Chernobyl: Hour by Hour (FULL MOVIE)

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2 yıl önce

The accident at Chernobyl released at least 100 times more radiation than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. An incalculable number of Europeans still hold the scars from what happened that disastrous night in Chernobyl.
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@jeanmay2898 Yıl önce
I've been watching a few videos of Cheynobol, I feel I know now more than I did in 1986.i feel deeply for all of those that were the firemen, and all the others that saved us all from a bigger disaster. They are hero's not to be forgotten
@user-oh8ms4ix5k Yıl önce
The disaster which no one wanted to admit liability for. Pass the blame down the line, to those on the ground.
@roscoep.coldchain1758 Yıl önce
Those poor first fire fighters who stood over the core roof dowsing the fire, there skin burned off and they all died within hours and days after, they had no protective clothing whatsoever..☮️respect💜....People don’t realise to this day how much of this has been covered up by the government, and the suffering that’s still going on to this day....Total respect for the clean up team..!!
@nenblom Yıl önce
Those brave men and women who rushed into Chernobyl after the explosion were true heroes. ❤️❤️🙏🙏
@joecummings1260 Yıl önce
I was 25 when this happened and I lived in Pennsylvania. TMI was a fairly recent memory. We listened to the news on the radio all day at work, and we're glued to the TV news. There was a somewhat low-grade sense of Doom shared by everyone. Everyone around my age had grown up living with the Cold war nuclear threat. We had no idea how bad this could become for the world
@jenniferpesquera648 Yıl önce
Yesterday was the anniversary of Chernobyl. It was so sad for those who lost their lives.
@mikeall7012 Yıl önce
I disagree about the tourism bit at the beginning. I am a nuclear plant engineer and think ever single nuclear worker should be required to visit the site to see the consequences of a breakdown, or lack of, safety culture.
@forrest2457 Yıl önce
Seeing history like this reminds me of seeing
@TheDeinonychus Yıl önce
This felt less like an examination of the disaster, and more a post-modernism deconstruction of how the disaster makes this one guy feel...
@user-pn5zs3lt6v Yıl önce
If you look at time stamp
@sinfuldebauchery Yıl önce
The helicopter crashing was surprising. The map of the amount of release was astonishing.
@jimthecopywriter9793 Yıl önce
I've seen and read everything I could ever find on Chernobyl. Just fascinates. This doc is completely new to me. Very interesting.
@rozzie101 Yıl önce
I was still in Grade school when Chernobyl explosion happened. I wasn't aware of just how dangerous is was, and I didn't know how worse it could have been.
Very nicely put together video and very informative as well. Thanks for posting this.
@christopherengel7436 Yıl önce
Nice informative documentary. Thanks.
@jasonprivately1764 Yıl önce
The many helicopter pilots and crew were called from an active war to fight this disaster. A larger group of boys and young men in these crews died here, on their own soil than died in their overseas war.
@wallflower4718 Yıl önce
Hatts off to the bravest men in the History.
@nifty3573 Yıl önce
Its totally safe, The amount of times ive been to chernobyl with out effects of radiation, i can count on all of my 12 fingers.
@davedebang-bang6168 Yıl önce
Here in the uk we still have quite high irradiated areas in Wales and in the South east where I live, I remember us being told by the news readers to stay indoors due to acid rain caused by the radioactive fall out over East Sussex. I was 10 at the time and we lived in Hastings, I remember strange coloured dots on my mums car after it had rained, I remember family and friends and neighbours saying that they had a very slight metallic taste in their mouths for days
Very well done. Thank you for posting.
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