Gut-wrenching: Parkland parents listen in horror as medical examiner describes injuries | LiveNOW

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Yıl önce

Nikolas Cruz is facing a possible death sentence for killing 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, including 14 children. The parents of Gina Montalto, Jaime Guttenberg and Helena Ramsay sat in the courtroom as medical examiner Dr. Marlon Osbourne detailed the injuries he found on the autopsies. Gina Montalto was shot and killed at close range, Jaime Guttenberg was shot in the back and torso, and Helena Ramsay was killed with a gunshot to the head.
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@Luvliaa Yıl önce
I love how supportive Alex father is with the other parents. Such good people who didn’t deserve this
@katperson1955 Yıl önce
Nobody deserves this.
@eatmytoes8678 Yıl önce
@@katperson1955 I think that’s what they said 🙄
@katarina5233 Yıl önce
Yes, and his fiancée is also supportive.
@dannyrichards6233 Yıl önce
@dannyrichards6233 Yıl önce
@@katperson1955 true
@boop8127 Yıl önce
As a parent, when your child is born, hearing the weight, height is a significant and joyful moment. For these parents to hear age, weight, height because someone murdered them just kills your heart.
@winkwonk7130 3 aylar önce
​@@iamwhoiam7887ur not the edge lord u think u are
@bulletsxdame Yıl önce
Unbelievably sad. I can't imagine having to hear how my daughter was murdered. It's awful hearing it as a stranger. I know the medical examiners have done thousands of cases, but I'm sure it was extremely difficult to handle these cases too.
@TheDevonleigh Yıl önce
For real. I imagine the ME are very professional and desensitized, but I imagine its rare for them to get SEVERAL autopsies (of children) in one go. That would effect anyone.
@246trixie Yıl önce
Very young victims, terrible for anyone im sure. Not to belittle the loss of the older victims- the statement of one of the teacher’s relatives, clearly such a beautiful soul, who gave so much to others, the story from the grandmother whose granddaughter talks to her twice a week now, i mean thats truly a beautiful person taken so unfairly and too soon, truly heartbreaking. Its all so very sad, I’ve cried for the victims and their families, similar to the judge’s statement, i wish I could take a tear or two from them Don’t ve gone through times on life where i wonder how to get up in the morning, but never anything like this, the strength of these family members to appear so dignified and strong. I thought joquin’s dad was a superhero, I bet his son was a legend, i hope one day in a better world I’ll meet him
@paulaharlfinger829 Yıl önce
I am sure that doing these autopsies on a bunch of slaughtered children was incredibly traumatizing for this doctor. I feel compassion for everyone who was a part of this tragedy.
@nick56677 4 aylar önce
Yeah, u can tell by the tone of his voice and the exhales he does a lot when asked questions. He hates describing all that, reliving it, and especially with the victims' families present.
@iamwhoiam7887 4 aylar önce
He seems pretty chill about it tbh
@TheMETALICA40 3 aylar önce
​@@iamwhoiam7887He was acting chill but we can tell he really wasnt
@dannycahalin6797 Aylar önce
There is nothing chill about this. Unforutnately it is the job of a medical examiner to analyze and interpret the results of an autopsy. It's his job to be objective about his results especially in a court of law where the defense can draw on an pathologist to reivew the results and think differently. I can't imagine that this medical examiner went home and had a "good night" after this. It is a terrrible situation. But in this case his job is to be objective.
@gabe8138 20 gün önce
@@iamwhoiam7887how's he gonna look freaking out? He has to stay as well composed as he can
@wolftress2503 Yıl önce
My god, this is pure trauma for those parents. My heart breaks for them. Unimaginable pain 😞
@HaleySaysSo Yıl önce
@dee4379 Yıl önce
It’s ridiculously unnecessary you can imagine how a little Body responds to automatic weapons. And they died. They need to decide the fate and end the b s
@c.w.simpsonproductions1230 Yıl önce
I am legit amazed that none of those parents have tried to attack him.
@smellycat264 Yıl önce
Omg ik
@lisakay1006 Yıl önce
They are w/ there eyes!!
@emp556 Yıl önce
Really!? They have more humanity than the man who killed their kids. It's also a Court room and it will never bring their kids back. Their strength is undeniable and I give them credit...
@Oceangirl_505 Yıl önce
They have been told that if they did so, a mistrial would be called and the trial would have to start all over again.
@oooohkaye2302 9 aylar önce
Watching Gina’s parents is so painful. God bless them and give them strength.
@johnjacobo 8 aylar önce
Gina mom didn’t even give a victim impact statement
@lainieb329 Yıl önce
My heart hurts for those poor babies who did not deserve that. I feel so very bad for the families.
@dontknowyoubutloveyou Yıl önce
Key word...babies. And he's a baby himself. I hug mine everyday. I'm scared for them...
@lainieb329 Yıl önce
@@dontknowyoubutloveyou we must keep God in our hearts and put our trust in him to cover our children….
