Texas trauma surgeon recounts experience in hospital after Robb Elementary School shooting

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CBS News

CBS News

2 aylar önce

Dr. Lillian Liao, Director of Pediatric Trauma at University Hospital in San Antonio, talks with CBS News about operating on some of the injured after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School.

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CBS News
CBS News 2 aylar önce
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AP 2 aylar önce
@Jeffrey Williams Even with an AR, the bullets used were 5.56mm which appear just as small as a .22mm entry/exit wound. If we were talking around .9mm, then absolutely, the wounds would be a lot larger and raise more eyebrows. As far as the training goes, all trauma-related medical professionals (including pediatric trauma surgeons) have about 13-14 years of education/training under their belt. Gunshot wounds are one of the many things they learn in their schooling since it sadly happens in all sorts of ways, mass events aside. Real lives were definitely lost and real families are mourning the death of their babies. Photoshopped images and other possible theories of what really occurred aside.
Michael Vera
Michael Vera 2 aylar önce
I would also like to know what good would it do to take plasma out to an emergency out to a school or car accident or something happens when you don't even know what blood type these people are? Makes sense of that one!!! that's just my logic why would a doctor be even talking about doing something like this? Now leave me alone please!!! Go ask that position you're trying to protect!!!
Michael Vera
Michael Vera 2 aylar önce
Instead of getting your feelings hurt about my opinion which means nothing!!! Why don't you get upset about the news anchor asking the physician about the victims bullet wounds? These are things that physician mentioned!!! How about why were they bringing those patients in so much later if they were shot or whatever was happening and they were bleeding why were they showing up late to the emergency room? I would like to know why you would take blood or plasma that something so precious out to the field and risk losing it because you want to be faster response to an emergency!!! You can't be faster response to an emergency unless you knew about the emergency!!! I'm just using my logic but I know my opinion is nothing means more to you!!! Hahahahaha hahaha
Carri Prom
Carri Prom 2 aylar önce
@Michael Vera sorry Michael, but this is ridiculous. She is a physician and bound by Privacy practices. She can’t talk about specifics of the cases that can be tied back to the victims. It is against the law. Would you want the details of your child’s shooting spewed on national television? She is tying the cases together because this is her frame of reference and she is speaking about her previous experience and what they learned from that to improve and apply to this shooting. She has had to care for kids from two shootings! It is not like she has a slew of mass shootings to pull from. Also, they send blood to the scene so kids can be transfused en route to the hospital. In trauma cases, this can be life or death. They are being transported 80+ miles, being loaded into flights/ambulances/stabilized on the scene… this all takes time. Plus we know that the police took over an hour to enter that classroom. I’m not sure what you are reasonably expecting? Edit: spelling…
Juliana Haddad
Juliana Haddad 2 aylar önce
You can see her emotions shift once she was asked how she was dealing with it. Her nose suddenly becomes red and her voice gets stuck. She's fighting back tears. I applaud her and those in her field. What a strong woman.
Britta Henke
Britta Henke 21 gün önce
@highflyer do you seriously have nothing else do to
Mel Gonzales
Mel Gonzales 2 aylar önce
@brmbkl2015 without knowing someone’s baseline, you are incorrect. When I’m holding back tears m, I actually do the same thing (blink a lot) and my nose flutters the way hers did. Our emotions do not all respond in uniform, sir.
Frank McNally
Frank McNally 2 aylar önce
No you can not, she is acting the part, none of this is real. As for you, you are a very bad liar.
Lear G
Lear G 2 aylar önce
@highflyer Why do you think this is fake ? In your opinion??
oceanwavve 2 aylar önce
i can’t even fathom being a pediatric TRAUMA surgeon. this is unimaginable. so much respect
Lillian Aylar önce
Someone needs to do this God’s work. Wow I applaud her.
Sandi Johnson
Sandi Johnson 2 aylar önce
It takes a special person to do this job.
A pagla
A pagla 2 aylar önce
carter 2 aylar önce
"We thought we would have more patients than we did"... That got me. I can't imagine how horrible it must be to be waiting anxiously for victims to arrive, so you could do your job and try your best to fix them, only for so few to show up because so many of the victims never made it out of the school.
Ana Gornet-Felix
Ana Gornet-Felix Aylar önce
@sminkle Fire all 19 officers
Ana Gornet-Felix
Ana Gornet-Felix Aylar önce
@Courtney Coley do you know how angry that makes me
Ana Gornet-Felix
Ana Gornet-Felix Aylar önce
They took way too long to get the children out
sminkle 2 aylar önce
All around bad police work. Or, a regular day.
Love PPL
Love PPL 2 aylar önce
J L 2 aylar önce
I have to admit, I’m deeply ashamed of myself. Through all of these horrific tragedies… I’m ashamed to say, I have never thought of the Doctors and nurses that endure traumatic pain as well. I am so, so sorry. I’m so sorry I took you for granted. May God hold his hands over Dr. Liao, and all medical staff that are trying to find a way to get through this. I can’t imagine. 🙏🏻😔
ð 2 aylar önce
Ok clown
Eliza 2 aylar önce
I can't believe this is a controversial response based on the commenters. These replies aren't what coming together looks like. There are better places to take out your outrage.
