This spinach recipe is so delicious I can cook it almost every day! Very tasty recipe!

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Leckerer Kanal

Leckerer Kanal

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This spinach recipe is so delicious I can cook it almost every day! Very tasty recipe!
For pancakes:
3 eggs
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup of milk
1 cup flour
30 grams of melted butter
1/2 cup warm water
For the filling:
1 onion
250-300 grams of spinach
1-2 cloves of garlic
250 grams of cream cheese
For the béchamel sauce:
3 tbsp butter
2 tbsp flour
2 cups of milk
salt, nutmeg
60 grams of cheese
1 cup = 250ml
Thats very delicious! Bon appetit!
You can ask absolutely any question about the recipe - I will definitely answer you in the comments.
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@LeckererKanal 9 aylar önce
Added SUBTITLES in ALL LANGUAGES! Choose your language. 😉 Happy viewing! Enjoy cooking! 🍳
@user-mt5sz6vd1j 8 aylar önce
Вас приветствует ЧР.Грозный🙋‍♀️
@mariereyes1370 8 aylar önce
m m m❤delicious tank you 😀
@sallyirons2037 8 aylar önce
Looks good 😊 I will be trying this soon thanks for letting us know how you make this !
@sallyirons2037 8 aylar önce
I think 🤔 that these wraps would be good warmed up no sauce served with meat balls and sauce or meat loaf 🍞 yum
@diane427 8 aylar önce
@reginaczmut2944 3 aylar önce
Dziękuję bardzo Pani napewno zrobię wygląda przepysznie ❤
@patriciastellamaris1388 Aylar önce
Excelente música...delicada ejecución ....debe estar muy bueno ...gracias ❤
@elizabethmarins8607 4 aylar önce
Deu água na boca.
@cozycoffee3831 3 aylar önce
That looks so divine, and I would eat it every day!! It reminds me of a casserole my mom used to make, and we just called it "Spinach Casserole." It used frozen spinach with the water squeezed out, plus raw diced yellow or white onion, grated mozzarella cheese, mayo, panko bread crumbs, and salt and pepper. (You can't skip the panko, because the panko absorbs the juices given off by the onions during baking). You just fold everything together and add it to the dish, top off with mozzarella and panko, and bake. The flavors marry and taste like they were made for each other, and everyone always asked for the recipe. What's nice is that it's a good dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
@nancyhuffman4873 2 aylar önce
@cozycoffee3831; Seen your comment about your spinach casserole; could you tell me the recipe; it sounds delicious. Thank You.
@user-oz6lg9ml6b Aylar önce
살이 소리나면서 찔것 같네요
@rosamagro6251 5 gün önce
O que é panko???
@rosama.talavera7886 Gün önce
Se ve que esta riquísima la receta, pero lástima tiene muchas grasas y carbohidratos, pierde todo su potencial la espinaca.😮
@teresitavillanueva5336 8 gün önce
I tried this today, and we all loved it. Thanks for the recipe!
@Beatriz42 4 aylar önce
Muito BOM de comer, mas trabalhoso demais de fazer rsrs Além de ser uma comida muito calórica!!!❤😂
@marthaluciagonzalezbolanos3221 4 aylar önce
@pattyburge655 8 aylar önce
This looks delicious and makes a beautiful presentation too. I like the fact that it uses a protein rich crepe instead of a high carb tortilla. Can't wait to try this recipe!! Btw, watching from Charleston, WV here in the USA. At many parties and family gatherings there is a cold spinach dip made with thawed frozen spinach that is welled dried between paper towels then mixed with, mayo, sour cream and an envelope of dry ranch dressing seasoning packet. After chilling your dip, you serve it with crackers and/or brown bread cubes. I'm just wondering about adding the same ranch seasoning packet to the spinach mixture in this recipe to kick up the savory a bit? I'll try making it both ways and let you know if the ranch seasoning works at all in this particular dish.😉 Take care and God bless.💞🙏
@marthaarthur1364 5 aylar önce
I wouldn’t add the ranch dressing. The dip you’re talking about is a totally different dish. Cold vs hot
@sandraatkins2539 5 aylar önce
That ranch dressing is filled with health harming ingredients.
