Minecraft, But There Are Custom Elytra...

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Minecraft, But There Are Custom Elytra... (Challenge)

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This is a Minecraft Challenge in which I try to beat the game, but there are CUSTOM ELYTRA which includes the Diamond Elytra, TNT Elytra and Ender Dragon Elytra! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This was completely insane.

cbry 11 aylar önce
Sheep: Look, a plane! *Silver flying around whilst raining tnt*
TacosForMeNow 2 aylar önce
Enemy AC-130 inbound.
RudyBUDS 2 aylar önce
Y que
Whatever_Cate 5 aylar önce
Octoplaty 6 aylar önce
👒 🫐
Muscular Lenny Face
Muscular Lenny Face 8 aylar önce
Spider Elytra: Says wall climb and web cannon are its ability’s Silver: Wait I can shoot webs?!? I CAN CLIMB WALLS?!?!
Mogwai :3
Mogwai :3 9 aylar önce
Silver: Almost dies to fall damage Elytra: So I'm forgotten about now?
DoggoWithCancer 9 aylar önce
netherite ingot drops near lava* Silver: "Don't burn." Me: "It can't"
Megan Watt
Megan Watt 17 gün önce
Cactus: hello!
DoggoWithCancer 5 aylar önce
@Aaron Alkor oh I know
Aaron Alkor
Aaron Alkor 5 aylar önce
@DoggoWithCancer Dude, it’s almost 2022. We can let it die now
Whatever_Cate 5 aylar önce
Amaara Shaikh
Amaara Shaikh 6 aylar önce
I like your display pic
Russian Doge
Russian Doge 9 aylar önce
You should’ve spammed the random enchant on the bread so you could kill the ender dragon with bread
Russian Doge
Russian Doge 9 aylar önce
@M.C.G.C yes lol
M.C.G.C 9 aylar önce
Oh that would be truly a wacky memory
Kiwifious 11 aylar önce
“Hopefully I don’t die!” Silver says well having three rows of hearts.
Javier Virreira
Javier Virreira Aylar önce
He only had 1 minute
Chiranthan 4 aylar önce
Now he has 1.69 million subs
Flynecraft 11 aylar önce
@ シBot 808シ lol xD
Joost Gamer’-‘
Joost Gamer’-‘ 11 aylar önce
German plane
Hazel 11 aylar önce
@Varun - Brawl Stars thanks sherlock
Xavier Silva
Xavier Silva 9 aylar önce
i respect that he did the math for his subscriber count. i’ve been waiting for a youtuber to do that. thank you
Koshi Yoshi
Koshi Yoshi 8 aylar önce
@ThePixel1284 ATLEAST he tried lol
matyas liska
matyas liska 8 aylar önce
we are going for one billion subs
Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador 8 aylar önce
@ThePixel1284 very intelligent
Xavier Silva
Xavier Silva 8 aylar önce
@ThePixel1284 oh well the more you know
ThePixel1284 8 aylar önce
only thing is his maths is very very wrong. hes using the percentage of viewers crossed with the amount of subscribers he has, it should be the number of subscribed viewers against the number of unsubscribed viewers, not the total subs.
Mrs wu cooking
Mrs wu cooking 9 aylar önce
I like how silver doesn’t notice the The ancient debris but when he sees a ingot he’s like OMG
magicham 8 aylar önce
But just in case he should get it
XxLazy AtlasxX
XxLazy AtlasxX 8 aylar önce
@🌊sea fairy cookie 🌊 ikr it is amazing :)
🌊sea fairy cookie 🌊
🌊sea fairy cookie 🌊 8 aylar önce
@Saturn's Moon well just smelt it..? Edit: if you gotta craft it in java and you can't smelt it don't say like *oMg yOu cAnT* I can, in bedrock edition
Saturn's Moon
Saturn's Moon 9 aylar önce
You need four ancient debris to make a ingot so makes sense
Weegee 9 aylar önce
This would be great for an smp, imagine 3 people flying above and raining tnt whilst in a war, and so on
Fnf and fnaf stuff
Fnf and fnaf stuff 5 aylar önce
It would be good
Ishaan 6 aylar önce
It would be tatti kek
Weegee 9 aylar önce
@Phaser X UltraViolet only if you make them that way
Phaser X UltraViolet
Phaser X UltraViolet 9 aylar önce
smps are boring tho
xBapeReal 9 aylar önce
20:43 Silver: Telling netherite to (Do not burn) Netherite: Huh, i cant burn...
ishwar singh
ishwar singh 9 aylar önce
Dream: Boat Clutch TechnoBlade: Not even close clutch Silver: Elytra Clutch
Parkour boat and falling clutch while dream crafts and use water bucket
- Wild -
- Wild - 8 aylar önce
Make sense Techno : not even close techno clutch
Hikari Hanazono
Hikari Hanazono 8 aylar önce
Would've been funny to see him drop an anvil on the dragon for the kill lol. But either way, what a fun video!
