Top 5 Mercedes EQS Features: Electric Luxury!

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Marques Brownlee

6 aylar önce

This is the perfect type of car to go electric... but I'd still rather be driven in this car than drive it! The 2022 Mercedes EQS

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NoahDer Ruhebringer
NoahDer Ruhebringer Gün önce
This car looks is amazing!!!
Complete Quality Review
Complete Quality Review Gün önce
Dope! Love this car and love your reviews man!
Vencarter 2 gün önce
bruh, as a samsung fan who now has the 13 mercedes...why galaxy tab 4 in a car that starts near 100k...smh.
David H
David H 2 gün önce
EQS or petrol... is Model 3 an option?
A B 2 gün önce
Automobile engineers are terrible at designing user interfaces.
Patrick Lomax
Patrick Lomax 2 gün önce
@ Marques Brownlee I know it may seem nuts regarding the tablet, but you need to keep in mind that the tablets in cars also need to get global type approvals. Since Merc already had the S4 based tablet certified, it was a major saving both in terms of money and time. It would take about 1 year and 2 million bucks to certify a new tablet. That is only for the cost of the certifications around the world.
Allison's Ted Talk
Allison's Ted Talk 2 gün önce
I'm so glad your talking about this bc your so right! The point is that we have to be aware of the next trends bc eventually it will be all over and everyone will be talking about. It's crazy bc it feels like we're in the foreshadow period of all of this....We know its going to happen it just a matter of it excited to see more of what the future holds.
Ad Astra
Ad Astra 4 gün önce
I prefer a very old jeep caravan…1987…4x….when the apocalypse arrives the Mercedes is worthless
RogueSpooky 4 gün önce
Mercedes throwing shots at bmw lol XD with the German joke
Birk Stolt
Birk Stolt 4 gün önce
EQS all day!
Nour Sulaiman
Nour Sulaiman 5 gün önce
Bruh the camouflage is on the car because it hasn’t been fully revealed but when you saw the cameras you could see the whole thig
Meduimdock 5 gün önce
Hmm… if it has auto sign in when you sit down. Does that mean Mercedes have Butt ID.
Lucas Magelitz
Lucas Magelitz 5 gün önce
Michal L
Michal L 6 gün önce
I’d rather have a diesel version of that car
saaim 7 gün önce
I dont about new Teslas but the old model s Teslas didnt had a debateable interior quality. It was shit and worse than an old Ford Fiesta lol
SurfingTaco 9 gün önce
EQS of course! But I’ve always wondered why all Mercedes software is such crap!? Their maps are up to date, but ugly and the UX is just horrendous. Beautiful cars though.
Priyalakshmi B
Priyalakshmi B 10 gün önce
did u buy it??
ROHIT SINGH 11 gün önce
I'll have the electric version and I would like to see the roadside assistance and problems in this car
I have an awesome name
I have an awesome name 12 gün önce
Would rather have the gas version. Such a shame that this car is very software-centric but at the same time the software simply does not deliver. You can feel that Mercedes has way more experience making gas-powered cars. It's just another level of overall refinement.
Adrianna Nealey
Adrianna Nealey 12 gün önce
Wow! ❤
stevie b
stevie b 12 gün önce
That would be an absolute nightmare when something goes wrong
seasong 12 gün önce
Out of Spec said the interface seems to have become faster in the last 6 months
Heebee 13 gün önce
the lighting changes in the car... 'on what is happening inside the car!' if u know what i mean by 'what is happening inside the car' like this comment
Mark coyne
Mark coyne 13 gün önce
EQS all the way
Morgan Lundholm
Morgan Lundholm 14 gün önce
Hybride S 500e all days in the week!!
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports 14 gün önce
Ironically, THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS CAR that HYUNDAI isn’t going to give you at HALF THE PRICE.
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports 14 gün önce
Imagine being a rich old guy, buying this car and not even using HALF the features in it.
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports 14 gün önce
The S class has had massage seats since the W220. The W220 was a shitty car tho. The W221 popularized Mercedes’s interiors. My W222 has the massage multi contour Cesar’s and I will buy an EQS to replace it. The W223 is too thirsty
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports 14 gün önce
That look-to-adjust mirror feature is HOT
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports 14 gün önce
The EQS and EQE make Tesla’s Model S, 3 and Y look amateurish
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports 14 gün önce
My S550 burns gas fast I need EV next
Aaron Harvey
Aaron Harvey 15 gün önce
Nice video Marques. To answer your question, I would have the EQS in my driveway.
