Building a dugout in the wild forest from start to finish. 6 months in 1.5 hours.

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Outdoor Life and Craft

Outdoor Life and Craft

Yıl önce

#bushcraft #dugout #buildingadugout
Hello everyone from Russia!
I love hiking in the forest, so I decided to build my own camp in the forest. Where can I rest from the bustle of the city.
I have no experience in construction, but I have a great desire and love for nature.
In this video, I have collected all the stages of building my dugout in the forest. In 1.5 hours you will see 6 months of work in the wild forest, in very different weather.
Happy viewing!
Short version: • Building a house under...
Russian instagram: / vatoshaa

@linnienorth Yıl önce
Not everyone has the discipline to build something like that. Well made and well done 🌟
@Naoclicanafotox Yıl önce
be made persons
@sajlente Yıl önce
Not everone has own forest to built hour own shelter
@martamartaparreira3937 Yıl önce
Tá feliz com o sucesso, parabéns cara,ficou Show!!!
@martamartaparreira3937 Yıl önce
Que horas vai ser o lanche ?? Ja trabalhou demais!!
@mtparkourartist Yıl önce
@@sajlente when I was a kid i used to walk down the street to these woods owned by some guy and build forts all the time. It was dope as fuck course 2 kids going into someones property vs 2 adults is a different thing
@damirmazitov8476 Yıl önce
The fact that he kept all of his little failures makes me appreciate his work even more. After all, we can clearly see how hard it is to build even something as small as a dugout.
@angycucumber4319 Yıl önce
Especially because he is doing it on his own
@kane357lynch Yıl önce
@@angycucumber4319 it looks like he got a bit of help for the digging but that's fine. Unskilled labor anyways it just would have taken longer and he did all the skilled parts like making his own planks and timbers. He did the roof by himself and had to redig two walls. I wonder who this man is? A survival expert showing his craft or a very skilled enthusiast doing his best?
@angycucumber4319 Yıl önce
@@kane357lynch oh ok
@iwanjiwenk5111 7 aylar önce
@@angycucumber4319 pool
@KadenFinity 7 aylar önce
@Andrea-LovesYouStill 11 aylar önce
This is already awesome halfway through. As much as it probably sucked, watching him disassemble and reassemble the walls when it shifted gave me mad respect for him and his building!! Great example of integrity, and positivity!!
@Andrea-LovesYouStill 11 aylar önce
10 / 10 for sure!! I wanna sell my place and move into the woods now. 🤦🏽‍♀️
@shannon2003 2 aylar önce
This house will still be standing 100 years from now. Great job!
@disnarsilveira4107 22 gün önce
Que trabalhão meu irmão! Brasil.
@thedevilgamer9573 Yıl önce
As a landscaper I envy you so much I've been through the labour you put into the project massive respect
@phatpham8170 6 aylar önce
Great video! I really enjoyed watching the process of building a house in the forest. The attention to detail and professionalism in constructing the house is truly impressive. I also appreciate how the builder communicates with the audience through the camera lens, which sets this video apart from others in the same genre. The end result is a beautiful and functional house that blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings. Keep up the great work!
@williamtorre9667 Yıl önce
I fully watched this video and it genuinely made me so happy. His little smiles, him and his dog. Everything about it was so peaceful I didn't have to stress I could just relax for 90 minutes and I'm so glad I watched.
@jacobhoffman2553 Yıl önce
@nosyspychicken8621 Yıl önce
@@jacobhoffman2553 no u
@froolsy8470 Yıl önce
@@jacobhoffman2553 no u 2
@ka13l Yıl önce
@@froolsy8470 no u 3
@lfs9466 Yıl önce
@@jacobhoffman2553 no u 4
@dawnleopold1429 Yıl önce
I love this little hut I am amazed at all the hard work and dedication you have put in this project. More people should have your attitude and enjoy what they are doing 😊
@badshabhai2306 11 aylar önce
@clarissemariadequadroslima3848 Yıl önce
Impressionada com a habilidade desse jovem! Parabéns, você é um grande exemplo para a juventude.
