11-Year-Old Girl From The Audience SHOCKS The Judges on America's Got Talent | Best of the Best

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Top 10 Talent

Top 10 Talent

6 aylar önce

Best of the Best | Maddie Taylor Baez
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Got Talent is a British talent show TV format developed by Simon Cowell's SYCOtv company and owned by Fremantle Media Ltd. It has spawned spin-offs in over 70 countries, in what is now referred to as the 'Got Talent' format, similar to that described by Fremantle of the 'Idol' and 'The X Factor' singing show competition formats. Unlike those shows, Got Talent showcases a wide variety of artistic disciplines in addition to singing.
'Got Talent' was named the world's most successful reality TV format ever by Guinness World Records. Cowell stated, “I am very proud that Got Talent is a home grown British show. We owe its success to a group of very talented producers all over the world who have made this happen. And of course amazing talent.”
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STARBOY MT Aylar önce
Wow the girl got up on the stage unprepared and did everything right in return she received a golden buzzer. Absolutely amazing 😍
LauraW3000 12 gün önce
Sound like planned, she already have a TV show.
Thomas Wild
Thomas Wild Aylar önce
@supersilverhazeroker of course, it's all scripted
supersilverhazeroker Aylar önce
lol, it's amazing to me that people don't instantly know this is a setup. reading the comments she even was a famous singer/actress already.
Warboss Thrakka Snazzfingas
Warboss Thrakka Snazzfingas Aylar önce
Simons face when he heard her voice in the crowd was priceless
Phrangki Dkhar
Phrangki Dkhar 10 gün önce
@mucha Mukandi Magamalp
The hybrid gamer
The hybrid gamer 12 gün önce
@Hi_JJ look in replies bro lol
Sirena Mathews
Sirena Mathews 21 gün önce
This show really shines a light on how beautiful of a person he really is.
Mattias Sjöstedt
Mattias Sjöstedt 27 gün önce
@Thomas Wild Proof?
Hi_JJ Aylar önce
@Thomas Wild no it’s not lol😂
Mary Funto
Mary Funto Aylar önce
I watched this over and over and couldn’t just help the tears on my eyes… There’s something about GRACE and being at the right place at the very right time ❤️
Patience Daniel
Patience Daniel 22 gün önce
Joan sammy Vlahakis
Joan sammy Vlahakis 24 gün önce
Amen. I cried the whole time, indeed God's amazing grace got her up there.❤️❤️🇿🇲
Munkeishia Saint -Faith
Munkeishia Saint -Faith 27 gün önce
HaveN Boom
HaveN Boom Aylar önce
She got the golden buzzer Even without background music. So powerful Vocals😍😍😍
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 23 gün önce
She was literally dragged onto the stage, despites a little video/audio asynchrony, nobody cared, all they did was to hear her angelic voice, at a mere 11 years old she was able to muster up her strength (from being freaked out) and tore us to pieces, this was historic, may God continue to be with her.
Don S.
Don S. 19 gün önce
@xX_Princy_Bak~Dek_Xx Selena: The Series. She played young Selena.
xX_Princy_Bak~Dek_Xx 20 gün önce
@Don S. Do you remember what Netflix series/movie/show?
Don S.
Don S. 23 gün önce
She mustered up the strength to go on stage, except for the fact that she has been acting since she was 7, had a lead role in a Netflix series in 2020, and sang the National Anthem at dozens of Major sporting events and getting the nickname of America's Anthem Girl well before AGT..
Fxllen Gün önce
I really hope this little girl makes it far! She sings great 😊
Myiera Craig
Myiera Craig Aylar önce
I’m not crying. My eyes are just sweating profusely. She’s a gem.
john thompson
john thompson Aylar önce
yeah, mine are too!
TechieLifeSkills Aylar önce
Sometimes you see performance and you get emotional... This is one of that performance... Loved the way she sang and relationships with her father ❤️
Someone 24 gün önce
E.A Poe
E.A Poe Aylar önce
This performance made me cry, so... ur totally right 💘
Shane Jackson colorline
Shane Jackson colorline 12 gün önce
Gosh she just crushed my heart, what a beautiful voice she is going to go far, she is absolutely adorable, baby girl you got my vote along with everyone else's, what a wonderful job that just melted my heart ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you go far in life honey I really do cuz you deserve it.
