The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 41 (Thanksgiving Special)

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We have something special today!!! Were wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving and we want to give thanks to each and everyone who supports our channel. We love you and were happy to share the journey with you guys. In this video we start on something special that we've always wanted to build and we have a few other awesome surprises along the way!!!Thanks for watching!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741
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Bradly Ellis
Bradly Ellis 3 gün önce
Great video guy’s!!!
kent carter
kent carter 3 gün önce
How come billy always be doing the equipment running??? Is the the other bro scared to run the equipment?? If so he’s crazy because anyone would love to run the machinery. I understand he more of the camera guy but still. Lol
Brayden Kopesky
Brayden Kopesky 15 gün önce
Number one rule never dig over the side of you tracks because if the edges fall your going down
carl fxi
carl fxi 19 gün önce
this pond needs piranhas
Ron Topping
Ron Topping Aylar önce
Dude where's my machine
Benbot Aylar önce
Are they ever going to sell those cars?
Jeffrey Denecke
Jeffrey Denecke Aylar önce
You guys have to realize you will have toddlers and children running around the homestead. That Pond needs some safety cameras and alarms set up so that if the kids play there you get alerts. Lifting a dead child out of the water is no fun !!!
KimaliaX Aylar önce
remember to get a lot of fish that will keep the pond clean, have at least 1 deep spot thats 5-6 meters deep. will be pain in the butt with all those leaves...
S V Aylar önce
Your pond idea is fantastic! What a great feature to have on your property.
Mikka Kahkonen
Mikka Kahkonen Aylar önce
I would not put fish
Dave Mclaughlin
Dave Mclaughlin Aylar önce
G'DAY Boys,for each foot of depth dug for. a dam/pond,you normally require three times the soil to build the retaining wall,also to line a dam to hold water,usually only re quires six inches of clay,your design needs to include careful study of catchment area,then what ditches/gutters will maximize the ground water?
Octavio Mendez
Octavio Mendez Aylar önce
search up AquaScape on TRshow, there pond experts
Octavio Mendez
Octavio Mendez Aylar önce
you guys should get pond liner for the bottom to keep the water pristine clean !
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Aylar önce
Nice pond and donuts!!!
crissyb00 Aylar önce
Just wondering, where are all the magical salmon coming from... rolling down the hill, or swimming up the non existant river?
Ricardo Santiago
Ricardo Santiago Aylar önce
Dig a well in the middle of it, take like 20 ft of PVC and drill it into the ground ,so it keeps your water level high and the water oxygenated by constantly flowing
john citizen
john citizen Aylar önce
Giant hot tub . Mosquitoes 🦟 snakes 🐍 it’s a watering hole animals will use it to drink 🥤, then bam 💥 snakes and predators will pounce. Sauna spa showers pay some people to massage 💆‍♂️. Living like kings for sure
john citizen
john citizen Aylar önce
Ponds bring mosquitoes. Daaaaaaang
Allergic To Liberalism
Allergic To Liberalism Aylar önce
I’m not sure if y’all noticed but the water in the pond is heart shaped. 🥰
DuckGuide Aylar önce
Y’all record with an iPhone 11 (or 12)??? Didn’t know that!!! Very interesting. I always thought it was an actual camera itself and not a phone. Learn something everyday
Zing gerr
Zing gerr Aylar önce
That bit of water in the pond is heart shaped, anybody else notice
Arvin Nguyen
Arvin Nguyen Aylar önce
Like and subscribe and comment and satytoon for the new shop
Where is the water coming from there is no creek unless your going to dig a well ?
qazi ali mohay ud din
qazi ali mohay ud din Aylar önce
Loosing interest in the channel
Email Aylar önce
Not a good idea. Mosquito heaven.
