Sendin' him off right! Miguel Cabrera's final game was filled with SPECIAL MOMENTS!

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2 aylar önce

What a beautiful send-off. 💙
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@TheRealPrimeOne 2 aylar önce
I couldn’t watch this without tears. It’s sad to see someone who had such an incredible career in their sport of choice retire. Miggy is going to be missed by Tigers fans and I know that Miggy is going to miss playing the game of baseball ⚾️. But,on the bright side,Miggy is still going to be with the team and he’ll continue to play an important role in the Tigers organization going forward.
@Airman1121 2 aylar önce
As a Marlins fan, I concur. He was there when we won our last title in 2003. Emotional.
@KDF1974 2 aylar önce
Because of Miguel Cabrera, I got to witness a triple crown winner. I will keep his rookie cards forever.
@chimchu3232 2 aylar önce
I was very young, but I remember the triple crown season. I was maybe 10 years old, just starting to care about the MLB. Really cool you have his rookie cards, I only have his card from this season haha.
@KDF1974 2 aylar önce
​​@@chimchu3232I remember when he was this hotshot Marlins rookie who smacked 3 or 4 home runs in the 2003 postseason. The Marlins beat the heavily favorite Yankees for the 2003 World Series.
@ynotttt 2 aylar önce
@@KDF1974….he had a deal with Steve Bartman.
@GreenBayPack 2 aylar önce
​​@@KDF1974I'm still upset my Dodgers didn't pull the trigger on the Miggi and D Train deal back in 06-07. Lol, we did eventually get Dontrelle as part of the Dodgers post game show at least
@TheMemeSheriff 2 aylar önce
He apologized to the fans for failing to get a hit, but nobody cared and cheered for him anyway amazing
@stevenwalker9013 2 aylar önce
That’s how you send off a legend. Well done Detroit
@ObiWanBidoofy 2 aylar önce
You could see it on his face. His heart said stay, his mind said stay, but his body said this is the right thing to do. Gonna miss him being around.
@dieharddetroit1527 2 aylar önce
Only 3 players in history have a career .300 or better average, 500 or more career home runs and 3,000 or more hits. Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Miguel Cabrera. What a legendary career.
@TheCornDog. 2 aylar önce
What a legendary career for Miggy! As a Cardinals fan, I have huge respect for him. He and Pujols are the greatest hitters I've ever had the chance of seeing. Wish the best for you!
@kenw2225 2 aylar önce
Right handed, yes these two and manny
@TheChainChasers 2 aylar önce
I was at the Cardinals game saying goodbye to Wainwright but a lot of us in the stadium mentioned and were thinking about Miggy too. Well earned celebration for one of the best ever
@daddyphatsax304 2 aylar önce
As a lifelong Tigers fan...I've never been more impressed than I was with this send off for Miggy. Nice work....and all the best to the big fella. It's been amazing to watch.
@jordanhernly1285 2 aylar önce
I wore my Cabrera jersey with so much pride today, I watched one of the greatest send offs for a player ever, with tears in my eyes seeing in many ways seeing my childhood and teenage years retire, the joy he brought every Tigers fan will live on forever! Gracias Miggy!
@jdwfenton 2 aylar önce
I'll never forget the excitement the year he won the triple crown. In his prime, he was the most feared hitter in baseball.
@harrissilby 2 aylar önce
Im a yankees fan and I cant even watch this video without crying.
@johntaormina1084 2 aylar önce
As a Tiger's fan I felt the same when Jeter retired
@giovanni5930 2 aylar önce
As a Mets fan, we all love baseball
@ZachBeauchamp 2 aylar önce
Miguel Cabrera, you are such a huge legend and icon. Hold the torch up high, as we celebrate your legendary career in baseball. We are so proud of you for what you have achieved and accomplished: over 500 home runs, over 3,000 hits, and over 600 doubles. We will miss and love you! Once a Tiger, ALWAYS a Tiger!!! ROAR!!!!! 🐅⚾️🥹✌️👍🏆
@kylestark9289 2 aylar önce
Cannot watch this without crying. THANK YOU, Miguel Cabrera for all of the special memories!
