Frozen vs. Fast vs. Fancy Taste Test

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

5 aylar önce

Today, we're seeing if we can taste the frozen, fancy, or fast barbecue! GMM # 1984

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*IAC* 3 saatler önce
@ 9:25 I can't stand when Link nibbles food like a lil girl; afraid to try it !
Niko Island
Niko Island 9 saatler önce
Hearing them talk about BBQ like this makes me feel something-
Jakob Auger
Jakob Auger 9 saatler önce
Nah man, I found this so funny. I literally break down just from you blindly liking the value ones and hating the fine dining
Lj Stewart
Lj Stewart Gün önce
12:06 “it’s good doe”
Toasty Boys
Toasty Boys 2 gün önce
I started heating up some leftover over ribs just so I could eat them while I’m watching this I love BBQ so much 😂
Kitsu 3 gün önce
Day 496 of waiting for them to do this naked
Jimbo Bimbo
Jimbo Bimbo 5 gün önce
When she laughed when he was disturbed by the fancy ribs 😂😂🤣🤣
Victoria Hart
Victoria Hart 11 gün önce
Rhett: "we don't like to get too fancy but we like to sit down" 💯
Jubilee Chambers
Jubilee Chambers 12 gün önce
Dont worry Link ive still been highly entertained
That's Ok
That's Ok 14 gün önce
Look at rhetts hair is he a greek god??
Sköll Hróðvitnirson
Sköll Hróðvitnirson 19 gün önce
This just goes to show you're not gonna get good BBQ from fancy restaurants. Find yourself a rundown roadside shack of a restaurant that looks like it's about to be condemned, and you're gonna get good BBQ.
Miley C
Miley C 22 gün önce
6:19 that’s what she said
Jake Mahoney
Jake Mahoney 25 gün önce
Them hating on bbq sauce makes me not trust any of their bbq opinions
Bill Nye For Senate
Bill Nye For Senate 28 gün önce
He commented about how they haven't been very "funny" this episode, but surprisingly, I enjoyed this episode a lot a lot. This proves they dont really have to be funny and it can just be good as is
Alex C
Alex C 29 gün önce
Smokehouse being shat on LOL
Erick Aylar önce
I was expecting to see Lucille's BBQ on this menu
JoAnn House
JoAnn House Aylar önce
This is the most I've ever seen Link eat on this show 😂
BenRyanCox Aylar önce
I bet Slab got ridiculous busy after this aired!!! If I lived closer, I’d take a little road trip there!
8D Media
8D Media Aylar önce
Rhett seems more angry
Charlene Morris
Charlene Morris Aylar önce
Just found u guys….funny, informative
steve thomas
steve thomas Aylar önce
Incredible mac & cheese , community bbq ATL, ribs Fox Bros
Samantha Melton
Samantha Melton Aylar önce
They need to do this but take the groceries store and replace it with joshes dish and not tell them till the end what they chose
Jacob Spies
Jacob Spies Aylar önce
I'm in Cali too, but I miss my Central BBQ from Memphis, TN, the best!!
8-Bit Ardmore
8-Bit Ardmore Aylar önce
Man I love it when they both start to end the episode and neither of them stutter at all and just say it in sync with each other.
MarzyMuzic Aylar önce
Straight up rlly enjoyed this episode wout all the comedy stuff
Palace Lex
Palace Lex Aylar önce
Their palates are SO BAD.
Frank Tedder
Frank Tedder Aylar önce
Did Link just say Mac n cheese doesn't go with bbq? Link, are you an insane person? I don't think he was really born in the south..
Liam Megyesi
Liam Megyesi Aylar önce
Y'all take turns repeating what the type of food your about to eat is... I just noticed
Suspect333 Aylar önce
BBQ is just cooking on a Grill outside
Ghetto Arrow
Ghetto Arrow Aylar önce
If you want better bbq go to KC, we know bbq
Jason Spears
Jason Spears Aylar önce
Link - "sorry if you're not entertained" This is one of my favorite episodes honestly
Kody DaWolf
Kody DaWolf Aylar önce
Yall did ribs and didnt go to chilis smdh
DameOfTheRose Aylar önce
I don’t think they had many jokes but the Texan in me thinks this is one of the best episodes when I saw how serious Rhett and Link took bbq
Antonio Nicolo
Antonio Nicolo Aylar önce
no one else see the smiley face on Rhet's thumb at 3:39?
