Uvalde School Breakdown (short version)

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Donut Operator

Donut Operator

Gün önce

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Hey guys! I got a bunch of requests for a condensed version of the stream from last week where we went over what actually happened in Uvalde. Her ya go!
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Donut Operator
Donut Operator Yıl önce
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Chikidoodle Yıl önce
Among us
Bernese Dog
Bernese Dog Yıl önce
When where u gonna tell us you where on Vet Vt?
Mr.2% Yıl önce
Asuh dudes
Crimmy Yıl önce
The chief should not just be fired for extreme incompetence, he should be charged as accessory
ChickentNug Yıl önce
Honestly, yeah. If he wasnt there the officers likely wouldve done their jobs properly(or at least better)
OTF Yıl önce
dereliction of duty exists in policing
Spearra Yıl önce
The part that really haunted me outside of this summary is hearing how a bunch of parents actually did attempt to arm themselves and go in to deal with the active shooter themselves. Only for the officers on scene to disarm and then detain said parents. Like... the fuck is that noise?
Faded Jate
Faded Jate Yıl önce
Sounds like totalitarianism.
Colin Smith
Colin Smith Yıl önce
Sounds like criminal accessory to me.
Freakazoid Yıl önce
What the fuck…. Just shows how far gone this country is
Xion Plague
Xion Plague Yıl önce
@Freakazoid when God is lost the devil takes hold
LittleLadyLidbetter Yıl önce
Chief: "Hold back. Wait for SWAT" Any good boy: "Then I quit and I'll see you in hell!" While running towards the sounds of danger.
Jakub Grzybek
Jakub Grzybek Yıl önce
The guy at barber: I'm the swat
Delimon007 Yıl önce
@Jakub Grzybek WHERE'S MY SHOTGUN?!?!?
Ramblin Wrek12
Ramblin Wrek12 Yıl önce
"Look at me. I'm the chief now. Leeeeroyyyyyy..."
Philanthrope Vigilant
Philanthrope Vigilant Yıl önce
Just in the movies, unfortunately! Hollywod allowed us to escape reality: lack of courage, no sense of responsability
JohnnyRico Yıl önce
I'm not saying I could face down a school shooter without pissing my pants, but c'mon, what are these guys trained for?
Zombie Sazza
Zombie Sazza Yıl önce
“What a fckin tard” Couldn’t have said it better myself, this whole case is rage inducing, the Chief really just allowed innocent kids to lose their lives because of his sheer incompetence. It’s disgusting beyond words.
Bob Beezel
Bob Beezel Yıl önce
How does that chief look himself in the mirror every day. He’s been a cop his whole life and had the chance to make a real difference instead of just writing speeding tickets for 30 years, and he cowards out. It was either fear or stupidity...probably both
Wackadoodle Yıl önce
Less incompetence and more cowardice
Andrew Poor
Andrew Poor 9 aylar önce
"You do what you can or you die trying." Fuckin right brother.
Andrew Logan
Andrew Logan 8 aylar önce
Steve Palpatine
Steve Palpatine 4 aylar önce
Fuckin A.
:D 2 aylar önce
Can't just give up nor do nothing.
FatmanJonesTV Yıl önce
“You can’t sit outside while kids are dying inside” and “you do what you can or die trying” are great points donut. And you’ve been a cop you’ve been in swat. That’s why I definitely respect your opinion more than glorified news readers
S. Jones
S. Jones Yıl önce
As an academy instructor once told my class, "somedays it sucks being a cop". You made an oath. You already have your affairs in order before you mark on duty. Your wife and kids know you love them before you leave in your cruiser. You signed up to be the person that runs in. Your neighbors trust that you will be the one that runs in. No one lives forever. Go in and do your damn job no matter the cost.
RJM Yıl önce
Sometimes it doesn't take any special expertise to see what was obvious from the start: A severe lack of courage and ability to think for themselves led to this situation being far worse than it should have been.
Fimmt Yıl önce
@RJM I wonder what kind of culture could've formed these two features, maybe the one fostered by the people making up 80 percent of Uvalde's population... these people come to a worthy place built on solid values only to keep their old ways and mentality, even generations after moving in. Be careful with the kind of people you let in, Americans, don't be as naive as we Europeans were.
PhoenixFlame Yıl önce
I understand some of these people might think, "Damn, I could get hurt", and that compels them to wait, but they often forget that they're getting hurt right now. Being shot, especially with body armor, especially so close to first responders, with modern medicine isn't typically lethal. You can in many cases recover from being shot. You won't recover from listening to children die for an hour and thirty minutes.
Isnogood12 Yıl önce
"Protech (your own ass) and Serve (the needs of politicians)"
Cam 5 aylar önce
Perfect example of "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing"
RogueShadowTCN Aylar önce
Damn right. Sure, it's hard to tell your boss to go screw himself and go get yourself into the line of fire, but it's necessary. And not just in this extreme example, this is how most of our country is crumbling right now. "Not my job.. I asked and they said no, I did good." No, no you didn't. Good would be quitting your job to do the right thing.
Guitarskooter Yıl önce
So heartbreaking. So glad to see you aren't just giving the PD a pass on this one. Those children waited for the "superheroes" (cops) to come and save them, and the "heroes" were too busy being scared in the hallway while their innocent lives were snuffed out one after another. In an event where seconds matter, these idiots waited over an hour. What's even more sickening is they prevented people from going in to help and even arrested them. I'm not a police officer, nor am I paid to put my life on the line, but I would have been rushing in there without a second thought if I was nearby. How could these officers just stand by and let innocent kids get executed because the Chief won't give them the go ahead. One child's life is more important than you getting reprimanded or fired for going against his obviously moronic instruction. These cops HAD to have known it was stupidity to wait.
