Gender ideology a 'pervasive' and 'toxic' influence in western culture: Matt Walsh

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Sky News Australia

Sky News Australia

3 aylar önce

Author and commentator Matt Walsh says as discovered in his documentary, 'What is a Woman?', gender ideologues "certainly cannot define the term".
"It starts with just recognising that gender ideology is this pervasive, toxic influence in our culture across the world, across the western world anyway" Mr Walsh told Sky News host Rita Panahi.
"And also realising that in spite of the fact it's been so successful in claiming so many people's minds, it is really quite hollow at its core."
He said just a couple of questions "really bring down the whole house of cards", starting with the question he poses in his documentary: "what is a woman?".

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SoloriderTV 3 aylar önce
If you're offended by the word "truth", it's a good indication that what you believe is a lie. Great documentary. Everyone should watch.
Hvabehar 3 gün önce
Its an outstanding indicative of you knowing that what you believe is a lie. That can be understood as one of two things either you're insane or you're evil. Too much power.
gloverelaxis 19 gün önce
you're not very smart
wht240sxka 23 gün önce
@Deanna Ng thanks, I was looking for where it said this.
Test Of Time Gaming
Test Of Time Gaming 23 gün önce
don't need to this whole thing is utter rubbish it's the "woke" that need to watch itv
SoloriderTV 23 gün önce
@_ ASleepyDragon _ By Google for purely political reasons. If they banned other tech apps for the same reasons, all the Big Tech apps would be banned.
Thanksbutnothanks 21 gün önce
If you think that “truth” is condescending and rude, you are living a lie. These people are out of their damn minds.
John Smith
John Smith 5 gün önce
If you can't see it now there's no point explaining it. Smh
Irons AND HAmmers
Irons AND HAmmers 5 gün önce
@Carlos Ramirez That makes absolutely no since. The world does not conform to your every desire buddy. Yeah there can be feminine men, but that doest not fill the natural God given role of women. A man who finds no meaning in life numbs himslef with pleasure afterall.
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez 6 gün önce
You’re absolutely incorrect. The truth is that sex is a biological reality but gender is not! Gender is a social and cultural construct. Therefore, your sex does NOT determine what gender you are. Who are you to tell someone else, biological male or female, what gender they have to be? You do not get to make that very intimate and personal decision for someone else. Live and let live! End of story!
Irons AND HAmmers
Irons AND HAmmers 6 gün önce
@eris@amyb a communist, a socialist, and a nihilist stepped in a bar together, then the owner said "we don't serve anyone under 21"
Zinzolin 7 gün önce
@Jacob King allah is king. Jesus is his messenger and the message he brought got corrupt
Kynslee 21 gün önce
My 6 grader has came home from school talking about astral projection and telling me there was someone at school identifying as a cat that bit a chunk out of someones arm. You can't let a kid become whatever their immature brains tell them to become. I would be a mermaid right now if my parents had let me!
Elizabeth Anthony
Elizabeth Anthony 4 gün önce
@Harman Singh 😆
John Smith
John Smith 5 gün önce
I identify as. A handsome 25 year old billionaire
Zinzolin 7 gün önce
@FireDragonArmy2 allah is réal and démons is real. The biggest trick of the devil is to make you think that he doesnt exist
FireDragonArmy2 7 gün önce
@Rocco G piece of advice. When labeling people for their insane false beliefs, you should probably not refer to your own insane false beliefs. But you go ahead and believe in your invisible sky creature and magic ceremonies
SeaTea 10 gün önce
@amy b I'm 30 and this definitely wasn't a thing when I was in school.
davelew86 14 gün önce
The problem is you can't have a logical discussion with illogical people espousing illogical concepts.
Hoonteri 13 saatler önce
there’s nothing i hate more than people who act like logical frameworks don’t exist
davelew86 5 gün önce
@Papafou Plays nothing more delusional and illogical than a flat earther
Papafou Plays
Papafou Plays 5 gün önce
Same goes for people that said earth wasn't flat, so illogical/s
GF24 12 gün önce
That Dr. should be investigated immediately,….just the way she answered that, is frightening.
Prince Mpedzisi
Prince Mpedzisi 10 gün önce
u mean he in a she cape?
Michael Murray
Michael Murray 2 aylar önce
Did I really just see a woman claim she can’t define “woman” because she’s “not a woman”? How have we gone this mental in society
HeWasA DragonMan
HeWasA DragonMan 9 gün önce
@Ph MWU A hard-core Meritocracy would solve our problems quick. Those who work hard, make deals that benefit themselves AND other people? They get paid the most. Traitors, cheaters, rapists, murderers, beaters, social destroyers, SJW's, bullies and thieves get punished and only get so many chances. Equal punishment for men and women. Period. Minor offense? Restraining order, public flogging, victim gets to flog you, fines and/or social outcast. First Major Strike? Slave Labor for 1-3 years, victim gets to whip you and/or heavy fines. Second Strike? Slave Labor for 5 years, limited banishment, crippling fines or Victim/Victim's Kin heavy punishment, minus death/mutilation. Third strike or Capital Punishment? Death, permanent banishment on another continent or Victim/Victim's Kin tortures you to death.
HeWasA DragonMan
HeWasA DragonMan 9 gün önce
@2buxaslice Bullocks. It started with worshipping Gods that repressed self destructive ideologies and having too high expectations of the retarded sheeple masses.
HeWasA DragonMan
HeWasA DragonMan 9 gün önce
When animals conquer their environment, they start killing other competitive species off. When all other possible competitor species are killed off, they start murdering their own species left and right. When the environment can't contain the infection, the infection starts infecting itself in a one-up competition. Infanticide and cannibalism become common. This proves that life becomes a blight, like a virus, when there is nothing else to check its spread. Humans embrace symbiotic mutualism or go extinct and become barely above apes again. The problem, is that 90% of all animals are genetically disposed to parasitism/predator behavior and mental retardation. The only way for Homosapien to get to the next tier of intelligence is IF ALL OF THE MUTUAL SYMBIOTIC HUMANS ISOLATE THEMSELVES FROM THE PARASITES AND PREDATORS AND BRUTALLY REPEL ALL INVADERS. THAT IS THE, COLD, HARD TRUTH!!! BUILD THE WALL BEFORE WE ARE GENETICALLY ANNIHILATED BY "MORALITY" AND "SUBMISSIVENESS" TOWARDS THIRD WORLD PARASITES!!!! ANYONE WHO WANTS OPEN BORDERS NEEDS TO BE THROWN OFF A CLIFF!!!!!!!!