@MotiveGR 2 aylar önce
As a Tigers fan, I feel so grateful that I got to spend my childhood watching Miggy and going to games. Detroit was lucky to have you Miggy.
@jakem5689 2 aylar önce
I was in the top deck and was so happy to see him one more time. One more defensive play, and an absolute legend of a man. You will truly be missed, Miggy!
@Realalexostrowski 2 aylar önce
The feeling in the Comerica park crowd yesterday was amazing! Glad I get to say I was at the game!
@num8309 2 aylar önce
Never been a tigers fan but I couldn't help tear up watching this
@omarmolinajr9824 2 aylar önce
As a Astros fan, i can easily say we're all Detroit fans today thank you for making baseball fun to watch Miggy you and the Tigers deserve this moment 🧡🤍💙⚾⚾⚾🎉🎉🎉🍾🍾🍾
@LeRapier 2 aylar önce
Como fanático del beisbol y de los Leones del Caracas solo diré muchas gracias Miguel Cabrera, un saludo desde Venezuela.
@JoseArturo19757 2 aylar önce
Yo , opinó lo mismo como fanático de los Leones del caracas. siempre respete ese jugador y para mí era sorprendente ver como alguien bateaba tan fácil cuando jugo en los tigres pero de Aragua; en fin, también recuerdo cuando fanáticos de los leones , le tiraron vasos , cerveza, hasta unas botellitas cuando el cubría el ,letfield y él, ni se inmutó o reclamó he hizo su trabajó y éso es : Miguel Cabrera. ❤Increible y ojo... por primera vez lloriqueando por un jugador deportivo q se retira cabe recalcar
@Harry11152 2 aylar önce
As a 30 year old Twins fan who grew up watching him play I have nothing but respect for Miggy! Thank you for the career and memories!
@mannythebeast7104 2 aylar önce
Happy retirement Miggy, I’ll be honest I’m not a tigers fan or any of the teams he’s been on, but I’ll say that he is one of the best players that I’ve known, Happy Retirement! 🎉
@albertbecerra6608 2 aylar önce
Que hermoso toda la MLB como honró a Miggy, Gracias 😢
@bengoodwin1572 2 aylar önce
I'm a lifetime Clevelander, grew up 30 miles northeast of Cleveland, and I almost became hysterical crying, Miggy is one of my all time favorite players
@luigic55 2 aylar önce
Te ví debutar, te ví triunfar, te ví convertirte en uno de los mejores de todos los tiempos.. Ahora con lágrimas y con un inmenso orgullo de ser Venezolano te deseo las mejores de las suertes en tus nuevos proyectos. Eres un ejemplo a seguir una leyenda viviente Miggy... Gracias por tanto, gracias por ser mi paisano 🇻🇪❤️
@user-hz5yr5jz4k 2 aylar önce
Miggy being my idol for over 10 years. Watching his ups and downs as well as all his milestones (eg.triple crown, 2mvps, almost another world series, just to name a few). I absolutely fell in love with his effortless swing and is impressed by his ability to hit at every direction. This summer, I have a chance flying to Seattle from 3000 miles away just to watch him in person. As soon as I saw him walking out of the batting practice box, it gave me chills and I couldn’t stop taking photos. The best part was that the mariners’ fans were also big fan of miggy so that I can enjoy my cheering with them. After the game, I went to the seats near tigers, dugout and shout,”Miggy! Where are you!” Unfortunately he was taking a shower, I couldn’t met him in person or have my ball signed😢 I’ll still cherish the memories and be grateful for everything! Thank you for all the fabulous performances and enjoy your life! Gracias Miggy🫡
@wilmerfuentes8243 2 aylar önce
It is sad to see my favorite player since my childhood retire from baseball but at the same time I am happy to see Fulfilled all his achievements and feats so many joys that he gave to the fan of the Tigers as well as Detroit and Aragua Thank you Miguel Cabrera # 24 of a brother from Maracay Venezuela and 100% Tigrero fan 🇻🇪🤝🏻🇺🇸
@bigsooch 2 aylar önce
Miggy was one of the best players I've seen play baseball. Its so sad to see him retire
@brando7266 2 aylar önce
Not in his last 7 yrs,
@richr.7698 2 aylar önce
I'm not a Tigers fan, but I have great respect for Miguel Cabrera. This video really touched me. Especially seeing his family and all of the Tigers fans cheering for him. He will definitely be missed but not forgotten. Congratulations Miggy on a wonderful career!