Puma_Jace Yıl önce
I bet most of the cops on scene would have rushed him if it was not for the chief
St Michael Defend us in Battle
St Michael Defend us in Battle Yıl önce
Man, you made me cry with that superhero part. It got to the most inner heart pain! And yes you are so right. They were waiting for their super heroes that never showed up.
Yasmell Rodriguez
Yasmell Rodriguez Yıl önce
I agree with what u said except for the part where you would've rushed in. Highly doubt. At first I was on the cops side ( I thought the cops on scene were just the average pistol and taser carrying officers, so i kind of understood why they would be scared, and I didnt know they took over an hour to stop the guy) but god damn way to drop the fucking ball. No kid should fear in school, no cop should wait to put his life on the line.
Guitarskooter Yıl önce
@Yasmell Rodriguez If I heard a shooter, and there were no cops on site yet, and I was armed, yes I would have went in and done everything I could to stop the shooter, even if it meant death. I wouldnt even think twice. To me the lives of multiple children is more valuable than my own.
Yasmell Rodriguez
Yasmell Rodriguez Yıl önce
@Guitarskooter sorry man but its extremely easy to say that when youre not in that situation. Won't take your word for it. Maybe if you were a parent of one of the children I'd be more inclined to believe it :/
BakaHydroid Yıl önce
7 vs. 1 with ballistic shields was more than favorable odds. I think this chief should be investigated to see if he had any connections with the shooter or groups that could've supported the shooter. There's no way this is sheer incompetence
Youtube User
Youtube User Yıl önce
its a small town in texas. there is a high chance its sheer incompetence.
AJAX Yıl önce
@TRshow User I highly doubt the fact that it’s Texas means anything, now as for small towns I see your point
walking dead man
walking dead man 10 aylar önce
7? Maybe at first. There were 376 officers from multiple agencies within and hr, following this cheif's orders. Its despicable
Kirk Walker
Kirk Walker Yıl önce
14:01 a flawed plan executed violently immediately against an active shooter beats a perfect plan executed 10 minutes later every time
Sauce Dispenser
Sauce Dispenser Yıl önce
Well said, worst case scenario an officer MAYBE 2 would have been killed but 10 kids could have been saved.
shammes95 9 aylar önce
Violence of action works every time.
Mythicspider 6 aylar önce
@Sauce Dispenser well reality is most of those cops had body armor if they did go in fast and hard as soon as they got on scene, know more than one would’ve been seriously injured let alone killed but still your point stands
Charlie Yıl önce
The most shocking thing to me is the fact the school classroom doors are unable to be locked from the inside. That seems like a massive oversight in school security.
defaultytuser Aylar önce
Wouldn't that have a huge potential of backfiring? What if the shooter locks himself in the room with the children and then starts shooting?
Fabi Aylar önce
​@defaultytuserif the shooter is already in the room with children i doubt that they will live.
Kiithnaras Ashaa
Kiithnaras Ashaa Yıl önce
The Director surgically eviscerated the Uvalde police chief's career, and indirectly threw shade on almost everyone else that showed up; most of the responding officers also put their careers before the lives of children
God loves you
God loves you Yıl önce
I don’t get it. If I legal carried and lived in that area I would’ve went up there. I would bare knuckle charge the guy doing whatever I can do those kids. Surprised more community didn’t just say F it and charge
Blake McBain
Blake McBain Yıl önce
@God loves you They tried, the cops disarmed them and detained them.... And parents were held back.
Erik Larson
Erik Larson Yıl önce
@God loves you I assume that group of people (like most until they get first hand experience) believed that the people in charge knew what they were doing. And believed the words they heard from them, contrary to what they were seeing.
Jimmy B
Jimmy B Yıl önce
I don't agree with that. The officers that showed up couldn't communicate with their completely inept, cowardly and incompetent chief and the only info they did receive from their "chief" was full of incorrect terminology. That would have been a totally confusing cluster f... for all involved. ALL because the man in charge was so woefully incompetent he couldn't even turn up with a radio, didn't understand or didn't use the correct terminology which is VITAL when dealing with TRAINED individuals. That chief is the problem. It's starts and ends with him. Everyone else was prepared to do their job, and he stopped them. Such a chit situation all around. But it's overwhelmingly clear, who to blame.
Gadsden .1776
Gadsden .1776 Yıl önce
@Jimmy B how hard is it to go into a building and go hunting for a piece of shit?
Alex Acosta
Alex Acosta Yıl önce
Never thought I’d see the day where unarmed teachers were BRAVER than armed police
Bluey Yıl önce
I had to take breaks while watching this video. Just heartbreaking. So many lives could've been saved.
James Rojas
James Rojas Yıl önce
so frustrating 😔sadly this is america
Hayesyoyoman 9 aylar önce
On Monday, my school was taking exams and after the first exam was done we went into a lockdown and sat in a corner by the teacher’s desk. About 2-5 minutes in, more or less, the police arrived and started searching the entire school for weapons. Note: A man from Ohio (Only in Ohio.) called the police department saying there was a weapon on campus, police called the school and told them what happened, school goes into lockdown and police arrive. For what feels like an eternity the police get to our room and do a quick sweep, it occurs again about 10 minutes later, except they ask the teacher to open the door, teacher is skeptical, and the police come in and you would not believe the sound of everyone sighing. After about another 15 minutes we get the all clear. And we all go home. I am really glad the police responded really fast and made sure everything was clear. But boy, do I wish the Uvalde police were like these beautiful bastards.