amanda Rice
amanda Rice Aylar önce
Hi Im noow
hwlngwlf1 Aylar önce
In all honesty, if I were you, I would get a department of wildlife official to come look at your pond project. Couple of reasons I recommend this are, they can help you with indigenous fish and predators, they will have all the specifications and possible worriesome areas of your pond that you may have not thought about, they can help you build the ideal habitat for your fish to thrive and repopulate what you don't put on the plate so that you always have residual population in your pond. Suggestions like feeder fish and critters for your pond will also be helpful and could very well come from the natural surrounding's as well. Your also going to want to think hard about your retaining walls on your pond because you are uphill from a populated area. Stay safe men, think this out thoroughly and put your plan on paper so that when it comes time to fill it with fish, you have the confidence knowing you are within regulations. Also triple check the insurance rates in your area for the pond. Some insurance companies will drop your claim on sight if it's not approved before hand. Things to think about. I love the property! Your doing a fan, freaking, tastic job, once again. Peace and blessings to you and yours.
redstang5150 Aylar önce
redstang5150 Aylar önce
You guys need about 20 truckloads of gravel for that yard.
Spi**any Daro
Spi**any Daro Aylar önce
19:51 heart from the water
Herbert Leggieri
Herbert Leggieri Aylar önce
If you're going 15 ft deep I would put concrete statues in it. In case you do do scuba diving. Also make sure you put a fountain in there somewhere. Something to agitate the water to help prevent mosquitoes making it at home. Also you might want to think about using heavy plastic as a liner period instead of just relying on clay. So it's more of like a pool.
Travis Hill
Travis Hill Aylar önce
What happened to sisters car?
Crypto News Alerts
Crypto News Alerts Aylar önce
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g6rida07 Aylar önce
Gotta put a core trench in front of the dam.
Omar Bueno
Omar Bueno Aylar önce
You need to clear the trees from around the pond, the leaf litter will make it very acidic and kill the pond life including the fish, you will end up with a big mosquito breading pool.
Tony Burt
Tony Burt Aylar önce
I REALLYYY hope they went through the proper process to get approved for a pond. I'm pretty sure the EPA and Fish and Wildlife have to be involved, possibly even Core of Engineers. Environmental impact studies and such. I could see so many things going wrong. Not trying to be a pessimist, just don't want the guys to get nailed for not doing it properly and then putting it on youtube for the world to see.
Zombie Man
Zombie Man Aylar önce
Get some good info 1st on ponds. Before you build
TX3 El Gorditto
TX3 El Gorditto Aylar önce
That was a Heart-Shaped Little Pond right there! Cool.
Ashton Maldonado
Ashton Maldonado Aylar önce
Wear a mask in public.
Rude Gamerz
Rude Gamerz Aylar önce
You guys need to do q&a real soon
Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas Aylar önce
You need to line the pond with plastic. Since it is not fed by an artesian well, aeration will be necessary to sustain your fish with oxygen. Unless you are putting catfish and worthless dogfish in your pond it needs to be a clean pond . Hire a profession or move on to rebuilding vehicles. You don’t build a pond on the side of a mountain. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving day with family.
J C Aylar önce
trout wont survive in a pond, Bass, Bluegill and catfish will be better, also being on a slope will cause alot of problems, need to have some sort of water flow, just standing water is not healthy.
Douglas Morrison
Douglas Morrison Aylar önce
I think you mentioned you're within City permit range? If so, check on codes for your pond, and there may even be a depth limit. Also, fencing may be required.
BahaBlitz Aylar önce
Just found a use for that boat 😂
Chuck Tipper
Chuck Tipper Aylar önce
Don't forget to add some structure in the bottom boulders some rock etc. Places for fish to hide ftom each other.
michael knapp
michael knapp Aylar önce
Edmundo Treviño
Edmundo Treviño Aylar önce
Jupiiii finally Goonzquad fixing cars???, I'm ecstatic. Daaaaang Soon
larry upton
larry upton Aylar önce
Pops is cool. Total badass!!
Aaron Aikman
Aaron Aikman Aylar önce
I think you might have to at least put a pond liner in the deep end of the pond on top of compacting the clay I could be wrong but it's an idea keep up the great work guys!
UMAYR SYED Aylar önce
Yo dude are you eating mud or that is food
Manuel Varela
Manuel Varela Aylar önce
Do a rock waterfall 👍
Pierre Labbe
Pierre Labbe Aylar önce
Love BiG. Boy 🚩🔯🔽🔼👥👀💯
Candice Klisus
Candice Klisus Aylar önce
19:51 the Pond is a Heart. It’s showing them Love.