Bradley D Set
Bradley D Set 9 gün önce
This is the result of Herbert Marcuse. Warned by Yuri Bezmenov. This is just what happens right before a society crumbles. People have no morals, no structure, drifting through their meaningless days, constantly searching for compliments to feed their hollow skull.
Bradley D Set
Bradley D Set 9 gün önce
@2buxaslice Please elaborate.
NekoNori 21 gün önce
The dude offended by the word "truth" had me rolling 💀😂😂😂😭
Magnum PI
Magnum PI 9 gün önce
Had me rolling too to the point I wanted to slap him for having a hissy fit about it.
:D 12 gün önce
The fact that I'm not surprised 🗿
Kelsey Mae
Kelsey Mae 8 gün önce
I’ve had to have conversations with my young son and nieces and nephew about their genders and confusing things that their peers are saying. My young (10 yr old) family member came out to me as “non binary” and he could not tell me what that meant when I asked how he knew. I met him with love and truth, and at the end I explained that he was so young that he did not have to put these pressures on himself and that if that’s how he felt right now that he was still loved. As sane adults how are we supposed to address this crap?
Alex Wells
Alex Wells 4 saatler önce
I dunno, tell the boy that he's far too young to know about this nonsense.
Maxx Well Being
Maxx Well Being 18 gün önce
For any parent to allow their children to be literally mutilated should be charged with child abuse and jailed along with any other adult who legitimizes this abuse. I predict that when these children get more mature and realize what has actually been done to them the lawsuits will fly.
sonali patil
sonali patil 6 gün önce
the lawsuits have been cleverly directed only against the hospital as is the case in britain. google it up.
PTSD TALK TV 15 gün önce
Maxx Well Being
Maxx Well Being 16 gün önce
@Hell O Liberal NDP
Maxx Well Being
Maxx Well Being 16 gün önce
@Hell O Not for 3 years. He made a deal with the NDP which secured his post for that much longer.
Hell O
Hell O 16 gün önce
@Maxx Well Being can you vote him out?
NS 17 gün önce
This man has been sent to earth to save biological woman from erased from this woke world. In our cancel culture, he is so brave to stand up and speak truth, thank you Matt Walsh. ❤
My Little Chapina
My Little Chapina 16 gün önce
So long have women fought for a place, and now the culture wants to erase them, just like that. It’s sad 😞
Dan Koftinoff
Dan Koftinoff 2 aylar önce
I love when he asks the African tribe the question and how they laugh at the idiocy of the question, it really shows how Western culture is backwards.
Jiggatoni Gün önce
@Bia Tsoho we’re so comfortable in the west we’ve managed to imagine problems for ourselves wether it’s racial problems or “womens rights” to kill a baby or this bull shit
H. G V
H. G V 6 gün önce
@ghelix OMG thats racist!
HeWasA DragonMan
HeWasA DragonMan 7 gün önce
@Zan Lehman Even if what's dictated is true? Let's see whose truth prevails.
Tungsten anderson
Tungsten anderson 7 gün önce
@HeWasA DragonMan What doesn't it prove?
Tungsten anderson
Tungsten anderson 7 gün önce
@BrownBear89 You say, with electricity and your computer. Let me guess, you shit in a hole in the wilderness and hunt and gather everything you eat. Learned English is spite of it, only to make your glaringly ironic comment.
Zukile Raphael Momoza
Zukile Raphael Momoza 20 gün önce
Them: "if you are not here for women, we want you to leave" Him: "what is that?"
Conscious Presence
Conscious Presence Gün önce
That part killed me. What chemicals are they putting in the water and food to make them like this.
TUMELO MARIRI 17 gün önce
Ms Rita and Mr Matt both have a lot more composure than I would have had listening to some of these people. Honestly, this world is doomed if people keep denying reality, logic and objective truth...
Carson Young
Carson Young 18 gün önce
"The absurd only becomes accepted when it hasn't been sufficiently mocked"
philo betto
philo betto 12 gün önce
I remember when people as a group, or as individuals, went too far with 'any narrative. 'they got a pumpkin head, and it would snap them back into reality, and everyone got on with their life
:D 12 gün önce
Mockery exits for a reason
Carson Young
Carson Young 13 gün önce
@Korasi No idea. I heard it from Seth Dillon of the Babylon Bee
iamnuff1992 14 gün önce
That's why they made such mockery illegal. If you're not allowed to speak out against it, it slowly and pervasively becomes the norm.
Korasi 14 gün önce
Whom said this? I’m curious, it’s a great quote
stavros Giannaros
stavros Giannaros 21 gün önce
at 16 i did something that destroyed my life. im now 37 and what happened at 16 will define the rest of my life. This action, however, was probably totally avoidable with more input and guidance from my family, mostly my parents. The punishment for my action was hugely reduced compared to an adult, given my age, vulnerability, and background of having poor parenting!. but nonetheless, that action will define my life until i die. 16 year olds are not old enough to make that decision, no way no how. There is a reason you have to be 18 to have sex in the states. Not just because your body is not fully formed but also because you are not mentally prepared, ready or able to give consent!. Gender reassignment surgery is no exception!. When common sense comes back to America she needs to be investigated, struck off, and have criminal suits brought against her. shes only protected by leftist groups, and shes forgetting opinion can change overnight!.
kirkc 3 aylar önce
Matt deserves a gold medal for not losing his cool with the woman having trouble with chickens laying eggs!
CathodeRayTube 11 gün önce
"Do chickens cry?" "Do chickens commit suicide?". That woman is a space cadet😃.
Debtwarrior 21 gün önce
NateHiggers 28 gün önce
@Ducky 😂😂
PRB Aylar önce
My View 🎶Corruption is all around us, Labeling everything as a conspiracy, People like me Talking continuously, About all this government hypocrisy and societies gone crazy🎶
Element Rubidium
Element Rubidium Aylar önce
Somehow i dont think the woman is An animalactivist
An Dimitris
An Dimitris 21 gün önce
Imagine watching people actually asking this question 15 years ago....
Conscious Presence
Conscious Presence Gün önce
@Clorox Bleach Mutilation, puberty blockers, STDs et cetera are not progression they are something called “regression” so please return to the dustbin from which you came and continue drinking your clorox we can see how it is affecting you.