@YooperHatesOhioState 2 aylar önce
It’s gonna feel so weird to watch the tigers next year without miggy 😭😭
@massey4business 2 aylar önce
As a lifelong Dodgers fan, I've always loved Cabreras work ethic, attitude and commitment. No matter what team a player of his caliber (there aren't many) you gotta love the guy. Gracias Miggy! Miggy out! 🐯
@GreenBayPack 2 aylar önce
For anyone who doesn't get why so many of us love sports, it's moments like this. Don't matter whose your team, or who's your bitter rival, I'm more than confident in saying we can all appreciate this. ❤24. Can't wait to see him on TBS with Pedro and Papi
@ChunteringBackwardsForwards 2 aylar önce
As a Cardinals fan I never got to see much of this guy. But as a Cardinal fan I can appreciate the value of what a guy can mean to your entire franchise. Albert and Miggy 2 of greatest right handed hitters of all time.
@lukesmith94 2 aylar önce
As a cardinals fan, we’re also having to say goodbye to a legend of ours too, and in our hearts they still be the best and forever. Great job miggy.
@baconLord42069 2 aylar önce
Amazing player, funniest defensive player I've ever seen in my life but such a sad time to see him go. Now I feel like I'm getting so old😂 I hope he has an amazing retirement and life with his family
@kjinfries8812 2 aylar önce
As a Dodgers fan who didn't watch a ton of AL games, I can say Miggy is a legend who impacted the game more than he gets credit for. We will miss you on the field Miggy! What a send-off, I'm glad that Detroit showed up to show all the love he deserves!
@lilianagarcia3424 2 aylar önce
Imposible no llorar 😢….#GraciasMiggy. Te extrañaremos 🙌🏼
@67Dumont 2 aylar önce
Llegó el día que nadie en Venezuela ni en el mundo del béisbol quería que llegara, el día del retiro de Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera unos de los peloteros más galácticos de la MLB, te extrañaremos pero desde hoy, esperamos celebrar tu entrada al Salón de la Fama en 5 años. Tu lograte que yo como caraquista lograra lucir por mucho tiempo una franela de los Marlins de Florida con tu apellido atrás. Gracias por darnos alegrías a los venezolanos durante tu carrera Miguel. Saludos desde México.
@oogieboogie5678 2 aylar önce
Greatest hitter of my generation, lucky enough to watch your whole career. We're gonna miss you but we get to say we watched you play. Always gave your all and a very well liked and respected player by all of MLB. Have a better retirement than that hall of fame career. We'll miss you MIGGY!! #24FOREVER
@oldbenkenobi9859 2 aylar önce
Second best hitter but yes he will be missed
@jims9434 2 aylar önce
​@oldbenkenobi9859 Miggy 1a. Pujols 1b. The tiebreaker goes to Miggy since he has a Triple Crown.
@oldbenkenobi9859 2 aylar önce
@@jims9434 Don’t kid yourself. Pujols is easily the better hitter. Look at the stats. One triple crown means absolutely nothing. Cabrera finished with almost 1000 more strikeouts than walks. Pujols finished with about 30 more strikeouts than walks. Pujols has a better ops and ops+. Pujols has more RBIs, TB, homers, and doubles. More career hits. Pujols is the better hitter. There’s no tie breaker. Triple Crown is impressive but Pujols first 11 years are one of the most impressive stretches of all time.
