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01.Surah Al-Fatihah
02.Surah Al-Baqarah
03.Surah Al-imran
04.Surah An-Nisa
05.Surah Al-Ma'idah
06.Surah Al- An'am
07.Surah Al- A`raf
08.Surah Al-Anfal
09.Surah At-Tawbah
10.Surah Yunus
11.Surah Hud
12.Surah Yusuf
13.Surah Ar-Ra`d
14.Surah Ibrahim
15.Surah Al-Hijr
16.Surah An-Nahl
17.Surah Al-'Isra
18.Surah Al-Kahf
19.Surah Maryam
20.Surah Taha
21.Surah Al-'Anbya'
22.Surah Al-Haj
23.Surah Al-Mu'minun
24.Surah An-Nur
25.Surah Al-Furqan
26.Surah Ash-Shu`ara
27.Surah An-Naml
28.Surah Al-Qasas
29.Surah Al-`Ankabut
30.Surah Ar-Rum
31.Surah Luqman
32.Surah As-Sajdah
33.Surah Al-'Ahzab
34.Surah Saba'
35.Surah Fatir
36.Surah Ya-Sin
37.Surah As-Saffat
38.Surah Sad
39.Surah Az-Zumar
40.Surah Ghafir
41.Surah Fussilat
42.Surah Ash-Shuraa
43.Surah Az-Zukhruf
44.Surah Ad-Dukhan
45.Surah Al-Jathiyah
46.Surah Al-'Ahqaf
47.Surah Muhammad
48.Surah Al-Fath
49.Surah Al-Hujurat
50.Surah Qaf
51.Surah Adh-Dhariyat
52.Surah At-Tur
53.Surah An-Najm
54.Surah Al-Qamar
55.Surah Ar-Rahman
56.Surah Al-Waqi`ah
57.Surah Al-Hadid
58.Surah Al-Mujadila
59.Surah Al-Hashr
60.Surah Al-Mumtahanah
61.Surah As-Saf
62.Surah Al-Jumu`ah
63.Surah Al-Munafiqun
64.Surah At-Taghabun
65.Surah At-Talaq
66.Surah At-Tahrim
67.Surah Al-Mulk
68.Surah Al-Qalam
69.Surah Al-Haqqah
70.Surah Al-Ma`arij
71.Surah Nuh
72.Surah Al-Jinn
73.Surah Al-Muzzammil
74 Surah Al-Muddaththir
75.Surah Al-Qiyamah
76.Surah Al-'Insan
77.Surah Al-Mursalat
78.Surah An-Naba'
79.Surah An-Nazi'aat
80.Surah Abasa
81.Surah At-Takwir
82.Surah Al-Infitaar
83.Surah Al-Mutaffifin
84.Surah Al-Inshiqaq
85.Surah Al-Burooj
86.Surah At-Tariq
87.Surah Al-A'la
88.Surah Al-Ghaashiyah
89.Surah Al-Fajr
90.Surah Al-Balad
91.Surah Ash-Shams
92.Surah Al-Lail
93.Surah Ad-Duha
94.Surah Ash-Sharh
95.Surah At-Tin
96.Surah Al-Alaq
97.Surah Al-Qadr
98.Surah Al-Baiyyinah
99.Surah Az-Zalzalah
100.Surah Al-Aadiyaat
101.Surah Al-Qari'ah
102.Surah At-Takaathur
103.Surah Al-Asr
104.Surah Al-Humazah
105.Surah Al-Feel
106.Surah Quraish
107.Surah Al-Maa'oon
108.Surah Al-Kauthar
109.Surah Al-Kaafiroon
110.Surah An-Nasr
111.Surah Al-Masad
112.Surah Al-Ikhlaas
113.Surah Al-Falaq
114.Surah An-Naas
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​@zadietaqwa 🤣
Tamara Saad
Tamara Saad 3 aylar önce
Thank you ! I always used either Quran or Rain to calm my soul, you guys mixed them both and it sounds amazing ! To hear the sound of God’s words and the sound of God’s creation in one place is a blessing ! Thank you !
