River Murray Flood 2022/23 - Mannum - 27/12/2022

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akmz Productions

akmz Productions

11 aylar önce

River levels at Mannum on 27 December 2022 including Hunter Road breach

@noelmore155 11 aylar önce
Great to see a Birds Eye view, this is amazing how much water is coming down. My father has lived there is whole life. He was only 9 years old for the big 1956 flood. His house was in the Main Street and was destroyed.
@yabbadabbadoo8225 11 aylar önce
Looking at how wide the Mannum valley is, this river once flowed at 5x greater rates than recently. Time to seek higher ground!!
@myneighbourhood2842 11 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing. Beautiful view.
@akmzproductions2503 11 aylar önce
Glad you enjoyed it
@mercedegallina9938 11 aylar önce
@@akmzproductions2503 mi dispiace vedere Mannin così lo ricordavo col verde fiori un bel posto
@akmzproductions2503 11 aylar önce
@@mercedegallina9938 Tornerà.
@exraarabbit 10 aylar önce
Brilliant vision, the last minute shows just some of the destruction of Hunter road near Haythorpe reserve.
@akmzproductions2503 10 aylar önce
The power of the water is interesting to see. Will take some time to repair the road to enable the resumption of the ferry.
@JeffAtkinson-bt5cx 11 aylar önce
Great shots Thank You
@akmzproductions2503 11 aylar önce
Many thanks!
@S-series1977 4 aylar önce
Nice 👍👍👍👍👍 video
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