Tom Cruise Terrifies James in 'Top Gun' Fighter Jet!

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

2 aylar önce

"Top Gun: Maverick" star Tom Cruise picks up James for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the desert where Tom pilots James in a vintage fighter plane for the afternoon. And just when James thinks he's survived, Tom informs him the two will be going up again - this time in a jet fit for modern aerial warfare. There isn't much doubt Maverick will survive the experience, but will James? "Top Gun: Maverick" comes out only in theaters May 27!

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Robert Theron
Robert Theron
This guy fly's jets, helicopters, drives race cars, does his own stunts. whether or not you like him you have to admit, this guy is the real deal and has balls of solid titanium
Elizabeth Brammer
Elizabeth Brammer 28 gün önce
I think what most people don’t realize is that in order to fly these planes, he has to be type-rated on each one, separately, costing anywhere from $25k-$100k for the instructions and flight time… for him to be type-rated on so many different aircraft is insanely cool! That, and he has to regularly take up those planes in order to stay current!
My Tom Cruise story. My dad is in the movie business and he took me to about 20 movie premieres in Hollywood/Los Angeles when I was a teenager and their after parties(when the venue allowed). I can’t count how many movie stars I met. But Tom was the most impressive by far. His character was a pleasant surprise and pleasure to witness. The majority of actors/actresses didn’t want to mingle at the after parties much or at all. He’s the only one that I’ve ever seen literally spend hours meeting and saying hi to people, literally a lined formed, he looked at each person in the eyes, making them feel like they were special and genuinely engaging with every single person. I asked my Dad about that and he said Tom considers the moments he shares with his fans and supporters as his duty as a lead an actor and to the film. Truly impressive human.
akaTyler 28 gün önce
its so easy to forget that he is a PROPER pilot and has been doing this for longer than a lot of commercial aircraft pilots have
He's done more than the Navy itself to inspire and recruit future pilots.
McShortNfat 4 saatler önce
This is the best interaction I've ever seen him have with a talkshow. There wasn't any obtrusive questions, solatious gossip. They genuinely had good fun together. It was awesome.
Alessio Marin
Alessio Marin
I have huge respect for Tom Cruise. Nobody pushes themselves through the training required to become a fighter pilot merely for money. He genuinely cares about producing very high quality movies for his audiences.
Lauraaa 21 gün önce
These two together are just awesome. They just work off each other, both were absolutely hilarious in this, to the point I was laughing so hard I was crying. Especially at the Tom Cruise run James did across the tarmac 🤣🤣
Dwight Lembke
Dwight Lembke 28 gün önce
I am impressed with Tom. I didn't know even though he can even fly jets, he is down to Earth during the filming of the clip. I'm impressed.
TIL: Tom Cruise not only has a pilot's license, he's held one for decades AND that GORGEOUS P-51 is actually HIS!! Life goals...hahaha
Gary Davis
Gary Davis 21 gün önce
I worked with Tom for 3 months In Montana and Ireland on Far and Away and we did some pretty good fights.. He is one of the most professional and fun people I have ever worked with in a 30 year career in the motion picture industry.
GabrielTheGuitarist Gün önce
I always wanted to be a fighter pilot, but life had other plans. Seeing an actor who practically goes out and does the stuff he plays on the screen has to be the best life experiences. who would not want to fly with him? this had to be an absolute blast. I'd love to hang out with him.
Beastie Boy
Beastie Boy
Tom is on another level in this life. Absolutely inspiring.
Kimberly Taylor
Kimberly Taylor
Amazing actor right here! Have always been a Tom Cruise fan but this stuff really makes you appreciate actors who actually act. Doing his own stunts is what makes him the greatest!
TALON 21 gün önce
This whole thing is great LOL - Shoutout to Tom, heck of an actor and movie action hero. Hasn't slowed down at all and it blows my mind that he still operates at the highest level like this. Skilled at so many things and talented out the yin yang. Even when it comes to Mission: Impossible franchise, I thought he would have ended the series by now and he has two more confirmed on the way. Top Gun: Maverick was fantastic and loving the fun of this comedic bit. Undeniably one of the greats.
Jonathan Clayton
Jonathan Clayton 14 gün önce
Tom Cruise has done more amazing things then forgotten about, than most will ever attempt to do.
theZero-ø0 28 gün önce
I feel like I would give anything to fly with Tom Cruise. He seems like a hell of a guy.
One Tik
One Tik 14 saatler önce
"I don't want to be plopped out." Comedy gold this whole segment.
Kilo Ron
Kilo Ron
I knew Tom Cruise was a pilot but now after watching Top Gun 2, learning about the training course he designed for the actors, and watching this I can tell he really is a pilot's pilot. It's obvious he's passionate and cares about aviation immensely.
carlos garcia
carlos garcia 21 gün önce
how are people surprised that he actually flies his own plane, he has had more experience than many pilots. I would feel very comfortable flying with Cruise.
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