Ghazal. J
Ghazal. J 4 aylar önce
This sound make my heart smile♥️
Gaming with FightER Man
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Sadiya abdi Sadiya
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May allah forgive my sins and your sins and make us those who made to jannah al fardous one day allahuma amiin🤲💙
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Amiin yaa Allah
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Aysha  🕊💕
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Ameen Pray for me im going through much difficult times.
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Siham El Basmaki
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Don't forget your daily 5 prayers!
followers of quran
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Sahl Quran Studio
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Lukas 6:12
Lukas 6:12 10 gün önce
Please add timestamps for each surah🙏 👇
Edogawa Rieru Ch.
Edogawa Rieru Ch. 3 aylar önce
and here i thought "ahh tonight i want to listen to al kahfi while going to bed" or, today is so cold but not rainning. maybe i will sleep faster if i play rain sound" and then this video come up lmao best combination ever
Megan Lavendar
Megan Lavendar 2 aylar önce
U should upload this on spotify! so i can listen to it during work hehe
Husniddin vines
Husniddin vines Aylar önce
When I listen to this I feel like it's raining outside ☺️☺️, I loved this, thanks to someone posted this🤲🤲🤲❤️
Nimaa Aylar önce
every night i listen to this in my sleep. mashallah it is beautiful ❤️
Nasreen Aylar önce
Weglitz 11 aylar önce
So peaceful Masha Allah
Alberto Galicia
Alberto Galicia 2 aylar önce
Subhanallah, peaceful n calming. Good for sleep.
Nasreen Aylar önce
Laith Wahas
Laith Wahas 5 aylar önce
The most peaceful thing I’ve ever seen
Last I couldn't fall asleep then I listened to this quran for 5 min then fell asleep mashaallah continue
Arizoo Fayaz
Arizoo Fayaz 2 aylar önce
Peaceful ❤️❤️❤️
ItzdatNana 3 aylar önce
Alhamdulilah I slept so good last night ❤️😩 I haven’t slept this good in like 3 months jazakAllah Khair ❤️ Alhamdulilah I even woke up on time for fajr this morning ❤️
Gaming with FightER Man
Gaming with FightER Man 2 aylar önce
Rebecca Lucas
Rebecca Lucas 22 gün önce
Assalam alaikum I'm learning about Islam. This is very relaxing, this brings recitation and nature all together at once, and I was able to relax and get sleep. Thank you!
Defunct 5 gün önce
May Allah bless you ! if you want to know more about it or you have some questions related to it check out dr. zakir he might help you understand the value and the true moral of Islam . May Allah guide you to true peace .
Wɪʟᴅ Cᴀᴛ Gᴀᴍɪɴɢ
Wɪʟᴅ Cᴀᴛ Gᴀᴍɪɴɢ 21 gün önce
May allah bless you
Ashraf Malik
Ashraf Malik 2 aylar önce
In the end,it's just you and Allah. May he bless you,may he make you happy,may he forgive us all.Ameen
Ibrahim Haroun
Ibrahim Haroun Aylar önce
Allahuma Ameen
Zuhre 23 gün önce
Subhanallah, i ve searched sth like this, and look Allah made it with his wisdom of algorithm on my feed. Alhamdulillah What a blessing Barakah Allahu feekum
cobra junior💪
cobra junior💪 4 aylar önce
Mashallah beatifull recitation 😍😍💖for sleeping
Abdul Azees
Abdul Azees 4 aylar önce
my heart is melted
HAR PAL CEO 11 aylar önce
Masha Allah very nice thanks for video..
Rey Rey Rodriguez
Rey Rey Rodriguez 18 gün önce
This is beautiful!
