Animals That Asked People for Help & Kindness

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Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

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Animals That Asked People for Help
Trouble might find animals on land, in water, or even in the sky! And often they come to humans for help, showing a lot of trust. Watch this video until the end and you’ll be amazed!
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Darlene Caldwell
Darlene Caldwell 20 saatler önce
If i could save all of the animal's in the world,i would truly do so, that's how big my heart is.
Noona Tonga
Noona Tonga 2 gün önce
Jay Lin
Jay Lin Aylar önce
It's tragic that so many of these animals were in danger because of the actions of humans in the first place. Glad to know there are people out there doing their best to make it up to them.
Jay Lin
Jay Lin 17 gün önce
@Delete Now I mean sick but nothing human action would’ve gotten them stuck in some wires or tar either.
Kalli 18 gün önce
yeah, and the fake animal rescues are a good example.
Stussmeister 19 gün önce
Indeed, it is heartening to see people doing good to negate the bad. I have a little dachshund-beagle mix (videos of her are on my channel), and from what I learned prior to her adoption, she was once a stray who'd been hit by a car. I give her lots of loving every day, and if given the choice between intentionally harming her or another animal (or person) and wrapping my hands around a red-hot fire poker, I'd likely say, "Okay, just make sure there's some silver nitrate on hand afterward. I have a feeling this will be veeeeeerrrrry uncomfortable for me."
Chobits Otaku
Chobits Otaku 21 gün önce
Yeah but some of these had animals getting rescued from situations that didn't involve men-made areas, albeit not the majority of clips. Also some of the men-made situations are to prevent animals from damaging property or endanger people. What riled me the most were the men-made areas that were being made with an animal in the area that caused it to get endangered and most of all, the clearly purposely made situations, like the cat inside the bags and the turtle where a person or people, clearly put those bands on its shell. I just hope that none of these videos were staged to look like they recued an animal for clout, when they were the ones that caused that scenario in the first place, as a few of them were sus to me.
J W 24 gün önce
@Delete Now I don't get how what you're saying is relevant to anything. We're talking about how human activity endangers animals.
A Boy and His Dog
A Boy and His Dog Aylar önce
Watching people working together to rescue animals is one of the few things that still gives me hope for humanity. I believe that this is meant to be one of our roles as top species. Not to "hold dominion" in the sense of dominating nature, but to be good stewards and protectors of the fauna and flora.
Brindlekin Tales
Brindlekin Tales 6 gün önce
@A Boy and His Dog Aw shucks. Hug an animal, any animal for me today. Except a butterfly, they're too delicate, just throw it a kiss.
kayla battle
kayla battle 6 gün önce
@A Boy and His Dog even the small local farms are barbaric. Eating animals is outdated. The great thing about evolution is we literally do not need to consume animal meat anymore. And we NEVER needed another animals breastmilk either. Eggs are literally a hens period. Decaying flesh is not nutritious. Chickens did not use to look like what they look like now. It’s insane how much people exploit animals in every single small product that doesn’t even need animal based BS. and it needs to end ASAP and more people need to step up and go vegan. People need to stop getting a pet like a puppy and then disowning them after so many years. People need to stop going to circuses, rodeos, races, zoos and aquariums and people especially need to stop hunting and fishing. There are better, less sociopathic hobbies.
A Boy and His Dog
A Boy and His Dog 6 gün önce
@kayla battle no they are not. Especially the big corporate ones. I am a bit more accepting of smaller organic free range operations though. Personally I think Humans need to make conservation and cleaning up and preventing pollution. Stop using synthetic materials and switch to using Bamboo and Hemp which can replace just about all of it and paper as well. Plastics are just toxic as hell. There's always a better way
A Boy and His Dog
A Boy and His Dog 6 gün önce
@kayla battle agreed
A Boy and His Dog
A Boy and His Dog 6 gün önce
@Ashley Tomczak thanks, very kind of you to say
Liquid Mike
Liquid Mike 3 aylar önce
My favorite aspect of this is watching people from all different countries, societies, belief systems, etc. all go through so much work to help these animals. It's pretty cool
ringo pattison
ringo pattison 2 saatler önce
my favourite aspect of watching people from all different countries, societies, belief systems etc is that you will always find stupid people, you didn't disappoint me.