@cornpop8299 4 aylar önce
It has once cup of flour in the mix, far from low carb.
@catalinacortes6471 4 aylar önce
@JohnPatrick-pv4bd 3 aylar önce
Best regards, how are you? I pray that this year brings joy, happiness, love and peace to you and your homes. The words you commented on this video are so great, you sound great. I'm John Patrick from Nashville, Tennessee. If I may ask, where are you from?
@yaralinardi7677 5 aylar önce
Que delícia!! Amei 💞
@halina8559 6 aylar önce
Bardzo podoba mnie się ten przepis, spróbuję napewno 😋
@helenakrawczyk3424 5 aylar önce
podoba mi sie nie mnie - na poczatku zdania jest mnie w srodku mi - nauczcie sie w koncu
@marurojas4222 2 aylar önce
Se me hizo agua la saliva ,se ven deliciosas . Muchas gracias
@diosselynepachecotrejo1674 5 aylar önce
Se ve delicioso 😋! Me encantaría recrearla, muchas gracias por la receta!
@marciaregina9250 10 gün önce
Maravilhoso, vou fazer no domingo. Obrigado pela dica. Falei.
@magorzataciosek7974 6 aylar önce
Przepis bardzo mi się podoba ❤
@gabrielaavila8499 5 aylar önce
También están los subtítulos en español.
@user-sr2rt4fd9j Aylar önce
بسیارغذای متنوعی هست وتازه
@TyroneAustin-bu4gu 4 aylar önce
Deu água na boca.. ESSA PANELA..MARAVILHOSA .
@bengumaumani8817 3 aylar önce
@bengumaumani8817 3 aylar önce
@anniemaee3506 4 aylar önce
Oh my goodness! I can't wait to make this. Thank you so much for this recipe. I love anything spinach but this looks extra amazing.
@yadiradeaguirre1618 3 aylar önce
Felicitaciones inmensas . Me encantó porque sus indicaciones son inmediatas y No me hace perder el tiempo que para mi es ORO.
@minervafelix3991 2 aylar önce
Gracias por enseñarnos 🩵😊 deliciosa receta
@krissr3637 5 aylar önce
This recipe saved my life! Easy, delicious, and I know my family will love it. Most important, nutritive and with the magic touch of a wonderful music. Thank you for sharing!🥰
@sweetdreams5072 2 aylar önce
This recipe can kill ya..way too much butter and salt
@Miranda_Foley 24 gün önce
And too much on the waffle.😮
@mariannesouza8326 7 aylar önce
There’s no way you cook everything you say you do as many times a week as you say you do! 😂 I love your recipes! 👍🏼 This music 🎶 is wonderful and relaxing; thank you!
@GeorgeMorgan6600 2 aylar önce
@Hello there. how are you doing this blessed day?
@marialuciatorres2889 5 aylar önce
@mariaaguayo6327 Aylar önce
gracias por su receta me gusta mucho sus videos ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@rutholiveira461 4 aylar önce
Maravilhoso!! EU DEIXO AS PONTAS DAS PANQUECAS SEM COBRIR. FACILITA NA hora de servir. Obrigada por compartilhar conosco. 😊❤😋🇧🇷
@myriampena9098 2 aylar önce
Te felicito🎉 por esas delicias q enseñas ,EL SEÑOR TE BENDIGA X SIEMPRE!!!En unión de todos tus seres queridos.❤
@nishatskitchen3746 11 gün önce
Awesome sharing so tempting👍👍👍
@belaskitchencorner 9 aylar önce
Such a beautiful dish ❤️❤️. Loved the pancake rolls with spinach and cream cheese filling. Beautifully baked with white sauce and cheese. Look so tempting ❤️❤️👌😍. Loved it
@mariaconcepcion2982 4 aylar önce
Se Ve sabroso lo voy a cosinar gracias por su tiempo dedicado
@angelaberni8873 4 aylar önce
This Italian recipe I've been making for many years and is delicious. My variation is using ricotta cheese with the spinach/ beet. I would strongly advise Parmesan cheese for the topping. Another variation I do is instead of rolling them you can layer them like a round cake and you then cut it into sauces just like a cake. Or each one can be folded into triangles,in which case I would make the m smaller.
