Tom MacDonald - "The Music Industry"

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Tom MacDonald

Yıl önce

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EDITED BY Nova Rockafeller

SHOT by Logan Fulton

FX by Dave McDonald

MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Crepmaster 6 saatler önce
Wow! I'm discovering your songs that aren't on your 2 recent cd. THANKS a lot. May the magic be with you! ;)
Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves Gün önce
spillim the truth..but be careful
Emmerson 2 gün önce
I wish he would make more songs like this
Natasha Calverley
Natasha Calverley 3 gün önce
he is so right in all his fides like for real
Jon J
Jon J 4 gün önce
2:17 the rock copies this in his video with tech9. Maybe not on purpose, but very similar.
Ruffman SavageVeteran
Ruffman SavageVeteran 4 gün önce
I won't sell out to the aviation industry and keep your vaccine.
Mule 4 gün önce
f1andrew951 4 gün önce
He’s not wrong on what he’s saying and considering I hate rap this song and Tom I like quite a bit one clean no swearing two speaking truth as I have artist I follow who are independent that drop way better music the a record label artist serously what happened to the music industry money curropts people it does
Nejc Novak
Nejc Novak 4 gün önce
American 4 gün önce
I see a lot of jealous people! lol. LOVE HIM!
Angie Seymour
Angie Seymour 5 gün önce
n n
n n 5 gün önce
Bless you. What you said about the industry is directly spot on.
Ericshxuc Roushxtkv
Ericshxuc Roushxtkv 6 gün önce
This is fucked 🔥 love it Tom keep it going brother
Joseph Donaldson
Joseph Donaldson 7 gün önce
Pure blood Pure love That’s what I’m talkin about Tell the truth set them loose No more lies it’s time to choose This is how I perceive this guy 😎
Bul Kathos
Bul Kathos 7 gün önce
Anyone calling out the Satanic agenda gets my respect.
William Nelson
William Nelson 8 gün önce
The devil 🤘 1???
Diana SalahAli
Diana SalahAli 8 gün önce
Beast mode always ❤️🙌🏽❤️
Spencer Teasley
Spencer Teasley 8 gün önce
This guy has to come to Cheyenne frontier days
Quan Pinkston
Quan Pinkston 8 gün önce
Why I'm just finding out about this dude 🔥🔥🔥🚒🚒🚒
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal 8 gün önce
Is Dave Macdonald his brother?
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal 8 gün önce
I’m gonna kill em with tracks.
Buschlight 13
Buschlight 13 9 gün önce
The independent singers are the best! You have noone controlling what you say!!!
B Shaw
B Shaw 10 gün önce
Viktoria Flintzberg
Viktoria Flintzberg 10 gün önce
Let's go Brandon 🇸🇪🌞
Jessica Cain
Jessica Cain 10 gün önce
Truth. Honest. Smart.
Cody Martin
Cody Martin 10 gün önce
Getting deals isn't a bad thing.. it's just saying your ok with a million dollar loan. If you get your paychecks from the music industry they take money from the check before you even get it. It's like a normal job that gives you loans same difference except for a regular job won't get you rich. You can pay off what the record company gave you because you're a good artist and then you can sign with another company or do your own thing. The only reason artists becoming in debt from record companies because they're stupid with their money that's it. But nowadays, it's not about talent to get you noticed it's about money all about that money money if you ain't got the money you ain't shit. You can crack the concrete as you walk because of how booming your lyricism is but you won't get a deal cause you ain't got no money.
Rae 10 gün önce
Kay Gamer
Kay Gamer 11 gün önce
oh my god why isnt this E V E R Y W H E R E ???????
Melissa Fox
Melissa Fox 12 gün önce
I looooooooove this song!!!
patty neill
patty neill 12 gün önce
Here's 50 million dollars - go'n leave us alone (Do U wanna, do U wanna - golden parachute) In appreciation 4 all the creations we now own - do U wanna? (Do U wanna, do U wanna - golden parachute) U brought us jazz, rhythm & blues, hip-hop Even soul, ohh, golden parachute (Do U wanna - golden parachute) 2 own every piece of intellectual property - this is our goal (Do U wanna, do U wanna) Oh, yes it is (Golden, golden) Golden, golden, golden gold (Do U wanna - golden parachute) Here's 50 million dollars, 2 go along with this boot! (Do U wanna, do U wanna - golden parachute) Just keep your mouth shut, and never tell of the plan 2 conquer and control the very soul of man (Do U wanna, do U wanna)
Got Damn You
Got Damn You 12 gün önce
Tom you did the rappers a favor time to man up Hollywood Tom paving the way to freedom.
