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Absolute History

3 yıl önce

Dr Suzannah Lipscomb show us the dangerous ways the Victorian’s fought off dirt.
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Ilovebrownbreadtoast 3 yıl önce
The Victorians get credit for a lot of things, but I don’t feel like they get enough credit for being the unfortunate guinea pigs of modern convenience.
Sarcastically Rearranged
Sarcastically Rearranged Aylar önce
@Shizue Leigh Hicks what years did you live in Liverpool? I loved visiting my friend there and in London because I find antique architecture and remnants really interesting.
morena montalvo
morena montalvo Aylar önce
They weren't they brought the bathroom from the Mayans The also invented sauna Mayans were before the times
K Kr
K Kr 2 aylar önce
@57thorns As the poet said, a little learning is a dangerous thing.
Silly Green Fairy
Silly Green Fairy 4 aylar önce
What do we get now for being willing guinea pigs? With knowledge and warnings all over. My TV came with a sticker warning that it may expose me to carcinogens. I know Oreos aren't good for me but I just ate way too many and my belly hurts. I asked for this.
Silly Green Fairy
Silly Green Fairy 4 aylar önce
@soundseeker63 / Mr Dub yes! We are still guinea pigs. I'm sure these victorian guinea pigs felt their lifestyle was modern and convenient and fresh themselves
Manslaughter 2 yıl önce
"People were afraid of each other due to germs which is horrific" This aged like milk.
Audrey Aylar önce
Renaye Brown
Renaye Brown Aylar önce
I think she was referring to the emotional ramifications for children.
LoveIsTheWay 3 aylar önce
Meanwhile they're dying from the "medicine" that they think is going to save them. Some things sadly never change
YagirlTee4 4 aylar önce
Lmaoo haha what about the people that got syphilis? Id be scared too haha
miranda nicole
miranda nicole 2 yıl önce
I LOVE the redheaded lady. You can tell she enjoys the hell out of history and teaching it.
Gerard v.d Galien
Gerard v.d Galien 2 aylar önce
@EEE Guba im dutch so no probs here
mirabel 3 aylar önce
@Mason Furzer L opinion
чуля Yıl önce
@Chris Wilson nobody needs to know tho.
C W Yıl önce
The one in the black top right? She's super pretty
samantha 2 yıl önce
Victorian era in a nutshell: I may be poisoning and scarring myself but AT LEAST IM NOT P O O R
Meglet Montrose-Cazalet
Meglet Montrose-Cazalet 4 aylar önce
@Bre Love The “Elizabethan Era” is basically the second half of the 1500s, as she reigned from 1558 to 1603, when the Stuart Era began.
Nicolette 5 aylar önce
Isn’t it interesting. Back then being poor was what they discriminated against…now it’s race. Smdh. Ppl just love hating!
Bre Love
Bre Love Yıl önce
@bruh thought it was the Elizabethian Age ? By the time she ruled at least it was the 1600s
bruh Yıl önce
@CruXivaR wrong era, that's the Tudors
Jacob 2 yıl önce
Trying not to die in the Victorian era is like a daily challenge lol
Normie who draws on paper
Normie who draws on paper 11 aylar önce
Can't even isolate in the room because it's lined with lead.
Rudy A.
Rudy A. Yıl önce
"a or the daily challenge"..Yeah theres a gameshow for that.
Maria Mail
Maria Mail Yıl önce
Yes! Funny but scary
Nosveratu Yıl önce
@Uses 34 Vsea I don't get it 🤔
Mansu San
Mansu San Yıl önce
You're not wrong
Jimb Yıl önce
I worked in a paper factory not too long ago and while I worked in the warehouse part, I was told by many about the injuries. One of the managers there's lost a finger or two on a machine when he was young working there. One boy got crushed and his best mate was the first responder. No lives lost but lives scarred. But what made me cringe was the hand getting caught in the rollers. They called it gloving I think. Like they said here, the skin just being stripped and one guy did it to one of his hands, got it all sorted came back to work and managed to do it again to the other like a year after. Guys still there now, obviously nothing will stop him lol. But ahhh doesn't it make your skin crawl?
Creations_by_Butterfly Aylar önce
@Liam Picotto my cat’s tail was degloved. Horrifying injury. I can’t even imagine that happening to a human. Without a plastic surgeon you’d end up losing sensation, easily!
Elizabeth 3 aylar önce
my grandpa dad and cousin all worked at an ironworks and it was a similar thing, gruesome injuries. one guy got his entire arm torn off on my dad's first day of work
Shelly Desormier
Shelly Desormier 4 aylar önce
Liam Picotto
Liam Picotto 5 aylar önce
It's called degloving injury. DO NOT GOOGLE IT.
MasterFlex 2 yıl önce
This is how the History Channel used to be before they sold out and became a reality TV station. This is some great educational content!
Creations_by_Butterfly Aylar önce
@MasterFlex lol people pretending HC never played a doc from BBC. That’s where I watched all BBC docs because we didn’t have BBC. 😅
Sarcastically Rearranged
Sarcastically Rearranged Aylar önce
@Breezy Breezy like the channel A&E no longer standing for Arts & Entertainment or TLC not being The Learning Channel anymore?
Steven Plyler
Steven Plyler 2 aylar önce
@Horace Myrthit I love history as well as ghosts but I want documentaries about real history such as Ancient Rome as well as science documentaries and documentaries about transportation Etc and simple Ghost Folklore programs instead of very very Questionable Ghost Hunting shows and all those absolutely terrible “ Reality “ series shows as well the unfortunate three TV channels listed above stopped doing this a long long time ago !
Ebony McAllister
Ebony McAllister 4 aylar önce
I used to love the history Channel and could always find something that interest me
mel182 2 yıl önce
I love how the woman with red hair smirks after she talked about wives poisoning their husbands with arsenic
Imfallingapart 25 gün önce
@NGUD_Gaming usually only for abusive husbands, divorce was rarely an option
Madeleine Price
Madeleine Price Aylar önce
@NGUD_Gaming certainly not funny…and certainly only allegedly 😉
K Kr
K Kr 2 aylar önce
@Lauren Menzies People living on the edge do almost everything for survival, and making alliances most of all.
lgbthc 2 yıl önce
Victorians: “EW GERMS” Also Victorians: “wanna have some bread with your alum?”
I'm Adequate
I'm Adequate Yıl önce
What's wrong with Alum exactly? Do you think it's aluminum powder? Don't be so stupid. It's a mineral.