Spartan945 5 aylar önce
I had the same thing happen to me in about 2009 2010 at my high-school I went to in Cherokee County Georgia. I was on the bus listening to my ipod and for some reason the busses were lining up but would not let us off the bus. after about a minute I saw a police car drive up the curb and towards the gymnasium from my side of the bus lane just as a kid came running out of the school with about 10 cops chasing him. We had an on-campus police office at all times, which was great. he was a cool guy. The suspect had somehow managed to steal an officers gun after being caught trying to sell or trade guns in one of the bathrooms. As far as I know he never managed to shot though. I've never seen so many cops dog-pile a guy, while barricading him with cars. They did not care if they messed up their cruisers going up the huge curbs or if the guy shot one of them, as long as we were safe. The response was so fast too I didn't know anything was going on until the cops already had it taken care of. This all happened around the time frame of my bus pulling into the school, having to drive a complete circle around the school the the bus lane, and then stopping because someone told the busses shit was going down. we then all piled into the Gymnasium after as a swat team combed the school with dogs. After about 15 min or so of that they gave the all clear and we went home. I never felt in danger at any point. It both breaks my heart and is rage inducing to see the sheer incompetence and cowardice of the police in the Unvalde incident. This is ridiculous.
A clockwork burrito
A clockwork burrito Yıl önce
This shooting hits way to close to home for me One of my nieces use to go there my sis got here out an hour before it all happened. Kids were allowed to go home early that day after giving out certificates. It's sad and upsetting. My heart is with those families and the community.
Guy Person
Guy Person 9 aylar önce
They gave the kids certificates the day of the shooting?
iced 5 gün önce
They gave the kids fucking certificates???? And not counseling or ANYTHING??????
A clockwork burrito
A clockwork burrito Gün önce
@Guy Person Yeah. it was supposed to be a chill day you know? watch movies and such
Stephanie Pestello
Stephanie Pestello Yıl önce
The families of the victims should sue the police department for the wrongful death of their loved ones. What a horrible tragedy. How the Chief and police officers could stand in the hallway and let the shooter kill children is beyond my comprehension. What incompetence and cowardice. Truly disgusting.
Yoshi's Island Tales
Yoshi's Island Tales Yıl önce
The fact that Donut made a short version of the breakdown as well is incredible. Thanks for your service.
SizzlingSimp Yıl önce
don't be surprised npc?
Brandon Yıl önce
@SizzlingSimp spam bots
SporkCunt Yıl önce
Nah it’s lame it’s stupid he made a long version
Skinny Legend
Skinny Legend Yıl önce
Golum trshow.info/watch/ku2PzKWFPvg/video.html
Skinny Legend
Skinny Legend Yıl önce
Golum trshow.info/watch/ku2PzKWFPvg/video.html
FmrTPRJMac Yıl önce
Thanks for presenting this. I taught Tactical Response to the Active Shooter the last two years before I retired from the Bureau and when I heard the first details of this utter fiasco I suspected that an Admin had prevented the responding Officers from pursuing the Shooter and eliminating him as our training taught. This is one instance where I don't enjoy being right.
Walt Lonsdale
Walt Lonsdale 3 aylar önce
I think the bureau has dirty hands in this. Like Jan 6th
wilson rawlin
wilson rawlin 2 aylar önce
@Walt Lonsdale Without a doubt. All of these types of shootings. That kid knew nothing about firearms yet selects specific top rated rifles and optics. Who helped him assemble the rifles, Who helped him sight in the optics and sights? Who showed him how to operate the rifle? He did not do this on his own,
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed Yıl önce
Instead of trying to sue the manufacturer of the firearm these parents should sue the school/city/police !!! They could have been saved I can’t even get in my kids school to pick them up without going through 4 locked doors and people that identify you .
Randomly made animations
Randomly made animations Yıl önce
Yes sir!
Not a frog
Not a frog 9 aylar önce
They literally sued the police dep for incompetence
Carlos the one and only
Carlos the one and only Aylar önce
This is upsetting as a parent I’m heartbroken for the families of these children who lost their lives . All I have to say is I hope that the cowardice exhibited in this ordeal is something they can live with
Henning Kemner
Henning Kemner Yıl önce
Everything about that Police Chief needs to be investigated. This is not incompetence this is complicit actions. He needs to be prosecuted.
Sage0fThiccPaths Yıl önce
Hey Donut, would be very interested to see your breakdown on the security footage (without the audio) that has been released. It's incredibly eye-opening and as a civilian who's watched it, it's absolutely appalling and disgusting to watch how cowardly many of the Uvalde officers acted within those halls and how there was only one who was truly attempting to push and attempt to stop this son of a bitch (it was an older officer armed with only a pistol who actually took fire and was hit.)
Darth Darth Binks
Darth Darth Binks Yıl önce
I was actually hoping you'd do this because I didn't think I could watch all of that stream. Thank you so much Donut.
Person Person
Person Person Yıl önce
Finally... I waited so long for this video to be made. And now it's finally here. trshow.info/watch/LE7DSUoGCAw/video.html
TheeWolfiee Yıl önce
@Person Person you can keep waiting, no one is going to watch.
Andrés Arce
Andrés Arce Yıl önce
@Person Person No, delete this comment.
