INSANE ACTION at the 2021 Home Run Derby at Coors Field

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Zack Hample

Zack Hample

Yıl önce

Stampedes in the concourse, tearing apart concession stands, digging through trash -- the baseballs were PRE-autographed, and people went NUTS to catch them (and I got some wild POV footage with my GoPro). The whole day was crazy and fun and I'm excited to share this video.
What was my view like for Shohei Ohtani? How close did I come to Juan Soto's 520-foot rocket (the longest in Home Run Derby history)? How many baseballs did I catch (or almost catch) and who hit them?
In addition to Ohtani and Soto, six other sluggers put on quite a show: Matt Olson, Trey Mancini, Trevor Story, Joey Gallo, Salvador Perez, and Pete Alonso who won the whole thing . . . AGAIN!
FYI, it wasn't just the Derby itself that produced a ton of action. Both leagues took batting practice, and the players were being extra generous with toss-ups, so there was all kinds of stuff happening early in the day. I ran all over the place to find the best spots (concourse, bleachers, left field, right field, 2nd deck, Rooftop standing room, etc.) and while that didn't quite pay off with the results I had hoped for, it still provides an amazing tour of Coors Field.
In case you missed them (or want to re-watch them 20 more times), here are my previous Home Run Derby videos:
2016 --
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The Derby at Coors Field took place on July 12, 2021. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for my All-Star Game video coming next!

Aidan Fink
Aidan Fink Yıl önce
The fans fighting over the Pete Alonso baseball that went into the trash can was the funniest thing 😂
Jake Alvarez
Jake Alvarez Yıl önce
Went to the Home Run Derby and ASG this year, and couldn’t be happier that I didn’t sit in the outfield. I’ll take my toss ups during bp and not get trampled by 30 year old drunk dudes during the Derby haha
John Smith
John Smith Yıl önce
Dude you caught that homerun surrounded by all those people... Surrounded by complete madness and still pulled it off like a pro. Crazy.
Matt Yıl önce
I watched Curtis Pride at the end of his career with Triple A Salt Lake. Such a genuine dude and really fun to watch.
Nathan Chalmers
Nathan Chalmers Yıl önce
I hope other famous people watch Zacks videos and see how generous he is with taking photos and signing memorabilia. Good for you Zack!
oliverxkivett Yıl önce
Zack and a Home Run Derby have no
Sam Coniglio
Sam Coniglio Yıl önce
Can't believe you missed Trevor Plouffe at
Stephen Gomez
Stephen Gomez Yıl önce
Bro, you have no idea how happy your videos get me. Then seeing you catch a ball like today makes it even better. I feel like you give all of us a point of view of baseball that we don’t get anywhere else and I’m grateful for that. Keep doing your thing, Zack and God bless.
Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez Yıl önce
Man I love baseball and seeing so many fans having fun. Can't wait for this when it comes back to LA next year!
Zack Wakeman
Zack Wakeman Yıl önce
Thank you for working so hard with 13 hours of editing just for our entertainment. This vid made my day even better
Bigskunk 585
Bigskunk 585 Yıl önce
Love watching your videos! Keep up the great content.
Justin And Ash
Justin And Ash Yıl önce
Congrats on your 10th home run derby going to! Keep up the good content bro!
Mitch Mollison1
Mitch Mollison1 Yıl önce
Angelica Pinedo
Angelica Pinedo Yıl önce
Excellent video. Well done Zack, we loved seeing you there.
I was in the Rockpile with my sons and we and saw you running around on the West concourse. Lol. What an amazing night that was.
MLBallhawks! Yıl önce
LOVE IT! I appreciated seeing Z's POV. If I want to see the batters I can watch TV - the immersion was awesome! TOO awesome at one point when I actually FLINCHED at the Alonso ball that Z saw late. WOW!
Daniel Paoli
Daniel Paoli
“You guys want this one..?” That was super cool dude..🙏🏻 you could genuinely see how stoked and surprised he was when you offered that. 🤘🏻
Nvious89 Yıl önce
Curtis Pride is the man! When I was a kid I was at an Expos game during his second stint. Before the games the Expos would have a few players sign stuff, that day everyone wanted Ugeth Urbinas autograph. When I realized that wouldn't happen I was about to walk away but saw him and he smiled and signed my ball for me, super nice guy.
Richard Knutson
Richard Knutson Yıl önce
Zack, wow, that was an awesome video! The Go Pro action was so entertaining, especially with your two catches and people fighting for baseballs! 😂
S J Goode
S J Goode Yıl önce
Love your energy Zack! Great videos.
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