Jurors tour preserved Parkland school shooting crime scene

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WPLG Local 10

WPLG Local 10

4 aylar önce

Roses that had been brought to honor love on that Valentine’s Day in 2018 lay withered, their dried and cracked petals scattered across classroom floors still smeared with the blood of victims gunned down by a former student more than four years earlier.

guyguy463 4 aylar önce
I just want to say that they definitely sent the right person to report on this. Her observations are so thorough and her descriptions are so vivid. The little details she recalled painted a visceral picture of the true depravity of the events that occurred. Amazing journalism
E H 14 gün önce
@lianda jane YES
Annette Sandberg
Annette Sandberg 3 aylar önce
@lianda jane agreed!
Tara Sparks
Tara Sparks 3 aylar önce
Inside florida shooting
Pebble 3 aylar önce
@lianda jane Genuinely what? This is one of the few instances where you can’t even say that, this was perfectly done journalism lmao. She painted the picture of the crime scene amazingly well Also really? The parkland shooting doesn’t need to be news? I guess it doesn’t matter then if 17 children get murdered 😂
BigDog 3 aylar önce
Imagine her describing a sexual encounter!
Donna Watson
Donna Watson 4 aylar önce
Honestly, I had no idea this scene was still intact. How...horrible for families to know this...4yrs plus, later...
Erin Sings
Erin Sings 2 aylar önce
Me either.
Greg Vrame
Greg Vrame 2 aylar önce
This really hit me hard man. Right or wrong?...I don't know. Very macabre for the families.
Alex - LexPressions Studio
Alex - LexPressions Studio 2 aylar önce
@Catapillargirl 20 my understanding is that everything was left because this was one of the few times the murderer comes out alive. If he was murdered, they would have torn the building down shortly after it happened.
Aqua Aura
Aqua Aura 3 aylar önce
Evidence until the trial is over.
Jessica Mansilla
Jessica Mansilla 3 aylar önce
Yes absolutely terrifying
Aytch Kowalski
Aytch Kowalski 4 aylar önce
She did a good job in reporting what she saw and how she felt. Great reporting. I've appreciated her informative reporting all along.
Bea I. Engio
Bea I. Engio 3 aylar önce
Not a touch overly dramatic? Just me then.
MyBelle 4 aylar önce
Yes, the reporter was very descriptive. I just hope the victim's family don't watch this. I'm sure they've heard enough in court without the gruesome imagery especially naming some of the victim's with what she saw @ the scene.
Shalom4714 4 aylar önce
Yes it’s informative!
rachelle sawyer
rachelle sawyer 4 aylar önce
I agree heartfelt, sincere, intelligent and insightful reporting
Justine Blake
Justine Blake 4 aylar önce
It sucks that she had to cover this even though she was the perfect reporter to do it. Hope she isn't too traumatized 😔
Ferreneh 4 aylar önce
It's even more eerie to think that many of the survivors have moved on to colleges and graduated, while victims who had their own hopes and dreams remain frozen in time; their blood literally still remains in those hallways and classrooms that they died in. Rest in peace little angels 🌹❤️
Frank Paya
Frank Paya 7 gün önce
Just because someone wasn't killed doesn't mean their life will be like it was before, there's people that have debilitating injuries, that if it doesn't handicap them, they'll have chronic pain to the day they die.
Jonny Baer
Jonny Baer 3 aylar önce
@Jasmine Allen I’m sure some have but many young souls taken prematurely struggle with letting go
Jasmine Allen
Jasmine Allen 3 aylar önce
It would be scary to thing that their souls could still be wandering the hallways in limbo. Hopefully each one of them has crossed over peacefully.
jason linton
jason linton 4 aylar önce
Thats a great line in your comment frozen in time because thats what it is
Emily Phillips
Emily Phillips 4 aylar önce
I absolutely cannot wrap my head around what that scene must look like. Utterly heartbreaking.
Frank Paya
Frank Paya 7 gün önce
@Bel Fiore When something like this happens and agencies like the FBI and local sheriffs were tipped off about the killer beforehand, there should be Senate hearings where these bureaucrats have to defend their incompetence and laziness within the performance of their duties. The FBI has a long history of being incompetent, they dropped the ball a few years before, when the Boston Marathon bombing happened after the FBI terminated surveillance on those two brothers. The FBI should have to lay out their case and justify why they felt it was time to end surveillance when they did and let the Senate judge whether they acted competently.
Joe Poronto
Joe Poronto 4 aylar önce
I can, bullet shells in the halls, blown out door glass, dried blood stains, scattered chairs, seats, ect. There is also videos inside the classrooms during the shooting showing dead kids. You can see the scene if u want to
Jae 4 aylar önce
Definitely something out of a movie I could imagine. ): Imagine the horror stuff plus all the valentines gifts, letters, stuff animals just left there from that day. It makes me so sad.
Bel Fiore
Bel Fiore 4 aylar önce
And the fact that this happened? Such failures on all levels. People should be incarcerated . A long list!
WildflowerS 4 aylar önce
What a haunting description. The reporter took in every detail. Walking through there would be a horror movie come to life. How do you not have nightmares after that. My God...
OceanSwimmer 4 aylar önce
WildflowerS, The reporters, jury, and First Responders WILL have PTSD after this, not excluding the Medical Examiners. It is impossible to see suffering and be immune to it. It changes you. It's cumulative. It never leaves you, ever. You learn to live with it.
xBeautifulcindy 4 aylar önce
She, and all those Jurors, definitely will need therapy.
