The Ultimate Technical Analysis Trading Course (For Beginners)

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Rayner Teo

Discover how Technical Analysis can help you better time your entries, exits-and become a consistently profitable trader.

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00:00 - Introduction
01:54 - Technical Analysis Explained
06:37 - Market Structure and Candlestick Chart
14:00 - Market Structure and Moving Average
20:26 - Area of Value and Support Resistance
25:28 - How to Draw Support and Resistance
32:53 - Area of Value and Moving Average
39:19 - Entry Trigger Candlestick Patterns
55:01 - Entry Trigger Moving Average Break
01:00:03 - Exit Stop Loss
01:12:31 - Exit Swing Trade
01:18:54 - Exit Trend Following
01:29:10 - Example 1
01:32:26 - Example 2
01:36:07 - Example 3
01:39:21 - Example 4
01:41:24 - Example 5
01:44:20 - Example 6
01:46:18 - Example 7
01:47:23 - Example 8

Learn more about Price Action Trading Secrets:

shiba sahoo
shiba sahoo Gün önce
You are extra ordinary faculty in this trading world...u r our milestone...
Musa Habeeb Khan
Musa Habeeb Khan 4 gün önce
by far the best explanation that I have ever seen about TA..
Sichone Chanda
Sichone Chanda 6 gün önce
Hallo buddy, If you are an enthusiast wanting to try different trading assets or just starting
lilo maze
lilo maze 6 gün önce
fantastic video,thanks, can you also give an explanation of stablecoins like tether
Maxwell 7 gün önce
I don't trade forex but this has definitely helped for my stock trading
Vilma G. Quijano
Vilma G. Quijano 9 gün önce
I want to learn more.
vikas singh
vikas singh 10 gün önce
Really appreciable,You are an Fantastic teacher, Thank you Rayner to share such a useful techniques..!!
clint_allen.breakZ 11 gün önce
Man, thanks again Rayner. Got your book btw. Spot on man. Blessings
Charlotte Edward
Charlotte Edward 12 gün önce
Nice content. To me, trading the forex and crypto market is way better than any online investment 💯
yoursurrender18 13 gün önce
Hey Rayner! Super excellent video. Just wanted to ask the difference of using EMA vs MA and which one you would prefer on your analysis? Or if there are different uses for both. Thanks!
Barbara Jordan
Barbara Jordan 14 gün önce
Thank you so much for the valuable information that you give Rayner. I sure wish that I had discovered you many dollars ago. You are a super teacher. My question to you is: do you still just look for sells when price is under both the 20 and the 50 and a buy candle has made its debut after 3 sell candles have already come down? Thanks
Jabu Gabhisa
Jabu Gabhisa 17 gün önce
This guy is actually a great teacher
Fact kotta
Fact kotta 18 gün önce
Love u brother... best ever explanations so far i recieved...
Reinel Bautista
Reinel Bautista 18 gün önce
I love this guy! Thank you!
Chidhambara Ganesan
Chidhambara Ganesan 19 gün önce
Super class for a novice
MsportMax 20 gün önce
Thank you for explaining using everyday scenarios it makes understanding so much easier ! You make it interesting to lean thank you!
Fear Street
Fear Street 20 gün önce
Randi Parker
Randi Parker 22 gün önce
YOU'RE EVERYTHING! You took the time to share and educate and it really means so much. I appreciate you man. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You learned first hand and went through many many mistakes and overcame them and here you are dropping these gems to help us all. THANK YOU RAYNER!
Kenneth Titus
Kenneth Titus 22 gün önce
Thank you for sharing your knowledge... I'm a beginner and this is really confusing. I trade with Binance and this is really confusing. Is there a video specifically for those trading crypto?
Linda Ntanzi
Linda Ntanzi 23 gün önce
Rayner, you're so generous with knowledge-sharing. May the Lord bless you.
Julio Ramos
Julio Ramos 23 gün önce
This is amazing; thank you for sharing! I learned a lot!