Tsheyang yangchendorji
Tsheyang yangchendorji 14 gün önce
Me too
Ramdas Rd
Ramdas Rd 29 gün önce
I helped a baby squirrels like this I got three I put them a name truffle moca and fluffy they are so cute
ConexxMid Aylar önce
Owner of that 2 staford dogs would be tortured in my basement on many terible way like u havent seen in movies and i would never kill him, al that bcs he let his 2 dangerous dogs attack that little dog and his owner
Nimai Aquino
Nimai Aquino Aylar önce
God gave us nature to use to glorify him. We eat, we modify and transform, but we preserve what has to be preserved. Life is a miracle in all it’s forms, men should reconnect with nature and stop this big-town vegan crap. If nature is my home, I am going to keep it clean and good, but I will use my damn toilet when I need to.
Ashlee Alexander
Ashlee Alexander 23 saatler önce
Glad to know people still care
Виталий Кобелов
Виталий Кобелов 2 aylar önce
What makes me happy about seeing this is that knowing the kind of world we live in, there are still people out there with hearts of gold.
Phill Dewitt
Phill Dewitt Aylar önce
There are people with cameras first and only then comes heart of gold. Would they do it without being filmed. I hope so, but dont think so
Ricky Williams
Ricky Williams Aylar önce
@Paul Allen No it's not. This video's like to dislike ratio proves that automatically.
Ricky Williams
Ricky Williams Aylar önce
There have always been people like this. Millions upon millions of good deeds like this happen daily. The problem is you're not seeing this, or actively looking for it.
@Chip Butty Shut up you think you know eeeevvveeerryyyttthhhiiing u know nothing stupid idiot
Chip Butty
Chip Butty Aylar önce
There are more good people now than in past humanity it’s just the bad people are often the centre of news
lene rotbakken
lene rotbakken 3 gün önce
I saw a wolf that got stuck in water and me and my dad was fishing so we helped him and he didn't want to leave me and my dad so we have him as a pet
SnailMailMagic Aylar önce
The guy who trusted his friends and went to rescue to the goat from the small hole is brave.
ScirishMelody Aylar önce
To all the people who helped these have some awesome things coming your way!
Ava118 11 gün önce
Im so glad to see that there are people out there that still care for animals. I cried at nearly every single clip
Emotional_Pain 9 gün önce
Animals are so precious, and it’s heartbreaking to see them in danger and on the brink of death. It’s absolutely amazing that these people are going out of their way to help such poor creatures. It’s incredibly inspiring.
Димитър Андонов
Димитър Андонов 3 gün önce
Khloe 2 aylar önce
It brings me joy to know that there's still good people left in this sick world.
Brian Goff
Brian Goff Aylar önce
I think the man above created the human race & we are the direct result of not living by the morals and values that were instilled in us from the beginning, at least that's my view. If you fill different & have your own perspective thats fine, we all don't always agree but we should make the effort to listen & come to a common ground.
Tophinator Aylar önce
@Brian Goff Aw, see? Beat me to it! 😅 But yes, this was gonna be my contribution lol
Tophinator Aylar önce
Typically, good deeds go unrecognized or unreported, because there is no reason other than inspiration to do so. Therefore, most media and news will be about problems. Just know that and it won’t seem so sick.
ConexxMid Aylar önce
Owner of that 2 staford dogs would be tortured in my basement on many terible way like u havent seen in movies and i would never kill him, al that bcs he let his 2 dangerous dogs attack that little dog and his owner
The veggster Good day
The veggster Good day Aylar önce
wel most people are desent its just the fuw sick people in power that try to ruin it for most
Rice V
Rice V Aylar önce
I watch these videos from time to time when everything seems bleak and we have spineless morons in positions of power. This gives me a glimmer of hope that humanity isn't completely lost. These people who save animals are real heroes to me.