Omar Bueno
Omar Bueno Aylar önce
It’s to cold there for peacock bass just so y’all don’t waste money
Wayne Spyker
Wayne Spyker Aylar önce
Burn pit for all the logs of trees cut down.
sonal nice healthy bodkar
sonal nice healthy bodkar Aylar önce
sonal nice healthy bodkar
sonal nice healthy bodkar Aylar önce
It’s beautiful 🤩😍😍wow change.....leaders👌👌👌👌👌✌️✌️✌️✌️🙏🏻❣️🙏🏻....
Qasim Islam
Qasim Islam Aylar önce
Would’ve been sick If they dug around a tree ar somet to make a little island
Pumpkingilmour Aylar önce
Did they ever say why they used the new excavator to re-dig the trench in front of the retaining wall? Did they redo their drainage duct work or what?
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Aylar önce
Yall are over exaggerating way to much it getting weird
Swaraj Gaikwad
Swaraj Gaikwad Aylar önce
Bring some japanese koi fish for pond and🐟🐟🐟🎏👍
Jackson Hall
Jackson Hall Aylar önce
The viper has one wheel that doesn’t match and it’s infuriating
Gutzz13 Aylar önce
Island plzz
Brian Miller
Brian Miller Aylar önce
Y’all are really making my Butt hurt on this one. This all for content?because there’s so much wrong happening here.
Fernando Saavedra
Fernando Saavedra Aylar önce
Where is champ
angel ayala
angel ayala Aylar önce
Doog son everything looking good.@@
john bernier
john bernier Aylar önce
Charles Owens
Charles Owens Aylar önce
Magnificent view. I would never tire looking at that.
Dylan Slater
Dylan Slater Aylar önce
You need more of those camo hoodies! They are sold out already!!
Michael Boleware
Michael Boleware Aylar önce
These damn commercials are crazy getting outrageous nerve-wracking I guarantee you in 13 minutes I have seen 10 commercials that will not let you skip we'll all b******* aside 8 commercials at the least
Allan Moulton
Allan Moulton Aylar önce
Dig it as deep as you want and put a rubber liner in it. Just cover the edges of the liner a few feel below the edge of the pond.
Persiks Aylar önce
Raymond Madore
Raymond Madore Aylar önce
Please check out this site I have had great success using Bentonite for pond sealing. (nice clear water no liners.). letsdig18 isn't far away, Chris will give you more than enough information
initialSpeed Aylar önce
LOL. Time for a pool !! Good job guys. Keep up the good work.
Chris Sanchez
Chris Sanchez Aylar önce
Add rocks at the bottom is your pond!!! Get some crayfish/lobsters & catfish
Damien Probé
Damien Probé Aylar önce
I would check into the youtube channel "letsdig18" ( ) he has a lot of great excavator content including the right way to build a pond or even a lake.
Declan kot
Declan kot Aylar önce
kiss your x games mode tree goodbye in a few years disturbing that much ground that close to it and then choking it out with the mound
Tony Stephens
Tony Stephens Aylar önce
RV? you mean caravan..
Rudy Reyes
Rudy Reyes Aylar önce
At that camper make a extra container or something in there 👍🏽
Justin McMillan
Justin McMillan Aylar önce
You guys should rent a dump trailer so that you can move all of that dirt out of there
Les Learning
Les Learning Aylar önce
build it deep enough to hold fish year round
David Ruff
David Ruff Aylar önce
How's the new puppy?
Delton Thier
Delton Thier Aylar önce
Love watching you guys and nice excavator!!
Blain VanBrunt
Blain VanBrunt Aylar önce
Reach out to letsdig18 he has a lot of great pond content on you tube.
Andrew Lamm
Andrew Lamm Aylar önce
They said they wanted to go down like 15 ft but it only looks like it’s maybe 3-4 ft
Tyler Hamilton
Tyler Hamilton Aylar önce
Are y’all going to paint the last bit of trim on the side of the garage with the door? If not. Why not?
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia Aylar önce
There is a ZR1 I tagged y’all in on Instagram being auctioned off!!! It was be amazing to see y’all fix it up and race it against the track hawk!!!!
