The Jerusalem has come || 4k quality || Salahuddin Ayubi

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Empire of Islam

Empire of Islam

10 aylar önce

This sence is from a movie called Kingdom of Heaven.
the battle is between Bladvin and Salahuddin Ayubi...

Cerogravity 9 aylar önce
They don’t make movies like this anymore an absolute masterpiece
Skay24 9 aylar önce
Now they use matrix special effects when they doge arrows and spears, or when they fight with swords....
K. Erwin Mendoza
K. Erwin Mendoza 9 aylar önce
Yeah, Hollyweird is more bent on making movies about gay men and lesbians now it's pathetic.
ChaBoi Assassins
ChaBoi Assassins 8 aylar önce
@K. Erwin Mendoza sounds about right
Yes 8 aylar önce
BlackBannerz Islam won a ticket to Hell, that's for sure.
Ian Peters
Ian Peters Aylar önce
The fact that Saladin acknowledged his rival's declining health and offered to send physicians speaks volumes about his character. Stuff of true legends.
fghh fghdfg
fghh fghdfg Aylar önce
That line re the physicians gives me a lump in my throat every time I hear it
Apocratos 01
Apocratos 01 10 gün önce
His physicians would probably have poisoned Baldwin cause saladin knew if the king was dead there was nothing holding him back to conquer Jerusalé the end that was what happened
scx izm
scx izm 9 gün önce
He also did the same with richard the lionheart
Gott_KämpftYT 6 gün önce
Tis not a historic accurate Film
The Snarky Viking
The Snarky Viking 6 gün önce
Ummm you wouldn't like what his orders were after conquering Jerusalem despite what a PC Hollywood movie tries to tell you.
Amir Reshadi
Amir Reshadi 3 aylar önce
"Your quality will be known among your enemies." That is a legend's ultimate goal.
Andrew 3 aylar önce
Jesus аnswered, “I аm the wаy аnd the truth аnd the life. No one comes to the Fаther except through me. John 14:6 ⭐✝
General 3 aylar önce
@Andrew catually he told you to obey allah. jesus spoke arameic god in arameic is allah. dont dishonor the great prophet jesus like that.
Vlade Nikolovski
Vlade Nikolovski 3 aylar önce
@General this passage uses the words “the Father”, not the word “God” and is an English translation so saying “Allah” (meaning “God”) here to stand in for “Father” wouldn’t make sense in either translation anyway, unless I’m missing something?
Gh Gh
Gh Gh 3 aylar önce
@Andrew we muslims don’t believe in this😂😂
Andrew 3 aylar önce
@Gh Gh God bless Gh. Musims do make Jesus out to be a liar, which is harsh but true. He did what He said He did in the bible.
Kader 2 aylar önce
I'm a Muslim. This video perfectly shows us the comradeship between us and Christians. Truly we are cut from the same cloth.
Ford Mustang GT
Ford Mustang GT 2 aylar önce
Bullshit!! I am a Muslim too. This video and the whole film shows 30% of comradeship of Salahuddin. He was a man of knowledge, character, visionary. This video and the film only glorify the christians.
Creed Sanada
Creed Sanada 2 aylar önce
@Ford Mustang GT You undermine the great respect we have for Saladin and those like him. Few of his kind walked this earth
Kader 2 aylar önce
@@fordmustanggt2046 lovely manners bro : )
Ford Mustang GT
Ford Mustang GT 2 aylar önce
@Creed Sanada How? How did I undermine Salahuddin? Please explain.
Ford Mustang GT
Ford Mustang GT 2 aylar önce
@Kader I said, this film only glorifies the Christians and that hurt your feelings!!! Or did I say something very very odd!! Read about Salahuddin, you will know Salahuddin is 50 times better than the film tried to portray.
oliver Gabriel
oliver Gabriel 5 aylar önce
i remmeber qwatching this as a kid and being dissapointed the armies didnt fight here, but as an adult I truly appreciate the respect the leaders had for each other and the lives of their soldiers
Jose Rijal kasyasyaf
Jose Rijal kasyasyaf 2 aylar önce
Tbh baldwin makes the correct judgement he's a very intelligent man.
Matt Tan
Matt Tan 2 aylar önce
same here
Tube2097 Aylar önce
Ed Norton was boss as Baldwin
Iain Mcelhone
Iain Mcelhone 22 gün önce
Well said !!.
Aaah aaah
Aaah aaah 3 aylar önce
As a Christian, a lot of love to my Christian and Muslim friends!
ZHH Studios
ZHH Studios 2 aylar önce
kikoredog 2 aylar önce
both sinners in the eye of god. nothing will save you from eternal damnation that awaits all men who are not followers of Judaism
Mao Sama
Mao Sama 2 aylar önce
​@kikoredog ? I'm an atheist but someone isnt reading their torah. In torah everyone will go to hell. Both sinners and saints , believers and non believers. All will be punished and all will be saved. Oh and yahweh , El and Elyon are different gods from 3 different religions who became one through assimilation. Which kinda poetic in christianity side. Since they believe in a three persona god. Your god is nothing more but a storm spirit , an old mage and a mountain god mashed together.
D H 10 aylar önce
The mutual respect that Saladin and Baldwin had for each other was Amazing. True leaders.
Witito90 10 aylar önce
Qualities lacking in modern leaders...
zilk 9 aylar önce
@Witito90 True, if only we were in a world where leaders had mutual respect, courtesy, and humility towards each other despite the situation.
Swift Cee
Swift Cee 9 aylar önce
Called chivalry.