@userpoetaforever 2 aylar önce
He has been one of the most outstanding hitter in MLB
@scottlowman.1044 2 aylar önce
Going to miss the spirit Miggy brought to the game. Miss you big fella!
@Blackhawks87 2 aylar önce
As a Cubs fan I loved watching Miggy beat up on the white Sox. This was an amazing send off for one of the best players in history. It's crazy to think that he was on the 03 marlins who eliminated my Cubs in the "Bartman" series. Ofc that series gave me nightmares which was the first huge heartbreak I felt as a Fan. Thank you for the memories miggy.......cooperstown awaits you!
@alwillk 2 aylar önce
His worst numbers are actually against the white sox, but ok. Lowest ops by opponent. Toronto .740 Pittsburgh.786 Houston .806 Boston .829 White Sox .830
@RevEricHebert 2 aylar önce
Moments like this are why I love the game of Baseball. I am a Mets fan so didn't see him play much. One is best judged by the love one is surrounded by. I saw the admiration on everyone's face.
@jorgekebork519 2 aylar önce
Gracias Miggy eres el mejor de todos los tiempos, gracias a Dios nos dió la dicha de verte jugar para que venga uno así como tú pasarán décadas desde Venezuela te envío mil bendiciones eres un crack
@winstonluis1719 2 aylar önce
No te olvides de Ronald Acuña.!!!! Se va Miguel pero queda Ronald.
@tomjohnson7529 2 aylar önce
Some tears watching this. What a player.
@1ganimedes 2 aylar önce
Espectacular despedida al más grande ⚾👏👏👏🏆
@garfieldrupe630 2 aylar önce
Thank you for all the wonderful years you gave The Tigers fans. You were and always will be awesome.
@andreeduardo4269 2 aylar önce
Una leyenda felicidades 🎉🎉🎉🎉
@itzepic8824 2 aylar önce
what a great day what a great moment what a great player and awesome person!!! Wishing the best to miggy for whatever life next brings him! congrats on a HOF career!!!
@Hoya18 2 aylar önce
When I was a student in high school, Miggy started his career. And He became the legend, And now he finished his final game. Time flies so fast and it makes me want to cry. Goodbye Miggy! 😢
@Atari-zv2kb 2 aylar önce
Este tipo, entiendan los no venezolanos, nos dió las mayores alegrías en la etapa (que todavía continua) más difícil de nuestro país y eso se lo vamos a agradecer siempre.
@maracayg 2 aylar önce
Caray Atari, acabo de leer tu post y se me aguaron los ojos.
@juancarlospaez-ew9jv 2 aylar önce
Miguel Cabrera dejaste tu huella en la MLB triple 👑, 3174 hits , 626 dobles ,511 Hr y salón de la fama
@shannonk.6528 2 aylar önce
Thank you Detroit Tigers for a spectacular send off for one the greatest right handed hitters to ever play the game. I grew up watching Miggy. When he won the Triple Crown, it was the highlight of my appreciation of him.
@peterharris6409 2 aylar önce
Not a Marlins or Tigers fan but THANK YOU SO MUCH MIGUEL!!!!!!!! Baseball is better for having u as part of it. You always will be. You’re awesome dude! Congrats and good luck with whatever comes next
@henrymarquez1014 2 aylar önce
I had the fortune too see him playing the last 2 games as professional baseball player. Those moments in Comerica Park will last forever in my head. My favorite player of all times. I wish to hear in 5 years: From Maracay, Venezuela, el muchacho de la película, el papá de los helados, el terror de La Pedrera, welcome to Cooperstown, Miguelito Cabrera. Thanks for everything. You unite a divided country in just one heart. 🇻🇪
@Finsup561 2 aylar önce
I was 10 in 2003 a Florida Marlins fan I’ll never forget Miggy’s MLB debut walk off home run becoming World Series Champion that season.
@LorenaLopez-pl9mt 2 aylar önce
Wow, Imposible No Llorar. Eres Grande Miggy!
@forrestcommander6283 2 aylar önce
One of the coolest players I have ever had the honor of meeting! Love you, Miggy!!! Farewell!!!