:D 12 gün önce
That's what I'm saying. I grew up in a different world bruh
J Way
J Way 13 gün önce
Or asking it in a civilized country, instead of asking it in the U.S.
rainbowriver clark brown
rainbowriver clark brown 17 gün önce
David Agiel81
David Agiel81 18 gün önce
@Clorox Bleach by progress you mean regression
Charlie Greyfriars
Charlie Greyfriars 15 gün önce
Youngest patient at 16?! That surgeon should be locked up. Dear God that's horrific.
philo betto
philo betto 12 gün önce
​@dude men My Body MY CHOICE!!.... um' are you vaxed? (no LEAVE... YOUR RACIST... GET OUT OF OUR SPACE WITHOUT A MASK!! NAZI!
dude men
dude men 12 gün önce
One guy said it's illegal to own a tattoo when your under age But getting a surgery is legal To all ages even it's not important
Samuel Hunt
Samuel Hunt 22 gün önce
Absolutely profound newscast and interview. One of the best ever in history. Rivals Barbara Walters and 60 minutes. I am immediately reminded upon listening to this interview, and those interviewed by Matt Walsh, of the subliminal messaging of the new Marvel movie doctor strange and the multiverse. Particularly the scene where doctor strange and the young girl america, are thrown into the Multiverse and travel through multiple multiverses and change form and shape. Depending upon which verse they are in. These people who claim and ask Will what reality are you talking about? Believe and promote a reality, wherein they can transform themselves at will, as if they are blipping through a Multiverse of personalities. This was also reinforced by the three Spider-Man personalities in the most recent Spider-Man movie. These are all subliminal messaging systems. They are precursors and justifiers of the current homosexual agenda. Once you have homosexual activity in your life, you have crossed over into a new universe. This is literally promoted by predators of children to entice them into experiencing a new reality through homosexual intercourse. To justify their mistake, and sometimes unwanted, and sometimes violated violently trespassed upon, this delusion is promoted as a shell mechanism to protect the broken, fragile, isolated, degraded, lost and sense of value they have after such an act. Believing in these delusions and reinforcing them, galvanizing them, through false ideologies and philosophies, fantasies, provides Safety and Security, for that inner child, we're in Trust, faith, normality, reality, was broken by such acts.
Nice Poeci
Nice Poeci 14 gün önce
Thank you for doing this incredible research on the effects of mind control in America.
Jon W
Jon W 9 gün önce
Bro it's not just the US, this is a general WESTERN SICKNESS
Jonathan Ritco
Jonathan Ritco 12 gün önce
Unfortunately this is also taking place in Canada aswell. But yes he’s doing amazing job on making awareness!
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer Aylar önce
The only reason we are having these conversations these days, is because we recently lost our ability to tell someone they were being stupid because it may offend them. Once people learn the actual difference between offence and assault, we’ll all be better off.
:D 12 gün önce
The problem is that people nowadays are simply uncivilized. Societies over. Also people are also made out of cotton candy. Weird combo but maybe that's a silver lining lol
Komsant Frederick
Komsant Frederick 23 gün önce
You want to get kicked in the clam? This is how you get kicked in the clam!!!🤣😹
There's Too many babies
There's Too many babies 24 gün önce
@Aj Exactly. The GOP has spent hundreds of millions to spread anti LGBT propaganda. Its digsuting that my fellow americans follow through with this. Sheep to the slaughter.
cjay2 25 gün önce
I still "offend" people left and right, and I do it in two languages, here in Italy, sometimes at the same time. I don't give a sh*t what they think about the truth.
John zerzan
John zerzan 25 gün önce
@Jon Dolittle Civilization doesn't allow violence lol
joseph 13 gün önce
Thank you Matt for this fantastic work you have done.
Shelly Riley
Shelly Riley 20 gün önce
I have a friend who works at a company where there is a biological male living as a woman working in the HR department who wears dresses and leggings to work (she has male genitalia) and uses the women's restroom. When I worked for 20 years in HR, we wore business suits and were the legal protectors of the business. To hear that it has evolved into this is mind boggling!
Snow Morgan
Snow Morgan 16 gün önce
You obviously don't get's been around since native American times but no you ignorant fucks rather not do research cause your tiny brains can't understand anything but monkey must make monkey noises
Nat 17 gün önce
I don’t get what your problem is. Do you think she should wear suits too? Is it company policy that all genders wear suits or something? If she’s happy wearing dresses and it’s not against dress code, I don’t see the problem
Cc Cc
Cc Cc 17 gün önce
it’s almost like being a women for them is wearing dresses and makeup when in reality it’s SO MUCH more
Meetshield 17 gün önce
Kelly O'Donnell
Kelly O'Donnell 18 gün önce
How do you know she had male genitalia? Did people spy on her?
Adam 24 gün önce
My favorite thing about Matt is how good he is at trolling.
Paddy Early
Paddy Early 8 gün önce
God bless Matt for his great grounded common sense🙏 Great interview✅
kitty roo
kitty roo 3 aylar önce
These trans groomers are sinister in the extreme. Well done to Matt for making this documentary.
Alex Wells
Alex Wells 10 gün önce
@RAIDER216 I mean it used to be just LGB until those blue-haired feminazis demanded that there be more "equality" for trans guys/gals.
RAIDER216 10 gün önce
@Alex Wells I don’t understand what you mean.
Alex Wells
Alex Wells 10 gün önce
@RAIDER216 I hope it's just the "T" you're against.
Rui Costa
Rui Costa 17 gün önce
@RAIDER216 yes you're homophobic, we get it
PRB Aylar önce
My View 🎶Corruption is all around us, Labeling everything as a conspiracy, People like me Talking continuously, About all this government hypocrisy and societies gone crazy🎶
Tony Turton
Tony Turton 16 gün önce
Never argue with idiots, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. Just saying
John Messenger
John Messenger 13 gün önce
My moto is never argue with idiots, bystanders wont be able to tell who is who.
Yanis Tebbakha
Yanis Tebbakha 11 gün önce
dude have we become so delusional that when someone has a camera man infront of them and ask to define a woman,we just walk away and say nothing???
Tracey-Anne Ellery
Tracey-Anne Ellery 22 gün önce
Well done Matt! Love this 👏
Jonathan Ritco
Jonathan Ritco 12 gün önce
My friend from work told me his son at school was asked to right down their pronouns and he refused because it was ridiculous so he was forced to put something so he just put “normal” 😂😂and got in trouble and received detention because of it. I was shocked to hear this is actually being forced in school studies. Over more important things like you know how to save money, do you’re taxes, buying a house? You know important things? Ridiculous.