@dontknowyoubutloveyou Yıl önce
@Elaine Beck absolutely. And for healing. These shootings are getting out of hand. I don't have a solution or answer. I don't think anyone does. But mental health and healing need to be addressed. There's so much PAIN!
@konczita82 Yıl önce
Who „he”?
@kcamp2364 Yıl önce
I feel such a pain in my chest as my daughter is named Helena so I can’t imagine hearing this about my little girl. My absolute condolences to these 17 families and friends of the murdered victims!
@drakedrago6 Yıl önce
How the parents were able to sit there, and listen to the fact that their children were ripped to pieces by bullets, some point blank, and not fly off the handle is amazing at how strong willed they are. As a security guard of now 9 years, If I was one of the guards in that court room, I would’ve STRONGLY anticipated that, given that many of those years have been spent observing people. My heart goes out to these families, I had such a hard time watching this and the family of victim statements. If I was a father of any these children, Id likely would’ve tried to kill this monster, charges or not, consequences be damned
@Sassy4826 Yıl önce
These parents' faces convey everything; disgust, outrage and utter despair. No parent should outlive their child, especially in this horrendous manner. God bless these families.❤
@Dr.Rabbit7346 Yıl önce
Every time you see Alex‘s father it makes you want to cry
@katehenderson8194 Yıl önce
If there ever was a personification of parental grief it’s him :/
@bluefinch6504 Yıl önce
And Tom Hoyer, Luke Hoyer’s father, breaks my heart. The pain on his face….
@bluefinch6504 Yıl önce
@@katehenderson8194 and Alex’s stepmother. You can tell she is a genuine soft, caring, wonderful person. Especially since Alex’s biological mother passed away.
@Dr.Rabbit7346 Yıl önce
@@katehenderson8194 Also why is like 😷 Nicholas Cruz like the only one wearing a mask during a grief struck testimony
@cherylngidi5723 Yıl önce
You can see pain from his face deep traumatised
@24kachina Yıl önce
I am a defense lawyer and ardent opponent of the death penalty, but I cry watching these videos. The anguish of the parents is palpable and so tragic. I am a parent of a high school freshmen girl and a senior boy. Their classroom buildings, and in particular the classroom doors with large vertical windows, are designed and laid out exactly like Parkland. I live in Arizona, home of the most lax gun laws in the country. Any 18 year old can walk into a local gun store and within 30 minutes walk out with as many AR 15s, semi automatic handguns, magazines for them, and as much ammo as they can afford to buy. It's insanity, and I worry about my kids' safety at their extremely nice and frankly well to do school every day, to the point I am considering removing them from the school until the classrooms are properly secured. The school district recently spent well over a million dollars installing a state of the turf football field. How about spending half that to secure the damn classrooms! It's a sad commentary on our country and state of politics.
@klvoshall6799 Yıl önce
Please stop defending people like this. Become a prosecutor.
@24kachina Yıl önce
@@MegaSickcat As an historical firearms enthusiast and life long hunter and recreational shooter, I could not agree MORE. AR 15s have no place in civilian hands, and to the extent our dumb ass current Supreme Court mandates their legality, they and other semi automatic eifles and hand guns should be heavily regulated and subject to education, safety training, licensing, and waiting period requirements.
@victoriabagwell8426 Yıl önce
@todd hale I agree. I own a semi automatic hand gun and have my license. I also take continuing education and re- cert regularly.
@UMMrealLoud Yıl önce
You know how when you cry for more than a few moments you start getting a headache shortly after? These families have been crying constantly, imagine the INSANE amount of physical pain they're experiencing while they're reliving and learning the disgusting fine details of these crimes. Putting families through this is almost just as much torture as them losing their child to this. Which is INSANE. Can't we all just collectively agree to toss him to hell where he belongs?
@ledob9140 Yıl önce
I agree with you but would add let the parents each have 5 minutes alone with him.
@UMMrealLoud Yıl önce
@@ledob9140 I thoroughly approve of this spectacular stipulation!
@spacebar9733 Yıl önce
@DeeJaysWord Yıl önce
They dont have to be there.
@notyourfriend5899 Yıl önce
Yes we all agree with you but unfortunately he too “deserves” his time in court. We don’t have to like it. But we do have to live by it. The kid is seriously messed up but I also believe that there is hope for everyone. I just thank God he will not be out in the real world to hurt anyone anymore. He’s done too much damage. I pray the families do not die angry and bitter and that they find some forgiveness in their hearts. Forgiving isn’t just for the wrong doers sake. It’s for your own sake. Forgive as Christ forgave us.
@vdsousa20 Yıl önce
Imagine hearing the way your son/daughter died. I can only imagine. Bless the family's and those acquainted with those they have lost.
@slak24 Yıl önce
They would have heard it already long before the trial. But it's having to sit through this after 4 years, going through this again with the murderer right in front of you. That is torture
@EricK-tb2dn Yıl önce
@@slak24 Then to top it off the cameras are pointed at the parents suffering rather than focusing on the testimony. The Maldanados(sp) got more airtime than the Doctor when he testified about their daughter. The media can't let them grieve privately, its intentional and disgusting.