Pahan Jayasooriya
Pahan Jayasooriya Yıl önce
@suppers dinner mmhmmm delicious
Un_Common Yıl önce
the victorian era was basically mankind’s “testing” phase
Decently Smart For An Idiot
Decently Smart For An Idiot 2 yıl önce
the man who invented the toilet... was called Thomas Crapper... everything makes sense now... edit: i just googled him and he invented something called the floating ballcock this man just keeps getting better and better-
brian pinion
brian pinion Aylar önce
Crapper ? no way ! off to google i go !then to the courthouse tomorrow to change my last name to Crapper , Mr. Crapper to everyone else but you can call me Brian , lol ,i love it ! you just made a very very depressed man smile you did ! send me the Bill
K Kr
K Kr 2 aylar önce
So you didn't bother to watch the video?
Decently Smart For An Idiot
Decently Smart For An Idiot 8 aylar önce
@Sandra Stevens wow i didn't know that! thanks for sharing.
Sandra Stevens
Sandra Stevens 8 aylar önce
Crapper did not invent the toilet, but he did develop the ballcock, an improved tank-filling mechanism still used in toilets today. The man who invented the flush toilet was Sir John Harrington, godson of Elizabeth I, who invented a water closet with a raised cistern and a small downpipe through which water ran to flush the waste in 1592.
Bilinda Law-Morley
Bilinda Law-Morley Yıl önce
@floof_hair plumbing has a lot of Male and Female parts, you’ve just got to fit the right sizes together, as my father used to tell his apprentices when he sent them back to my mother to get the right size. Giggles and blushes were chronic apparently(early 1960s, things were cuter then) It’s not for plumbing but my favourite has always been the bastard file.
Laura Yıl önce
You know what? I’m genuinely surprised that the human race has lasted this long 😂
TaureanRuler 2 yıl önce
The Victorian era should be renamed “a thousand ways to die”
Row Baught
Row Baught Yıl önce
What has really changed?
Shelley Sprouse
Shelley Sprouse Yıl önce
Or Squid Game lol.
entity polar
entity polar Yıl önce
@Cartswhat Victorians never knew that
Cartswhat Yıl önce
dumb ways to die
sjguk267 2 yıl önce
I was born (1971) into a victorian terrace house with no bathroom, central heating or toilet in the house. Mum and dad had a tin bath in front of a coal fire and I was washed in the kitchen sink. The toilet (lavvy) was outside in the back garden and had no electric light. When I was three we moved into a council house with central heating, a bathroom and an indoor toilet, we thought we had won the lottery! My kids don't believe me when I tell them.
K Kr
K Kr 2 aylar önce
@Billy Spell that as countries--are YOU from a modern first world country?
sjguk267 Yıl önce
@Billy UK, bear in mind 1971 was half a century ago now, it was a very different world
Billy Yıl önce
Which country? I could see that happening in somewhere like the USA, or rural Africa, but not in modern first world country’s.
idk- Yıl önce
No way that's to late
Michael Szczys
Michael Szczys Yıl önce
My brother has some land in the woods and is always inviting other friends to come and camp there but they don't want to because he has no house there with plumbing and showers. They can't wash their hair. He wanted me to build a small cabin or something and I told him if I built anything I would build a bathroom. With portable pumps and water tanks and water heater . No cabin, just a bathroom.
ArtimisRok 2 yıl önce
The fact that so many men were afraid their wives would slip arsenic into their tea says a lot about how men were treating their wives, and that they knew how they were treating their wives...
Sarcastically Rearranged
Sarcastically Rearranged Aylar önce
Women didn't have any power or legal protection and killing their husband was a surefire way of getting out of the marriage and hopefully have a little money if he was insured.
nazi hunter
nazi hunter 4 aylar önce
@Tollo Romassi Damn your privileged tears give me life
KnotForSail 7 aylar önce
@Tollo Romassi Curious
Tollo Romassi
Tollo Romassi 7 aylar önce
@KnotForSail Many "vvomins" why do you care?
Ramona R
Ramona R Yıl önce
When I was a child over 70 years ago my mother mixed a few drops of carbolic acid with salt water to use as a gargle for a sore throat. It was red & sometimes I can still remember the taste. We didn’t know how dangerous it was.
Austin Lucas
Austin Lucas Aylar önce
I've been in the habit of gargling and swallowing just a bit of Cayenne Pepper in Water. It works pretty darn well, and Cayenne Pepper's pretty cheap. The last time a few days ago, though, I gargled and swallowed some LDM-100 first, then went back to bed for an hour before using the Cayenne. I didn't have a swollen throat after all that.
Rachel Krumpelman
Rachel Krumpelman 3 aylar önce
My grandmother would have me gargle with salt water after I'd throw up when I was sick. No carbonic acid, but I also had a spoonful of cod liver oil every day. That gargle with salt water was the worst. It made me want to toss my cookies all over again 😩
nazi hunter
nazi hunter 4 aylar önce
They still sell Chloraseptic in the USA as a sore throat spray. Active ingredient is 1.5% carbolic acid (phenol)
Judith Beech
Judith Beech Yıl önce
Ive just bought some carbolic soap off ebay. Great for cleaning and it is red
Paul 2 yıl önce
Victorian mothers: "Sometimes you need to let the child touch the mangle so they learn to never do it again or are incapable of ever doing it again."
JenLF Potter38
JenLF Potter38 Yıl önce
You're lucky to be here then. I'm a 1980s baby who was prevented from any very serious injuries by locked bedroom doors, locked bolted exterior doors, kitchen doors, unplugged household appliances with the exceptions of things like tvs and radio cassette players which I knew how to operate safely anyway.
JenLF Potter38
JenLF Potter38 Yıl önce
@error: try again later If I had been a victorian mother then, I would be a rather strange mother for protecting my children from certain death. They would never be let near mangles or any dangerous machines. I couldn't ever, do that.
JenLF Potter38
JenLF Potter38 Yıl önce
No way! Even if I had been a Victorian mother, no child of mine would be in the same room or same area where the mangle would have been in use. I would have had the thing in a very dark corner with a wooden board acting as a safety gate or barrier so the kids could by all means, watch me work but they would be on the other side of said board.
Michael Towler
Michael Towler Yıl önce
Touch the mangle! that was my job as a kid(under (8 years old) I wound the mangle and put the clothes through for my mum and 3 older sisters.
Bdb34MC Yıl önce
Phuk yt wringer washing machine the roller are electric..theres a big switch that locks it down and starts the rollers
Jean Baker
Jean Baker Yıl önce
I have a younger cousin (now an adult) who at about 3 years old "helped" her mom do laundry in their wringer washer. She was feeding clothes thru the ringer(mangler) and caught her arm above her elbow in that wringer. The scaring on her arm was ghastly, but she was so brave about it. She still has those scars on her arm.
Suzanna R
Suzanna R 6 gün önce
I grew up using a wringer washer. I had a HEALTHY respect for the wringers.