@kimcoats4532 2 aylar önce
Great ball player and a wonderful human being! Someone to look up to! Enjoy the spotlight and the rest of your life ❤
@Gandalf914 2 aylar önce
Second best send-off ever to a legend. I’ve been an O’s fan my whole life, so nothing will top seeing Cal’s last game. It’ll be so odd watching baseball without Miggy. Never had any beef with the Tigers or him. 👍
@chuck1641 2 aylar önce
Thank you Mister Cabrera. Baseball will never be the same without you. Your Majesty.
@rubelinjoseph8287 2 aylar önce
En realidad se retira un grande gracias Miguel por tanto desde RD te felicito y que Dios bendiga siempre tu familia y tu gran personalidad.
@wordvango7643 2 aylar önce
Proud of Miggy, of Tiger fans, of Tigers organization for such a great sendoff to a great player!
@peoples_a31 Aylar önce
It has been an honor to watch Cabrera play with the Tigers. May you have an awesome future in the chapter in your life sir.
@pablovillaparedes6059 2 aylar önce
Tuve la fortuna de ver jugar a Miguel en sus inicios con Los Tigres de Aragua en el estadio Universitario contra Los Leones y Tiburones, dentro de 5 años veremos su llegada al Salon de la fama en Grandes Ligas.
@plark7323 2 aylar önce
Miggy is the type of player every team wants during and after his career. You might not see him on the field but he's definitely not done in MLB. Legend, respect from SF
@brando7266 2 aylar önce
Google his last 7 yrs, he did nothing and was injured alot, ps- in that time ,he made over 200 million,
@plark7323 2 aylar önce
@brando7266 Having him on the bench giving advice to the younger players is like having another coach. Your still missing the other what, 12 years he played? He probably knows every pitcher in mlb and could give hitting advice per game in real time.
@MelissaAndAlex 2 aylar önce
I freaking love base. What an incredible career!
@stephenmathews5507 2 aylar önce
Congratulations on a long and productive career. I can finally admire your achievements. Thanks again, from a fan in Cleveland.
@YourOnlyCowboy 2 aylar önce
I cant believe both Pujols and Miggy have retired now, legends that will never be forgotten
@user-pd5dn4cy3m 2 aylar önce
Una leyenda miguel
@sliver01 2 aylar önce
Braves fan here who always enjoyed watching Miggy, a fun player and a damn great one at that! Detroit you DID do it right, and Miggy a very well deserved recognition. See you in HOF!
@lindapearlman3655 2 aylar önce
I’m a Mets fan and wish Miguel Cabrera a wonderful life.He is a credit to the sport of baseball.
@lorenanieves6515 2 aylar önce
Sabrooooso, al ritmo de salsa la despedida!!! Bravo Miguel
@fletchlivesdaily348 2 aylar önce
Miguel is the reason I watched...Go Tigs and congrats on an amazing career!
@donnalombus3813 2 aylar önce
I have to says thanks to Terry Francona and the Guardians for letting Miggy have his moment. Sure going to miss Miggy😢
@adamvanrooy3906 2 aylar önce
Such a great player and human being that got me choked up miggy congratulations well deserved
@tyreepowell8367 2 aylar önce
Thank You Miguel Cabrera For Everything I Wish You The Best Enjoy Your Retirement.