Young J
Young J 13 gün önce
Keep being independent🔥🔥💯 Say whatever you want, especially if it's the truth!!!!!
Narly Wrld
Narly Wrld 13 gün önce
Tom inspired me to make music
Narly Wrld
Narly Wrld 13 gün önce
The illumanti is 😈 buying souls
Narly Wrld
Narly Wrld 13 gün önce
🖕 the illumanti music industry is evil
Renee Taylor
Renee Taylor 14 gün önce
Lets talk bout how they tax us out the ass
Stephen Supe
Stephen Supe 15 gün önce
Where did you get that leather jacket? It's sweet!
Shawney32123 16 gün önce
He mooned the music industry at the end. 🤗🤗🤗
Rosina Lekoala
Rosina Lekoala 16 gün önce
He so cool nigga he inspired me so much fuck I'm independent
Flyguy4500 16 gün önce
This man is gonna be the downfall of record companies
Adam Garrett
Adam Garrett 16 gün önce
I was done with most music rap for damn sure till I heard this man and now I'm like a teen again dusted off the subs turn it up and feel the music like I never been able to ever THANK YOU so much Tom
Mark Baker
Mark Baker 16 gün önce
Thank you for sharing this with me dayum google lol
Ricardo Jones
Ricardo Jones 17 gün önce
Legendary dream
Adam Garrett
Adam Garrett 17 gün önce
You two are amazing and real truth I hated music before you THANK YOU TOM AND NOVA!!!!!!!!
x-STORMXX-x Gaming
x-STORMXX-x Gaming 17 gün önce
Wow this hits hard. I never been in the music industry but, I have been in a few bands and been playing guitar for 15 years and been singing for 10 and iv been keeping my eye on what's been going on and iv been putting two and two together. I been wanting to make a compilation from interviews iv seen over the years and post it to the net and after seeing this I should. Tom is right I know people that the industry did fuck over. It's pretty much all kinds of music some worse then others but, pretty much everyone in all genres are getting the big dick.
Space Bound
Space Bound 17 gün önce
keeeeeep yoooooo cassshhhhhhhhh
stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott 18 gün önce
Go Tell Em Tom !!!! Hangover Gang 4eva Much Love ❤
One of the greatest videos EVER💖💖
Rose Fadel
Rose Fadel 18 gün önce
A complete person is independent in thoughts and financially ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Zach Lewerenz
Zach Lewerenz 19 gün önce
Ayo Tom. My like got turned into a dislike magically. Changed it back. TRshow's getting crazy.
mrbakerskatz 19 gün önce
wandabred 215
wandabred 215 19 gün önce
See no race will top any tom Macdonald
Mario Slat
Mario Slat 20 gün önce
Powerful message!!
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 20 gün önce
One of my favourites from Tom Along with ‘I can’t sleep’
Kris Turcot
Kris Turcot 20 gün önce
Thank you.
We are loved
We are loved 20 gün önce
Anyone gonna talk about that transition at 2:17
Nicole Angel
Nicole Angel 20 gün önce
Can't believe they did that to that Lamborghini! 😳 lol
Redd Dogg24
Redd Dogg24 20 gün önce
God damn this dude is sick!!! Another white boy taking rap to a new level!!! SPEAK the TRUTH brother!!!
dana studer
dana studer 20 gün önce
Noice boxers.😊 Greatness in those lyrics. I'm tellin' you, he is the best.
Rhina 20 gün önce
Tom can't wait to buy tickets to your concerts Americans of all kinds be there singing rapping to your songs you created freedom works I love it
Official Merlin Gaming
Official Merlin Gaming 20 gün önce
Bro this song fucking shreds the industry haha. This dude is exposing
ᛃᚢᛃᚢᚨᚾᛞᚦ ᛖᛁᛊᛚᚨᚾᛞᛟᚠᛁ᛫
ᛃᚢᛃᚢᚨᚾᛞᚦ ᛖᛁᛊᛚᚨᚾᛞᛟᚠᛁ᛫ 20 gün önce
Shawney32123 21 gün önce
Illuminati dropped a huge bomb Tom. The pedophiles and sex cults. Holy crap! Spew the truth bombs.
Concerned American
Concerned American 21 gün önce
Tom MacDonald you are the best rapper right now, ain't nobody able to keep up with you right now. I appreciate you brother, I needed to hear your music. Thank you again for such great music. Don't worry my TRshow channel and my FB page are both shadow banned. I'm way toooo controversial
Kurt Downey
Kurt Downey 19 gün önce
Me too they took my ig
jamie higgins
jamie higgins 21 gün önce
Is it me or is he just shite?
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 20 gün önce
He’s THE shite!! Now go back to your basement.
