Julie Ertz | The Next Chapter

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U.S. Soccer

U.S. Soccer

2 aylar önce

An absolute joy of a career and a dream come true. Julie Ertz reflects on her remarkable career with the U.S. Women’s National Team ahead of her 123rd and final match for her country.
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@HurricaneLisa3 2 aylar önce
I'm so glad she gets this fanfare farewell. So well deserved. Can't wait to be at the game tonight to wish her well!
@kristiannelson1851 2 aylar önce
Big time jealous you'll be there in person! Enjoy!
@CrzBoarder 2 aylar önce
Thank you Julie! Blessed to have been able to watch you play the game you love. Cheers to the next chapter of your story. Keep living your best life.
@MsHohs-mm2hp 2 aylar önce
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@bubbleheadedtomato 2 aylar önce
Julie, you are the ultimate role model for all people but especially for women! Thank you for your dedication to greatness and to being a light in this world. So stoked for you in this next chapter of your life-you are more than deserving of it!
@piemacri 2 aylar önce
Congrats on an awesome career Julie! It’s so great you are leaving on your own terms! Legendary player!! ❤
@user-my5wn1wg1l 2 aylar önce
So proud of you Julie Ertz, be blessed, such an incredible job you did through years for the US women soccer team. We love so much and let the next chapiter of your life be full of blessings and joy. I don't know you personally, but I've been clapping my hands and cheering for you while watching your playing.
@DanielleVMarquez 2 aylar önce
Incredible person, incredible player. I will truly miss seeing her on the pitch and dominating every minute she plays. Hoping she finds even greater fulfillment in this next chapter!
@anlerden4851 2 aylar önce
Julie was so great character for USA Women Team.🙏
@yavuzkestane9952 2 aylar önce
Is that Donald Trump? 😂
@lucyfinnegan355 2 aylar önce
Julie is the heart and soul of that team
@carolynmyers4203 2 aylar önce
Although I’m happy for her, my heart is sad. My favorite player deserves to be happy and her mama heart can’t change….but I will miss her place she’s made on this team….my team. Going out in shape and able to play at the level Julie can currently play makes it even harder. Madden is worth it, and I hope one day he realizes the sacrifice his mama made for him. Contributing to this world in such a positive way cannot be matched. Good on ya Julie Ertz!!!
@JessicaChastainFan 2 aylar önce
Thank you for all the greatness, Julie!!!
@solid2661 2 aylar önce
Well nothing can replace you as person or a player you've made your mark and it will remain as it is that means you never left. Your son and his children will be so proud of you in seeing that mark you have left behind on soccer, maybe some will follow your footsteps. Heroes never dies.
@user-qp5pv7nd3s 2 aylar önce
You are the absolute best! A roll model as an athlete and as a human being. We'll miss you.
@shanelb334 2 aylar önce
I’m gonna miss you Julie 😢 what a career
@JoseGutierrez-ju9cv 2 aylar önce
Amazing! You will be missed ❤
@aditiisthebest1656 2 aylar önce
@sandrapatriciaoriguarios4589 2 aylar önce
All the best for the future, Julie!
@kristiannelson1851 2 aylar önce
Just put her picture next to the #6 position in the dictionary. The best to ever do it.
@taylorruegg3792 2 aylar önce
Thank you Julie you will always be my idal.❤
@user-mw9cl6pj3i 2 aylar önce
❤ que belleza !
@user-on1mr1mk2x 2 aylar önce
🇺🇸We love you julie
@RitaOwusuAgyeman 2 aylar önce
Thank you Julie
@certinho76 2 aylar önce
Thanks Julie!
@cayennepeppa707 2 aylar önce
Hopefully, you weren't one of the bullies on the team that made it toxic, as per former players.. Best of luck in retirement.
@salmaalhsni9938 2 aylar önce
😢 ❤️ julie
@lunakim1021 2 aylar önce
@robertnatusch9604 2 aylar önce
Great job!! God bless you and your family!!
@jwales1177 2 aylar önce
Philly phans love the Ertz's!
@magdalena9917 2 aylar önce
Thank You
@anlerden4851 2 aylar önce
I will miss you alot Dear Julie You had done great things for Our Beautiful USA Women Team.🥰🥰😍🤗❤🤍💙💪🙏👍🎉🎊🔥⚽
@user-xoxlozelyaueban 2 aylar önce
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