieng khouang province, laos. if you looking back in time, 100 years ago, people were starving and that was a lot of people's motivation, it seems around the depression time that really hit hard and they just retain that same motivation with "less of food more of life."
Steven Brown
Steven Brown Aylar önce
BALANCE: too much fasting will lead to poor health while none at all will also, i cant say 8 hrs 12 hrs ect because i depends on differnt things, how ever from my own experience eating 12noon-8pm works best for me. Also its the types of foods and when to eat them ect fruits and salad for dinner and later on fish and meats work best for me. if your going feast on junk food than i belive fasting will be pointless.... still tho thats my oppion.
Philip Tessaro
Philip Tessaro 2 aylar önce
worked for me. if your body does not have to digest, it spends its energy cleaning up the body. autophagy is amazing....
Scoobtoober29 Aylar önce
It makes a ton of sense that regeneration happens during times of fasting. It's like the bear shoveling in berrys. Then he's dorment for 6 months. That is the time to heal. He feels like a million bucks when he comes alive. Joints heal much better. Why do joints get squashed with being a diabetic. They are feed often and don't ahve time to regenerate and heal. I'm on a journey to squash and help people near me squash their ailments or just feel better. If you have knee pain and are not a diabetic mess. Walk backwards. If you are diabetic walk backwards with a cane. Knee pain will be eased, i promise. Unless you have type 5 arthritis.
peter henry
peter henry 4 aylar önce
Health span and strength/musculoskeletal is more important than just longevity! I don’t want to live to a ripe old age, say 100 or so, and be in a wheelchair or struggle with my mobility !!!
Leonardo Oliveira
Leonardo Oliveira 3 aylar önce
Me neither.
mike B
mike B Aylar önce
Eat, drink and be merry. Compared to the age of the Earth, me living another 20 years is meaningless. Live for the day and have as much fun as you can.
SAM ZHU 5 aylar önce
I usually fast 10-14 days every year. It makes me healthier.
D Lewis
D Lewis 3 aylar önce
Not enough. I fast 5days a week for the last 5 years. I am healthy, but cannot be sure of the alternative.
Leonardo Oliveira
Leonardo Oliveira 3 aylar önce
And what is your current weight? And what was your body weight when you began? I’m thinking about starting with 4 days but I weigh 132 pounds / 60 kg / 1,8m. I’m already lean at 34.
SAM ZHU 4 aylar önce
My fasting is no food for 14 or 21 days. Just drink water. I have done it for 12 years.
Ion Ymous
Ion Ymous 5 aylar önce
I'm ok with generally not abusing myself and dying between 60 and 110. If you think fasting is worth it, enjoy.
M s
M s 5 aylar önce
In India fasting is part of culture & tradition ! Once or twice in week for spiritual practices many do fasting 🔆
Yuvraaj Yadav
Yuvraaj Yadav Aylar önce
Nobody asked
Lex hecf
Lex hecf 3 aylar önce
40% obesity
mark price
mark price Aylar önce
@ 1:20 " reduction of lifespan has been associated with skipping breakfast". Yeah, we need long term studies to get things settled.
Z Z 5 aylar önce
Watching this in ramadhan while fasting makes sense
Estrella V
Estrella V 2 aylar önce
@Gelbsucht p
Gelbsucht 3 aylar önce
@Abdi Asiis all the major religions prescribe fasting. In the Middle Ages monks fasted regularly and Christians were meant to fast at lent and on Fridays. Sadly, the practice got lost with Christians, very much to their detriment.
Azzam  Ziply
Azzam Ziply 3 aylar önce
It's funny cuz Muslims aren't supposed to do that, but due to culture they kept eating everytime there's a gathering
SaVeEn KuMaR
SaVeEn KuMaR 3 aylar önce
Haha Muslims do bring this Ramdan thing always , you guys eat a lot during the breaks LOL
Daha Solomon
Daha Solomon 4 aylar önce
@Patrick Ryan In Ramadan or medically skipping? The answer is you shouldn't for both.
Stella Ng
Stella Ng 3 aylar önce
I think I end up fasting on my work Days. I don’t eat until I have time. So it’s 14 hours . I can usually drink water tea or coffee. Only until I get a break.
Max Meier
Max Meier Aylar önce
Apparently neither of these scientists has addressed epigentic effects that may be more crucial than anything that an individual does in its life. The centennials might live to that old age mostly due to how their parents and grandparents lived long time before the centennials' birth.
