Discontinued Snacks Taste Test

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

3 aylar önce

Today, we're trying discontinued foods and deciding if they should be brought back! GMM # 2226
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The Best Foodie Show
The Best Foodie Show 3 aylar önce
I really love when Rhett is in a weird mood and it somehow causes link to be the normal one.
WeakWill 5 gün önce
3:30 💀 normal?
Brayana Marsh
Brayana Marsh 19 gün önce
Gotta keep it balanced 😂
Kayla Smith
Kayla Smith Aylar önce
I keep this same comment under so many videos lol
Stephanie Brawner
Stephanie Brawner 2 aylar önce
Evan8D 2 aylar önce
@clover 🫧 indeed is. possibly rare as the chance of me being introduced to you. 😟😬
Erica Marie
Erica Marie 3 aylar önce
These descriptions keep getting better as I watch -- “that actually smells like when a Disney ride breaks down and you’re stuck inside of it for awhile.” Lmfao Rhett is the best!!
Futrey 8 gün önce
@Noah Hamilton *i wood
clover 🫧
clover 🫧 2 aylar önce
@melody what comment section 😭
melody 2 aylar önce
@clover 🫧 oh my god your from that one comment section fr..
Lilicydraco 2 aylar önce
Bayleigh Fuller
Bayleigh Fuller 3 aylar önce
Rhett has always been and will always be my spirit animal
Harrison Ehresmann
Harrison Ehresmann 3 aylar önce
"How bad could a 100 year old chocolate really be" *HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TEACH YOU THIS LESSON OLD MAN!!!*
Aslan_Wakes Gün önce
Firsttime God
Firsttime God 2 aylar önce
Ashens lmao
Amy Pierce
Amy Pierce 2 aylar önce
Hahahaha 😂
fartjug 3 aylar önce
love spongebob
Aoife Hilton
Aoife Hilton 3 aylar önce
"I wasn't trying to go there" - Rhett, the only person going there
mrfarmer1991 3 aylar önce
BB 3 aylar önce
@Craig Mitchell he never left there
Craig Mitchell
Craig Mitchell 3 aylar önce
hes been there the whole time
Peter Davidson
Peter Davidson 3 aylar önce
Via one way express service: definitely not trying to go there
Ellen Broen
Ellen Broen 3 aylar önce
It’s the look on Rhett’s face when he said “not if you just try it once” coupled with the cackle at 2:40 for me 😂😂😂
sasfire maiden
sasfire maiden 3 aylar önce
@Heather Marriette That part!!!😆
Heather Marriette
Heather Marriette 3 aylar önce
@sasfire maiden convinced they both do!!😂
sasfire maiden
sasfire maiden 3 aylar önce
I'm convinced they have both dabbled!!!😆
SimplyRobSmith 3 aylar önce
Lost it when he did that
Will C
Will C 3 aylar önce
For you?
Kielsen 3 aylar önce
7 years later and they are trying the cappuccino flavoured lay’s chips again did it hit your nostalgia bone Rhett 😆
Eric Burton
Eric Burton 3 aylar önce
@Saysikerightnow nah they tasted like a potato bread churro with an aftertaste like the smell of a coffeehouse
Saysikerightnow 3 aylar önce
@Eric Burton they were nasty
Gaby Bond
Gaby Bond 3 aylar önce
Hey 👋
Sofie Soyy
Sofie Soyy 3 aylar önce
I forgot they existed and I used to LOVE them
Eric Burton
Eric Burton 3 aylar önce
I’m my opinion those were the best ones, I’ve just never met anyone else who tried them
Nick 3 aylar önce
$5.50 for something over 100 years old is a pretty amazing deal honestly
Mumu Spain
Mumu Spain 3 aylar önce
@Melba Peach well to be fair chocolate is from south america. Cocoa products have been around for thousands of years, but chocolate as we know it was created by europeans. People do like to forget that there were people in the americas before the europeans showed up. We have plenty of real ancient stuff here if you know what to look for. You're right though that most people don't know about it
Nick 3 aylar önce
@Melba Peach im not from America but thanks
Melba Peach
Melba Peach 3 aylar önce
Americans be thinking 100 years old is ancient.......
Mumu Spain
Mumu Spain 3 aylar önce
@Nick mmmhmmm and it's not that old really
Nick 3 aylar önce
@Mumu Spain but it's chocolate....