Nooobio 6 gün önce
Alisajjod Kahramonov
Alisajjod Kahramonov 4 aylar önce
I love your Voice it’s so beautiful❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nawaal Jama
Nawaal Jama 3 aylar önce
❤❤❤❤❤❤Mansha allh best voice 👌
Ty so much I sleep peacefully at night may Allah bless your heart and soul to jannah and I hope ur dreams be true
Farhan 4 aylar önce
subhanallah , Alhamdulilah May Allah gives everyone oppurtunity to spare their time to listen this
Areeg elhassan
Areeg elhassan 9 aylar önce
Wow Mashaalla so beautiful❤
Dahay Brahim
Dahay Brahim Aylar önce
Thank u so much I alway wanted this serie of Corán and the rain 😊
TTS Tamil Shows
TTS Tamil Shows 11 aylar önce
Masha Allah so beautiful and amazing feel
Mahdi Miganeh
Mahdi Miganeh 4 aylar önce
Al BAqarah needs no rain. It is sublime and full of nutrituion. Alhamdulillah. our souls shake yet we know not. We will know in due time how posting such a beautiful +snifff+ I can't stop crying..... It's so beautiful. My thoughts are dispersed and evaporate with every understanding..... Subhnallah. May Allah Aza Wajal reward those who made these tears fall. It was a long time coming. I thought my heart was hard.....I just wish I could see sub titles in english. Sumbum'um un bukmun um un..... Deaf dead and blind....... maybe the exact traslation. help me! pls.
Mahdi Miganeh
Mahdi Miganeh 4 aylar önce
We all know the importance of this Surah.... Alhamdulillah.
Muhammad Abdulhameed
Muhammad Abdulhameed 4 aylar önce
If it's English translation that will help u understand and have more connection with Al Qur'an plz don't hold back on it, may Allah make us all firm upon his worship.
M. H. D.
M. H. D. 4 aylar önce
K try
Love it ❣️❣️
Wow very peaceful
Hatice MAMAS
Hatice MAMAS Aylar önce
Allah razı olsun brother ✨
Nadia Rumaiya
Nadia Rumaiya 4 aylar önce
mohammad afzal
mohammad afzal Aylar önce
Beautiful recitation of beautiful word of Allah st. Please mention para no on screen also so that help to better understand
mohammad afzal
mohammad afzal Aylar önce
MashaA Allah, Subhan Allah Beautiful recitation of Quran Kareem in beautiful voice. Jazak Allah.
𝒮𝓂𝒾𝓁𝑒 7 aylar önce
Shahanas Dd
Shahanas Dd 2 aylar önce
Masha Allah❣️❣️❣️
Xula Bla5
Xula Bla5 4 aylar önce
So peaceful ❤subhanalah😭
Nasreen Aylar önce
intan zahrah mohd borkhan
intan zahrah mohd borkhan 4 aylar önce
Emerald Radiance
Emerald Radiance 4 aylar önce
Nothing speaks to your soul like this. NOTHING.
Salman Taaha
Salman Taaha 4 aylar önce
Nice and calm mashallah
Nasreen Aylar önce
Eva Affifah Arofah
Eva Affifah Arofah 4 aylar önce
ماشاءالله ❤️ اللهم صلّ وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد وعلى أله وصحبه اجمعين.
ASD Tamil Dawah
ASD Tamil Dawah Yıl önce
Subahanallah may almighty Allah swt accept all our good deeds..
Zey Allure
Zey Allure 2 aylar önce
Ameen ya raab 🤲🏽
Rohmatun Pratiwi
Rohmatun Pratiwi 3 aylar önce
@King llllll
King 4 aylar önce
yahia Abdullah
yahia Abdullah 4 aylar önce
And forget us for our bad ones, inshallah☝🏽❤️
grand father 🕺🌿
grand father 🕺🌿 12 gün önce
Beautiful 🧚‍♀️+ good 🕺
Fahmi Nazrin
Fahmi Nazrin Aylar önce
MashaAllah....ana happy dan tenang bila mendengar bacàn ni.
Hodan Mohamud
Hodan Mohamud 24 gün önce
amazing ❤ job
yahia Abdullah
yahia Abdullah 4 aylar önce
mohammad afzal
mohammad afzal Aylar önce
Please load the next Video of next 10 hours of recitation of Quran Kareem
Haris Sayyid
Haris Sayyid 13 gün önce
This is beautiful but my brothers and sisters never sleep with earphones on it's dangerous
Fatuma Hersi
Fatuma Hersi 3 aylar önce
Mas Taqim
Mas Taqim 25 gün önce
Jahfer M Sadik
Jahfer M Sadik 11 aylar önce
Nurlan Beimbetov
Nurlan Beimbetov 4 aylar önce
Beautiful! Who is the reciter?