Linda Leaders
Linda Leaders 21 gün önce
Keep break in glass don't change tall in holy wood. I mean keep your glass a rolling n unboken
abc 22 gün önce
Ryoshi+ Music will love your partnership. Mr. Independent 🌟🌟🌟
Heather Young
Heather Young 22 gün önce
Tom is already sexy AF but this song just makes him Damnnnnnnn 😋💕🥰💕
MrAndyPee 22 gün önce
He has you all fooled 🤣
your mom's bf
your mom's bf 22 gün önce
you made a new fan from India man! hard words keep grindin💪
your mom's bf
your mom's bf 19 gün önce
@Winston Smith hahaha it's possible.
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 20 gün önce
I think id lose my mind if I heard this pumping from a tuk tuk in India. Instant tip from me.
Spartan 2021
Spartan 2021 23 gün önce
If Tom signed any contract he wouldn't ve able to spit out facts
THEcrazymew 23 gün önce
You have got to be the realest artist I've ever seen. Thank you.
Mizz Ki
Mizz Ki 23 gün önce
Wowww. This dood is very's like going thru a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual chemical reaction at once. LOL
dhefallah yamen
dhefallah yamen 24 gün önce
Ryoshi Vision crypto is made to make artists independents and give them back the freedom
BLaCKBeaRD_RaW 24 gün önce
Tom, Ryoshi+ Music is in your future. You want independence, you got it!
R W 24 gün önce
Dude I saw one video like 40 minutes ago and I'm on my 10th now, dude is a legend.... period.
Meine Liebling
Meine Liebling 24 gün önce
That is an expensive car 😯 Sell it quick and provide infrastructure to homeless + those too young to provide for themselves
Pippa Neil
Pippa Neil 23 gün önce
He doesn't own it It was rented for the video
Superlite17 25 gün önce
Player/artist in a good way, Tom keep it going.
Ann Lay
Ann Lay 25 gün önce
THE HOW TO 25 gün önce
I’m happy to see artist standing up for themselves
*SweetLisaJohnson* 25 gün önce
Crazy 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣% ....TRUTH...‼‼‼.🙏🏻🙏🏾🙏🏻
Lachlan Bell
Lachlan Bell 25 gün önce
Gimme a mic and a booth I'mma die for the truth I'mma fight for the youth I don't got nothin' to lose Labels are hidin' the proof Look I'mma give you a clue: *_Illuminati symbols are the logos major labels use_*
Laura Martin
Laura Martin 25 gün önce
I love this song!!!!!
LuciFer 25 gün önce
3.9k dislike is a illuminatti squad🤣
lalalalisa_loveme 25 gün önce
This song actually hits so hard when I think about the kpop industry. Unlike most music industries, kpop artists (a.k.a. Idols) go through training from a young age to debut as a group under a specific company label - If interested in this topic, there are a ton of videos out there explaining the concept. Anyway, recently, my favorite artist, LISA (part of a four member girl group named BLACKPINK, under YG Entertainment) released a solo 2 song track album. Before all this, we knew the company was suppressing her in favor of the other members, who are of Korean descent (LISA is Thai and YG doesn’t handle foreigners well), but her solo really brought home this issue when they dropped her mv and then preceded to fade into the background, leaving LISA with absolutely no promotions at all (which is a shocking thing for a company to do). LISA’s story is also, by no means, the first time we’ve seen suppression and maltreatment of idols by their companies. So watching Tom’s video really hit with me that being independent in the music industry is POWERFUL. You may not be as popular, as trendy, as liked, but you have the power to choose what face you’ll show to the world. Is it gonna be a fake one manufactured perfectly by your label to draw people in (this is no hate to LISA or any other idol btw) or is it going to be a genuine one built up piece by piece through blood, sweat and tears? Definitely something to think about 💭
Bianca Mueller
Bianca Mueller 26 gün önce
Really like to see my children dead and accounted for by myself..?FACTZ
Ain’tNoReason 26 gün önce
Keep both eyes open!