Aubrey lynn
Aubrey lynn 3 aylar önce
I love how Boggs is always on the ready.
Lighten Up
Lighten Up 3 aylar önce
Ikr? Halfway through I was about to yell "HOW COULD YOU NOT MENTION WADE BOGGS???"
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi 3 aylar önce
Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Madison Dalusung
Madison Dalusung 3 aylar önce
As soon as they explained the expired part of this food taste test, I said outloud, "oof gonna be a Boggs-y day today..."
Caitlyn Scarce
Caitlyn Scarce 3 aylar önce
I was really hoping Chase was going to pop back up with an 8 year old bag of Lay’s chips 😂
Lighten Up
Lighten Up 3 aylar önce
@ZEPHYR seriously.
Oh Lawdy
Oh Lawdy 3 aylar önce
@ZEPHYR it seems to be a rampant problem now, I see them in the comments of almost every video on any channel
WestCoastRoots 🌊☔
WestCoastRoots 🌊☔ 3 aylar önce
Same! 😂
ZEPHYR 3 aylar önce
Never expected a scammer in this channel comments 😂
ShitWithSomeBopInIt __
ShitWithSomeBopInIt __ 3 aylar önce
I can’t wait to see if Rhetts right in 8 years about that bag of lays
Nilanjasa 3 aylar önce
@besm3st Why do you want them to get food poisioning by eating 100 years old thing? 🌚
Tara Kane
Tara Kane 3 aylar önce
Potato chips definitely can go rancid, nasty!
besm3st 3 aylar önce
I wish they'd actually EAT all the things they "try" though, UGGHHH!
Noelle V
Noelle V 3 aylar önce
His idea is literally left on a shelf series and I miss it so much
Koasty 3 aylar önce
Watching GMM before my first day of college. So glad you guys are still making content, I grew up watching you guys!
jimmyhayers 2 aylar önce
Hope it's all going well a month in!
Nicole S
Nicole S 3 aylar önce
Good luck!
ArinInQuotes 3 aylar önce
GL on your first day!
Rachel S
Rachel S 3 aylar önce
Today happens to be my first day of college.
Noah Wall
Noah Wall 3 aylar önce
ThisisFizban 3 aylar önce
They've got to take into account that the chocolate bar is 100 years old. If someone were to make it today with the exact same recipe it would probably be pretty good. Whether it competes with today's chocolate is hard to say. I think Josh has a project on his hands
Anna Maisonet
Anna Maisonet 2 aylar önce
Yes I agree 👍
Grabble 3 aylar önce
"Whether it competes with today's chocolate" If we're talking America, that's easy enough. Our chocolate's low-grade and full of puke chemicals.
Jeff 3 aylar önce
That is a very good point
Sweet Heart
Sweet Heart 3 aylar önce
But... Butt... It's shaped like poop...
Shiny Mudkip.
Shiny Mudkip. 3 aylar önce
"Not if you only try it once", the look of concern on Link's face 😂😂😂😂
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders 3 aylar önce
It's DJ Diesel man. Don't disrespect Shaq's career like that
Cameron Nolan
Cameron Nolan 27 gün önce
DJ POOPBOI is kinda fire tho
William Baxton
William Baxton 3 aylar önce
I had to scroll to make sure someone said before me.
DTB Haze
DTB Haze 3 aylar önce
I’m glad I’m not the only one it bothered that they didn’t know this
Jester Uknown
Jester Uknown 3 aylar önce
Dude right! I was like why did I scroll so far to see this ! I had to leave a comment too 🤣DJ DIESEL IS A MONSTER
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 3 aylar önce
@resko we are here. 🔜Escape Halloween next 🤘
Ryan Ravage
Ryan Ravage 3 aylar önce
I really hope this time travel thing has a story to it and just doesn’t end without explanation cause I love it.
☦︎︎𝙝𝙪𝙧𝙧𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙣𝙚☦︎︎ Aylar önce
The time traveler is probably from 2014 TRshow and is possibly gonna come back with an 8 year old bag of Lay’s in the next Discontinued Snacks video.
Sara Sparrow
Sara Sparrow 3 aylar önce
I almost hope it does end and we’re left with the mystery of it and it’s never discussed again 🤣
BLISSfullyCAT 3 aylar önce
Nah, they might have been bad 8 years on but the cappucino chips were great fresh. They had a sweet cinnamon taste with a touch of coffee. Myself and my parents all voted for it because we tried them all and there was nothing like it on the market. Even my uncle liked them and he doesnt like coffee. There are too many chips on the market that taste the same, we needed something like that.