GiGi W.
GiGi W. 2 aylar önce
@ Jean Baker My grandmother had a washer with a ringer. She made me stand well back when she used it.
Lecynia Marie
Lecynia Marie 2 yıl önce
I'd like to give a special shoutout to all the inventors, engineers, chemists, idealists, philosophers, anti-manglers and anyone who's contributed to non-explosive toilets, non-lethal washing machines, non-boiling bathtubs, etc that I have benefited from.
Politically Incorrect
Politically Incorrect Yıl önce
@Mais_oui That's where they got the name. Many inventions are named from the inventor.
Boghman22 Yıl önce
You're welcome
Puck Yıl önce
You don't understand how desperate I am for a boiling bathtub
OutlandishFish knight
OutlandishFish knight Yıl önce
I imagine a sibling trying to play mum, little brother gets his paw stuck in and big sister doesn't know to reverse it so turns to get him through the others side to free him...not knowing that it will crush him. Children die in horrific accidents like this quite often, and a Victorian era mother likely would have had a lot of children to keep track of.
Alie The Artist
Alie The Artist 2 yıl önce
Imagine sitting in a bath so hot you’re literally making soup out of yourself and thinking, “Oh, yeah, this is fine! The burning just means it’s working.”
Bea Ro
Bea Ro Yıl önce
@Me Off it's stupid sure. But it's also stupid to leave your stove on after cooking and there are a few houses every year that still burn because people forgot to turn them off. Sh** happens all the time. People forget doing things, especially little things very often.
Bea Ro
Bea Ro Yıl önce
@Justin Martyr not stupid. It is quite easy to get drowsy in a hot bath. Getting out of a bathtub is not really easy in that state you can slip or loose consciousness. And then you boil.
Nora Beth
Nora Beth 2 yıl önce
Is it me or is the redhead like really excited to describe dark things. The brunette is very calm and collected and the redhead woman is theatrical hahaha
Lisa Zinn
Lisa Zinn Aylar önce
It is you. It's you pretending to be clever by copying another post and attempting to show how astute you are.
Agnes Mcarthur
Agnes Mcarthur Yıl önce
@SpicyBean Tofu no
🌬Honeybunch💨 Yıl önce
Rose scary one that, to think it was sold by a woman to women to kill their husbands😨
🌬Honeybunch💨 Yıl önce
Yes she is very animated, so cute.
Asperbergers Yıl önce
@Доминик 🤭 Tee hee
Kat Kenn
Kat Kenn 2 yıl önce
"Didn't want to kiss their children because of germs." Yes, it was and IS terrible. The past has repeated itself once again.
Octane Art LLC
Octane Art LLC Yıl önce
Buffoon level intelek
Alucard Yıl önce
@Tyler Chambers its not hysteria if its the truth
Tyler Chambers
Tyler Chambers Yıl önce
Yeah, they were being hysterical and panicky, and so are we right now. Hysteria isn't good.
Nimah aziam
Nimah aziam 2 yıl önce
Some of the ways the victorians died seem almost too clever to be an accident
Anti - Ethnic Cleansing
Anti - Ethnic Cleansing Yıl önce
@Elijah Stewart Oh no! 🙄
Anti - Ethnic Cleansing
Anti - Ethnic Cleansing Yıl önce
@ItsLotussoup _/whoosh!_
CruXivaR Yıl önce
I grew up in an ancestral home in the late 1970s. Old houses often have bathrooms located at the back near the back door. This is so the odors from the bath will air out the door & not in. Same with our old home, but there was also a second bath or outhouse not far from the house. Male members of the family often use the outhouse. Needless to say that us Girls & the Ladies use the Bath inside. In cold mornings I remember that my grandmum often boils water to add to the collected water in our large covered barrel & buckets. So all of us can have warm water to bathe with.
Dumb Punk
Dumb Punk 2 yıl önce
Nobody: Victorians: lets find the most deadly way to do literally anything
New Horizons For Fifty
New Horizons For Fifty 7 aylar önce
That's funny, but do think it was some kind of subliminal rebellion? Kind of like the irony of living this kind of life?
og jenny
og jenny 8 aylar önce
Pretty brave considering there was hardly any directions. I wouldnt use anything brand new without directions. I wont even assemble furniture without directions.
Me Off
Me Off Yıl önce
@Duncan Cheong Nah, we ain't doing nothing stupid, dangerous, and life threatening. No way
Tashi Symes
Tashi Symes Yıl önce
but if you think about it, like Ilovebrownbreadtoast said, they thought up a lot of modern conveniences, and were the 'guinea pigs' of it to make it safe and easy for us today
Shotgun Betty Gaming
Shotgun Betty Gaming 2 yıl önce
Novella warning LOL: When I was little my father dealt in antiques. I also grew up reading about 'old timey days'. So when he brought a mangler home (not an industrial one, a simple home countertop one that could be mounted) I was beside myself. My brother and I proceeded to put everything we could get our hands on through the thing. Some went, some didn't. Naturally at some point we decided to put our fingers in it. He was first being the elder brother of course. I went too fast and when he screamed he jerked back pulling a tiny bit of skin off the meaty pad of his finger but not enough that it couldn't be explained by some random kid roughhousing we always did. We were blown away how tight it was and how you could get an entire garment through there with sheer muscle power (though we struggled much doing that at ages 9 & 10). My turn. We thought we were being 'wise' by not just jamming the tips of our fingers in, I mean we didn't want to get in trouble for breaking bones, so we had agreed to just test the palm side part of our fingertips. I was much smaller than he and my hands were tiny. When I lay my finger against the rollers the very real possibility of getting my hand actually mangled crossed my mind. My brother verrrrryyy sllooowwwwly turned the crank and I felt it grab the flesh instantly. I gasped and my brother stopped. He held the crank in place and leaned around my side so we could both get a good look at my finger meat pinched by the ever so smallest piece. It was Science at work. Our minds were exploding with questions during our little experiment and I told him to roll it a little more. He did. Now a larger portion of flesh was pinched and I gave it a small tug to test it. I was going nowhere unless I wanted to lose the flesh off my fingertips, this was very clear to us. My eyes were foggy with snuffly tears as we both leaned closer to see the pinched flesh beginning to turn purple. It was just the tiny tiniest fraction of flesh that was caught but I can assure you, once you're caught...you're caught. Fortunately this mangler cranked both ways as it was a much older version and all my brother had to do to release me was let go of the handle. He did. And we sat there wondering all sorts of things while we stared at the tip of my finger that now had a bit of a star shape on it, purple in hue. it later turned to black as blood became trapped under the skin. That was another experiment for another day... Point is...a lot of people here are asking or saying 'How could you crank your baby up?!' And I'm here to tell you...Easily. She wasn't cranking slow like my brother and I, she was in full Go Mode trying to get a households worth of wash through the mangler in the fastest time possible so she didn't have to be there all night. The baby got too close. It happened. It's why we live in a world now with health and saftey rules and regulations, insurance policies and waivers. Because stuff like this happened. Whether it was flesh or gown that was initially grabbed, it was all going through. Many manglers had multiple rollers to avoid having to put it through more than once to get a better wring, so it's entirely possible she never saw a speck of blood come through on her side as fortunately the brother drew the mothers attention and she could stop, though sadly to no good end. So go easy on our ancestors and those who came before. They were what taught us to do better today. it's called Evolution. Welcome to it.
