Change Your BRAIN By Using These Hacks to Increase Your DOPAMINE | Dr. Andrew Huberman

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Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu

2 aylar önce

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Dopamine is not a new topic. People have been obsessing and hearing about dopamine and its role in human behavior for years. You may think of it as the feel-good happy hormone, or you may associate it with addiction, love, lust and sex. As our lives convert over to a totally digital experience that is with us everywhere we are in the form of a cell phone, dopamine detox has even started gaining in popularity. Dr. Andrew Huberman from the Huberman Lab is back again to unpack some of the more surprising discoveries and uses of dopamine. He cleverly relates dopamine to being a biological currency that has a role to play in human desire for more. Dopamine is the catalyst pushing humanity forward exploring things like cryptocurrency and pushing our limitations and what is possible, but is all of that for the sake of pleasure and feeling good? Dr. Huberman breaks down the eternal balance of pain and pleasure, arousal and relaxation and gives you the insight you need to start regulating your body’s dopamine release. If you thought dopamine was all about feeling good, Dr. Huberman is about to reveal why it’s more about what motivates you in the pursuit of something greater.


0:00 | Introduction Dr. Andrew Huberman
0:56 | Dopamine the Biological Currency
6:51 | Releasing Dopamine
10:38 | Hormonal Signaling
14:34 | Can We Spike Dopamine?
21:00 | Value the Pursuit & the Dips
25:40 | Balance of Pain and Pleasure
31:23 | Self Regulation of Dopamine
38:28 | Dopamine and Time Perception
44:31 | Dopamine and Overindulging
49:05 | Action Based Denial
52:42 | Using Rules & Dopamine
58:27 | Ways to Get Motivated


“When I say dopamine is the universal currency of everything, what I mean is, it's driving the motivation to develop new currencies.” [ 3:08 ]

“Celebrating the win more than the pursuit, it actually sets you up for failure in the future.” [ 16:00 ]

“If you can start to register that craving, and that friction and that desire, that almost kind of low level of agitation, sometimes high level of agitation [...] that's dopamine...” [ 17:54 ]

“Your capacity to tap into dopamine as a motivator, not just seeking dopamine rewards, that is infinite.” [ 19:34 ]

“It's the craving that makes me feel alive. So it's the state of wanting that is in and of itself, the pleasurable act.” [ 22:37 ]

“It doesn't matter if it's Bitcoin or aetherium, it doesn't matter if it's putting rockets on other planets, it doesn't matter if it's building the first automobile, it's the same currency.” [ 25:27 ]

“Dopamine itself is not the reward. It's the build up to the reward, and the reward has more of a kind of opioid bliss like property,” [ 29:51 ]

“The more pain you experience, the more dopamine you can achieve. If you get back on the avenue of pursuit.” [ 30:58 ]

“I would say addiction is a progressive narrowing of the things that bring you pleasure, and I don't like to comment too much on enlightenment, [...] but a good life is a progressive expansion of the things that bring you pleasure, and even better is a good life is a progressive expansion of the things that bring you pleasure and includes pleasure through motivation and hard work. “ [ 32:55 ]

“If you think about most of the growth in life comes from these rigidly externally imposed schedules and we hate them. But they are where we learn restraint” [ 52:42 ]