Jonathan Ritco
Jonathan Ritco 7 gün önce
@eris it literally is the same thing lol. And no it wouldn’t of happened. He is a smart kid, he realized how stupid the idea of pronouns are. It’s a trend which has no place in school studies specially when he’s trying to be forced by this soft society.
eris 7 gün önce
@Jonathan Ritco that's different tho idk wouldn't the same thing have happened if it wasn't about pronouns lmao
Jonathan Ritco
Jonathan Ritco 7 gün önce
@eris isn’t doing you’re own thing essentially what pronouns are for? You circled in on the small thing and didn’t see the bigger picture. Far left beliefs are being pushed onto children 😅 not “oh Timmy didn’t listen to his teacher that’s bad.”
Belltown Daisy
Belltown Daisy 7 gün önce
@eris 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
eris 7 gün önce
for one, he didn't follow instructions and just did his own thing
pavel0900 2 aylar önce
16 year olds can’t go to a bar, buy alcohol, guns or tobacco. They can’t get a tattoo, yet we encourage them to make irreversible life altering decisions. Those of us who see nothing wrong with this, simply don’t pause and think!
John Smith
John Smith 5 gün önce
Comparing a pregnancy to dismemberment genitals. SICK
MattTheSpyd3r 11 gün önce
@laura maltz gossen an extreme minority of women get pregnant through rape. Like barely even a percent. Its disgusting for any women to use that as justification for an abortion.
pavel0900 12 gün önce
@Lorraine McFarland I disagree. There is being alert and there is the extreme lefts interpretation of being “alert” aka primed to be offended at anything and everything.
Lorraine McFarland
Lorraine McFarland 12 gün önce
@pavel0900 I think that 'being alert to injustice in society, especially racism' (definition of woke, is a good thing.
pavel0900 13 gün önce
@Lorraine McFarland so basically you are saying that when they become adults, they’ll be old and responsible enough to make decisions… if that’s what you meant, you’re right. That’s exactly what will be expected of them. Until then, they are children and should be treated as such. Parents should guard them from WOKE ideology and other political nonsense.
Altair4611 19 gün önce
It was a really good documentary. It showed that the foundation of their beliefs is fluid, which is bad. You cant build your beliefs on a fluid foundation, foundations are solid and unchanging for a reason, they are so fluid that they thing that people live in their own little worlds, its borderline mental illness...
R Thomas
R Thomas 21 gün önce
If the concept of “truth” offends you, it means you’re one of the Bad Guys!
George - GeeDeeVee
George - GeeDeeVee 14 gün önce
@califlower The truth isn't even real, we can all bend it to make us who we are, that's the beautiful part. And this isn't even the truth is everything the truth and lies? Who knows?
califlower 15 gün önce
Some people think they are sooo entitled, think they own the truth. It's so sickeninh
Ejuet 17 gün önce
How true!!
George - GeeDeeVee
George - GeeDeeVee 19 gün önce
It's scary how we as a species can make truth whatever we want it to be as long as you define whatever that is for yourself from the perceptions given to you by every encounter you've ever had, "trust no one"... *X-files theme plays*
Cat 11 gün önce
"whose truth are we talking about" this here is the perfect example on why those people are fascists.. this is exactly! how it started.
Magical 801
Magical 801 21 gün önce
It's funny how they say this is groundbreaking when it's just a and I'm sure a lot of us want to ask this same question.
Tatjana Kieselberg
Tatjana Kieselberg Aylar önce
When I was 14 I wanted to have a tattoo so badly. My parents would not allow me to have one. They told me I would have to live with this tattoo forever and would probably regret it later in life when I was more mature. Getting a tattoo in Germany is also illegal for underage people. I kept a journal where I drew down all my tattoo wishes I thought I would find cool forever. Guess what 25 years later browsing through that journal I cannot thank my parents enough for being honest and strict with me when I was too young to make proper decisions. So how on earth can it be legal to perform severe life changing surgeries on kids?!
Jon Rend
Jon Rend Gün önce
My son unfortunately had a sleeve tattoo many years ago, all about self identity and where he was in life mentally. His nearly 30 now and regrets it.
DaBlackStar 2 gün önce
What was the tattoo?
I8PINSCHER8I 4 gün önce
Yeah bro f a tattoo. Just keep your penis and don't turn I to they creature transgenders
Irons AND HAmmers
Irons AND HAmmers 5 gün önce
They saved you from violating God's law too
Legal Fiction Natural Fact
Legal Fiction Natural Fact 8 gün önce
Vulture, decorating your body the harmless way you want to decorate it is not dumb. But thinking so is a dumb way of parenting or of being a human being. Petty, judgmental parents are usually outgrown by their own children by the time said children turn about 10. Just like ideas and philosophies, Tattoos can change over time. Old tattoos are markers of the places we have been and the things we have seen.
Lauren Richards
Lauren Richards 19 gün önce
Thanks Rita, this has been a worry that I saw coming for some time starting with allowing drag queen story hour in schools. This hype and nonsense has got to stop!
Toralv Christopher Lien
Toralv Christopher Lien 22 gün önce
Wow! I am so happy I got into gardening. Watching my tomatoes grow and picking wild blueberries is amazing! This world is way too crazy for me.
Catarina SM
Catarina SM 14 gün önce
My heart cries for all people in the West!!! We have been heavily endoctrinated (schools Universities, political discourse, media) since the 1940s, by the Marxists of the Frankfurt School, critical theory, by nihiliism and relativism, etc. So much so, that Truth no longer exists. There are as many "truths" as there are people in this world. Reality is what each person makes of it, each opinion is at face value. Reality is "my opinion". "My reality." Narratives versus facts. Relativism. Science is now ideology. Thinking is not ONLY unnecessary, but somehow even impossible, since there is no Truth or common ground to be able to exchange ideas. This line of thinking, here ultra simplified, is the spirit of Western modernity. We are truly doomed, left without tools to perceive reality and thus create effective solutions!!!
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa 18 gün önce
I adore Rita Panahi! I’m American and she gets the outrage we feel at the WOKE ridiculousness that is damaging our culture and I would guess Australia’s as well. Thank you, Rita!!!
amy b
amy b 14 gün önce
what culture
John Browne
John Browne 18 gün önce
We love Rita in Canada.
JayRTeev 2 aylar önce
When you live in a world where feelings are more important than facts and logic, it can be dangerous.
TinCanMan 20 gün önce
@dannyx Z I don't think you know what your talking about. :)
dannyx Z
dannyx Z 20 gün önce
@TinCanMan go away silly, you're pathetic
dannyx Z
dannyx Z 20 gün önce
@TinCanMan nope, it's not.