Elle Jay Em
Elle Jay Em 4 aylar önce
Subject matter aside. This reporter did a really great job explaining what she observed
Alicia Coble
Alicia Coble 3 aylar önce
My hubby s friend and fellow navy serviceman Jonathan was killed in the Aurora Shootings ...hubby couldn't stomach to watch The Black Knight Rises because he thought of his friend, WE watched it together BUT I told hubby that his friend would want him to watch it cuz his friend was always talking about living not surviving ....after the movie he bragged about all the stuff they did serving together ...sometimes bad things happen ..the BEST revenge is to keep moving forward , as Proof Dumbledore said to Harry Potter " It's best not to dwell on dreams and forget to live" .
No-Name-Jane 4 aylar önce
@Ken Turberrt The fact that you seem to be able to conflate a stupid horror movie set to a real life place where horrible tragedy took place, where real people took their last breath is a little odd, dude. Emotions should go along with hearing about the scene, that's the huge difference between a movie & this. This should make you feel a genuine emotion that a movie doesn't make you feel. If it doesn't, well.. that's not the flex most males seem to think it is.
aizenosa imafidon
aizenosa imafidon 4 aylar önce
Yeah she really helped me envision it
Media One Sports
Media One Sports 4 aylar önce
Dam good job
DeeCee 4 aylar önce
I am impressed by her reporting skills. A stand out talent in reporting the facts, no matter how hard. Her descriptions brought tears to my eyes, the picture was vivid. Her description really got rid of my .0001% sympathy for the shooter. (Note: I have not been watching the trial)
flowersarenice 4 aylar önce
@Taylor yes plus often times these people get fans which is even worse.. we should know the stories of the victims and not the stories of the terrorists who maybe even would like to get this kind of recognition and fame and get people to do the same if they follow an ideology
Taylor 4 aylar önce
@flowersarenice I look at the way New Zealand handled their shooting - not publicizing the shooter’s name or photo, trying not to give him any recognition - and it feels like we make things so much worse in America by sensationalizing these things into a media event for people to fawn over. There’s no reason this dude’s face should be plastered everywhere right now - exactly bc of the types of comments you mention
flowersarenice 4 aylar önce
Thanks for saying "got rid of my .0001% sympathy for the shooter" because the same happened to me and it kind of feels relieving I am not the only one! Not through this video but through the families' testimonies and now I cannot stand when people comment things like "sOcIetY hAs fAiLEd tHiS pOoR yOuNg BoY" under videos that highlight how the murderers life was, beginning when he was born. They write things like "I see a kid with sad eyes" and such bullsh.. LIKE SERIOUSLY what is wrong with some people how can they feel so much pain for a person who did this... so many people have a hard hard life and had a hard childhood or whatsoever and even if they start taking drugs or sth like that they do not decide to become a mass murderer terrorist.
SunshineRose 4 aylar önce
I can't imagine seeing the belongings of the victims still there knowing that they're gone. And seeing their blood still there from 4 years ago. That's so sad :(
Rena 4 aylar önce
@R S Yes, the school was closed down for two weeks if I remember correctly and then reopened for students to finish out the school year, but the 1200 building remained permanently closed until this trial
Hassana Mohammed
Hassana Mohammed 4 aylar önce
@R S they didn't reopen it. They left it as it was
jemsmom97 4 aylar önce
@R S if you watched the video you would know the answer to your question.
flipthat 4 aylar önce
@R S yeah they did, the shooting took place in the freshman building
R S 4 aylar önce
Did they shut down the school? Like did they reopen the school for students a while after the shooting ??
Catherine P
Catherine P 4 aylar önce
I'm glad they left the building as is so the jury can see the aftermath. I remember driving by the lot where the Las Vegas shooting was and I saw so many shoes, and cups, and other belongings scattered everywhere. It still haunts my thoughts thinking about the panic those people were going through.
Sadie Ireland
Sadie Ireland 2 aylar önce
They HAVE to...it's a crime scene.
Jasmine Allen
Jasmine Allen 3 aylar önce
This was me with Pulse Night Club shooting. I saw it a couple days later. Still haunting how it happened. I still live on this side of town and pass by the building a few times a week doing Uber. A lot of people still visit the memorial.
Ariana Mixon
Ariana Mixon 4 aylar önce
My neighbors were there at the shooting and I swear I felt so bad. We are all like family so we stopped doing all types of fireworks in our court because we understood how hard it can be. Even for myself I haven’t experienced but Fourth of July was so hard for me you know
jissel sandoval
jissel sandoval 4 aylar önce
i saw the vegas shooting lot the next day it happened as well and it’s still so chilling and sad to think about
St0rmTro0pEr69 3 aylar önce
Hearing such a graphic description of the scene is absolutely heart breaking beyond words.. I can't even begin to imagine the pain and suffering everyone is going through.. Even if you weren't involved, it leaves a massive impact on the world. Please stay safe everyone. If you are in need of help or just need someone to talk to, please reach out to someone. There will always be a lending hand, there will always be someone who cares, even if you think there isn't.
AJ XOXO 4 aylar önce
Seriously. How could a person walk through there, with all the death and destruction, and not feel the spirits of those kids crying out for help as they bled to death and breathed their last breaths?
Denischa Briddell
Denischa Briddell Aylar önce
@Ashley Rae now we see that these families didn't receive justice. 😪💔😥
Anastasia May
Anastasia May 3 aylar önce
They probably did.