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez Yıl önce
@Person Person whoever you are, wherever you are, however you are, whenever you read this…. Just no dude, just fucking No
Sandra Grant
Sandra Grant Yıl önce
The parents' horror and pain must be compounded hearing this. I don't know how they are even handling their rage and grief, knowing that their children could have been saved! I don't want to even try to imagine..... I hope that Uvalde police force go down hard!
mjaatpriory Yıl önce
Heartbreaking to see how badly this situation was managed. One evil persons actions magnified by incompetence 😢
Rhakin78 Aylar önce
Listening to the utter failure of those police is just heart breaking... I'd give my life for any of those children in a heart beat...
Brett Gast
Brett Gast Yıl önce
The whole Uvalde police department is a bunch of cowards. Even if a higher ranking person gives you an order to do something different than what you're training and SOPs say to do you should willful diss obey that order and conduct actions appropriately.
allmyself666 Yıl önce
I've seen some people trying to place this solely on the commander/chief/whomever, but they completely ignore the FACT that those other officers are individuals who would have been morally justified in ignoring orders to save the lives of CHILDREN!
ODST626 7 aylar önce
If I recall 1 cops wife was a teacher who died. And he tried to go in but was restrained and detained by other officers. His wife died AFTER he was detained.
AliciaTargaryen 2 aylar önce
@ODST626that part f’d me up
J&M Desert Adventures
J&M Desert Adventures Yıl önce
So you're saying the Uvalde PD just held the hall while the shooter played duck duck murder? Everyone in that department should be replaced. The chief for being incompetent and the rest of the officers for failure to act.
Cory Yıl önce
Absolutely agree. The fact this is even a "discussion" is a problem.
Tee Mann
Tee Mann Yıl önce
There is no duty to act, and no accountability.
Cory Yıl önce
@Tee Mann That doesn't mean you can't fire every one of them.
LS-420 Stoner
LS-420 Stoner Yıl önce
@Cory wanna bet? They deserve worse IMO.
OpolisBayInc Yıl önce
Dude thank you for this break down, adds so much clarity to the different narratives..
Matt Cook
Matt Cook Yıl önce
Almost seems like they wanted it to happen. This was such a horrific display. How do you stand there being trained, in the building and not go kill that fool. Kids are the most innocent in the world. This should have never happened.
DyinBreed77 3 aylar önce
I just saw a video a few minutes ago that these LEO will only be receiving a slap on the wrist for this. I don't know how they can live with themselves. This incident still haunts me today and I don't even live close to NM.
ItzCaseyKC Yıl önce
The Chief is a real screw up. He should be ousted and made to pay for the botched performance for the lives lost. All this is so infuriating. What kind of experience does this Chief *actually* have or did he get his certificate from a Cracker Jack box??? An event that should *not* have occurred. Shameful.
Mel Robertson
Mel Robertson 11 aylar önce
Probably got the job from WHO he knew NOT HIS QUALIFICATIONS
The Gone Town Foundation
The Gone Town Foundation 9 aylar önce
that chief should be charged with assisted murder for allowing the shooter to kill so many more victims than what would have been if the chief had just rushed in himself, that coward.
Joey Zoccolillo
Joey Zoccolillo Yıl önce
We protect our casinos with guns We protect our banks with guns We protect our president with guns We protect our courts with guns We protect our children with *signs*
ilovecommunism Yıl önce
we shouldnt need to protect children with guns, literally making up a problem no other country faces. If you dont know why we protect banks and the president, thats very sad. might as well start having armed gaurds at minority grocery stores and bars as well. we need gun reform
TheFlumpySquid Yıl önce
@ilovecommunism why don't we protect children like we do them though?
KaksiDaksi Yıl önce
@ilovecommunism ofc you love communism you clearly havent seen the horrors of communism
Benjamin  Long
Benjamin Long Yıl önce
Actually other countries have school shootings too. As well as mass stabbings at schools. Do research. And don’t blame the guns. Also mass killings with vehicles. And explosives. Do research and don’t blame the guns.
justin ashley
justin ashley Yıl önce
in war, comms are literally one of the 1st things you establish. not having comms or miscommunication in any situation like this should literally never happen
Hawkeye83627 5 aylar önce
The Chief in this case needs to be put in prison. His failure absolutely caused fatalities here.
ViperShutendoji 6 aylar önce
I was a manger at Walmart, I always had my radio because it’s part of the job, and mine wasn’t life or death, that was such a bad situation due to a chief being an idiot, you always protect the kids, keeping the cops from doing what they are trained for is stupid, just recently found doughnut, you are a real G, I’m loving the rabbit hole journey so far
Auralias Colors
Auralias Colors Yıl önce
I grew up in Billings, MT. There is a highschool there that had a gun threat called in. Dads packed up their guns and patrolled the sidewalks (off school property) the morning of the threat. Nothing happened. As Donut is always saying, pyramid of lethality.
Jeff Misner
Jeff Misner 8 aylar önce
Watching this makes me so sad, and it makes my blood boil. I can't imagine what it would be like for those poor parents. Especially afterwards they leaned more and more about how their kids were failed by the very people that should have protected them.
We Be Tuckin
We Be Tuckin Yıl önce
Every police officer on site should feel like a POS. A mom hopped the fence, went into the school without body armor and unarmed, grabbed her kids and left. Too bad she wasn’t armed.
Hoot Yıl önce
This all after she was detained and someone helped her get out of it.