A___B___Ahad Aylar önce
Aa mere raab! Tofiq adaah kaar🤲🏻
Mae Ong
Mae Ong 2 aylar önce
Nasreen Aylar önce
Khadijah Diallo
Khadijah Diallo 4 aylar önce
Jazakallah khairan ❤
Ismael Ahmed
Ismael Ahmed 10 aylar önce
Masha allah lt is very nice
soso monmon
soso monmon 8 aylar önce
Im mmjjjij
Ak Xbox gamer
Ak Xbox gamer Aylar önce
May Atlas
May Atlas Aylar önce
Masha Allah""
Hadija Hussein
Hadija Hussein 4 aylar önce
vet Dr shoaib Alam
vet Dr shoaib Alam 5 aylar önce
Ouria Ghernaia
Ouria Ghernaia 4 aylar önce
Macha Allah♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Hajji 4 aylar önce
Maa shaa Allah
Bazm e Anmol
Bazm e Anmol 2 aylar önce
awie scania
awie scania 2 aylar önce
Sun Network Shows
Sun Network Shows 10 aylar önce
Masha Allah Tabaraqallah
Sun Network Shows
Sun Network Shows 7 aylar önce
Masha Allah
Zolqarnein Turkmani
Zolqarnein Turkmani 4 aylar önce
Adirai Sydney TV
Adirai Sydney TV Yıl önce
Masha Allah so beautiful
Fatuma Hersi
Fatuma Hersi 3 aylar önce
@Areeg elhassan yeah
Areeg elhassan
Areeg elhassan 9 aylar önce
Yes very beautiful
insomnia channel
insomnia channel 2 aylar önce
Sukses Selalu Buat Channel ini, Alhamdulillah Siapa Yang Membaca Komentar ini selalu diberikan kesehatan, umur panjang yang berkah Aminn Ya Allah
Md. Korban Ali Shohel
Md. Korban Ali Shohel Aylar önce
Can any one tell me the name of the qari. Its very beautiful telwat. I want his all telwat. Please help me.
Heavy rain sounds
Heavy rain sounds 5 aylar önce
Ah beautiful place city Korea sounds raining good time relax and sleeping mm I love that such freshing mm I love your video.
Areej PS
Areej PS Aylar önce
thank you very much, what is the name of the reader ?
Hodan Mohamud
Hodan Mohamud 24 gün önce
Ayesha Siddika
Ayesha Siddika 4 aylar önce
My every night routine
Youssef Saab’s Gaming channel
Youssef Saab’s Gaming channel Aylar önce
May Allah for us 😢
Tanariki Iquxa
Tanariki Iquxa 3 gün önce
As-Salaam-Alaikum, What reciter is this?
Sun Network Shows
Sun Network Shows Aylar önce
ABDULLAHI AHMAD 6 aylar önce
actually it nice but i need an english translation
rainbow's smile
rainbow's smile 4 aylar önce
Mustaf M
Mustaf M 4 aylar önce
Amandaa Aylar önce
Allahumma Sholi Ala Muhammad
Muhammad Muflihin
Muhammad Muflihin 4 aylar önce
ما اسم القارئ يا سيدي؟
Ahmad Virk
Ahmad Virk Aylar önce
Could you plz tell the name of reciter ?
ABDULLAHI AHMAD 6 aylar önce
so nice but only one background
shido kon
shido kon 7 aylar önce
ما أسم القارئ؟
Madsarif Machmudi
Madsarif Machmudi 4 aylar önce
HAWK 5 aylar önce
Aa brother, can u please tell me how u edit these video's (mobile/laptop) and also tell about the app Or software names
Farhan 4 aylar önce
hawk app
Rahman Motors
Rahman Motors 4 aylar önce
What's the name of the reciter????
abdi civan
abdi civan 2 gün önce
May we die when Allah is pleased with us. Insha Allah.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 5 gün önce
Sarmin Alam
Sarmin Alam Aylar önce
30 para are there ?? Because I need full paras
Bilal Afridi
Bilal Afridi 4 aylar önce
Name of qari?
zikar 4 aylar önce
Add the urdu translate plz
RMB 4 aylar önce
Tahsina Jahan
Tahsina Jahan 15 gün önce
lots of love
Ahmad Virk
Ahmad Virk Aylar önce
Reciter name ?
Quran Recitation 10 Hours  Hazza Al Blushi
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