AlexD123 4 aylar önce
That’s how I would feel walking through there. I didn’t even have to but the thought makes my stomach turn. It’s just so sad
Sheila Rogge
Sheila Rogge 4 aylar önce
Thats the point....They needed to feel them. The children. ALL of the children in that school.
Stoned Hank
Stoned Hank 4 aylar önce
That’s the point the State is trying to make/ Do. Make the Jurors see the reality of the situation
Love Sky
Love Sky 4 aylar önce
I can only imagine how hard it’s been for the students at stoneman Douglas having to go to school and see and walk past the building where their friends were massacred and just knowing their blood and belongings are still in the building.
TheOnlyMia 3 aylar önce
@jeorgejopez just certain classrooms or Hallways where the crime took place
Michelle S.
Michelle S. 3 aylar önce
@Ferreneh thanks for the info. I just can't imagine my child going back to that same school and seeing that building every day. That's sad.
Michelle S.
Michelle S. 3 aylar önce
@Ya boi Orange thank you. Man, I can't imagine having to go back after that. They already must've been terrified.
Mony Delgado
Mony Delgado 4 aylar önce
@AnnabellDoll totally understand your point of view, walking through the scene is just too personal. I’m a mom and I would lose my mind thinking anyone is walking right past my child’s blood and belongings. I think they did this because of the impact this will cause for the jury, they are seeking a death penalty and reporters need to send a message to anyone watching. Monsters like him will face same consequences.
AnnabellDoll 4 aylar önce
@Michelle Delamatter But it will keep happening. Being morbid and showing scenes of horror will even maybe make other kids want to do the same thing again..That's exactly what this kid did. He kept watching videos and documentaries and filling up stupid ideas he got from media reports etc...... when you have that low selfsteam and got nothing to loose you start wanting attention. And that is exactly what he is getting. No one can say his name and not know who he is now. Let's see who the next school shooter will be now? Nothing has happend in 20+ years hey don't forget Uvalde on your way out😠😡
LolaDasher 4 aylar önce
Just driving by the school feels so heavy. I couldn’t imagine walking into the building and into those classes. Its awful
Alicia Coble
Alicia Coble 3 aylar önce
Preserving it and NOT destroying it was a smart move! After seeing that if I was on the jury it would deal his fate in my opinion .. DEATH
Laura Puig
Laura Puig 4 aylar önce
I drove by the school last week a few times. Gets me every time. Very eerie. That’s just driving by- I couldn’t even imagine parking and going in. Insane how they have to see it up close 🤦🏽‍♀️
wolfserv 4 aylar önce
Relax it was fake
Humpflung 4 aylar önce
@Heather King Well. In most cases the shooters off themselves. In this case, Cruz ran off, and like a moron, didn't have a change of clothes.
Posted Ghostface
Posted Ghostface 4 aylar önce
Yeah I definitely wouldn't wanna go back to that school if I were a student
Mony Delgado
Mony Delgado 4 aylar önce
Honestly I don’t think this was exciting for her, but ultimately it’s her job. I hope everyone gets the message, I believe in mercy but I also believe in justice. Families, friends and fellow students deserve to have closure and hopefully move on. As a mom I cannot imagine the horrible pain of living with an open wound.
Torrid Stream
Torrid Stream 4 aylar önce
It is important for people to bear witness to the truth without filters. People should see the real aftermath of a mass murder like this.This reporter’s descriptions were so vivid and literary that I felt I was there with her.
Wendy Frances Milone
Wendy Frances Milone 4 aylar önce
Thank you for walking through the crime scene, Christina. Your descriptions are vivid. I cannot imagine what those kids went through on that day. I’m sure you saw some poignant tragic moments in that classroom. Blood spatter always leaves a significant trail. I wonder how many of the victims family members were able to view the school rooms without feeling more grief than they have already experienced. It takes courage and fortitude to live through such an event. It’s almost too much to ask of them.
h w
h w 4 aylar önce
Whoa I had no clue the crime scene was still intact. That's crazy. How horrible for the students to walk by that building knowing all of that was still in there geeze 😔
Leticia A
Leticia A 3 aylar önce
If I was one of those jurors I couldn’t go through with it, just listening to the reporter I have chills, a heavy feeling in my stomach trying hold in tears. It’s tough extremely though knowing I have my own babies going to school and hearing everything that’s going on it’s just frightening 💔
anonya 4 aylar önce
Mother of a high schooler, I cry every testimony and reporting of the trial. These parents are in such grief no one should ever experience in their entire lifetime.
Frank Paya
Frank Paya 7 gün önce
To think all this misery is because of one person, I'm normally pro-life but I can't think of a better argument for pro-abortion then Nicholas Cruz, if only his prostitute & drug addicted mother had an abortion, think how different life would be with 17 people living their lives & family members not living with chronic depression day in and day out because of the loss of their loved ones.
Natattack 95
Natattack 95 4 aylar önce
That quote from the James Dean was haunting. Gave me actual chills hearing her say that.
Alicia Coble
Alicia Coble 3 aylar önce
You'd be surprised how many ppl put that quote as a senior quote especially from survivors
J L 4 aylar önce
The thought of going into that building brings me to tears. I’ve been thinking about the jurors, seeing the exact spots where these beautiful children were senselessly murdered… and envisioning each of their faces. Not to mention, replaying the sounds in their heads as they walk through. This building was filled with laughter, happiness, dreams and goals - now it’s the place where these children’s souls left their bodies and went to Heaven. It should not have happened!!!!! I pray for the healing of these jurors and hope they know it’s ok to feel grief, loss and devastation. They are human beings, and I hope the courts offer them the support and therapy they may need. How badly I know we all wish we had the power to reverse time and stop evil from entering. 😰
amanda michelle, RN
amanda michelle, RN 4 aylar önce
@Amanda Solo why do non-religious people always have to respond to people with beliefs at the ABSOLUTE most inappropriate times… literally no one cares if they “had you til the heaven stuff” chill out girl, let people have a voice and believe in something. at least it’s positive, sheesh.