Divinegon 2 aylar önce
You better feel bad. Shame on you
Banana Jamma
Banana Jamma 2 aylar önce
@lilTREEFORT so because someone makes money means they have no emotions and they should’nt be checked on? Don’t breed.
Wife Non Gamer Plays
Wife Non Gamer Plays 2 aylar önce
No matter how much experience you have in this field when kids are involve, it will always break your heart. Thank you Doctor for your service, for everything that you do.
A pagla
A pagla 2 aylar önce
Susan Carrier
Susan Carrier 2 aylar önce
She is more than a doctor, she has human emotions welling up as she keeps talking and describing how she is dealing with things. She appears to be on the verge of tears and is fighting hard not to cry! It takes a person with deep compassion to deal with a trauma room full of kids! I can't imagine how to turn it off and start working on those little kids. She and her team are heroes! God bless tham all! San Antonio's children will be in good hands!
Sduolc Epoh
Sduolc Epoh 2 aylar önce
At 6:39-6:51 she already cried her nose turned red and tears ran down her right cheek and she wiped the tear.
Liz Cosgrove
Liz Cosgrove 2 aylar önce
What I find chilling (not coming from a country where we ever had a mass school shooting) is the way she said how well prepared "We will be for the next one". That sentence in itself is absolutely chilling and she says it without a blink of her eyes showing just how conditioned people are over there to this happening again.
Eloise Harrison
Eloise Harrison 28 gün önce
not only that, but it was a prior shooting that meant they had the tools in place ready for this one. that's three layers of mass shootings that she's thinking about, all in one interview, without blinking or wavering. I read the unblinking matter-of-fact phrasing as her being beyond angry but knowing she has to accept it as reality. it's a constant conveyor belt of entirely preventable tragedy and it's horrific.
Liz Cosgrove
Liz Cosgrove 28 gün önce
@Angela Miller I don't know how you live in that fear. That's like living in a war zone and ye have no war going on..well from outside the country. The Australian example should be followed because when they banned guns except for hunting all their mass shooting stopped and their society wasn't/isn't as violent as it was when everyone could have guns. Their history is a very good example of how a society can change but it takes a long time perhaps a few generations b4 gun culture is done away with. Stay as safe as you can 🙏 🙏 🤲 going out for you and all America's children
Angela Miller
Angela Miller 2 aylar önce
I'm so glad your country has never had a mass school shooting. I wish I could say the same about mine. We've had SO MANY over here in the US. We're not any closer to them going away. Every time one happens, we discuss gun reform, but nothing ever changes. I swear we had this exact same talk when Columbine happened in 1999.
Der Franz
Der Franz 2 aylar önce
That’s also what caught my ear (not from the US either). She talks about it like it’s a natural disaster where you can only prepare to minimise the damage of the outcome - not like it’s literally a man-made problem. But, as horrifying as it is, she is right: nothing will change in the near future and this will happen again and again and again and again and again... She just wants to do the absolute best that she can do where she’s at. WHAT A HERO!
Demi A
Demi A 2 aylar önce
This is what true heroes look like. We are so grateful to have doctors like her in this world. She is an example to us all.
Demi A
Demi A 2 aylar önce
@Mira Floyd I think this pandemic has shown the real heroes in our society. The healthcare workers and emergency services are not paid nearly enough for their dedication and heroism. As society we need to wake up and make them amongst the highest paid employees.
Mira Floyd
Mira Floyd 2 aylar önce
Sadly not all are grateful for healthcare workers or the parents of kids killed in school shootings.
SeñoritaMaminah 2 aylar önce
This is why when you see doctors and nurses, ask them how they are doing genuinely. Imagine being part of that trauma/traumatic team, but they too as doctors and nurses are getting traumatized. Every time I go for a general check-up, I‘d ask my doctor how she‘s doing and you know she would open up once in awhile, same thing happened to two other doctors and nurses I‘ve met in the hospital. I know it is their job to make us feel better, but let us not forget they are not invincible and they also appreciate people checking on them.
A. Linn
A. Linn 2 aylar önce
That is very kind of you to think about the people who are taking care of you, and how they are doing. Such compassion. I tend to not want to pry into their private lives, but I think I will start asking them how they're doing, to give them a little moment of relief to share how they're doing if they wish to. Thank you!
Silverchair Don't
Silverchair Don't 2 aylar önce
Doctors and RNs have high rates of cancer due to stress...