@byronsonne6974 4 aylar önce
This is excellent. Particularly valuable in that he shows some of the things that can go wrong, and how to fix them. This is great stuff! Looks identical to the land here in Ontario, made me feel right at home.
@amberbaty4344 Yıl önce
The fact that you gave the plant a new home instead of just tearing it up. ❤
@corpiswubu5849 11 aylar önce
I know right so wholesome
@vincentgallagher_ 10 aylar önce
Ok, so why do the plants come home?
@kool4209 8 aylar önce
thats common sense...but the world teaches humans to be selfish so
@Pebavideo 3 aylar önce
Parabéns pelo trabalho!
@ghostinth3machine134 Yıl önce
He could have easily kept out all his little setbacks and nobody would have known. But keeping those instances in made the video that much more authentic and enjoyable. You genuinely feel his sense of accomplishment and that's pretty freaking awesome.
@dinkvjr Yıl önce
@loisseru4352 Yıl önce
„Little“ setbacks 🫣 when he needed to remove the walls again 😢
@Pat999UK Yıl önce
I’m glad he did this when it was wet and rainy. Soil is heavy, especially when wet. A cubic foot of soil can weigh up to 80lbs! Plus soils especially clay soils can expand when wet. A least he was able to rectify the wall issue early on. Very impressive build
@monke-mk5 Yıl önce
@@Pat999UK idk why but after reading "soil is heavy" I automatically think mom spaghetti lol
@wynnedraper4833 11 aylar önce
Your enthusiasm for the buildings you make are a big inspiration to others who maybe don't have the great ideas you have and the willingness to try something they haven't done before
@myyuba 2 aylar önce
Watching from San Francisco, California. A wonderful thoughtful build, love the insulation, the rug on the wall and the dedication this all took with little help. LOVE your pup and how you put a blanket on him to warm him. Enjoy all your videos and your cooking especially.
@gyulaelo5 Yıl önce
I did most of my work alone because I had no help, so I know how much you worked on this "house"! I congratulate you and I wish you to have the strength and endurance for many more videos like this!!!
@anare4333 6 aylar önce
Ver a felicidade e o teu sorriso é, simplesmente encantador. Sigo teus vídeos há uns três meses apenas e, finalmente, encontrei o da construção desse abrigo. O Piolsey já apareceu para nossa alegria. Obrigada Alexey por nos alegrar com tuas aventuras. Deus o proteja e ao teu lindo 🐕 cão! Grande e caloroso abraço do 🇧🇷 Brasil- São Paulo
@idkkkidkkk 6 aylar önce
@Andreyabish 2 aylar önce
@Andreyabish 2 aylar önce
The smile is awesome
@jordansharp8323 Yıl önce
I loved the parts where he momentarily just sat back for a second and admired the results of the hard work he had put in so far, very wholesome.
@rbu2136 Yıl önce
Totally agree. Best moments. There’s a feeling you get from working with your hands and building something you admire. He was glowing.
@ixenzaxi1811 Yıl önce
I do that when I finish cleaning my room and stands by the door to see it from the person passing by perspective lol
@jeanniealva8347 Yıl önce
@Gabriel Toloza l0i
@j_moneyw2170 Yıl önce
You see this guy see this guy,. He is number one bs guy
@mrggaming1263 Yıl önce
dog watching the fire 106:00 does my heart in
@Zodarf. Yıl önce
Absolutely freaking amazing, incredible, REAL, relaxing video!! You’ve inspired me and gave me ideas on some things! Absolutely awesome! Love this! Your dog makes me laugh! Love the no music and talking. I’d live in that cabin full time if I could. If I were you I’d just move there. I plan on doing so here in the US and this video helped give so many ideas and inspiration! Also the time I bet it took to edit and film while building?! Dude!! You got something here!! Keep doing what you do❤
@pablamarecos4330 3 aylar önce
Admirable la destreza y el gran esfuerzo para tan agradable estancia. ❤ Es hacia el Oriente de Europa? Felicitaciones!