OceanSwimmer 4 aylar önce
@Amanda Solo - Please remove your comment out of respect for the others here. Your words and opinion are disrespectful to those who died and the families who live with this loss forever. I'm all for Free Speech when it's respectful -- but yours is offensive and cruel. If you can't say something constructive or supportive STFU.
tired of the bs
tired of the bs 4 aylar önce
@Amanda Solo why? Are you not expecting to make it there? Do you really think this is the place for your anti-religious crap, where the parents of these angels could very well be reading comments?
Amanda Solo
Amanda Solo 4 aylar önce
Okay you had me til the heaven stuff 🙄
Ferreneh 4 aylar önce
The order in which they presented the witnesses makes a lot of sense now. The trial was easy to follow when they walked through floor 1, 2 and 3. The jury visited the building only after learning the faces and fates of each victim and hearing a testimony from their parents as well. Must have been very impactful to be in the building 12 after all that
Let it Be Summer
Let it Be Summer 4 aylar önce
I didn’t know the school was left as is, but understand why. How incredibly tragic. So awful. 😣
Indoor Greg
Indoor Greg 3 aylar önce
@Justin Cheney because its crime scene
Let it Be Summer
Let it Be Summer 4 aylar önce
@Lenamadi 100%. Absolutely.
Waddle Waddle
Waddle Waddle 4 aylar önce
@Justin Cheney study about crime scenes bro, google always got your back 👍
QueenOfHearts 4 aylar önce
@Justin Cheney the scene is preserved for the exact topic this video is about, for the jury to tour the school. This was obviously preserved as a crime scene because that’s what it was. They caught him alive, they knew from the very beginning he would be on trial for the death penalty. Preserving the crime scene gave the jurors a first hand look at the place 17 children were murdered in cold blood in hopes they would be convinced to sentence him to death. Hopefully they make the right choice.
Justin Cheney
Justin Cheney 4 aylar önce
@Lenamadi lol I made a mistake. But this is why we have cameras. Not necessary to preserve the scene
AlliWrites 4 aylar önce
By far this Reporter gave the best description of what she saw in bldg 12. I can picture everything she described and I appreciate her willingness to be candid. She’s an excellent Reporter.
Ferreneh 4 aylar önce
Right?! I got that very vivid image of rose petals, broken glass and murky blood on dim hallways. Just absolutely eerie
Inkdbymiami 4 aylar önce
It’s a good thing they kept it intact. Once a tragedy is cleaned up and remodeled people most often forget. If you leave intact I feel like the impact is bigger. It makes a huge difference. It’s reality, not a dream where you can wake up and it’s no longer there anymore. Remember those souls. They deserve for someone to talk about it as this reporter did. My heart goes out to everyone who was impacted that day especially the students that were left with real scars and trauma and the parents trying to pick up the pieces. 💛🙏🏾🕊
hansendesigns 4 aylar önce
Absolutely top notch professional reporting. Unmatched description, you can feel the fear and tragedy in the space via Christina Vasquez’s vivid and chilling observations.
R 4 aylar önce
So eerie. Sending love and peace to everyone involved.
Kassidy Melton
Kassidy Melton 3 aylar önce
I can imagine everything she is describing in the “freshman” building (1200) as I used to go to Stoneman Douglas and had classes in that freshman building. I graduated in 2017. This absolutely breaks my heart. To think that if my family did not move away from that area, my little sister would have been a freshman and in that building. Those were her classmates and friends who lost their lives. Hits home. I saw snap chat stories from that day from students and they were horrific. Can’t imagine still seeing the blood splattered and stains everywhere. I saw a classroom that was shot up on the first floor and showed my parents where i used to sit. Gives me the chills.
Shellie A
Shellie A 4 aylar önce
I just finished watching 3 or 4 other reporters that did the walk through today and this one was the only one where I actually felt like I could see and feel what she was describing. Great job and thank you!
Donnie 4 aylar önce
I'm sure those jurors will be traumatized by what they saw today, but I think it is necessary to see the horror those kids went through in their final moments. No matter what they decide, there is no punishment good enough for Cruz. He will never experience the suffering he deserves while still on this planet.
EzGray. 4 aylar önce
Not only is this hard for the victims family/friends and loved ones… But imagine going to that school, knowing there is an entire bloody, gruesome and horrific crime scene that is connected to, or on the same premises to the building you’re taken classes in.. knowing what lies behind those walls as you walk past or near them everyday… Its so sad honestly..
Alicia Coble
Alicia Coble 3 aylar önce
You cope , as best you can, it also helps to remember those who were lost..my daughter's storyteller from the local library where we lived at the time when she was younger was recently shot and killed like 3vyesrs ago inside the very library she read books to the littles , tho the library shut down and was recarpeted and walls were redone , going in there was heartbreaking yet warming at the same time as we could recall her voice during story times ...your heart finds a way to heal
Alexis Crump
Alexis Crump 4 aylar önce
I had the same thought!! Couldn’t do it myself, kudos to those brave kids who have.
velvuhts 4 aylar önce
This woman is a GREAT reporter.