@JaredGoofball 2 aylar önce
I can’t wait to see how he does in the Tigers front office. Hope he has another hall of fame career there
@VILJL 2 aylar önce
Miguel Cabrera finishes with 3,174 hits, 627 doubles, 511 home runs, 1,881 RBI and 1,551 runs. He's a career .306 hitter with a slugging percentage well over .500. Cabrera is 17th all-time in hits, 13th in doubles, tied for 25th in home runs, 13th in RBI, 14th in extra-base hits and 14th in total bases. He had 1,498 walks (includes 238 intentional walks) and only 2,105 strikeouts in 10,356 at bats Only nine players had more than Cabrera's four batting titles. Miggy is one of seven players with over 3,000 hits and 500 home runs. From that group, only Hank Aaron, Albert Pujols and Cabrera also recorded over 600 doubles. Cabrera had 12 100-RBI seasons. Only Pujols, A-Rod, Foxx, Gehrig and Ruth had more. Only 14 players hit 30 homers in a season more often than Cabrera did (10) Cabrera won the Triple Crown in 2012, finishing the season with an AL-leading .330 batting average, plus 44 home runs and 139 RBIs which led all of Major League Baseball. He became the first batter to win a Triple Crown since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967. Cabrera became the first non-outfielder to win the Triple Crown since Lou Gehrig in 1934, the first player to win it without a tie in any of the three categories since Frank Robinson in 1966, and the first Latin American player and the first third baseman to win a Triple Crown. Cabrera also had his first career 200-hit season, having hit safely 205 times.
@supere13 2 aylar önce
@hennybreenssports9388 2 aylar önce
I hope E-rod comes back but next year will be fun hopefully Kerry Tork and Greene lead us past 162 but congrats to miggy and thank him for the memories let’s make some moves this off-season and get on top of the central Go Tigers
@alwillk 2 aylar önce
Maybe we can get Baez to opt out.
@hennybreenssports9388 2 aylar önce
@@alwillk I hope so but he knows he can’t get more money so I’m afraid we might be stuck with him
@pandacrespojr 2 aylar önce
This Is Why I Love Baseball As A Yankees Fan This Guy Right Here Should Be A Unanimous Decision for The HOF Thanks Might For The Memories Triple Crown 👑, 3⚾️⚾️⚾️+ Hits, 5⚾️⚾️+ HR’s A Career 300 Avg. My Respects 🐅🫡🫡🫡
@D1n75 2 aylar önce
Last years Pujols, Molina. Today Cabrera. I thank God for letting me live in their time. The times of the Machine, Jady and Miggy.
@bowtie1219 2 aylar önce
He's my favorite , if he only knew how many times I've told my boys play like Miggy plays. I'm sure sad we couldn't make it to his last game .
@luishumbertovega3900 2 aylar önce
What a day !!! Gracias Miguel Cabrera, Bendiciones desde San Juan 🇵🇷 !!!
@Raktr261 2 aylar önce
MVP Baseball 2005, 3rd baseman for the Marlins, dude dropped many bombs for me. This was such a cool send off.
@jameshutchinson4476 2 aylar önce
That man is an absolute 1st ballot hall of famer great career miggy
@wadedyllancupido7085 2 aylar önce
congratulations on a stellar career MIGGY. A humble superstar star as it should be. gracias for making me fall in love with baseball & Detroit Tigers.
@edwardcorey1071 2 aylar önce
You will be missed miggy as twins fan i seen you break my heart many times but you where my fav non mn player you deserve everything you are def a 1st ballot
@811JKLM 2 aylar önce
What a wonderful send off for a wonderful player and future hall-of-famer. It is too bad he couldn't win more world series, but oh well--he won one and a lot of good players don't. So there's that!
@crisLeaps89 2 aylar önce
From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Miggy!
@noahthompsonator 2 aylar önce
@tony_m_km6mzp 2 aylar önce
While I am not a Tigers fan, I am a fan of great players. From Nolan Ryan to Carlton Fisk to Don Mattingly to Nomar Garciaparra to Adrian Beltre to Miguel Cabrera. All have brought greatness to the great game of Baseball. Miguel, thank you for what you did for baseball. Not only in Detroit, but for all of Baseball both here in the States but in Venezuela. #GraciasMiggy! And what you will hear in a few years, "Miguel Cabrera, Welcome to the Baseball Hall of Fame!"
@CoolSteve77 2 aylar önce
Well done Detroit. Miggy deserved all of that!
@chroma8708 2 aylar önce
This video brought me to tears 😭😭😭😭
@wilsonperez1918 2 aylar önce
El mejor atleta d todos los tiempos d 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪
@JSMIG 2 aylar önce
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