@slak24 Yıl önce
@@EricK-tb2dn absolutely agree with you. I mean they barely even reveal the murderer. To me he shows absolutely no remorse whatsoever. Death penalty is quick and painless I think the parents and the victims should be left to handle him. Here in South Africa 🇿🇦 the black communities take matters into their own hands now as our justice system is more torture to be put through. You should be able to have a look, if they rape, steal etc they tie up hands hands feet, beat them and then put a tyre over them throw paraffin on them and burn them. I prefer that way knowing that all the pain and torture they put people through they feel the pain. And the people will stand and watch. There are families that watch them being burnt alive, they won't dare get involved because they will be thrown in with them. If people want to claim that it's a crime as it's a violation of that person's rights.... what happened to the rights they violated.... Maybe send this monster to snake island.....
@EricK-tb2dn Yıl önce
@@slak24 I hope he get life in general population.
@hannahreed2451 Yıl önce
I don’t know if I could be strong enough to do this. I’ve thought about this in depth and this is one of the major parts of the entire trial I really don’t think I could handle if I was in their shoes. As said previously I’m sure the parents knew all of this before the trial but to hear it again, this time with their murderer right in front of you is devastating. My brain keeps thinking “why is he alive and gets to sit here and listen to this when their children who were totally innocent can’t.” Nick doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as these families. I’d like to think I would be as strong as these parents and do what I have to for justice for my child..but I don’t know if I could be in the courtroom for this part. The pain on the parent’s faces says it all for me. They’re suffering listening to this 😞 I cried through every single impact statement and the entirety of this video. These people are complete strangers to me and they don’t even know I exist, but if I could take their pain away I would in a heartbeat. NO ONE deserves this. No parent should lose their child in this way… Normally I’m a very vocal person and I like to talk, write, type, etc but this case has me at a loss for words. There is nothing any of us can do or say to help these families heal. They will never be able to escape the impact of the actions of this murderer. The impact statement of one of the victim’s sister said it perfectly when she said “there is no normal.” “there is no peace”.
@torikens7797 Yıl önce
That's exactly how I feel about this
@shellos8 Yıl önce
Actually they didn't know the gruesome details until this sentencing hearing. All of the parents who showed up on court as often as they could are incredibly strong people. I don't think I could do it.
@hannahreed2451 Yıl önce
@@shellos8 wait are you serious? I figured they would know at least some of the details after the autopsy 😳 although if I put myself in their shoes I wouldn’t want to know those details. Losing my child is already too much for me to cope that hearing the details would ruin me. I’m with you, these families are so much stronger than I am. I would not be able to keep my composure
@thatdude1066 Yıl önce
I’m amazed at the bravery of the victims families, it was hard listening to this and I didn’t know any of them. I couldn’t imagine being a parent having to listen this. I am truly sorry this happens to children.
@charityedminster Yıl önce
My brother was killed in work related accident caused by negligence on his company's part. My family sat in a court room and herd the devastating consequences My beautiful brother sustained because of his careless company he was employed with. The court actually begged my mom and myself to please leave the room during this time due to the graphic pictures that were to be shown. I died with him that day. I pray that God will comfort all the families. This pain will never ever go away. They will someday just learn to survive with the pain. I am so truly heartbroken for the loss these families feel. Take comfort in knowing that at the moment of their deaths They were looking into the eyes of Jesus who was assuring them their suffering was over.
@slak24 Yıl önce
I'm so sorry you have had to deal with that type of trauma
@lucy2014 Yıl önce
Charity, I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother. In 2007 I lost my 23 year old son to suicide and you're so right when you say the pain will never go away, that you just learn to survive with it. It becomes a part of you and even on your happiest days, there's still that place in your heart that aches for the loss of someone you love so dearly. My daughter and I both had to learn how to accept it and live with it. My heart hurts so much for these parents, siblings and friends who have lost someone they loved and to hear how they were murdered by this monster. I hope and pray they have the faith 🙏 to know that God will help them learn to live with what has been done. Without my faith, I wouldn't have made it, as I'm sure your faith helps you and your family live through a pain that is beyond what words can express and that is always with you. God bless you and yours!
@slak24 Yıl önce
@@lucy2014 wow as a mother myself, your message hit a soft spot. I'm so sorry for your loss
@nenala7684 Yıl önce
You touched my soul when you said "you died with him that day and the pain never goes away but you learn to live with it" .. I lost my sister when she was only 28. And we was on BAD terms. It eats me up every single day. 😢
@katy9291 Yıl önce
Im so so sorry for your loss ♥️ im sending you all the hugs and well wishes in the World to you and your family, stay strong!
@odd-one-out4409 Yıl önce
It’s really hard to imagine the parents smiling again. Moving on without one of their children. What a heartbreak this is to them. Their frowns i feel are eternal on their faces. What a tragedy.
@slak24 Yıl önce
And to have to sit through this is so traumatizing. Having to be in the same room as the murderer too must be torture
@katperson1955 Yıl önce
@@slak24 - They show amazing restraint by not lunging at him.