Garrett Skeete
Garrett Skeete 23 gün önce
Andres Jimenez
Andres Jimenez 23 gün önce
Excellent, one of the best videos ive seen about trading for beginners. Congrats
Sahin Kara
Sahin Kara 26 gün önce
This Technical analyses and all what comes in this content, also works on crypto market? And lower timeframes? Like 5 min and 15 min Tf? Keep up the good work and may god bless you!
B INVESTMENTS 26 gün önce
Amazing video.Trading strategies simplified. Must watch the video.Thanks, Rayner Teo!
°SN°ッJarrodッ 27 gün önce
Thank you so much, I will pass on my knowledge and this video especially to my loved ones who are finding it really difficult during these tough times. God bless you my friend 🙏❤️
Tank Moe
Tank Moe 27 gün önce
i feel guilty watching this video for free
Stella of the Lake
Stella of the Lake 27 gün önce
This is so helpful, thank you Rayner!
Tine L.
Tine L. Aylar önce
you're very generous when it comes to knowledge sharing
Heri Budi Susilo
Heri Budi Susilo Aylar önce
Olisa Oliver
Olisa Oliver Aylar önce
You always perfect
JAMILA Aylar önce
NinjaQueen Aylar önce
Thanks for sharing your knowledge sir!!! I've learned a lot from trading your videos👌😊
SmithIsNotOriginal Aylar önce
1:04:53 let's look at a chart shall we *Fwoosh*
Nathan Fletcher
Nathan Fletcher Aylar önce
New to trading and trying to learn as much a possible, I have watched hundreds of videos which are all white noise being a new trader and add confusion. This tutorial is great, clearly explained in a cool calm manner. This is the only channel ill be using from now on! Thanks Rayner :)
Media Edits
Media Edits 17 gün önce
@°SN°ッJarrodッ O bet I was wondering if she was legit
°SN°ッJarrodッ 27 gün önce
@Karen Foo is also really good, I watch her videos as well.
LechYT Aylar önce
Great video vid my guy
Akshay Patyal
Akshay Patyal Aylar önce
oh! Rayner this was amazing content, thank you so much
Elizabeth Dinny
Elizabeth Dinny Aylar önce
Hahahha “your soup will taste like crap”… great personality !!!
Alex Marian
Alex Marian Aylar önce
thanks for this lesson!xD
Ramesh M
Ramesh M Aylar önce
thank you for making such an informative and confidence building video on technical analysis with simple and easy to understanding way.
Winni Watson
Winni Watson Aylar önce
Thanks Rayner for your many videos, for the clear way you put your point across. (I am amused by some of your examples!) I am a complete novice and am able to learn from them. I am learning a lot, and I will just keep watching them over and over again, gleaning as much as i possibly can.
Joes Schmoe
Joes Schmoe Aylar önce
Such a gentle pro. 👍
Football Highlights
Football Highlights Aylar önce
Thank you sir. Your teachings are great
Hillary Micky
Hillary Micky Aylar önce
Thanks brother I've learn a lot from this video may Almighty God bless you.
Dash Durban
Dash Durban Aylar önce
I really liked the video, it gave me an opportunity to get back in the market again….since then i made 200$( my best hit so far) btw im still 17 years old and wanting to be a professional trader especially in day trading….really felt the magic of knowledge flow through me. I appreciate you help rayner teo, there was a really big gap in knowledge that you’ve added. Thankyou and godbless!
Iwan Aylar önce
very good explanation. thank you...