Asking The Truth
Asking The Truth 26 gün önce
Look at all the rappers that the game's killed Record labels making billions, why can't artists even pay bills? You get taken advantage of if you take deals They're the devil, ain't no angels in the outfield You get your chains and a bracelet, maybe a fake grill You get you paid and you're famous, baby, it ain't real Couple milli, think you made it But the record label take it when you overdose on alcohol and pain pills Gimme a pen and pad, I'm gonna get in the lab I'm gonna kill 'em with tracks, I'mma deliver the facts Nobody holding me back, labels are tricking the fans Rappers are industry plants, everything planned I ain't brain dead, never signed a deal, it don't make sense Never let a label manipulate what I've made yet Invading the industry, independently, I break in Kill the gatekeepers with a blade, leave the gate bent Mainstream rappers see the fame, wanna break bread Soul ain't for sale, never sellout tryna pay rent Illuminati puppets, the industry hails Satan The devil making deals, I won't shake hands Independent, underrated, these other rappers all hate it Going viral with no label, with no manager or agent Call my momma, I've got commas, and the money going crazy And she crying, tryna tell me that she's happy for her baby, like Ooh, ayy Finally got that deal, got a pen in my hand Ooh, ayy Like how you tryna buy who the hell I am? You can keep your cash I'm not that broke, I won't sign no contracts, I do me Y'all are canceled, stealing people's dreams, how can you sleep? It's a rap pose, throwing cash in Lambos I'm independent till I'm dead, I quit the music industry Artists really only wanna chase dreams We're broke all our lives, begging labels, "Please take me" Tricked us into thinking, getting deals is a great thing Spent our whole careers tryna break free The fans say they love us, tryna give 'em music they need Label doesn't like it, that ain't mainstream You're looking in the mirror like, "What happened, man? This ain't me" I guess that I just don't see what they see Gimme a mic and a booth, I'm gonna die for the truth I'm gonna fight for the youth, I don't got nothing to lose Labels are hiding the proof, look, I'mma give you a clue Illuminati symbols are the logos major labels use They're calling me an industry plant, I giggle and laugh I'm the total opposite of what they want, I'm spitting the facts I make songs about the honest things you whisper to fam I've exposed the government, they wanna kill me for that I put the pedophile sex cults on infinite blast I leaked the industry secrets, and I did it with rap How dare you try to say that my intentions aren't acting That my vision is a pillar of their intricate plan No one to manage my decisions and the pending gold plaques No, you won't see my initials on official contracts Independent till I'm dead or I'm a bitter old man Middle finger, I'm a missile that they can't hold back, like Ooh, ayy Finally got that deal, got a pen in my hand Ooh, ayy Like how you tryna buy who the hell I am? You can keep your cash I'm not that broke, I won't sign no contracts, I do me Y'all are canceled, stealing people's dreams, how can you sleep? It's a rap pose, throwing cash in Lambos I'm independent till I'm dead, I quit the music industry Miss me with all of that industry talk Worked my whole life for the things that I have Why would I give you the keys to the car If you just gon' drive while I pay for the gas? I ain't gon' come to your meetings no more Told you already ain't giving you half Y'all can't wait to get your feet in the door Then lock me outside while you steal from my fans You can keep your cash I'm not that broke, I won't sign no contracts, I do me Y'all are canceled, stealing people's dreams, how can you sleep? It's a rap pose, throwing cash in Lambos I'm independent till I'm dead, I quit the music industry You can keep your cash I'm not that broke, I won't sign no contracts, I do me Y'all are canceled, stealing people's dreams, how can you sleep? It's a rap pose, throwing cash in Lambos I'm independent till I'm dead, I quit the music industry
Hmngbrd77 26 gün önce
Exactly what the industry did to TLC amongst others. God bless you for spitting facts.
Fate Du preez
Fate Du preez 26 gün önce
Raemond Wright
Raemond Wright 27 gün önce
I would love to see him do this jam live at the Grammys I would laugh so hard watching all the butt hurt ass clowns walk out lmao we can dream too
DaddyAwesome110 27 gün önce
NZ Neo
NZ Neo 27 gün önce
I'm gonna be one of the last fans on earth waiting for a New Zealand tour.
Chris Tamer
Chris Tamer 28 gün önce
Preach Tom, My kid rapped about this type of stuff 5-6 years ago and was told by a label he met with that "the Industry" isnt ready for what he was spittin. It's about time now that people know.
Luke Mathison
Luke Mathison 28 gün önce
If he is true to this... He is the GOAT
Ancient Believer
Ancient Believer 28 gün önce
100% true leader with a bunch of jealous haters....... keep doing you Tom.. They can't stop you... as a 42yr old who's been a 19yr TI veteran, I know true leaders are hard to stop and will always have haters with more to come... Theres no fakeness here... you are the real deal.
TheMakyato 28 gün önce
music industry - $$$$$ tom - not today people - 👏👏👏 also me - fuck the iluminati !!!!
Tox 29 gün önce
Mad Jeeper NH
Mad Jeeper NH 29 gün önce
Hell yeah for independent artists!!!!!
Ianthé Thomas
Ianthé Thomas 29 gün önce
NateDawg38 29 gün önce
Love how Tom keeps exposing the Globalists! As a truther it’s amazing to see! Much respect bro! 👊🏼💯
slicplaya 29 gün önce
Oh man Tom. Hahahahahahah😜🤣🤣🤣😂 that mooning at the end! Too good! 🥳😆
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