EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Man City 4-2 Tottenham | Another memorable Etihad comeback!

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Man City

Man City

2 aylar önce

A night to remember at the Etihad Stadium. A fantastic all round performance from Riyad Mahrez inspired a big win for a City team that were 2-0 down at half time. The Algerian chipped in with two goals and Julian Alvarez and Erling Haaland were also on the scoresheet.
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CHIRANTHA Aylar önce
Mahrez: control, first touch, key passes, assists, precision shots, dribbling... monster!
Mohamed BENZAID 18 gün önce
Great performance by Riad MAHREZ
Dawid Michalski
Dawid Michalski 20 gün önce
@Raid With Noobie panem et circenses," bread and circuses... 4.32 min satanic symbol on hand Alvarez !! 😡🤮🐑🐑🐑. MATRIX
Huzaifa Gill
Huzaifa Gill Aylar önce
Controversial? wtf Fernandez was not offside
Arif Priyadi
Arif Priyadi Aylar önce
Comeback sempurna city Mahrez+asis kiper👍👍
It makes me so emotional, very good player
MH Faruky
MH Faruky Aylar önce
Mahrez 2 goals 2 assists What a performance❤❤
Blind Ben
Blind Ben 16 gün önce
2 goals 1 assist*
Yxles ツ
Yxles ツ 21 gün önce
@Firoz Khan what the frick
Firoz Khan
Firoz Khan Aylar önce
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Firoz Khan
Firoz Khan Aylar önce
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Firoz Khan
Firoz Khan Aylar önce
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Jazz London
Jazz London Aylar önce
What a come back. Hard to believe. Thanks Mahrez, thanks Man City for the beautiful game.
Carlos Digitals
Carlos Digitals Aylar önce
Rahil ehan
Rahil ehan Aylar önce
Mahrez plays football like his life depends on it. Man! What a player he is. Been saying for a long time, he is the most underrated player of this generation
Vox *
Vox * Aylar önce
@Håkan Göran He doesn't get the recognition he deserves
Håkan Göran
Håkan Göran Aylar önce
He's playing for one of the best teams in the world if not the best of em all, how is he underrated
Kevin Levron
Kevin Levron Aylar önce
Mahrez was the best player in the whole matchday , he was behind any actions of the mancity possibilities goals fabulous day for great Algerian player keep going we are proud of you 🇩🇿
New piri 2 game play
New piri 2 game play Aylar önce
Faço game play de Efootball 2023 com jogadores como Neymar, mbappe , Messi em times brasileiros, testo vários times da segunda divisão gosto de ver eles com camisas da segundona , convido vcs a depois passarem lá
La La
La La Aylar önce
tot mu fc media
Mahdi Zehani
Mahdi Zehani Aylar önce
Yes we are so proud
Radwan Abdul Rahman
Radwan Abdul Rahman Aylar önce
Guinness Aylar önce
Rico Lewis ran him close
Fares Mostefai
Fares Mostefai Aylar önce
Riyad Mahrez The beauty of his goals, passes and dribbling, especially his first touch
Francis Clemente
Francis Clemente Aylar önce
Mahrez, pure class. He is one of the main reason Leicester City won the league back in 2015-2016 season.
New piri 2 game play
New piri 2 game play Aylar önce
Faço game play de Efootball 2023 com jogadores como Neymar, mbappe , Messi em times brasileiros, testo vários times da segunda divisão gosto de ver eles com camisas da segundona , convido vcs a depois passarem lá
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma Aylar önce
And city won last 2 years bcz of him
Nwokejihe Ayodele
Nwokejihe Ayodele Aylar önce
i thought it was Kante?
Sneaky Uploader_4
Sneaky Uploader_4 Aylar önce
@Bzar 315 Drinkwater only looked good thanks to Kante, who did the work of 2 players. Drinkwater could put his feet up and light a cigar, while Kante bossed the midfield on his own.
Sneaky Uploader_4
Sneaky Uploader_4 Aylar önce
@Dustins Rhodes Mahrez couldn't do anything without Kante creating the space for him and winning back possession hundreds of times. Kante's ball recoveries were the reason Leicester were so hard to beat and the springboard for Vardy and Mahrez to do damage up the other end. Without Kante, Leicester finished nowhere the next season and Mahrez was completely ineffective.