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Tom Bilyeu
Tom Bilyeu 2 aylar önce
What are your favorite brain optimization hacks?
Teak701 Gün önce
@Aurelius G what dosages do you use? Also, I thought Huberman recommended magnesium bisglycinate, not magnesium l-threonate?
S rinaldi
S rinaldi 2 gün önce
Michael Amos
Michael Amos 18 gün önce
OH! I got this. I wouldn't diverge from this....recipe and expect optimal results. That being said categorical transcendence IS on the table here. Place 1 minimum 8" tall Pilsner glass in the freezer for 47 hours. THEN pour... 2 oz. Dripping Springs Gin 1 completely eviscerated half lime...just squeeze the fuck out of it, and if it's a shitty lime with a bad attitude, use the whole thing. I CAN show you how to execute on this with only a main course fork. 1/4 1 full oz. Pom pure pomegranit (sp?) juice. 6 large, only just ripe blueberries muddled (like the zombies in your last halloween movie) to a pulp. --smack that pint glass into your shaker and dance to Stairway To Heaven (6 min.s) while shaking. Dump into that huge chilled glass. Top to the brim with Feverfew Tonic (any variety...they got a bunch). Get naked, look upwards, and pour the entire contents out over your face with your mouth open. Swallow as much of it as you can, and ALLLLLLLL will become clear in approximately 4 minutes and 32 seconds. Sayin'.
Sarah P
Sarah P 18 gün önce
Questioning literally everything and knowing I will never get all the answers. And that's okay. It's part of the beauty of life. It's motivating to know there will always be an infinite amount of knowledge for me to strive for.
Smart Photo Vault
Smart Photo Vault Aylar önce
Ramone Cloyd
Ramone Cloyd 4 saatler önce
You watch this your bless
SomethingBeautiful Gün önce
Thank you! This is one of my favorite, Tom! I really needed to see this at this time 🦉
Vagner JVCS
Vagner JVCS Gün önce
It's beautiful to see the resonance of all that's been said here with: → philosophy, with its logical grammar rigor → religion, the practice and belief in mystery and revelation; and → art, a masterfully viewpoint synthesized from extracts picked out of the chaotic reality
Alicia Jamieson
Alicia Jamieson 3 gün önce
Ahhh.... Dopamine having to do with time perception makes a ton of sense. We even have a saying for it... "Time flies when you're having fun."
Relge2010 4 gün önce
This is the best video I've ever watched on youtube. Hands down.
Melissa Oliphant
Melissa Oliphant 4 gün önce
I love Andrew.
Andrei C
Andrei C 4 gün önce
this is pretty mindblowing, every sentence of his is basically a great quote.
Tony Wouters
Tony Wouters 5 gün önce
Nevermind "dopamine fast" and "nofap" and whatnot. Finally there's something concise to directly address why I feel so lazy all the time.
X90niY02 5 gün önce
1hr is a long time - but this talk is worth every second of it.
Tyson Ely
Tyson Ely 6 gün önce
Really great video. I learned some things about myself.
steve hook
steve hook 6 gün önce
Love Andrew Huberman - hate the adverts.
Jan Morgan Orr
Jan Morgan Orr 8 gün önce
Great Content Guys! I thought it was extremely interesting about the way we slice up time in relation to the amounts of dopamine our brains are producing and Tom’s trick for putting himself back to sleep with the AirPods is interesting also. I find it easier to fall back to sleep also if I put on something like a book or ted talk or something… seems to keep my mind from racing around. Thanks Guys! :)
La Push
La Push 9 gün önce
Tom always superficially acts amazed at things that he knows and has heard a million times.
MrTLocked 10 gün önce
There’s a 100% chance after shaking someone’s hand that the first thing I touch is faucet handles, NOT my face
Dad Swag
Dad Swag 10 gün önce
I was just asking how I could create this last night. I kept noticing even sitting down to do a task I’d get Anxious and look for sweets or scroll Facebook. I was like hold up. I run this ship. How can I make the task I’m doing create the dopamine hit? Once I asked this question last night I found answers. And even more answers through this video.
Vagner C_S
Vagner C_S 10 gün önce
18:04 Nietzsche, ok. Machiavelli, pass.
Oneday App
Oneday App 11 gün önce
How could be explained that I can wake up at any hour I want (15 mints up or down) without an alarm?
Oneday App
Oneday App 11 gün önce
Everybody should see this video and undesrtand this concepts
Trevor Finn
Trevor Finn 11 gün önce
It's amazing to have access to this kind of information. Great interview!