Nikolai 9 aylar önce
This is a movie my guy. Not a historical re-enactment.
BattleshipAgincourt 5 aylar önce
The actor who played King Baldwin was fantastic. With only his body gestures, he shows more than many actors do while completely unhindered.
Blaedus 5 aylar önce
The actor that played King Baldwin is Edward Norton.
50 shades of gday
50 shades of gday 4 aylar önce
@Blaedus I didn't find that out until a couple years ago, blew my mind it was him.
claymore 4 aylar önce
@Blaedus edward norton is such an underrated actor
Pedro Sarti
Pedro Sarti 4 aylar önce
@claymore He's not really underrated, he's constantly considered among the best of our times, just difficult to work with him.
octavio araujo
octavio araujo 4 aylar önce
@Pedro Sarti that is what I heard too.
Cameron Cunningham
Cameron Cunningham 4 aylar önce
“Withdraw, or we all will die here”….the words of a king, a leader, a man who was tired of death and wanted nothing more than peace
kreemor 3 aylar önce
Nice movie 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Arona Ricardo
Arona Ricardo 3 aylar önce
Respect the Crusaders and the superiority of Christ
Arona Ricardo
Arona Ricardo 2 aylar önce
@Amazarashii God wills it!! Killing an infidel is your path to heaven. Pope urban II
Grinderpug 12 gün önce
"That I would rather live with men than kill them is certainly why YOU are alive." BRUTAL! One of my favorite quotes in any movie!
Xavier 4 aylar önce
The respect that Saladin and Baldwin had for each other is awesome. Two great men indeed.
Al 3 aylar önce
Pakalu papito
Raul Menendez
Raul Menendez 2 aylar önce
polatimus 666
polatimus 666 2 aylar önce
THE xavier!?
gddf 🏳️‍🌈⃠
gddf 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 2 aylar önce
Tajuddin Ahmed
Tajuddin Ahmed Aylar önce
​@polatimus 666 no it's a bot
Anirudh Singh
Anirudh Singh 3 aylar önce
'I will send my physicians' it speaks so highly of this noble profession.
j rex
j rex 2 aylar önce
yes because "I will send Fauci " wouldn't have the same effect/impact
Roman Benni Fir
Roman Benni Fir Aylar önce
Lmao alexander hated physicians and even said saved lives by doing so
Paolo Alfante
Paolo Alfante Aylar önce
@j rex when you get pain or a disease, stay home. Don't be a hypocrite and see a physician.
James W.T.
James W.T. 29 gün önce
To check when you'll die.
Iain Mcelhone
Iain Mcelhone 22 gün önce
Well said !! 😆😆
azj_2002 9 aylar önce
*"I'm not those men, I am Salahuddin, Salahuddin"* - A quote we never forget who he was
Mustafa Hakan Sandık
Mustafa Hakan Sandık 6 aylar önce
Probably, this is a word play because Salahuddin or Salahaddin means "The Righteousness of the Faith" in Arabic, so he wills to stay loyal to his name. It's also believed that the given name to a child will influence his or her character.
M G 6 aylar önce
"Righteousness of the religion" pretty badass!
Boyd Scott
Boyd Scott 6 aylar önce
I hear he was a Kurd.....
Matin Ahmed
Matin Ahmed 6 aylar önce
@Boyd Scott this is the fact that he was a kurd muslim mujahid from India mewat Haryana
sesshomaru2005 6 aylar önce
what is jerusalem worth? what follow its an amazing answer.
Zephyr Gaming
Zephyr Gaming 4 aylar önce
Kingdom of Heaven... A masterpiece... so sad there's no more movies like this.. a portrayal of history..
Gavin Rose
Gavin Rose 3 aylar önce
but its not real history. This movie has an agenda.
S P 3 aylar önce
This movie have almost nothing to do with the real history..
Я возбужден.
Я возбужден. 3 aylar önce
@Gavin Rose and what was the agenda ?
kreemor 3 aylar önce
​@Я возбужден. It not accurate historicaly lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SkyMarshall Arts
SkyMarshall Arts 3 aylar önce
Give "Master and Commander" with Russel Crowe a shot. It has the same authentic feel.
Teresa Harris - Travel By Books
Teresa Harris - Travel By Books 3 aylar önce
What I love most about this movie, is that it doesn't say that one side is right, or the other is wrong. It just shows what men are willing to do, for an idea, the idea of Jerusalem.
ירון מזרחי נשיא
ירון מזרחי נשיא Aylar önce
If the Arabs had not come from the Arabian Peninsula and conquered the entire Levant from Aramaic and Greek speaking Christians who lived there for about seven centuries, there would have been no need for the Crusaders at all
Metal_Fusion Aylar önce
@ירון מזרחי נשיא Well unfortunately the spread of religion was done through bloodshed-had the muslims done it by peace or talked terms with the christian inhabitants it would be probably different
essam alkaml
essam alkaml Aylar önce
@ירון מזרחי נשיא what were the romans and Greeks and their"citizens" doing in levant and middle east?