Elsa Smith
Elsa Smith 20 gün önce
I can't tell if this is satire
PRB Aylar önce
My View 🎶Corruption is all around us, Labeling everything as a conspiracy, People like me Talking continuously, About all this government hypocrisy and societies gone crazy🎶
Elmer Fudd
Elmer Fudd 22 gün önce
I remember watching a presentation at MS State college in the 70's from someone who had been transformed from a male into a female. I wonder how they are doing today...
🤣Havah Acharon
🤣Havah Acharon 11 gün önce
When he said 'Truth', the other guy reacted as if he were screaming the name of Jesus Christ in his face, lol.
Rebecca McRoberts
Rebecca McRoberts 20 gün önce
Matt Walsh is a gem. A national treasure
Dwain Smith
Dwain Smith Gün önce
Love this man so much lol great job keep the videos rolling
Instantaneous Visceral Obliteration
Instantaneous Visceral Obliteration Aylar önce
This guy is amazing. He doesn't sit there and debate, it just poses a question and lets the other person say something really stupid.
CathodeRayTube 11 gün önce
@Fitzgerald That relegates women as just a costume to put on.
CathodeRayTube 11 gün önce
@Laytex Dogs I think he was a man.
CathodeRayTube 11 gün önce
@Fitzgerald No, he's not. Many people identity as cats, so..... What about those people? Would asking them that same question be mocking them?
logi tech
logi tech 11 gün önce
Feminism first enemy is the family, the women, the children and then the men..
:D 12 gün önce
I hope you never delete your comment and people will make it top comment one day. This is one of the best things I've ever read on the Internet
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 20 gün önce
THANK YOU Sky News Australia for covering this story!!
Danny Creech
Danny Creech 18 gün önce
I love this woman asking Matt questions. She is a very intelligent woman!
Tyler Morris
Tyler Morris 24 gün önce
This guy is actually doing something good for society that’s pretty rare these days
Elsa Smith
Elsa Smith 20 gün önce
@Tyler Morris ok? do you do work for charity? do you stop to educate yourself so you're not encouraging hate? oh, you don't, thought not
Tyler Morris
Tyler Morris 20 gün önce
@Elsa Smith I do I’m a solar technician
Elsa Smith
Elsa Smith 20 gün önce
maybe you should practice what you're saying
Nue Houjuu
Nue Houjuu 11 gün önce
Those who are not angry, when there is just cause for anger, are immoral.
Jose Alexi
Jose Alexi 3 aylar önce
Matt's question about 16 year old kids not buying alcohol, firearms, ciggs etc... because they're TOO YOUNG is the *perfect* argument against childhood transitions.
PRB Aylar önce
My View 🎶Corruption is all around us, Labeling everything as a conspiracy, People like me Talking continuously, About all this government hypocrisy and societies gone crazy🎶
Jon Smyth
Jon Smyth Aylar önce
@ReptilianLaserbeam "If kids knew what they wanted to be at 8 years old the world would be full of cowboys and princesses. I wanted to be a pirate when I was 8 years old. It's a good thing no one took me serious and scheduled me for eye removal and peg leg surgery"...Bill Maher For once me and Bill Maher agree on something
ReptilianLaserbeam Aylar önce
even voting, you are not "ready" in the eyes of the states to take a decision in which candidate to choose, how on earth you would be ready to take a decision in which "sex" you identify as and make such a drastic transition??? and with political opinions you can change the party you support whenever you want, what about an irreversible surgery?
Jon Smyth
Jon Smyth Aylar önce
@Kristyn KreyYou're right...I do have something against Christians. They're a bunch of empty cans rattling. Phonies to the bone. They can't even defend their own book and faith. Fact is, most pagans know more about the Bible than most Christians. If I were God I would be ashamed of them. But instead it's called a "lack of knowledge and faith" on my part. Really? Because I come to a different conclusion based on the action of those who call themselves "believers" and call them out? Is that how Jesus said to treat "unbelievers"? I think most Christians are gong to be shocked when they find out what's really on the other side. Hope you're not one of them. But so far you like everyone else haven't even asked me what I believe.
Kristyn Krey
Kristyn Krey Aylar önce
@Jon Smyth So it looks to me like you have something against Christians, and like to argue with them with God's word. It's not Christians job to save you. A good place to start is knowing who Jesus is as a person not just of him and why he came here. When you learn from him you should feel something in your heart and know what he's saying is truth. If you feel nothing then you haven't opened your heart to his messages. You can no longer put blame on others for your lack of knowledge and faith.
Hawk Cyber Gear
Hawk Cyber Gear 2 gün önce
It's funny I thought when he asked the guy "do you know what a cat is" that he meant "Kat" as in like some new gender identity or something😂
Skull Craft Customs Formerly ADHOC Robotics
Skull Craft Customs Formerly ADHOC Robotics 13 gün önce
“Matt how did you keep your cool?” I will tell you how Matt kept his cool when you’re a person that has the complete upper hand on a situation you don’t have to grandstand and make a scene because everybody in their right mind is going to look at him and say he’s the only seen one in the group of people he is interviewing it’s equivalent to pulling up to a stop sign with a full blown Corvette motor And you’re idling in some little tiny car pulls up next to you that’s bone stock and tries to rev the engine and provoke you you know you don’t even have to lay rubber to prove your point anybody standing there is knowing that that guy is a complete idiot and that you could own him at any time easily that’s the same kind of scenario here
splinterbyrd 5 gün önce
I understood that it's not "gender ideology," it's gender dysphoria, which is a very rare medical condition. Having a sprained ankle is not an ideology; it's a medical condition...isn't it?
GeneticMind 11 gün önce
I Love the Ending of "What is Women?" from Jorden Peterson on. Great Documentary!
Jocelyn Rease
Jocelyn Rease Aylar önce
The fact that we needed a documentary about this topic is astounding.
Papafou Plays
Papafou Plays 5 gün önce
@Cory A that's why people are taking that "documentary" for a fact thought cause they can't think
Vervídeos giros
Vervídeos giros 5 gün önce
Gender dysphoria isn't new, unlike ignorant people think. The fact that - as so many other things - it's considered fun and fashionable is ridiculous! There's nothing fun about being born with a sex and since an early age finding out that they were born with the wrong sex. Kids being confused about their gender identity is current nowadays but of course people should go through therapy to find out it it's really what they think it's the right decision. Educate yourselves!