SirCrabapple 5 aylar önce
Silver the speedrun champion, building portals as fast as Dream.
totally normal owl
totally normal owl 9 aylar önce
the best item in this video is the wood that was used to create a crafting table used to create the elytras
caleb 11 aylar önce
Silver in literally every video: "Dude, that is actually perfect."
Isla Stott School Account
Isla Stott School Account 5 aylar önce
Like actually tho
E’quavion  vids
E’quavion vids 6 aylar önce
Bee 9 aylar önce
All I could hear all video was ‘holy dude’
Blue Wolfie
Blue Wolfie 10 aylar önce
@Flawless Floor Care 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢
FuchsiaWool 11 aylar önce
I read this after he just said that
MadeDaGamer72 MadeDaGamer72
MadeDaGamer72 MadeDaGamer72 8 aylar önce
Silver: is there food tho, we need food Also Silver: contemplating in a large field of wheat
Killraptor42 9 aylar önce
Is anyone going to acknowledge that at 14:15 when he opened that chest he completely mist the ancient debris in the top
Mali 9 aylar önce
Exact bro!
Amy Rising
Amy Rising 9 aylar önce
Silver: “I’ll go nether”
Aubren Hockgeiger
Aubren Hockgeiger 9 aylar önce
Dan:no thank u
NinjaspiderGaming 8 aylar önce
Silver: **puts on gold armor** Also silver: **mines gilded blackstone where the piglins cant see you** Also Also Siver: Why aren't the piglins attacking me is this a 1.17 thing?
SpeedSilver 11 aylar önce
you are so good at editing
Void3005 7 gün önce
Who are you completing your self
Potato Mayo
Potato Mayo 15 gün önce
Agree haha
Foot goal
Foot goal 2 aylar önce
@Nick wdym
Lillian 2 aylar önce
Obama giving Obama a medal
Dream XD
Dream XD 5 aylar önce
Idea: You need to use a gold elytra instead of a normal elytra to make a blaze elytra! plus to make a gold elytra you’d need a blaze rod, golden feathers (made by surrounding feathers with glow stone dust) and 1 phantom membrane This way both are more hard to get, and worth the effort!
SpectreOutcry 9 aylar önce
Silver: What happens if I shift while in the air? Dude, it drops tnt! Also Silver: Made the mod...
George Nokes
George Nokes 8 aylar önce
18:13 I can’t believe you missed a diamond ore. You have mad the Minecraft gods angry
PrIvAtE tHe PeNgUiN
PrIvAtE tHe PeNgUiN 8 aylar önce
When looting the second bastion Silver didn’t notice that there was a piece of ancient debris in one of the chests
Actor PhoenixFire
Actor PhoenixFire 11 aylar önce
“It’s completely free, and you can always change your mind later.” The famous quotes starting from Dream.
Actor PhoenixFire
Actor PhoenixFire 11 aylar önce
@The Ultimate-X yessir
The Ultimate-X
The Ultimate-X 11 aylar önce
Almost every Minecraft TRshowr says that!!!
brickylyfe25 7 aylar önce
Imagine playing then just see diamonds and gold coming from the sky from silver
Abedwarsplayernamedshelgamez 9 aylar önce
Imagine having one of these elytras in a smp
P.E.K.K.A. 5 aylar önce
In these Challenges, where you can get many custom items, your inventory is always so full.
Rosa Gomez
Rosa Gomez 9 aylar önce
Sliver said “oh yes it’s a 7 vein of diamonds “ but he didn’t get the one on the ground 😂
Amelia_Myerss 11 aylar önce
Silver: "Netherite, do not burn." Mojang: "We already said it won't!"
Bekfast 2 aylar önce
I was gonna say that
TrilzR 11 aylar önce
@Sebastian Ibasco same
sir cockington whatington fat peni
sir cockington whatington fat peni 11 aylar önce
@cwutchy wasn't saying you were mad
Amelia_Myerss 11 aylar önce
@iamspit lol
bread boi🍞
bread boi🍞 11 aylar önce
@Avathegamer you said it it lol
Liam Connolly
Liam Connolly 9 aylar önce
Good job at incorporating all elytra into your final fight
OtakuGames 2 aylar önce
2:22 Dream in every speedrun.