ירון מזרחי נשיא
ירון מזרחי נשיא Aylar önce
@essam alkaml Asking what Greeks did in the Levant before the Arab conquest shows that you don't know the history of the area
ירון מזרחי נשיא
ירון מזרחי נשיא Aylar önce
@essam alkaml Syria is at the same distance from the area of ancient Greece, and from the Arabian Peninsula, and the Greeks who fought against the Jews (Hanukah holiday) were actually from there, why are the Arabs in Syria? in Morocco? in Libya? In Iraq/Babylon? Are they there from the creation of the world? They didn't occupy territories? is nothing?? Read a little about the Middle East in the Middle Ages, Alexandria is not a name that Arabs would give to a city in Egypt like Hagia Sophia, it is not a name that Muslims would give to a mosque in Istanbul
John Watson
John Watson 3 aylar önce
This is a very well shot scene. Two ancient cultures with all their heraldry and dignity marching at each other upon the field. Both armies look absolutely stunning and inspiring. They were both prepared to die for their God and Lord and it just makes for an absolutely stunning scene. I have much respect for the filmmaker. Mainly because he didn’t pull a 300 and make the eastern empires seem like barbarians who had no independent thought other than what the king told them to do. I’m still shocked that Christendom was able to capture Jerusalem in 1195. It’s the tail end of the dark ages or middle ages as modern scholars now call it. These civilizations did not have the power of the Roman empire so the fact that they were able to conquer Jerusalem is just astounding. They weren’t able to hold it for an incredibly long time of course because when the whole east is united with purpose they are a force to be reckoned with. The Romans certainly had their share of problems with the empires od the east. There isn’t one now but in the past they’re almost always was a huge multi ethnic Eastern empire operating in west Asia. Persians, Parthians, Sassanid and so on.
SonofSeraphim Gün önce
@John Watson! 👀 Look at you! With the stroke of your tongue and 🪶 quill you wrote the opening line of a great 📕 Book or a movie 🎥 "Two ancient cultures with all their heraldry and dignity (these two words speak volumes)... marching at each other upon the field..." And there you have a tapestry of verbiage painted for any reader...
m8rtia9 3 aylar önce
The scene of the negotiations is so haunting and significant, also for what was left unsaid between the two. The two of them fight and decide the war right there without drawing swords. Baldwin says, withdraw all we die here (compared to the option of withdrawal, where only I die, soon). Saladin immediately realizes that he doesn't need to fight today, just wait Baldwin out. He also has a certain regard for him, and seeing him as an equal, doesn't want to tarnish Baldwin's legacy. Baldwin will now be the king who never lost, and successfully negotiated peace. The final pause is almost Baldwin saying, yes, it will be soon. And Saladin then realizes that he should send his physicians, not to treat him, but possibly to make his passing easier and reduce his pain. And of course to assess how long he has to live, and Saladin to plan the next attack.
Devil Dog Crewchief
Devil Dog Crewchief 3 aylar önce
Baldwin defeated Saladin in battle twice therefore Saladin had a great respect for him and the two also had somewhat of a friendship with each other and because of that were able to speak with one another and come to "Terms". A powerful movie and one of my favorites.
Md Ryle
Md Ryle 3 aylar önce
They're equal in so many things, believe each of them knows whoever control Jerusalem (between them both), the kingdom would be safe.
Un1verse 2 aylar önce
Hahahahhahahahahh nice joke joker
KunAguero10. Aylar önce
2 defa da Saladin kazanmisdi
Waleed Hamdy
Waleed Hamdy Aylar önce
Saladin won both times. Treason in wars is not characteristic of Muslims
Abdan Syakuro
Abdan Syakuro Aylar önce
@Waleed Hamdy Salahuddin was defeated by the then 14 year old Baldwin IV, after that he respected the king and proclaimed a truce between two lords
The Missing Peace
The Missing Peace 10 aylar önce
You know a man is truly great when his enemies refer to him with respect.
The King
The King 10 aylar önce
@Mikey Craig like that matters lol
Luka Lukin
Luka Lukin 9 aylar önce
Its just words
Viswanath Ajikumar
Viswanath Ajikumar 9 aylar önce
You know a man is truly great when centuries of Western propaganda still has not made him the villain
Sean Mallon
Sean Mallon 9 aylar önce
@The King Sometimes words hold more power than a Sword and Shield. Salahuddin knew that this was causing more deathes than they cared. On both sides of the conflict. It was an issue that should have been dealt with. But both leaders knew that after the battle began. Why waist men when word can do. Besides, both sides had a begrudging respect that showed between both leaders. Also to show the knights respect to Salahuddin, he used Salahuddin's own language to show him that they were not the savages theyy thought them to be.
Almighty 5
Almighty 5 5 aylar önce
When that cross appeared over the hill the first time I watched this I had immediate shivers and still do! One of my all time favorite movies
Alfie P-Solomon
Alfie P-Solomon 5 aylar önce
I was captivated by this short scenes from the movie. Never heard of it until now...
Magyarul nem beszélek
Magyarul nem beszélek 5 aylar önce
Youtube Censorship
Youtube Censorship 5 aylar önce
I was captivated by the might of the Islamic flag and its majesty, rather than a pagan European Christian cross.
janmegas 5 aylar önce
@TRshow Censorship To each their own.
Dwayne Chauncey Crook
Dwayne Chauncey Crook 5 aylar önce
@TRshow Censorship says who is pagan mister moon worshipper black stone worshipper man who declared to be monotheistic but rather have been deceive and followed Allah who told them to worship black stone and kiss it like you kiss your wives "V" you what I mean pagan mister, And To All Those who have offended I'm Sorry But this Is Just For This Disrespectful Dude My Apologies To The Ones Who Got Offended God bless Us All☝️
Allan Timothy
Allan Timothy 5 aylar önce
That scene when he said Jerusalem has come,damn it makes me goosebumps!!
Lu Martinelli
Lu Martinelli 4 aylar önce
Even their mounts are adequate. A spirited stallion for a powerful muslim sultan at the height of his strenght, and a soft walking, mature beast for a wise king at the end of his life. This movie deserves more credit.