@kellymarice2573 27 gün önce
The look of joy on your face when you finish a project is wonderful to see!❤
@user-wl2ml2ny9g Yıl önce
Большой респект,мастер!Смотрела на одном дыхании.Такой тяжелый труд,и с таким позитивом,это что то...
@custom-officer2453 Yıl önce
да конечно респект!)) Куча электроинструмента, а в результате - землянка в лесу)), да еще гидроизоляция какой-то плёнкой. Я что, за 400 км от ближайшего жилья потащу шуруповёрт/дрель/бензопилу/кучу шанцевого инструмента? Это просто цирк с конями.
@laura777selena Yıl önce
I really love how you enjoyed the process and smile each time you see the progress. Good job! ❤️
@KaldiaGaurav Yıl önce
I love how genuinely happy this dude is when he sits back and admirers his work and how we didn't see him getting so angry that he had to redo those walls in the beginning. When he was yelling at his dog for being bad I really thought his dog had left him a bigger mess than insulation. LOL
@dinkvjr Yıl önce
Me too lol
@justinchoi3574 Yıl önce
it was probably out of worry that the dog had eaten the insulation.
@avocadogaming9446 Yıl önce
the stick buget lol
@kinghacker9245 Yıl önce
@@justinchoi3574 gf g
@antilapoffsalcokitchen7523 9 aylar önce
Как приятно смотреть на эти труды и представлять, сколько трудов, времени и души вложено сюда! Это великолепно просто!
@michimiis4358 8 aylar önce
Just wow!! It's great to see young people as creative as you!! Congratulations!! I wish all youtubers showed valuable things like you in their videos! I love seeing your face of satisfaction when you show your progress... I just loved everything about this video! ❤❤❤
@dralbertpakin8895 11 aylar önce
You can tell he really loves doing this stuff and is a proud man. Keep making videos!
@miroslavstarigazda4699 Yıl önce
Šikovný , prajem veľa úspechov . Miroslav
@tradways Yıl önce
Great video! I really enjoyed seeing and learning from how you did some of the building.
@user-gh8ml9yb1y Yıl önce
Какой вы молодец! Как бережно обращаетесь с землей, с природой!!! И строите очень красиво!!! Браво!!! Успехов и здоровья!!!
@clmelt5781 Yıl önce
I love how he also shows the struggles, instead of just showing him getting it right.
@kane357lynch Yıl önce
Shows the complexity 100%
@Jaristandbeeld 10 aylar önce
You are a rare breed young man. Keep up the good stuff!
@edsonxavier5181 8 aylar önce
Essa cabana ficou top bem construída 😊
@pubgcrazymoments1610 11 aylar önce
Amazing 😍❤️
@JasmineUSA16 11 aylar önce
I really enjoyed this video. So creative and What’s an awesome accomplishment. Plus I have so much respect for him when he dug up the small tree then moved it to the other side and replanted. Well done sir 🙌👍
@michaelafisher8198 8 aylar önce
I love this content better then the others as this one has kept it real! When things went wrong he showed us and corrected it not cut it out that's what I want to see anyway realness. Thank you for your videos ❤
@jeanprice2514 Yıl önce
I felt so bad for you when you had to take apart the dugout, because the logs were leaning in. After that, I could see that you weren't playing. 👍 I like the fact that you used trees that were already fallen. I love your dugout. Wouldn't mind visiting there myself. Awesome job!
@Jedanaste Yıl önce
i thought that too but then i saw all the cutted trees on the background at 4:32... too bad!
@joebenson528 Yıl önce
Fallen trees are preferred because they have less moisture.
