Top 5 Scariest Supernatural Clips - Live Reaction

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GOFUNDME Ghost Hunt Adventure
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artofkickz 5 aylar önce
Ohhhhh heck nahhhh im still tripping over that last video. yall idk if ill be able to sleep tonight.
Craig Martin
Craig Martin 3 gün önce
Yeah; glad i bumpd into these....scary & FRIGN HILARIOUS 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Goode
Daniel Goode 6 gün önce
Some of these things if it was me there I would of panic punched like that think that was squealing I would of streaight up panicked and went all in on it
Steven Morf
Steven Morf 8 gün önce
Let's get scared 😂😂😀😂😂
Steven Morf
Steven Morf 8 gün önce
I love your ghost 👻 videos
Juan Vela
Juan Vela 9 gün önce
Uno más
Mable Dill
Mable Dill 7 saatler önce
Hi this is Mable love your videos .
Angela Atteberry
Angela Atteberry 8 saatler önce
I believe sleep paralysis is paranormal because I had it (almost nightly)for 20 years until I was able to scream God's name 1 night And it hasn't happened again in 5yrs.
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 10 saatler önce
4:02 This is one of my personal favourite clips of all time. Only being able to see it through the mirror thing makes it 10x scarier. Edit: Also, WHY TF ISNT THE GUY RUNNING AWAY!!! I would've ran so fast that The Flash asked me to slow down 😂
Kayla Maness
Kayla Maness 18 saatler önce
I. Am. Here
Janis Shearer
Janis Shearer Gün önce
I have a ghost that follows me sence I was a teen that trust to rape me every time and I fight it when I I can move again I'm afraid one day I won't be able to move at all sometime and it will win . I've tried everything to get rid of it
Christine Mazzuchelli
Christine Mazzuchelli Gün önce
Luke Soltysiak
Luke Soltysiak 2 gün önce
it'a all BS, if those creatures or ghosts ware real? we would all experience it
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson 3 gün önce
Hello. Not me either.Roflmbo.
Derek Nadeau
Derek Nadeau 4 gün önce
Dude it’s a human! 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️
Tara Warren
Tara Warren 4 gün önce
oh Cuz!! u made me laugh so much tonight!! Thank you so much!! when i'm in a funk i watch your scary reactions and u cheer me up so much! I hope your new year has been better than most baby-doll..
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 5 gün önce
Man those emf's or spirit box trackers supposedly that can pickup on ghost n paranormal presences/is very hard for me to believe in, cause how do we know that their not just picking up on your friends or yourself's spirit!!!!!!! whatever,it is just a little machine that basically is able to possibly pick up on spirt things ,everyone there has a soul/spirit so how do we know that they aren't just picking up n responding to you or your friends spirit who were present at the time that they are in these supposedly haunted places, unless proven by actual high level scientist I am going to always call BS on those machines spirit boxes whatever you want to call them,they pick up on my spirit if I'm using it the same like they could pick up on any Spirit that's around them so you can't believe 100% in all that until proven otherwise
crowncontrol 5 gün önce
how is all the footage still so bad? its like as bad as that shit in the 90s with bigfoot. how? fake shit lol
Bee Young
Bee Young 5 gün önce
That's not the blair witch house for one how I know is because I'm a general laborer meaning I paint, put down floors, hang dry wall, and apply stucko to cement foundation homes and just from there being a chain driven garage door but the exterior paint and outside electrical junction box on the wall seems way to new for it being in a 19th century that was abandoned as well as the fact if I'm not mistaken it was demolished in either 99 or 2000
Jaa Nijjar
Jaa Nijjar 5 gün önce
U stop and talk ever 2 sec yourself pls let the video play alittle more
Sandy Waters
Sandy Waters 5 gün önce
Sandy from Indiana wants 1 more PLZ
Archibald Mathekga
Archibald Mathekga 5 gün önce
ghost behind you bro
Aury Hawkins
Aury Hawkins 5 gün önce
i feel safe watching this knowing that im not scared alone
Neil Zapf
Neil Zapf 7 gün önce
They feel cause that air vent
Scott Castro
Scott Castro 8 gün önce Happy
Scott Castro
Scott Castro 8 gün önce
Video 4 vlog
Scott Castro
Scott Castro 8 gün önce
Scott Castro hi
Doo dar
Doo dar 8 gün önce
The last video where the pantry door opens the shelves are full then after the face shows the shelves are empty
Juan Vela
Juan Vela 9 gün önce
That did it ain’t sleeping tonight !!