Audra Muth
Audra Muth 4 aylar önce
So sad. I’ve been having nightmares listening to this case . Just the fact someone could have sooooo much hate in their heart for complete strangers . It breaks my heart to hear these stories. It breaks my heart for all those people , the first responders and what they had to go through and what they witnessed . It’s a lot . It’s too much .
Olgui Q
Olgui Q 4 aylar önce
His biological Mom NUTS, his sister is also in prison for homicide. yeah, it's in his DNA.
Cerise Min
Cerise Min 4 aylar önce
Watching this video is hard enough I can’t imagine seeing this let alone living it. I hope after this case is over the families and survivors can have some peace
Olga Shmtv
Olga Shmtv 4 aylar önce
Wow the reporter did great job describing what she saw, I actually felt like I was there too and saw it all! Great job!
GalaxyBeats TV
GalaxyBeats TV 4 aylar önce
She did such a good job in this report I hope one day this property can be made into a memorial for comfort. I can only imagine the pain the people must feel in this community to pass the building still the same as that horrible day. My heart prays heavily for these families and friend of all victims and students effects by this day❤️🙏
Hippy Chick 420
Hippy Chick 420 4 aylar önce
I can feel the emotion in her voice. This is so heartbreaking.
lemon 3 aylar önce
growing up the way that i did, i’m one of those people who can look at gore and people dying on video and such and not really bat an eye. this shooting has changed my views and ability to feel for people, they aren’t just an evidence number or a name, they were people with lives and futures.
Brenden Swanson
Brenden Swanson 4 aylar önce
This is such powerful , well-done journalism on such a heavy, heartbreaking, important subject matter. Had a tear roll down my cheek with the description of the juxtapositions of items at the end on the third floor
MissLadee1 3 aylar önce
"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today" whoo.....truly talk about chilling! This was such an unnecessary and horrific tragedy. God rest those souls and I truly wish that the survivor's and their families and friend's and everyone touched by this can heal deeply and use this as their testimony to teach other's to be kind and understanding. Evil will not win.
Bri Yates
Bri Yates 4 aylar önce
This is an amazing reporter. Very descriptive and I hope she or someone responsible for her pay see all the comments about her professionalism. These days people forget you can leave a positive comment not just complain. Good to see all the comments just genuinely impressed by her reporting.
Martie Rollin
Martie Rollin 4 aylar önce
This reporter is doing a fabulous job of describing what she saw. Well done!!
MaryE Richardson
MaryE Richardson 4 aylar önce
Amazing on so many counts. Her description is flawless, taking all of us with her on that walk. Also impressive is that the ‘powers-that-be’ have allowed the evidence of that despicable mass murder to stand unaltered for all to see and remember- Again and again and again - When will the politicians get that their fascination with guns are creating all these mass murders, mostly of the children?
Marijke Vorster
Marijke Vorster 3 aylar önce
Prayers with all those who lost their life God bless the families and friends.
AJYouRockProductions 4 aylar önce
I went to Douglas, I graduated in 2016. My brother was there during the shooting, we live right by the school. we drive by it everyday, its eerie, scary and just still gets us emotional to know what's happened. I loved my high school experience and was excited for my brother to have the same, but instead as a freshman he dealt with this. im wishing the families love, healing and peace. its still weighs heavy on our community.
AJYouRockProductions 4 aylar önce
@Chloe Laing much love!! thank you lots
Chloe Laing
Chloe Laing 4 aylar önce
I'm so sorry honey. We‘re all thinking of you. Sending you so much love from Australia. Stay strong. ❤❤
One Love
One Love 4 aylar önce
She managed to paint the gruesome picture, the jury must have seen 🥺 I hadn’t realised the crime scene was still intact. 💔
Destenie Hernandez
Destenie Hernandez 4 aylar önce
It must have been so difficult to see the crime scene so sad wish this never happened. RIP to all the victims that died in this senseless act.
mauhmama 4 aylar önce
May the victims all rest in peace despite their blood still being in an active crime scene 🙏🏼 ❤️
Mawmaw D
Mawmaw D 3 aylar önce
Great reporting of a horrific situation. Didn’t know they had preserved the scene, what a powerful visual for the jurors. 😢
Lo Atchison
Lo Atchison 4 aylar önce
Well done, Christina. What a description of all that you saw. God Bless you.
DeNisheun Jackson
DeNisheun Jackson 4 aylar önce
This case is extremely pro longed especially with it being a high profiled case. This is exactly what the killer wanted
Laura Cappucci
Laura Cappucci Aylar önce
Good point.
DeNisheun Jackson
DeNisheun Jackson 4 aylar önce
@Lisa Simpson Rules 100% Agreed!
Lisa Simpson Rules
Lisa Simpson Rules 4 aylar önce
In a way this is what he wanted. He wanted to become famous, and that everybody will remember him. I have the feeling that it has not completely worked to his liking, as the reality of solitary confinement has hit, but that's just my guess. It would make sense to me that the restrictions of being in jail would get him down. Also, the only thing that has seemed to move him (in my opinion of course) in an emotional way is when texts messages to the girl he liked were shown. Maybe he thought that doing this would impress her, as she had previously rejected him-she had a different boyfriend even and told Nikolas so. Well, it hasn't worked, and this girl is never going to accept him, and he is never going to have the opportunity to get ten feet close to this girl, nor speak to her, nor see her, as it should be.