Arun Baburaj
Arun Baburaj Aylar önce
Mahrez is too underrated winger. He makes chances, he can score, and trackback also. His ball control is amazing 💙
New piri 2 game play
New piri 2 game play Aylar önce
Faço game play de Efootball 2023 com jogadores como Neymar, mbappe , Messi em times brasileiros, testo vários times da segunda divisão gosto de ver eles com camisas da segundona , convido vcs a depois passarem lá
Maxime Ciesla
Maxime Ciesla Aylar önce
Hi Arun, I'm Max. Have we met and work together in Sydney?
Billy Jeans
Billy Jeans Aylar önce
@jamal qawasmeh Learn to read, I said Mahrez is a very great player, just a bit inconsistent.. there is no hate
jamal qawasmeh
jamal qawasmeh Aylar önce
@Billy Jeans keep the hate to your self
Kerwin Pierre
Kerwin Pierre Aylar önce
Only The Most Amazing in the PL.
Aashish Shrestha
Aashish Shrestha Aylar önce
What a comeback by Mahrez City ❤️🔥
Aashish Shrestha
Aashish Shrestha Aylar önce
@L’empereur travel bro tyo game ma vaneko maile, natra ta haland nai best cha ni
L’empereur travel
L’empereur travel Aylar önce
@Aashish Shrestha mahrez na vanna Haaland is the best
Aashish Shrestha
Aashish Shrestha Aylar önce
@L’empereur travel ho bro
Alfonso Martinez Gamez
Alfonso Martinez Gamez Aylar önce
El rey de Argelia maharez
L’empereur travel
L’empereur travel Aylar önce
Tmi nepali ho bro ???
Dave TV
Dave TV Aylar önce
Ederson's error led to the first goal and his assist led to the last. What a redemption for him. Mahrez is absolutely phenomenal since after the World Cup. What a comeback from the comeback Kings!
HarderUploadz Aylar önce
@Goodman Mandlenkosi That’s why they lost and we won the UCL last year 👍🏽 hell yea! HALA MADRID‼️‼️‼️
Goodman Mandlenkosi
Goodman Mandlenkosi Aylar önce
Come back Kings 🤣🤣 City knows Real Madrid very well
HarderUploadz Aylar önce
come back kings? That’s Madrid.
Sky Karim
Sky Karim Aylar önce
Mahrez since 2014 in the PL: 81 goals 53 assists Plenty of skills and show Pl legend
Abdou Adjimi
Abdou Adjimi 17 gün önce
@Manon Sur Mugdho no he's a right wing
Mohamed BENZAID 18 gün önce
@Chalk and Board clearly you don't know football. Out !!
Mohamed BENZAID 18 gün önce
@Chalk and Board Mahrez is Algerian and proud of it. He is not Pakistani. So you go play cricket. You don't know anything about football; Out!!
Mohamed BENZAID 18 gün önce
@Chalk and Board Mahrez is Algerian and proud of it. He is not Pakistani. So you go play cricket. You don't know anything about football; Out!!
Mohamed BENZAID 18 gün önce
@Abdou Adjimi Absolutely
LeMondeChico Aylar önce
What an amazing comeback! Riyad Mahrez what a player, MOTM! But also big shout out for Rico Lewis and Rodri as well! All the guys on the pitch worked hard to comeback. Come on City!
Peter Yang
Peter Yang Aylar önce
Mahrez was amazing... but Ake needs more recognition. He was so good this game.
FreeThinker040 Aylar önce
@Kita Gakpo scored a goal in every group game
Blazer Aylar önce
For Ake I concur definitely
jamal qawasmeh
jamal qawasmeh Aylar önce
no Mahrez is amazing and the man of the match, don't try downplaying
Trxvis Montana
Trxvis Montana Aylar önce
it’s a dutch thing
SebSk Aylar önce
@WhatEver "Loan spill" is that Kiwi for loan spell or is it a term I didn't know about a failed loan spell :p
Dziese Kets
Dziese Kets Aylar önce
I love Mahrez, what a talent.. coming from a Manchester United Fan...🫶
الصيدلانية سهام Siham Pharmacist
الصيدلانية سهام Siham Pharmacist Aylar önce
PlainPriv Aylar önce
Mahrez 2 goals What a performance from the Algerian. Keep that going!
Liom Aylar önce
not 2 assists wtf u on abt
Israelhm7 Aylar önce
He didn’t get 2 assists lmao
Denny Sugardo
Denny Sugardo Aylar önce
Not a city fan but what a player Mahrez is!