Juan Vela
Juan Vela 9 gün önce
One more
Juan Vela
Juan Vela 9 gün önce
When would you get more of the beard oil ?
Juan Vela
Juan Vela 9 gün önce
Your content is on point bro this
Yolanda Lechuga
Yolanda Lechuga 10 gün önce
Wassup art!
24-7 Beast
24-7 Beast 10 gün önce
Bro you keep looking behind you in your house shit got me rollin😂😂
smorehouse8 11 gün önce
Did the hide and seek one feel staged to anyone else.....?
Bryan Del Rio
Bryan Del Rio 11 gün önce
when are lives bro
Isolation Chaos
Isolation Chaos 12 gün önce
Its Edward scissor hands lmao
jaime jones
jaime jones 12 gün önce
It always makes me laugh at how frustrated you get when they thank the ghost. I'm wondering what you think they should say? Lol. "Fuck you ya scary piece of shit!" 😆
jaime jones
jaime jones 12 gün önce
If someone messed w/ my kids...I'd hunt...them...down. 🤬
jaime jones
jaime jones 12 gün önce
Doesnt that creature from the house those boys were exploring remind you of the creature in the zoo in Romania?
jaime jones
jaime jones 12 gün önce
The hospital has me questioning a couple things, but first and foremost...wheres the rest of the staff? I dont care how small a hospital is, nurses dont work floors alone. Theres the charge nurse, other nurses, CNAs...where are they?
jaime jones
jaime jones 12 gün önce
...and it seems a little weird how casually she just stands there filming while some creepy figure is coming towards her down another hall. I call BS on this whole thing.
jaime jones
jaime jones 12 gün önce
I live in Maine and my mother is a nurse who runs the operating room in a large hospital here. I dont think this is the same hospital, but I'd really like to know which one it is.
April Strongquill
April Strongquill 12 gün önce
I get sleep paralysis once in awhile usually when I'm tryna wake myself from a nightmare. But I have never seen a ghost or any shadow people and I open my eyes I know because I can remember looking around my room but not being able to move a muscle. Its a scary thing on its own not being able to move or talk sometimes I make noise or I'll scream like someone's tryna kill me my Sons say. My Sons use to get scared and come sleep with me when this would happen but now they used to it and just come make sure I'm awake and breathing ok.Im the only one in my family this happens to they say it's my depression because it gets worse when I'm depressed. Oops I lied my auntie used to get the same thing but a little differently she wouldn't scream around tryna wake up. But shes passed now. I used to be addicted to painkillers my aunt and I so we figured out we used to get our nightmares and sleep paralysis when we would take too many pills but I haven't been addicted for 8yrs now I dont drink or do drugs pharmaceutical or not anymore but still I get nightmares and scream around and sleep paralysis at least once a month. It's a hard thing to live with cause I wake every 1 or 2 hrs now so I'm very tired during the day and have a hard time staying awake but at night I'm wide awake and dont wanna go to sleep. It's crazy and hard to deal with.
April Strongquill
April Strongquill 12 gün önce
that one with the kid is gone to freekin far why the hell would someone hack into a child's security camera to scare them I hope the mofo got caught n thrown in jail freekin pig
Barrett Davis
Barrett Davis 12 gün önce
Yo imagine if the mom was a cyber security specialist for the girl. And trace hacked the guy back....would it go down as another murder mystery? Or another predator caught? U decide
Donna Moore
Donna Moore 13 gün önce
I'm here AOK
LavaGodSerraph 13 gün önce
The sound at 50:00 kinda of sounds like a cornered fox or racoon. But yes they are dead.