Meyappan Kannan
Meyappan Kannan Aylar önce
hi I am Kannan from Singapore well hard working boys wish you all success, you can use the wooden poles as a wall for your pond and wooden pavement surrounding the ponds.plant creepers at the side of pavement this will hold the pavement it will prevent soil will blend to can use the wood from the trees which has been cut down .it can be odd sizes but still can be used and at the bottom of the pond use a Thin layer of granite chips this will stimulate the fishes.if my health allows definitely I will visit your goonsquard thanks Meyappan Kannan
jiggy chad neuman
jiggy chad neuman Aylar önce
Put some gravel certain kind of gravel in the bottom of the pond
Vijay Gujar
Vijay Gujar Aylar önce
Guys just check this out for some clay pond idea
Neil Ian Salamat
Neil Ian Salamat Aylar önce
Install The Streethunter Wing On The 2020 Supra Asap!
Hafiz JF
Hafiz JF Aylar önce
next video please
JCountryGuy Aylar önce
Get some good tastin crappy
zRoYz Aylar önce
Lost me luv your work ethic but came here for the car rebuilds, some diversity is great but if I wanted to watch endless home handyman stuff I would sub to those channels, might come back in a year once your finished home/garage build & actually start rebuilding cars again.
Thomas Aylar önce
maye it is gold in it! try gold digging
Mike Parnwell
Mike Parnwell Aylar önce
I'd suggest you need some pond liner - plastic sheets, overlain with some of your gravel - rather than just relying on the clay, just to keep your fishes wet in the summer! Then perhaps go hunting for some more boulders from your property to place around the perimeter of the pond. Awesome work, guy. Happy Thanksgiving :)
Alex Wildner
Alex Wildner Aylar önce
right intention to start anything, just do it!!
carl fxi
carl fxi Aylar önce
They need to dig out an underground lair to store the helicopter
JIM BEAST Aylar önce
HEY WAIT what about the helipad so y’all can park the helicopter
JIM BEAST Aylar önce
Let me what y’all think
Steven E
Steven E Aylar önce
I am not sure why but, it seems more and more thumb down every week. I sure hope these two yard birds paid cash for their mountain top castle because the dang tee shirt sales might not pay the way to retirement.
Shane Black Lord
Shane Black Lord Aylar önce
Guys, you have to build a ramp so that you can drive the heavy equipment down into the pond and dig it deeper. if it even begins to rain get the digger and the skidstreer the hell out of the hole. remember to pressure wah the tracks at the end of each day, or you will have to pay to get it cleaned, and it will not be cheap. Also don't forget to grease the equipment every day. dig the pond about 30 to forty feet deep. Line the sides and the edges with at least 6 inches of clay and build a fire using the fire wood logs you collected from the propery to bake the clay for at least 8 hours. Using burn method the clay until it become pottery , the burn method will create a very durable surface, you could also line the edges around the pond about 3 feet wide to fom a kind of a sidewalk arour the entire pond/ us you save the black charcoal like peices you could harden the clay sidewalk arould tje pond or you coul build forms a pour a three foot wide concrete sidewalk around the pond. firing the clay pond surface would last forever and would be far cheaper than pouring concrete. tou will still have to monitor the PH of the pond to prevent it becouming to acidic or all of your fish wil die/ be sure to burn the firres until the are ash and remove the ash and fire remains before you add fish add edible fish and you will be able to go fishing and catch your dinner! do not make the mistake off making the pond too small or your fish will die. also use fish that can surve cold tempratures or yor fish will freeze to death on the winters. I would make recommendations out wich fish to buy but I do not know where you live and I do not think it is a good Idea for you to advertise where you live because you own many valuable cars and that might atract a criminal element if you know what I mean. Billy I think the next think you guys should build is a second house some where on you property for you brother, so he does not have yo live with you parents. it is very obvious to me that you love each other very much, I think you should be working on making it so me does not have to drive from your parents to your place every day so you guys can make videos or maybe he can live with you and your family in the sane house, like wall in the garage and he can live in that room. Not sure what your plans are but He does the filming while you do most of the work.
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