Jocelyn Rease
Jocelyn Rease 6 gün önce
**Correction** The victim ridden snowflakes needed this documentary. Hopefully, it got some people to wake up and stop going along with utter nonsense.
A k a z i e n o e l
A k a z i e n o e l 6 gün önce
Did we need one?
Tim S
Tim S 12 gün önce
I agree. People would rather watch a sol called documentary designed to spread an agenda than read the actual science on this topic.
Robin Love
Robin Love Gün önce
For me all it comes down to is people trying and wanting to force their own perception on themselves on others and wanting them to play along. Nothing can ever change the fact there are two sexes and that has resulted in them making crazy accusations
mytuber81 20 gün önce
Excellent coverage SKY NEWS. Thank you.
spcbell3246 21 gün önce
Matt is great. We love him.
Tauya 17 gün önce
This is insightful. Thank you
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 3 aylar önce
The fact that these discussions have to be had is absolutely appalling!
Ismail Mounsif
Ismail Mounsif 21 gün önce
@Douglas Matheson that is proof why sons of Adam needs guidance of their Creator
Cozzafrenzy 28 gün önce
Come Lord Jesus Come
Cozzafrenzy 28 gün önce
PRB Aylar önce
My View 🎶Corruption is all around us, Labeling everything as a conspiracy, People like me Talking continuously, About all this government hypocrisy and societies gone crazy🎶
venomukona kaputuaza
venomukona kaputuaza Aylar önce
@Gabe L what do you mean backwards bigotry,don't you think the fact that some people like you think these topics must not be discussed is what let us here
Marlio Visual Artist 007
Marlio Visual Artist 007 7 gün önce
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 Thats a brilliant documentary, great stuff Matt👍👍
PTSD TALK TV 15 gün önce
A PTSD THOUGHT: It is great to know that someone has decided to ask the thought provoking questions.
Sobel Gar
Sobel Gar 23 gün önce
T H A N K Y O U for being real!!! Holy effing sheeite how did we let ourselves get this far down the road of misinformation!?!?!?
🤣Havah Acharon
🤣Havah Acharon 11 gün önce
There are many people who think circumcision is barbaric, but chopping it off completely and throwing it away, well that's just perfectly fine and logical😏
neffy kalks
neffy kalks 2 aylar önce
Up until the age of 12 I always felt like a "boy trapped in a girls body" because I wasn't your typical feminine girl, I was a tomboy and just didn't fit in. Fast forward to being 27, a mum of 4, and have really grown into womanhood and LOVE it! It scares me to think about what would have happened if this crazy gender ideology was around when I was younger, how confused I would be, how my mother would have been guilt tripped into changing my gender. I was simply a boyish girl.
Kim&daisies 6 gün önce
A girl at my school called me a "tomboy" once and so I told my Mom and remember saying "but Mom I am not a boy I am a girl". And my Mom said oh that girl is just very silly, don't pay any attention to her 😅
Xama Queen
Xama Queen 8 gün önce
@Greyhaired Phantom ha ha ha ha lol 😝 💯
𝕡𝕣𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕒 17 gün önce
Same for my younger brother, when he was 5 to 9 years old he used to love girly items such as cute hairpins and even said he wishes when he enters heaven to become a girl so he can use those girly things. Not even many years after, he's now 14 years old, a normal natural straight boy. I cannot even think of what would've happened if we took him seriously, but thank god we're not from the usa lol.
dannyx Z
dannyx Z 20 gün önce
@Harold Westrich well said
Blackhole 22 gün önce
@Boquila Inc. sex and gender is the same thing. Literally making things up to argue. What a joke. Society nowadays is bad, but people like you make it even worse.
Michelle Crawford
Michelle Crawford 19 gün önce
thank you for making this video please make more make them more real put more stuff in them make more people cry make more people get it please please make people get it unbawling my eyes out I can't believe it's going on my lifetime
Dan123. 15 gün önce
There are 2 things in life you cannot change. 1. History 2. Fact. The sooner these "people" accept this, then they might just understand other "peoples" difficulties in trying to comprehend their mentality on this issue.
Byron Dorsey
Byron Dorsey 15 gün önce
Matt Walsh I salute you sir. 👏
PleasantDashi 4 gün önce
Yes don’t be afraid to speak the truth! God bless let’s hope we can get through ❤
peace2014 2 aylar önce
Never in my 77 years on earth would I have imagined that the question "what is a Woman" could be up for debate. I have nothing but contempt for any physician who would even consider doing gender reassignment surgery on a minor. And people who advocate for such a thing are equalling disgusting.
Sarah Gün önce
@Gabriel Aragon but woman has one definition. I’m a woman with XX Chromosomes and breasts and reproductive organs. That doesn’t change based on how I feel. Not even surgery changed my dna
David Johnson
David Johnson Gün önce
@Si • ana • great points 🙏🏻
Jesse Luciano
Jesse Luciano 2 gün önce
@Mark B. You transphobic pervert! How dare you attempt to revert back to those old nasty artifacts called facts? That is sin punishable by cancellation. And constant crying and whining with hashtags behind it.
Elizabeth Anthony
Elizabeth Anthony 4 gün önce
@robbytherob 👍👏👏👏👏👏
Elizabeth Anthony
Elizabeth Anthony 4 gün önce
@Si • ana • They are confused, there's no logic in their narrative, do yourself a favour and don't try to make sense of it, you'll drive yourself as mad as they are.
K-_-lee 18 gün önce
I love the way that is always the most emotive version just to make the point. It's "what is a woman" never "what is a man", "girls bottom surgery", not boys. It has to be about the ideology that is corrupt(that I think is, or had become up to a point) never just people using the ideology as a justification to make money, never having learned what it is they are using as justification. How can a surgeon, a doctor, a counselor that makes their living off of gender ideology be against the very thing that supports their case, eases their conscience. It's misrepresenting what's going on as an emotions conspiracy rather than what it is, just money grabbing selfish people that don't care about the harm they cause because it's profitable or an ego trip. Reducing what goes on in someone's head to "what is a woman" (never what is a man - less emotive) belittles the genuine struggle of transgender people and makes the issue about the "poor" people that are uncomfortable about the words and it upsets their world. Boo boo. Trans sports, my view as a Trans is, you are either Trans or a sports person, you give up one for the other until more research is done and corroborated. Funny how most sports are male attributes based anyway and all the reports are about Trans women in women's sports not Trans men in men's sports. Again less emotive less profitable. Young transitioners, more research is needed and not behind closed doors and not by, partisan groups with an agenda. How about both sides funding some studies rather then just making money off us, putting those obscene profits to better use? No, taking food of your table, ye right. Talking about Trans as if we don't exist and should not exist is not helpful. It's killing people, you know human beings like you! The polarisation of the two sides is sickening, using Trans people as something to kick around or display as a trophy or prize is grotesque and BOTH sides should stop it. Both sides make money off of suffering,I bet not one biased film on either side was done for free and there was an agenda at the back of it (other then just profit). And I reckon that agenda was to play on the emotions of people. Both sides pretty much make me stick in their abuse of us.
