Doctors in Distress: Saving the Lives of Those Who Save Lives | Dr. Ed Ellison | TEDxNaperville

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TEDx Talks

4 yıl önce

Dr. Ed Ellison, leader of one of the world’s largest groups of physicians, pulls back the curtain on one of medicine’s most critical issues: Doctors are suffering. On a quest to enlighten society to the value of recognizing the humanity of our physicians, Dr. Ellison gets real and goes to the heart of the matter, offering a solution to this acute issue.

Dr. Ellison is board certified in Family Medicine and is a diplomat of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He serves as executive medical director and chairman of the board for the Southern California Permanente Medical Group, one of the largest self-governing medical groups in the country, setting the strategic direction and accountability for all aspects of patient care.

In 2015, Dr. Ellison was named chairman of the board and CEO of The Southeast Permanente Medical Group of Georgia, responsible for TSPMG’s overall performance. Dr. Ellison is also co-CEO of the Permanente Federation, a consortium of all the Permanente Medical Groups in the nation, supporting the work of more than 21,000 Kaiser Permanente physicians and 80,000 employees.

In 2014 and 2015, Dr. Ellison served on the board of directors of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, working with more than 650 SCPMG physicians and thousands of Kaiser Permanente employees who volunteered to provide care and support to more than 6,300 athletes. Dr. Ellison is board certified in Family Medicine and is a diplomat of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He serves as executive medical director and chairman of the board for the Southern California Permanente Medical Group, one of the largest self-governing medical groups in the country, setting the strategic direction and accountability for all aspects of patient care. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