CorruptedColours 17 gün önce
Me and my partner found a bag the other day, "Christmas pudding" flavour 😂
Tirnel S
Tirnel S 3 aylar önce
Yeah. They weren't bad. For me the flavors of the potatoes and the cappuccino didn't blend that well, but they weren't bad. I still ate em.
Kira Lackey
Kira Lackey 3 aylar önce
Actually here for a GMM in the morning instead of evening for once! 👍🏻👍🏻 good morning everyone 😊
clover 🫧
clover 🫧 3 aylar önce
good morning!
Zack V
Zack V 3 aylar önce
tadlun 3 aylar önce
たっくん 3 aylar önce
Evening over her
DrewTastic90 3 aylar önce
Here to watch it before I go to bed for the night like always!
Dov_TheBear 3 aylar önce
Man I gotta admit, I’ve been going through some personal stuff recently, but just hearing that GMM theme tune is straight up a booster shot of pure endorphins straight to the brain! It never fails to put a smile on my face ❤️ love you guys
Stone Miller
Stone Miller 3 aylar önce
Never underestimate the healing power of a bowl of ice cream and a hilarious episode of GMM! Keep pushing through the tough times beast🤙
Candice R
Candice R 3 aylar önce
Next episode- "Can we give ourselves food poisoning?" 😁
Zipplip 3 aylar önce
Collab with Steve1989MRE when?
Dillon Crawley 11-30-98
Dillon Crawley 11-30-98 3 aylar önce
@clover 🫧 You should be ashamed of yourself. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺
clover 🫧
clover 🫧 3 aylar önce
Hathus 3 aylar önce
"Will It Food Poison?"
Movie Reedviews
Movie Reedviews 3 aylar önce
"Let's talk about that!"
Josh Larrabee
Josh Larrabee 3 aylar önce
Please tell me you guys have researched botulism poisoning, because I swear one of these days you guys are gonna get it eating some old canned food. Love the show.🤙
Only Me
Only Me 3 aylar önce
They have an old song that they did where a cat diet of botulism from a can of Fancy Feast, so I think that they know the concept. So maybe they’ll recognize the symptoms :p
John D
John D 3 aylar önce
They missed the opportunity to have Chase bring a bag of chips from 8 years in the future with his time machine.
jason waters
jason waters 3 aylar önce
I still feel proud to say I’ve been watching you guys since “unicorn rap” talk about insanity. I was in middle school Now I have kids and everything.
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 2 aylar önce
I think my first experience was the ocd song. Somewhere around there. I was starting highschool. Now I got kids too.
geegeezlouis86 3 aylar önce
Worrying about the integrity of the Boggs smell as a control has delighted me more than it should
Nona 3 aylar önce
I love how Bogsed has become an adjective that you can only understand if you watch GMM
Sheyda S
Sheyda S 3 aylar önce
And "boggsy" is an adjective lol
Lisa 3 aylar önce
@clover 🫧 right?! Not good I’m sure. Wouldn’t it be cool if they had it on display at mythicon? Like people could experience the smell.
clover 🫧
clover 🫧 3 aylar önce
@Lisa i’m really curious to what it smells like honestly..
Lisa 3 aylar önce
And yet we still don’t know cause we never smelled Boggs 😭
Kayleigh Williams
Kayleigh Williams 3 aylar önce
I love when Rhett and link make the most obscure comparisons that actually make total sense 15:25
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01 3 aylar önce
Congratulations you won 👆👆official giveaway 🎁
Copenhagen 3 aylar önce
Especially with BCS just ending, I think that candy bar would actually do pretty well. I want to buy one to display, I love the wrapper.
Aly 3 aylar önce
As someone else that doesn't like tomatoes I LOVE Link's shirt! 🚫🍅
Sara Schneider
Sara Schneider 3 aylar önce
Anyone else shocked they've never gotten food poisoning?
James Carthew
James Carthew 3 aylar önce
I love the disapponted "come on Rhett...."
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01 3 aylar önce
Congratulations you won 👆👆official giveaway 🎁
Sheyda S
Sheyda S 3 aylar önce
Link almost got whiplash "cmon Rhett!"
flyingwalrus123 3 aylar önce
I want a scented candle from you guys that smells like Boggs
Alessandro Caiazzo
Alessandro Caiazzo 3 aylar önce
You should get a food scientist to analyze Boggs' chocolate bar.