Thomas Rodriguez
Thomas Rodriguez Aylar önce
She sang her heart out so that her dad would live. It was literally life and death for her. Now she gets to spread her wings, daddy's girl is growing up. The best part is, he is there with her.
Someone 24 gün önce
This little girl had me in tears god bless her and her father when I 1st heard her sing in the audience I instantly got chills She made me feel and believe what she was singing and I've heard that song so many times that this little girl made me feel the song not just hear this song God-bless her and I hope she makes it and accomplishes everything that she wants 2 may God-bless her!!!
Shadow Angel
Shadow Angel 10 gün önce
This was awesome. Simon’s reaction was priceless.
daniels world signature
daniels world signature 2 gün önce
This is actually beautiful I’m tearing up
B DLC Aylar önce
Howie!! I’m so proud of you for giving her the golden buzzer!!!!! ❤❤❤
Benjamin Daniel
Benjamin Daniel Aylar önce
Hello 👋🏻 my name is Benjamin and you if you don't mind please..?
Marian Kungbana Goba
Marian Kungbana Goba 21 gün önce
This is what is called grace, she was picked out of the crowd .
Wavplyr 27 gün önce
This little star deserved every second of this recognition!!!!! She sang her heart out and then told us her backstory…. So many on AGT tell us their backstory before they sing, not this amazing singer. Very much a star with her heart in the right place!!!!!
ANST Aylar önce
She kill it for sure, hands down. Amazing voice for her age… 🔥🔥
Man vs Ocean
Man vs Ocean 24 gün önce
Wow the power in her voice, just listening to her gave me chills the entire time.
BossRondo 11 gün önce
This had me in tears. Very special. Wonderful voice.
kristi wetsel
kristi wetsel Aylar önce
I get chills at the bond she has with her dad 💙
Mike M
Mike M Aylar önce
Really needed to see this after seeing so much negativity on social media ❤️ Your love for your father is beautiful, just like your voice. Thank you Maddie ❤️
David Smith
David Smith 10 saatler önce
Joy Love
Joy Love Aylar önce
hello 👋
Kawijanbou Chawang
Kawijanbou Chawang Aylar önce
She got an amazing voice, she deserved to get that golden buzzer, congrats little girl
Diane Tandy
Diane Tandy 19 gün önce
How confident is she for her age. God bless her she’s got an amazing voice
Josie Rosal Concepcion
Josie Rosal Concepcion Aylar önce
I can't help it to watch over and over again and this feeling of hopes while my eyes are tearing lives more and more. Amazing little girl!
Jersey Pagan
Jersey Pagan Aylar önce
I’m glad it was her time to shine to the world. ❤
Woodrow Call
Woodrow Call Aylar önce
If that were my child, I’d be crying like a baby. Beautiful child, well done parents.
Zwaluw71 Aylar önce
She isn't my kid, but tears are falling from my eyes when the audience shouted "golden buzzer"!
Tim Hennessy
Tim Hennessy 23 gün önce
She is definitely blessed with some very fine vocal cords I wish her true happiness with them
AllyMac DaGr8
AllyMac DaGr8 27 gün önce
This is definitely one of my favorite AGT moments!! She’s so precious!!
Luis Fernando Marcelino Rocha
Luis Fernando Marcelino Rocha Aylar önce
Essa foi a apresentação mais emocionante que eu já vi 😃😃😃😃😃
Teresa Arms
Teresa Arms 22 gün önce
Her voice is amazing, especially for her age.
Jennifer Agidzi
Jennifer Agidzi Aylar önce
Goosebumps all over me! Well deserved 👏
Randy Abenir
Randy Abenir Aylar önce
What an absolute talent she can sing without any instrumental background just her quality vocal. Salute💓
Watcher Moko
Watcher Moko 13 gün önce
The song is powerful + high voice + sang with her heart + trust = golden opportunity 😍😍
Jacqueline Crafford
Jacqueline Crafford Aylar önce
Can't wait for this song to be released the best version I have ever heard...she shined God through that voice and song!!!