@TheIdiotPlays Yıl önce
​@@Jedanaste Those look to me like dead trees that the wind has cut down. for example 4:38 on the right between the 2 birches there is one stump that looks like it just cracked on its own. 5:07 those are definitely dead trees.
@Jedanaste Yıl önce
@@TheIdiotPlays let's hope so!
@niox1920 Yıl önce
@@Jedanaste I don't think him cutting down a few trees will actually affect anything in a major way. If you've got a problem with people cutting trees down go take it up with the logging companies destroying ecosystems before lunch break
@angellanabb3662 4 aylar önce
If we hadn't watched step by step , I wouldn't have believed it was possible. Amazing skill and talent. Such persistence. 😊
@mariewilson2344 10 aylar önce
This man is a genius!!! Making this all on his own is outstanding!!!! I believe he could do just about anything! He should be super proud of what he has accomplished!!!
@iaranevespaiva3098 9 aylar önce
Alexsey, o seu abrigo ficou show,vc é muito inteligente, amo os seus vídeos, continue assim, sou do 🇧🇷
@azamatabduraimov7520 Yıl önce
удивительно твердый у вас грунт, поражаюсь твоему трудолюбию, землянка выходит гораздо основательнее чем у других блогеров, успехов тебе в твоих начинаниях 👍
@GamerCC2116 10 aylar önce
Very impressive video, I love how you built this. Not sure if you know, however, in the 18th and 19th Century they used to burn the wood on the outer edges to make them waterproof. If you did that, that should stop the wood from rotting. If you made natural daubing and used sand and clay to fill the gaps, it would look more natural. You may also wish to put the air vent for ventilation in the roof and build a turning (spinning top like they have on vans with chemicals in) as this will help you get more ventilation into the cabin. I’m very impressed with your work, just make sure the heavy snow doesn’t stop you from getting out the cabin lol
@elizabethsiqueira1733 Yıl önce
O que me enche de alegria é ver sua cara de satisfação a cada etapa vencida. Parabéns! 👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷
@palavraraiz7706 Yıl önce
Boa boa observação Elizabeth
@tjmalta8994 8 aylar önce
Alexy all the hard work you have done is remarkable! You are awesome!👍❤️
@thegreenman7 11 aylar önce
This is a magnificent build Sir!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Keep the videos coming!!!
@Ivanych_Milovadze 10 aylar önce
Алексей, привет! Отличное видео! Посмотрел с удовольствием, не смотря на то, что оно довольно длинное! Монтаж приятный глазу, только необычно смотреть без твоего голоса : ) Очень рад, что тебе удалось завоевать огромную забугорную аудиторию! Народ счастлив смотреть это видео! И это хорошо! А, да! Взоржал с Пëселя, когда он в трубу смотрел! Умора! Всем добра и мира!
@RS54321 Yıl önce
I love his smile of pride after completing a tough task! Amazing work on your dugout!
@Jaden48108 Yıl önce
Hello from America! Very study structure with solid engineering behind it. Subterranean living protects you from the heat and the cold. The biggest thing to protect against is water intrusion but it looks like you got that covered with the tarp and angles to shed water away. You rock!
@kingsglans1692 Yıl önce
Hail to skillful people! Thin layer of permeable soil and it looks like the rest is in dense clay. When a tarpaulin is placed in the sides and a dug clay is piled up against the walls, the water problem is solved. At least I think so. I also saw a German video, Teutonic guys built it as an underground Valhalla. Precise planning, excellent workmanship and a similar style of insulation. Luxurious dugout similar to here in Russia.
@squidy4082 Yıl önce
@kingsglans1692 Yıl önce
@@squidy4082 No.. I'm an inquisitive glans of a dead Czech king.
@Jaden48108 Yıl önce
@@squidy4082 The steeper the angle the better it sheds water away. A 45 degree angle will shed any amount of water. The angle on the door is more than 45 degrees while the roof is maybe 20 to 30 degrees. More than adequate.