@mmfox9547 Yıl önce
Boston Gal This is truly not a choice. They are there to represent their loved one. To be seen, heard, their pain validated, and ensure justice for their children. No one "chooses" to be there. Many survivors of violent crime endure the criminal justice process to represent their loved ones.
@mmfox9547 Yıl önce
Boston Gal I'm very sorry this happened to you and your family.
@seniorita3287 Yıl önce
Boston Gal I'm so sorry
@fuhgetabatit1051 Yıl önce
My goodness. Seeing the parents just breaks my heart. I can’t imagine the pain they are feeling.
@markdurham7939 Yıl önce
I'm in bits watching this I have been following this case and have posted in the past. I cannot imagine what the Family and Friends of the 17 murdered innocents are going through, my condolences,sympathies and prayers are with you all Mark,Liverpool,England.xx
@markdurham7939 Yıl önce
@@angelawatson1594 I agree.
@mommom2063 Yıl önce
4 years not knowing how and how many times your child died unbelievable the pain these Families had to endure and sit in court listening but not seeing any pictures of their own child so heartbreaking your always in my thoughts and prayers my deepest sympathy and condolences I am forever sorry for your loss
@spicycrispyfetus Yıl önce
how many times? people only die once...
@bigmac4266 Yıl önce
Why would they want to see pictures
@grimdrum2396 Yıl önce
This is so sad and heartbreaking. I can't begin to describe the hate that I have for Cruz for causing all of the pain in these wonderful people.
@katehenderson8194 Yıl önce
Don’t hate him. Pity him. He doesn’t deserve anything not even hate
@victoriabagwell8426 Yıl önce
Hate only hurts the hater never the hated. Focus on loving these victims . Don't waste your good energy on this waste of space.
@writtenhousesecurity6499 Yıl önce
Remember you and society created him. So to hate him is to hate yourself. 🤔🤔
@grimdrum2396 Yıl önce
@@writtenhousesecurity6499 nope, wrong you are. I didn't create evil.
@rebeccalowe-hodges8162 Yıl önce
Nothing can ever take place of the loss. Yet going through all the accounts, examining each one and reading statements is cathartically part of the grief process. Laying bare and raw pain - I am so grateful each parent, family member .etc.. has the chance to publicly validate their grief.
@dandv428 Yıl önce
Just seeing ginas dad brake down is tears is very upsetting. A loving father who should still have lots of time on this planet to do things and create many more memories with his first born child.
@nancyhoward7005 Yıl önce
Dr. Osborne...God Bless you. This is a lot for you to go through. Blessings and prayers
@bellamelissa87 Yıl önce
😢 this is so heartbreaking. Those parents are so strong to sit there and listen to how this monster murdered their babies. I’m sorry you all have to be so strong. I know you don’t want to be and I know you’re all tired and have no answers. My heart goes out to all of you! I’m happy this monster will rot in jail.
@Kris-bx5qj 3 aylar önce
this is truly heartbreaking, just seeing knowing the Mental Anguish, the pain in their Expression, is gut wrenching! i can barely keep it together myself so i can only imagine what these parents have to endure, and will for the rest of their lives. 🥹 strong you guys, and hold out hope that you'll get through this, i say this in the most sincere way possibly. Peace and LOve to yous all 🙏🙏❤💜💜
@nursejessica4941 Yıl önce
This is absolutely brutal to watch/hear. Those poor parents! I don't know where they get the strength to keep going.
@wesmcgee1648 Yıl önce
These families are there of their own will. I'm sure the prosecutor briefed them well what to expect. These people are the best of the best parents.
@cuckertarlson5310 Yıl önce
They already know the autopsy. That's not the first time they heard it. They already had funerals for their departed.
@happygolucky9986 Yıl önce
They may hear new stuff. I have been through testimony like this as t he sister of the murdered person. I heard new stuff I cannot unhear at the trial.
@elizabethramsey1554 Yıl önce
These families are having to relive hearing, and possibly visualizing what happened to their children. Just because they have buried their children who was murdered by a sociopath, doesn’t mean that the pain is gone. The emotions are high in that court room. They are the voices of their children. When you lose someone who was taken from you, especially a child, you don’t get closure when you bury them.
@gregcapoccia4406 Yıl önce
May God bless all of these families and give them the strength to move forward from this evil and senseless act!
@julialovesgfriend Yıl önce
amen !!! I know it will never stop hurting but I hope they can be there for each other to help each other grieve and I hope they can continue to live their lives so as to honor the loved ones they lost, because I know they would like their families to live long happy lives !
@icc2000 Yıl önce
heartbreaking, praying for all of the families who lost loved ones❤️
@Hapenparadise Yıl önce
I use to type these reports for our county pathologists/coroners. As a parent, I can’t imagine listening to such details! These reports are very detailed! Knowing what I know, one describes being shot through the heart!
@michellenainkristinabusch1221 9 aylar önce
Heart, brain, spinal cord were parts that were shot.