Alex Chang
Alex Chang 26 gün önce
She is singing the song “Amazing Grace”. In fact, she is the amazing grace to her ill father and her families.
Josh Long
Josh Long Aylar önce
That was so amazing !!! Something she’s been looking forward to and by off chance she’s picked out of the audience, and blows everyone away !!! Congrats to you kiddo and may your Dad’s health continue to improve !!! 💞
Maria Tefa
Maria Tefa 9 gün önce
Your voice are Amazing young lady, you are so lucky to made your father proud and you deserve golden buzzer 🥰 keep going with your Amazing talent
Paulo Verza
Paulo Verza 29 gün önce
Parabéns, belíssima apresentação, e aos jurados, parabéns por dar essa oportunidade pra ela, ela merece, abraços que Deus te abençoe grandemente.
Munkeishia Saint -Faith
Munkeishia Saint -Faith 27 gün önce
Amen and Amen❗❗❗🙏🏽☦🙌🏽🙏🏽☦🙌🏽❣❣
Jack Merryman
Jack Merryman Aylar önce
Thanks, TRshow. Making a 39 yr old grown Veteran tear up here. That was magical!!
Wayne Pugh
Wayne Pugh 13 gün önce
brought tears to my eyes. what a voice
Gabriela Comsa
Gabriela Comsa 25 gün önce
Exceptionala voce, la 11 ani! Felicitari si mult succes . Vei ajunge o mare cantareata!♥️
POKIE 29 gün önce
Her whole life she's wanted this! All 11 years! Lol SHE'S AMAZING!!
Elizabeth Muthoni
Elizabeth Muthoni 23 gün önce
Cant stop watching this,this is what we call pure talent
TrixyFoxGacha 10 gün önce
Her singing sent shivers down my spine it was so good 🎉
Elizabeth Marshall
Elizabeth Marshall 19 gün önce
What a great girl , immense talent and deserved the golden buzzer . Welldone judges and proud of girl . Sky is limit lovely
S Avery
S Avery Aylar önce
Oh wow, that's the little girl from "Let the Right One In" on Showtime. She is an awesome actress; I didn't know she had such a great voice! 🙂
GatheringPennies 14 gün önce
@Rob Budreau did they cancel it? I was hoping for a season two!!
Rob Budreau
Rob Budreau 14 gün önce
THANK YOU!! I couldn’t remember where I saw her. That show was so good and they canceled it.
S Avery
S Avery 20 gün önce
@know This! Podcast Same here!!! I'm looking forward to it!!!!
know This! Podcast
know This! Podcast 20 gün önce
She’s a phenomenal actress. I didn’t know that she was a singer. I can’t wait for season two.
All Things Serious
All Things Serious Aylar önce
This is what you call a real story and not a chosen story. This was authentic.
Michelle Adams
Michelle Adams 29 gün önce
She is the young Selena in the Netflix series .. complete setup
Joy Love
Joy Love Aylar önce
hello 👋
Daz X
Daz X Aylar önce
yes they just happened to pick a girl with a sad story and a dad with cancer...she was pre screened
Maria Dryna
Maria Dryna Aylar önce
Yes, I'm happy it will help her dad with cancer but I'm glad it was obvious she was getting the buzzer before anyone knew her story. She got in on pure talent.
Augustina Cypriam
Augustina Cypriam Aylar önce
😱😱😱😱got goosebumps when she started singing in the audience itself ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gina Wallace
Gina Wallace Aylar önce
That audition made me cry, I loved it God bless her and her Dad,Golden Buzzer yes.
Mayas Freebird
Mayas Freebird 17 gün önce
That is insane! Plus, she knew more than the 1st verse 😍🙂 The way I'm crying in here!