Margrave Kevin
Margrave Kevin 19 saatler önce
15:50 I don't think they should've helped the stray cat. That python was just trying to survive and get something to eat.
Nikhil RB
Nikhil RB 2 aylar önce
the feeling you get, the smile you have after helping someone or an animal is priceless.
Юлия Шибалкина
Юлия Шибалкина Aylar önce
Ради таких добрых поступков стоит жить! Благодарность таким людям которые не проходят мимо!!!💖💖💖
Miriya Jackson
Miriya Jackson 22 gün önce
For the sake of such good deeds it is worth living! Gratitude to such people who do not pass by! - for english people
Mathew Garrard
Mathew Garrard 25 gün önce
It's difficult to watch things like this but it's so amazing to see the good in us humans you only normally see.the bad stuff so to see these good deeds it shows there is still some good people still out there
Dickson Ngangkham
Dickson Ngangkham Aylar önce
If all the people could be like this, there will be peace and harmony everywhere
Brindlekin Tales
Brindlekin Tales 28 gün önce
Дима Березняк
Дима Березняк 28 gün önce
Sundowner: "A clean break from the war economy." Well some of us liked that economy. How's an honest warmonger supposed to make a living? What about all the good things war has done for us? Why don't we ever hear speeches about that? Jobs, technology, a common purpose... All we're saying is... GIVE WAR A CHANCE!
TheIceeProto 2 aylar önce
this is so wholesome and heartbreaking, seeing humanity help brings me joy.
Elisha Gabriell
Elisha Gabriell 21 gün önce
Bravo! To each and every hero in this video, and to those who went unnoticed. Bravo!
Master Juni
Master Juni 3 aylar önce
What makes me happy about seeing this is that knowing the kind of world we live in, there are still people out there with hearts of gold.
ConexxMid Aylar önce
Owner of that 2 staford dogs would be tortured in my basement on many terible way like u havent seen in movies and i would never kill him, al that bcs he let his 2 dangerous dogs attack that little dog and his owner
0Black Lightning0
0Black Lightning0 2 aylar önce
@Gmork I guess you have a point. But why does being so tough have to suck so bad?
Gmork 2 aylar önce
@0Black Lightning0 Life is a test of our virtue. And most people have dogshit lives but we persevere. Tough times never last. Tough people do. I believe you'll be okay because you are tough enough to make it in spite of the trials. Just try not to let your heart become too sour is all we can really do. It matters little, but I h a v e f a i t h i n y o u.
Rabidset SSF2
Rabidset SSF2 2 aylar önce
@Absalom Clown
The New Woke Times
The New Woke Times 2 aylar önce
@Rabidset SSF2 this is my honest opinion you can hate all you want, I help others life before I deal with mine. If I see some homeless man I buy him a meal or give him some money, I get that we should deal with humans life, but certain animals help our eco system and forests and if they died or went extinct everything would be fucked.
fhgbv 26 gün önce
Humanity may be capable of unimaginable cruelty and malice, but it's also equally capable of unbelievable kindness and compassion.
India Richardson
India Richardson Aylar önce
❤ great show! Good to see some wholesome material with lives being saved and people being good people ❤
Am I Pugly?
Am I Pugly? 23 gün önce
I love how much animals can warm my heart when they are free. 🥺❤
Bev Rodsted
Bev Rodsted 6 gün önce
Loved watching these rescues, thank to all the hero’s. 🇦🇺
Sadrho Gollsodia
Sadrho Gollsodia 3 aylar önce
It sucks to see half these animals are in trouble because of something we as humans did. However, it's also awesome to see people helping animals, and people coming together to help animals.
ConexxMid Aylar önce
Owner of that 2 staford dogs would be tortured in my basement on many terible way like u havent seen in movies and i would never kill him, al that bcs he let his 2 dangerous dogs attack that little dog and his owner
t t
t t Aylar önce
People tend to encounter animals in distress more often in people-filled environments-because that's where most of us spend most of our time. We don't see quite as much of the animals which get themselves in a bind in wildernesses.
