Carolina Hurricanes vs. Boston Bruins | Full Game Highlights

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2 aylar önce

Carolina Hurricanes vs. Boston Bruins | Full Game Highlights
The Boston Bruins defeated the Carolina Hurricanes, 3-2 to bring their home record to 12-0 this season.
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Daniel Flynn
Daniel Flynn 2 aylar önce
That was 100% a goal from Krejci!!!! Foligno was pushed by the Carolina D-man like seriously that was an aweful call. Luckily the Bruins came out with a win otherwise that would have been a situation like New Jersey a few nights ago but I see why the last goal was overturned it was clear Haula kicked the puck intentionally.
Skylar Alden
Skylar Alden 2 aylar önce
They overturned the call after video review so the goal counted
4orrcountry 2 aylar önce
Highlights failed to include Ullmark coming WAY out of his crease, Ullmark leaving the ice hurt AND ovation given to Bergeron for scoring his 1000th point at Florida Tuesday night. WTH ESPN?
Gary Laurendeau
Gary Laurendeau 2 aylar önce
Yes great point ,great game
Leonard White
Leonard White 2 aylar önce
My Alexa just told me that the Bruins won the game, 2 to 2. I figured out the rest of it on my own.
Isaac Newsome
Isaac Newsome 2 aylar önce
Recent news indicates Amazon has invested $10 billion into Alexa and is considering it a failed investment. 🤣 I think you have showed us at least one reason why.
z HiGHLiFe x
z HiGHLiFe x 2 aylar önce
Payback for us but hey we are top table for a reason
Daniel Flynn
Daniel Flynn 2 aylar önce
Why was the Carolina Goalie so P.O. at the end there?
Leonard White
Leonard White 2 aylar önce
I was wondering the same thing myself.
Huh 2 aylar önce
He lost lol. Maybe he had an exchange of words with the Bruins as they were skating by
Derek J
Derek J 2 aylar önce
Canes hella mad per usual
Nate Larson
Nate Larson 2 aylar önce
"Full" game highlights yet SN and NHL summaries are 3x the length? Whatever, Disney.
Bruins Coverage Productions
Bruins Coverage Productions 2 aylar önce
This team is a wagon.
Nicholas Vandal
Nicholas Vandal 2 aylar önce
UltraJack299 2 aylar önce
How the Bruins make a comeback
UltraJack299 2 aylar önce
Win overtime and use power plays
Christi Davis
Christi Davis 2 aylar önce
Carolina Hurricanes vs Boston Bruins
Peter Caruso
Peter Caruso 2 aylar önce
Whoever here is a B's fan and is attending the game vs Tampa next Tuesday (11/29). Please do all of the following: 1. Only wear black and gold from head to toe 2. Arrive at the Garden earlier than usual 3. Take the #MBTA or an #UBER to get to the Garden instead of driving because taking the T is easier and cleaner #GOGREEN 4. Boo the Bolts as loud as you can when they enter the ice, during the starting lineup introductions, and whenever the score 5. Sing along as loud as you can during the national anthem 6. Scream your lungs out and cheer your heart out 7. Do not speak at all when the Public Address Announcer is speaking 8. Chant "LET'S GO BRUINS!!!" as loud as you can 9. Please stay for the entire game no matter what the score is 10. Don't eat dinner before the game. Eat dinner at/during the game. The Garden's concession stands need money 11. If you get refreshments from concession stands. Don't get refreshments during the intermissions. Get refreshments either during pregame/warmups, stoppages of plays (whistles), or timeouts. And eat in your seats and not in the concourse 12. Wear a mask/face covering except when you're eating. We want to stop and slow the spread of germs/COVID. COVID is very/really contagious and dangerous. #MASKUP 13. If you're planning on wearing a hat please bring an extra hat to throw on the ice if a B's player gets the hat trick 14. If the Bruins win, remain in your seats for the three stars presentation 15. If you have to go to the bathroom, don’t go to bathroom during the intermissions or postgame. Go to the bathroom either during pregame/warmups, stoppages of play (whistles), or timeouts 16. Stand up if the Bruins get a penalty shot 17. Cheer and applaud when appropriate
Michael Kowal
Michael Kowal 2 aylar önce
WHO recommends not to wear a mask unless you are sick. You can look it up if you think I am trolling.
Thomas M
Thomas M 2 aylar önce
Who'd this guy vote for everyone?
Ultra Concise
Ultra Concise 2 aylar önce
Definitely weird. And booing is not classy.
Huh 2 aylar önce
stfu. Go be a fan of some other team. We don’t need people like you
Dr Barafoo
Dr Barafoo 2 aylar önce
This is a pretty weird post...
Kaylee Wilson
Kaylee Wilson 2 aylar önce
Paul Phillips
Paul Phillips 2 aylar önce
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