Demos Jeffy
Demos Jeffy 4 aylar önce
I know that this is just a movie but this scene makes me so hopeful that one day we may all live in peace through respect for the beliefs and creeds of anyone. No matter how you pray, if your pray, or by what name you call your god or gods. You are a human being who can carry the love and dignity of our species with you.
ali a
ali a Aylar önce
@Tofig Azizov huh,?
Vince V
Vince V Aylar önce
Except, in the end, there will be one religion, and that religion attempts to defeat Jesus when He returns. Spoiler alert… Jesus wins.
Dwisetyo Gusti Arilaksono
Dwisetyo Gusti Arilaksono 14 gün önce
​@Vince Vwhat religions are you referring? Because we muslims believe that Jesus (Prophet Isa AS) will return and lead human being near the end of the world.. And nowhere we are told that we supposed to defeat him..
Jeb Broham
Jeb Broham 2 aylar önce
"Assemble the army." That was one of the most powerful words Baldwin ever spoke. He knew that he was facing perhaps the most powerful force in the world at that time, yet he didn't hesitate to personal ride to meet it head on.
Biyahe ni Bryan
Biyahe ni Bryan 9 aylar önce
The actor who portrayed Salahadin is magnificient..
SoCal Jarhead
SoCal Jarhead 9 aylar önce
Tremendous performance indeed.
CeacNoris 9 aylar önce
All are
LYB Rebel
LYB Rebel 9 aylar önce
Prof of Drama: Ghassan Massoud
Othman Shahin
Othman Shahin 9 aylar önce
He plays Abu Bakr in the Arabic series Omar and does a great job there too
jasonazure 5 aylar önce
That look Eva gives him at 3:19 - it tells us so much. Her knowledge of what he is about to do. Her admiration for a knight who can immediately decide to protect the weak. Her love for him as an equal.
Iain Mcelhone
Iain Mcelhone 4 aylar önce
Yeah, she put a great effort in for her role !!.
Deb Bradburn
Deb Bradburn Aylar önce
Literally never get bored of watching this film, specifically for Saladin, a truly great medieval ruler, “I will send you my physicians” and the look on his face is exactly how I’ve always imagined him.
khalid ibn al-Walid⚔️
khalid ibn al-Walid⚔️ Aylar önce
You should read The Qur'an to understand our/salahuddin's Religion Will you my sister..!!
Robert Otte
Robert Otte 2 aylar önce
I always get goosebumps on 9:32. just the feeling of so many man coming towards each other.
Smelly Patel
Smelly Patel 5 aylar önce
I'm a Muslim myself. While I support Saladin fully, I also respect the bravery demonstrated by baleon here. Good people on both sides in every war ever fought
Silberwolf 3 aylar önce
One of my favorite movies of all time! The respect and honor Baldwin and Saladin showed each other is inspiring...even more so in our current world of cruelty, egomania and stupidity.
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Aylar önce
They’re literally killing each other over a story so I think we’re a bit smarter now
22steve5150 10 aylar önce
the director's cut of this movie is a freaking masterpiece.
Rafito Hornero
Rafito Hornero 10 aylar önce
May i know where you watched it. I've watched the movie more than 5 time. but i keep seeing everyone in comment section, that director cut is far more better and longer. Please ler me know its hard to find it in my country.
22steve5150 10 aylar önce
@Rafito Hornero I bought it on DVD years ago, probably a year or so after it was released in Theaters. Nowadays you're probably best off looking to buy a copy online, either from the studio that owns the rights or a second hand directors cut DVD from an owner.
Philip 10 aylar önce
Ridley Scott's triumphal epic. ITS A MASTAPIECE
Easy Ei8ht
Easy Ei8ht 10 aylar önce
Indeed, have watched multiple times and it never fails to impress
ace vfx
ace vfx 9 aylar önce
@Rafito Hornero gotta buy it or you know... 'Extract' it
LadyBird 2 aylar önce
Never gets old. Not one scene drags on, even in the director's cut. A masterpiece 👏👏👏
Edvin Parmeza
Edvin Parmeza 5 aylar önce
Imagine that Saladin had lost a battle to Baldwin before, and he still respected him enough to make peace with him and even send his doctors to heal him. That's true leadership, ofc shown by both sides.
Nokard Aylar önce
He also was well aware of Baldwin's condition, he knew that without her king, Jerusalem would stood weakened. An excellent move.
3amorto Aylar önce
Guys you know they wanted peace because all salamu alayka means may peace be on you
Edvin Parmeza
Edvin Parmeza Aylar önce
@3amorto true
Edvin Parmeza
Edvin Parmeza Aylar önce
@Nokard he knew that, and it was on his favor, however if he could keep the peace with Jerusalem without fighting, he would, because Jerusalem respected the muslims under Baldwin, but Saladin was pressured from his allies to conquer Jerusalem, since he has promised them that the city would be returned to the Muslims, and he had to keep his promise to not lose his muslim allies, and after Baldwins death, he knew that he would have to fight against the Crusaders, since Guy was against muslims and wanted to annihilate all of them.
Nokard Aylar önce
@Edvin Parmeza yes! Exactly
selocan469 2 aylar önce
A very strong sequence with a even stronger ending. As audience, we will always respect the respect shown and be moved by it. Bailian's high charisma is out classed by both King Baldwin and Sultan Salaheddin
Sid Johnson
Sid Johnson Aylar önce
"Assemble the Army" One of the Best lines of all time. Especially in that Tone.