Real life
Real life 2 aylar önce
Expensive bbq, in my experience, is usually not good. You want those places that look a little bit rough and you can smell as you get closer to the building.
Elizabeth L
Elizabeth L 2 aylar önce
I think it is so funny that Link thinks everything has Ricotta cheese in it lmao
Mr. Breadman
Mr. Breadman 2 aylar önce
Link eating Mac cheese with a spoon
Menolikey891 2 aylar önce
I'd come work for you guys and sweep your floors just for your leftovers. I hope you guys are feeding your interns lol
Dylan Moore
Dylan Moore 2 aylar önce
How do you get the food from restaurant to studi0 and preserve goodness
Thor Gonzalez
Thor Gonzalez 2 aylar önce
Idk man I was very entertained 😅 🤣
B.R. V.
B.R. V. 2 aylar önce
Is more spensive automagically more licious? Hmm
Liveordiebyinches 2 aylar önce
Wow, it's been awhile since I last watched.. I see Rhet has gone full lumberjack...
VoVillia Corp.
VoVillia Corp. 2 aylar önce
that moment when the great value stuff is better than the best lol
anton rodeghiero
anton rodeghiero 2 aylar önce
Doesn’t like sauce then likes sauce
Bert Williams
Bert Williams 2 aylar önce
Smokehouse better never watch this video
don smith
don smith 2 aylar önce
as a North Carolinian, I am appalled by your choices for pulled pork. Vinegar sauce gang!
CinqL 2 aylar önce
Too legit to quit.... that brings me back LOL
SilentMystic 2 aylar önce
gotta like how rett's hair goes down and link's hair goes up now
KY Gunslinger
KY Gunslinger 2 aylar önce
Rhett looks like a bro country singer I could just imagine him in a field in a music video 😂
Denise Zimmerman
Denise Zimmerman 2 aylar önce
That great value pulled pork looks like the "barbecue shredded chicken sandwich" from elementary school
YetiOnAUnicycle 2 aylar önce
Damn 11$ our Mac And cheese at my restaurant runs like 17$ I think 😂
Micah Doss
Micah Doss 2 aylar önce
It makes sense that fancy restaurants wouldn't know how to make a proper bbq to satisfy two sweet young southern boys
FlaccoT 2 aylar önce
y’all based in LA and didn’t think to swing by a kickback? all the tias an tios eatin sum bomb ass ribs lmao
Potato Sex
Potato Sex 2 aylar önce
OK rod
HistorikTheCreator 2 aylar önce
Does everyones parent make better ribs than basically all restraunts? Or just me
Ashlynn Maly
Ashlynn Maly 2 aylar önce
Can we talk about how Link's bite sizes are like 1/4 the size of Rhett's? 😂😭❤
JM D 2 aylar önce
I'm actually entertained. How about that.
T D 2 aylar önce
Rhett kicked that restaurant in the down under's when he said that great values pulled pork sandwich tasted better than theirs
Erik zorger
Erik zorger 2 aylar önce
why do you make your show so addictive? I need to get to bed but keep doing one more episode.
Daniel Geurin
Daniel Geurin 2 aylar önce
Before Watching: Lucille‘s BBQ better be on there. Those places are all over SoCal 😂
CaptOrgazmo 2 aylar önce
Im sorry but my pulled pork sandwich better have Sause on it.
winterrrsea 2 aylar önce
I've been vegan for 14 years. What is brisket?