@marcospaulomaciente3574 10 aylar önce
one of the best huts I've ever seen built on the internet. congratulations on the job! BR
@mehmetkagt2197 5 aylar önce
Bu işleri yapmak için azmin ve becerikli oluşun harika bir şey çıkarmış kardeşim yüreğine emeğinize sağlık tebrikler güzel örnek olsun insanlara helede eserini arada gösteriyorsun ya ❤övgüye layık görüldü eyvallah kardeşim
@KhellyBunny21 Yıl önce
Thank you for this video! in several month you're the first one I saw that have think about it, isolation, wood that can rot against mud ... Tiny but most comfy than the most of the other I see. A very good editing on your video too! Good job!
@rhandichapman-kidwell3935 11 aylar önce
LOVE watching you and your cabin! My husband and I have said we would do this if we were 30 years younger! And that sweet smile on your face with the thumbs up! I adore you! You make my day always!
@Ivanych_Milovadze 10 aylar önce
О, ребята, как приятно читать такие ваши комментарии! Очень рад, что вы смотрите нашего русского парня!
@amywood124 Yıl önce
The hard, hard work! The patience! The persistence! The delight he has about his accomplishments! How amazing what he did alone. I enjoyed watching the process immensely. Love the dog too.
@Ivanych_Milovadze 10 aylar önce
Собаку зовут Пëсель
@sherylmarsh1479 Yıl önce
It’s always such a pleasure to watch your videos, and the different shelters you create. Thank you ..
@Skarfp 9 aylar önce
You've done an amazing job!
@stevenjames1503 Yıl önce
Excellent job!!!!! I am so proud of you. So very proud To know that there are still young men in todays world who know how to build such things. And are willing to put the effort into creating it. Wow !!!! just Wowww !!!! That home will stay for at least a couple hundred years. I am so proud to know you.
@mjkorhon 9 aylar önce
Very nice! Must be amazing feeling to hike there at winter! I just wish it would have been possible to use only natural materials.
@reddevil6996 Yıl önce
Just in awe over this. His talent is unreal. Love the smiles, his dog, and the way he kept building and modifying. I wish I had 1% of his skills and patience!! Amazing video!!
@throngcleaver Yıl önce
Excellent build! You did a fantastic job and it turned out beautiful! 😆👍
@jenniferchaney3019 Yıl önce
@kotiara7777777 8 aylar önce
Довелось мне пожить в трёх землянках( одну даже сами строили)))) Если бы у нас такая была мы бы жили как цари)) Молодец парень!!! Будь здоров!!
@ewanbaxter9199 Yıl önce
Great job, really impressive. You ran tarp up the walls outside from ground to roof so no need to fill the gaps in the logs.
@hawes-wintersart 11 aylar önce
What amazing work you have done! This was a wonderful video. Good work!
@PikaSpatula Yıl önce
My guy, I still can't get over the fact that this video is so wholesome, whenever I see this guy's face and he is showing something he smiles and it feels like he is truly happy about what he made...such an underrated video👌👌👌
@proconceal666 Yıl önce
I cant agree more, I can tell he is very proud of what he made and it makes me proud of it too Yıl önce
He is proud of his work. It’s crazy even though we speak different languages peoples expressions of happiness, sadness or being proud of their work/themselves shines through. No translation needed.
@Eli-qm8eg Yıl önce
I couldn't agree more. It makes you feel good that the young man is happy and proud of what he's done with his own hands and hard work . And it's genuine happiness he's showing. Genuine being something you don't see too much in 2022
@Vanayr Yıl önce
That 1st big smile I saw as he got that wall up and was genuinely not just proud, but happy. I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt a genuine sense of joy seeing this.
@jdlwiquwudhakiqu7181yd Yıl önce
Read my name.
@Forever609 Yıl önce
I think they are experts. It must have been difficult to complete the actual construction after planning for a long period of time. What a great video!