Manuel Manish Christy
Manuel Manish Christy 3 aylar önce
ירון מזרחי נשיא
ירון מזרחי נשיא Aylar önce
Yes!!!!!!! The best "I AM JERUSALEM"
Nicholas Holmes-Siedle
Nicholas Holmes-Siedle 9 aylar önce
Neither side wanted big losses . The film is hung loosely around the Battle of Hattin and accompanying skirmishes . As an ex History teacher ,films like this give students the reality of history and so much more inspirational than dry figures in text books.
Stansman 9 aylar önce
As an ex history teacher, how can you like this movie with all the inaccuracies? 😂
Edvin Parmeza
Edvin Parmeza 6 aylar önce
TrueFact water in that time was like oil in modern warfare
The Great Hambino
The Great Hambino 6 aylar önce
@Stansman if you want a documentary, watch a documentary. The purpose of film is to entertain. Many things we don’t know about the events portrayed, for example the personal lives of the men. Screenwriters have to come up with that on their own, but once you focus on character, sometimes you to make changes to story so that it vibes with the characters. As a history major myself, I can enjoy it because it tells a story of humanity, and tells of events that did happen, even if those events are not completely accurate, because the general gist of it is there.
benjamin Andersson
benjamin Andersson 6 aylar önce
@The Great Hambino Indeed, that is also the exact same reason i find the last samurai to be a fantastic film.
Kimoxabe 5 aylar önce
"Withdraw or we will all die here"... Such a powerful line coming from a King whose teetering on the brink of death. It's like he's saying he got nothing to loose. lol
Sean Harris
Sean Harris 3 aylar önce
He certainly wasn’t bluffing
Emilian Edward Sava
Emilian Edward Sava 25 gün önce
I'm pretty sure the Red Queen said something similar in Resident Evil: "You're all going to die down here."
Muhammad Hamza Alvi
Muhammad Hamza Alvi 5 aylar önce
Knights turning and following baldwin to Kerak. Saladin's army retiring without spilling blood. Queen Sibylla of Jerusalem smiling knowing her family's heritage is still safe. That music behind. This has to be one of the best scene produced in cinema history. What a movie it was.
U8.ajd 2 aylar önce
The battle scene is so intense. It’s like the only strategy can be made before charging. After the impact between both armies, it’s pretty much chaotic ‘fight or die’. I hear complaints about actors taking off their helmets during the battles, saying no knight or soldier would weaken themselves like that, but if it’s truly as chaotic as depicted, I don’t doubt soldiers might have ripped off their helmets in fury, panic and frustration just to get some better strikes on the enemy, even if it lead to their own death.
Nixel 5 aylar önce
This scene always gave me chills seeing that golden cross shimmer behind his shoulder then the shock on the mans face as he realizes what that means such a good movie
Ford Wiseman
Ford Wiseman Aylar önce
9:24 to 9:38 always gives me shivers. The cross emblazoned on the horizon, zooming in to Baldwin at the head of the army clearly struggling. The music swells. God damn this movie is so much better than it is given credit for.
dmwt91 6 aylar önce
The director's cut turns this movie into one of the best historical dramas of all time.
Theo Adams IV
Theo Adams IV 6 aylar önce
i’ll check it out
steveandme63 6 aylar önce
It really fleshed out the theatrical release, especially the queens breakdown.
Martín Espinoza
Martín Espinoza 5 aylar önce
I own the director's cut, way better than the theatrical release that's for sure!!!!
Scott Bunnell
Scott Bunnell 5 aylar önce
Tim Elkin
Tim Elkin 5 aylar önce
It's not historically accurate but a great movie nonetheless.
レイ·ライト -Raylight
レイ·ライト -Raylight 5 aylar önce
The respect between Saladin and Baldwin is just amazing, their interaction is so interesting to watch
RMaC Pie
RMaC Pie 4 aylar önce
Jerusalem Has come , One of the most iconic dialogues in movie history
Mohamed Ahsan
Mohamed Ahsan 3 aylar önce
Salahaddin Al Ayyubi RA🖤 may allah grant him the highest ranks in jannah 🤲🏼
Jorge Garcia Gonzalez
Jorge Garcia Gonzalez 4 aylar önce
La mejor película que se ha hecho con el trasfondo del tema de las Cruzadas, todos los valores humanos representados en las personajes de Saladin y Balian... realmente una obra de arte, incluida la banda sonora. Cada vez que la veo me gusta más.
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 2 aylar önce
If there was still honor in this world like there was back then we would all be living in peace
138 monkey
138 monkey 4 aylar önce
the thing that always gave me the chills was in this scene. It's the smile or the expression of the knight when Balian asks him: are you with me? as they prepare themselves to ultimate sacrifice.
SheyD78 28 gün önce
I wish history was filled with more events like this (even if this never actually happened). Good people, on opposite sides of a conflict, finding common ground. Our world could be a paradise if we just had the strength of will to build it.
Rusalia Kamalieva
Rusalia Kamalieva 4 aylar önce
What an epic movie!Goosbumps and deep emotions,truly classic masterpiece!!!
Marat Avetisyan
Marat Avetisyan 2 gün önce
No doubt... a masterpiece!!!!
Om Ochie
Om Ochie 5 aylar önce
That "Salamu alaikum", then "Wa'alaikumsalam" is ghosebumps!
Drunk Weeb Marine
Drunk Weeb Marine 4 aylar önce
Yeah I love it when they say it as they throw gay men from the highest building in their town
Riski Asifa
Riski Asifa 4 aylar önce
he said "alaikum salam" cuz in quran, answering an greeting bettwen muslim & muslim isnt same as answering between muslem and non-muslim
m0ek 4 aylar önce
@Riski Asifa what are you on about? the salām greeting pre-dates islam and literall translates: "as-salāmu ʿalaykum" = "Peace be upon you" & "wa alaykumu s-salām" = "and peace be upon you". It's a greeting in Arabic and has nothing to do with being muslim or not.