Xara Aylar önce
@Charmin Xtra keep in mind, some of these animals are staged, the human put the animal in that situation and turned on the camera to "save" it. the faked videos are usually cats and dogs stuck in weird places or in tar, sometimes ducks or goats. its totally fucked up.
Birbz 2 aylar önce
@Charmin Xtra True. People like that just treat them like sissy domesticated animals and dont let them try to get out of the situation
Charmin Xtra
Charmin Xtra 2 aylar önce
@Birbz Not only that but if it's strong it will beget stronger offspring. There's a way of looking at this where people saving weak animals results in more weak animals and therefore more animals ending up in these situations in the future and suffering.
John B
John B 3 gün önce
My roommate and I in college both had labs, mine being a highly trained for hunting. She saw in a frozen pond what looked like dummy, but was a floating air pump to keep the middle open in the winter for waterfowl. She wouldn't let go because she's trained not to, so she would have frozen to death or drowned. I was in class, so he jumped in freezing cold water risking his life to save her. She lived a full life because of him, and I will never forget what he did.
Leslie Holmes
Leslie Holmes 3 gün önce
People ask me why I am so against littering and people just tossing garbage around like it's no big deal and why I would rather use Tupperware and reusable bottles ...... ....... Well this is why I am a huge animal lover and nature lover and nature preserver plus I always practice what I preach plus garbage is disgusting that's why too I hate littering! Sad really!
kalkkar 2 gün önce
Alot of heart touching moments but seems alot of them are on repeat?
EstefanyOP Aylar önce
Lots of things make me lose faith in the world and humanity, but this....this helps me have hope that there are some out there with hearts for others and animals
Nicholas Morsovillo
Nicholas Morsovillo 3 aylar önce
Man just watching all these acts of kindness brings a tear to my eyes seeing how both domestic and wildlife show such appreciation to the humans who save them and show them kindness just goes to show ya people have big hearts.
ConexxMid Aylar önce
Owner of that 2 staford dogs would be tortured in my basement on many terible way like u havent seen in movies and i would never kill him, al that bcs he let his 2 dangerous dogs attack that little dog and his owner
loresboo 2 aylar önce
@Sussus Ultimanius Destructus the health system is so messed up, sorry that happened to you
Terminátor1978 3 aylar önce
They got into this situation because of the people. Thousands of animals die because of humans.
Usagi Fang
Usagi Fang 3 aylar önce
@Ronan Maguire you're just mad you didn't get to abuse these animals.
Usagi Fang
Usagi Fang 3 aylar önce
@Ronan Maguire says the PETA Nazi.
The One Who Reports For Duty
The One Who Reports For Duty 26 gün önce
God, it breaks my heart to see these animals in these kinds of situations, but it warms it right back up to see them make it out ok.
Woynaa 15 gün önce
The ammount of human effort involved to help these animals just shows you that there are so many people who are willing to do something for little to no gain and exclusively because it is the right thing to do. A lot of these brought me to tears and this really was one of the hardest videos to watch. I have personally tried to help many animals beyond saving and seeing this many people save a life makes me realizes that as much bad as us humans do to Earth, some of us do a whole lot to try to help out our friends we share this planet with. Our infasturcture and nature in general leaves them out to dry., please help someone out today, human or not.
Pacific Painter
Pacific Painter Aylar önce
4:32 This right here broke me. The poor thing was suffering and starving to death so badly that you could see its bones. Poor baby I'm so glad good people found it when they did.
BADASS BITCHES 11 gün önce
i love how some people have such a big heart we need more people like this
luna Aylar önce
If only we had more people acting like this🥺🥺
Laurel Aylar önce
Wish we had more people like this and also more people who take care to PREVENT these kind of problems
peyton toler
peyton toler 23 gün önce
I love these kinds of videos because animals have always had a special place in my heart, I hope all of these animals get to live another day because of these people.
