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TEDx Talks

7 yıl önce

-In 15 years the human specie is going to develop super human level machine intelligence
-What it means to be Super-Human?
-The country with Artificial Intelligence will be the country on top
David Simpson is the best-selling novelist of the Post-Human series, a Kindle All-Star and has been ranked the most popular scifi Author in America by Amazon.com. He has filmed a short proof-of-concept based on his series, is an award-winning teacher and holds a Master’s degree in literature from the University of British Columbia.
David is a full example of believing in the story in your head and getting it published. He is been part of the story-telling business since his twenties. He went out of the 'Book Industry Professionals ways' and took the risk of not hearing the voice of those 'who knew' about scifi books. Now he is living his dream of been a full time scifi author and maybe he can help us dream into the realms of a Post-Human not so far future.
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

@tomwyllie8027 3 yıl önce
I have a grade 10 education and was told that my iq level doesn’t indicate I could progress much beyond grade 10 so maybe I just don’t get it. It seems obvious to me that these rapid technological advances run on a parallel course with massive poverty, homelessness and the destruction of the planets environmental life support systems. The very same people in charge now will be in charge of these super computers and the A. I. programs. We do not need more technology. We need more humanity. This technology will be used to expand the power and control of the mega corporations to squeeze out more profits to the detriment of every living thing.
@firehorsenickable 3 yıl önce
My dad used to say that he was more concerned about real stupidity rather than artificial intelligence. I think he had a point.
@soarer25gtt Yıl önce
Great talk about the ideas of our not-so-distant future. It is both fascinating and somewhat scary what the advancements in AI can do. In the end, we will still be the essence of individualized souls dwelling within a body - human, artificial, or a blend of these - and dreaming this life. I agree with some of the other commenters that AI may help us solve the greatest mysteries of our existence, such as the hard problem of consciousness. Do not resist, do not push. You're not in control of anything, so go with the flow.
@nitinb1034 5 yıl önce
Most funny part was about human beings testing the humanity of a poor intelligent robot stuck in virtual reality. This guy makes it sound like humans in general and he and the audience in particular are epitome of virtue, self-sacrifice and compassion who rightfully deserve to judge heroism of a robot.
@plaguex1 3 yıl önce
This makes me want to become a forest man and just live on the land. I don't know if I can deal with how quick society has started to change.
@jedics1 6 yıl önce
The idea of being able to transcend my genetic limitations that life dealt me is the most hopeful thought Ive had in many years!
@aresmars2003 4 yıl önce
This presentation reminds me of the saying "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." I wonder what personal contradictions David Simpson is avoiding while he makes up the future of humanity?
@dcupmusic 6 yıl önce
that was epic. ive had the same thought that empathy grows with intelligence.
@rudeboyrave 7 yıl önce
I became aware of the singularity through an album by our lady peace "spiritual machines" based from Ray Kurzweil's book of a similar name. It is good tunes and deserves a listen through if you havent heard it before!
One of the best and clearest talks I've heard on this subject.
@thunderboltsrock4304 3 yıl önce
I assume this gentleman has included in his research AI that has been left to evolve by its own means, most times resulting in very negative output towards human species
@milostio3990 7 yıl önce
I hope you can get us a copy of ashes of the singularity! It looks really good, and im even mroe stoked that you wrote it :D keep up the great work and Im most excited for the movie!!!!
@donaldbundy3499 3 yıl önce
I recently started watching these TEDx talks and while i feel they are interesting, I am wondering if the audio crews know what an audio compressor is for and how to use it. They help achieve a consistent speaking audio level when guest speakers drift in volume and especially when speakers holding microphones 'talk with their hands'. The resulting lectures would be much more dynamic and easier to follow. Just saying.
@ches95ramos 7 yıl önce
The way he describes how you can't unlearn it and how it changes your view about everything is so true. After learning about it 2 years ago i literally still think about it every single day and how primitive our bodies feel.
@warrenmars5038 4 yıl önce
As far as looking firstly to what already exists or happened in the past in regard to singularity level AI, you would require the requisite work of at least TWO separate paradigm bundles: the first is given in the following post if you went down each rabbit hole. The second is briefly encapsulated here in this bundle: Dr. Michael E. Salla's book, "Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances", the Universal AI, the controller of the Dracos & enemy of the Sphere Being Alliance, but for a newbe in that paradigm you'd need about 30 prior books & videos. Start at the New York Time's article last year by Pentagon official Ellisondo about the "Tic Tac" infra-red images shot from military jets guarding the Nimmitz aircraft carrier group. Then go to the book, "Death on Mars: The Discovery of a Planetary Nuclear Massacre" by Brandenburg PhD, John E., Feb 10, 2015 in which you will find 200 million year old remnants of 2 massive hydrogen bomb detonations & all the atmospheric isotopic data from this plasma physicist who also is working on the gov'ts TOKOMAC fusion reactor. Then go to book, "Wars of the Anunnaki: Nuclear Self-Destruction in Ancient Sumer" by Hardy Ph.D., Chris H., Jul 25, 2016 and you'll see some of our hidden prehistoric nuclear destructive history in the 10,000 year range. If you want a quick synopsis that is fun & readable, goto General Exxon's account of the recovered Roswell crashed saucer & what happened to the OSS as a result, in the barely fictionalized, "Majestic", by his childhood friend Whitley Streiber who also grew up in Roswell, NM. Then read "The Threat" by Dr.Jacobs. Material by Dr. Stanton Freeman (re: UFO documentation) or Dr. Steven M. Greer, though he is a bit too enamored of various gray visitors. Ask why Infinite Energy magazines editor Eugene Mallove was bludgeoned to death or who murdered former CIA chief William Colby, and you should be on your way!
@estellaallender5970 7 yıl önce
Wow... food for thought. David Simpson did an outstanding job of explaining the possible outcome of human and AI emergence.
@greatesthits3342 3 yıl önce
The thumbnail and first 20 minutes of this presentation serves this guy absolutely no justice at all. The stuff he goes into is mind blowing!
@kennethlee6399 3 yıl önce
Reminds me of C.S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength, written in early 1950s before Iron Man. I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from anxiety about the post-human story.
@JB52520 4 yıl önce
If we get to the point where we understand human intelligence well enough to create a world full of it, for the purpose of testing the heroism of a single instance, then we'll know enough to easily design it with heroism in the first place. A superhuman AI would immediately recognize the morality test, and a restricted intelligence would be pointless as we don't know how it would act after being upgraded.
@nigelgrimmett851 3 yıl önce
Einstein was once asked what it was like to be the most clever person in the world. He responded by saying that you will have to ask Nicola Tesla.
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