Nina Palmieri
Nina Palmieri 2 aylar önce
My RN supervisor just told me how she felt suicidal after working the ICU during the start and worst times of COVID. It’s A LOT and many don’t wanna do it anymore.
tray goodie
tray goodie 2 aylar önce
She’s been a surgeon through Covid and TWO school shootings!! Imagine the PTSD 🥺💔 Bless You Doctor, from a fellow medical professional in Texas
Crystalbooo 24 gün önce
@M L who’s even saying anything bout that-
Angela Miller
Angela Miller 25 gün önce
@ChocolateCoveredGummyBears What do you mean, "That's not how PTSD works?" Why do you get to decide how PTSD works? I have PTSD; I can tell you how it works.
ChocolateCoveredGummyBears 25 gün önce
that's not how PTSD works
Angela Miller
Angela Miller 2 aylar önce
@Daniel BadideasHaver That isn't necessarily true.
Gökçe Başaran
Gökçe Başaran 2 aylar önce
@Daniel BadideasHaver They saw people dying helplessly, alone in pain and seeing their coworkers getting sick and dying while working to death withoutbeing able to see their family or loved ones. Yeah they didn't see much surgery, just thousands of deaths.
Ikon 93
Ikon 93 2 aylar önce
1000% Respect for her professionalism... To have the strength to be so headstrong during a crisis such as this... This women deserves her recognition of heroism.
Britta Henke
Britta Henke 21 gün önce
@Frank McNally take off your tin foil hat
Frank McNally
Frank McNally 2 aylar önce
@Neurodivergent Pixi No one was injured this is a false flag event
Evan 2 aylar önce
I saw on Dr. Liao’s Twitter that she was on the local news just days before on 5/19 talking about the “Stop the Bleed” day & the importance of What better way to recognize the importance of the new federal legislation to support bleeding control kits in public places. There are not enough kind words and thanks and gratitude for her, all her OR and medical staff, all the hospital staff (nurses, patient techs, social workers, cleaning services, food services) and literally everyone else working to care for these patients and their families during an unimaginable time of grief and pain.
Bendit1974 2 aylar önce
I highly recommend a "Stop the Bleed" class if it's available near you. Trust me, you'd never naturally/instinctively do what's taught in that class, it can be a life saver. Also buy a military-style tourniquet kit and leave it in your car.
Enigmatic 2 aylar önce
She is intelligently trying to professionally decompress her emotional feelings safely. She is expressing her professionalism in her field with raw details, voicing her personal experience as a profession not a person off work. For that she is a very intelligent woman!
Juliannes Mommy
Juliannes Mommy 2 aylar önce
Absolutely. She is saying a LOT through her professional analysis. Saying someone can bleed out in 5 minutes and saying it only saved one in this case (although a precious one), when the police took so long. Her absence of personal opinion, let’s the facts shine. In describing what a bullet does to a child... she says a lot.
centerice 2 aylar önce
This piece really reveals how the Surgeons are routinely overlooked in their unbelievable heroism. We see constant enthusiastic appreciation being given to policemen, firemen, paramedics, EMTs, nurses, etc, but the Doctors are always left out of the Praise being awarded to these (deserving) others.
B R 2 aylar önce
@Marble City Mysteries as a physician in Spain, you can always do more shifts or do 100% private if you are so money oriented. I have been offered jobs in the US, as have many of my colleagues, but money > health goes against a lot of our principles. Of course if you want to get rich, it's great. But it's the opposite of what we are used to/value.
Marble City Mysteries
Marble City Mysteries 2 aylar önce
@B R true. Which is why I wonder if all these American Physicians and Nurses wanting Universal Heathcare just say that or if they truly mean it knowing their pay would be cut by 75-80% of what we currently make.
B R 2 aylar önce
@Marble City Mysteries lmao in countries with public healthcare try an average annual salary of 50000 - 60000
Sophie 2 aylar önce
@Kerrie Cobain Exactly!!! Thank you so so much for saying this because this is a parallel experience to my own. I have a lot of respect for doctors, but nurses generally are the ones doing and knowing most things!!!
Kerrie Cobain
Kerrie Cobain 2 aylar önce
@Sophie My experience is basically the same. ER and ICU doctors seem to be more involved, but general impatient not so much. They come into the room for 5 minutes and leave. Suddenly your meds are different and the nurse has to explain it. They aren't allowed to speak for the doctor so you have no one to ask until the next day when a different doctor comes in the room for 5 minutes. Most people probably haven't experienced being in a hospital for more than a couple of days. It's extremely frustrating to be INSIDE a hospital and barely have an opportunity to speak with a doctor who changes every one or two days. Nurses often know more than the doctor because they spend so much more time with the patients, but they aren't allowed to diagnose, because dOcToR. They have to hope the doctor reads what they put in a patient's chart and pays attention to it which may or may not happen when a doctor is doing rounds. They pop in the room, look at the chart for a moment, ask how you're doing, scribble some words and leave. If you ask questions about what yesterday's doctor said or did they often just don't address it and say he or she will be back tomorrow. As long as you're stable there's really no relationship because they change so often.
Dan Russell
Dan Russell 2 aylar önce
Omg the STRENGTH of this woman is incredible. The tear running down her cheek as she tries to remain professional speaks volumes. Heroes…even if a lot is out of their control.