ImDarwin Aylar önce
uma coisa triste é que a maioria desses casos acontecem pelos próprios seres humanos, uma coisa boa é que eles podem ser salvos pelos incríveis seres humanos
Melissa Cat
Melissa Cat 3 aylar önce
These people are heroes. Couldn’t stop crying. It gives me hope for humanity. Breaks my heart to know that people treat animals this cruelly. We need more people like this in the world. Animals lives matters just as much as people do. The looks that they gave their rescuers were priceless. Melts my heart
ConexxMid Aylar önce
Owner of that 2 staford dogs would be tortured in my basement on many terible way like u havent seen in movies and i would never kill him, al that bcs he let his 2 dangerous dogs attack that little dog and his owner
The New Woke Times
The New Woke Times 2 aylar önce
Hope for humanity... Let's see on my list of: we are fucked. Cutting down trees, destroying our oceans, fishing just for money, realising toxic gases from factorys, wars against country's, viruses and the best one for last: We won't survive another generation. there you go, you think we have faith now?
LovelyLaura 3 aylar önce
@Futsal tips and tricks oh.
Futsal tips and tricks
Futsal tips and tricks 3 aylar önce
@LovelyLaura i found him he was very sick.
LovelyLaura 3 aylar önce
@Futsal tips and tricks how do you get a praying mantis? Also r.i.p fly high praying mantis
Alan Womack
Alan Womack Aylar önce
Every single save of all the precious animals put the biggest smile on my face.
linda aherne
linda aherne Aylar önce
This shows you just how many good people are still in the world
Ashlee Alexander
Ashlee Alexander 23 saatler önce
Me thinking why have I never saved an animal but I have I saved a baby bunny from getting killed by a dog but a few days later he ended up dying because his hips were crushed rip cash
Mikey M.
Mikey M. Aylar önce
Animals are truly the greatest hope we have in this world .... Thank you to all the caring rescuers...
NINA (romeo) bencun
NINA (romeo) bencun 3 aylar önce
This is the exact definition of "You dont need to save the world to become a hero"
Isaiah Gonzales
Isaiah Gonzales 2 aylar önce
Whosoever saves a life, saves the world entire.
Ri 3 aylar önce
you don't save the world for everyone, but you save the world for someone
Nash McElveen
Nash McElveen 3 aylar önce
exactly like all of these people are heroes
SeokJin 3 aylar önce
@Galaxy ahahajajajjaja
SquareRootOf2 3 aylar önce
Knowing how to perform CPR on a squirrel is a must, though.
Alliekat B
Alliekat B Aylar önce
I loved this video! I try to do my part and save cats in my neighborhood and get them fixed. I wish I could save all the animals. Thank you for sharing
Missing_Names Aylar önce
The people saving the cat at 9:40 really makes me happy because I lost a cat that way. I'd hate to know how much she probably suffered because we couldn't find her until she was already dead.
Jackie Nettleton
Jackie Nettleton 19 gün önce
It’s so heartwarming that no matter where a person comes from we will always try to save animals no matter how hard it may be.even though most of these animals would never have needed help if not for careless people
Bojane Bugami
Bojane Bugami Aylar önce
I appreciate the effort the guy put out using the tape measure to save a butterfly.
Helen Henshaw
Helen Henshaw Aylar önce
I was the same.
genshin dumpster fire
genshin dumpster fire 3 aylar önce
2:55 An absolutely tremendous applause for those simple words. They live and breathe like we do, no matter how big or small (the animal or brain /pos). I know its a really small moment for this type of video, but that sentence touched my heart and again, huge Kudos to that man as well as every single person in this video and all like it
The New Woke Times
The New Woke Times 2 aylar önce
@Lila Schmetterling bro you realize plants are alive too? And also we need protein and other things in our body other than plants fruit and vegetables.
Emily Strunk
Emily Strunk 2 aylar önce
@Lila Schmetterling vegan teacher
Emily Strunk
Emily Strunk 2 aylar önce
@Dakota Ferryman fr
Cudo 2 aylar önce
Yeah, it's so odd to me seeing these people trying their best to help animals, and the comments all agreeing it's a great thing ,yet when you mention veganism they all scurry
loresboo 2 aylar önce
agreed, it makes my day seeing this /gen :]
I love watching these videos to see the best outcomes for the animals, to see the human compassion for nature. God bless all those who save precious animals. But I have to say, these videos make me cry every single time.❤🙏😭
MasterDk78 Aylar önce
tears rolling down thinking, "there is good people"
Anya Fatima’s World
Anya Fatima’s World 2 aylar önce
Love this.When I was 7 I saw a dog on the street whose foot was stuck in a plastic bottle,saved him,after that he would come over to my house everyday,now I am 16.