Reda DZ
Reda DZ Aylar önce
@~david's right nut~ he is enjoying good football as we all do.
~david's right nut~
~david's right nut~ Aylar önce
"not a city fan" what u doing on the city channel then
G Ch
G Ch Aylar önce
ساهم بالاول وصنع الثاني وسجل الثالث والرابع لاعب خرافي حروز 💚
Jamil haikal
Jamil haikal Aylar önce
I had a chill in my body watching Mehrez doing such phenomenal performance, what a player , keep it up brother
Alan Ricci
Alan Ricci Aylar önce
What a player Mahrez, congratulations to the whole team, it was a huge match made by man city!
Abdou Bob
Abdou Bob Aylar önce
Considering that I am an Algerian and a fan of Riyad Mahrez, my message to the Manchester City fans is that Mahrez was frustrated at the World Cup, and here he is again. I want you to encourage him in the next interview, and I support him to do more. He will be essential in the upcoming interviews, as he is the savior. Thank you to all the Man City fans. Congratulations. Riyad Mahrez 💪💪
Redondo thoo
Redondo thoo Aylar önce
@Frank Castle Qualif stage is not the WC but i get it now, thnx for the answer.
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Aylar önce
@Redondo thoo 2022. The elimination vs Cameroon was painful and Mahrez wasn’t there mentally after that
Redondo thoo
Redondo thoo Aylar önce
which world cup?😂
Abderrahim Merdas
Abderrahim Merdas Aylar önce
Wow ! Amazing match 😍 All respect to Mahrez ♥️
PMP Subba
PMP Subba Aylar önce
Mahrez ......🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Big ups to whole team .. played it like a champ .. Come on city ✊✊✊
Affan Abdhiellah
Affan Abdhiellah Aylar önce
What a comeback. Magic move from Mahrez to scores and win the game.
Fabi Galaxy Tv
Fabi Galaxy Tv Aylar önce
Mahrez is always doing fine, golden skills. Rodri + Mahrez =greatness🔥🔥
Pro메테우스 Aylar önce
Nobody can stop Mahrez with gloves
الصيدلانية سهام Siham Pharmacist
الصيدلانية سهام Siham Pharmacist Aylar önce
Hatem Kotb
Hatem Kotb Aylar önce
gringopablo Aylar önce
Yes... May and June can stop him, like always.
The1Mustache3 Aylar önce
He does love his gloves in a cold day.
hakim philosophie
hakim philosophie Aylar önce
After destroying Chelsea twice, it was Tottenham's turn for Mahrez to explode again and present a classy match. He did everything, assisted a goal, participated in scoring a goal and scored two goals.
World Weltweit
World Weltweit Aylar önce
Mahrez simply world class ❤
Muhammad Muhaznun
Muhammad Muhaznun Aylar önce
What a come back....Mahrez,Halland,Alvarez❤️
Shreked Aylar önce
thats my boy mahrez taking on the game and making an amazing comeback 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
Rohit Jobish
Rohit Jobish Aylar önce
Mahrez is playing peak football. This should be his prime form. Dude's giving the vibes of neymar and ozil simultaneously.
Kinene Yacine
Kinene Yacine Aylar önce
Since returning from a break due to the World Cup, Mahrez is the best player in the Premier League Yesterday in front of Tottenham, he gave an imaginary performance that was behind all the dangerous attempts. I hope he continues at this level Nathan Ake also played a game at the top, but one of the best players in the recent period is Rico Lewis, despite his young age, he is a mature player and has great skills. He reminds me of Philip Lam and Joshua Kimmich.
lucho.bajcetic Aylar önce
rashford better LLLLL
New piri 2 game play
New piri 2 game play Aylar önce
Faço game play de Efootball 2023 com jogadores como Neymar, mbappe , Messi em times brasileiros, testo vários times da segunda divisão gosto de ver eles com camisas da segundona , convido vcs a depois passarem lá
Master Puppet
Master Puppet Aylar önce
Top kek. Not even close.
SPIKEBURN-X Aylar önce
So much trolling
SPIKEBURN-X Aylar önce
@Niccolo Sun Nope u troll.
Crystal Winny
Crystal Winny Aylar önce
What a game what a come back, Mahrez on fire🔥
mista foot
mista foot Aylar önce
Mahrez put on a masterclass in this game.