Carol Seven
Carol Seven 4 aylar önce
Thank you for not using his name.
latterrain09 4 aylar önce
It may not play out how this evil murderer intended, his fame and notoriety he wanted so badly. Preserving the classrooms will make fresh in the jurors minds the unspeakable evil he committed that day. With never a hint of the post rampage ramblings, in fake whispered voice he pretended to his interrogator later.
Jonny D.
Jonny D. 4 aylar önce
That's some powerful testimony right there. One can picture the whole thing as she described the scenes of carnage. Wow...
jason linton
jason linton 4 aylar önce
When she said the blood was still splattered on the walls it shocked me those jurors got to see the aftermath of a nightmare its been sealed up for four years it had to feel creepy when they first opened those doors and the first juror walked in this case is what the death penalty is all about for all of those who say the death penalty is wrong and cruel maybe you should ask to see what the jurors saw when they walked into the school and seen the blood of the victims on the walls and floors 4 years after they were slaughtered and buried for no reason he will get death but then the appeals process will start and the familys will be drug threw the dirt for the next 20 years nick cruz will outlive some of the victims family while he waits and they wont get to see justice served its so sad our laws need to change!!
Erin Sings
Erin Sings 2 aylar önce
I can't even imagine 😢 💔 lots of love and peace to the families
jaimee king
jaimee king 4 aylar önce
I had no idea they kept the crime scene intact four and half years later. I couldn’t imagine being one of those jurors bi wouldn’t be able to be composed. Listening to the officers, the other first responders, the teachers, the students who amazingly survived, and the loved ones who lost their family members especially the parents of the children who died. Then going to the scene of this senseless MASSACRE! I just couldn’t.
Night healer RN
Night healer RN 4 aylar önce
God be with those jurors who have to see it. Be with the grieving families, rescue workers, doctors, nurses, and coroners. I’m so sick of these kind of cases. I support owning guns. It’s a small few that abuse that right. Those that abuse it, leave very tragic, life altering consequences. Those that get guns illegally don’t care about gun laws. Even with gun laws in place, you can’t prevent someone who’s evil from doing evil. Look at Boston Marathon.
Night healer RN
Night healer RN 4 aylar önce
@Victoria T The biggest problem was, even after security notified. They didn’t go in for another 15 to 20 minutes. By then the shooter was gone.
Victoria T
Victoria T 4 aylar önce
They will always get their hands on a gun if they want it bad enough. Beef up school security would be a good start.
Lake 4 aylar önce
@Mikaela Fox Of course there's mental illness. That's why assault rifles shouldn't be so easily accessible.
Mikaela Fox
Mikaela Fox 4 aylar önce
@Lake ​ I think there are a lot of undiagnosed mental illnesses that result in tragedies like this. Abuse at home, bullying at school, or a slew of other things kids that age are going through and feel they have no other outlet. On the extreme end are people who are so mentally unstable that there’s no reasoning with them and violence is their only release.
Mikaela Fox
Mikaela Fox 4 aylar önce
@Night healer RN That’s a pretty cool ancestry!
Grace Held
Grace Held 3 aylar önce
I can't imagine how hard it is for anyone to go through that and all of the students that still go there but I think what gets me the most is the fact that the teachers and the students that were freshmen when the shooting happened had to live with going there for the following years. At this point none of the students that go there would have been there when the shooting happened but I'm sure some of them had siblings and maybe friends and other family that were victims. I will never understand how someone can just go into a school and kill a bunch of kids or anyone for that matter but especially kids. I don't care how old the shooter or whoever is, the fact that they wake up one morning and decide that they are going to go rip apart so many lives is beyond me.
Amy Salazar
Amy Salazar 4 aylar önce
Just watching this trial has given me nightmares. My heart goes out to all those touched by this tragedy. Just heartbreaking.
Mony Delgado
Mony Delgado 4 aylar önce
I don’t know but it seems that probably some jury members would need to seek for counseling after this. It’s mind blowing the pain and damage one evil human can cause on so many people for so many years.
AmRose2789 3 aylar önce
Prayers for the reporter who had to see and feel more than most of us could ever handle
Katya Lupochev
Katya Lupochev 4 aylar önce
Is it typical for a crime scene(especially such a large scale one) to be preserved in that way? I understand why it was done and I can appreciate the usefulness in being able to literally take the jury to the scene and show them the results. Is the building still in use though, and are children still attending school on the same grounds or have they relocated? I know it’s not a risk to the students but it’s just … a grim thought.
RaymondHng 4 aylar önce
That particular building has been closed off. It's building 12, so there's eleven other buildings for use.
Isabel Cuevas
Isabel Cuevas 4 aylar önce
Goosebumps, this is disgusting, thank God for the reporter they picked she's graceful
Halley Vincent
Halley Vincent 3 aylar önce
As grateful as I am that this building still exists and the jury can do a walk-through to accurately understand what happened, I’m also 100% positive that serving justice to this one shooter has now turned into a graphic circus that will justify and give instruction to dozens of other shooters who will want to top him. I have a real problem with how we put shooters names out there, right away start diagnosing them and talking about their family life and their childhood, and then we just constantly ignore the fact but other shooters later on find this exciting and inspiring. Because we talk so much about the shooter in public there are average people out there that feel like they empathize andIdentify with the shooter. And there are people crazy enough to want that kind of attention even if it’s bad attention. If this trial had to happen I wish it wouldn’t have happened on television or with so much news footage. It’s not helpful to the larger goal of preventing things like this in other places.
Lois Thomas
Lois Thomas 4 aylar önce
Excellent reporting Christina, you deserve a raise!
