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2 aylar önce

You were a kid once.
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odg 2 aylar önce
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Pubg Mobile
Pubg Mobile Gün önce
I miss you
An yee
An yee 2 gün önce
"One person is missing" ..... "Yes, one person is missing" Oh man I tried to not to cry but this broke me
EvelynMariuxi SilvaMera
EvelynMariuxi SilvaMera 17 gün önce
Jonhyung 😔💔🥺
hiyoki kuran
hiyoki kuran Aylar önce
Aww i really want a behind the scenes of this ep
TeenieInc. Aylar önce
@ARMY Thats What I Am well they didn’t want to make it more sad. Knowing what happened to him. I’m glad they edited it out. We don’t want to make the video sad.
Music 4MySoul
Music 4MySoul 2 saatler önce
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Kook Jam
Kook Jam 3 saatler önce
I just love Minho's conversation with that kid 😭💜
Jessa Lam
Jessa Lam 3 saatler önce
Do anyone know where I can watch it with english subtitle? Really want to know what they are saying.
김지민 5 saatler önce
7:26 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Erika Lira
Erika Lira 8 saatler önce
Literally started when she noticed right away that there was one person missing
이름모름 9 saatler önce
민서 인생 몇회차니..? 나보다 더 성숙하면...
Stela Kwon
Stela Kwon 11 saatler önce
I cried really hard when the girl asked about Jonghyun............
Nurul Adilah
Nurul Adilah 13 saatler önce
I would be crazy if i were them🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nayeon unnie
Nayeon unnie 14 saatler önce
9:37 I'm cryinggggg
지나가던평범한샤월 17 saatler önce
나였으면 호흡곤란으로 실려갔을 듯...
Mi Mo
Mi Mo 22 saatler önce
I'm still crying man. When does this stop lmao
Jenna Sun
Jenna Sun Gün önce
Omg Minseo and Onew are such an endearing pairing
leegrace Gün önce
Thank you for having them I have a mix feelings while watching this. Onew got paired up with a fabulous girl. I saw her other vids and she is very mature for her age ❤ i love her. Also the part where onew was watching their first win 🥲 Key watching their group as a 4 member Minho talking about jonghyun 💔 It just breaks my heart into pieces. The girl asking minho if they had a hard time, i can see that he's trying hard not to cry 😥 We will all continue to love and support shinee as a 5 member ♥ forever
Hayoung Kam
Hayoung Kam Gün önce
These kids are so cool, and respectful, and just so sweet. Both the younger kids and the older ones (I mean Shinee, yes hahah). It's amazing how they found the songs from when they were born as cool. Minseo's words - Retro, vintage... wow
JU Ri Na
JU Ri Na Gün önce
I can imagine Jonghyun being sweet with the kids. I bet they will also like him. 💓
Ulfah Aulia
Ulfah Aulia Gün önce
손연서 Gün önce
9:27 님아!! 그선을 넘지 마오
ෆDulce Huertaෆ
ෆDulce Huertaෆ Gün önce
9:30 a lo que vienen
Shadia Kansha
Shadia Kansha Gün önce
when the girl noticed jonghyun’s missing, I start crying 🥲
Kavita Thapa
Kavita Thapa Gün önce
I loved that girl kid noticed one member was missing and Minho reply was ❤️❤️
변희재 Gün önce
애들이 말하는게 왜이렇게 이쁘냐...
Aly Garcia
Aly Garcia Gün önce
the fact he didnt wanna tell her hes no longer here with us is sweet and sad at the same time.
Bex Cruz
Bex Cruz Gün önce
the best uncle anyone would ask for.
2020쥐띠 Gün önce
흑 나랑같이 시작하구나?????
Youa Gün önce
I got so emotional. SHINee always five person.
sophie love's jk
sophie love's jk Gün önce
"he's not well......he is a good uncle" i will cry
Andrea Bell
Andrea Bell 2 gün önce
This was so many kinds of amazing. I'm not very familiar with Shinee but I do know that one of the members passed a few years ago and I imagine this was kind of difficult for them on that level. I've watched a few of these but this one was definitely extra special. ❤️ Having a good conversation with a child can be like a hug and I'll bet they needed that.
XxYeeting baboonsXx
XxYeeting baboonsXx 2 gün önce
me after watching boys over flowers getting frustrated bcuz i dont see lee min ho in the “band” then realising that lee min ho’s face changed by alot ._.
sara j
sara j 2 gün önce
Harang really seems to enjoy hip-hop and strong aura songs, he'd love Stray Kids and Ateez
sara j
sara j 2 gün önce
Onew looks so proud when she tells him he looks younger now like "it was 13 years ago" I LOVE HIM SM-
Mandii Sixx
Mandii Sixx 2 gün önce
The inquisitive nature of the girls... the one with Minho definitely noticed the change in him when talking about Jonghyun, but didn't say anything, but she did ask him if he'd had a hard time and I almost cried. Then the girl with Onew had to have noticed his demeanor change when reacting to the first win, and she responded so kindly. She was so sweet.