Wahid Ninan
Wahid Ninan Aylar önce
Mahrez has played very very well. What a outstanding player he is! Mahrez, Haland and Alvarez's make amazing combination.
Mubarak Abdiwali
Mubarak Abdiwali Aylar önce
The man who made me love this game Mahrez 🥰
Hesoyam Aylar önce
That movement from mahrez on the second goal was fkn gorgeous
Marco MB
Marco MB Aylar önce
Just WOW. That Mahrez, what a player.
Supriyatno channel
Supriyatno channel Aylar önce
Amazing Mahrez, great comeback...congratulation MC...👍👍
Dz Casanova
Dz Casanova Aylar önce
Mahrez pure masterclass 🔥
Irshad Aratco
Irshad Aratco Aylar önce
What a come back 🔥
Jerry Ngobeni
Jerry Ngobeni Aylar önce
I want us to not overlook Rodri's performances, He was terrific in this game. And he is always excellent and I feel like we as a fanbase do not appreciate him as much as united fans do Casemiro or Liverpool fans do Fabinho. Let's give Rodrigo some love too. A consistent performer in this city squad.
Senka Aylar önce
@garryleerob First goal is 101% Ederson's fault, he passed a good 2 meters away from where Rodri was, and in opposite direction to where he was running also. Second goal it was a great tackle by Kane, unexpected, you can't blame Rodri for that, for not tackling in the penalty area and/or giving away a corner or even worse, a penalty. Rodri was responsible for City's second goal tho.
Emile Van Gheem
Emile Van Gheem Aylar önce
@garryleerobsecond goal was somewhat rodri’s fault still brilliant of Kane. The first one is 100% Ederson’s fault. If he had just played the ball, like Rodri wanted, onto Rodri’s left foot (where the space was) there wouldn’t have been a problem. Bad vision and bad pass of Ederson but I do agree second goal was complacent of Rodri. You would never see that lack of intensity from casemiro
Jerry Ngobeni
Jerry Ngobeni Aylar önce
​@The Fair Observer No he's not. the only mistake he has made that led to a goal so far was against Everton. And he has created way more goals. Even in this game, he was directly involved in two goals, and also that nice pass to Halaand which I believe should have scored. Rodrigo does so many good things for this team. This man made a goal-line save for us last season against Liverpool and that helped us win the league. I can name a thousand good things Rodri does for us and you wouldn't even get to 10 bad ones. I am not going to argue with someone who clearly does not watch Rodri play.
Edgardo Lopez
Edgardo Lopez Aylar önce
@garryleerobthe second your analysis is accurate but on the first not a chance. Ederson has only himself to blame. You don’t pass to someone with an attacker right on his back like that in front of goal. Not to mention Edersons pass was off to Rodris right. The best he could do was try and kick it away from goal.
garryleerob Aylar önce
@The Fair Observer It seems not many have spotted that. For the first it was a std pass from Ederson ( albeit not the most accurate) when under pressure to a near defender or midfielder to create space and safety, Rodri was complacent. Notice after the goal Ederson goes mad at Rodri who just drops his head. He knew he'd been lazy. The second... the commentator says, '' What a good tackle by Rodri.'' It WASN'T Kane won the ball!! Rodri was probably trying not too hard fearful of conceding a penalty. But Rodri put nothing behind that tackle...and having the ball blasted at him from 4 yds Ederson did well to react... the good luck was with the striker. Ederson although not his best can't be blamed for everything.
Farrezz_ Aylar önce
What a COMBACK!🔥💙
Maria Mothapa
Maria Mothapa Aylar önce
Alvarez as a side winger is more dangerous than him playing as a striker.... the work rate is unmatched.. .. then Mahrez I have no words you just awesome
Sanyam Sachdeva
Sanyam Sachdeva Aylar önce
Alvarez > haaland atm
AmAn Aylar önce
@Dr. qool Remove the price tag of 100M and you can see he is a great player for city
Dr. qool
Dr. qool Aylar önce
Grealish should stop playing
Lyn oluoch
Lyn oluoch Aylar önce
Then Pep will play him LB in the next game😂😂😑
AmAn Aylar önce
@no recoil gaming exactly! His pressing won him 2 out of 4 goals in the world cup
Anissou Bad
Anissou Bad Aylar önce
C'est l'année de Mahrez, il faut juste que Guardiola le laisse jouer et ne pas casser son rythme.