Kgotso Thoane
Kgotso Thoane Aylar önce
I can't believe this got me to cry... 😭 What a great Voice & I love the story behind all of her talent. Wow
Ken B
Ken B Aylar önce
Amazing Grace is my moms favorite hymn and I sang it at her funeral years ago. I did ok but this girl did it great. God smiles on us everyday through people like her. Beautifully done.😊👍🏾
David Jensen
David Jensen Aylar önce
I just love this video! Listening to her Beautiful voice, watching the way both the audience and the judges react at first, and the fact that she would use a million dollars to help her father battle cancer is wonderful! Plus I love it when Howie Mandel just gets up and slams his fingers down on the bell! All l can say is that after listening to her sing, a legend has truly been born!🎶❤️
Motlalebona PTY LTD
Motlalebona PTY LTD Aylar önce
She deserved a golden buzzer, the relationship shev has with her dad is a cherry on top for me. Undiluted love
Joseph Matias
Joseph Matias Gün önce
Wow, just wow, i never comment on youtube video's, but this was written for that child and blessing to her family, blessings come in many shapes and forms, this is a raw example. I do wish her & the family well and all the success as other people with hardships and battles.
Bedanga Aylar önce
Wow! Even I got a long smile in my face....Awesome..... Goosebumps all over me....What a voice❤️
Putera Indera
Putera Indera Aylar önce
Her voice developed and shines through all the bitter times of caressing her father's sickness..
cesc JØker gaming
cesc JØker gaming Aylar önce
She made me cry literally, for real. Her tear made me cry . Truly her destiny pulled her. Her fate brought her here.
Halubalung Aylar önce
Me too, she made me come tears 🥲
joao Paulo
joao Paulo Aylar önce
Um talento escondido na plateia , talento nato .
Uttam 18 19 27
Uttam 18 19 27 23 gün önce
Without musical instruments it’s just wow!❤️🧡
Asonaba Tv
Asonaba Tv 20 gün önce
This is my first time crying whiles watching talent and reality shows in my life the girl is music and yes this is her time congrats little Princess 🎉
Alyss Main-Rights
Alyss Main-Rights Aylar önce
To be fair she’s acted on tv and sung professionally before this But damn she can sing
GreenEyes 1226
GreenEyes 1226 17 gün önce
She's has just a Beautiful voice!!! Just Beautiful! God Bless her and her family!! ❤❤❤❤
Magdalena Fazakas
Magdalena Fazakas Aylar önce
O voce superbă, am plîns, felicitări mult succes!!
Danny Vigil
Danny Vigil Aylar önce
Made the hair on my arms stand up. She has a awesome voice 👏
Kellssss Aylar önce
She looked so familiar and it just clicked that this is the girl that plays young Selena in Selena the series on Netflix. Amazing vocals!
Munkeishia Saint -Faith
Munkeishia Saint -Faith 27 gün önce
Someone else said it was her on the movie key the right one in and once Isaw that it was a horror movie I began to question was it really her bc on stage they don't seem like the type of family that would indulge in those types of flix.... but then others in the audience wete holleringb her name that wasn't sitting next to her🤔🤔🤔. Are yall sure it was her in these movies? These movies look really old. I didn't check the release dates.
SPLaTTm4n Aylar önce
And she plays the vampire daughter in let the right one in on Paramount plus. Makes me think this is a set up.
Lipah Ijal
Lipah Ijal Aylar önce
The real madness of the audience, the sound of love was really good, I really liked his voice, so the judges were amazed 😍😘🙏🏽
Moonlighting Freedom
Moonlighting Freedom 28 gün önce
This touches my heart.. Well deserved 👏🏽👏🏽 praying her family is well❤❤❤
Mexa Gaming
Mexa Gaming Aylar önce
She was given a star to shine little did we know that she was gonna end up taking the whole universe ✨ . May god bless this young girl and her dad
fortnite solo wins
fortnite solo wins 25 gün önce
She really goes all-in- when she sings she is going to be a powerful singer
Nitro Boylit
Nitro Boylit 9 gün önce
Simons change of facial expression after coming back to the room melted me 🥲
Middle Age Crazy
Middle Age Crazy Aylar önce
Talent beyond talent! Hope they take her under their wing! Someone with power….Simon! On the spot, no music preparation, training. The Diamond was found!