Britta Henke
Britta Henke 21 gün önce
@vivian Lunsford ah geez another conspiracy tale ok .
Bailey Turner
Bailey Turner 2 aylar önce
@Geoffrey Harris don’t encourage this idiots unnecessary and insensitive narrative please.
Geoffrey Harris
Geoffrey Harris 2 aylar önce
@vivian Lunsford so-called? Please explain what you mean here.
grandma launched by a trebuchet
grandma launched by a trebuchet 2 aylar önce
People like Vivian always gotta bring attention to themselves when something like this happens since she's clearly starved of it. Don't give the old bag what she wants. I do definitely admire the doctor's composure, it takes a special and strong kind of person to do something like that. What screws me up is that she mentioned the past mass shooting she's dealt with which implemented some important measures for this. This country is sick.
Armine 2 aylar önce
LovelyB 2 aylar önce
It’s so sad! Her feelings for those kids are pronounce on her face. May God gives you more strength in this moment of challenge. Immense respect for the doctors and team taking care for the one injured and the families 🙏
Random Esports
Random Esports 2 aylar önce
all because of no gun care in america
Robert Lembo
Robert Lembo 2 aylar önce
She couldn't even get through this without tearing up, and neither could I. I can't begin to imagine this horror from a doctor's perspective, trying to save dying children. I hope they get all the best free mental health care to deal with the psychological trauma they are clearly experiencing. Thank you doctor for doing your best, you are the real heroes.
Angela Zuspan
Angela Zuspan 2 aylar önce
You can see her grief and the tears in her eyes, the shakiness of her voice. Thank you for working to save these children.
Alexander 21 gün önce
I haven't stop looking over this for the past two days; what hurts me the most is what it was like in that classroom. Thinking about it over and over is tearing me up.
Angela Edwards
Angela Edwards 2 aylar önce
You can see as the interview goes that she is really trying to control her emotions 😢 prayers for this Dr. And her team for helping everyone they could . 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Mom The Ebayer - The Dumpster Diving Queen
Mom The Ebayer - The Dumpster Diving Queen 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much Dr. I’m sure the families will be for grateful for you and the entire staff, but I can’t listen anymore. This is devastating! I can’t stop picturing those babies being hit with those bullets and probably begging for their lives! 🥲🥲
Frank McNally
Frank McNally 2 aylar önce
@Tiffany Billotte Not if she is a lying shill.
Rosalyn W. Otieno
Rosalyn W. Otieno 2 aylar önce
@Tiffany Billotte that was very kind and understanding of you. I am sure it was a mistake because I have almost made it myself. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Tiffany Billotte
Tiffany Billotte 2 aylar önce
Honey...fyi.....I think you meant to put one of these emojis... 😢😥😰 Not a smiling emoji because nothing about this would make ANY of us mothers, fathers &/or ANY caring human beings smile over something like this! Just letting you know dear! Hopefully that was a mistake. 😊
Michelle Daniels
Michelle Daniels 2 aylar önce
God bless the owners of the funeral homes who are donating their services for the victims. Heartfelt thanks to this doctor and her medical team. You can feel the emotions in her voice. Must have been very traumatic when the patients came to the hospital. God have mercy on the wounded and heal them.
Dustin Henderson
Dustin Henderson 2 aylar önce
To watch such a professional response coming from someone so deeply entrenched in the situation and obviously controlling their own uncontrollable sobbing is absolutely heartbreaking. This is strength I do not think most are capable of comprehending.
OCCULT BASS 2 aylar önce
this is so heartbreaking, watching her trying to hold back tears, and having one still drip down her cheek really hit me hard, the pressure of being responsible for saving those children's lives must be so insanely hard to deal with, the trauma that comes with a job like that must be life long.
diana 2 aylar önce
Wow you can tell she cares deeply about the victims & I’m sure the trauma team feels just the same. Is there a way we can send something a gift or whatever to this team at the hospital? I think it would be nice as a moral support
Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm 2 aylar önce
Awwwwn 🥰...... I'm so excited seeing your beautiful and mind blowing comment and I also want to tell you that I appreciate all your unending support 💖...... Where are you watching from?
Cleveland Gaming Classic
Cleveland Gaming Classic 2 aylar önce
God bless this woman and her incredible staff. We need to do better.
Meghan Bee
Meghan Bee 2 aylar önce
@Caitlin Marsh oh honey, bless your heart. cannot wait for you to go out and experience the world and meet people from different walks of life. it’ll open your eyes so much. until then wishing you a thirst for knowledge outside of the news channels your parents listen to. Sending you best wishes
Caitlin Marsh
Caitlin Marsh 2 aylar önce
@Chilllaxxinn I am not a bot.
Caitlin Marsh
Caitlin Marsh 2 aylar önce
@Savannah P Yea I kind of realized that I shouldn't always listen to my parents about politics. But I think most of what my dad is telling me is right. I will have to deal with what my parents tell me for 3 more years till I am 18. My parents are so conservative that I got yelled at for watching cnn because I didn't realize it was fake news until my parents told me.