Stacy de Bassist
Stacy de Bassist 19 gün önce
Just when I begin to lose faith in humanity this video reminds me there are still kind people in the world. If we all play our part ... the world will become more beautiful.
Beluga 3 aylar önce
This is just heartbreaking I'm glad there are still people in society who actually are helpful and care about life it just warms my heart❤
90 Z9
90 Z9 Aylar önce
Keep up the great content Super Eva we love you! btw can you do review for 𝐨𝐩𝐜𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐨𝐩 im using them for about a week and they rocks!
Absalom 2 aylar önce
@Thomas van Gompel Not saying you're wrong, but in this context, you look like a douche saying that.
Thomas van Gompel
Thomas van Gompel 2 aylar önce
But yea it’s wholesome I’m with you
Thomas van Gompel
Thomas van Gompel 2 aylar önce
@Absalom what do you mean negative
Thomas van Gompel
Thomas van Gompel 2 aylar önce
Wel people still destroy animals sometimes
Bradley Tuckwell
Bradley Tuckwell 25 gün önce
Thank god there is still kindness in this changing world
becky marie
becky marie Aylar önce
my eyes are watering to these wonderful stories!! So happy for all these caring people:)
ChristmasLoverss 5 gün önce
4:38 omg that is just sad..
Resai 29 gün önce
Nowadays, the world puts so much pressure on its people because of work that most people ignore animals in distress and go on even if they want to help them😥. It's very heartwarming to see some people take the time to rescue these animals.😄
Lisa Cole
Lisa Cole 2 aylar önce
I've watched 4 minutes and crying already. It's very distressing. Huge praise and respect to all pet and wildlife rescuers.
The Fine Game of Nil
The Fine Game of Nil Aylar önce
I know, right? There's no way I can watch 45 minutes of this..
Dana Aylar önce
I know! I can only watch 10 minutes or so at a time. The last one I just saw was the man protecting his dog from two unleashed staffies. I've been in a similar situation before.
Josi Aylar önce
@Everett S You have a good soul, Everett. Blessings on you.
Everett S
Everett S Aylar önce
@Josi i want to rescue trash babies too. And all kinds of animals. These vids make me cry so bad bc i just wish I could help all the animals who are in distress
Josi 2 aylar önce
I can't watch it either, and I rescue birds of prey (owls, hawks -- no eagles yet). Also rescue cats, dogs, possums, raccoons, and many turtles. It brings me peace, since I love them all.
Inge Schrijver
Inge Schrijver Aylar önce
I can cry the whole time, animals are so pure, so sweet
Salt water
Salt water Aylar önce
PXNDASF Aylar önce
watching this makes me happy and sad it makes me happy that people are aware for the animals but also makes me sad because not every animal gets rescued in time or rescued at all
Vreni Glinz
Vreni Glinz Aylar önce
Es verdaderamente hermoso!! Gracias a tan lindas personas!!
Jonathan Mabry
Jonathan Mabry Aylar önce
Some of these clips r almost making me cry:'( I'm so happy that there is still some good people in this world:')
Jake Folk
Jake Folk Aylar önce
I want to see more kindness in this world tbh. People are being negative and the more people feed in to it the worse it gets. Be positive and lift people up, not tear them down.
CalTek Design
CalTek Design Aylar önce
10:11 had me teary adorable.