LoveIsTheWay 3 aylar önce
Wow! Thank you for explaining that, I was wondering exactly this.
Shotgun Betty Gaming
Shotgun Betty Gaming Yıl önce
@Bilinda Law-Morley " People had lost limbs, because it only stopped when it got to your shoulders which were too big to be pulled through. (Mind you, if it accidentally took up two sheets of paper at once, it clang clanked to a stop.)"......is it utterly horrible that I laughed my head off at this? 🤣
Shotgun Betty Gaming
Shotgun Betty Gaming Yıl önce
@Bilinda Law-Morley I LOVE LOVE LOVE your childhood story! And full appreciation for the way it was told, huzzah to you, friend! It was times far more full of wonder, curiosity and why's, that's for sure. Yeah the 'novella' bit was merely an adaptation to the response of multiple replies full of shock and surprise that I would dare ask anyone to read SO much 🤣 the warning header is fair I think LOL if you click 'show more' , that's on you 😂
Bilinda Law-Morley
Bilinda Law-Morley Yıl önce
In the eighties I operated an offset printer which looks very much like multiple mangles n gears turned at high speed by motors, not hand cranked. We operated it with the safety covers off because it was so old it jammed all the time. People had lost limbs, because it only stopped when it got to your shoulders which were too big to be pulled through. (Mind you, if it accidentally took up two sheets of paper at once, it clang clanked to a stop.) Of course we all got over confident, under pressure to get 1000s of copies out in an hour using an antique. My turn, thank God, came in winter when I was wearing a long sleeved shirt n sweater. I grabbed for a piece of paper, my sleeve got caught, n my arm was yanked drastically sideways. No skin breaks, and although forty years later I still have arm elbow n shoulder problems I do indeed know how lucky I was.
Bella Bee
Bella Bee 2 yıl önce
I’m in my mid sixties. I remember a friend (in my teens) who had dreadful scarring on her harm, and she said it had got caught in a mangle. She was mangled! Living history folks!
Living History
Living History 2 yıl önce
Yikes... Least the injury wasn't fatal so your friend dodged the bullet there, I think...
Rich Elizondo
Rich Elizondo 2 yıl önce
Me: * invents time traveling machine* Also me: *invents a TV game show where people have to survive the Victorian era*
long w lenguyen
long w lenguyen 11 aylar önce
Don't give MrBeast any new ideas
AznRUs 2 yıl önce
This explains why my old roommate never took baths or showers. He was a timer traveler from the Victorian era. It makes perfect sense now.
Abella Barbie
Abella Barbie Yıl önce
@William Harris and she married and reproduced? Yikes.
William Harris
William Harris Yıl önce
@Michelle Hitt She died in hospital at age 91 while awaiting a bed in a nursing home; my Parents were no longer able to care for her at home. She never did receive any mental health assistance.
Michelle Hitt
Michelle Hitt Yıl önce
@William Harris Oh that’s so sad that your Mamaw had to live like that. Was she ever able to get help?
William Harris
William Harris Yıl önce
My (now long deceased) Grandmother was unable to bathe due to a mental health issue. If she got near a body of water (even a bathtub full) she had difficulty breathing. She literally went decades without bathing (and, yes, she smelled foul and she experienced related skin conditions). Presumably, her mental health issues would qualify as a disability.
Tomorrow We Live
Tomorrow We Live Yıl önce
@Sara Garofano so being dirty is a disability now?
Delia_Watercolors Yıl önce
Some Victorian issues are still issues today. Exploding sewers happened in my childhood in a certain area of Staten Island, NY. There continues to be a battle with sanitation and property rights ("don't dig up my lawn, government man!" Or "well you pay for it, then") and upkeep and updating/replacing issues. It sounds so crazy I googled to make sure I wasn't imagining it. Forty souls died.
Amanda 2 yıl önce
“Afraid of each other because of germs” Me during the coronavirus pandemic: *laughing through my gas mask*
Ella *
Ella * Yıl önce
@k ho52 LMAO! My 3 year old niece told me the other day she is allergic to air. I asked a clarifying question about perhaps pollen or dirt in the air? She looked at me directly and said, "No it's the air"
james williams
james williams 2 yıl önce
@Itchy Nose You need help buddy, first thing i would suggest is stop watching television.
Water 2 yıl önce
@k ho52 Dude, chill. This Person was only JOKING. Ever heard of that? Also, he/she is correct: why do have a conversation with yourself?
liwi 2 yıl önce
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Ready Teddy
Ready Teddy 2 yıl önce
As recently as the 1980, or around that time, I remember seeing articles in the newspapers about a hospital that had kept sugar and salt in identical galvanized cans. Bad enough that the cans were galvanized, since this allowed small amounts of cadmium or zinc or both to get into the product, but the were stored next to each other. The salt was intended for use in the kitchen and the sugar was intended for use in baby formula, as well as for use in the kitchen. The hospital had a maternity ward, with lots of little babees in it, as well as mothers. Someone making up the baby formula put salt in the formula instead of sugar. Then the formula was fed to about 75 babies - all of whom were more perceptive than the doctors and the nurses, and all of whom knew there was something wrong with it, and refused to partake of it. The hospital staff thought they were smarter than the babies, decided it was important for the babies to be nourished - and FORCE FED THE BABIES WITH FORMULA CONTAINING LETHAL AMOUNTS OF SALT. Just imagine you, as an adult, being forced to swallow a glass of milk with a tablespoon of salt in it, instead of a tablespoon of sugar. And being force-fed this concoction 3 or 4 times a day. The doctors and nurses, when they saw the babies didn't like the formula, instead of just tasting the formula, just assumed the formula was fine, assumed it was the babies, rather than themselves, who were stupid - and force-fed the babies. Those doctors and nurses knew they were well educated and had a great deal of confidence in their ability to feed babies properly. About 3/4 of the babies died. All of them were sick for a long time, and I don't know if they had permanent damage or not but it seems likely. The doctors and nurses had noticed that the babies who were breast fed were mostly happy healthy babies, and that the bottle fed babies were getting sick and dying, but they STILL didn't bother to taste the formula, and the STILL exhibited the confidence borne of education and achievement, and they still force fed the babies.