Astagfirullah Aylar önce
“I will send my Physician to you” what a respect each other
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 4 aylar önce
Pure masterpiece.
Ezekiel the vlogger
Ezekiel the vlogger Aylar önce
As a Christian Muslim is like a brother and sister to me we are same humanity loving The religion is like brothers too Respect to all Muslim
Rich Gall
Rich Gall 18 gün önce
Masterful on so many levels: acting, diplomacy, passion, real argument. My favorite scene is the moment when the Muslim commander says, "My master has come" and you see the golden cross over Balian's shoulder. Indeed, his master has also come.
Stelios Kamakaris
Stelios Kamakaris 6 aylar önce
When Baldwin said "withdraw or we will all die here", it had such a different weight because it was coming from a man doomed to die. He uttered it like saying "we'll have tea at six o' clock, yes?". He meant every word and it was chilling to the bone to hear it. I'm sure Saladin also felt the gravity of it!
Lord Zuko
Lord Zuko 6 aylar önce
His sickness was probably one of the reason he grew up quickly. Baldwin was extremely wise for his age and had actually bested Salahadin earlier.
team extreme
team extreme 5 aylar önce
It also could be Salahadin knew that Baldwin would die soon ,so it would be better to wait until it happens and Jerusalem come into internal dispute.But I also think Salahadin knew what kind of man was Baldwin,similair to him,and he didnt wanted to fight same trait person.
Trafalgar Water D. Law
Trafalgar Water D. Law 5 aylar önce
He knew fighting a general able to beat him was to much of a risk. He could win but at a great cost of men wich left little to march on. But it is also seeing an equal, in their cases booth men loved by god in diffrent ways. Booth capable Generals and Leaders of their people. And being respectful to each others people. Only after he died would it be risk free to wage war. That is... until god determent he should come back to him.
ktvindicare 5 aylar önce
@team extreme Nonetheless that's still remarkably progressive for that era. I will treat with the man I know I should, and fight the man I know I can win against. That's as brilliant of logic for a leader of that era as it gets. To be able to calculate without ego is above average for the era.
Michael Björk
Michael Björk 3 aylar önce
Can we take a moment to appreciate Harry Gregsson William’s magnificent score. I think this and the first Narnia is his best score.
Peter Gianakopoulos
Peter Gianakopoulos 3 aylar önce
No we canr.
Darren Hudson
Darren Hudson 3 aylar önce
Its gotta be Metal Gear solid 2 soundtrack for me. this film is a masterpiece though!
ninepuchar1 2 aylar önce
When you have wise kings,despite the difference,there will be an understanding.
George Lapointe
George Lapointe Aylar önce
This is an outstanding film. One of my favorites and never get tired of watching.
Majoros István
Majoros István Aylar önce
One of my favorites too.
McGrumpus 5 aylar önce
An excellent story, well told, well acted. One of my favorites.
sayed zain
sayed zain 2 aylar önce
No one send his own physicians to treat the enemy but Salah uddin made it what a soldier what commander what a ruler million times salute to his bravery and humanity and kindness the world will remember you salahuddin even your enemies too
Bcm89 9 aylar önce
“Withdraw we will all die here”. It took a man willing to give that ultimatum and a wise man who understood it wasn’t a bluff to reach a somewhat peaceful outcome.
Sparky 6 aylar önce
One of the most badass lines in cinema. He definitely wasn't bluffing like you said lol
Ghostssccythes 6 aylar önce
@Sparky as i muslim i quite enjoyed this scene specially idk if its islamophobic havent seen it
Sparky 6 aylar önce
@Ghostssccythes I wouldn't call this movie Islamophobic in any capacity. It's an excellent story. I recommend that you watch it 😁
Simply Yellow
Simply Yellow 6 aylar önce
Baldwin got nothing to lose...he's dying anyway. So yeah...even the stoopid one like me knows its not a bluff.
Hafeez Raja
Hafeez Raja 4 aylar önce
Two great kings and such respect for each other.
Bullet-Tooth Tony
Bullet-Tooth Tony 4 aylar önce
5:49 Even though they are outnumbered, each of Balians knights knows that there is another man next to him who has his back, that must give you a lot of motivation to take on your opponent, you are fighting for the man beside you, the bond of brotherhood.
Darth Artagnan
Darth Artagnan Aylar önce
This is truly one of the greatest films ever made.. I have watched this particular video dozens of times..
Albert Walter
Albert Walter 5 aylar önce
This movie has already gone down in history as one of the best medieval movies out there that speaks of true events and how every character amazingle portrayed himself.
Guineith Isaacs
Guineith Isaacs 3 aylar önce
Ridley Scott’s attention to detail is phenomenal. As King Baldwin rides in, he is leaning in the saddle as an experienced horseman who was unwell.would. His horse is docile and well educated, by contrast, the Arabian’s horses are hot and seemingly barely controlled by their riders, tails swishing, circling, stamping.
Tukalor S
Tukalor S 6 aylar önce
Respect even among enemies. Respect is a powerful thing!!
Dean Lindberg
Dean Lindberg 5 aylar önce
Well I would say that he left quite the Legacy when in 2022 we are still talking about the man and his legacy of peace and Grace is truly remarkable and so much in the sense that Christians and Muslims still can't grasp it Armageddon is where it will all be decided.