Ajay Aylar önce
Notes: (I hope this will be helpful for others too) Market structure - suggests buy/sell/stay away Uptrend - buy Downtrend - sell Last closing above 200 MA - Uptrend Last closing below 200 MA - Downtrend Area of value - suggests Where to buy/sell Recent 2 support and resistance levels Another way, 50 MA with atleast 2 tests Entry Trigger - suggests When to Buy/Sell CandleStick Pattern Hammer, Bullish engulfing pattern - Buy on next candle open Shooting star, Bearish engulfing pattern - Sell on next candle open Moving Average break Candle close above 5 MA - Buy on next candle open Candle close below 5 MA - Sell on next candle open Exit - When to take profit/ Stop Loss StopLoss Place stoploss at a level which invalidates the trading setup ATR(Average True Range) - 20 period, SMA Take Profit Swing trading - Exit before opposing pressure steps in. Trend following - riding a trend, trailing stop loss Exit when price closes below MA Short term - 20 MA Medium term - 50 MA Long term - 100 MA
Ohsojuicy Aylar önce
Please do a video on how much price diff before it is safe to sell. For beginners, sometimes you buy high and sell low but your total asset end up getting lower because of fees. Nobody does a tutorial on this point maybe you can cover it up.
SanjayKumar Dreamchaser
SanjayKumar Dreamchaser Aylar önce
🙏🙏Excellent teaching 🙏🙏
Ramyaa k7
Ramyaa k7 Aylar önce
Great effort man ur doing good keep up 👌👍
Colby Nye
Colby Nye Aylar önce
This is fantastic; thank you for sharing! I learned a ton!
Amuh Halford
Amuh Halford Aylar önce
Thanks so much sir , Can some one indicate any link on any course when to enter a trade
Baha George
Baha George Aylar önce
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia Aylar önce
how does one know which time-frame to pick when looking at different moving averages or indicators?
gaming with marcus
gaming with marcus Aylar önce
This is like ASMR to me....
Sushil Uttekar
Sushil Uttekar Aylar önce
Hey whats up my friend 😀😀 LoL... learnt alot here
Bulamu Joan
Bulamu Joan Aylar önce
There scammer using your name they even took my money there using your pictures i felt bad
Rayner Teo
Rayner Teo Aylar önce
If in doubt, refer to this
sharad Jadhav
sharad Jadhav Aylar önce
Very nice sir plz hindi me1 more video plz
Rayner ,Thanks very much for your time and you are great , i hope to point all your lectures in sequence wise as A to Z strategies , again i hope to you all successes and move forwarded Mohannad
Manusia Bar-Bar
Manusia Bar-Bar Aylar önce
1:01:10 ....I just which B...🙄🤦
H Z O Aylar önce
You're hilarious and insightful, thank you for these videos
Bull MediaTV
Bull MediaTV Aylar önce
Such an awesome,superb ,valuable course from sifu Rayner,kipidap sifu
Lanre-Akanni James B
Lanre-Akanni James B Aylar önce
Dear rayner, Welldone done. Nice training session. However, it would have being nice to see the results of your examples. But thanks for the free lessons
rahul kumar
rahul kumar Aylar önce
You are a fantastic teacher. Love the way of teaching and making it simple. LOVE.
Neptune Vibe
Neptune Vibe Aylar önce
Your comparison at the start of the video is not the best. You make weird parallels. Cheers!
Neptune Vibe
Neptune Vibe Aylar önce
Your channel is so great! Thank you for sharing.
SET Aylar önce
Thank you my friend
Guillermo Vega
Guillermo Vega Aylar önce
Very clear and easy to understand,I have studied lots and watched many videos. However you have made me just like go oh that’s what that means the “ ah ha” moments ;) ty.
BearyContent Aylar önce
Rayner, this was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for the quality content. Super informative and easy to understand.
Ivan Tirtakusuma
Ivan Tirtakusuma Aylar önce
I'm surprised.. Your subsriber have grown over 1 million.. I remember when I subscribed it's not even 100k.. Congrats my friend
Darlington c
Darlington c Aylar önce
I belong to the class of those watching TRshow videos every single time and yet without positive result. I heard people make lots of money out of binary, stock and forex trading, and i used to imagine how? But today, the story is changed because I was opportune to meet Brian Harding Dawahare when i was about to give up.