ゲリン 2 gün önce
이게 최고예요. 저는 멤버들 모두를 사랑하지만 삼촌 같지 않고, 데뷔할 때 삼촌 같았어요. 나는 성숙함이 그것의 열매를 가져온다고 추측한다.
야옹 2 gün önce
귀여워 미쳐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Gloria Kim
Gloria Kim 2 gün önce
뷰가 없어서 조금 아쉽네요 ㅠㅠ
벌집의답글요정 2 gün önce
13살인데 샤이니를 모른다는게 신기하다... 나도 잘 아는건 아니지만 링딩동 돈콜미 누너예 뷰 셜록 정도는 들어봤고 아미고 산소같은 남자였나? 그거랑 루시퍼 뭐 이런 타이틀 곡들이랑 무브 크리미널 뭐 이정도는 알고 져버린 1개의 별에 대해서도 알고... 심지어 샤이니를 처음 안게 7살때....
An yee
An yee 2 gün önce
The kids were so chill and open minded
Lian 2 gün önce
we need BTS to do this
Ekaterina 3 gün önce
Are those kids were with NCT too? Anyway kids are so cute and SHINee's members so wonderful guys. I'm happy to know them, sad that I lost years unknowing kpop and Asian culture but this year is the best. Jonghyun never won't be forgotten. I just hope in this industry all hardworker artists will stay healthy and be happy.
moonchild 3 gün önce
okay, i think i am a bit late, but i want to join their fandom, can someone please tell which songs i must listen etc.
moonchild Gün önce
@Belle Marfori thank you, i already listen to ring ding dong and don't call me and it was amazing, i will listen to the others too. Again tysm babe😘
Belle Marfori
Belle Marfori 2 gün önce
Their discography is huge! This May 25 is their 13th anniversary. But the most popular is Replay, Sherlock, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Hello, View and Don't Call Me.
Angela 3 gün önce
9:27 😭
Diba Chitgar Rahimi
Diba Chitgar Rahimi 3 gün önce
I'm not even a fan, but I could feel the pain when Minho talked about Jonghyun
Isabel C
Isabel C 3 gün önce
Oh my god, this was too real. I cried so much when Jonghyun part came. They are the sweetest and I love them all forever. Onew's part touched me the most, biggest bias.
Jasmine Lee
Jasmine Lee 3 gün önce
Me : writin my exams My head : Ring ding dong~~ Taemin : saying facts
다현`s vlog
다현`s vlog 3 gün önce
''어? 왜 한명없어요?''라고 했을때 하은이가 슬퍼할까봐 몸이 아프다고 설명해주는 민호오빠......
Dewmini Wijesundara
Dewmini Wijesundara 3 gün önce
I cried and feeled sad when kids asked about Jonghyun 😭😭😢 Anyway thank you for making this video 👍
유미경 3 gün önce
샤이니에종현은..... ㅠㅠ
hi hi
hi hi 3 gün önce
난 예전 노래도 다 좋다ㅋㅋ 킹갓샤이니
Carreen Singh
Carreen Singh 3 gün önce
5:16 I can't 😭
Sofia 3 gün önce
Minho has such an addicting laugh omggg-
selene mon
selene mon 3 gün önce
It's cute how shinee members wanted to be called samchon or uncle, but super junior members wanted to be called oppa hahahaha
Once You JimIn You Can Never JimOut
Once You JimIn You Can Never JimOut 4 gün önce
One person is missing 😭😭 damn... Kid you making me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭 again!!!!!!!!!!
Sh Shenso
Sh Shenso 4 gün önce
فلترقد بسلام يا ملاكي الحارس 🥺💕 احبكم وادعمكم للابد ♾🤞🤍🤍
samyang_noodles 4 gün önce
i dont even stan dem but imma go cry now
ishini ishini
ishini ishini 4 gün önce
These kids know Humor! 👏🏽😂
winter flower
winter flower 4 gün önce
When Minho said ' he is not well ' , ' he is a good uncle , he is not bad uncle ' it really hit me in my heart . he was an angle and will always be same as shinee will always consist of 5 members...
G xxx
G xxx 4 gün önce
6:58 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ목소리가 상큼해서 더웃곀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Rodavarg Vincent
Rodavarg Vincent 4 gün önce
I was crying over their tribute performance to Jonghyun and came here to cheer myself up... only to end up crying even more.
Destinee M
Destinee M 4 gün önce
So many emotions are attached to this band. I definitely cried. :( I’m glad they said he was good uncle but tears can’t help but she’d without control for me.
nct & bp supremacy !
nct & bp supremacy ! 4 gün önce
kids out here born in 2009 and meeting kpop idols while there's me who's born in 2009 but haven't met my favorite idols
Rashy Abanag
Rashy Abanag 4 gün önce
you literally see the shift of mood when they saw their first award, when jonghyun .... even til now they still grieve but not as painful as before. jonghyun is surely proud of them! as member, a leader, a friend and as a brother.