Dede Derp
Dede Derp 4 aylar önce
For those offended at how long the proceeding are taking and the scope of the evidence, they’re trying to make sure to clear any trace of insanity on Nickolas’ behalf. You see Nickolas’ plan was to eventually get out with an insanity plea today, tomorrow, or somewhere in the future. By nailing every nail in his coffin they will make sure any parole is avoided or any legal loophole he may attempt in the future. I’d like them to show more of Nickolas’ face on the news, get the bois in his neighboring cells heated either to reorganize the pecking order or to bust his virginal bussy.
Andy Holmes
Andy Holmes 4 aylar önce
@Swamp Crotch McGee Suggesting rape doesn't make you a good person, no matter who the recipient is.
Swamp Crotch McGee
Swamp Crotch McGee 4 aylar önce
@Andy Holmes He murdered 17 innocent people. Who's side are you on?
Swamp Crotch McGee
Swamp Crotch McGee 4 aylar önce
Some shooters do this to get attention.
K L 4 aylar önce
He pleaded guilty already, insanity has been off the table since then. And even with an insanity plea, they don’t just let them out. They’re housed in a mental health facility for the rest today their lives.
Andy Holmes
Andy Holmes 4 aylar önce
The last part of your (otherwise informative) comment is offensive and unnecessary.
haunted dreams
haunted dreams 4 aylar önce
I've seen the pictures of the bodies and in all honesty it's the only crime/murder that has really gotten to me. I actually cried when seeing it all.
Ashley White
Ashley White 4 aylar önce
@wolfserv are you implying school shootings are hoaxes? what are you actually trying to get at
wolfserv 4 aylar önce
@Ashley White You said people died...so what did you witness?
Ashley White
Ashley White 4 aylar önce
@wolfserv 100% what are you talking about..
wolfserv 4 aylar önce
@Ashley White Describe what you witnessed during this government simulated active shooter event. Who did you see get shot and what were the circumstances?
Ashley White
Ashley White 4 aylar önce
@wolfserv people dying is fake?.. get a life
yellowhouseyall 4 aylar önce
Wow incredible reporting. This is heart wrenching.
Amazing Supergirl
Amazing Supergirl 4 aylar önce
Commenters appalled by this. They have kept a huge crime scene intact. It’s been saved for this very day when jurors would walk through and see it with their own eyes
Corbyn Luce
Corbyn Luce 4 aylar önce
Just heart stopping I thought they took the building down and put up a manorial for the victims but to see it still up gives me a eerie feeling and I’m sending prayers to the family’s
amanda 4 aylar önce
I can imagine these jurors could possibly seek counseling when this is all over. Would the state have any responsibility to provide that for them? Is there any help if they need it?
Amelia Barnish
Amelia Barnish 4 aylar önce
This is something I have been considering, this could definitely be traumatic.
Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown 4 aylar önce
One can only hope their souls are resting in peace and not trapped in that building forever . Unfortunately after a tragic death or murder, a lot of people don’t move on and they get stuck. I bet that building is infested with lost souls and so much pain and emotion. Kudos to her and max respect for have been brave enough to go inside and report back just how gruesome it really was .
Jasmine Allen
Jasmine Allen 3 aylar önce
This is What I was saying under another comment. Some of the souls may have moved on, some may have not. But we can only hope they all have. When you're still holding on to the victim, like their blood, typically its hard for them to leave the placed where they died.
ForeverSunny 4 aylar önce
What a talented reporter, I could see everything in my head and it’s horrifying.
Lula22 4 aylar önce
It gives me goosebumps! - I can see all those innocents laying there seeing and feeling their life diminishing for a reason that they couldn’t even imagine! The shooter WAS, IS and forever will be a monster! EVIL EVIL monster!!!!
Sara 4 aylar önce
horrific this reporter is amazing I'm in tears just listening to her talking about it.
Courtney 4 aylar önce
Couldn’t imagine being the jurors in this case.
Allaan Snackbar
Allaan Snackbar 4 aylar önce
My bet is he’ll get life in prison because of how sensitive our society has become to the death penalty. If Cruz doesn’t fear death then he would have killed himself by now.
Lisa Simpson Rules
Lisa Simpson Rules 4 aylar önce
@Victoria T Because he or she was against the death penalty?
Victoria T
Victoria T 4 aylar önce
@Lisa Simpson Rules yes, one juror was dismissed.
Courtney 4 aylar önce
@Lisa Simpson Rules some probably do, some probably don’t. That’s something they will have to decide
Lisa Simpson Rules
Lisa Simpson Rules 4 aylar önce
i haven't seen jury selection. Does anybody know if they were asked if they are against or support the death penalty?
Parris Watts
Parris Watts 4 aylar önce
Omg. So sad. I didn't know they left everything like it was. I thought they would've at least cleaned it up a little, since students still attended schools in other buildings. So sad...I really hope the parents can get some sort of closure. I cant imagine what they went through!
Shara Ash
Shara Ash 4 aylar önce
Soo ridiculous he's a monster to have committed this to innocent victims
Karin Koen
Karin Koen 4 aylar önce
Good luck to the families 🙏
Carl Carlson
Carl Carlson 4 aylar önce
Excellent reporting by this young lady... so Much Death and pain this monster caused. My prayers go out to the surviving members and family members. Help us God almighty.
Lovesrunning 4 aylar önce
I hope that they provide counselling for this jury after the trial. Members of the jury are bound to be traumatised as a result of this case.