Caitlin Marsh
Caitlin Marsh 2 aylar önce
@Terry Canales My parents aren't wrong. I did my own research and realized my parents are rigtht.
Hope Fliers
Hope Fliers 2 aylar önce
@Heather B agreed. Parents also need to demand to see security measures snd how their school would handle a situation like this. It is horrible to think about but we have to face reality. There is so much evil in this world. All schools need to have an emergency plan. Also security something. These are things we can do now
Barbara Allen
Barbara Allen 2 aylar önce
I spent many , many years working in Emergency rooms and Intensive Care Units. A lot of tears are shed by healthcare professionals in non public areas. There are some patients and situations where your humanity cannot be controlled by your professional training. You experience the grief as well, and it stays with you. I am retired now but there are patients I still remember after many years with profound sadness. I feel Dr. Lao will be ok eventually as she moves on to save the ones who can be saved. We know you cannot save everyone...but the desire to do so is always present in you.
Zeta56 2 aylar önce
Poor doc is doing everything she can to keep herself together. For someone with her training and experience to become so emotional speaks volumes. Thank you Dr. Liao for everything you do
Gus Garcia
Gus Garcia 2 gün önce
She chose her field of employment for this very reason. To help at the most traumatic times and share her expertise with us. Doctors and nurses.. especially in the trauma dept have to see things that will break you as a human being. They are truly angels that go into it with a mentality that I only wish I had. I'm sure very rewarding but at the same time very mentally straining. Those people aren't paid enough to do that everyday.. for years and years. And still go home and help their kids with homework...cook dinner... and get ready to do it all again the next day. Champions isn't a good enough terminology or word for these people. I'm sticking with angels. Or saviour's. Those bullets did so much damage to their bodies. Some were almost decapitated...and most bodies had been hit as many as 8 times. Most of them at least 4 times. I still can't process in my mind the cowardness of these cops to not approach those rooms while listening to kids screaming for their lives. I just can't get past that. And none of them have been charged or any action has been taken against them? It's hard enough that this happened.. then to have the people who you supposedly have trust in so if this type of atrocity hits your school..you know you have help on the way. Sadly this isn't the case here. On that day and many days after that..I was and still somewhat am embarrassed to call myself an American. Things couldn't have been more worse than what happened in that school. What a damn shame.. I'm willing to bet our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ shed a tear that day...I know I did. God bless the children and teachers that lost their lives that day. And to their family and friends...my family and i...wish you nothing but peace and comfort through these troubling times. We're very sorry for your loss..the Garcia family. Pueblo Colorado..
Mark J
Mark J 2 aylar önce
You can see she is looking back to the kids she worked on and the parents she spoke to. While still giving a fantastic interview. She needs a hug.
Courtney Coley
Courtney Coley 2 aylar önce
And the kids they couldn't save =(
jackie d
jackie d 2 aylar önce
I've worked in a school cafeteria and you see the children on a daily basis. I can say this...every child is important and you can see their little personalities developing and it's so important for the adults around a child be encouraging and loving and not just a strict disciplinarian. I think long before a child needs mental help a caring adult can reach out and keep reaching out when they are witnessing a change in their behavior. Every child deserves to be safe and have a safe place to go to when they are in trouble physically and mentally.
jackie d
jackie d 2 aylar önce
@Andrew_Owens If you could only know my own journey up against a school and system that did not take kindly to a mom trying to get the proper educational supports in place for a child who needed just a little extra help in class. You have no idea what I and my family have been through with the public school system. But yet I still care and will reach out to my congress person, make sure you and everyone you know do the same.
Raq G
Raq G 2 aylar önce
Well said, thank you Jackie. This is the essence of what WE ALL collectively need to be doing as citizens as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. AMEN. And may God bless you and all who read this.
AKC 2 aylar önce
It appears everything these children should get is what was missing in the young life of the 18 y.o. shooter.
Katie Jane
Katie Jane 2 aylar önce
Yes many kids go through life alone. Breaks my heart.
Ray h
Ray h 2 aylar önce
Dr. Liao... You are one Amazing women...! The compassion, love and care for these children and what you and your team are doing for them is written all over you...! Your tears and emotions speak volumes! The world needs more people Like YOU ALL...!!!
Candi Lease
Candi Lease 2 aylar önce
To see her choke up and cry breaks my heart and just shows me how horrifying it was and what these miracle workers have to see and go through!! I cannot begin to imagine! God bless you Dr!