Dean Lindberg
Dean Lindberg 5 aylar önce
Salaam alaikum
Tukalor S
Tukalor S 5 aylar önce
@Dean Lindberg salaam
Wolfehead 4 aylar önce
I've seen this movie at least 50 times and I love it each and each every time
Mark Chamberlain
Mark Chamberlain 5 aylar önce
A masterpiece of moviemaking! Amazing work by everyone!!
Tamo Tsurtsumia
Tamo Tsurtsumia Aylar önce
Have already watched so many times!❤
SMK 5 aylar önce
Courage to lay your life on the line in the face of certain death for your fellow man, that is the sign of a true knight. I think the men at arms gained the ultimate respect for their new lord in this moment and would follow him into the very gates of hell.
givara sam
givara sam 3 aylar önce
Yes, Salahuddin was a leader who truly complied with the qualities of our Prophet Muhammad, because he studied the approach of our Prophet Muhammad and followed in his footsteps. We love Muslims, we love justice, and we are not enemies with Christians. We only have a slogan that whoever opposes us, we will oppose him.
NEMESIS 6 aylar önce
as a christian i would like to extend a hand of friendship and prosperity to my muslim brothers, we live in an uncertain world and we need to work together
Khwaab 6 aylar önce
Beautiful and wise comment. As a Muslim, I agree. Anyone who loves God should beware of how they try to divide us so they can convince people that religion is the culprit and then bring the Anti-Christ. If only all of us who believe in God and that Jesus (peace be upon him) is going to return, would unite over the massive amounts of prophecy and commonalities, their plans wouldn´t succeed. I do believe that we´re living at the very end of times. My concern is how the evil elite is trying to eradicate ALL types of religion, core values and what is truly healthy/normal. As a religious Muslim, through reading the Quraan, I know that my enemies aren´t Jews or Christians (rather, they are our cousins and also want to serve God). All the enemy wants is people who don´t dare raise their voice at the sickness they are trying to normalise. Religious people are the ones who often dare to. Hence the immense hate campaign against us. It´s crazy how many prophecies have come true. If only more people read scripture, their eyes would open inn shaa Allah.
s s
s s 6 aylar önce
Ziad Amer
Ziad Amer 5 aylar önce
We're all one despite the religion, race, color. We've same blood and we're all brothers of humanity
jarred petroff
jarred petroff 5 aylar önce
What does it mean to be a Christian?
Wynd Grove
Wynd Grove 4 aylar önce
9:22 All the green screens and CGI in the world can't do what the act of amassing a large number of people in a well directed and designed sequence can do, in terms of looking absoloutely stunning. This film has so many wonderful shots.
Duc Anh Luu
Duc Anh Luu 4 aylar önce
This is only for 3 minutes and I already felt goosebump. Now imagine the conference between North Vietnam, South Vietnam Liberation Front vs the United States in Paris Peace Conference in 1973 to ceased to withdraw US troops from Vietnam. That conference lasted for nearly 5 years and was the longest diplomatic negotiation in the world
Raven 2 aylar önce
the word assalamualaikum , we Muslim say to each other that is a prayer that says " may god blesses you gives you peace and prosper and a better life " i couldn't describe it perfectly here cause arabic language works different than any other languages in the world , one change can give a different meanings.
Celtic Man
Celtic Man 5 aylar önce
Probably one of the most brilliantly made films about history I’ve ever seen, well done.
happy little boozer
happy little boozer 4 aylar önce
Awesome, this is so well made. The only few things I know about Reynald de Chatillone, Saladin and the Saracens are thanks to the campaign of AoE2, so I instantly got immersed as soon as I started watching
m8rtia9 2 aylar önce
Help! Reynald de Chatillon is attacking our caravans !! 😛
Garrett Demoss
Garrett Demoss 10 aylar önce
For both sides seeing them appear through the haze of dessert heat really sends chills.
Memento 9 aylar önce
Saladin knew he would not win facing Armoured Knights and Crusaders head on. He had to be clever. Every crusade the saracens hit head on they lost. Their best chance to win was to use the land, mobility and strategy. Crusaders usually fought among themselves for the glory. But when united they were unstoppable.
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis 9 aylar önce
@Memento They still lost, chill out. Doesn't matter how.
claudio reshs
claudio reshs 9 aylar önce
@Anthony Lewis actualy yes it matters how
Mr. Tibs
Mr. Tibs 6 aylar önce
@Anthony Lewis of course it matters.
ULUL UG 5 aylar önce
The hearts of any man to charge into battle knowing full well their death is sealed is a feeling with so much emotion blanketed with pure bravery and belief of doing the right thing. That is a good way to die, it's a pure death worthy of respect from all sides.
Sloan Caskey
Sloan Caskey 4 aylar önce
“Imagine a king who fights his own battles, wouldn’t that be a sight”
Shashank Rathi
Shashank Rathi Aylar önce
masterpiece ❤❤
RealPolitik 2 aylar önce
Thanks to the cameramen for recording this historical event for us
Mir Umar
Mir Umar Aylar önce
back when there was honor, even among enemies.
Greg Nicol
Greg Nicol 9 aylar önce
The learnings that can be found in the dialog of this movie are pointed and priceless. "You reap what you sow."
The Tune
The Tune 6 aylar önce
the Kingdom of Heaven is a kingdom of conscience
Grubnar 6 aylar önce
Does that come from the Greek myth, of sowing Dragon's teeth?
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 6 aylar önce
@Grubnar I think it comes from farming. Farmers sow seeds and then reap what they sow during the harvest season.