VdFzN 11 gün önce
This man is great👌👌👌👌👌👌
Poker Princess
Poker Princess 11 gün önce
I notice that I like a lot of change and new. My hack is instead of allowing myself to get bored and stop my research, I just switch back and forth between sources or modes. It's akin to the scaffolding technique that teachers use in the classroom. I don't need the reward of frequent breaks when I just switch it up.
marcia bunn
marcia bunn 13 gün önce
thank you!
David Gardner
David Gardner 14 gün önce
As someone who naturally has excess dopamine I can say that there are plenty of negative side affects as well. Suprised how he doesn't mention any of these.
Chrys Art
Chrys Art 14 gün önce
WOW! The dynamic duo dueling with dopamine. A big thank you for making this knowledge available to the public ❤️
Truth Seeking
Truth Seeking 15 gün önce
I feel cheated, as what you discussed is Hinduism in a nutshell and you guys did not even give credit. An off hand credit was given to Chi but not to Gita and other ancient scriptures.
Dean Riley
Dean Riley 15 gün önce
Ignoring negative comments/haters is a great rewarding dopamine tip.
Babette Shine
Babette Shine 16 gün önce
Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile 16 gün önce
Tendenightis? Ear NOISES CAN you give insight?
Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile 16 gün önce
What causes Tendentious : Ringing, & buzzing noise in our ears.? ? We need to understand more insight. Can we HEAL IT??? 👂👂👂🦻🦻🦻👌👌
Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile 16 gün önce
Great information, man!!! DOPAMINE. Is there a Deficiency when experiencing ALL KINDS TYPES CHRONIC Exhaustion FATIGUE, DECISION FATIGUE, COMPASSION FATIGUE, SYMPATHY Fatigue, EMPATHY FATIGUE, etc. Exhausted whole body system???? What is failing to function or regulate??? Please 🙏🥺
Kid Ghost
Kid Ghost 16 gün önce
I looked them up to see if they’re quacks. They’re not. Looks like change ahead. Ps. What about all the commercials forced on humans? No offense.
Thomas Franz
Thomas Franz 16 gün önce
This was absolutely fascinating and great! There's a lot of popular figures out there who just talk bs, abuse science, mislead, are purists, can't think nuanced, want to be special, and try to sell you something while pretending that they want to help. Dr. Huberman ain't one of those, he's actually helping others, sharing solid and nuanced information and moving the needle forward. Amazing! Love and strength, Thomas
Vagner JVCS
Vagner JVCS 17 gün önce
I'm reading again Ecclesiastes after this podcast. There are some parallels that I see on craving, motivation, purpose.
Paris 17 gün önce
Hi Tom. amazing video. If you or one of your staff see my comment, Would you please name the book that you mentioned about neuroplasticity? Much’s about min 38-39 of this video I think.
Melissa McFadden
Melissa McFadden 17 gün önce
I wonder if that is why certain ppl are addicted to toxic relationships, because the pain is addictive?
Shatika James
Shatika James 18 gün önce
This seems to describe what I experienced after completing my doctoral degree. Thereafter, it was as if my motivation for medical inquiry was broken. Maybe I need a dopamine fast....
Murad Bagirov
Murad Bagirov 18 gün önce
Energy en behind the scenes aangeven , vul details in. Of scereenplay. Derde categorie ook n markering.
Jeff Wishes
Jeff Wishes 19 gün önce
What’s the creepy whisper at around 11:22? Stop that
nick jas
nick jas 19 gün önce
strange how the topics coveverd in this conversation differs on screen and youtube timeline
Jessika O'Brien
Jessika O'Brien 19 gün önce
If you're a Huberman fan, you know he's not crazy about the term "hacking" to refer to tools you can use to optimize performance. It's not hacking, it's just following nature's design.
Blue Collar Consciousness
Blue Collar Consciousness 20 gün önce
Huberman’s channel is 🔥
Sidhant Saini
Sidhant Saini 20 gün önce
Thanks Tom and Dr. Andrew for this Episode. Much of the eye opening content here.
Bodyworks Prime
Bodyworks Prime 21 gün önce
Excellent interview! This articulated so many ideas that took me years to stumble upon via trial and error. Would have loved to have seen this years ago.
Rafael Gomez
Rafael Gomez 21 gün önce
90 % of DOPAMINE & SEROTONIN is secreted in the GUT ...the effect of GUT over BRAIN is stronger than brain over gut
Claudian Reyn
Claudian Reyn 21 gün önce
The road is more important than the final destination.
A Q Saggu
