Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode - Telepathy Part 1

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@Liz_486 Yıl önce
축하합니다. 이것은 한국인의 댓글입니다^^
Shoutout To The Run BTS Editors!
V and Jimin's telepathy at
Jin literally not being surprised at every destructive thing joonie does is a whole vibe.😂😂
V, Jimin, Jin & RM meeting at the same place in round 1 was enough to show BTS unity & telepathy. I mean it's obvious to have couple of places that u had most fun after all !! Jin V and Jimin hugging each other was so precious <3
BTS: blindfolded
Bro, Suga's imitation of Namjoon's coffee act was hilarious. I rewatched it so many times.😂😂
@bangtankookie6625 Yıl önce
True fact: Everyone agrees that seeing BTS smile can make our days better
my heart broke when they were deciding what "real fun" meant to them as "Euphoria" started playing. And our Jungkookie falling asleep anywhere and everywhere. They are so funny and cute.
@jisnithomas1917 Yıl önce
When Jin and jimin,v meet each other i feel like crying their friendship is something another level.iam loving them more
Jhope's "My hand went into someone's mouth" and RM's "There's snakes on the floor" are the funniest!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@tapasisarenmandi Yıl önce
Jin is really something🤣🤣🤣 when he connect every distructive moment with Rm's answer 🤣🤣
This is the first Run BTS episode I watched after saying I wanted to just 'know the names of the BTS members', and now I'm here two months later watching this back with a completely different idea of who they are and how much they've changed my life already. Still a lot more to learn from them and to catch up but I guess i'm in this Bangtan world for life now 🤷‍♀
@RobloxAmongUsAndroidGaming Yıl önce
“No other group like BTS, no other fandom like ARMY”
@23evelyn Yıl önce
V was so cute during this whole episode
@sondosa.3939 Yıl önce
This is so precious! the dorm part feels like a sneak peak into their reunion in the far future after doing so well in life. I hope they always have each other, the melody of their laughter echoes beautifully in the air with joy & warm love, and they stay healthy & happy with their family & loved ones. We will stay as promised and keep watching over them with respect, love & support through it all. I'm grateful to RUN BTS team for making such a sweet episode.
Jimin has put out a great album and it's his ideas, lyrics and melodies. That is not made clear enough. A producer's job is to produce these ideas, the music and lyrics. Both have succeeded brilliantly. A great team! An outstanding album.
Their separation anxiety when they got put into different cars was so palpable. :')
Jungkook is always so excited no matter what they do 😂🥰
@danielafergra0711 Yıl önce
Did anyone else got emotional when Jin, V and Jimin hugged when they found each other at the old dorms? 🥲
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