TWICE "MORE & MORE" Lisa Rhee Dance Cover

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💜Instagram: imlisarhee
💙Twitter: imlisarhee
COVERED: Everyone Mixed
Outfit #1
Red Dress - Korea
Black Lace-Up Knee-High Boots- YesStyle:
Outfit #2
Black Dress - Forever21
Black Lace-Up Knee-High Boots- YesStyle:
Faux Suede Corset Belt - YesStyle:
Outfit #3
Striped Shirred Crop Tee - Kooding:
Fray-Hem Straight-Cut Jeans - YesStyle:
White Boots - Kooding:
Outfit #4
White Dress - Tobi
White Boots - Kooding:
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Video Edits by Lisa Rhee (@imlisarhee)
Music from Epidemic Sound:
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imlisarhee 2 aylar önce
Tutorial is now up!! Have fun learning~ 💕 💜Instagram: 💙Twitter:
mayoura ajimi
mayoura ajimi 12 gün önce
I love you so much lisa
antovers 12
antovers 12 19 gün önce
hello, how do you do to dance so well and in such a short time learn choreography?
Clara Loncarovich
Clara Loncarovich Aylar önce
WONG Lok Yee De
WONG Lok Yee De Aylar önce
@Mehak Naqi I love that song too
Deepti Chauhan
Deepti Chauhan Aylar önce
Can you tell me please?
AyraIshaq Sial
AyraIshaq Sial 4 gün önce
She is the queen of dancing 😍 keep it up Lisa ☺
348 Jovita Gomes
348 Jovita Gomes 4 gün önce
2 months and 6 days since i still think about how she uploaded this only 2 hours after the release of the mv. not to mention, she learned the dance practiced, filmed it not just once as well as edited it in only 2 hours. I'm still visibly confused how that's even possible, but she's amazing as always y'all can't say light is the fastest thing anymore.
nayen & ala & atf k-popers
nayen & ala & atf k-popers 5 gün önce
jimin's left pinky
jimin's left pinky 5 gün önce
i a m w a i t i n g f o r a l i s a a n d e l l e n c o l l a b
S M 6 gün önce
I am Indian dancer and every dancer has their weaknesses mine is my halbce I have no of it so I fall over and my legs are very weak which I have always had and sometimes I clumsy but mostly balance and a little tip sometimes dancers over dance and you did that in the chorus like 2:08 with the havd movement over dances and so on but still great job love you wish i would learn dance was good and as fast as you Also this wasn't meant to hurt you i am way younger then you but telling people their mistakes or weakness always help them become better just as it did to me my legs have gotten stronger and by that I Kean one day someone in my family said the energy in your legs arent as good in you arms and upper body so I chose to learn alot of dances with alot of legs moves or floor choreo like itzy dalla dalla is one of my favourite for that
Tamir Yudik
Tamir Yudik 7 gün önce
Grace R
Grace R 8 gün önce
been watching you for years and i knew you looked similar, and it just hit me- you look strikingly similar to chungha. not exactly, but almost as if you could've been related to her. you're seriously gorgeous
Mhonlumi Ngullie Lotha
Mhonlumi Ngullie Lotha 9 gün önce
Her dance is so dirty😂😂😂
smitha stefen
smitha stefen 10 gün önce
Lisa just takes hours to learn the dance . normal people takes 3 - 4 days to learn the dance . me : oh i think i can learn this dance within 4 months ......
smitha stefen
smitha stefen 7 gün önce
@Hey stop it, angry mochi is here. wow thats cool but am a non dancer 😂
Hey stop it, angry mochi is here.
Hey stop it, angry mochi is here. 9 gün önce
weird but i learned m&m only 1 month
mari hudson butera
mari hudson butera 10 gün önce
you are so amazing
mos -
mos - 10 gün önce
army bts
army bts 10 gün önce
The nice thing is you're dancing to twice
민 웬디
민 웬디 11 gün önce
Kim Ablian
Kim Ablian 12 gün önce
How Can I learn this fast? i know im a great dancer, i just realesed “wanna be dance cover” a minute ago and i practiced it today and memorized it today. i wanted to feel the same way here with this dance but i just cant get it, have any tips? by the way thank you for those who will respond. -seonMin lim
Farhad Rajib
Farhad Rajib 12 gün önce
ꪖ ᠻ i q ꪖ ꫝ
ꪖ ᠻ i q ꪖ ꫝ 12 gün önce
wait , I just realized that she don't put her cute thumbnail ._.
carlos tung
carlos tung 13 gün önce
Lucas Barboza
Lucas Barboza 13 gün önce
I got tired, I had shortness of breath and almost a heart attack just watching. Imagine if I try to make a deal like that?