matthew sargeant
matthew sargeant Aylar önce
Thanks could not have said it better, consultant psychiatrist for 31 years.
Human Resources
Human Resources 2 aylar önce
Doctors choose to kill themselves because they understand that they are incapable, flawed humans, who have continually make unforgivable mistakes in an effort to make money. Good riddance.
Page N
Page N 3 aylar önce
get a deliverance, its demons read up on them, most of us born with them, doctors get a deliverance and dont let them back in, if they get it from emotion, get them cast back out but walk careful with the Lord, the demons goals are steal kill destroy humans and they use our bodies as their home, read up on it get delivered and be blessed and walk careful they got back in me,
Abdulganiyu Ishola
Abdulganiyu Ishola 3 aylar önce
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Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy 3 aylar önce
VIRNA MISRA 4 aylar önce
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Borja Rodriguez
Borja Rodriguez 5 aylar önce
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T HS 6 aylar önce
Clinic Reimbursement? dwindles almost as fast as he Rx med prices rise. The Psych intake guy remarked that the insurance of the two patients won’t even pay the psych hospital Unless the patients were ‘in the act’ of attempting suicide or homicide at the time of admission! And yet, our Medical training produced attitudes of: “...I know I am sick, but that’s not an excuse to miss work - unless I’m actively vomiting...” We had fellow residents work while hooked to IV poles for rehydration or broken ribs or just-casted fractures. We traded stories re: staying up more hrs for a bigger crisis than the next guy. We wore our self-sacrificing sufferings in the face of duty to our patients and each other like a badge of honor. More Paperwork, more patients, less pay, Less Time, more treatment interference, and still the same nutrition-poor, overworked, under slept, self-sacrificial lifestyle. And No confidants? No Wonder!
T HS 6 aylar önce
I finished 2 hours, after clinic hours, at a clinic I don’t own, trying to find an intervention for a dangerous psychiatric crisis of SI and acted on HI ... in elementary children ... whom I’d already referred to Psych and sent to Pedi Hospital ER, from which they were punted back; to then be confronted with the managerial reality that such practices lose money. I was not insulted by this because I know it’s true. Appointments are scheduled for every 10 minutes (less than 10 min therefore for triage/SOAP/discharge).
Aabha Nikhade
Aabha Nikhade 7 aylar önce
To all the doctors out there who are suffering from a sense of not being good enough, not being appreciated for the incredible job that they are doing, getting beaten up due to the ignorance and illiteracy of the mass population, the guilt when trying to put their own needs before others; please take care of your mental health. If it doesn’t feel right, there’s no shame in choosing what is right for you and leaving what isn’t. You should come first always.
Sara Tuzel
Sara Tuzel 9 aylar önce
This is so important for everyone to hear - I dropped out of medical school because I was losing my humanity. Very little support, lots of shaming, and lots of pain. Suicides, depression, drug use, and mistreatment were prevalent. Speak out!
Catherine Aleman
Catherine Aleman 10 aylar önce
Why are there only like 600 likes?!? 3 years BEFORE the pandemic?!? Wake up!! GET RID OF HIDEOUS ADMINISTRATORS!! DOCTORS NEED TO TAKE BACK MEDICINE!!!
T HS 5 aylar önce
Henryk Jordan
Henryk Jordan Yıl önce
Thank you! There is a great need to validate that those people have right to feel exhausted. They are not for society to drain dry. Physycians, nurses, paramedics, lab workers... They are people and they deserve compassion.
Rider Boy Clan
Rider Boy Clan Yıl önce
Hey that’s not Colin Baker
Meina Dubetz
Meina Dubetz Yıl önce
Thank you for a powerful presentation and for making a difference in our world.
Cloyd Bucher
Cloyd Bucher Yıl önce
what need doctor is more vacations and better hospitals with better tools .... i dont forgive imperfection for doctor .....
Richard Ottum
Richard Ottum Yıl önce
Traumatic brain injury survivors get burned out from the constant friction of the therapy hsmpster wheel. Constantly trying to be better is great until I realized I'm still who I am. Who are they trying to change? Why do they want I am to change for them. I am is the name of God for all future generations. Who I am doesn't get burned out., according to how the army trained me to be. Most people know the bullet proof label on a helmet don't mean its guaranteed to stop a bullet from bring shot at.
Richard Ottum
Richard Ottum Yıl önce
Laughter yoga and medical marijuana help some help some people greatly
Richard Ottum
Richard Ottum Yıl önce
Brain injured veterans are like this very much. Thanks for exposing this truth
Thomas Pridmore
Thomas Pridmore Yıl önce
£43 for doctors letter what racket are doc running
Harriet Ruffy
Harriet Ruffy Yıl önce
Its a number of small things that pile up; one step would be, could you get people to quit demeaning us by calling us “providers??” We’re physicians and it is wrong for the “suits” to take that away from us.
guest guest
guest guest Yıl önce
Farmers save even more lives every day.
Human Resources
Human Resources 2 aylar önce
And don’t get paid anywhere near as much as doctors, nor do they have the privilege of having their struggles showcased in a Ted talk. Because farmers / food don’t matter, but a sociopathic medical doctors over entitlement does.
T HS 5 aylar önce
Definite Amen to Farmers... essential! and yet also taken for granted & lacking societal support; their unceasing efforts unappreciated; their struggles, heartaches and disasters unrecognized.
Kania Indriani
Kania Indriani Yıl önce
guest guest that’s amazing. Can I watch a ted ed about farmers and engineer? What sort of issues are they having? I’m curious. Surely you brought them up because there are important issues you want to discuss, not just to invalidate and get triggered over a title, right?
guest guest
guest guest Yıl önce
@Eric Orr why bring up the phrase "saving lives"? Don't we all save lives? For example, mechanics save lives because if ambulance breaks down, they have to fix it, etc.
Eric Orr
Eric Orr Yıl önce
Farmers are not the subject of this conversation.
dan theal
dan theal Yıl önce
Thank you. My dad was a physician and I loved him so much and I also really appreciate my family doctor so maybe the next time I see him I will tell him that and maybe I will tell him that not do I appreciate him but I have no doubt that his other patients feel the same and I hope he is looking after himself.
SomethinBoutMaryAnne Yıl önce
I’m a nurse practitioner in Canada, this is exactly how I have been feeling. I’ve tried to reach out and ask for help and have only met resistance. Shape up or ship out was essentially what I was told. Trying to find my place.
Kathryn Harris
Kathryn Harris 4 aylar önce
I hope you did find your place, and can now help others in the place you were!🙏🏻❤️🌹
dan theal
dan theal Yıl önce
I hope you get the support you need and if you can't find it within the profession find it from a counsellor. Good luck
joe blow
joe blow Yıl önce
I want nothing to do with medical doctors. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.
hope tho
hope tho Yıl önce
Best way to have nothing to do with medical doctors- never fall sick. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.
dan theal
dan theal Yıl önce
Maybe one day you will need a doctor and if you do I hope you will appreciate the help you get. You probably have a good reason for feeling the way you do but there are a lot of dedicated physicians out there.
Kate R
Kate R 2 yıl önce
Absolutely love this ted talk! He is so well spoken! And so compassionate
A C 3 yıl önce
Well said, Ed, such an important issue for all of us. I still remember the day I got my medical school acceptance letter from Northwestern. It was one of the proudest days of my life, and I wish we can all think back to how each one of us must have felt on that day. SCPMG is leading the way with your leadership.Thanks for all you do.San B.
Arun Jain
Arun Jain 3 yıl önce
Very well organized talk that drives home the point for the all the stakeholders. Thank you Dr. Ellison.
khinekhine win
khinekhine win 3 yıl önce
Perfect timing! Thank you Dr. Ellison for an eloquent talk offering realistic picture and solution.
Nicole Lorey
Nicole Lorey 4 yıl önce
Way to light the wick of an idea, Dr. Ellison! Such an important, powerful message to share. And love that you've shared something we can do to help remedy this. Thank you!
Jack Der-Sarkissian
Jack Der-Sarkissian 4 yıl önce
Thank you Dr. Ellison. Teaching doctors to heal themselves is more important now more than ever.
Phil Boissiere
Phil Boissiere 4 yıl önce
You nailed it Ed! Such an important issue.
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