@patricesmith3871 10 aylar önce
Before putting the 2nd set of floor boards down I would have laid insulation on top of the 1st set, that would help to hold the heat so the cold from the earth won't be so hard to heat up, because I would definitely love to actually live there even for just camping you want heat to hold better. Great job either way by this guy 🔥🙏🏽
@G15marino 8 aylar önce
Well done, Brother. You are Amazing 👏 ❤️ You have a great mind, and you seem to stay positive and keep good energy . I appreciate the video it was entertaining. I give you major props for such hard work and creativity.
@biffindor 11 aylar önce
Amazing ! I watched that video with a great pleasure. Thank for sharing your experience, mistakes, and result !
@alexuvarov7441 8 aylar önce
Excellent video. Respect for all the effort and hard work.
@user-mp3sn5is3y Yıl önce
Мужик, ты совершенно офигенен. Позитивно, спокойно, расслабляюще. Используешь ветровал, а не пилишь живое; пересадил ёлочку; не боишься показывать свои ошибки. А ещё так счастливо улыбаешься, что смотря на это - трудно самому не улыбаться. Прямо бальзам на душу.
@Wtf1485 Yıl önce
только его полиция ищет)))) специально еще ставит метку что он типо в сша)))
@robertsteals_ur_girl9944 Yıl önce
well said bro. (i have no idea what he said)
@user-cs1zo9hv8u Yıl önce
@@Wtf1485 с чего взял, что ищет?
@ORTCIV87 Yıl önce
@@Wtf1485 ага на Ватошу похож
@jesusintenebris 11 aylar önce
It's amazing how these videos relax me, they're great!
@tomhuig3575 Yıl önce
Love This! so much effort and made with so much love!👍👍
@ededwards1787 Yıl önce
Wow, really just wow! I've never done this much work before, but I have swung a pickaxe, dug out dirt with a shovel, you used to hand ax, and carried a log. Each one of those not only takes energy, but where is on the body. Quickly get sore muscles. And to think that this young man did each of these over and over for 6 months .🤯 I really don't think I physically could. This individual must have a body that feels like a rock and have stamina and energy it would make a can of Red Bull jealous. And I simply love how he's done such a great job of editing the video. And I love that he includes the little mistakes, little improvements, and that smile of appreciation when a part of it is done. That smile it's like when a little kid looks up and smells at you. Warms the heart 💓 And you feel like you're also celebrating in his victories.
@laurelcamphausen9262 11 aylar önce
This is my new favorite show! He is so patient and inspirational.
@vianneyalves7465 6 aylar önce
Muito interessante ❤ porém eu ficaria sem ar lá dentro 😂
@JKWavvy Yıl önce
Great job on the shelter! A very creative design, plus nice to see all the hard work on making it a real long term shelter.
@schwarzerhalalerjesus1879 Yıl önce
Best video Ive ever watched in class. It really made my school life more supportable. Love the content. Keep building houses :) Much Love.❤❤
@ecw0647 29 gün önce
It looks pretty airtight. I would worry that in the Winter with a fire going, the little cabin might get depleted of oxygen, but perhaps I missed something.
@manhnguyen4338 Aylar önce
thật tuyệt khi thấy anh ta xây ngôi nhà đó, nó thật sự đẹp
@normazarr3106 Yıl önce
You insulated that place so well that you will get warm fast, and that counts when you are out in the snow freezing half to death. Can't say enough about your skills! GBU.,SM.,NZ, ✌❤😁
@steffenlekszas1971 Yıl önce
das is so wundervoll mega geile Arbeit, sieht mega cool aus und sehr gemütlich. das ist dad beste video was ich gesehen habe👍👍😇
@Shermaxphil Yıl önce
You did an amazing job on your dugout! It looks so cozy. I Look forward to more videos from you. You are a very patient person and see the humour in your mistakes, that shows you are a very good man as well as how kind you are with your dog. Stay safe ♥️
@Nuttycatmama 11 aylar önce
Wow, I watched from start to finish and I am really impressed with all the blood, sweat and tears that went into making of the cabin mostly without the use of power tools (unlike some similar TRshowrs). I loved your smile 😃 of satisfaction when you'd completed a section. Your place looks cozy and inviting and I hope you enjoy using it!