Madam Madam
Madam Madam Aylar önce
C'est vrai
azerty azzur
azerty azzur Aylar önce
إن شاء الله..🇩🇿🙏
Poultryfarm Guide
Poultryfarm Guide Aylar önce
Mahrex has been exceptional this season.
Lesedi Cwaile
Lesedi Cwaile Aylar önce
Fighting spirit of City is on another level. Mahrez all i van say is WOW😍
Inno Pondani
Inno Pondani Aylar önce
What a come back... Mahrez is on fire
Alyte On The Beat
Alyte On The Beat Aylar önce
What marvelous come back. Superb game for City 🌃
Ziaud Zoheb
Ziaud Zoheb Aylar önce
Rodri and mahrez the unsung duo ...that passes to mahrez from rodri ..so many times ..either mahrez scores ..or mahrez puts it in the box for someone ...those passes are spot on
Mahlatse Seaga
Mahlatse Seaga Aylar önce
@Arture Nobel I think it's because KDB likes drifting to the right and swinging crosses to Haaland. Then Mahrez just stand there with nothing to do. KDB does not link with Mahrez. But Bernado can link well with Mahrez
Tevin Muchiri
Tevin Muchiri Aylar önce
Reda DZ
Reda DZ Aylar önce
@Arture Nobel kdb does not like mahrez coz he does not want to him to steal the show ..look his reaction when Mahrez scored his second goal, kdb was not happy at all. This is not the first time
Nguyen Quang
Nguyen Quang Aylar önce
@Arture Nobelbecause sometimes debruyen and Cancelo tried way too hard to find a good pass, cancelo is the example,he always try to bring the ball forward too much
Arture Nobel
Arture Nobel Aylar önce
But Mahrez performance is poor when he play with De Bruyne and Cancelo, it’s strange
𝐐𝐮𝐚𝐠𝐦𝐢𝐫𝐞 ☠
𝐐𝐮𝐚𝐠𝐦𝐢𝐫𝐞 ☠ Aylar önce
*Riyad Mahre is all about the first touch* 🔥
OP Gaming
OP Gaming Aylar önce
First Mahrez goal is a pure beauty
Christian Ilekenri
Christian Ilekenri Aylar önce
I love 💕 the spirit and Passion of Haaland, what a guy . Indeed is a beast , love from Chelsea
Bayramov Bakhtiyar
Bayramov Bakhtiyar Aylar önce
What a comeback🔥👍
Poukhinlung Gonmei
Poukhinlung Gonmei Aylar önce
Wat a come back...goosebumps
Widodo Xl
Widodo Xl Aylar önce
mahrez playing like a beast 🔥🔥🔥
Prasl tgk
Prasl tgk Aylar önce
Amazing comeback. No ego
Ramos Ray
Ramos Ray Aylar önce
Thanks you Man City for uploading this extended highlight, you delivered my request.
Dude Kuzma
Dude Kuzma Aylar önce
Amazing Mahrez...pass and 2 goal 👍
Bubble Baba
Bubble Baba Aylar önce
What a amazing performance by mahrez 🥰
Johnny Berry VOB ♪
Johnny Berry VOB ♪ Aylar önce
assistir o man city a jogar é terapia , melhor time do mundo
ThePhenomenon Aylar önce
Mahrez giving flash back to his performance with Leister.
الصيدلانية سهام Siham Pharmacist
الصيدلانية سهام Siham Pharmacist Aylar önce
Roni Firmansyah
Roni Firmansyah Aylar önce
IVAR SN Aylar önce
الجزائر فخورة جدا بما يقدمه إبنها المحارب رياض محرز 💛💚 _ أمير العرب 👑
CARPE DIEM Aylar önce
What a second half Blues...what a football!!! Bravo City, bravo!!!! From Spain, I enjoy!!!☺☺☺
Keyring Aylar önce
holy... one of the best comebacks ive seen in a while for sure 🔥
Itx Mayar Gaming
Itx Mayar Gaming Aylar önce
That goalkeeper pass 🔥🔥
Jenny Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen Aylar önce
Mahrez was the best footballer today ! I very like his performers
Mister X
Mister X Aylar önce
Mahrez + Grealish = tremendous
Jatin Malhotra
Jatin Malhotra Aylar önce
What a comeback man amazing 💪🏻
Isumafe David
Isumafe David Aylar önce
This Etihad stadium is the NEW HOME of COMEBACKS..🔥🔥 So many great comebacks here.. I like the spirit of champion in them..✨🥳🙌🏽
Awesome Anvit
Awesome Anvit Aylar önce
That long pass and the finish 😮
Varanasi Sunrise
Varanasi Sunrise Aylar önce
Wow, what a great comeback!
