I Survived 100 DAYS as a CAT in HARDCORE Minecraft!

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I Survived 100 DAYS as a CAT in HARDCORE Minecraft! Today, we'll explore the OVERWORLD in Minecraft, like never before! As a CAT, my goal is to build the best JUNGLE CAT BIOME for me and my CAT friends, build a GIANT CAT STATUE, and then finally defeat the MUTANT CREEPER for destroying my village!

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lord lem
lord lem Aylar önce
9:27 I just appreciate the fact he know that what cats can’t eat,basically the basic facts you need to know before even owning a nice cat.
♡𝓘𝓽𝓼 𝓑𝓵𝓾𝓲𝓮♡
♡𝓘𝓽𝓼 𝓑𝓵𝓾𝓲𝓮♡ 10 gün önce
@•Itz_glitch• this could be pet safe chocolates
Mahfuza mim
Mahfuza mim 16 gün önce
I love kitty cats I call then cutie py
Ryan Farrugia
Ryan Farrugia Aylar önce
•Itz_glitch• Aylar önce
The cat in my profile is my cat that likes chocolate so how is this supposed to go-
{-*XxPurple_DaisyxX*-} Aylar önce
I love how BRONZO always makes a statue of the animal he is with a mid
Mahfuza mim
Mahfuza mim 16 gün önce
I was soo confused 😐 by the statue that he is that he builds
Hana Popovski
Hana Popovski 20 gün önce
Gaming With Simon
Gaming With Simon 15 gün önce
I like your '100 days' videos. Keep it up your good work, Bronzo!
Froppy Cheesecake
Froppy Cheesecake 10 gün önce
I laughed my ass of when they reached the strong hold, bronzo was like out of act and it was really funny. “Oh, good job Simba” without any emotion 😹
Fuze Gaming
Fuze Gaming 3 aylar önce
This guy is probably the best 100 Days creator in Minecraft. His acting and story telling skills are just amazing. I think the 3 ones we are most hyped for Is Enderman, Axolotl and Wolf. Can't wait.
Joshua Stanton
Joshua Stanton 22 gün önce
Chief Glowstone
Chief Glowstone 22 gün önce
I disagree strongly, he shouldn't even call the videos "Hardcore"
Joshua Stanton
Joshua Stanton Aylar önce
Did you notice something obvious? He basically made the witch for 1 purpose: to cut time off the video
rebecca cortez
rebecca cortez 2 aylar önce
Sub To Technoblade
Sub To Technoblade 4 saatler önce
I’m surprised that creeper didn’t scream and run away from Bronzo
MrPenguinn 25 gün önce
I love how in every video that he makes a friend that has no name but names them good names and building a base of his own then offer animals if they wanna go to his base has a mentor building a statue of the mob he was and defeats his greatest rival Pretty impressive.
Bubbles 4 gün önce
Bobby Bustamante
Bobby Bustamante 8 gün önce
Also dreams
Jakey Cake
Jakey Cake 11 gün önce
Ko Py Thu Min
Ko Py Thu Min 25 gün önce
meechel h
meechel h 17 gün önce
I love how he just makes a fox an cat
Lotieso 12 gün önce
I love how he had some laughs with it aswell 😂
•Therapist_Naomi• 3 aylar önce
9:27 I just appreciate the fact he know that what cats can’t eat,basically the basic facts you need to know before even owning a nice cat.
•Therapist_Naomi• Aylar önce
@Ojerinde Kehinde Thanks I learnt em myself
•Therapist_Naomi• Aylar önce
@FN Vlogs Cool I guess
•Therapist_Naomi• Aylar önce
@Femonic The Hot Ok? Whatever u say then
Ojerinde Kehinde
Ojerinde Kehinde Aylar önce
Your right
Gellyhoomen 2 aylar önce
@FemonicRBLX soo
Alteori 12 gün önce
This is awesome. I've been away from Minecraft for a while! Is this a mod?
Gennel Laika D. Genosas
Gennel Laika D. Genosas 6 gün önce
In every 100 days video you always build a statue of what animal you are, and i love the details of the statue:)
Sunny K.V
Sunny K.V 2 gün önce
I think I know why the witch and her cat gave Simba blaze powder while training making potions. It's probably because we need blaze powder to make potions😁.You are lucky you decided to take Simba with you to your house together.You made the right decision.