Joy 15 gün önce
Elon Musk can't top the EQS in his dreams. The Tesla is so plain and blahh.. EQS is on another level.
Jay Reed
Jay Reed 15 gün önce
the fact that we weren't suppose to see the design yet the design was shown on the display....... 4:32
Henry Akes
Henry Akes 16 gün önce
I’d take that build quality from Merc over the better infotainment in the Tesla!
Camille 18 gün önce
Weird that Marques took so long to understand the joke X)
Nabhan Anuz
Nabhan Anuz 18 gün önce
id probably get gas due to the easier way to deal with everything esp the tank. Also distance
Uncommon Sense
Uncommon Sense 18 gün önce
Watch and learn Tesla
Hashtag David
Hashtag David 18 gün önce
I came to watch this video after you diclosed the complains some people have done over you making car videos. And it makes complete sense. But, they are off track on the point that your reviews are great since they focus on the tech part. Keep doing your approach on car videos. They are Tech Worthy 10000%. Cheers.
Charlie Black
Charlie Black 19 gün önce
That thing having a Tab S4 is a major red flag, that's a sign that they cut corners, and probably did on a bunch of things you can't see. Just like in their regular cars, modern mercedes and bmw are built with so much plastic under the hood that it cracks and wears down overtime too quickly
Astitva Rai
Astitva Rai 20 gün önce
I will choose eqs
Just Greg
Just Greg 20 gün önce
it looks like my moms sonata with a Mercedes badge, obviously the interior looks 10 fold but still
Frank Speno
Frank Speno 20 gün önce
Until they build out massive supercharging network and/or public super chargers catch up in scale, I’d rather have the gas version. In reality, I’d rather have a Tesla as I am more of a software guy then a luxury guy. I look forward to Mercedes catching up in software, which I think they will
terag 20 gün önce
Mr. Kattan
Mr. Kattan 21 gün önce
So when you tell Mercedes you are cold. It gives you 69. 09:38
Chuck Richards
Chuck Richards 23 gün önce
But what really prefer is the EQE class
Chuck Richards
Chuck Richards 23 gün önce
Leonardo 23 gün önce
I have no doubt that the EQS is an impressive luxury experience. However, it is evident that the Germans are not as obsessed about "Tech" as are other nations. Anyway, it would be an incredible experience to drive this car 😳
Nsr 24 gün önce
The EQS is so dope i will pick the EQS over the gas version
Tyler Fonville
Tyler Fonville 24 gün önce
lol is that dead squirrel?
Emmanuel Montalvo
Emmanuel Montalvo 25 gün önce
The car is wrapped cause I hasn’t been revealed and also we see how it looks on the screen when he was showing around lol
Edge Fan
Edge Fan 27 gün önce
13:54 You hit the point 👍
Sound 28 gün önce
I'd take the EQS!
Piotr 29 gün önce
im still waiting for tesla with diesel engine...
Chandler Morris
Chandler Morris 29 gün önce
It's fun seeing things I'll never afford.😭
Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe Aylar önce
Would totally choose the EQS over the gas version ANY day.
A. AlG0hary
A. AlG0hary Aylar önce
12:37 same as i thought
kssd71 Aylar önce
splashparis Aylar önce
Reading lights... In a car? Can anybody really read 2 pages of a book in a car without wanting to throw up?
M suryakiran
M suryakiran Aylar önce
Jaden Brantley
Jaden Brantley Aylar önce
Nilam P
Nilam P Aylar önce
The combative trip contemporaneously unpack because print moberly grease besides a overconfident meal. dreary, threatening environment
Dirk Tijssen
Dirk Tijssen Aylar önce
Can I just say, of all the voice assistent told jokes, this was the funniest I've ever heard..!! Sorry, my engineers were German. That ís funny
andrew sinabutar
andrew sinabutar Aylar önce
with a luxury interior material like this, i could only wander how much cleaning is needed after one usage/travel
NGNR Aylar önce
Tnx for reviewing
NGNR Aylar önce
Maximal Electric Car
محمد علي فوعاني
محمد علي فوعاني Aylar önce
you were amazing and spontaneous in this video :-D like a kid at a candy store! loved the vibe
Pav10s TV
Pav10s TV Aylar önce
Baker McBrad
Baker McBrad Aylar önce
Never drove an S class buuut Hes one of the 1st people in the world to drive an electric one.