Rocco Marciano
Rocco Marciano Aylar önce
Mahrez fuego 🔥 MCFC Lifers 🤜 💙 🤛
Rose Ndombi
Rose Ndombi Aylar önce
Man city is is 2nd best
Whistle Tone
Whistle Tone Aylar önce
24Sevn7 Aylar önce
Proud of Mahrez very incredible ball game today We miss de bruyne
Wj76 Aylar önce
Mahrez the difference maker…beautiful comeback!
Wj76 Aylar önce
Commented this before his goals! Quite amazing
Abi Fabian
Abi Fabian Aylar önce
Mahrez MVP, what a performance
João André Lopes
João André Lopes Aylar önce
Riyad Mahrez, o melhor jogador africano da actualidade
unknown Aylar önce
Cuantos errores cometió el Totenham en la de defensa, un equipo como el M. City no perdona. Gran victoria!
Broshge Aylar önce
first goal 3:05 second goal: 3:44 third goal: 4:25 fourth goal 5:16 fifth goal: 7:24 sixths goal: 9:03
Rafet Rpf
Rafet Rpf Aylar önce
Phillip Miga
Phillip Miga Aylar önce
And all of them in one side of the the field
Streamchat Aylar önce
What a come back city ❤️😍 beautiful to watch
beegamaster Aylar önce
what a game for man city ! great comeback and important win ☺
Girl named Em’
Girl named Em’ Aylar önce
One of the sweetest games this year yet, A new year gift.
amine dautch
amine dautch Aylar önce
Naman Jain
Naman Jain Aylar önce
that 3rd goal by mahrez was so good and precise.
Iwan Andriansyah
Iwan Andriansyah Aylar önce
Epic comeback by Manchester City 🔥🔥
LYE KAH KIT Aylar önce
Riyad Mahrez-Algerian beast,what a game,what a comeback.
Agustin Lipari
Agustin Lipari Aylar önce
2:33 That pass of Alvarez was so perfect. It´s Pure class in one simple action
ambessa shield
ambessa shield Aylar önce
As an arsenal fan, the only player I would want from city is Mahrez! What a baller!
mutoni florence
mutoni florence 18 gün önce
What an awesome performance this was!...so epic
Erased Spirit
Erased Spirit Aylar önce
Mahrez on fire rn. Rico Lewis is a promising youngster. Ake was brilliant
الصيدلانية سهام Siham Pharmacist
الصيدلانية سهام Siham Pharmacist Aylar önce
The comeback of Mahrez Lister city fire🔥
Boadi Lawrence
Boadi Lawrence Aylar önce
Niccolo Sun
Niccolo Sun Aylar önce
Let’s hope we continue and it’s us during Champions League!!!
Stosh English
Stosh English Aylar önce
Ironically that's Spurs this season!🤪
Mancity with all my heart
Mancity with all my heart Aylar önce
What a team 💙
Joshua Wainaina
Joshua Wainaina Aylar önce
Riyad Mahrez was on fire that second half
Wahyu Diatmika
Wahyu Diatmika Aylar önce
Great game and wonderful skill Mahrez 👏
Sreeraj Karanamkattil
Sreeraj Karanamkattil Aylar önce
Maharez did it for City this time as always loved the assist by Ederson
JD Marshall
JD Marshall Aylar önce
Mahrez when he's *on* is quietly your best player, give him his flowers, he's incredible
Prosper Hope
Prosper Hope Aylar önce
Mahrez is on fire scored 4 versus Chelsea this season two totenham one liverpool he is turning to a big game player unstoppable city
Arif Febrianto
Arif Febrianto Aylar önce
The way mahrez fist touch, control, dribling, trackback, assist, finishing.. remember me about Leo Messi on his prime time... What a goergeus player...
TheKane Aylar önce
What a great match it was!
rongo gtk
rongo gtk Aylar önce
OMG what a Come Back City 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dönen evde yaşamak ister miydiniz?🤔🏠 #shorts
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Karma Moments in Football
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Kuzey Yanık
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Morocco Vs Spain Penalties #shorts #football
Football Phonic
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LAND ON IT & WIN!🎁 #shorts #football
Abel El Jackson
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Alex müthiş sıyrıldı off
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