Esefo Hope
Esefo Hope 22 gün önce
She made me cry, she is beautiful with the most.amazing voice and confident. Much love 💞
Christy Roettger
Christy Roettger Gün önce
Oh bless her heart. She's wonderful.
Karen Grace
Karen Grace Aylar önce
Her voice moves me to tears ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
TLW Aylar önce
That voice is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥she's the next big thing
Vee Wisdom
Vee Wisdom 13 gün önce
i love this ❤🎉she has an amazing voice!
Ravin Mode
Ravin Mode Aylar önce
She has a huge gift of singing.great job
Thobekile Twala
Thobekile Twala Aylar önce
Why was she sitting in the audience and not competing? She is so good.
Nur Wanteh Bin Bahar
Nur Wanteh Bin Bahar Aylar önce
They always make people cry . They totally touch inside my heart
Robert Foster
Robert Foster Aylar önce
I hope many watch and get inspired by her bravery, generosity, and her amazing talent. I truly hope it will take her far, like Carrie Underwood or Susan Boyle. Best of luck.
Tami Aylar önce
I actually cried watching this video - that’s so sneezing that girl has a beautiful voice and a wonderful heart. And God’s given her grace and her dad will be even better after she helps him out too 💗💗💗
O Faroleiro Mor
O Faroleiro Mor 22 gün önce
Can you imagine if the speaker has chosen another person from the audience to sign instead of her? The talent would keep hidden on the shadow of her own dreams, as most people do. How a moment can change our lives... and she was there at the right time, ready to have her moment. 🙏
Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson 13 gün önce
This Generation I really have respect for. Never give up on them.
ItzCaseyKC Aylar önce
Such a beautiful voice for this young girl to possess. May she continue to honor God with it.
B DLC Aylar önce
Just love some of the stories I hear on AGT, they’re so heartfelt. LOVE YOU HOWIE!!!
Виктория Кузишин
Виктория Кузишин Aylar önce
Её голос невероятно красивый!
Trina Dungan
Trina Dungan 16 gün önce
Things like this little girls experience make this crappy world a better place. I hope and pray this sweet girl fulfills her dreams, and I pray her daddy will be around for a long, long time. She is incredible!
Charles Aissen
Charles Aissen 4 gün önce
Awesome performance. I enjoy hearing this song. You definitely have talent.
Maytiri Aylar önce
And she was absolutely amazing in 'let the right one in" too
𝐂𝐨 Aylar önce
this made me emotional i hope great things happen to her and to her father, prayers for both of them! She diffidently deserved that Gold Buzzer ❤
Latte De Fat
Latte De Fat Aylar önce
Another time I have to say, Simon, you are great! I like the little lady too. It’s wonderful, even I cry for them. ❤
isabelle🫶🏼 12 gün önce
her voice is so deep and shes sooo mature for her age i love herrr😭🫶🏼
Phaides Lungu
Phaides Lungu 16 gün önce
wow!this girl has made me emotional 😭she's just the best,she believes in herself and that's good.bravo baby girl 😍❤❤💋
Holly Hocks
Holly Hocks 15 gün önce
She wasn’t born to watch the show. She was born to be in it.
stanley Adiele
stanley Adiele Aylar önce
Wow this is fire, amazing singing amazing voice
Toni McCoy
Toni McCoy Aylar önce
Bawling my eyes out with Joy and happiness for her and her dad! 🤣 Bittersweet tears tho because my brother Gil and I loved to watch young talent like this especially, but we missed this one and he just passed away from prostate cancer in December 💘
shermine yafi
shermine yafi Aylar önce
What a loving and kind daughter!! Her father must be such a Good man!
Dave Patrick
Dave Patrick Aylar önce
Love this!! If this doesn't give you tears of joy, you ain't human. Amazing!
Apong pon
Apong pon 20 gün önce
Im pretty sure she won’t forget simon until her last breath ❤
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