@jem5789 Yıl önce
I don’t know how these parents or jurors can listen to these details. I know for a fact, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even make it through this video without my emotions getting the best of me. I will keep all of these innocent souls in my prayers.
@julialovesgfriend Yıl önce
this is pure torture but I hope this can bring some resemblance of closure to the grieving families. i can’t imagine anything worse than having to hear how your loved ones passed away, specially considering how brutal this was, but not knowing is something that would probably gnaw at them forever. May the Lord bless them and give them strength to live and the justice they and the wonderful kids that passed away deserve.
@sumerian2 Yıl önce
I feel so sorry for the coroner, so hard to be so calm.
@headholidaysinc Yıl önce
The same families have sat through all of the this trial together as a group, they have strength in number I feel so much admiration for them all to face the loss of their kids head on in this senseless way. This is a life long prison sentence and there’s no chance of escape.
@goose7574 Yıl önce
Those poor children... My heart breaks for their parents & family. This is so sad to listen to. 🥺💔
@ctaber2011 Yıl önce
I work in this field and I can only imagine how hard it is looking at endless photos of kids autopsy photos, not to mention your own child's.
@reemclaughlin4260 Yıl önce
God Bless You and thank you for what you do. I was an AA in a District Attorney’s Office and quit after just under 6 years because I couldn’t look at the photos of children or animals anymore. 🙏🏼♥️🕊
@mommom2063 Yıl önce
So heartbreaking for all these Families listen to this and knowing how their own child was killed and not to show any emotions and tears How can anyone asked that being a parent yourself These Families has a lot of support and a Friendship that can't be broken but hearing this is so devastating heart-wrenching my deepest sympathy and my deepest condolences I am so sorry this ever happened because it never should have Great Judge for holding it together and remaining calm because this isn't easy for anyone to hear again my Deepest Condolences to everyone involved School Teaches all the Students and Family Members Law Enforcement s and Hospitals and this Court
@beebee1676 Yıl önce
So horrific for the parents to have to relive these details, to have to deal with this in the first place. The pathetic shooter always looks bored & frustrated at having to sit through the process of the details, it makes me feel sick.
@punkyspray Yıl önce
God bless these poor, brave broken parents. There are no words 🥺 no parent should have to endure such heartache
@isyun7511 Yıl önce
This doctor has a tough job. I'm grateful for his work because I couldn't do this.
@bernicestanley5560 Yıl önce
My heart just breaks for the parents love to you all
@rachelweyenberg9574 Yıl önce
I just wish I could hold every one of these parents. As if loosing a child isn't enough, they have to relive it everyday in court.
@victoriabagwell8426 Yıl önce
I'm with you. I'd give anything to show these 34 victims how much they are supported and loved.
@Thanos-of8gc Yıl önce
And still won’t bring their children back . Love and prayers do nothing . These gun laws need to change , nothing more , nothing less
@Marjolein36 Aylar önce
I just want to sit there with the victims families and put my arm around them for support, This is so unbelievable heartbreaking
@alicepicozzi5052 Yıl önce
I find this incredibly cruel and inhumane for the parents to be listening to such an atrocious stories. They shouldn't allow parents to be in that room during those moments. RIP you all my heart goes to the victims of this horrible massacre.
@nr3858 Yıl önce
They are free to leave the courtroom anytime they want to. As horrific as it is I know in my heart if it were my loved one I would sit there and listen to every detail. I would want to know even if it would kill me on the inside. I imagine they feel the same way.
@spacebar9733 Yıl önce
They can leave. They feel guilt so they’re torturing themselves.
@lorettabrail7806 Yıl önce
It will be interesting to hear the outcome of this trial. Such a horrible and heartbreaking incident. I know hit these parents feel. One of my sons was shot in the face and died instantly. This will live in me forever. This kind of hurt will always be there just a heartbeat away..
@victoriabagwell8426 Yıl önce
My thoughts and prayers to you .
@lisakay1006 Yıl önce
I’m truly sorry 🙏
@katy9291 Yıl önce
Im so sorry for your loss 🙏♥️
@carrieday8423 Yıl önce
@Riversbend710 Yıl önce
May these Parents find some comfort in bringing this proceding to a close. My heart goes out of them in this continuing anguish.
@rhianevans7189 Yıl önce
This testimonial that this guy is going to give will be heartbreaking to the parents who lost children in this incident of 2014 but things like this have to take part in the order of the trial. God bless their souls x
@KimY-yb9gr Yıl önce
2018. February. This medical examiner is top notch/ professional/ together.GOD BLESS these children, and their grieving blessed parents. I cannot imagine. Horrific.
@Wetblanket5 Yıl önce
I can’t stop crying and I’m not even one of the parents. I can’t IMAGINE the PAIN
@beatrizvieirarowlett106 Yıl önce
@@mixedfeelings5484 please stop watching and take care of yourself. This can be too much! My heart with you too! 🥺
@mixedfeelings5484 Yıl önce
@@beatrizvieirarowlett106 God bless you. I was afraid this was gonna be a harmful comment. Thank you for your kindness.
