"Ways of Being" - In conversation with James Bridle

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How is AI changing the way we interact with other forms of intelligence?
James Bridle is an artist, writer, and technologist based in London and on a Greek island. With a long-standing investigative interest in modern network infrastructure, government transparency, and technological surveillance, he is also passionate about new modes of interaction and engagement inspired by non-human beings. His relentless research into how we can create new technologies that better serve the whole world, not just a few humans, is both fascinating and awe inspiring.
This NEXT-SHOW conversation featuring James Bridle focusses on his latest book “ Ways of Being”. Here Bridle considers the fascinating, uncanny and multiple ways of existing together on planet earth. What can we learn from other forms of intelligence and personality, and how can we develop our societies to live more equitably with one another and the non-human world?
Tune in and learn more about what it means to be intelligent? Is it something unique to mankind - or do we share it with other beings?
About James Bridle: nextconf.eu/person/james-bridle/
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*James Bridle - New Dark Age: Is Technology Making the World Harder to Understand?
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Kathi 8 aylar önce
"Ways of Being" is brilliant and enlightening. The revelations you bring into awareness for anyone willing to think outside the box is mind expanding. Words of appreciation for your work goes well beyond what words can express.
Dale Merritt
Dale Merritt 11 aylar önce
The main reason Concord ended, was due to the crash that killed 113 people early on, and the lack of demand after that. At the end of the day, there might be good reasons for "stagnation". Whether safety concerns, or the lack of market for the product. Speeding up innovation for the sake of speeding it up, is dangerous.
Audio Pervert
Audio Pervert 3 aylar önce
His book is good. Useful and challenging ... in terms of imagining new world, maybe to happen or never.
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