Taurai Dumba
Taurai Dumba Aylar önce
You are one of the best. We appreciate you Sir. Thank you.
Taurai Dumba
Taurai Dumba Aylar önce
Thank you so much for these insightful lessons.You explain well and you take your time with us. God bless you.
XF Build
XF Build 2 aylar önce
30:38 didnt you say to use the body of the candles for touches? or when and when are you not supposed to use the bodies?
Tyler Hemmings
Tyler Hemmings 2 aylar önce
I've lost 15k just like that... starting fresh here. Goal is to get that money back. 1st step: actually learn how to trade lol
shushet pubj
shushet pubj 2 aylar önce
I have never benefited from a course like I did with this one
Fatawfreeman123 Freeman
Fatawfreeman123 Freeman 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much brother Rayner for this wonderful information. I can’t wait to go live and start giving testimonies. May Allah bless you. 🙏🏿❤️
Mildred Ferenal
Mildred Ferenal 2 aylar önce
i love this boy. The future wife or the wife is very lucky with this hearted boy. He wants to help the poor knowledge trader. Thank you very much son
Atangba Moirangthem
Atangba Moirangthem 2 aylar önce
Which currency pair is the best.. Please Bro. And which time is best for market structure conditions to confirm
18EAREC046_MAYANK PANDEY 2 aylar önce
47:13 - me dying laughing
Investor Crypto Indonesia
Investor Crypto Indonesia 2 aylar önce
Thank you, Rayner!
Rashidy Ibrahim
Rashidy Ibrahim 2 aylar önce
Rayner you are the best teacher may God bless you with more knowledge
Chito Jr
Chito Jr 2 aylar önce
Support and resistance looks similar to supply and demand
Paul Whyte
Paul Whyte 2 aylar önce
Anyone know what programme he is using for the charts?
John Z
John Z 2 aylar önce
Rayner you are a master! This was terrific teaching thank you so much. I feel like i am a better trader already. The doji and BE's is something i will pay much closer attention to. I never paid attention to candles covering. Thank you so much this is awesome. I checked some of my past trades and i could have been better with Rayner's teachings here. Keep it rolling!
Dimitri Leite
Dimitri Leite 2 aylar önce
Ma'friend! What about MA and EMA 200?
LifeAsEliza 2 aylar önce
Razali Tamam
Razali Tamam 2 aylar önce
Thanks Rayner 🙏
🇯🇲Jamaican Soul Teacher
🇯🇲Jamaican Soul Teacher 2 aylar önce
Rayner you are the Bo$$. Big up you self, from Jamaica 🇯🇲 🇯🇲 🇯🇲 🇯🇲 🇯🇲
Joey douk
Joey douk 2 aylar önce
Hi rayner when you re using the 50 ema what timeframe are you using ? Is 4 hours good ?
Focused On Trading
Focused On Trading 2 aylar önce
thanks for your useful information
Marcia Roial-Craciun
Marcia Roial-Craciun 2 aylar önce
Wow. Great video. Be blessed. 😊
swizzy bk
swizzy bk 2 aylar önce
Dude thank you a million times! You are awesome! 🙏
Pradeep Tomar
Pradeep Tomar 2 aylar önce
Hey Rayner... You are the best one I have ever seen in trade... 🙏🙏 Love from India🇮🇳
Jojo Cobbinah
Jojo Cobbinah 2 aylar önce
Do you also do account management for profit sharing
Olusola Pelumi
Olusola Pelumi 2 aylar önce
You are a good person
Luke Burbank
Luke Burbank 2 aylar önce
Why would u sell in a down trend you’ll lose money
Luke Burbank
Luke Burbank 2 aylar önce
Great video but question for you , why make these videos just for the hell of it
SYOC 2 aylar önce
Good Day sir, im using D1 for trend reference, then change to M30 to draw my support and resistance. will it do sir? and can i insert buying entry on a downtrend, TIA..
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