Violet Aylar önce
Epigenitics can be an influence, however it is till only up to 30% of influence. Food itself has changed dramatically in the last 150 years, far more processed foods and sedentary lifestlyle.
Robbie Bouchart
Robbie Bouchart 2 aylar önce
I'm 3 days into a week water fast. I plan on doing one of these semi frequently. Maybe 2-4 times a year?
E Kd
E Kd 2 aylar önce
@Robbie Boucharteveryone is different....
Robbie Bouchart
Robbie Bouchart 2 aylar önce
FYI after 3 days hunger goes away.. I don’t know how people can’t go without eating for 3 days.. geez no self control
TRI CALL YOUR MAMA 20 gün önce
What everyone forgets is that the stomach continues to create acid. When you fast you are burning the stomach lining which create ulcers. You also have those that fast and then drink. Talk about ulcers
Todd Radunsky Photography
Todd Radunsky Photography 5 aylar önce
That sucks. I've been intermittent fasting 16 hours a day for 5 years and now this guy is saying it might shorten my life which gives me anxiety. Very frustrating.
E Kd
E Kd 2 aylar önce
@Scary Bird look who owns kellogs ....
E Kd
E Kd 2 aylar önce
How do you feel ? ( he may be fibbing!!)
Joe Ray
Joe Ray 3 aylar önce
Check out Dr. Jason Fung's videos, also, be wary of people trying to complicate fasting. There are powerful food industry forces who don't want to see it become a trend. Same with Carnivore and Keto diets that cut into the processed food industry's profits. They have a powerful incentive to obscure facts and/or outright lie about these diets and fasting since it directly cuts into their bottom line.
Scary Bird
Scary Bird 4 aylar önce
@princeofexcess Has this ever been tested on people who do not usually eat breakfast, though? If I always eat at a certain time of the day, I would expect my body to adapt to it and prepare for food at that time. If I never eat breakfast, would all that still happen? That kind of evidence is pretty weak, because the average test subject is most likely a habitual breakfast eater, like most people. Sounds just like the kind of self-fulfilling research Kellog's would fund. I would be much more interested in data about people who do not have breakfast, actually.
princeofexcess 4 aylar önce
​@Scary Bird actually there is evidence to back it up. Although cereal is one of the worst foods you can eat there is evidence that breakfast follows our circadian rhythm. Our digestive tract is most active in the morning. Your body releases hormones that are important in caloric intake and increases energy consumption. This all points to the fact that our bodies naturally prepare for food. This is all pretty important evidence. Although i personally skip breakfast. It is hard for me to eat one meal a day if I only eat breakfast. And restricting how much you eat is more important.
Dahnoie D
Dahnoie D 2 aylar önce
Even if you don't live to 100 years, it will feel like you did.
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 4 aylar önce
Longevity is a function of many factors.
Kristen Sorensen
Kristen Sorensen 5 aylar önce
No but it will seem too long. Quality is what matters. Being joyful really is the best.
Dr John Pollard
Dr John Pollard 3 aylar önce
Yes, it works for everyone. Question Answered.
David Crandall
David Crandall 5 aylar önce
My mom is 99 and will be 100 in October. She a small person and says she doesn't eat much.
Nabhesh Gaikwad
Nabhesh Gaikwad Aylar önce
my cousin's granny was 113 when she died, and heard about a lot of people who lived long and were related to people I know
shah Khan
shah Khan 5 aylar önce
We have been told break~fast is the most important meal which is in my opinion the worse time to be eating my first meal would be after lunch then followed by 2 small meals so 1pm 5pm 9pm 🕘 🕘
abdolhamed sharef
abdolhamed sharef 3 aylar önce
Such an amazing speaker
zztop 3 aylar önce
This is so funny, many people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you say to skip it. lol
A D Aylar önce
The word id break-fast. So u can break your fast when your body desires.
Michael Goins
Michael Goins 2 aylar önce
"She got legs, she knows how to use them". Goin to that song on youtube right now. By the way, you won't miss breaakfast, two meals works.
martin hawkins
martin hawkins 3 aylar önce
The food company's are responsible for a lot of propaganda it sells food
Noplay 3 aylar önce
It's not funny because you are just propagandized to create more demand.
victoria man
victoria man 3 aylar önce
Because this is approached very scientifically it is also very reductionist. This only views things that are measurable, it does not take into account -purpose -spirituality -love and love of family - quality of life (lack of stress)
Leonardo Oliveira
Leonardo Oliveira 3 aylar önce
Young Yoon
Young Yoon 4 aylar önce
Fasting made me lose appetite for food totally resulting in dramatic weight. For while feeding myself became an act of work. It was scary. Have to be cautious.
princeofexcess 4 aylar önce
You probably didnt fast for long enough to be truly hungry. True hunger comes from a feeling in the throat. Most of the time it is not harmful to fast up to 30 days and after couple of days your appetite will be severely suppressed.