Schimml0rd Yıl önce
who would win, a team of trained, armored, armed to the teeth professional killers with decades of vigorous training and mounted on a landmine-resistant troop carrier or mom
Hawke Yıl önce
maybe we should have a force of armed people who are trained to stop the shooters. just my 2 cents
Aku Fuh Real
Aku Fuh Real Yıl önce
@Schimml0rd easy, mom. You don’t mess with mamma bear, and heaven help you if you get between her and her kids.
BarredRock 5 aylar önce
SHORT VERSION 😭 It suck’s that you can say that as a Texan we ALL are ashamed of Uvaldes response time
ResinLip B Face
ResinLip B Face Yıl önce
this really shows the real dangers of promoting poor candidates into senior roles. need intelligent and capable people to lead others.
LEEMON Yıl önce
So nice of the DOD to give donut access to MS paint, god bless
Peter Blum
Peter Blum 4 aylar önce
As a current elementary teacher and veteran, I literally cried watching this. Cowards. I have five of my own kids who attend my K-12 school that I teach at and my youngests have asked me what I'd do if "a bad person came into the school?" Told them I'd run to that bad person and stop them. Regardless of having no weapon. It would be nice if someone like me who is an expert with firearms could have one while in school. Too bad politics don't allow that.
Dark Guardian Angels
Dark Guardian Angels 10 aylar önce
I use to work security for BISD in Watauga Tx for the middle school there and all i did mainly was walk around and make sure all exterier and interior doors were locked. I did my job so well even teachers would complain about me because once every period I would check to make sure there door was locked. Others teachers told me that before me the other security guards would just sit around and watch netflix. They only paid 11.50 an hour so I ended up having to leave because I didnt wanna work 7 days a week since I had to work weekends to to make ends meet since 11.50 wasnt paying my bills. The administration of BISD told me I would get a raise since I kept acing security inspections and i got a raise to 12.00 LOL so after that school year ended I left. amazon pays me 16.40 an hour and also paid for my CDL training. Teachers dont think about the threats, they leave their door open all the time thinking its cool its for the kids. I had to shut down a teacher from opening a side exterior door in the morning since it was another entrance for a threat, both me and SRO would usually stand at the front entrance in the morning since he had to search certain people. Get better trained security, pay them better, im not saying 20 an hour maybe 15 an hour. it needs to be better with school security. Hell honestly there needs to be a certain security license FOR SCHOOLS.
Lance Hymers
Lance Hymers Yıl önce
Jesus, this makes me furious to listen to. Back around 2000, I was part of a Canadian federal police unit, that did response to an international airport for alien smuggling and illegal migrants. We were not the police force of jurisdiction in the area of our office. The US Border Patrol called us to say that a violent ex-husband had burned down his ex’s mother’s place and almost killed the mom to find out where his ex was. They were fairly sure he had crossed the border and was heading for us. The ex-wife had been moved to the Canadian headquarters just up the street from our office to get her away from her violent ex. They believed that he had passed through the border about 60 minutes earlier and could be at her office very shortly. I passed the information to the local PD, who said that they’d be there in about 30 minutes. I told my the unit commander, a sergeant, that I was going directly to her office to prevent him entering, until the locals got there. He pointed out that we were not the uniform police of jurisdiction, and that it had nothing to do with us. He was right. He was also wrong. I told him that if she was getting murdered while I sat on my ass, I couldn’t live with it. I was going. He said ‘No.” I looked him in the eye, said “You know I respect you, but fuck you, I’m going.” I ran to a cruiser, set up by the front door with my sidearm (no, I didn’t have a carbine either) and waited for the local PD to arrive. They got there and tagged me off, and it turned out the crazy ex-husband had been stopped by the local PD elsewhere. Things were a little stiff when I got back to the office, but my boss said he understood what I’d done and it was forgotten. The job of police officers is to put themselves between the bad guys and innocent people who can’t defend themselves. I’ve had active shooter training, the same as pretty much every cop in North America. I don’t care what the incompetent chief tells you to do - YOU GO IN! And with a roomful of screaming little kids at the mercy of a madman… how can these guys sleep at night?
PlAiN JaNe
PlAiN JaNe Yıl önce
Need more people like you in LE. Bless you for doing what was right, no matter what.
Jordan Hermiller
Jordan Hermiller Yıl önce
Good for you man, thank you for sharing. It's amazing to me how there can be that many cowards... not one of 20+ officers had the balls to do what is right. They should all be ashamed. And listen, I believe it's extremely and scary and that they have families as well... well then don't become a cop... despicable.
HerrScheißeMeister Yıl önce
and then everyone clapped
DaveOneD Yıl önce
This is the attitude what we need 👍
07foxmulder Yıl önce
That never happened.
Micromation Yıl önce
That officer who was held back by his colleagues who's kid died... Like... how do you recover from knowing that people you trusted were pretty much directly responsible for your child's death and that you couldn't be there to protect her. What do you have to lose at that point other than killing every single one of them O.O
ojjuiceman2772 6 aylar önce
There was a cop in Canada that stopped a shooter that barricaded himself after shooting 2 people... The cop had a pistol and slid across and got the guy call of duty style.... Sometimes there's men with balls in control and then there are cowards in control... Unfortunately that day we had cowards in control and the kids paid a heavy price for it ..
Venerable Brother Goriate
Venerable Brother Goriate 3 gün önce
My cousin was tasked with participating in an investigation of what happened in Uvalde. It seriously fucked with him mentally. He came back to San Antonio a much angrier man than he was before. He doesn’t talk about it at all, and whenever someone brings it up in conversation, he almost immediately finds an excuse to leave the room.
