Why I had to pay back a customer $18,000 - How GMs DOD AFM Lifter Issue cost me a sale

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Flying Wheels

Flying Wheels

Yıl önce

Selling cars if tough sometimes especially when you get yourself into a moral dilemma. heres the story
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Jeremy Norberg
Jeremy Norberg Yıl önce
As a business owner I have eaten a lot of sh*t sandwiches over the years. I feel for you on this one. Nice work being transparent, and more important vulnerable in this video.
Nick Tuitasi
Nick Tuitasi Yıl önce
I respect your effort to keep the customer from being burdened with the engine work after the sale - well done. Here's my definition of Integrity - Doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. When I stray from this golden rule, wrong things happen. Keep trying to do right bro, I admire your desire to be transparent. You have earned my sub. Blessings.
Eli Pearson
Eli Pearson Yıl önce
You're an honest man by taking care of the problem and I wish everyone did what you did
James Plotkin
James Plotkin Yıl önce
The customer's impatience cost him a lot. I would have been chill about it, even finding out the details after the fact, and appreciated your desire to make things right. That customer lost big, but at least you have an opportunity to recoup some, or all your expenses, by telling the next guy what you did and that this truck has added value with all the new parts, including the alternator. You can come out of this in good shape.
Elmer A. Almonte
Elmer A. Almonte Yıl önce
95% of used dealers are not as honest as you are. Wishing you much success!
Commendable indeed!!! Being able to acknowledge your own mistake and being willing to take responsibility is almost unheard of no a days especially when we're talking used car dealers. Seeing how you operate inspires me to continue my pursuit of doing honest profitable affordable business. Thanks for all your transparency!
Gapplevr4 Yıl önce
It wasn't worth the headache to rush to fix and sell, they would've waited or you would've sold it to the next person after the repair without worry. Great job on taking care of the customer
CarDoc Cornwall
CarDoc Cornwall Yıl önce
Honesty is the best policy. Whether you have cocked up or fate has played a hand, most customers appreciate an honest response and will usually still recommend you to their friends. Most people like to deal with problem solvers. Kudos to you for being honest in delivering this story.
Stewart Starling
Stewart Starling Yıl önce
Craig you're awesome. Please keep up your honesty and transparency. The used car business need more like you.
TBoZzZ Yıl önce
I feel so bad, I started watching you back when you first got that lot and your dealer license, and I was subbed. Then I got put onto auto auction rebuilds and TRshow unsubbed me on here so Ive been missing so much..you were always my go to guy because of your attitude to never do a customer wrong. I'm back and subbed again and got alot to catch up on. Glad you're still around and doing what you do best bud!
Chris Lane
Chris Lane Yıl önce
Owning your mistake, being honest and trying to fix it on your own dime, you really can’t ask for more from a businessman.
Saroun Sam
Saroun Sam Yıl önce
This is my favorite video from you. It perfectly shows the high stress of the business and how one bad decision can turn into big problems. Kudos to you for filming even during the high stress times and actually showing us the not so pretty parts behind the curtain. Good advice and lesson learned. Thank you!
Daniel DiRienzo
Daniel DiRienzo Yıl önce
You handled it better than most dealers. When you do sell it the next person gets a great vehicle.
Shabbos-Goy Yıl önce
This is pure...
hondalude89 Yıl önce
Having worked at independent small dealership, I can totally relate to this. I was their head mechanic and we used to run into little issues like this. Rush rush fast fast because we have to deliver this car yesterday. I used to tell the owner/manager, yo just call the customer and tell him we had a snag be upfront with them people appreciate that. And he used to do what you did just try to hold it off and not tell the customer. In that rush trying to get the car running correctly we will run into mistakes and then that little white lie with snowball into a huge ordeal. That's usually the name of the game when you're rushing work, people tend to make mistakes trying to do stuff really fast. Personally I'm glad you learned that no matter what the customer would appreciate you being upfront with them. But it's nothing new in the industry it's always like that I'm sure, not just with you, but as well as with this place I used to work at and every other dealership
MrWebsie Yıl önce
I feel your pain, I’ve said it to myself loads of times. Extra pressure like that is not helpful to anyone.
gabe holmes
gabe holmes Yıl önce
You gotta give this man some respect for owning up and fixing it
Joseph Heyd
Joseph Heyd Yıl önce
Great job!!! I've owned an Automotive repair shop for 30 years and I have always found that when you fix your mistakes and own up to them you will receive much respect. People understand that mistakes happen, but it's how you handle it that shows your integrity. I think what you did was honorable. You knew there would have been a loss, but you also knew that it wasn't right to deceive your customer. My only suggestion is that had you told him what the situation was and that happens to be a common failure at that mileage, but you were going to do the repairs that were needed at your cost he may have felt even better about buying it knowing what was being done.
Dave Adams
Dave Adams Yıl önce
You’re a humble person. This industry and this world needs more of your kind of folks.
Nelson L
Nelson L Yıl önce
Much respect to you, I hope I could find the right person like this to buy a used car from!
Putting new shoes on the E36!
Jared Blair
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