R Mason
R Mason 2 yıl önce
A story I was told a lifetime ago. A Mother is bathing her baby in a tin bath on a lit stove. She hears a knock on her front door so She hurriedly goes to the door and gets engrossed in conversation with her friend. The baby... Not necessarily a Victorian tragedy though.
raw rice
raw rice Yıl önce
“The Victorian age was the age of the poisoner”. The historian at 17.02 is fantastic! The clinical psychologist is brilliant also.
Lynne Wilhelm
Lynne Wilhelm 2 yıl önce
I just happened to come upon this channel, and my insatiable need for documentaries and learning is forever grateful :) wonderful and informative content. Thank you for existing!!
Actually Yıl önce
My great Aunt(although gone long before I've been born) who was my granny's little sister, died as a kid of gangrene from infection after getting her whole right arm crushed in a laundry mangle. [That wasn't literally Victorian period, but just after it, in about 1915. Mangles were better by then but could still be just as dangerous.]
MidnightSky 3 yıl önce
So living in a victorian household was like playing russian roulette everyday
K Kr
K Kr 2 aylar önce
@Abundance Of Joy Did you see the episode when the historian almost drowned in a cold creek demonstrating how falling in when doing the wash in heavy clothes could kill you?
K Kr
K Kr 2 aylar önce
@Molly Medel It wasn't normalized. It was the constant fear. Just like with covid.
Blind People Do Stuff
Blind People Do Stuff 2 yıl önce
Basically. COVID has nothing on the shit people died from from this era.
KohinaREC 2 yıl önce
A large number of US households are still impregnated with lead. My university in Finland discovered creosote from one of the older buildings, resulting in a huge renovation. Asbestos is still present in many buildings.
Immortal Firefly06
Immortal Firefly06 2 yıl önce
nope Final destination
Thea Draghici
Thea Draghici 2 yıl önce
Oh my god it just occurred to me- that’s why we say something is “mangled” if it’s bloody/injured in a significant way
K Kr
K Kr 2 aylar önce
It's the other way around. It comes from the word maim from Anglo-Norman French. The word mangle is from Late Middle English, well before the machine was invented. In the US it is called a wringer washer. It is a description of the crushing, twisting action on the clothes, as in wringing one's hands. As for the machine: The word comes from the Dutch mangel, from mangelen "to mangle", which in turn derives from the medieval Latin mango or manga which ultimately comes from the Greek manganon, meaning "axis" or "engine".
Smriti Prakash
Smriti Prakash 2 yıl önce
17:01 that lady describes everything in such a Gothic and horrifying tone throughout this whole episode Just loved her narration on this topic💜💜💜💜 Also at 6:21 6:38
Robert Hammonds
Robert Hammonds Yıl önce
She is amazing.
Lonely Peeper
Lonely Peeper Yıl önce
I love all the videos about Victorian period. Such beautiful documentaries
Skollseye 2 yıl önce
"The fact that people were afraid of each other, because of germs. Which is a horrific thing, when you think about it." It's only over a year later, but now I can promise you we don't have to think about it that hard.
Cam H
Cam H Yıl önce
Sad but true
Naomi 2 yıl önce
Danggggg true
Silvia Limeme
Silvia Limeme Yıl önce
The redhead gives major serial killer vibes. I love her! And this should be renamed Absolute horror history, the Victorian's were something else!
nowgleaning 2 yıl önce
Must've been rather easy to murder someone in the Victorian era then play innocent. "Oh dear! I've mistakenly poisoned my darling husband! I only wanted to make him a cup of tea! Silly me! It's a good thing I encouraged him not to put off signing those insurance papers one day longer! First his meddling mother boiling to death in that bath I'd run her; and now this! She'd always been so disapproving of me, but still! Lackaday! Lack-a-day-de! Luckily hubby was in the will." "Oh no! I've accidentally mangled my least favourite (and insured) child's head through the mangle!" "Heavens! That clumsy parlourmaid, who ruined my tea service in front of Lottie Browning and Emma Shaftesbury, must've taken a tumble down the stairs! Oh well!" "So much stress! At least I'll be able to relax on my new asbestos sheets, tho!" Its also no wonder Britons have been so good at penning some of the best crime, mystery, and horror novels/literature. They have a lot to draw from!
Katie Linzie
Katie Linzie 2 yıl önce
Sounds like a typical day in the Haunted Mansion! 😂
Princess Cheese
Princess Cheese 2 yıl önce
Fun fact: an easy way to poison someone was to buy arsenic-laced soap. It was created to help kill bedbugs so it was easy to buy. Mary Ann Cotton killed 3x more people than Jack the Ripper by using arsenic
Watermelon Lover
Watermelon Lover 2 yıl önce
topherh33 sure, believe whatever you want lol
Panda Gal
Panda Gal 2 yıl önce
Lmfaooo honestly
Skull 2 yıl önce
"The fact that people were afraid of each other, because of germs." That didn't age well.
J B Yıl önce
@Blind People Do Stuff Yeah sure. People are discouraged from getting married, attending funerals, visiting relatives, shaking hands and even talking to each other. The biggest event unifying people from across the globe- the Olympics- is probably going to be cancelled which hasn't happened since the Second World War. Life is good. Well, unless you live in India. Then life kinda sucks. Those funeral pyres, COVID bodies in the Ganges. The usual stuff. Or Brazil. Or any African country really. So. Much. Easier.
Ella *
Ella * Yıl önce
Right? - wash your hands and don't spit on each other is also quite empowering when it comes to germs. I'm also struck by the point that material wealth is and was a motivator to murder.
OnTheStrangeSide 2 yıl önce
I was thinking the same lol
Blind People Do Stuff
Blind People Do Stuff 2 yıl önce
But we have it easier. We’re don’t gonna fuck with a bunch of clothes. Put on the mask and for the most part you are good.
Paramedic Man
Paramedic Man 2 yıl önce
Imagine going to the bathroom at a friend's house, walking away only for the toilet to explode! Friend: "Damn! What did you eat?!"
Dr. Hugo G. Hackenbush
Dr. Hugo G. Hackenbush Yıl önce
Taco tuesday = wet fart wednesday.
Andy F
Andy F 2 yıl önce
You're funny. 😆
jhamari sowell
jhamari sowell 2 yıl önce
I'm fckn tickled! Good one!
sidney greenglass
sidney greenglass 2 yıl önce
Honestly it is a wonder anyone lived to adulthood in Victorian times!