A Q Saggu 22 gün önce
Tom you have improved as a listener, one can see from this show.
Lora Zick
Lora Zick 23 gün önce
I totally agree that they should teach neuroscience in school. Yes ,knowledge of knowledge is so important.
Tom Zale
Tom Zale 23 gün önce
Tom Zale
Tom Zale 23 gün önce
the leading up to a reward I thought was placebo effect, but this all makes sense!
s0ndremann 24 gün önce
People like him are great sales people, thats it, they try to solve problems for people that dont exist.
TheWolf 24 gün önce
thank you, holy this is powerful, thank you so much
W+𝟏 (𝟳𝟯𝟮)𝟵𝟱𝟱-𝟳𝟭𝟴𝟳
W+𝟏 (𝟳𝟯𝟮)𝟵𝟱𝟱-𝟳𝟭𝟴𝟳 23 gün önce
I have something really big that I would like to introduce to you
GZWA 24 gün önce
Keaton Groom
Keaton Groom 24 gün önce
This is insane. This is the reason why receiving my degree felt like a bit of a letdown, and that the pursuit of it was where the pleasure lay, and why I now miss being on a “mission” to achieve something.
W+𝟏 (𝟳𝟯𝟮)𝟵𝟱𝟱-𝟳𝟭𝟴𝟳
W+𝟏 (𝟳𝟯𝟮)𝟵𝟱𝟱-𝟳𝟭𝟴𝟳 23 gün önce
I have something really big that I would like to introduce to you.
Observer Effects
Observer Effects 24 gün önce
Chi is dopamine.You lost me there.Not everything is dopamine lmao.
Carnations Bennet
Carnations Bennet 25 gün önce
Just want to say thank you for your shows they are helping so much that I can see a change in me .I been blessed to found these show here on line .thank you once again..
W+𝟏 (𝟳𝟯𝟮)𝟵𝟱𝟱-𝟳𝟭𝟴𝟳
W+𝟏 (𝟳𝟯𝟮)𝟵𝟱𝟱-𝟳𝟭𝟴𝟳 23 gün önce
Feel free to reach out I have something really big that I would like to introduce to you
Juanita Esparza
Juanita Esparza 25 gün önce
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ him!!
renekton 25 gün önce
The art is in the act of painting. Not in the painting itself .
Martin Desdichado
Martin Desdichado 25 gün önce
"Seeking is the reward"
Bara Strunc
Bara Strunc 26 gün önce
OMG SO good!
Ahaab Syed
Ahaab Syed 27 gün önce
Anyone know the name of the book he mentioned with regards to pregnancy ?
CryptoLife.101 27 gün önce
Sex was said about 99 times during this amazing interview lol. All kidding aside this interview was Next level information about how the brain works truly fascinating work Tom.
12thDecember 28 gün önce
Every time Tom speaks, I feel like I'm listening to an enthusiastic high school student.
underated17 28 gün önce
I disagree that you ruin a marriage because of a goal. You only ruin a marriage if you say you are ruining it. It's a choice.
Evan Delisle
Evan Delisle 28 gün önce
I finally understand David Goggins.
W+𝟏 (𝟳𝟯𝟮)𝟵𝟱𝟱-𝟳𝟭𝟴𝟳
W+𝟏 (𝟳𝟯𝟮)𝟵𝟱𝟱-𝟳𝟭𝟴𝟳 23 gün önce
Feel free to reach out I have something really big that I would like to introduce to you
Gj Courville
Gj Courville 28 gün önce
Great interview, illuminates so much.
Mark Brabson
Mark Brabson 28 gün önce
Can't relate - I think I am defective - i dont get a dopamine hit from striving or accomplishing. I have always been jealous of people who clearly do experience these "rewards". I always struggle with motivation, i have to force it. I have to push where it seems like dopamine PULLS everyone else. Is this a defect in my biology? Is there a name for this deficit?
armyx 28 gün önce
Hermanos gracias por este podcast, son unos maestrazos. Gracias infinitas.
Yael Sapphire Group
Yael Sapphire Group 29 gün önce
This one interview is just AMAZING Tom!!!!! OMG loved Andrew
Helika Demosta
Helika Demosta Aylar önce
The electric seeder apparently heal because slime suprisingly drag before a flat expert. secretive, rampant holiday
B Breezy
B Breezy Aylar önce
The Joe Rogan Experience with Anna Lembke was a great episode to compliment this conversation. It was recorded around the same time this was published. I wouldn’t be surprised if he watched that podcast and that’s why he name dropped Ann’s and her book.
Chrissel L
Chrissel L Aylar önce
"Whaaat ???" - my reaction is the same
Revvie Aylar önce
What is your take on the bias towards positive outcome / negative feedback systems ? hint: pointing to the questions of why is the design not biased vice versa.
dashing duff
dashing duff Aylar önce
Wow !!!!! This is unbelievably intresting and he hits the nail right on the head with the dopamine 16mins in i understand what I'm going thru now. Iv always needed something to be obsessive about and iv reached my goals recently which iv been working on for 3 yrs. And iv enjoyed the win which as made me cry a few times as its felt so good after all the work iv put in and full of gratitude. But iv realised i need to take a bit of a back step and let the dopamine reset instead of always chasing things and being obsessive. I hope this has come across right 🤣 thanks for this podcast i couldn't be watching it at a more perfect time. Even tho i don't believe in perfection