Alessandro M
Alessandro M 2 aylar önce
What’s the point of living long if you’re intellectual faculties have gone? And is the increase in lifespan economically sustainable? I think researching how to live longer is madness unless it goes along the research on how long is enough, and how to be a positive member of the society throughout your life, and how to approach the end of life as a normal, even desirable, moment (because that’s how life has been renovating and recycling itself).
Ayman Salameh
Ayman Salameh 5 aylar önce
It's funny how the ancients without complicated science and methods knew what we're just discovering
creative source
creative source 3 aylar önce
@Azzam Ziply most of the history of the human race died due to trauma or infection of childbirth(mother and baby).
Ayman Salameh
Ayman Salameh 3 aylar önce
@Azzam Ziply at least they didn't live long depressed and sick
Azzam  Ziply
Azzam Ziply 3 aylar önce
But many die due to medical than food
creative source
creative source 3 aylar önce
The ancients mostly died young and suffered a lot.
sendoh7x 4 aylar önce
@Ayman Salameh everyday is about getting enough food just to live another day
Nilay Izmire
Nilay Izmire Aylar önce
Volter Longo is right. There is already published scientific results. Dr.Sinclair's apporach totally opposite to finding. Dr.Morisson is right as well. Dr.Sinclair is mambo jambo scientist.
L R 3 aylar önce
Question: If fasting increased life expectancy, wouldn't Muslims live the longest?
Maz I
Maz I 3 aylar önce
Muslim been fasting from dawn to sunset for 28 to 30 conservative days for each year. On top of this fasting on Tuesday and Thursday throughout the week helps a lot. This is Islamic tradition used for over one thousand four of years.
☮ Vorwärts mit Leidenschaft, Furchtlosigkeit, und Abenteuerlust ☼
☮ Vorwärts mit Leidenschaft, Furchtlosigkeit, und Abenteuerlust ☼ Aylar önce
It's all just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic my little friends! Take it from someone who is very near the end of his life - 50 years, 100 years, or anywhere in between, it's very very short & all over in a twinkling! Eat what you want when you want & just get on with it!
☮ Vorwärts mit Leidenschaft, Furchtlosigkeit, und Abenteuerlust ☼
☮ Vorwärts mit Leidenschaft, Furchtlosigkeit, und Abenteuerlust ☼ Aylar önce
@k np lol yeah I used to think that way too! IF you get older & that's a mighty big IF my friend! I very much hope you do. Best of luck with all your endeavours my friend.
k np
k np Aylar önce
Thats not the point. Fasting you will have a healthier life and you will be able to do things as you get older vs 🆚 being on drugs and immobile.
Roddy G
Roddy G 2 aylar önce
@ 5:05 Jesus fasted for forty days (Matthew 4:2, Luke 4:2). My father is a Centenarian, and my mother follows him in her mid 90's
Paul Verizzo
Paul Verizzo Aylar önce
It just seems like a hundred years. I'd rather die at 90 and enjoy food and life.
Vernon Butler
Vernon Butler 3 aylar önce
My paternal great grandmother lived to 114. I eat in the manner she taught her son, my paternal grandfather, he lived to 98.
Vernon Butler
Vernon Butler 2 aylar önce
I am an omnivore. As I got older less meat more fish . I am no fan of fast foods. I limit restaurants to 1-2 time a month if that. I cook around the I live in a city that allows me to prepare many dishes from other cultures. And there is much overlap in preparation and ingredients. I eat between 2p and 6p. I have fresh fruit apple or mandarin orange, sliced mango an hour to an hour an a half before bed. May day starts a 5a every day!
Mrs. Almuflihi
Mrs. Almuflihi 2 aylar önce
What is the manner of eating? if you don’t mind sharing 🙏🏽
imjohnny08music station
imjohnny08music station 2 aylar önce
What foods are you eating and what time.
djayjp 4 aylar önce
Lol I'm pretty sure everybody already does a 12 hour overnight fast.
Kerry Night
Kerry Night Aylar önce
Not in America they don't!
Debanjan Sen
Debanjan Sen 3 aylar önce
I just have to live till 2100, then I can live my biological body and turn it into a cyborg 🌚
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