Huian Xing
Huian Xing 22 gün önce
You had foxes, I noticed them. They are actually in the canidae family, with dogs, although they act like cats more.
ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art)
ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art) 3 aylar önce
Let's take the moment to appreciate how effort he puts into the content for us
Vinodani Mawalagedara
Vinodani Mawalagedara Aylar önce
• Wølfy•
• Wølfy• Aylar önce
woah how'd u get those emoji's??
Life with sana Haq
Life with sana Haq Aylar önce
@Vinodani Mawalagedara hello
🌸BlueFoxy🌸 Aylar önce
I really love your videos I started watching a few days ago and I already love u!
CatsAt3am Aylar önce
Did you guys realize this cat was one of the cats in the chicken for 100 days challenge?? Edit: also in the wolf for 100 days challenge- Why is this type of cat so popular?? Is it just easy to morph into???
• Wølfy•
• Wølfy• Aylar önce
these videos are so entertaining and awesome beautiful mods!
Sub To Technoblade
Sub To Technoblade 3 saatler önce
24:08, if Jerry was stolen, couldn’t he just teleport to you? I mean he is your pet
Luisa Madrigal {Gift: Super Strength}
Luisa Madrigal {Gift: Super Strength} Aylar önce
Jesus, the mutant Creeper is so huge, and kind of cute, I love creepers a lot they are cool.
[{`Nooby`}] Aylar önce
Good for you🙃 I love the axolotls💕💕
Jxxmxs._1 Aylar önce
Hey bronzo you should make 100 days as a villager a gollem or a endermite!
Sneacat 12 gün önce
If I was Bronzo I would be happy to have a owner but I still LOVE his vids there AMAZING and AWSOME!!!!!!!!
FireFlight Gaming
FireFlight Gaming 19 gün önce
When you named the ocelot Simba that scene makes me think of a smash bros ultimate unlocking a new character like “Simba joins the battle!”
Cassie 3 aylar önce
Can we just genuinely appreciate how much effort goes into Bronzo videos?
Hana Popovski
Hana Popovski 20 gün önce
@Mr TunaSandwhich Stf up
Hana Popovski
Hana Popovski 20 gün önce
@Mr TunaSandwhich wdym you are so toxic
Hana Popovski
Hana Popovski 20 gün önce
@💗JungleTheCat💗 yeah
Hana Popovski
Hana Popovski 20 gün önce
@Mr TunaSandwhich k but he dose put effort in the videos even makes the animals talk
Hana Popovski
Hana Popovski 20 gün önce
@Mr TunaSandwhich YES
Sarah kate
Sarah kate 11 gün önce
100 days as a animal is exactly like 100 days as a player, who agrees?
Wiktor Tomaszko
Wiktor Tomaszko Aylar önce
remember bronzo cats always land on their feet someone checked that cat landed on his feet even from half a meter fall
Aiden Espinal
Aiden Espinal Aylar önce
The lion king
Lil Ryan kids life
Lil Ryan kids life 6 gün önce
You always have a name in mind to give other animals that wanna go with you
John Ervine Gempesaw
John Ervine Gempesaw Aylar önce
Congrats on 1.01M subs!🎉🥳 also why did you laugh at the stronghold-
Zola 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥
Zola 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥 3 aylar önce
This is a great channel! I only caught sight of you folks in recent times, but it’s now among my favourite channels.
Julie Fisher
Julie Fisher 3 aylar önce
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton Aylar önce
0:07 is this 100 days as a creeper but instead you’re the mutant cat or something
Melanie Aylar önce
your 100 days as somthing videos are amazing!
Coozie Vegas
Coozie Vegas 3 gün önce
Bronzo you should be a Arctic reindeer for 100 days
🐶Xgacha_puppyX🐶 Aylar önce
When you made the tree base, i actually made something simillar like that base to my cousins world. So that's cool
ThatCyan BG
ThatCyan BG 23 saatler önce
"Uhh my name is actually- *JERRY COME LETS GO TO THE JUNGLE* "
Christina Fisher
Christina Fisher Aylar önce
You should be a creeper next that would be really cool my favorite mob is a creeper if you do keeper I will love this channel forever even though I already do(:❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cookiechikchik_2010 20 gün önce
I like how he told us that foxes are cats 🤣 7:17 and 9:23 WHAT CAT’S CANT DRINK MILK-
Cookiechikchik_2010 20 gün önce
María Díaz
María Díaz Aylar önce
Hello bronzo my name is Adam I'm new here I just got here from Mexico 🇲🇽 and I hear that you be every animal so I was thinking 🤔 can you be a lion 🦁 for 100 days please
Juana 🔝 𝓕**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓨 Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е 3 aylar önce
love how you know what you can't eat as a cat, also, must have been pretty hard.