Mohammad ali Mohammadi
Mohammad ali Mohammadi Aylar önce
Gas powered bro ain't no chargers in my country outlet really slow
Aravintakshan G J
Aravintakshan G J Aylar önce
naif214sable Aylar önce
Definitely gas version
Miikka Aylar önce
If the gas powered version was the amg one, then definetly the gas powered. I mean the gas powered normal one(Like s500) has some great power aswell but it’s a huge and bulky car so it’s still kind of slow.
Evin Herzberg
Evin Herzberg Aylar önce
Gas version... Easy, the world isn't set up for an electric car yet.
Michael Flor
Michael Flor Aylar önce
Hey Mercedes, open the pod bay door. I'm sorry marques, I'm afraid I can't do that.
John Gordon
John Gordon Aylar önce
To date they haven’t been able to make software that does what you ask it to every time! Not in English anyway!
emile winworth
emile winworth Aylar önce
Mercedes be like "Sorry bro, my engineers were German" 😂😂
Toby Midlane
Toby Midlane Aylar önce
Dead squirrel in the space opposite
Shinpansen Aylar önce
I'd take the gaz version. Without a doubt.
Jakub T
Jakub T Aylar önce
They won't ever release new software UI. They can get a lot more money for just releasing a new model with slightly better software 5 years in a row, then one nice update to the current model lol. Sadly that's what always happens
Michael Panitch
Michael Panitch Aylar önce
The squashed squirrel in the shot is a nice touch (1:49).
PrinceCrismat M
PrinceCrismat M Aylar önce
Ok. When this car releases, I’m buying one for myself, another for my mom, and more for my siblings… I’m sold (by the side mirror adjustments). Lmao
bobo sapiens
bobo sapiens Aylar önce
another one boring and obsolete exterior design. why didn´t use the prototype that appears on the hyperscreen?
ThinkerOnTheBus Aylar önce
EQS, software can always be recoded, and upgraded, besides it's futuristic techalicious!!! Not to mention all of those colored lights!!!! I keep my driveway clean to maintain a warm appearance that most find welcoming, there is always an extra space on it, and I'll keep the light on for you.
A Student Pilot Life
A Student Pilot Life Aylar önce
Lucid Gt drag is 0.15
Anthony Banayat
Anthony Banayat Aylar önce
Electric version all day everyday.
Dj Drogba
Dj Drogba Aylar önce
This is insane!
Trisha Kar Madhu official
Trisha Kar Madhu official Aylar önce
Fred Kite
Fred Kite Aylar önce
Way better than Tesla real range and far more luxurious.
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dotmatrixxx Aylar önce
Looks nice but I rather still have a Tesla. Also the interface was slow and menus looked very outdated no fun in that. But u asked would u rather have the gasoline version of this Mercedes or electric. I chose electric ⚡️
Johnson McBig
Johnson McBig Aylar önce
All this fancy stuff and the UI still runs at 10 fps
E-Mal Aylar önce
Marques:Hey,Mercedes Car:How can I help? Marques:I’m cold Car:I’m increasing the temperature to 69 Degrees Marques:Nice
1jackset1 Aylar önce
The 55inch screen marketing thing was pretty genius, as there is not nearly as close surface as an actual 55inc screen.
Mihovil Radman
Mihovil Radman Aylar önce
Daimler 💣💣😃❤️
Vasyl Magora
Vasyl Magora Aylar önce
Hey @mkbhd, why are you always show f*** o** sign (fingers turned to you) instead of Victory ✌(fingers turned to people) sign? 🤣
N. R.
N. R. Aylar önce
I would love to see Marques reviewing the final car. And the Audi RS e-Tron GT, too…
Zeus Aylar önce
Leider ein scheiß Elektro Auto!!!
So Iron1c
So Iron1c Aylar önce
In a car like this I would have to wear bags on my shoes entering this car on a rainy or snowy day. …. Accidentally stepped in a muddy puddle shit my car 😳
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