@leecowell8165 6 aylar önce
I think he lives in a nearby city and has probably purchased this property but I don't know anything about ownership in Russia. He probably visits here often just to get away from it all. One thing for sure he's a classy guy no doubt about that. Men here in the states could learn a lot from him even though he's a young man.
@ariannysachez4983 5 aylar önce
Felicidades!!!! exelente trabajo
@pel666 8 aylar önce
Soooo much wood in that area, great build! Not putting in space blockers on initial foundation cost a lot of rework, but you will never make that mistake again. Enjoyed watching it, thanks!
@TheRain2688 6 aylar önce
To anyone reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about will get better. May dark thoughts, overthinking and doubts escape your mind. Can obviously replace the confusion. May peace and calm fill your life
@MrGlen78 Yıl önce
With this video, you got yourself a subscriber from Norway. Well done brother 👍👍
@barbaralabry754 Yıl önce
How many of you took the deep relaxing breath with him when he laid on the logs like it was a soft bed. I know I did. He says it all with his facial expressions. He is such a hard worker. I used to watch my husband work this hard, but due to poor eating habits, smoking like a chimney, and drinking like a fish, caused a heart attack at the age of 64, in 2016. As long as you enjoy what you’re doing, it’s worth the time and energy you put into it.
@R.N.B.4.2.6. Yıl önce
He even went with the Big N Tall Size for extra leg room.
@willowharris9233 7 aylar önce
You’re a very talented and amazing young man./ The dog didn’t understand chewing on that that’s what dogs do is a puppy! You should be truly truly proud of yourself you’ve done amazing work for a young man your parents are probably beaming with joy and pride. God bless you.
@chrischart2386 Yıl önce
There are so many likeable moments in this video. The sheer look of satisfaction and happiness at multiple points, thank you.
@cherylschumaker1366 8 aylar önce
Dude is very fit and strong with alot patience and tons of respect for the earth ...Good Job ! From Alberta Canada!! Love watching your videos 🤗
@siglindefurst4290 8 aylar önce
Wunderschön Respekt 👍🏻
@asteria6102 Yıl önce
Such a wonderful wonderful work! Well done! So much effort and a super result 🙂 You also have a cuuute dog ❤️
@YoGizmo353 Yıl önce
I saw people saying this video was wholesome and then he went and replanted that baby tree in a new spot. Absolutely heartwarming. Edit ~ And then he watered it too?? Omg I love that so much.
@charlestorruella8591 Yıl önce
omg omg he is so cool please poeple there are people like this everywhere pay attention it's not just him learn from him and you can be that way too
@puudus Yıl önce
@@charlestorruella8591 goofy
@scranreview3282 Yıl önce
Letting you know, that was not infact a baby tree, but rather a baby fern.
@berndbrot7044 Yıl önce
You have to water it after you replant it, otherwise it likely dies.
@TB-0 Yıl önce
Really great build dude.I love Forest hut's this is one of the best i have ever seen
@windsurfingatmeerwijck 10 aylar önce
Awesome build dude... I enjoyed every minute of it... 👍
@user-chaeyoung Yıl önce
new subscriber! love your attitude towards your builds glad i found a real outdoor channel who works on shelters that dont lie to their fans
@esseby 11 aylar önce
поздравляю с реализацией вашей охотничьей помолвки, очень красиво, удобно и по-спартански, как это нравится мужчинам определенной толщины‼‼‼➕➕➕
@annamarmassademarelli336 2 aylar önce
Excelente!!..cabaña hermosa y segura. Saludos desde Buenos Aires , Argentina☀️🌛✨🌟✨🌨️❄️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
@user-bn6vz6ty4y 10 aylar önce
Огромная, и тяжелая работа! Но зато основательно!
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