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi 3 aylar önce
Always Sunny in Philadelphia
clover 🫧
clover 🫧 3 aylar önce
@Liam Engram thanks man.
Liam Engram
Liam Engram 3 aylar önce
It's the combination of oxidation, the milk spoiling, and the propensity for chocolate to absorb odors around it. There. Mystery solved.
James Coffey
James Coffey 3 aylar önce
Coffee flavored things? Like tiramisu? That's one of my favorite coffee-themed foods!
Jarvis Green
Jarvis Green 3 aylar önce
“Dookie Diameter” - the phrases that are created on this show always surprises me… Then becomes a part of my vocabulary.
Jenifer Lindsey
Jenifer Lindsey 3 aylar önce
Can we acknowledge that Rhetts new music is actually AMAZING! These two are absolutely amazing!
Stone Miller
Stone Miller 3 aylar önce
I’ve legit listened to it all day, it’s so good
joshua stephens
joshua stephens 3 aylar önce
No, because I didn't even know he made music.
clover 🫧
clover 🫧 3 aylar önce
i’m personally not into country but it’s really good!
Samantha Secord
Samantha Secord 3 aylar önce
Sometimes conversations between these two are an exact excerpts of conversations between me and my anxiety. “Is yer your head hurtin’? Just think about it, it prolly is” “don’t…Don don’t don’t don’t don’t do that to me”
clover 🫧
clover 🫧 3 aylar önce
underrated comment. 😂
CV Anims
CV Anims 3 aylar önce
I remember getting those caged animal candies in kindergarten, which was in the early 90s, so either they weren't discontinued quite yet, or my teacher was feeding us expired candy. 😂
Iain Ronald
Iain Ronald 3 aylar önce
Rockstar used to have this product, at least in Canada, called Rockstar Brewed Energy. It was a coffee-flavoured energy drink and it was the only coffee energy drink that tasted like coffee, all the rest tasted like M&Ms melted in milk. The closest equivalent you can find these days to that is the Japanese canned coffee brand, Mr Brown's. If you can find a can of Rockstar Brewed Energy coffee, y'all should try it on this show.
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01 3 aylar önce
Congratulations you won 👆👆official giveaway 🎁
Beezus Beez
Beezus Beez 3 aylar önce
Cannot start my monday without this show!
Lexy Thomas
Lexy Thomas 3 aylar önce
Cannot take a morning poop without this show
Troy Ma
Troy Ma 3 aylar önce
cannot finish my Sunday without this show
cattus lavandula
cattus lavandula 3 aylar önce
My favorite Lay's chips were garden tomato basil. They were amazing.
Leslie 5 gün önce
They were like pizza
Bekah's Health & Beauty Vlog
Bekah's Health & Beauty Vlog 3 aylar önce
Omg yesss forgot about those! So good!
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01 3 aylar önce
Congratulations you won 👆👆official giveaway 🎁
Tara McO
Tara McO 3 aylar önce
Mine were the wasabi ginger!! Omgggg
Mekhakreature 3 aylar önce
I love the vibes today. Rhett's a tad more chaotic and oddly specific, and Link is on point with the jokes but very focused on doing his job and moving the episode forward-makes for a fun day!
Tay 3 aylar önce
I remember those coffee chips. I actually really liked them because they were basically just a sweet chip with a very small amount of actual coffee flavor to them. It was mostly like a vanilla cinnamon flavor.
Caffeinegod 3 aylar önce
I remember trying the Cappuccino flavored chips when they were new and not expired. To me oddly enough they tasted like the kind of breakfast syrup that you put on waffles or pancakes. They to me in that regards tasted more like a breakfast food than anything really.
Erica Marie
Erica Marie 3 aylar önce
“They set a new standard for stink.” Hahahaha I love it.
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01 3 aylar önce
Congratulations you won 👆👆official giveaway 🎁
BabyyBubbles 3 aylar önce
Loved the splash mountain reference. Definitely helped me understand the smell of the chocolate 😂
Chitchatting 3 aylar önce
I love how specific Rhett gets when describing something 😂😭
Stacy Short
Stacy Short 3 aylar önce
I love Link's laugh at 18:06. It's so genuine!!