Magical Patterns
Magical Patterns 2 aylar önce
Seen a Dr at that level of responsibility getting emotional means that “Compassion” is whats she is teaching to the medical field. 💎🙏🏻
Michelle Lamm - Faries
Michelle Lamm - Faries 2 aylar önce
My heart just breaks again... this time for Dr. Liao and her team for the strength and courage they all must have to deal with this kind of situtation and especially young children. Big hugs to her and her team! THANK YOU!!
hae tae
hae tae 2 aylar önce
You can just feel her emotional pain near the end of this clip. Even through her professionalism in the beginning, seeing children hit by these high-velocity projectiles must have been heart-wrenching to witness and do surgery on. God Bless Dr. Liao.
miapdx 2 aylar önce
This was a nightmare day at work...I cannot imagine being told that multiple small children are being brought in...after being shot. While a nation was in shock, these amazing professionals had to work, and work hard. They can only process afterwards. They too, need our prayers.
Atalia Beltran
Atalia Beltran 2 aylar önce
@lilTREEFORT doesn’t mean they don’t get to have feelings🙄 yeah she might have chosen that job and of course they gotta be strong enough to do it cause who else would do it if we didn’t have them? Come on some people lack of common human decency, and common sense 💀
lilTREEFORT 2 aylar önce
she literally signed up to be a trauma surgeon... in medical school you get to choose hunderds of paths and she CHOSE this. In fact she PAID to see those deaths and have it affect her sleep.
tigerbiterhater 2 aylar önce
Shout to her and all surgeons for all you do and see each and everyday and especially children who’s victims of gun violence.
Okay-Ba-Okay 2 aylar önce
It’s hard to stay professional without emotion in this situation. You can feel and see the pain, sadness,hurt, the experience loosing someone specially kids. The Doctor tried her best to stay in her composure. We salute you Doc and thanks for the help.
Paula Lopez
Paula Lopez 2 aylar önce
Dr. Lao was trying to be strong but couldn't hold back the tears. I can't imagine what she saw. A big thank you to her and her whole staff for everything they're doing.
Paula Lopez
Paula Lopez 2 aylar önce
@Frank McNally seriously with that
Jae Academy
Jae Academy 2 aylar önce
Vincent Belmar
Vincent Belmar 2 aylar önce
@R M weve wanted radical foreign policy changes since iraq.
Allegra Anegra
Allegra Anegra 2 aylar önce
@R M as long as there’s money to be made they won’t
Anne Wilson
Anne Wilson 2 aylar önce
What a strong and compassionate doctor, I cried along with her. She is one of this country’s brave ones.
Helen Lopez
Helen Lopez 2 aylar önce
My prayers go out to everyone in the community, especially to the parents.
S Kletke
S Kletke 2 aylar önce
I feel for that doctor also. You can tell how hard it is for her to talk about it. I feel for everyone involved, especially the families.❤
Loving Mayberry
Loving Mayberry 2 aylar önce
Thank you and your team for your service. RIP sweet souls to the ones who lost their lives. Sending love to their families.
Michael Ramos
Michael Ramos 2 aylar önce
I can see she was trying so hard to hold back the tears. After 6 and a half minutes of this she couldn’t help herself. I hope she knows it’s okay and very understanding. We’re only human. It has to be unbearably different than Sutherland Spings seeing that these were all small children. I thank all the doctors, medical staff, first responders, teachers, and school staff. You’re all so special to our society. Please don’t let this act of Cowardice evil Deter y’all from the expert Careers you specialize in. We need you all. Pray y’all have the strength and determination not only to get through this but also continue 🙏🏽😢
lulu in hollywood
lulu in hollywood 2 aylar önce
@atdower arsons go up as well
atdower 2 aylar önce
@FD Do your research. Chicago has the strictest gun laws and one of the highest rates of gun violence in the US. What are you going to do, outlaw knives as well?
atdower 2 aylar önce
@J McCoy Sure it will. However, it's pretty easy to buy a firearm illegally off the streets.
sylvia vargas
sylvia vargas 2 aylar önce
Thank you Dr Liao and your team for all you do. There will never be enough gratitude and "Thank Yous." I can't imagine what yourself and your colleagues feel after such a tragedy. Not only today, but everyday. God bless you all and stay safe.
Lynette Marisa
Lynette Marisa 2 aylar önce
This is absolutely heartbreaking! God bless this doctor and her trauma team!!!
erica 2 aylar önce
Proud of my fellow healthcare workers! The pandemic might have highlighted the level of physical, mental and emotional sacrifice we all go through, but this type of trauma, both expected and unexpected, happens day in and day out. It's unfair that some of us have become numb to certain situations because of how much we have to deal with them everyday. But having children's lives on your hands hits different. They haven't experienced and won't see all the great things that life has to offer (that's why I don't have enough mental and emotional strength to work in pediatrics). Much love and respect to these healthcare heroes in Texas.
Ren 2 aylar önce
I can feel her pain. Bless her, she truly cares about these kids and families. God Bless them all.
Frank McNally
Frank McNally 2 aylar önce
No you can't
stokesj2 2 aylar önce
I can’t imagine the strength it takes to see what she sees and operate at a very high level under a stressful environment. She’s a hero in my book.