Jannat Tayba
Jannat Tayba 5 gün önce
Minho ah~~~😘💜
Let's go to a top
Let's go to a top 5 gün önce
I am see you onkbs world tv lam from Syria I am love Korean
빛나는 샤이니
빛나는 샤이니 5 gün önce
I keep coming back here for harang being shy around key after realizing who he is 🥺
Massiel Largaespada
Massiel Largaespada 5 gün önce
Onew is soooo sweet ... that I can't!! they were all super sweet and kind with the kids but Onew brought me to my knees 😍😍😍
박서연 5 gün önce
아ㅠㅠ 다아는노랜데 내가 저기 앉아서 아는거 말해주고시퍼ㅠㅠㅠ
정원책장 5 gün önce
다들 좋은 아빠 될 거 같다,, 허허...
Varsha singh rajput
Varsha singh rajput 5 gün önce
Old is gold 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼
石堂若菜 5 gün önce
I became a SHINee world by this video. They are Legend, but they are still fresh and improving. Thank you TRshow for recommending this video.
worldwide handsome
worldwide handsome 5 gün önce
ᴇ ᴇ ɴ
ᴇ ᴇ ɴ 5 gün önce
girl: I can see the growth song: sO eLasTic eLasTic bAbyy
그냥살자 6 gün önce
삼촌아니구 아빠라고해도 안어색한 이니들의 태도와 바이브.. 태민이마저 아가랑있는게 어색하지가 않네 샤이니 다시보고 또봐도 넘 멋지다
엘프가 되어버린 것이여
엘프가 되어버린 것이여 6 gün önce
슈주 : @@오빠야. (이후에 아저씨라고 불러도 된다고 함) 샤이니: 가사 맞추는 아저씨야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ왜때문일까....
Jaehyun’s cake
Jaehyun’s cake 6 gün önce
i think they were paired perfectly, well done team!
존존스 6 gün önce
종현아 아무리그래도 군대는 갔다왔어야지..
사랑해요샤이니 6 gün önce
Tieu Yeu Nu
Tieu Yeu Nu 6 gün önce
This makes me sad. Seeing them try to explain why JH isn't there, they all look so upset.
이래헌 6 gün önce
왜 이리 가슴이 아픈거죠 언제나 샤이니 응원합니다
루나로스차일드 6 gün önce
민호 저게 사람이냐 도대체 저런... 얼굴은 내주먹보다작고 눈이절반을차지하네그냥....저게진짜 나랑같은 인간이맞냐
Nadia Ruiz
Nadia Ruiz 6 gün önce
Lmfao this is so weird cuz I’m 16 and I grew up listening to SHINee .... but these kids are only a couple years younger...... Jesus I feel old
Fabian Rioseco
Fabian Rioseco 6 gün önce
i love this video
Wc K
Wc K 6 gün önce
2:45 여기서 부터 아미고 보기전까지 목소리 진짜.... 돈까스 먹엇자나 생각남
kyu hyun
kyu hyun 6 gün önce
민호 얼굴은 진짜 작다..
라라차차맘 7 gün önce
하랑이 너무 귀엽♡
Prerna Dhumal
Prerna Dhumal 7 gün önce
minho was holding his tears back when the girl said about jonghyun
Aezy30 7 gün önce
The pain in minho's eyes.
Young-eun Yeo
Young-eun Yeo 7 gün önce
정말 상대방의 말을 경청하는 샤이니 너무 멋있어요
SD CH 7 gün önce
연세가 어떻게....ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
잉 또
잉 또 7 gün önce
아 샤이니 보니까 한번 이런 촬영 해보고 싶어진다 샤이니 뿐만이 아니라 뭔가 K-팝의 역사를 알아보고 싶달까
김정아 7 gün önce
냔 아뉸데 대신 11땰>
김정아 7 gün önce
만나서 뷰렵댜
Najwa Azlee
Najwa Azlee 7 gün önce
I just realized, i grew up with shinee song hahah, hmmm what an old person me is
Aparna Gangaraju
Aparna Gangaraju 7 gün önce
Aparna Gangaraju
Aparna Gangaraju 7 gün önce
the girl paired with onew is literally the sweetest kid ever, and onew being the nicest guy that he is makes it all the more better
SHINee Fangirling
SHINee Fangirling 7 gün önce
Check out Taemin solo called Advise release this 18th May
nur farisya fazryana
nur farisya fazryana 7 gün önce
KEY: HHAHAHAH the kid:👁👄👁😃
Afiqah Roslizan
Afiqah Roslizan 7 gün önce
not me crying 😭😭😭😭
Hanah Lee Kim
Hanah Lee Kim 7 gün önce
In case anyone's wondering, you can hear someone laughing and Onew repeating the first syllable of 연세 at around 1:25 because it's the word 'age,' but used for older people. Essentially, she's just called him pretty old in a respectful way
friedfish 7 gün önce
That's a cute little detail, thank you! :)
VIKS 7 gün önce
The way Minho speaks is so soft like a dad omgggg😭😭😭😭
Koko Jiji
Koko Jiji 8 gün önce
Are they really doesnt know shinee or are they acting?
감자 8 gün önce
잘 쉬고있지? 너무 보고싶은데 너가 편하면 됐으니까
Karuna Poojary
Karuna Poojary 8 gün önce
The girls sure know how to talk and are very sociable
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