SysGhost 2 yıl önce
Just another day in the Victorian home: Wasn't boiled alive or exploded out of my bathroom. What a lovely day this shall be.
Jennifer Joseph
Jennifer Joseph 2 aylar önce
@653j521 sometimes the smallest things in life make you want to be here another day! I've had seven stomach surgeries in the past five months and I'm happy I can laugh again! I hope something makes you smile today 😊
K Kr
K Kr 2 aylar önce
@Jennifer Joseph Why can't yt posters keep their fluids and gases inside? Is it a medical issue or do you train to do this and overshare?
Jennifer Joseph
Jennifer Joseph Yıl önce
Nailed it! I've had a rough day and I just belly laughed till I farted! Thank you!
TheWolfGirl 2 yıl önce
"People were afraid of each other due to germs" Watching this in 2021 this goes deep
Callum Purvis
Callum Purvis 2 yıl önce
"People were afraid of each other, because of germs. Which is a horrific thing if you think about it. " Me in 2020 😬😷
Michelle Schröck
Michelle Schröck Yıl önce
People in 2020 to the victorians: "Observe" 👀
idk- Yıl önce
@Nora Nason Yipe
Nora Nason
Nora Nason Yıl önce
It's 2022 now...
Texas Jedi
Texas Jedi Yıl önce
You're living proof humanity is De-evolving LC. Ha.
Selena 2 yıl önce
I’m seriously surprised ppl survived the Victorian era. Like how did we not go extinct? Edit: to all the ppl commenting, thinking they’re smart and shit.... shut up😂 stop commenting like anybody cares.
bababooey Yıl önce
@Selena Then you should’ve said “They didn’t go extinct” not “WE (referring to every human on the planet)” didn’t go extinct”
charles nkembe
charles nkembe Yıl önce
@Maria underrated comment 😭😭
matthew taylor
matthew taylor Yıl önce
think that's bad? imagine a time when people all around the world were locked up for a strong flu strain with a 99.74% survival
dax connell
dax connell 2 yıl önce
i remember as a small child helping my grandma doing laundry in her wringer washer machine. it was cool feeding stuff through and watching it come out the other side almost like a sheet of paper. she taught me to be real careful around stuff like that since it could easily mangle your hand if you weren't paying attention. common sense...it did exist
BiGiMsKi WeisEnHeiMeR
BiGiMsKi WeisEnHeiMeR Yıl önce
My heart felt thanks to my ancestors and yours for figuring this out long ago!
Living Epicness
Living Epicness 2 yıl önce
The Victorian Era was a walking death zone. It's a wonder humans still exist today.
Fredricka Apple tree
Fredricka Apple tree Yıl önce
@THOTCRIMEZ others probably wouldn’t be called Victorians. The Victorian era applied to people in the uk. They were mostly white.
@; They meant white human. Lol as if nobody else existed 🥴
; Yıl önce
Why? The Victorian's weren't the only people in the world
AlphaMunky Yıl önce
16:12 I live in Bradford! I ran straight to the internet right after this video, the killer was named ‘Humbug Billy’, also known as William Hardaker. He sold sweets in central Bradford, the ones mentioned in this video were peppermint lozenges. There’s a detailed history on wiki, if any fellow bradfordians are interested!
R J 3 yıl önce
Oh now I understand why haunted houses are often victorian ones
taryn mosakowski
taryn mosakowski Yıl önce
@Margot Robinson electricity was also a thing of the victorians age, not edwardian
taryn mosakowski
taryn mosakowski Yıl önce
@hopeサタン there was no arsenic in wallpaper
taryn mosakowski
taryn mosakowski Yıl önce
@Paul J do you mean bc it was also the coming age of occultism, seances and witchcraft? Of course it always existed but the victorians were particularly obsessed with death and the afterlife. You know that person was also joking, right?
l i l y
l i l y Yıl önce
I am laughing harder than I should 😂
Mimi Duquette
Mimi Duquette Yıl önce
Gwen Playz A house from the mid to late eighteen hundreds up to the early 1900's.
Mochrie99 2 yıl önce
Dr. Lipscombe is such a fantastic presenter, and these videos are amazing and educational. Love it!
Meta 2 yıl önce
I miss how vivid and blunt news papers were
Chi Yıl önce
U miss it? R u a time traveller 😳😳😳
Dakota Anderson
Dakota Anderson Yıl önce
This is fascinating. Thank you for making these videos!
BellaH 2 yıl önce
The wringer washer is similar to the mangle. My dad got his arm caught in a wringer washer when he was about three. Luckily he didn’t lose his arm but even now at 84, the back of his arm is a constant purple color.
Glenna Rose
Glenna Rose Yıl önce
@BellaH I'm sure there is truth to it but not in the way he remembers it. No doubt he caught his fingers in it and was terrified when it happened (or was even afraid it could happen). Since he was that curious, undoubtedly he was hurt elsewhere on his arm with them being close enough together they combined in his memory. If the wringer on their machine was like ours, there is no way even a child's arm could get into it, possibly most of the hand but not the arm. My youngest sister has a "memory" of something like that which never happened; she made it all up - the fact that her leg had never been broken speaks to that she never broke her leg as she claimed after becoming an adult. She had twisted her leg but was not even taken to the doctor but in her mind she broke it and even had a cast. Very young minds hybridize things in their memories. It can happen to very sincere people whose minds truly remember it that way. I have a memory of riding a horse that was created from a family photo of me sitting on a horse when I was a year old. We both know there is no way adults let a one-year-old ride a horse (even bareback!) - as an adult I realize that but growing up it was very real in my mind from having seen that photo.
BellaH Yıl önce
@Glenna Rose The story is from my father who is almost 85. He says he was five years old at the time, but who knows. It could just be a story.
Glenna Rose
Glenna Rose Yıl önce
It was a lot more difficult to get your arm caught in a wringer washer than in a mangle. In fact, having used one for many, many years and even gotten a finger caught in one, I cannot imagine how a child could get his arm caught in one. There has to be more to that story than that.
raw rice
raw rice Yıl önce
Thank you Absolute History for a posting a fascinating episode. I have a new found interest in history especially English history, the Victorian Age and history of Rome. Thanks again. 😊
msinvincible2000 3 yıl önce
In a century, they'll talk about our creams, shampoos, deodorants full of chemicals, of tanning beds, botox injections and plastic surgery
K Kr
K Kr 2 aylar önce
@Nancy Ayers You?
Stephen A
Stephen A Yıl önce
@Stephanie they also injected mercury up the male urethra to cure syphillys.
Blind People Do Stuff
Blind People Do Stuff 2 yıl önce
Yeah. There’s always something wrong with each time. Anyway. Will be talking about tide pods the same way we talk about mangle.