Quintin James
Quintin James 13 gün önce
Is it me or is chills voice so Damn annoying makes you want to tell him a cut that s*** out man.
Shannon Mullins
Shannon Mullins 14 gün önce
She nay nay first live killing it
dipho polianka
dipho polianka 14 gün önce
React to Slovak rapper Dipho
Cindy Paschall
Cindy Paschall 19 gün önce
Ready for some more
Terry Norris
Terry Norris 19 gün önce
You crack me up! I agree with you most of the time/ thanks/keep me laughing!
Terry Norris
Terry Norris 19 gün önce
Sure it’s not consternation?
Terry Norris
Terry Norris 19 gün önce
He needs to quit telling the doll “hello “
Terry Norris
Terry Norris 19 gün önce
I really love it when you use the bigger screen, Thank You Very much!!!!!!!!!!!
IngeniousOutdoors 20 gün önce
honestly i think a lot of events where stuff moves isnt from ghost activity, but from latent psychic abilities by the person filming
Gary Jenkins
Gary Jenkins 21 gün önce
Aliens are not real
RedBeard Johnson
RedBeard Johnson 21 gün önce
Yoooo u rub bed me the wrong way champ....ur bullshittin chills right? when you said "yOu Put tHE SouNd iN ThErE"..i just subscribed cause i thought even though you sound dumb as shit cause you have no idea what youre talking about, lol, you werent judging the guys that are simply sharing the videos....
Thomas Hurl Hi
Thomas Hurl Hi 21 gün önce
I always turn the volume down on the narrator voice its so annoying
Suzanne Swain
Suzanne Swain 21 gün önce
They can't eat anymore ,so it bothers them!
Weatherz 22 gün önce
Rofl, that "hide n seek" look so staged and forced xD.
Erlinda Hill
Erlinda Hill 26 gün önce
Love these!
Dustin Jarreau
Dustin Jarreau 26 gün önce
Dude...You can see "Mabel" point out the little girl after her Dad says, "I see you behind the dresser".
Thomas Straight
Thomas Straight 28 gün önce
22:42 the light is just their flashlights reflection.
Steven Morf
Steven Morf 29 gün önce
I did
Steven Morf
Steven Morf 29 gün önce
What's good bro I'm get married
Donna Dwyer
Donna Dwyer Aylar önce
1840s: Robin Weaver disappears into the woods. Returns speaking of "a woman who's feet never touched the ground." -Then we have the five men murdered at Coffin Rock, bound to one another, their intestines removed and their faces etched with unreadable writing. The bodies later disappear. -1940s: Mr. Rustin Parr confesses to killing several missing, area children. Seven dead boys' bodies are found on his property and he subsequently admits in court how he murdered them in pairs, one facing the corner while he killed the other one. -Then we have first-person accounts from Mary Brown, who saw the fur-covered witch while fishing in the woods, as well as the fishermen who saw the strange mist over the creek. -Finally the trio of filmmakers ventures into the woods and has the host of scary encounters. Yet her house has a roller door, flushing toilet and closets? Did they have them in the 1800's? Also there were no cars in 1800's so why have a garage attached to the house? I call bullshit on it being the witch's house, perhaps Parrs house but not the witch
Rose Kestner
Rose Kestner Aylar önce
It said leave him alone!!
Earl Baker
Earl Baker Aylar önce
Any door or cabinet door in my house has been oiled. Don't want any squeaking doors at all!!
Jackie Kelley
Jackie Kelley Aylar önce
That last one was fake
Jackie Kelley
Jackie Kelley Aylar önce
I seen it!!