KoDoMo 5 aylar önce
@Grubnar In Greece we use that phrase to this day ''You reap what you sow.''
Ali☆1 7 7 6
Ali☆1 7 7 6 5 aylar önce
@Grubnar ysiii
Rob Lees
Rob Lees 2 aylar önce
To ride towards certain death, ( all death is certain), and live for honor, with courage and integrity. our actions here on earth echo in eternity (Gladiator and Kingdom of heaven), it doesn't get any better.
Olof Englund
Olof Englund 3 aylar önce
One of the the most well made movies I have ever watched with a fantastic cast!
Alen Husarkic
Alen Husarkic 2 aylar önce
One of the best movies I've watched. I give it a go every couple of years, the actors, the setting the accuracy is just amazing.
s8v0t2 5 aylar önce
The best non-battle battle scene ever!
LYB Rebel
LYB Rebel 6 gün önce
🌟Undoubtedly Professor Ghassan Massoud stands as an unrivaled paragon of excellence. To merely label him a brilliant actor would be an understatement, for he personifies an extraordinary artistic phenomenon that demands the utmost reverence and meticulous scrutiny. His performances transcend the boundaries of conventional talent, captivating audiences with an awe-inspiring display of skill, depth, and authenticity. As a devotee of his craft, I have had the privilege of witnessing his artistic journey unfold across a vast tapestry of roles. From ancient historical dramas to contemporary narratives, Massoud's command of his craft is nothing short of remarkable. He possesses an innate ability to breathe life into his characters, seamlessly blending spoken word with the language of the body to create a truly captivating experience. Fluency and precision mark his mastery of Arabic, allowing him to convey the subtle nuances of his characters' emotions, thoughts, and historical context with astonishing accuracy. The depth of his portrayal is a testament to his unwavering dedication, as he leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of authenticity. His commitment to thorough research and meticulous preparation is evident in every subtle gesture, every heartfelt line delivered. Beyond his acting prowess, Massoud's influence extends to realms beyond the stage and screen. He serves as an inspiration, urging aspiring actors and artists to delve into the depths of their craft, to seek a profound understanding of their characters and the worlds they inhabit. His artistic brilliance becomes a guiding light, illuminating the path to greatness for those fortunate enough to witness his performances. In conclusion, Ghassan Massoud transcends the boundaries of ordinary acting. He embodies an exceptional artistic phenomenon that demands reverence and invites careful study. His contributions to the world of acting are profound, leaving an indelible mark on both the craft itself and those fortunate enough to witness his transformative performances. 🌟 As an avid Arab viewer who has closely followed the entire body of work by Professor Ghassan Massoud, I am compelled to assert unequivocally that he unequivocally stands at the pinnacle of the most extraordinary actors worldwide. Since ancient times, I have faithfully traced his enthralling journey through a myriad of Arab historical series. With his command of ancient Arabic that is both fluent and precise, he effortlessly embodies the very essence of his characters, deftly conveying the profound nuances of their time and intricate psychological states. A paragon of professionalism, his body language exudes confidence, serving as a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft. As a scholar of ancient history, he delves deeply into the intricate intricacies of the roles he undertakes, leaving no stone unturned. The sheer brilliance of his performances resurrects historical personas, infusing life into the past and unearthing truth before our very eyes. The character of Salah El-Din represents merely a fraction of the profound depth possessed by this exceptional actor, providing Western viewers with a tantalizing glimpse into his boundless creativity. However, it is worth noting that his only imperfection lies in his English fluency, which regrettably does not match the remarkable command he exhibits in Arabic.
Nick Levanishvili
Nick Levanishvili 9 aylar önce
As Orthodox Christian I admire Salahadeen Al Ayubi as true muslim and true leader .
adam ant
adam ant 6 aylar önce
true Muslim in the same sentence. How interesting and thought provoking.
Shaquille Priata
Shaquille Priata 6 aylar önce
@TruthSupporter If they're considered thieves and bandits then what army or state in the world isn't?
Juan Medina
Juan Medina 6 aylar önce
Do you also admire that the catholic brothers throughout Europe went to go help the Eastern Christian brothers to repel the threat of islam?
Piet 5 aylar önce
Amazing movie. Love the part where Jerusalem arrives with King Baldwin
Yank 2 aylar önce
The entrance of These armies is so epic it looks so real and feels like it too
Lonewolf079 2 aylar önce
This was a really good movie to watch and to cover such an important subject in history
the ARGGHHH 4 aylar önce
bro says asalammualaikum and the other guy who said waalaikumsalam left the match... what a legend.
Jordan Love Nixon
Jordan Love Nixon Aylar önce
Who else misses this era of good movies
Michael Lazzeri
Michael Lazzeri 9 aylar önce
This film is an absolute Masterpiece ----------and I will never understand why it was not recognized as such. the Syrian actor who portrayed Saladin deserved an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actor. he was awesome. ---------MJL< 75 y/o
Tom 9 aylar önce
The theatrical version of this film is most certainly not a masterpiece so it's logical that it was not recognized as one. The director's cut is vastly different and highlights the many shortcomings of the theatrical cut.
Douglas Ross
Douglas Ross 9 aylar önce
Double Like!
hoilst 9 aylar önce
@Tom As per usual, studios not trusting Ridley Scott's vision. They tried to turn it into some sort of medieval action movie.
Arcaryon 7 aylar önce
@hoilst Imo. one of the best medieval movies made to this date. Excellent story, wonderful images, costumes, settings and the score… They had one hell of a crew on that one and Ridley Scott used their skills excellently.
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