Isis Blackfeather
Isis Blackfeather 2 yıl önce
I used something very similar to a mangle when I was a child. It was called a ringer washer. My childhood was very oldschool. Everything was outdated but it worked and I learned a lot. My mom ever had an old sewing machine that used a foot peddle. I loved it all.
Sarcastically Rearranged
Sarcastically Rearranged Aylar önce
I remember my grandmother having a wringer washer in her house and being constantly reminded to stay away from it when it was plugged in and running. Good thing I didn't get curious enough to stick any fingers or limbs in it.
Romit Kirtania
Romit Kirtania Yıl önce
We don't use that type of sewing machine, but most tailors I see use that kind of machine with paddles and all. They sure work well.
mountain mermaid
mountain mermaid 2 yıl önce
I have heard of bath rooms in the homes of the wealthy in the early 1700s, even with running water with boilers. There may not have been a lot of them but they existed.
Fledhyris Proudhon
Fledhyris Proudhon Yıl önce
This is a fabulous series, showing vividly and entertainingly how this was such a unique time: scientific ingenuity coupled with inexperience because everything was so new; lack of regulation coupled with a boom in profiteering; the huge rise in population, with the expansion of the middle classes, pushing demand for compromise. Cutting edge, exciting, ignorant and dangerous. We've all heard about the poverty and the pollution of the era, but this is a superb look at how danger crept into the most mundane things we all take for granted nowadays (having sorted out most of the problems!) I would love to see them take the same approach to modern life and the dangers we all take for granted but which maybe in the future, people will look back on with the same manner of horrified amazement.
gwammeh 2 yıl önce
My grandmother still owned a mangle as recently as 2012. I remember being told every time, very firmly, that I was *not* allowed to even touch it, even though I was old enough to know better by then. 😅
K Kr
K Kr 2 aylar önce
@Maurice Osullivan Whole communes of hippies had that.
D W Yıl önce
@Maurice Osullivan Its true. Still are places like that.
Maurice Osullivan
Maurice Osullivan Yıl önce
I had a friend who only had an outside toilet and tin bath, and that was in the 1980s.
William Harris
William Harris Yıl önce
Similarities in packaging lasted much longer than the Victorian era. In the early-1960s, my Father accidentally consumed some industrial cleaning solution that he mistook for a bottle of soda. Happily he was rushed to hospital, and he suffered no long-term ill effects.
ghostrosie 2 yıl önce
Nobody: Victorians: Everyday tasks, but make them ✨deadly✨
Abeera Gul Khattak
Abeera Gul Khattak Yıl önce
@Clementine Schälchen ok
Clementine Schälchen
Clementine Schälchen Yıl önce
@Abeera Gul Khattak no one cares.
tadweird 17
tadweird 17 Yıl önce
Victorian Era=Expert Mode
Hannah Collins
Hannah Collins 2 yıl önce
@jet ✨✨✨
Nicole Courtney
Nicole Courtney 2 yıl önce
Something random i learned in school: Archie was a chemist. Archie is no more, because what he thought was H2O was H2SO4 Labels are important
Stephen A
Stephen A Yıl önce
I learnt that too, but it started with, "Alas poor Johnny, he is no more.
Naomi 2 yıl önce
I just know I WOULD NOT have been one of the survivors of the victorian era lol
Greglinski Yıl önce
When my son was about 11 years old he entered a Jaycee Relay Race. He’d never ran track before and didn’t know everybody wore shorts. He came in jeans, to everyone’s amusement. He ran the last leg for his team - and came away the fastest runner of the day, and made up considerable distance to win. This video made me think of that day. How I wish I had been able to see it, instead of only hear and read about it. I was a single mom and had to work. My son was an amazing athlete. ❤️
Genessa Torsy
Genessa Torsy 2 yıl önce
So weird. There's a story about my great grandmother accidentally making a recipe with pinesol rather than oil. They recognized the taste issue immediately and my great grandfather spit it out, but it was normal to store these side by side even in the thirties if the last century!
K Kr
K Kr 2 aylar önce
In what country?
Jan J
Jan J 5 aylar önce
My mom had one of those washers w mangle attached. My brother and I were playing in the basement one day when his arm got stuck. He survived, no long term damage to report. Boy that brought back memories.
Promiscuous Crab
Promiscuous Crab 2 yıl önce
Victorians: “If we boil, explode, mangle, or poison ourselves then the germs can’t get us!”
J- pan
J- pan Yıl önce
Joshua Scott
Joshua Scott Yıl önce
@Rachel Robertson Frfr
suzi crossley
suzi crossley Yıl önce
More like no one can smell me. They did not grasp germs yet
Scott Mantooth
Scott Mantooth 2 yıl önce
*in fact the explosions will get the germs first*
the-twisted-samurai 2 yıl önce
I literally just watched the episode of Futurama where Zoidberg does that to Farnsworth. Noice.
John McWade
John McWade 2 yıl önce
Fascinating, horrifying, entertaining, educational, really well produced and presented; I had no idea about ANY of this. So thank you. And all the women interviewed here seem to be enjoying the macabre subject just a little too much! Haha! Fun stuff!
Grey UwU
Grey UwU 2 yıl önce
* Falling asleep in the bathroom * Maid:* looks at her and puts potatoes and salt in the tub * Lady: * wakes up * wyd? Maid: shhhh nothing nothing go back to sleeep
Kwingle 2 yıl önce
I really hate this comment knowing your profile picture.
Blind People Do Stuff
Blind People Do Stuff 2 yıl önce
Victorian person soup. Lol
Mitchell Hill
Mitchell Hill 2 yıl önce
@Tjalve I mean it's not a lie😂
K1-B0 { • The ultimate robot • }
K1-B0 { • The ultimate robot • } 2 yıl önce
I'm- scared of your pfp person.
Petr Harmy
Petr Harmy 4 aylar önce
11:32 "The fact that people were afraid of each other, because of germs, which is a horrific thing, when you think about it." Watching this post-2020, this sentence really caught my attention :D
NoticeMeSenpai 2 yıl önce
I feel so lucky to live in this era
Clint Parsons
Clint Parsons Yıl önce
A have watched all of your Victorian documentaries today, and it's absolutely fascinating.
Alana Faria
Alana Faria 3 yıl önce
Taking bath bombs to a whole new level
HøwlingWølf 2 yıl önce
Mk: 1. I died 2. This is completely underrated
Caitlin Gacha
Caitlin Gacha 2 yıl önce
chrysanthy 2 yıl önce
Karnpreet Bains
Karnpreet Bains 2 yıl önce
Nice one
Roland Colyer
Roland Colyer 2 yıl önce
!An amazingly informative episode! Scientific expertise combined with accurate and absorbing presentation. Thank you . Stay safe.