🏡💕 Mars House
🏡💕 Mars House 4 aylar önce
Oh man when she read that quote that is on the 2nd floor wall I got intensely emotional…😭😭😭😭
C W 4 aylar önce
I didn’t know they allowed jurors to go to a crime scene. I wonder how many other cases have allowed this. On another note I hope the Sandy Hook conspiracies get laid to rest. Peace to these families.
Anastasia May
Anastasia May 3 aylar önce
@Kelly McDonell What point are you trying to make?
Kelly McDonell
Kelly McDonell 3 aylar önce
I believe sandy hook happened, but don’t you see a difference in these parents vs. the sandy hook parents? I do, and it’s strange.
Anastasia May
Anastasia May 3 aylar önce
Recently, The Sandy Hook families won a lawsuit again a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist and he admitted he was lying.
Dipti Shashi
Dipti Shashi 4 aylar önce
Appreciate her reporting🙏🏻
Official_corpse 4 aylar önce
Never knew it was untouched.. I can’t imagine a place that’s been left for 4 years exactly the way from a gruesome event
Lane Devore
Lane Devore 3 aylar önce
Real journalism. Thank you for this in this terrible situation
pyrobison2002 3 aylar önce
Toomuchlaffing 4 aylar önce
i can't believe they left the scene as it was for 4 years. that's absolutely haunting. i hope they demolish or clean it as soon as this is over
Julie Bowers
Julie Bowers 4 aylar önce
That's what I thought!!! How horrible!!
Morgan 4 aylar önce
They were waiting for this day.. once the trial is over they’re going to demolish the building
Michelle james
Michelle james 4 aylar önce
Great job reporting on such a sad and somber display of complete evil
Media One Sports
Media One Sports 4 aylar önce
The family victims/attorneys of the club shooting in Orlando were allowed to walk in the club and see the crime scene. Most of them didn't want to see it. The original building is now a memorial ▶️📢📣 by the way the reporter did a really good job describing the scene Cruz had the right to visit the crime scene but he told the judge he didn't want to
Claire Paterson
Claire Paterson 4 aylar önce
I wish Cruz had gone maybe it would hit home inside of him what he’s done.
jaimee king
jaimee king 4 aylar önce
This is heart wrenching 💔💔💔
payday64 4 aylar önce
When I was a kid I thought there was a monster that lives under my bed at night my mother told me that they didn't exist and there's nothing to be afraid of. But she could never be more wrong monsters do exist and right now one of them is on trial.
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 4 aylar önce
He was bullied that's what happens looser
Douglas Gilman
Douglas Gilman 4 aylar önce
I was not aware that the crime scene has been left intact for over 4 years, very interesting.
Bargeonin 4 aylar önce
The reporter is loving telling the details of what she saw
Toaster 4 aylar önce
I didn't know everything was preserved... that must be incredibly eerie to walk through and look at.
Carol Seven
Carol Seven 4 aylar önce
I didn’t know the building has been sealed. I don’t know how it can possibly reopen. The descriptions are so vivid and easy to visualize. Valentine’s Day will forever be tainted and a day of reflection for every single parent, student and faculty. I pray that some kind of memorial can be put in place to keep the names of the 17 alive, loudly remembered, drowning out the name that deserves to be obliterated and forgotten. God help them all.
RaymondHng 4 aylar önce
Not only was it Valentine's Day. Peter Wang was killed on the eve before Chinese New Year. It is a very important day in Chinese culture where family members travel to get together to celebrate and close out the year. Wang's mother had to cancel their Chinese New Year's Eve celebration. In Western culture, it is the equivalent of a death on the eve before Christmas and canceling Christmas celebrations altogether, taking down all decorations, putting away prepared food, returning presents, etc. From this day forward, the eve before Chinese New Year will always be a reminder of her son's murder and any plans to celebrate Chinese New Year will be cancelled. Hui Wang was inconsolable while her niece translated and read out her victim impact statement.
Carol Seven
Carol Seven 4 aylar önce
@SarahAnnWipeout thank you for letting me know!
SarahAnnWipeout 4 aylar önce
It will never be reopened, after the trial it will be demolished.
Kaliani Giselle Monroe
Kaliani Giselle Monroe 4 aylar önce
as sad as this is, it is very interesting as well. I really hope everyone involved with this gets mental health treatment and anything else they need
Bradley Harting
Bradley Harting 4 aylar önce
Imagine the students who have been attending this school post tragedy, having to see and walk next to this haunting building every day at school. As gross as it sounds, I can only imagine the smell that lingers from a building that's been tightly shut with no ventilation for years.
Fabiola Rodriguez
Fabiola Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
It doesn't help at all for the families grieving and healing process that that it took 4 years for the trial to happen and they're reliving all the details and seeing all the evidence now. So heartbreaking.
Maura D
Maura D 4 aylar önce
I don’t know how I would feel if the dried blood and body fluids of my child were still in that building even though I understand why. Also to know the building may be demolished with part of their bodies is not how I would want the remains to end up. Maybe thinking too much here but it doesn’t seem honorable to mix with concrete dust and other rubble. Maybe they have another plan for them and their personal items.
HOLY IS HE 4 aylar önce
I think they picked up their bodies completely to be autopsied. What’s left is blood
Canadian Free Press 🇨🇦
Canadian Free Press 🇨🇦 4 aylar önce
Christina did a great job describing what she seen and felt.
Slaw S
Slaw S 4 aylar önce
How was the scene and the pools of blood preserved for so long? Wow.
Slaw S
Slaw S 4 aylar önce
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