@luciahelena5113 3 aylar önce
Ah legal já obtive resposta a minha dúvida, verdade muito bom os vídeos bom gosto total.muito minha mãe fez como você falou ,tipo torta de espinafre
@floraliabogran6180 2 aylar önce
Que ricura 👍👍la voy hacer se ven deliciosas
@rocioaceves9574 3 aylar önce
Se me antojo muchisisisimo !!! Creo q lo voy a hacer encanto y esta muy sencillo y rico .... además...gracias x compartir esta delicia..!!! QDLBGA. 👏👏👏👏👏👏🌟🇲🇽
@user-mn5uf6wk5r 4 aylar önce
Riquísima. La prepararé. No sabía cómo preparar espinaca, de manera apetitosa
@marialeonia3195 8 aylar önce
Nossaa que panqueca bonita e apetitosa... receita maravilhosa, gostei vou fazer.. fiquei com vontade 😊humm ❤
@tylethi-xp3ug 8 aylar önce
N no
@shirlenevicente9632 5 aylar önce
Esse espinafre não é igual do Brasil,esse e mais gostoso comi dele na Alemãnha.ja copiei a receita obrigada.
@mariaiselamedranoramirez2384 3 aylar önce
Que e bonito video y la receta maravillosa 😋🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹,sentí tranquilidad 💗
@soledadboyd6055 4 aylar önce
No necesitas agregar ajo , será muy fuerte su sabor 😢
@jeniprickett4039 4 aylar önce
Looks delicious! What a great way to serve crepes! Yum! 🥰
@GeorgeMorgan6600 2 aylar önce
@Hello there. how are you doing this blessed day?
@marialuciaantoniettigarcia8533 3 aylar önce
receita maravilhosa
@gracielaalarcon1161 6 aylar önce
Adoro las recetas cuando no hablan y no te hacen perder tiempo
@user-iv1lz1iq8l 5 aylar önce
Me encanta. No hace falta comer carne si esto esta delicioso y nutritivo
@pedromaya2187 4 aylar önce
Muy rica su receta y bien explicada.Trataré de hacerla.Muchas gracias
@dilmadurante7870 3 aylar önce
Receita e modo de fazer excelente ....ja vou fazer 😊
@vandasergiadosreismddeiros5196 5 aylar önce
Que delicia receita pratica e saudável confesso que bateu àquela fome.❤
@isabelsanchez6371 4 aylar önce
Se ve delicioso 😋 pero muy laboroso
@marilenesacramento8921 8 aylar önce
Ah vou querer esta panqueca 🎉❤
@gretelziermann8032 6 aylar önce
Muy rica tu receta de canelones de espinaca con salsa bechamel ,Augezeichnet 10 für Dich!
@olhablinova7447 Aylar önce
❤ Спасибо Вам огромное за рецепт очень понравилось красиво спасибо Вам
@marielenarosario8935 5 aylar önce
Gracias por esa maravillosa receta la voy hacer con Dios mediante 😋😋
@hildamuniz3557 7 gün önce
Muito bom para o jantar nota 10
@aliciasachez5744 2 aylar önce
Gracias por compartir se los haré a mi familia se ve deliciosos y diferente gracias
@user-ih6zp5tj4f Aylar önce
Das sieht super aus ich probiere das Rezept auf jeden Fall ❤
@nazarethferreira7451 6 aylar önce
Muito delicioso 😋
@jencarrasco7023 5 aylar önce
Delicious and pretty!
@martacordero7239 12 gün önce
Quiero comer ésto todos los dias!!!!!!! Más rico imposible!!! Gracias, excelente receta!!!!!!
@LeckererKanal 12 gün önce
Thanks a lot!
@monicanicola1252 3 aylar önce
Buena receta. Podrían ser más rápidos los procesos????