Mega Troll
Mega Troll 2 aylar önce
Lost Soul
Lost Soul 2 aylar önce
She’s a true god
Yung Cris
Yung Cris 2 aylar önce
@bring eugenics back 😉 go away goon
Yung Cris
Yung Cris 2 aylar önce
She is a hero
オプション 2 aylar önce
@stokesj2 🤣👍
drive storage
drive storage 2 aylar önce
tears rolling down her cheeks. I watched a father broke down talkin on camera. Thank you doctors, nurses, and ambulance drivers for saving as many as you can.
sabellstar 2 aylar önce
Thank you for helping those you could. I'm proud people here in San Antonio, specially medically, have been able to support the victims and community of this horrific senseless act. May those who lost their lives rest in peace. 💔😭🙏🦋
Pho Enix
Pho Enix 2 aylar önce
As a previous trauma surgery assistant hearing the calls coming over the intercom and rushing to get rooms prepared for pediatric patients is always tough on any team. Every medical personnel will carry this forever standing in heated trauma rooms waiting to heal. I am no longer in the medical field but there are so many patients and families that I’ll always remember😢
David 2 aylar önce
Watching those tears roll down her face really made me feel her emotion as well. She was fighting and holding back a lot more tears.
Ollie No
Ollie No 2 aylar önce
I could never do the job that she’s doing. What an amazing, strong, and kind woman.
Secret Pal
Secret Pal 2 aylar önce
Thank you Dr. Liao for being a pediatric trauma surgeon. It has to one of the most difficult jobs ever, but you are doing great things to help our children. ❤️
SouthPaw 2 aylar önce
Such a compassionate Doctor! Thanks for all the services you provide 🥰💯 My prayers with the family and friends of the deceased🙏🏽 Prayers for the injured to pull through🙏🏽
Brecken Rawson
Brecken Rawson 2 aylar önce
Her breaking down just goes to show how long she has been holding it in for the parents. People can only take so much till they breakdown. My heart breaks for this doctor and the staff that had to go through all of this. And to the parents that lost their child I couldn’t even fathom that. My heart hurts for all those families.
witchesofessex1 2 aylar önce
She looks and sounds completely traumatized. Bless her for her strength and keeping it together.
Today !!
Today !! 2 aylar önce
@John indigo In today's world, what does that even mean? Who knows anymore what people are, and why they do stuff? Money talks.
Alycia Cooper
Alycia Cooper 2 aylar önce
@John indigo she’s seems awesome. We should all thank her for her service.
John indigo
John indigo 2 aylar önce
She's a veteran
Abby Herrera
Abby Herrera 2 aylar önce
Our local news station interviewed Dr Liao and two of her nurses. Those two nurses also were fighting back tears and were emotional. That trauma team is amazing but I know they have to be exhausted and traumatized as well
Peggy S
Peggy S 2 aylar önce
Great job to all of the trauma teams who worked so hard to save lives. God bless you!
Sissy Parker
Sissy Parker 2 aylar önce
Thank you doctor for what you do. I can't imagine going home after treating children with these types of Injuries. They are forever with you. I know these parents appreciate what you have done to save their children.
Cassidy Casey
Cassidy Casey 2 aylar önce
I love her ! She shows how dedicated and meaningful her job is ! 👏❤️ Thank you for being you !!
Sinita Verrette
Sinita Verrette 2 aylar önce
Wow... she did so good in this interview. The one tear really made me cry. People don't realize the trauma doctors and nurses go through. Even when it comes to saving these perpetrators. But kids.... in that state.... something you'll never forget.. I hope they all get therapy.
Lance Dub-u
Lance Dub-u 2 aylar önce
Such a caring doctor. I’m glad there are great people like her and the team to help people in great need.
seniorita 2 aylar önce
​@Golf Fanatic let's pray for Rob. Probably just an annoying troll who has nothing good in his little life
Lance Dub-u
Lance Dub-u 2 aylar önce
@Lynne Barnes what does that have to do with her and the rest of the trauma team being caring. Stick to the topic of my discussion. If you want to have a discussion about what the officers didn’t do, go make your own post.
Lynne Barnes
Lynne Barnes 2 aylar önce
@Lance Dub-u if the cops weren't such cowards, she wouldn't have so much work to do.
Larry Aldama
Larry Aldama 2 aylar önce
@vita ferrari 😔✝️
Larry Aldama
Larry Aldama 2 aylar önce
@Greg Salerno 👍✝️
Adorabella Perfecta
Adorabella Perfecta 2 aylar önce
Thank you DrL and the rest of the team for pouring your hearts & expertise into saving lives and caring so deeply for children. Your pain is not in vain. God Bless you.
Terri Mansfield
Terri Mansfield 2 aylar önce
She is clearly devastated. Thank you Dr. Liao for all your hard work and I am so sorry this keeps happening.
Adam Mortimer
Adam Mortimer 2 aylar önce
We often forget how traumatic this is for the Dr’s and Nurses. I am so grateful for the hard work they do.