randomvideos223 3 aylar önce
@Phoebe Cullen that’s sad to hear
Phoebe Cullen
Phoebe Cullen 3 aylar önce
@randomvideos223 sorry the comments must be done by my 6 years old son
randomvideos223 3 aylar önce
@Phoebe Cullen stop simping
Comic_tomboi Aylar önce
Do a 100 day one with a Silver fish!!!
baseac84 Aylar önce
Can you be a bunny for 100 days please bronzo🤗
Tamatha Offutt
Tamatha Offutt Aylar önce
I love the hundred days videos❤
Crystal Aylar önce
I love that brozo when he luaghed when the cat shut the door
YourLocalLion 3 aylar önce
2things I love about all his videos and just this video 1. He always makes cool statues and 2. He treats the villager like a dog 🤣
sonadow♡fun 2 aylar önce
@Dis hello
Dis 2 aylar önce
Seb H
Seb H 2 aylar önce
Stella Banella
Stella Banella 11 gün önce
i like that you make bases and take others in it and making big armees and teams
HuTao Simp
HuTao Simp Aylar önce
what kind of owner gives their cat sticks and string so they can make a fishing rod just so they can CATch fish
Lindsay Familyy
Lindsay Familyy 2 gün önce
I. Iove. 🐈. Wow
Melanie_Martinez_fan 26 gün önce
@HuTao Simp you play Genshin what’s your user/nickname?✌️🤪
Bring lightning
Bring lightning Aylar önce
No puns they make me mad
Koala Bear GameZ
Koala Bear GameZ 2 aylar önce
Bronze you should be a fish for 100 days in hardcore mode could you survive?;)
Twicken nuggies
Twicken nuggies Aylar önce
I love your videos
dustan lee sean soriano
dustan lee sean soriano 3 aylar önce
This was the literal first video I watched of Bronzo's, and he literally has the talent to make an actual storyline in just a simple block game.
rance cheng
rance cheng Aylar önce
@summer fun with M&M 都好方法!
summer fun with M&M
summer fun with M&M 2 aylar önce
Me to
Nusrat Parveen
Nusrat Parveen 2 aylar önce
Zero rift
Zero rift 2 aylar önce
Anna Askelovic
Anna Askelovic 3 aylar önce
Joshua Crone
Joshua Crone 28 gün önce
Love tour videos as a young cat you look identical to my cat Jupiter
Quynh Nguyen
Quynh Nguyen 6 gün önce
You know if Jimmy is lost he could teleport to you lol
Jack 13 gün önce
Dogs: he feeds me pets me gives me a home he must be god. Vs Cats:he feeds me pets me loves me I must be god 😂😂😂
9yrs old making sneaky profiles= grounded
9yrs old making sneaky profiles= grounded Aylar önce
The next 100 day challenge I want you to be a cheetah for 100 days in Minecraft.
B•R•I•A•N•N•A 3 aylar önce
Can we just thank bronzo for all the effort he puts in his content for us
James Peterson
James Peterson 3 aylar önce
Oh hey
Carrie Davis
Carrie Davis Aylar önce
This video was so good!!
ThatCatFan 13 gün önce
1:04 why does the cat have to be there?😂
Platak 29 gün önce
You should give a mutant potion to your best friend you made and fight with your enemies
Juan Cosme
Juan Cosme 27 gün önce
I like when you were a cat for a 100 days it was so cool :) bronzo
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 3 aylar önce
Can we just genuinely appreciate how much effort goes into Bronzo videos?
OrangerThings 3 aylar önce
i mean they practically follow the same plot
Golden Rose
Golden Rose 3 aylar önce
Uhmm no?
Queen Xenit
Queen Xenit 3 aylar önce
Gabriela montes
Gabriela montes 3 aylar önce
I like the Villager lol
Captain Swordfish
Captain Swordfish Aylar önce
Hey bronzo I think you should make a video of you surviving 100 days as a pillager
William Lane
William Lane Aylar önce
Hey Bronzo, Love your vids I would really like it if you could link the addons down below because I and maybe others wouldn’t be shy to have a try. Thanks❤😀
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