Jackie Kelley
Jackie Kelley Aylar önce
Let’s go
darkness45 Aylar önce
There's a ghost behind you right now
Felicia Griffith
Felicia Griffith Aylar önce
wow with his voice he a copycat in the worst way no copycat ever gets it right lol
L'aura Bradford
L'aura Bradford Aylar önce
OMG, that wacked rhythmic speech. Sorry, had to move on
aler zab
aler zab Aylar önce
At 10:49 in your video of that girl who said she saw something, look very closely at the bottom half of the door and you’ll see a mans legs
darkness45 Aylar önce
this dude keep acting like nothing is real people who think ghost and creature are not real in some videos are too stupid or arrogant to whats real and whats not keep thinking that way and see what happens
Kassie Taylor
Kassie Taylor Aylar önce
Kassie Taylor
Kassie Taylor Aylar önce
Thats a whole lotta of HELL NO!!!!!
Scott Pool
Scott Pool Aylar önce
I am here oh yeah😎
Marianne Aylar önce
1:03:35 The little girl ghost ....😨scared I am going to have a very bad sleep😓 I have to stop watching this at night time
Damien Feltus
Damien Feltus Aylar önce
Nukes don't do that to us again
Damien Feltus
Damien Feltus Aylar önce
Told you
Damien Feltus
Damien Feltus Aylar önce
I wouldn't do that
Damien Feltus
Damien Feltus Aylar önce
Oh no
Damien Feltus
Damien Feltus Aylar önce
Get that baby off the floor
Damien Feltus
Damien Feltus Aylar önce
That's a zombie
Damien Feltus
Damien Feltus Aylar önce
You never ran from a video before
Damien Feltus
Damien Feltus Aylar önce
Nope not me
Alexandra Staples
Alexandra Staples Aylar önce
lolIt was creepy
Sarah Mathews
Sarah Mathews Aylar önce
Also, do you have to ask all of these people to use their videos in your video? Or can you just film them without having to ask
Sarah Mathews
Sarah Mathews Aylar önce
I feel like that little girl playing hide and seek video was capped. The way the girl is talking is like they rehearsed what she was gonna say. I have kids and they dont talk as if they're trying to remember what to say. They just talk and if they forget, they stutter or say um. Not try so hard to get it right.
Frederick Burke
Frederick Burke Aylar önce
Nigga you got balls. You got me looking and fidgeting all over the place
Frederick Burke
Frederick Burke Aylar önce
Yo yo
Deago Chamberlain
Deago Chamberlain Aylar önce
Watch the life of luxury
bakugous teddy bear
bakugous teddy bear Aylar önce
The hide and seek one is so fake she forgets her line at the end and it just seems so fake
Sheet Nasty Skin TM Brittany Andress
Sheet Nasty Skin TM Brittany Andress Aylar önce
💯Looks like you hit the TRshow ALGORITHM!💯 I binged your channel over 2 days. Good stuff. Also, When you get up to leave some weird sounds come over the monitor I don’t know
Khaleef Merricks
Khaleef Merricks Aylar önce
The number one video shows more..... Why did the cut the part when he closed the do and the ghost popped up in the glass?
BipolarBear777 Aylar önce
Video content starts at 2:08, another long video intro... 😡
Zayne Brown
Zayne Brown Aylar önce
Laila Rhoswen
Laila Rhoswen Aylar önce
If you do a "go-fund-me" thing again. Maybe you would like to send over one hundred my way lol. Fund me the ability to do a savings account lol~
Jordan Bober
Jordan Bober Aylar önce
This video turned into absolute completely shit onece you started talking non stop about the dude voice.
Der Meinungsreiche
Der Meinungsreiche Aylar önce
it annoys me sooo much how this one person out of the second compilation who is talking like, every sentenceeeee he speaks out the last woooooord like thiiiiiiis
James Smith
James Smith Aylar önce
You can invite spiritual by watching
Glee Family
Glee Family Aylar önce
Ive watched alot of your newer kids and and ive watched alot of these alone myself, but ive stopped because i fell asleep on my couch last week and dreamed something was peeping out and standing at my bathroom door...i wokeup and my bathroom door was infront of me and it was dark but i turned the lights off and said (I GOTTA STOP WATCHING THEM VIDEOS ALONE AT NIGHT) AND SINCE I FEEL SHIT PEAKING OUT AT ME EVEN IN THE DAY...SO I FEEL SAFER WATCHING YOU WATCH THEM
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