Prob_io 2 aylar önce
Damn the dad jokes 😂
brandon heffernan
brandon heffernan 2 aylar önce
Listen carefully 9:10 😂😂😂
A1c2b3 2 aylar önce
Trader Joe’s Mac & cheese is the best! Wish they tried it
Shwah Gamers
Shwah Gamers 2 aylar önce
I don't think these guys understand that we'll watch them eat with no expectations for it to be a super funny episode. 😁
Benjamin Skousen
Benjamin Skousen 3 aylar önce
Do one at r&r bbq in utah
Elijah Neal
Elijah Neal 3 aylar önce
Awesome video!
Jkbomb 3 aylar önce
They are from the south but clearly don’t know their barbecue. Time to move back boys.
kenneth ford
kenneth ford 3 aylar önce
I like my pulled pork sandwiches to be dripping
Wes Murphy
Wes Murphy 3 aylar önce
I know that they're doing local LA places, but I was still hoping to see Fiorella's Jackstack.
Dyanne Abobo
Dyanne Abobo 3 aylar önce
They're really on the same wavelength today haha
Yurii Vavrin
Yurii Vavrin 3 aylar önce
These...are ribs.
Daniel Didyk
Daniel Didyk 3 aylar önce
Link is Cisco Ramon
BigTemperance #LithouseX
BigTemperance #LithouseX 3 aylar önce
Rhett u. Can’t just do a fancy dance like that & sit down so casually
40W3 3 aylar önce
Lol I love how Rhett repeats what she says
GarbyGarb 3 aylar önce
Are you not allowed to sit at fast casual restaurants?
Kayla 3 aylar önce
Reject *pblah* hahaha
Clif Jackson
Clif Jackson 3 aylar önce
The way you are eating, seems like you haven't eaten in a week.
Jacob Janssen
Jacob Janssen 3 aylar önce
taste test BBQ, yet never touches BBQ sauce... that's half the BBQ!
Bruh Dayummm
Bruh Dayummm 3 aylar önce
wish Rhett and Link, Reece and Lonk
Chris Busam
Chris Busam 3 aylar önce
Damn California prices....brisket is $17/lb here. Amazing brisket too....
Nightmarex_z 3 aylar önce
Thomas .Ryan
Thomas .Ryan 3 aylar önce
Marshall Hoben
Marshall Hoben 3 aylar önce
Ribs vs Mac and cheese🍢🌯
Jacob Gill
Jacob Gill 3 aylar önce
No need to be funny and joke around in this episode, Barbecue is serious business!
Tim Keough
Tim Keough 3 aylar önce
1.875 million people just saw Rhett destroy Smokehouse.
electric van
electric van 3 aylar önce
oh please, you guys made bean-eating interesting and entertaining.
Smooth micky
Smooth micky 3 aylar önce
Saint louis he'll yeah!!!
Stig 3 aylar önce
Link getting $51.50 is a sign of luck from Eddie Van Halen.
Ozzyborn Hexson
Ozzyborn Hexson 3 aylar önce
They don't need to joke all the time, I'm literally fully paying attention just because it's them XD they're entertaining without even needing to try
Chandler Tollison
Chandler Tollison 3 aylar önce
HAHAHA when Rhett said that restaurant doesn't know how to do barbecue in a way that is respectable. I felt every single bit of that
Emilio Navarrete
Emilio Navarrete 4 aylar önce
Should have gone to WoodRanch in LA
Andrew Healeydrew
Andrew Healeydrew 4 aylar önce
You could see all the Pig Pickin' memories rushing back on that pulled pork sandwich 😂
Ivan Rivas Gaming 24/7
Ivan Rivas Gaming 24/7 4 aylar önce
chris 4 aylar önce
Emmerson Hollenbaugh
Emmerson Hollenbaugh 4 aylar önce
1:57 is a fantastic look on Rhett
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 4 aylar önce
11:43 n-word?
Austyn Montgomery
Austyn Montgomery 3 aylar önce
He said “thinks it’s from that bun”
Stetson Holmes
Stetson Holmes 4 aylar önce
Rhett should get a mullet
J R 4 aylar önce
"Oversauced" bbq pork is never oversauced smh
Nicolas Martinez
Nicolas Martinez 4 aylar önce
Barbecue shouldn’t be expensive. It should be simple and accessible.
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