@maidacameron4093 2 aylar önce
These parents sat there and listened to the description of the manner of death of their children. I don’t know if I could sit through that. My heart breaks for them. That killer hanging his head and plugging his ears is ridiculous.
@pinkplum3379 Yıl önce
These poor families having to sit through this. I don’t think I would be able to do it, it’s horrible that they were killed to begin with, but listening to how they were killed, in detail, would seem unbearable.
@bostongeorge2099 Yıl önce
Boston Gal they are there to assure this creep gets the chair
@wgcds7jyg897 Yıl önce
@@bostongeorge2099 The chair is so cliche. It’s not even used anymore.
@emmanuallemarro3908 Yıl önce
All the parents look extremely broken and sad. What a horrific ordeal
@gardeng5478 Yıl önce
You can see the pain in this man.
@momofschnauzers Yıl önce
Day in, day out. Week in, week out .... these parents & families sit and listen to the horrors of that fateful day. They are reliving the pain of their losses, knowing that their lives will never ever be the same.
@kenandkathryn Yıl önce
I pray at some point these families will heal as much as anyone who lives through this hell possibly can.
@bigmaaan Yıl önce
goodness this is heart wrenching. i cant begin to imagine how it feels, but having the same last name as helena just made it more real to me, absolutely devastating.
@shcl3329 Yıl önce
So heartbreaking sad. Prayers for the victims who were taken suddenly and so brutally. Pray they are in heaven with God's protection and love feeling no pain.
@Foxhunter49 Yıl önce
I feel sorry for the people having to hear all this. Guilt has been admitted, the jury should be able to decide life or death without all the gruesome details. I’m in two minds about the death penalty, surely life would be way harder.
@katehenderson8194 Yıl önce
They won’t kill him straight away.. limbo on death row would be torture
@Foxhunter49 Yıl önce
@@X_KMD I am thinking how hard it is for the parents/ injured to have to relive the trauma. They have been through more than enough.
@Foxhunter49 Yıl önce
@Sleepycreepy Some details like 'he was shot in the head' but not how his brains were splattered all over the place. Nor how a person bled to death before they could be helped. No parent wants gruesome details of pain and suffering.
@degatagauwatie4073 6 aylar önce
They have to weigh the evidence to see it such evidence merits death, or a life sentence. They cannot determine that if they don't have the evidence presented to them to examine.
@ciarrabulgar8833 Yıl önce
What was the shooter even sitting there writing down when all of this was said? Was he sitting there drawing or something because he couldn’t handle it ? Prayers for all the people who have had to experience a loss. 🙏🏽
@cricketbat09 Yıl önce
The forensic details force the shooter to comprehend the awful thing he has done. He blew those victims to pieces.
@degatagauwatie4073 6 aylar önce
You should see his interrogation. Dude seemed happy with the details, and even mimicked holding the gun to relive the experience. This is not a normal human-being. He does not see the horror like you and I do.
@nihinlolawaalao8264 6 aylar önce
Gosh my heart goes out to their loved ones😔😔
@jadastarr3675 Yıl önce
God bless these parents. I couldn't sit and listen to this. May God bring each of them peace🕊️
@nancyandersonahern1868 Yıl önce
I have watched a good portion of this trial on UTube. It was a train wreck. First, the disrespect shown to the judge was hard to watch. Those folks know it is not ok to be a freewheeling agent in the room. And just arguing with her from the floor was disgusting. But, the most disturbing thing to watch was the parents laying their hearts bare for all the world to see knowing that defendant cared nothing about their feelings. He has the flatest affect I think I have ever seen...except when one of his attorneys flips the bird...i guess that was funny. And finally...all of this effort and searing pain was never going to amount to anything but life in prison because of one holdout who never revealed herself. All a total waste of time and money. And feelings and extreme effort. She knew she was taking the death penalty off the table from the get go. What a shame. I understand the judicial process. But in the case of this guilty and damaged person who even attacked a prison guard what a shame everyone put their heart and soul into this trial. And kudos to the judge. I believe many "professionals" saw her as someone they could take on for fairly obvious reasons. I was thrilled to see her take charge even if she had to say something three times before anyone listened. It was a truly challenging trial just to watch. I don't know how the parents could even stay in their seats. Total sympathy to all of them for the searing pain that will last forever.
@chrysblackwell9171 Yıl önce
The only way I made it through this was reminding myself as hard as it was for me it was infinitely worse for those families and friends
@dgod62 Yıl önce
this is truly disgusting and unacceptable that the camera is panning onto the greiving relatives at times of peak distress. Please stop this, let them grieve in private.
@Vvranaa Yıl önce
The victims/victims families sadly had to go through more trauma then the shooter ever did.
@minervagomez8182 Yıl önce
The suffering of the faces of those families; Oh Lord I ask you to give them peace and confort then in Jesus Name 🙏🏻 My heart is Broken.