Bacon_Hair 29 gün önce
It’s amazing how many kind people are out there
Kevin W
Kevin W 2 aylar önce
I'm in the run up to adopting a new pet (cat) for the first time in like 30 years, hence doing lots of animal YT surfing. And it's occurred to me, the people who work in animal rescue truly have one of the more emotionally unenviable jobs in the world. Because if you're in such a career, you obviously love animals, and you certainly aren't doing it for a big paycheck. And especially if a given rescue attempt takes several hours, you ARE going to form a bond with that animal, even if it's only one sided (the bond, not the animal... heehe) And yet, if it's a wild animal you're rescuing, it very likely will run back to its home as soon as you've got it clear, and if it's a domesticated pet, hopefully it will make it back to its human home. Either way, you almost certainly will never see it again.
Gmork 2 aylar önce
It makes me feel really, reall, really good to help animals and people. Doesn't matter if it's a biological feel good response or true altruism. The reason WHY one does good matters far, far less than the fact they simply do.
Tester Wulf :3
Tester Wulf :3 2 aylar önce
Anothing thing about working in animal rescue is you have to handle seeing animals in such poor shape with horrible stories..and some don't make it. It can be horrible on the mental health to constantly see animals suffering, it feels nice to rescue them but seeing the shape they were in before being rescued haunts people
Icon C
Icon C 2 aylar önce
i guess it depends if you are doing it for yourself or the sheer joy of being part of freedom and life. some people do what makes them feel good, some what is best for the animal. I find that emotionally rewarding.
Synth Wolfe
Synth Wolfe Aylar önce
this goes to show that Love, as a language, has no boundaries. it can be understood regardless of species, so it should be understood within a species.
Bernadette Murr
Bernadette Murr Aylar önce
Thank you to everybody who helped rescuing one of the animals
Joaquin Deandrei T. Besa
Joaquin Deandrei T. Besa 4 gün önce
MacMalo Aylar önce
Reminds me of how I found my dog 4 years ago: He was a dirty, small and hungry puppy abandoned in the middle of a countryside road. Wasn't injured, but would have died by hunger soonish. Now he has tripled his size and is way happier. Great job this people are doing
Heather stubbs
Heather stubbs 4 aylar önce
This warms my heart. Thank you so much for these amazing videos. I really hope you'll have more soon. I'd love to know about how animals saved humans, too. Thanks.
Yanling WENG
Yanling WENG 3 aylar önce
@Der Löwenkönig yeah
Der Löwenkönig
Der Löwenkönig 3 aylar önce
These days you better assume people put animals there to film their "rescue". Not saying all or even most of these are fake. I couldn't know. But try not to get emotional wih stuff like this. Next step: You are supporting a war because of sad pictures. Happened time and time again...
Andrea Martin
Andrea Martin 3 aylar önce
Jd Iv
Jd Iv 3 aylar önce
꧁Angelic_Eclipse ꧂
꧁Angelic_Eclipse ꧂ 22 gün önce
This made me see a little hope in humanity
pie 2 aylar önce
this made me cry how people is there to help animals and even if they couldn't do it on their own,there is still someone to help you
momo mo
momo mo 2 aylar önce
Laly Nones
Laly Nones 2 aylar önce
I’m so heart warmed that these people with big big hearts decided to help these struggling animals, cause out in the world people don’t care.😭😭
Cheong Edmund
Cheong Edmund 4 aylar önce
To all the rescuers, salute and a million thanks to your great effort! The animals will remember you for your loving-kindness! Praise you 🙏🏻
Teri The Tactical Unicorn
Teri The Tactical Unicorn 2 aylar önce
Always be the change you want to see in the world. Videos like these make my heart happy.
Sujay174 Aylar önce
This is soo heart warming❤️, 46 minutes of saving. In this foolish world there is some poeple with big hearts. I hope these poeple's get that feed back. I wish I saved I animal if I was not a 8yr😅 but I wish every one in this world get a big heart ❤️ if your reading this ☺️ not everyone is perfect ❤️ but there are perfect poeple are in this world! And I wish you a every nice and happy day.👋
SpaceVain Aylar önce
This video shows what humanity can be at it finest. Remarkable.
Swiss Movie Productions
Swiss Movie Productions Aylar önce
im a true cat person after owning 14 kittens and 5 adult cats, it made my day after i saw the kitten being saved before being ran over, atleast there are some people in this world that actually care
Ms Happy Apple
Ms Happy Apple 3 aylar önce
It renews my faith in humanity to see there are still many decent, kind people among us. Bless them all.