Nathan King
Nathan King Yıl önce
Thank you. I couldn't sit thru the entire on the fly breakdown. Glad you helped us all out by doing this!
Michael Hendricks
Michael Hendricks 9 aylar önce
From everything I'm hearing, I don't think it would be at all unreasonable to actually charge the Chief as an accomplice and sentence him as such.
Randy Yıl önce
"...just holding the hallway, while they're hearing shots being fired" That is fucking sickening.
Tyler Lane
Tyler Lane Yıl önce
Yeah man and they were kids! Kids! 🥺
Nick Yıl önce
Chief should go to jail. Theres got to be something that we could get him on. Maybe assistance in mass murder. I dont believe he didnt do that shit on purpose. Sickening
Patrick McCoy
Patrick McCoy Yıl önce
Sounds like shots fired were at door. But there is a chance a few of those kids might have survived the initial barrage of 100 rounds before cops arrived. Plus they supposedly taught ALICE training but for some reason teachers told kids to play dead which is incredibly stupid.
Gustav Thurfjell
Gustav Thurfjell Yıl önce
@Nick assistance in Mads murder. What
Nick Yıl önce
@Gustav Thurfjell have you never heard of charges like aiding a burglary? Assist is a synonym for aid. Aiding in the murder of over a dozen people. So, aiding a mass murder
Joseph Pearson
Joseph Pearson Yıl önce
For the question of why the SRO wasn't on campus, this is my speculation but in most counties, there are 1-3 and the most common is 1 SRO for a school district. Now, this is again my speculation but that SRO might be overseeing the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District. With this in mind, there are a plethora of schools that 1 SRO is at or they could be at the police station.
Rodney Moss
Rodney Moss Yıl önce
The 1st statement you said Donut operator, die trying is something I've always lived by. As a citizen I've would have went in and tried to save those kids. As all of those officers should get punished. No one wants to die, but living knowing that they could have made a difference in those innocent kids/teachers lives is worse than dying!
TommyGuns Trading Cards
TommyGuns Trading Cards Yıl önce
Thanks for keeping it real Donut.
Nick Yıl önce
its utterly shocking, everyones actions should be scrutinised
Evert from Nederland
Evert from Nederland 9 aylar önce
So, half a year has passed by. I know the officer in charge quit his job and went in to hiding, but are there any charges filed?
OmegaDamian 9 aylar önce
Damian Cunliffe
Damian Cunliffe 8 aylar önce
Dude, why would you even ask? These were good cops doing exactly what cops do. Protecting themselves and serving their comrades. They'll escalate a traffic stop so they can beat the fuck out of an unarmed, not resisting citizen, but they're not going to risk their lives trying to stop a shooter lol. There will be no charges. Many will get promoted. Many will kill unarmed citizens in the future (after escalating a simple traffic stop) and be promoted for it. These are cops. This was standard cop behaviour. Their job is not to protect and serve you. That's just a marketing slogan.
NoodleBowls 8 aylar önce
@Damian Cunliffe I assume u haven’t watched many of donuts other videos. Not all cops are like this. Sadly this department were full of inept people and it costed lives.
OmegaDamian 7 aylar önce
@Damian Cunliffe oh yikes
M M Yıl önce
“It’s easier to bury 25 cops than it is to bury 1 child” - Tim Kennedy
Spencer Yıl önce
true for both the good and the evil
BigMarc252_ Yıl önce
the ufc fighter Tim Kennedy?
jon Yıl önce
@BigMarc252_ no the special operations soldier.
Jamusomama Yıl önce
@jon both.
Amadeus Asimov
Amadeus Asimov Yıl önce
This really shows the nonsensical gossip and totally absurd story spinning that gets rattled off by mainstream media. Thanks for sharing this one Donut. God be with all those families.
P S Yıl önce
What bothers me the most is the fact that we’ve gone from a country/culture who’s automatic reaction of every adult in this country to literally die to protect our children, to a culture that sees children as second or even third class/ or third most important citizens…usually behind the individual’s (adult) safety. Having grown up with traditional values, which have mostly been erased completely from our culture, this selfish mentality is disgusting to me. I’m from a generation that would literally give my life for an unknown child or woman. Thus, “women and children first”. It’s sad, disgusting, frustrating and infuriating that that mentality isn’t common in our current, selfish culture. These fucking cowards need to be shamed and fired.
Benpg93 Yıl önce
Apparently one early officer was the husband of a teacher who died, even he didn't go in to save his wife. One report is he was eventually disarmed to prevent him going in alone but that was after he was in the hall trying to reach her with phone in one hand and gun in other. You would think he would go straight to the threat and risk his life for his wife. She may well have lived with more prompt medical care.
Bleached Shadow
Bleached Shadow 4 aylar önce
The chief let those kids basically be butchered. Imagine being one of their parents hearing about this.
SpartanScience Aylar önce
Seems like someone needed this to happen! To much incompetence for this to be a mistake! The poor parents and children, like wtf!
G Daddy
G Daddy Yıl önce
So much for "high capacity magazines" he could have used a 100 year old single shot rifle. He had all the time in the world.
Heralds & Henbane
Heralds & Henbane Yıl önce
you could say he couldve done it with a musket
SpikeVallen Yıl önce
But he did dump 100 rounds in just the first few min
Heralds & Henbane
Heralds & Henbane Yıl önce
@SpikeVallen and then he had another hour or so to load 100 single shot flintlocks and fire those off too.