@reemclaughlin4260 Yıl önce
Amen. 🙏🏼♥️🕊
@Thenextperson 11 aylar önce
Amen 😢
@nitalightell336 11 aylar önce
Amen 🙏💔😔
@ooostarberryooo9643 Yıl önce
It's becoming trauma porn at this point. I understand they're trying to cover all the necessary bases of evidence, however, this court case is dragging. I feel the most for the parents who are retraumatized every time they hear what happened to their kids. I hope this won't be in vain and they give him the death penalty.
@zachz699 Yıl önce
I agree it’s pretty fvcking ridiculous actually
@t.roberts Yıl önce
Tell me you know nothing about due process without telling me you know nothing about due process
@kayleehensley8698 Yıl önce
They can’t miss a single thing. This monster needed zero possibility of getting away with this as gut-wrenching as all of this is to hear☹️
@vidgamarr5126 6 aylar önce
14 years old? 108 pounds? 63 inches..!? My god, what a little innocent baby growing up. I cannot imagine enduring the never ending nightmare that must have consumed every aspect of the Montalto family.
@carlsaunders8395 7 aylar önce
How hard it must be to hear this😢
@MIAreturned Yıl önce
I am rewatching and transcribing this after the jury's verdict. Were they sleeping during this expert testimony of the autopsies? These 3 children suffered prior to death and this is not okay. Jaime Guttenberg was instantly paralyzed from the neck down. She could not breathe and in laymens terms she was literally drowning. Helena Ramsey and Gina Montalto were both shot at point blank range causing burns from the barrel of an AR-15 automatic rifle. Can someone please tell me how the jury found mitigating factors possibly outweighing aggravating factors? Jury is supposed ro be reasonable individuals and there is nothing reasonable in their decision making. They were not competent in making a rationale decision and were clearly biased or lacked cognizant reasoning.
@discosticksugar Yıl önce
333지은 not Jamie or do you not think drowning on your own blood pooling in your lungs suffering? And because her spine was severed she couldn’t even attempt to to roll over or try and stop her drowning in blood. And to add to all of that her and the other two Victims final minutes were hearing the sounds of fellow classmates screaming and dieing.
@l.coleman279 Yıl önce
333지은 Gunshot wounds are not always fatal and certainly not always fast. The pathologist testifying is able to determine how a person died and some of these people suffered terribly. Perhaps more research is needed for you.
@bernicestanley3644 Yıl önce
]as a mother my heart is breaking feeling so terrible these family’s
@SKS4295 Yıl önce
Why oh why do these already grief stricken parents have to endure anymore pain an suffering by hearing the details of how they're children were killed. I pray 🙏🏼 🤲 for them.
@KP-us5pq Yıl önce
Why do all these students turned into killers look very similar? It’s creepy. I wish it actually upset him hearing what he has done to these poor kids. But I’m afraid he actually enjoys this process of hearing the damage he has caused.
@chaotic1223 Yıl önce
Fr…negative attention is still attention. Its so hard not to be mad and wanting something bad to happen to him, and itll be well deserved.
@jackloobyloo Yıl önce
I don’t know why the camera has to zoom in on the parents whilst these horrific things are read out. It’s grossly insensitive and stinks of voyuerism.
@boop8127 Yıl önce
While its his job, it has to be hard for the ME to describe all of this to the parents.
@suzyq4982 Yıl önce
God bless those 14 kids and the 3 brave men who died that fateful day …badly done to the cops who stood by and let this carnage carry on when some may have been saved and the security monitors who did nothing when this coward was seen entering the building . Rot in Hell murderer !
@carlajones765 Yıl önce
Will someone explain to me why they find it necessary to go through every single detail on how these young people died? It's agony for the families! He already plead guilty right? 😥😥
@glman99 Yıl önce
They're trying to ensure the death penalty.
@arsenbrooks3266 Yıl önce
I believe the families have the right to not be in the court room? I'm not 100% certain about that though. The trials go through like this is graphic detail because the story needs to be told in full to the jury, including the aftermath and the devastation. That's really the only way to ensure a proper sentencing. Sharing all the gruesome details will help ensure the defence has little to go off of.
@xoxorbrun Yıl önce
It’s a trial.. what do you think happens? Obviously they’re going to go over all of the evidence and be thorough
@spacebar9733 Yıl önce
The jury decides his fate so they’re trying to sway them
@Croot_Music Yıl önce
This is gnarly. Human beings just gotta pretend we aren’t human for a short while to get through something like this
@notyourfriend5899 Yıl önce
It’s really sad that he was allowed to hide behind his face mask through most of this trial.
@wgcds7jyg897 Yıl önce
The face mask didn’t matter. He still had to appear in court. He wasn’t hiding.
@KoolT Yıl önce
Oh dear God, what a heartbreaking job to have. But he helps convict criminals
@KoolT Yıl önce
Oh dear God, this poor man
@ninarossi189 Yıl önce
talk about re-traumatizing those poor victims' families - this truly breaks my heart how awful!
@spacebar9733 Yıl önce
They can leave. They chose to stay bc the feel guilty, I think. And want to understand what their kids went through.
@kristinflugaur-wessell1063 Yıl önce
And attorney Weekes has the audacity to say”no one has had to endure what we have had to endure” what a psycho!!!