The New Woke Times
The New Woke Times 2 aylar önce
My faith in humanity is at a 0 %
Feline Gamer
Feline Gamer 3 aylar önce
@Mario Super no I did read the rest of it
Grubb 3 aylar önce
It destroys my faith in humanity's ability to be funny to have looked at this comment and immediately thought "amogus".
TheSteve 1992
TheSteve 1992 3 aylar önce
@Feline Gamer Mental capacity of a 10 year old.....
sometimes somewhere
sometimes somewhere 3 aylar önce
@Mario Super don't expect something more from a kid or from someone who is mentally on same level
Kensy Skye
Kensy Skye Aylar önce
Absolutely loved watching this! 🙏❤️
Kira Rachbuch
Kira Rachbuch Aylar önce
Though beautiful to see such wonderful acts of compassion, it is so sad that many of these situations are caused thanks to our own poor treatment of this planet.
Michelle Oliveira
Michelle Oliveira 6 gün önce
Thanks to all who helped these precious animals. God bless
Bila Datang
Bila Datang 3 gün önce
I wish everyone is kind and helpful.
Ann Lippert
Ann Lippert Aylar önce
There is hope for humanity. If only everyone could be like this
Mary Fowler
Mary Fowler Aylar önce
watching this makes me happy and sad it makes me happy that people are aware for the animals but also makes me sad because not every animal gets rescued in time or rescued at all
Jedidiah Joseph
Jedidiah Joseph Aylar önce
1:23 minutes in and this video brought me to tears humanity is beautiful
Atharva Padalkar
Atharva Padalkar 2 aylar önce
Though this video is too long, no one is going to skip it till end. This is really something good on internet.
Tobias Radmacher
Tobias Radmacher 3 aylar önce
I'm crying! THESE people are the reason why I still have hope for humanity!
ConexxMid Aylar önce
Owner of that 2 staford dogs would be tortured in my basement on many terible way like u havent seen in movies and i would never kill him, al that bcs he let his 2 dangerous dogs attack that little dog and his owner
Sil Banuelos
Sil Banuelos 3 aylar önce
I knew I wasn't crying, your crying for me. Thanks
eden moon
eden moon 3 aylar önce
@Ra'Heem Baines nope
Ra'Heem Baines
Ra'Heem Baines 3 aylar önce
Humanities hope is Jesus we would all demonstrate this kind of love toward one another as well as animals if we put God first place in our life's, and also deny ourselves pick up our cross in follow after Jesus example.
Ronan Maguire
Ronan Maguire 3 aylar önce
@Ben Humpage The cat in the bag is fake, Its recorded before. So it was set up, At best He reput the cat in the bags and recovered it in dirt.
Trent Pardue
Trent Pardue Aylar önce
Khloe It brings me joy to know that there's still good people left in this sick world.
Angel Blackwing
Angel Blackwing 23 gün önce
The best thing about these videos is that they remind me there is still good in the world
Jordan Solomon
Jordan Solomon Aylar önce
that knowing the kind of world we live in, there are still people out there with hearts of gold.
Perla Aylar önce
Hearing them scream I was crying it was too cute I’m so glad they are ok 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Gloria Boring
Gloria Boring 2 aylar önce
Man just watching all these acts of kindness brings a tear to my eyes seeing how both domestic and wildlife show such appreciation to the humans who save them and show them kindness just goes to show ya people have big hearts.
Jack Whitbread
Jack Whitbread Aylar önce
Yeah well the cruelty inflicted by humans far outweighs any kindness, from Chinchilla farms where thousands are electrocuted to death just to make a couple of fur coats to the thousands of animals used as test subjects for medicine and beauty products to the meat and dairy industry. Humans are a plague on this earth and the biggest evil to ever exist. Its sick how many humans get off on inflicting pain and death on so many animals
@Cee Dee ikr
Cee Dee
Cee Dee Aylar önce
Agree 100%
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