Nut Meister
Nut Meister Yıl önce
@SpikeVallen doesn't matter how fast he fired, the fact he gets to shoot at all doesn't make the situation any better.
Blessed1jj Yıl önce
I am a teacher at an elementary school here in Texas. My heart was broken and we had two week left after this happened. The state has taken over school security and safety. They are spending big money on school safety, and I am glad!
Emilio Quiroz
Emilio Quiroz 10 aylar önce
Rest easy to all those little souls 🙏❤️
The Cheshire 2
The Cheshire 2 2 aylar önce
Reminds me of my HS bomb scare. My school was basically secured within the first 15~20 mins. So considering there was no help for a shooter for 19 mins is terrifying
TheDaggwood Yıl önce
Healing experience watching this with you. I screamed, I cried, and got back to work. Don't entertain the anger, vent it.
Ashley Reagan
Ashley Reagan 11 aylar önce
“A flawed plan executed violently against an active shooter immediately beats a perfect plan executed 10 minutes later every time” ABSOLUTELY 100% agree
Anonymous Walker
Anonymous Walker Yıl önce
I just honestly can’t believe how incompetent the scene commander was.
A F Yıl önce
It was intentional. Accessory to murder.
the happy clam
the happy clam Yıl önce
It wasn't incompetence it was the cowardice of every officer on scene that didn't attempt to stop the children from being murdered, they should all face charges of being accessory to capital murder and be held without bail in general population.
Samuel Richards
Samuel Richards Yıl önce
@the happy clam I find it hard to believe that it was “cowardice” they had riot shields and ballistic protection. Most people have a moral compass where if your armed you’ll protect children. They chose, not to enter those rooms until he was done, or they got the go ahead.
Samuel Richards
Samuel Richards Yıl önce
@UCQ67SkgisVcCYfhE-rsDh1Q wearing gear and then not entering a room with defenseless children does make you a coward.
Jeffy Dohmer
Jeffy Dohmer Yıl önce
Nope he acted in perfect for whoever gave his orders
Sinister Squirrel
Sinister Squirrel Yıl önce
Part of me is surprised those parents were either unarmed or did not draw on those officers for the sake of their kids safety. It is sickening how this went down. I am of the mind that there is some sort of conspiracy going on... especially after learned the cost of the shooters gear and the shooters background. This shooting following the Buffalo shooting with other strange things that happened. Never mind the warning signs I heard that were reported, but no investigation was initiated, and the 2 that were arrested in 2018 for planning to shoot up that exact school in this year.
JG Yıl önce
I’m struggling to think if I’ve ever been more disgusted with anything in my life. The chief quite clearly has failed in every way possible, but the group of officers in the hallway should be ashamed. And I am a current LEO. Even giving the benefit of the doubt for not acting immediately, as soon as a single further shot was fired they HAD to proceed.
DawnEos 4 aylar önce
A flawed plan activated early beats a perfect plan activated minutes later every time. I like that.
Carlo Dave
Carlo Dave Yıl önce
This was more informative than ANY news source I've come across.
tunassub 9 aylar önce
Super surprised to see you’re actually criticizing the police in this one. Respect.
Schwerer Gustav, The 800mm Railway Gun
Schwerer Gustav, The 800mm Railway Gun Yıl önce
After listening to this breakdown, the only word that comes to mind is: Cowardice.
Suspicious Vere
Suspicious Vere Yıl önce
Thank God for BORTAC, Jesus...
NotOfThisWorld567 Yıl önce
Suspicious Vere
Suspicious Vere Yıl önce
@NotOfThisWorld567 I mean, it sounded a lot like when the pros got there they went 'What the hell is happening-' breached in and took care of it. Horrendous inaction from everyone involved otherwise.
wireless one
wireless one Yıl önce
Or conspiracy to commit cowardice
Torbez Yıl önce
it was cool watching your live stream ur opinion isnt cut out you stay neutral and only give facts. thanks boss
tibble toes
tibble toes 3 aylar önce
You know if the short version is 25 minutes, you know it's a rabbit hole
Zappy Yıl önce
Everyone blaming the Chief for his incompetence, whilst apparent "men" stood in the hallway listening to the shots... At this point, if the Chief seems incompetent it should be the responsibility of any person with a gun to get the hell in there. If I was a teacher in America, I would tell everyone to get stuffed and quit...no job is worth this amount of BS and its clear America has some soul searching to do.
Justin Mielsch
Justin Mielsch Yıl önce
Or the teachers can carry....... that's also a valid option
AtlanticFight Yıl önce
@Justin Mielsch or just limit the distribution of guns and do a background check which (the back ground check) would probably stop some of those sickening incidents which is also a valid options
Mack Yıl önce
@AtlanticFight there is backround checks im pretty sure, besides if someones that twisted in the head theyl just get a weapon illegally anyways
AtlanticFight Yıl önce
@Mack, I really don't know about back ground checks but getting a gun illegaly must be more difficult since finding contacts to get one has to be hard
Cash Money
Cash Money Yıl önce
the chief told the other men to hold back and wait for backup, so yes the chief has a lot of the blame
I’m over here
I’m over here Yıl önce
“Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most. And that is the indifference of good men.” -The Boondock Saints
Redspeciality Yıl önce
The “chief,” I use that term sarcastically, was demoted in his previous post, and his commander said he didn’t get along with the officers under him and he never would have recommended him for the school job, however the school never asked him his opinion or verified anything for that matter. They read his job application and hired him without checking any of it. He’s inept and a coward
GIguyjoe Yıl önce
It's amazing how Uvalde basically proved the GTA San Andreas Ammunation commercial prophetic. Like "Yeah you could call the police if a criminal starts threatening you, but it takes so long for them to respond to a 911 call that said criminal can just do as they please before they ever show up."