Norman Cherry
Norman Cherry 7 gün önce
The more I'm listening to these many experts, geniuses and scholars, the more I find it's worthless to open the mouth, I've found an open mouth without open ears destroys all hope.
ace rolland
ace rolland 18 gün önce
God bless this man , his work . Protect him from the evils he fights . Glory.,😎
Kotex Connection
Kotex Connection 12 gün önce
this isn't the place to push your pedophile god
Andy K
Andy K 17 gün önce
"Are you a cat? Can you tell me what a cat is?" 😂
rainbowriver clark brown
rainbowriver clark brown 17 gün önce
ɛsɔkɩzɩanɩ AGATE
ɛsɔkɩzɩanɩ AGATE 2 aylar önce
I like the fact that my African brothers and sisters just laughed at the questions 🤣🤣🤣🤣
highroller 1207
highroller 1207 Aylar önce
@Gabriel Cristian The truth is that "they" are hateful transphobes. Thanks for playing.
Gabriel Cristian
Gabriel Cristian Aylar önce
@highroller 1207 "hateful transphobe" no, they just know the truth
highroller 1207
highroller 1207 Aylar önce
@ɛsɔkɩzɩanɩ AGATE I do, but I'll bet you don't understand that many, many, many, many, terms in English have multiple usages and that some, like theory, power, law, force, and phobia, have both technical and colloquial usages. Do you know what the words "brother" and "sister" mean? Or that infantile emojis aren't words at all? I can do this all day, Sparky. You're way out of your league.
ɛsɔkɩzɩanɩ AGATE
ɛsɔkɩzɩanɩ AGATE Aylar önce
@Gift Agbontaen Aisien 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ɛsɔkɩzɩanɩ AGATE
ɛsɔkɩzɩanɩ AGATE Aylar önce
@OmniMale Oh really? Thank you for your info
Deborah JB
Deborah JB 15 gün önce
Woman: Mammary glands, XX chromosomes, and a womb.
71Sideways 15 saatler önce
This is what happens when hormones and other crap are being added to the food we eat, the animal meat and milk we consume on a daily basis. As well as a thousand other things, pesticides sprayed, chemicals added to city water, etc etc. These are the side effects of those train-wreck ideas. Sad days.
DONNA DONNA 3 gün önce
Salute 🫡 to this real man who defending us women
Rob 24 gün önce
How can anyone be offended by the word " truth " . Welcome to 2022. The erosion of truth has been happening for decades. The problem with facing truth, is that one becomes accountable and today, people want everything except being accountable.
Shirley S
Shirley S 2 aylar önce
Wow, a real journalist willing to have a real conversation about this subject, how shocking! She actually watched the film and isn't name calling or shaming Matt. Bravo Rita!!
Doro Parker
Doro Parker 2 aylar önce
@2buxaslice well, they change laws on bias. Matt shows some people who are supposed to be intelligent and clever for their jobs. The woman with chicken is as stupid as can be. Really want people like her rule our kids at university?
2buxaslice 2 aylar önce
Matt's documentary is biased though. He's just pushing his beliefs. You can't trust a documentary made by someone with bias.
Buj Harvard
Buj Harvard 2 aylar önce
@Doro Parker I keep my own counsel on what is okay and what is not okay to say. I have a good gauge for what is appropriate and what isn't, and that gauge does not take into account the squeamish whims of insane leftist maniacs.
Doro Parker
Doro Parker 2 aylar önce
@Colleen Rivest People are walking on eggshells for the last 5 to 10 years. You can't say some words from years ago without being criminalized and being accused of having bad intentions. So good to see this guy trying to speak normal sentences. Using confusing words doesn't mean having respect. Calling a spade a spade is much better.
Colleen Rivest
Colleen Rivest 2 aylar önce
Why would anyone shame Matt? Hes the one with common sense, wisdom and extraordinary diplomacy and tact!
Chelsea 5 gün önce
I think a lot of people have very strong feelings (about anything) but don't always take the time to understand the experiences or ideology behind those strong feelings. Take that and throw those people into an information bubble that only reaffirms what they think and surrounds them with similar thinkers. Then when someone asks them to define those terms they feel so strongly about or articulate why they believe what they believe they crumble because many have not found a way to do that yet. They get overwhelmed by how much they believe in their cause and by the bubbling frustration of not being able to explain. I bet if some of those people, for example the guy that reacted so strongly to the word "truth", really sat down and mulled over their experiences and what appear to others to be strange or random triggers, they would be able to see the conversation through. They could understand that even though some people may use words that trigger them, they don't understand that they are triggering. The problem with our society is that we can't seem to have honest conversations with each other. Maybe because you have someone like Piers Morgan who doesn't actually care about what the other has to say or maybe because you have someone who has a hard time articulating how they feel and explaining how they feel to someone who doesn't already agree with them. When I first saw this guy on social media (Matt Walsh) I despised him, looking into him farther, although I don't agree with his views, I have respect for him because he really is trying to have these uncomfortable conversations and seems to want to hear everyone out. Screw the echo-chamber, talk to each other! (But please take the time to understand why you feel the way you do and be able to explain it in an unassuming way)
Purple Haze
Purple Haze 15 gün önce
8:35 - Wherever Evil dwells those who speak the Truth will always be a threat. There is no such thing as "Transitioning". There are men and women, period. "Transitioning" is just a word to mask authorized self mutilation and self harm.
ProleCenter 12 gün önce
I've seen this several times already and yet the TRshow algorithm constantly keeps trying to play it again and again for me.
Mr Brown
Mr Brown 11 gün önce
Here we see the embarrassing left swing of the social pendulum. Being made feel exasperated by all of this doesn't even come close 🤦🏻‍♂️
aName 2 aylar önce
It's funny how quickly they found out what a woman is after Roe v Wade was overturned.