Lucas Barboza
Lucas Barboza 13 gün önce
Cansei, tive falta de ar e quase um ataque do coração só de assistir. Imagina se tento fazer um negócio desse?
Allyssa Humayra
Allyssa Humayra 14 gün önce
Ri Ri ARI 16 gün önce
And what size should a tripod be in order to take pictures of dancing? Come in, please.🧐
Marc Kenneth
Marc Kenneth 16 gün önce
I admire Lisa Rhee's master in dancing like she can learn the choreography faster and easily That's a talent
luke pioquinto
luke pioquinto 17 gün önce
How did she get the choreography tho
Cadryn Playz
Cadryn Playz 17 gün önce
me sees lisa dance:omg lisa dances are hard
BTS rocks
BTS rocks 18 gün önce
I actually learned the choreography from this video. Who else? Ok, only me.
Bella Sophia Zabala
Bella Sophia Zabala 16 gün önce
Me also
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen 18 gün önce
JYP:I'm sure that More and More are the hard Cheography so no one can dance Lisa Rhee:I have no idea for what you are saying,am I a joke to youu
Isra Lhajri
Isra Lhajri 18 gün önce
Twice:mor... Lisa:check✔️
Ashly Licona Bardales
Ashly Licona Bardales 18 gün önce
My cousin was dancing to this and she said she wanted to dance alone so I was the bear LET ME TELL YOU IT WAS THE HARDEST JOB EVER
Devi 19 gün önce
I can't believe she can remember how to dance to this song the next day
kexin chen
kexin chen 20 gün önce
I think you should relax more when you dance this song. Your moves are always powerful.
Ate Ashia
Ate Ashia 20 gün önce
Wow nice video and i love this song too 🌺😊
Enes Çetin
Enes Çetin 21 gün önce
OMG dance süper
Daisy Tabanao
Daisy Tabanao 23 gün önce
do weki meki's oopsy please!!!!
Chon Sanii
Chon Sanii 23 gün önce
Обожаю тебя и твои танцы.. Ты супер💜💜💜💜🙂🙂🤗🙂💜🤗
美咲やで! 24 gün önce
ASMA BLINK 27 gün önce
I fell for you, I like you, and you benefit from it
Bindu Chetri
Bindu Chetri 28 gün önce
She's just so stunning;-)🤧🤧🤧
LuQi iS eVeRyThInG
LuQi iS eVeRyThInG 29 gün önce
when its more & more era but you're still learning feel special--
aten chiha
aten chiha 29 gün önce
nice nice!
shiwo lin
shiwo lin Aylar önce
Great dance! The second dress is so nice!Where did you buy it? I want to get a same one. 😭
Juan Diego Montenegro muchicon 7-8
Juan Diego Montenegro muchicon 7-8 Aylar önce
Dances super well woww
•CloudiiGurl• Aylar önce
This is what i feel everyday im just by myself -~-
Ar_ Fi
Ar_ Fi Aylar önce
ты прекрасно танцуешь
Avilea UwU
Avilea UwU Aylar önce
Them: *dancing with heels* Me: *can’t even walk barefoot*
Jellian's Channel
Jellian's Channel Aylar önce
Twice More and More: Released at June 1, 2020 Lisa Rhee More and More: Released at June 2, 2020 ***How can this be possible?***
Lulú Aylar önce
Hace de 3YE o ANS.
Miguel Carmona
Miguel Carmona Aylar önce
Why they say nigga
n c t o l o g y
n c t o l o g y 22 gün önce
its 내가-
I ship Liskook
I ship Liskook 23 gün önce
It's a Korean word.
NOUR k-pop
NOUR k-pop Aylar önce
You are thé best
Shampoo Aylar önce
why does the bear look so sad 😭😢
ღkaly_ xdღ
ღkaly_ xdღ Aylar önce
1:39 :'DD
duda Aylar önce
you dance very well😳😳💜💜
Vyankoji Wattson
Vyankoji Wattson Aylar önce
I really like the moves by the teddy bear sitting at the side
Alliah Rein
Alliah Rein Aylar önce
Lisa rhee look like seulgi. I always thought that. Who's with me?
I ship Liskook
I ship Liskook Aylar önce
The beginning 2 first dresses are really pretty. ♡
parisvon veira
parisvon veira Aylar önce
If only Irene and Seulgi's Monster MV was posted on time, I bet Lisa will post her dance cover the next day... 🤔 😂
Alba Carvalho
Alba Carvalho Aylar önce
korea k-poop
korea k-poop Aylar önce
Kioute oussom
black pink
black pink Aylar önce
you are so good at dance and i so love you
black pink
black pink Aylar önce
black pink
black pink Aylar önce
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