History of Russia - Rurik to Revolution

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Epic History TV

Epic History TV

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From Prince Rurik to the Russian Revolution, this is a compilation of the first 5 episodes of Epic History TV's History of Russia.
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A note on 'Ivan the Terrible' - in Russia, Ivan IV has the epithet 'Гро́зный' meaning 'Great' or 'Formidable'. So why is he known as Ivan 'the Terrible' in English? Because he was evil or useless or because of anti-Russian bias? No, because 'Terrible' in English also means awesome or formidable - this was well understood when 'Гро́зный' was first translated into English centuries ago, but now fewer people understand this. (see definitions 3 & 4 here: www.dictionary.com/browse/terr... . The name stuck, and Ivan IV has been known as Ivan the Terrible ever since.
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
State Tretyakov Gallery
Russian State Historical Museum
National Art Museum of Ukraine
Herodotus: Marie-Lan Nguyen, CC BY 2.5
St.Volodymr: Dar Veter, CC BY-SA 3.0
Polish-Lithuanian Flag: Olek Remesz, CC BY 2.5
New York Public Library
Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection, Brown University Library
Stenka Razin with kind permission of Sergei Kirrilov
Winter Palace: Alex Florstein Fedorov CC BY-SA 4.0
Imperial Academy of Fine Arts: Alex Florstein Fedorov CC BY-SA 4.0
Ipatievsky Monastery: Michael Clarke CC BY-SA 4.0
Trans-Alaska Pipeline: Frank Kovalchek CC BY 2.0
Gallows: Adam Clarke CC BY-SA 2.0
Church of the Saviour exterior: NoPlayerUfa CC BY-SA 3.0
Church of the Saviour interior: Mannat Kaur CC BY-SA 3.0
Audio Mix and SFX:
Chris Whiteside
Rene Bridgman

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urhomiesapien 2 yıl önce
Battle of the Ice is probably one of the coolest names given to a medeval battle in my opinion
That was very enlightening. As an American, I didn't learn a single thing about Russia while we were in school. If we learned about anything, it was related to Britain in one way or another, but we didn't learn a lot about them either. Thank you for the video.
Ree Ritz
Ree Ritz
Many thanks for this overview of Russia. The thing that seems the most prevalent is Russia & it's people have endured many wars...in fact, whether fighting outwardly or internally, war seems to define these people. I would not underestimate such stolid, brave people that have endured much for their country to become a major world power!
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
So this video is telling us in a way that Ukraine was always divided between Poland/Lithuania and Russia for the most part
Sônia M F
Sônia M F
It's a great documentary: visually and didactally extremely well done - you can't take off your eyes. I don't have a sufficiently historically based opinion due to lack of knowledge, but it seems very consistent with what I do know. Thank you, Toby.
Valentino Mele
Valentino Mele
Long Long tough and uneasy history they had and yet they managed to create soo many beautiful and tender art jewels, most amazing composers, writers, painters, architects. Great taste, strong and sensitive at the same time. Your culture always inspired me.
VEHX Yıl önce
Russian history, it's can be hectic, chaotic, bloody and traumatic, but no one can say that it was ever boring.
Philip Jonsson
Philip Jonsson
Daamn!! So many names. This makes Game Of Thrones seem like a walk in the park. 😬 Great documentary!! The narrator is awesome, great visuals. Consider me as a new patreon. 😁
Red Jung
Red Jung
I’m here because of Ukraine and Russia issue. Studying history is important to understand what is happening now. I hope you make more videos regarding history. I love all your videos ❤️
Cannibal Bunny Girl
Cannibal Bunny Girl
What a thoroughly fascinating history of a thoroughly fascinating country. So much bloodshed and drama but also so much beauty in their literature and architecture.
Stephen Opara
Stephen Opara
This is the most elaborate rendition of Russian history I've come across! Bravo!
BEA Liberatore
BEA Liberatore
I was lucky to have visited Russia, studied the art, history, all before the revolution of ‘17. Visited the places where a lot a history was made. I left, hungry for more. Maybe one day.
Lyuben Nachev
Lyuben Nachev Yıl önce
Русия благодаря за помощта и че пак благодарение на вашата помощ ние сме държава на картата на света с обич от България
January Winsor
January Winsor
I just fascinating ,intriguing listening to this . I"ve been to Russia and absolutely love it .
Arif Saifee
Arif Saifee
One of the best historical docuseries I've come across. Gave me great insights into one of the most colorful yet complex regions in the world. Would be a pleasure to support your channel.
Paul W
Paul W
The history of the great Russian empire... love it.
Charles C
Charles C
Wild how their history swings back and forth from glory to having to sign something extremely humiliating several times
What a fascinating history.
StopFear Yıl önce
I think stylistically this is one of the best documentaries about any country, people, or civilization.
Just Water
Just Water
My professor in political science stood infront of the whole class and said that if we choose his course because we wanted to know more about politics then we were better of quitting the course. He said "if you want to know about politics you shouldn't study political science, you should be studying history"
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