Gabriela ramirez lara
Gabriela ramirez lara 2 aylar önce
Thank you Doctor for all your hard work ❤️👏🏼 and for all hospital staff for your bravery in times like these
Queenofweaves 2 aylar önce
God bless this woman and keep giving her the strength to lead and heal.
seniorita 2 aylar önce
​@pacotaco🐕 I don't think you understand him
seniorita 2 aylar önce
​@pacotaco🐕 what was hateful?
seniorita 2 aylar önce
​@David Clarkston David, that was beautifully spoken. ❤
seniorita 2 aylar önce
K M 2 aylar önce
@Jayne Shhh Stop trolling. Grow up!
Mrs Always Right
Mrs Always Right 2 aylar önce
Thanks Doc! Absolutely disturbing how kids can’t even be safe in school. Rest In Peace you will be missed. 🕊🕊💔💔
mikeal 2 aylar önce
U can tell this Dr was holding back tears the entire time I hope they r offering therapy for these first responders n Drs n nurses n all the trauma team becuz no matter who u r if u see this first hand ur gonna b traumatized my thoughts n prayers n good vibes go out to all effected by this horrible act of violence
YamCherie 2 aylar önce
This awesome doctor is sleep deprived, and no doubt she hasnt had time to catch her breath. She's still trying to process the trauma of the event, as well as cope with the high stress load of saving lives and facing loss of lives. Thank you and Bless you.
Tonie 2 aylar önce
This is just so sad and my condolences goes out to the families and community.
Ms L8blo0m3r
Ms L8blo0m3r 2 aylar önce
The way she turned red in an instant when asked about talking to the families of the casualties. My heart hurts for her. But I truly admire her courage. Bless you Doctor!
Maria Deac
Maria Deac 2 aylar önce
Is hard …. I have a daughter working at trauma … Two weeks ago … she need our words … to encourage her … she was emotional … break down … is hard …. to see young children’s in this situation ….😭😭
paige anguish
paige anguish 2 aylar önce
i also think the “how are you and your staff holding up?” definitely brought the tears forward and she tried to stop them right after he said that and she answered
Diversity 2 aylar önce
She has holding her tears and one tear rolled down towards the end. She kept her composure but she has a great heart because she acknowledged all the staff even when she was holding her tears.
WDBrown43 2 aylar önce
Thank you for bring the kind of doctor you are! Prayers go out to all involved. I’m just devastated and have been crying all week. I’m ready for change and will do my part.
Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm 2 aylar önce
Awwwwn 🥰...... I'm so excited seeing your beautiful and mind blowing comment and I also want to tell you that I appreciate all your unending support 💖...... Where are you watching from?
Donna Smith
Donna Smith 2 aylar önce
God bless her and her team. Unimaginable how hard these last few days must have been for them.
Ulysses Ryan-Flynn
Ulysses Ryan-Flynn 2 aylar önce
Incredible insight into the work of these incredible professionals. Their emphasis on systems gives particular insight into how they use the systems as a way of controlling their emotions under the worst emotional stress. God bless them all
Steven Wright
Steven Wright 2 aylar önce
Thank You Doctor Liao for your service to all your patients!!! We are SO grateful for ALL of you!!! You are definitely a true professional and doing your calling in life!! God Bless you and all our Medical Professionals!!!! 🙏🏻
Sandra Richardson
Sandra Richardson 2 aylar önce
If possible I would like to give Dr. Lillian Liao and her trauma team a standing ovation. What tremendous stamina and skill to handle such a horrific event that will continue for them (like she said) 24 hours at a time. Day after day working with these little people and with parents who no doubt feel so helpless. Jesus bless every person involved with this doctor and her facility.
Sandra Richardson
Sandra Richardson 2 aylar önce
@Dewi Lew Hi Dewi--I love your comment. In my mind I was thinking 'if it were possible for me to physically be on location' to give a standing ovation. So hey....I just stood and gave a resounding applause to these people right here in my living room. Not one person stopped me!! Thank you!!
Sandra Richardson
Sandra Richardson 2 aylar önce
@Playfulpanthress They are both needed and both available if we pray and lobby. I believe in doing both. Surely it was not a common transfer to that gun store to have an 18 yo kid purchase $3000 in assault weapons plus ammo online and pick it up at his store. Did he walk home with it or did someone drive him home? So many questions. You are right...we must have some gun law changes and prayer must cover all in our country. We are hurting.
Lynne Carnivale
Lynne Carnivale 2 aylar önce
God bless you Sandra! 🌹
Lynne Carnivale
Lynne Carnivale 2 aylar önce
Sandra, I'm STANDING UP with you. I agree with your comment. God bless everyone involved. Peace, Lynne 🍃💜🍃
Dewi Lew
Dewi Lew 2 aylar önce
If it’s possible? Who is going to stop you?
Alana Johnson
Alana Johnson 2 aylar önce
What an amazing doctor. Thank you Doctor for all you’ve and your staff has done. I’m sure you did the best you could. You are appreciated 🤍🤍
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