Lithium Yıl önce
That ad rains true
caveman lovesmoke
caveman lovesmoke Yıl önce
Life imitating art
dookie fingers
dookie fingers Yıl önce
It depends where you live.
D Klien
D Klien Yıl önce
Nick Burlile
Nick Burlile Aylar önce
Never accept incompetence as an excuse where malicious intent makes more sense.
Bob Beezel
Bob Beezel Yıl önce
Imagine calling 911 as a child thinking that they’ll send help... who else can they call? How hopeless they must’ve felt knowing/ seeing all those cops outside while you’re terrified beyond words? I would never trust a cop to help me again. This was a huge disgrace and if those involved aren’t fired then how do they look themselves in the mirror before starting their shifts at work each day?
FatherFigureForHire Yıl önce
HEY! Don’t throw your life away donut, there’s 3.7 million people that care about you, and they all want to see more of you with Brandon Herrera
IronCompanion7 8 aylar önce
My school said they were taking measures because Uvalde was recent, but they enforce zero of their own precautions. I haven't worn my own entry badge in months, and still manage to get into the building
Stoneisland 10 aylar önce
You gotta do whatever it takes to save lives regardless of your own safety if you’re a law enforcement agent. The fact that there was seven police there three minutes after the active shooter arrived and started shooting and they’re not moving in to stop the shooter is just mind blowing. The very first thing I thought of was a flanking maneuver from outside seeing the security footage. I’ll be a CO soon and I plan on going out to the road within a half a decade or so, and this just makes me ashamed to see these grown adults that have sworn to protect and serve not following through with their basic training and procedures. If I was within the vicinity of the school and heard this happening I would’ve ran to try and at least do something to help the innocent children regardless of being armed or not. This is just not okay, the chief needs to be held legally accountable for his clear incompetence and negligence.
Wes Mcgee
Wes Mcgee Yıl önce
I'm a retired high risk entry team commander. I've been sick ever since this happened. Allowing children to die is unspeakable. Dammit.
True Scotsman
True Scotsman Yıl önce
tell officer tatum.
christian smith
christian smith Yıl önce
The other officers repeatedly tried to go in but were told not to by the chief. He really hurt those kids…
Rysk bot Vladimir Ivanovic
Rysk bot Vladimir Ivanovic Yıl önce
@christian smith At some point they should've just told him to go quack himself and go in anyway. I can buy being too afraid to go in, but I can not accept "I was just following orders man" as an excuse.
PlAiN JaNe
PlAiN JaNe Yıl önce
@True Scotsman omg yesssss!!!! I unsubscribed from him after he defended the cops and then told his subscribers that we owed him an apology for calling the cops cowards! He doubled down! I was done with him after that.
PlAiN JaNe
PlAiN JaNe Yıl önce
@Rysk bot Vladimir Ivanovic agreed!! That is some bs. Like, I know kids are being murdered, but boss said to sit down, so oh well. Smh pisses me off so badly. 😤
timothy ellis
timothy ellis Yıl önce
God bless you donut! I love your videos.
Gang-RiderTV Yıl önce
I was a security technician and WE still had training resources on active shooters that taught me the BASIC DOCTRINE SINCE COLUMBINE WAS RUSH 'EM. "Search and destroy". This wait to make a perimeter and move in with "overwhelming force" was proven to be BS for active shootings like 30 years ago! 🤦‍♀
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Yıl önce
I'm not law enforcement, but I would have gone in and not needing wifey to be in there to do it. They would have detained me trying so they'd have an excuse to sit on me and avoid danger. All 36 of um. This is cowardice and pension over their oaths.
Blue Ranger Academy
Blue Ranger Academy Yıl önce
Donut, if the resource officer passed the suspect while enroute to the teacher, then it's likely the officer had tunnel vision and locked onto who he believed to be the suspect. I'm sure you remember from your first few pursuits what that's like.
Blackdawn1975 Yıl önce
my mom was defending the incompetence of these people yesterday saying it wasn't their fault that they were just following orders, and get got worse but i won't say that part i lost all respect i ever had for my mom and that really pains me to say
Grey Yıl önce
They let those children down man. They don’t deserve that badge anymore.
DesertStateInEu Yıl önce
Who are "they"? Cause I'm pretty sure it was just 1 officer making a bunch of bad calls.
Bluefalco Yıl önce
He got a badge for that? Holy shit
Larry Newman
Larry Newman Yıl önce
Supreme court has ruled that police are not there to protect you. Law enforcement enforces laws, not rush into flying bullets and risk death.
Bluefalco Yıl önce
@Larry Newman it is a law to dont kill
RATTL3R186 Yıl önce
@DesertStateInEu Nope each officer takes an oath "to protect and serve". And standing there not doing something is damned shameful.
AmphibiousOne Yıl önce
Thanks for the recap of what not to do....and easy it would have been , to just do. History Lessons for the future.could have should have been resolved in minutes with a minimum of casualties. Thanks Boss , people can learn from this. Good Stuff
Zere SR
Zere SR Yıl önce
so can someone tell me if they actually did something to the chief or the whole squad or are they still in service? they can't go away with their incompetence
Ezra Zentor
Ezra Zentor Yıl önce
still working I believe
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