Zhichart 9 aylar önce
I call bs on that ruined portal chest, awesome video though. Wish all those elytra were in vanilla minecraft
Mariyam Hanan
Mariyam Hanan 3 aylar önce
damn he really missed a ancient debri in one of the chest in the second bastion
Xyr 11 aylar önce
hey silver, you should consider making custom bosses/mobs since all of your videos are op and there's no threat
Carrie Allison
Carrie Allison 8 aylar önce
Btw in 1.17 you can now find instead of the max diamond vain being 8 it is now 9
Austin Conklin
Austin Conklin 5 aylar önce
ive been a subscriber since you made your first vid, with like 25k subs. im very surprised at how fast your channel has grown, keep up the great vids and maybe before 2023 you could have 9 mil subs!
Nazia Alam
Nazia Alam 6 aylar önce
Imagine playing with silver and he drops anvil on you 😂
Speedy Gaming
Speedy Gaming 9 aylar önce
You’re growing faster than dream
Deinonychus Overhaul
Deinonychus Overhaul 10 aylar önce
Silver: “I wonder how to get food” Wheat right behind him “am I a joke to you?”
M.C.G.C 9 aylar önce
Oh. My. Gosh 🤣
SINANZ HERE Shorts 8 aylar önce
Editing Is his Master piece
Ishaan 7 aylar önce
Gappa bas re hagrya
TheBoltShow 7 aylar önce
You think he edited this video?
Carlitos Malzoni
Carlitos Malzoni 8 aylar önce
pdwo 9 aylar önce
can you start publishing these mods please? it's because i love all of these ideas and would appreciate it if i were able to use the mods with my friends
Book Thoughts
Book Thoughts 9 aylar önce
You didn't collect ten elytra. . . I was actually wanting to see the phantom looking one.
IT'SnotEASY 8 aylar önce
18:11 somebody realize that he forgot one diamond on top, see closely
Allen Lett
Allen Lett 11 aylar önce
This would be a great twist for the next manhunt
Epul TM
Epul TM 4 aylar önce
5 bucks to someone who can count how many times he said "That's actually perfect."
Selene Sweetbrier
Selene Sweetbrier 9 aylar önce
How in the world did you miss the ancient debris!? Or did you just ignore it because there wasn’t four of them? Hope so
Winnie The Pooh Chinese President
Winnie The Pooh Chinese President 2 aylar önce
The spider elytra could be so useful in pvp
Ashlynn 7 aylar önce
we all wished elytra's were crafted instead of getting it from the end city!
SanityMC 11 aylar önce
Let's appreciate the effort that Silver put this amazing content..
Nicholas Fordham
Nicholas Fordham 11 aylar önce
Just report it
Ryder Hartlen
Ryder Hartlen 11 aylar önce
@Tom Simons ᨆ impostor
Gabriel Oetzel
Gabriel Oetzel 11 aylar önce
Salt 9 aylar önce
"falls in lava" silver - "That is actually Perfect"
CognitaCat 5 aylar önce
Imagine him doing a manhunt but he doesn’t tell the hunters and ends up raining tnt on them 😂
Thanvi Rumalla
Thanvi Rumalla 9 aylar önce
Did anyone notice that the pickaxe had curse of binding so in theory he should not be able to hold any other tool. But this is minecraft. And minecraft has no logic
Cycloneify 5 aylar önce
How did he miss the ancient debris in the bastion chest lol he could’ve taken it early for later when he found diamonds
Apex The kaiju jaeger Ultima wolf
Apex The kaiju jaeger Ultima wolf 4 aylar önce
Silvers has evolved into a hybrid with powers of unmatched wings
SpectreOutcry 9 aylar önce
This dude definitely knew the map already and I don't believe he created it. He continues asking what "his own" mod does...
Thomas Walker
Thomas Walker 2 aylar önce
Silver,"I wonder what lava walker does" The viewers,"Hmmmmm I wonder what it could possibly be."
ShadowOfMe Aylar önce
Maybe he should add a thing in the mod where you can craft an elytra with all the abilities!
Hot Blade
Hot Blade 11 aylar önce
Silver: Is there any way to get food though? Ruined portal chest: *Say no more.*
Kevin Bowers
Kevin Bowers 2 aylar önce
DocJags 9 aylar önce
Is there ever an episode where he doesn’t have a full inventory
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