@sherineroberts1724 Yıl önce
WOW These people are so very strong I am so deep sorry for all of your losers i really do mean it
@qadreya Yıl önce
Mr Schater never missed a single hearing. Always there shaking his head in disbelief. I also recognize the blonde mother with glasses, she is also there all the time. Bless those poor parents reliving this trauma when the moster who did this is just few steps away.
@kimward5746 Yıl önce
I think the blond woman is the mother of beautiful Jaime Guttenberg. Unbelievable how strong these parents are to be there day in and day out... it must be so impactful to the jury to experience their pain.
@MariaPerez-ch4zu Yıl önce
He has been present for all the hearings except when the ballistic expert testified. It is understandable.
@qadreya Yıl önce
@@MariaPerez-ch4zu i saw one where he was there when either the coroner or someone else testified that the gunshot wounds he sustained crippled him, Mr Shacter was there crying 😭
@michellenainkristinabusch1221 9 aylar önce
The Dworet's have been to every one too.
@olgatrilogymartin3143 Yıl önce
A senseless act of cruelty
@KoolT Yıl önce
I can't watch anymore, hugs and prayers to all these people.
@JTB33b Yıl önce
And what's even sadder is this was all for nothing. The whole purpose of revealing how these poor children were killed was to secure the death penalty. And that didn't happen. So these parents went through this for nothing.
@annhughes3869 Yıl önce
Watching this had me in tears where the medical officer was telling the. Court how the them poor children died so heart breaking the parents of the deceased have to listen of the way their children died Nickolas. Cruz. Showing no remorse. Just sitting there with he’s hand in he’s head no remorse same he didn’t get the death penalty it life with out parole hope when he goes to prison the in mates don’t like it when a Child is murdered and they give him a good beating. You can see how the poor parents are crying. When the judge was giving the. Sentence Cruz didn’t care don’t know why he had 5. Lawyers not one gave evedince. REST. INTERNAL. Peace Sweet Angels 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
@peacefulheart9228 Yıl önce
all of this could have been avoided. so heartbreaking. The FBI should have followed the law and done a proper background check on Cruz.
@kaymarie4278 Yıl önce
Explain? Am I missing something.. could this really have been prevented? I’m new to the case
@deborahparker6042 Yıl önce
I feel sorry for these prayers have to listen all this that’s nothing but traumatizing them. As I listen to it it’s traumatizing to me to hear how those children died
@addiemgriffin Yıl önce
“intimately close contact wound” yes sir, that is correct. So these poor parents have to envision that maniac sitting across them holding the rifle intimately close enough to their 14 yr old child. Imagining the fear she felt as this happened…. I dont know how they do it. They also hear about the defense wounds and know their child was experiencing pure terror with a rifle being pointed at her. I think all the lawmakers that wont change the laws should have to sit through these testimonies. And maybe some of them should sacrifice their own children up to another maniac and hear it about their deceased child. How do people keep doing this? Parents, you are so strong and I am so sorry you had to sit through this. Heart breaking. I think about pulling my child from school daily bc of this.
@milliejoneel9437 Yıl önce
Please, pull your child from the Godless government school system. After home educating mine for 30 years successfully with no degrees of my own I can tell you it is quite doable and a great blessing. All five of mine have ended up well educated responsible and loving adults contributing greatly to society. By the grace of God it can be done.
@t.roberts Yıl önce
@@milliejoneel9437 I hope your children are also educated in science and not brain washed by religion
@laurie113 Yıl önce
Life imprisonment seems to easy. And because he is truly guilty , I wouldn’t be opposed to a QUICK DEATH PENALTY .
@mandy7131 Yıl önce
I just can't imagine waking up to go to school n never making it Home . I have 2 sons in highschool n cause of this case Panic always when they leave here Even tho we in Canada N are gun laws are very very different You just never no My deepest condolences to the family's that lost their baby's that day 😢😢💔😢💔😢💔😢
@914sandi Yıl önce
I don't think I'd have the strength that these parents have. I just can't imagine that kind of strength and with the murdering monster just feet away. I'd be going for his eyes with my thumbs.
@yougottabekiddiing Yıl önce
This is going on too long. Ridiculous to take this much time and resources just to get a sentence.
@OceanSwimmer Yıl önce
Make the killer SIT UP AND LOOK AT THE PERSONAL TESTIMONIALS, EVIDENCE, ETC. It is disrespectful to the Court, the Witnesses, the experts, and the Families to HIDE behind his mask and hand!!! Judge, ORDER NC to SIT UP, REMOVE HIS MASK AND RESPECTFULLY OBSERVE the proceedings!!!!!
@bulletsxdame Yıl önce
For weeks, NC has sat there and acted indignant like all of the testimony is a waste of his time. It's infuriating to watch. I'm sure if the lethal injections don't get him first, prisoners will.
@kimberlyqmontez2485 Yıl önce
@lindabradford9591 Yıl önce
I agree
@sherrymacdonald261 Yıl önce
NC shows no emotion....just writes notes and draws.
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