Victoria 3 aylar önce
This is my favorite thing about getting home from work I get to watch you guys and it’s a great start to a great day
Ryan R
Ryan R 3 aylar önce
Mythical crew, I know Link made a mistake by saying $100 chocolate, but that’s a great idea for an episode
Christopher Clark
Christopher Clark 3 aylar önce
I want to see them try the Schezwan sauce from McDonalds that they released a little while back…assuming its not spoiled with age.
- [REBBECCA]🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌
- [REBBECCA]🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌 3 aylar önce
I really love when Rhett is in a weird mood and it somehow causes link to be the normal one.
BotanicalPanic 3 aylar önce
Their dj duo would be Shaquille and Neil
DS_the_RN 3 aylar önce
My favorite type of show!!! I really love these. And I LOVE Rhett’s laugh. And I loved FYE.
Pearl the rebel
Pearl the rebel 3 aylar önce
Omg. I remember the cappuccino chips. They were good. My favorite from that year was the bacon mac and cheese
tionnanicole95 Aylar önce
Rhett’s reaction to smelling the cappuccino chips was priceless! I HAD to rewind! the hilarity
Claire C
Claire C 3 aylar önce
Rhett just gave me a will to live for another 8 years
Sydney Hale
Sydney Hale 3 aylar önce
I love waking up to GMM. I work super early and this helps me be okay to get through the rest of the day lol
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01 3 aylar önce
Congratulations you won 👆👆official giveaway 🎁
clover 🫧
clover 🫧 3 aylar önce
it’s definitely a good way of brighting up your day
Jakub Szamałek
Jakub Szamałek 3 aylar önce
I’m having so much fun with “We’re still good”!
clover 🫧
clover 🫧 3 aylar önce
i’m thinking of getting it!
Becca Tollison
Becca Tollison 3 aylar önce
The wasabi ginger kettle cooked lays were slept on, I wish they would come back
Juice James
Juice James 3 aylar önce
Links pure giddy and excitement at 18:02 when asking if there was a hole in it made my day 🤣
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01 3 aylar önce
Congratulations you won 👆👆official giveaway 🎁
Jeff 3 aylar önce
Ending my day with GMM, love it
Mayor Doctor
Mayor Doctor 3 aylar önce
10:20 I thought they were so close to solvibg the puzzle of the bog smell. Rhett was building to it so well, the obvious connection, milk products stink over time! But then he said cappuccino flavoring xD
bunniedalive 3 gün önce
I would love an episode of this where they try those weird old Jones Soda flavors!
theophile du laz
theophile du laz 3 aylar önce
I love your show so much. I learned most of my English skills thanks to you guys.
Chris Koelsch
Chris Koelsch 3 aylar önce
With the whole time travel bit I feel like the missed an opportunity for Chase to actually give them one of the items they tried from the past. Would have been funnier
Snorman 3 aylar önce
At 10:29 when Rhett insinuated being on TRshow another 8 years made me happy.
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01 3 aylar önce
Congratulations you won 👆👆official giveaway 🎁
Back in my day
Back in my day 3 aylar önce
I could be mistaken but I’m fairly sure that someone just tricked Rhett and link into eating a turd.
Melanie Regalado
Melanie Regalado 3 aylar önce
clover 🫧
clover 🫧 3 aylar önce
i wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already done that
Bobbi Hansel
Bobbi Hansel 3 aylar önce
Just started watching Breaking Bad for the first time this weekend, great show! And now I'm encountering tendrils of Breaking Bad throughout my day to day... it's even infiltrated GMM
Roland Special Sauce
Roland Special Sauce 3 aylar önce
Greatest show ever made! I've watched it like 30 times all the way through
Kayla 3 aylar önce
Love you guys!! This episode was awesome!!
Zach Wilson’s Mom’s Friend
Zach Wilson’s Mom’s Friend 3 aylar önce
I love seeing fellow baseball fans at the end!! Very rarely are sports referenced on this show so I get excited seeing that lol
mexican bepis
mexican bepis 3 aylar önce
When I saw your channel again I literally cried thank you for keeping my childhood alive
T Minus
T Minus 3 aylar önce
This show is still the best thing on youtube
clover 🫧
clover 🫧 3 aylar önce
it really is!!
Echo Kuhn
Echo Kuhn 2 aylar önce
I use to love those cappuccino chips! I would crush them up and put them on vanilla ice cream so good
Crimson Knight
Crimson Knight 3 aylar önce
Cheesecake! Coffee is a good flavor in cheesecake. I once made a homemade caramel macchiato cheesecake and it was so good (and I don’t even like coffee)!
oncersm 3 aylar önce
My favorite series on GMM!