ANON MON 12 gün önce
@Bacon2000🏳️‍🌈⃠ anti gay thats ok i forgot i replied to you already
Bacon2000🏳️‍🌈⃠ anti gay
Bacon2000🏳️‍🌈⃠ anti gay 12 gün önce
@ANON MON nvm sorry I keep @ the wrong person
ANON MON 12 gün önce
@Bacon2000🏳️‍🌈⃠ anti gay how exactly is that a terrible analogy?
:D 12 gün önce
Almost like they are dishonest and don't believe in their own words for some unknown reason? 🤔
Gary Whiddon
Gary Whiddon 28 gün önce
@Selenia Ribeiro No it isn't. You can get them in a drug store.
Wiking 21 gün önce
Matt is so alpha for keeping his cool so well
Glenn Waltrip
Glenn Waltrip 10 gün önce
I know how this began...he asked once "what is a woman", and women could not answer the question...including a member of the Supreme Court.
Dom 9 gün önce
Another problem I’ve noticed recently(in England anyway) is that there is no respect by dating sites for a straight male looking for an assigned female to build a life with. Is it illegal for a straight male to have a sexual preference to assigned women? Is it ok for him to spend weeks or maybe even months of his life getting to know someone to find out later they aren’t what he is attracted to? Is he not allowed to have a preference? Can a man not have a preference for women that are born as women? I understand for the safety of trans people they need to be protected because there are sick people who want to hurt them, and I stand with trans people against any of that behaviour because I love and respect all people, I really do. But what if a man becomes suicidal because his preference is not recognised? Isn’t that exactly what this trans movement is about, making them more inclusive to reduce the suicide rates? Is it ok to push that suicide rate onto anyone else for any reason?
HeWasA DragonMan
HeWasA DragonMan 9 gün önce
We are in the "Weak People Create Bad Times" inside The Engine of Cyclical History!
Rasmus Nielsen
Rasmus Nielsen 2 aylar önce
"If you are not here for women, we ask you to leave!" "What is that!?" Gets me every single time 🙌😂
RazorWindRazor 2 aylar önce
@Chance That’s because you have a low bar for entertainment. No wonder you support an intolerant weasel who thinks harassing a segment of the human population is some righteous crusade for truth.
alan Cherry
alan Cherry 2 aylar önce
Rich Dollabill
Rich Dollabill 2 aylar önce
@zamolxe and im cool with that
MGTOW RULES 2 aylar önce
Toxic feminism?
Ian Daniel
Ian Daniel 2 aylar önce
@Mikey Kay ... then go away that's the choice of an intelligent mind.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 15 gün önce
"Can you tell me what a cat is?" That is a grreat question.
Savannah Matcham
Savannah Matcham 16 gün önce
We need to get rid of the parents that think this is a good idea they're the problem
Т. C.
Т. C. 22 gün önce
As Russian I watched this and thought, let all west world thinks we wild and and backward but we will not allow our children change gender so early…. And pretend it is normal! Thank you, Rita for your videos 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
volvo09 19 gün önce
I'm American and I look at you Russians as a group I'm glad to see hasn't lost their mind! ... I don't know where this stuff came from... believe me, it was NOT popular until the internet and things like Twitter became popular and let people make up their own reality. everyone I know thinks this behavior is insane. I think it comes from being spoiled your whole life and never having to worry about anything except your feelings. if you feel like you are a dog - don't let anyone tell you you aren't a dog. that mindset can't survive in a society that doesn't hand everyone an award for simply breathing.
Elizabeth V
Elizabeth V 23 gün önce
Love it😊
Ashley Says
Ashley Says 3 aylar önce
Scott was amazing in that documentary. Anyone who hasn’t seen it, really needs to get on it. What this person has to say is very powerful and genuine. The frustration and betrayal really comes out is made clear. It’s an obvious end to the road for the vast majority of trans people who go through with the extreme and highly unsuccessful surgeries that are honestly medical experimentations and malpractice.
Ashley Says
Ashley Says 25 gün önce
@megclif they specifically target weak minded people. And that’s not to be rude or mean. It’s just a fact about this sort of dynamic. People who see past the BS and schemes tend to be people who are harder to fool in general. Whereas the other side of that coin are people easily manipulated, possibly even have personality or behavioral issues in some cases, people who lack motivation and feel “incomplete” usually because of the piss poor previous decisions made by them or for them. But they have a harder time getting through the parts of life we all go through and are better for once we make it out on the other side of whatever the problem is. And with the trans stuff, they are targeting kids at an age when that’s true for literally everyone. Growing up is awkward with weird feelings and emotions and learning about yourself and the world. Inexperienced is really what it boils down too and THATS what is taken advantage of here. Also the system never allows for those kids to genuinely grow up and gain knowledge and experience once they are snared in their trap. By the time the person goes through the propaganda, then puberty blockers, hormones, surgeries..and downright brainwashing by the people who surround them, the damage is already done and there’s no going back a lot of the time. It’s a tragedy and will undoubtedly be looked upon in history as such.
Joe Sifuentes
Joe Sifuentes 2 aylar önce
Watching it as I type this.
Desiree Smith
Desiree Smith 2 aylar önce
I’ve been asking my parents for DailyWire Plus (if that’s what it’s not called, sorry I forget) especially since Jordan Peterson also has some content there. However, soon enough I’ll be able to have my own job and get the money to subscribe and watch. It’s very important to me.
megclif 2 aylar önce
In the US there are so many de-trans people now who regret having these life changing surgeries but there are surgeons and hospitals willing to provide them as its huge money for them. As well as 'bottom surgery' as they call it, hundreds of young girls are having mastectomies - it's so tragic. Many of the young people affected are autistic and easy to prey on.
Jack McBee
Jack McBee 2 aylar önce
@E Man - Man, that is unfortunate, perhaps if you work really hard you'll be able to afford a can or a bottle one day.
kyle phan
kyle phan 16 gün önce
I love this guy about how he keep everything together with basic logic.
Lo Niz
Lo Niz 19 gün önce
How can you fight for something you can't define?
Charlie Greyfriars
Charlie Greyfriars 14 gün önce
Watched the whole documentary yesterday. Terrifying doesn't come near. How do those freaks get into positions of influence? Why isn't there more outrage?
J Love
J Love 21 gün önce
So can anyone truly identify as anything they want? Lol Alright:… If anyone identifies as a Zebra please have the common decency to stock up and wear a Referee uniform everyday at least, if we’re gonna do this we need to help eachother out along the way. In fact if this keeps up opening up a halloween costume store might be a good idea. Year round sales with these freaks
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