Gene Smolko
Gene Smolko Aylar önce
The whole thing seems contradictory to me. You should crave the craving, not the goal itself. But the entire point of craving is you're craving the goal! The craving becomes the goal, the goal itself becomes irrelevant, just an object to focus on to get the craving. Weird.
Vivek Menon
Vivek Menon Aylar önce
What Mr Ed Mylet said about never cheat out of a celebration ( Blissful dissatisfaction) and Mr Huberman said about not attaching dopamine to rewards, I belive both of them meant the same thing ... If we cheat out of a victory ie wanting to have the same sense of pleasure (in a subtle way) that dopamine hit will encourage us in the pursuit/journey towards our goal...That is a great hack 👌👌👌
Amirhossein Khoungarm
Amirhossein Khoungarm Aylar önce
I’m a simple man,I see andrew huberman I click
W+𝟏 (𝟳𝟯𝟮)𝟵𝟱𝟱-𝟳𝟭𝟴𝟳
W+𝟏 (𝟳𝟯𝟮)𝟵𝟱𝟱-𝟳𝟭𝟴𝟳 23 gün önce
Feel free to reach out I have something really big that I would like to introduce to you
Lauren Sanders
Lauren Sanders Aylar önce
To recap "spike your dopamine" in a few words... "At the top of one mountain, is the bottom of another." - Marianne Williamson
Zloi Student
Zloi Student Aylar önce
Super interesting 💎
Jalar Cosmas
Jalar Cosmas Aylar önce
" The frequency of blinking is set by the baseline level of Dopamine in the brain 🧠"... Thanks Dr Andrew Huberman.
Joey Tallakson
Joey Tallakson Aylar önce
Greatest interview and information I have ever heard
Sheetal Pawar
Sheetal Pawar Aylar önce
What was the book that you mentioned here Tom?
Sergio Dominguez
Sergio Dominguez Aylar önce
For the dopamine time interval keeping segment, one quote that comes to mind is “time flys when you’re having fun”
Clark J
Clark J Aylar önce
If you would like to have her in sheer enjoyment and just asking for you to carry on with it, try go'ogling a few of the suggestions by Greyzar Drinbo. You will probably go for no less than 30 minutes more than you usually do.
LalulaPsy Aylar önce
Tom Bilyeu has become super annoying. Ads halfway through the video, wth? Also telling us all about his sex drive? TMI much?? We don’t care Tommy. It feels as though you’ve become too full of yourself.
Anita_Electra Aylar önce
Pursuit rewards but understand the pursuit is the reward. The Celebration of the win, must be less than the pleasure of dopamine
Anita_Electra Aylar önce
The more pain you experience during the pursuit, the more dopamine you will experience during the celebration
Rodney Shafer
Rodney Shafer Aylar önce
that was amazing! now I'll just watch it 4 more times to take all that in.
W+𝟏 (𝟳𝟯𝟮)𝟵𝟱𝟱-𝟳𝟭𝟴𝟳
W+𝟏 (𝟳𝟯𝟮)𝟵𝟱𝟱-𝟳𝟭𝟴𝟳 23 gün önce
Feel free to reach out I have something really big that I would like to introduce to you
Rolando gonzalez
Rolando gonzalez Aylar önce
Man what a interview ! This is mind blowing
Manish Subba
Manish Subba Aylar önce
Thank you, Tom
Angela Silverfox
Angela Silverfox Aylar önce
We love this guy 👏🎈
PatchesKB Aylar önce
This reminds me of a quote: "For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it." -Hebrews 12:11
Tyler H
Tyler H Aylar önce
Parasympathetic dominant has to be relaxed enough to occur
Carianne H.
Carianne H. Aylar önce
I think of surfers and how they are endlessly inspired to surf, because the activity is the high. Surfers, no matter their age ever stop wanting to surf. Pursue what makes you want to get up every morning with the same vigor as the day before.
John Duggan
John Duggan Aylar önce
This guy could have really done something with this episode. He missed it
Tyronne Ratcliff
Tyronne Ratcliff Aylar önce
Awesome interview. A big part of living a happy life is working hard for what you get and delayed gratification.
Darin ALLEN Aylar önce
Fantastic content. I learned so much about dopamine from listening to this.
J F Aylar önce
"Hungry for sex"!? Geeeessus... Take it easy pal.
Gabriela Boles
Gabriela Boles Aylar önce
Thank you Tom for this interview with Dr Andrew Huberman.
Leon DeSilva
Leon DeSilva Aylar önce
wow, just wow....
tony tiger
tony tiger Aylar önce
Andrew is hot AF......
JDiizzlle Aylar önce
Crazy good info. Listening to this multiple times so I can glean everything. I could really do without Tom’s humble bragging, tho.
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