Joandirty 3 aylar önce
My 4:30am wake-up’s are so much nicer knowing I have gmm to watch 😌
Kylie Gates
Kylie Gates 3 aylar önce
I will forever crave the wasabi ginger chips. They were my all time favorite chip! 😭
Kylie Gates
Kylie Gates 3 aylar önce
@NEMesis1413 Omg or what about the fried green tomato ones???
NEMesis1413 3 aylar önce
I feel the same about the chicken & waffles ones and the biscuit & gravy ones..
Brooke Ellen
Brooke Ellen 3 aylar önce
When Link said episode 2226 I couldn't help but think "wow that's alot of episodes of this show in my head"
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01 3 aylar önce
Congratulations you won 👆👆official giveaway 🎁
Jalen Alexis
Jalen Alexis 3 aylar önce
“not if you just try it once” i laughed too hard 🤣
OREGONGAMER 3 aylar önce
By far my favorite part of the show. Expired foods.
ZMinus 3 aylar önce
Since Chase is still time traveling, now would be a good time to put the Moochelle rumors to rest...
Seraph 3 aylar önce
I loved the lays' contest one! My favorite flavor was Chicken n Waffles~
Dan delion
Dan delion 3 aylar önce
I remember the cappuccino chips and mango salsa chips, I really liked them. I can remember the taste exactly..
Mrs Blue Sky
Mrs Blue Sky 3 aylar önce
Link’s face when he tasted the Lay’s cappuccino chip 😂😂
The Cherry Twins
The Cherry Twins 3 aylar önce
I feel like that would be a really good drink campaign! Like a drink brand teams up with a celeb and whoever gets the can that has the celeb under the package wins a meet and greet! Maybe you guys could do that
Graydon Hively
Graydon Hively 3 aylar önce
This is my first GMM in a while where I saw the video release within 30 minutes, and I actually had time to watch.
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01 3 aylar önce
Congratulations you won 👆👆official giveaway 🎁
Plates of Tate
Plates of Tate 3 aylar önce
So many nostalgic items! I used to love this bar we had in the UK called Mars Delight that got discontinued...was SO good
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01 3 aylar önce
Congratulations you won 👆👆official giveaway 🎁
Their Manager
Their Manager Aylar önce
I really like it when Link says ‘smell of it’. Or some version of that.
Rod John
Rod John 3 aylar önce
It looked like the nitrogen escaped from the Lay's which is a preservative I believe.
Christmas Levering
Christmas Levering 3 aylar önce
I really really love when both Rhett and Link get into weird moods, it makes everything funny 🤣.
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01
Text me on telegram 👉Good_Mythical_Morning01 3 aylar önce
Congratulations you won 👆👆official giveaway 🎁
smart think
smart think 3 aylar önce
More of this series please 🙏
iTzDBox 3 aylar önce
Am I the only one more invested in the time traveling Chase than anything else? There better be a payoff!
Mushymallow 3 aylar önce
the wasabi ginger chips were so good when ever i would go to the states i would get a few bags sadly it’s gone
Francis Mewhinney
Francis Mewhinney 3 aylar önce
I am so proud of y’all. I’ve been watching since day one and the success y’all have grown to is truly amazing. Y’all deserve every bit of it. Keep it up you weirdo’s.
pawptart⁷⁷⁷ 3 aylar önce
@Francis Mewhinney no lmao
Francis Mewhinney
Francis Mewhinney 3 aylar önce
Is this real?
King Kirbzzz
King Kirbzzz 3 aylar önce
Imagine if they had Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul on the show together. 🤯
ArmaDelLion 3 aylar önce
Watching this brings me back to the time where we literally watch every cartoons at one sitting in the morning.
Matthew Knopps
Matthew Knopps Aylar önce
When Link brought up the part where the chips contain milk (to some degree) I immediately went Stevemre and thought, abort, nope. We don't mess with expired milk. Actually ..they should totally get Stevemre to be in a discontinued episode.
ColbyTheWeirdOne 3 aylar önce
I love this series
Mik420 3 aylar önce
This is my favorite GMM series
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 3 aylar önce
Since I first watched TRshow I seen guys like this. Always takes me back at least 10 years
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