The BEST Internet Set-up for Travelling Australia Explained / Nighthawk v Celfi-Go v RV Wifi

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Overland Exposure

Overland Exposure

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This is the long awaited video that explains all you need to know about our highly sought after and recommended internet set-up for Caravanning, travelling, and exploring Australia. Our internet guide shows how you can get 3G, 4g and 5G internet connections with excellent speeds in remote areas of Australia.
We explain everything from what the set-up is, how much it will cost, how to use it, we show evidence of how our Nighthawk modem with external antennas on a mast works better than the competition products - the Cel-Fi Go and the RV Wifi systems and why it works and other internet hints and tips.
We are always seeing the question of what is the best internet on the road set-up, mainly for those who are planning to or already are working on the road and while travelling. We have been using our set-up for about 1 year and it is brilliant. We have had many followers purchase and are happy too, plus many others asking a few questions about it. All those questions are answered here.
00:00 - Intro
00:32 - The Problem
03:31 - What's in the Caravan Internet Package
04:51 - The Solution
05:58 - Technical Details - How and Why
06:26 - Nighthawk, Celfi and RV Wifi Compared
15:15 - Which antenna?
19:29 - The Mast
20:15 - Why we chose the Nighthawk
22:22 - How much will it cost?
23:57 - How to use our set-up
28:11 - The Pack-up
28:36 - Aus Phone Towers App
35:44 - Proof it works!
36:26 - FAQs
36:36 - Optus or Telstra
38:29 - What about voice calls?
39:12 - Use while driving
40:27 - The Future
42:18 - Everywhere
As always, please leave us a comment with your thoughts or feedback on our videos. Also, let us know if you want more information about something in particular in the comments below or send us a DM on socials or email at
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