Jolly 2 yıl önce
“People were fearful of each other because of germs which is quite horrific” Me in 2021: “yes, it is”
mech sistah
mech sistah Yıl önce
I love your experts! I would have never made the connection between doilies and an insect scare... so interesting
Living History
Living History 2 yıl önce
Wow... Got to the bit about the mangle and besides the fact that the name itself is ominous, my mom actually had a sort-of DIY built mangle that would be put over the tub. The thing was unsteady to begin with. Now that I know what it was based on, I'm so glad that we ended up using the thing for firewood...
Ferrariman601 Yıl önce
“People were afraid of each other because of germs - which is a horrific thing, if you think about it.” That quote aged richly.
TippinToes 2 yıl önce
who sits in their scalding hot bath realizing its getting more hot and just says "aight ima just sit here"
shizukagozen777 Yıl önce
Ikr 😂😂😂
Ketoqueen Yo
Ketoqueen Yo Yıl önce
Oh you made me laugh!
CouchMaster Yıl önce
The elderly.
Brooke 2 yıl önce
This series is what my morbid little heart needed 🖤
Tracy Lynn
Tracy Lynn 2 yıl önce
Kyleah 2 yıl önce
"The fact that people were afraid of each other because of germs, which is a horrific thing if you think about it" Me living in corona tines: "... well you see-"
Hanna P
Hanna P Yıl önce
I didn't know a mangle could be that dangerous, when I was little I helped my mom hand wash on a washboard and mangle laundry since there was no washing machine in our summer house in the countryside even in the 2000s. Of course I was careful, but didn't think of it as possibly deadly, I had lots of fun 😅
Luna Morningstar Blaze
Luna Morningstar Blaze 2 yıl önce
How the hell did we survive the victorian era? And fingers getting stuck in a machine or loosing fingers/hand/arm is like my worst fear beside the weeping angels from Doctor Who
Kwingle 2 yıl önce
Ever heard of.. different continents? WOAH.. sorry.. gotta slow down, eh? Okay.. so there’s this thing called earth..
Premises187 Yıl önce
We live in some great times. Never take it for granted
Yarn Craft and Stitchery
Yarn Craft and Stitchery 3 yıl önce
In a hundred years or so they'll be talking about tanning beds.
J J Yıl önce
...and vaping.
pumpkin hills
pumpkin hills Yıl önce
Hopefully sooner.. These things are ridiculous
Mr Hello There
Mr Hello There Yıl önce
bet the makeup we wear and hair dye is gonna get talked about as well, I'm sure foundation and hair bleaching can't possibly be good for us
Just Leave A Message
Just Leave A Message Yıl önce
@Vanity Marks lmao, the sun is normal. If your skin can't handle the sun, then that's a genetic mistake on your end. The sun doesn't hurt most normal people and we've all seem to get by just fine with it. What a weird thing for you to say 🤣
Angela Via
Angela Via Yıl önce
Oliver Allen
Oliver Allen 2 yıl önce
This whole channel is comical. How everyday items we take for granted were actually during their Alpha & beta testing, lethal to testers.
wickedfuctup 2 yıl önce
This old time history stuff really fascinates me. I knew about them putting plaster of Paris and foods and other things but to really get research into a lot of stuff style of living and quality of living people went through back then is intriguing
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith Yıl önce
11:32 "the fact that people are afraid of each other because of germs, is a horrific thing when you think about it" couldn't have aged any better
Daniela Viegas
Daniela Viegas 2 yıl önce
And yet it’s still impressive how we don’t put ourselves trough extinction due to the rash conditions and how we still managed to thrived trough all of this.. resilient species is what we are indeed..
Kirsten Olson
Kirsten Olson Yıl önce
I've lived in apartments in China that still have methane leak out of the toilets and other drains connected to the sewer (including kitchen sink). These are not old apartments, at most 10 years old. Not all apartments had this problem, but having a toilet (and in one apartment, the kitchen sink) that farted methane into my home was very unpleasant.
K Kr
K Kr 2 aylar önce
I knew a person who had a small Japanese apt where he covered the toilet with a rug to keep out the fumes. I gather that was a septic tank that got pumped out by the city, not a sewer. I don't know if they still exist. That was in the 1980s.
evilqueen09 2 yıl önce
I like how they were scared of flies, and noticed that they were attracted to the manure, and instead of cleaning it, they would just lift their skirts, and continued being scared of the flies
Timothy Gibney
Timothy Gibney 2 yıl önce
And where would they put it? It's not like they had garbage trucks back then. New York had poop that would get as high as a first story building 😒. I see why the country was so appealing to Thomas Jefferson and others throughout the 19th century
Rennzith 2 yıl önce
Naw, they had labourers whose sole job was to clean up manure from the roads. Horses just poop aloooooot.
Samuel Fellows
Samuel Fellows 2 yıl önce
My Namo - in UK English you meant “pavement” , in that period, these sort of existed, as we could walk in the road = as horse & carriage/cart were quite slow or at running speed - 5/10 rpm? , you could also hear the horses approaching from behind you and move out of the way, (similar to what we do in our cars when we hear the siren of a emergency vehicle behind us). So walking in the road in the Victorian period was sort of safe.
My Namo
My Namo 2 yıl önce
Joana Borges Uhhh. The roads. There were roads, and there were sidewalks. Roads were only used to cross, for the most part. Exactly what you’re describing.
Joana Borges
Joana Borges 2 yıl önce
@maxime therrien The Victorians could have created a "horse road path" where horses walk, but not people. So people don't interact so much with the manure, nor step on the manure.
j7ndominica0 2 yıl önce
When I was a kid my family had a contraption with rubber rollers for drying clothes. It doesn't seem dangerous if it is manually operated and stops immediately when not cranked. Caustic soda is good for cleaning up old grease. I keep it in a bottle near the kitchen sink.
weallmakechoices 2 yıl önce
In our lovely Victorian family home we had a proper washhouse, in which was a huge (and rusty) cast iron bath; a WC located within a small cubicle, with a cistern above head height and pull flush on a chain; and two huge porcelain sinks with a hand powered mangle in between. All our washing was done in these sinks, the mangle was great - we kids never got body parts caught in it’s rollers, though it was tempting, in a contrary way, to put fingers in to experiment. The items that suffered the most destruction were buttons on shirts. Laundry was then hung on big pulleys hanging from the ceiling, or put outside on the line. Very eco! We ultimately got a variety of old bangers of washing machines to help Mum with the wash load of four kids plus husband. Great days, in a marvellous house.
LilGwen R
LilGwen R Yıl önce
When you realize people living in the Victorian era we're playing life in Hardcore mode: 👁️👄👁️
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