@anapena8186 2 aylar önce
Se ve delicioso lo haré en cuánto pueda.Saludos desde Chile.
@leomar9996 2 aylar önce
Me encantó!!
@user-zl7gj8gx7r 4 aylar önce
Buenos Dias Gracias Por Compartir Sus Recetas Que Ténga Un Fin De Semana Llenó De Bendiciones
@eledirdefatimafernandes7181 8 aylar önce
Delicia,vou fazer pois gosto muito de espinafre,obrigada pela receita🎉
@mariamonicasilva8674 3 aylar önce
Gracias por compartir tus recetas se ven muy rico esos canelones de espinacas y fácil elaborar la voy hacer
@robertobrandao7014 3 aylar önce
Amo receitas 😋😍
@ineslopezleyva7479 3 aylar önce
Se ve muy delicioso gracias
@elenisilva5615 6 aylar önce
Maravilhosa está receita de panquecas 👏👏👏
@bijomiclaye5818 3 aylar önce
Bonjour Hanna. Je voudrais savoir à quoi ça sert le sirop pour café, comment on l'utilise ? Est ce que je peux le mettre pour aromatiser des crèmes ou du lait ? Bon après-midi. Prenez bien soin de vous et de votre famille 😊
@albertopalestino8081 7 aylar önce
Me gustó! 😋 Gracias por la receta. 🙏 Saludos!🙋🏻‍♂️🇲🇽👍
@judyfargo8162 4 aylar önce
I wish I had a plate of it right now. You can't go wrong with those ingredients.
@stephenhensley5631 4 aylar önce
@Fastandhealthyforeverybody 4 aylar önce
me too 🙂
@user-eq5cq2ds6b 29 gün önce
@bertaaliciacordovasuleta1899 3 aylar önce
Que delisioso 😢 💯
@neldesmariacencimenin3276 6 aylar önce
Minha mãe do céu! que delícia! eu tbm vou fazer rsrs.gratidão!.
@estilodevidasaludableconve2738 3 aylar önce
Muy saludable tu receta. Gracias por compartirla
@mariaameliagouveadesouza9952 6 aylar önce
Adorei a eeceita,fiz hoje no almoço de domingo,ficou perfeita!
@rosamariasandoval4272 5 aylar önce
Se ve muy sencillo de preparar y muy nutritivo 😊
@davidveras9505 3 aylar önce
se ve muy rico. gracias por compartir esta receta.
@victorteran4879 2 aylar önce
Thanks a lot my dear friend for this wonderful video and excellent dish I loved
@shirinheroabadi 22 gün önce
This dish is absolutely fantastic! I love it!👍
@jupava1 3 aylar önce
Hummm espectacular👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@miroslavabojanic8731 8 aylar önce
Divno I ukusno.Hvala vam.Pozdrav za vas.❤😊
@cacatr4495 4 aylar önce
Now that is the way a proper cooking video is made: excellent music of a peaceful pace, melodic, no talking, thorough instructional, attractive in every way, and not too long. No one stuffing their face is also good, no faces at all, considering that we didn't come to see people. Thank you! Subscribed!
@user-hc5fz1mo4n 4 aylar önce
@carriekayak8530 4 aylar önce
Oh a face isn't bad!
@dianapeek6936 4 aylar önce
Couldn't agree more. I live in a country where this is eaten frequently, but I can't speak the language so this will be perfect to follow and will be having a go asap. I love the quality of your utensils, can't buy it here unfortunately. Thank you.
@bettytitus3232 4 aylar önce
Ready to try this!
@eaglefree8915 2 aylar önce
¡Qué bueno! Muchas Gracias 🙂
@SarangKoryo Aylar önce
Thank you! For sharing this delicious recipe!. You are professional. All is presented beautifully, and impeccable to the last detail. I love the music in the background!! Soft and peaceful. The recipe goes smoothly, the ingredients look so fresh! You go toward the point. No wasting time with talking and obvious instructions. Im impressed. You got a new subscriber. ❤
@LeckererKanal Aylar önce
Thank you so much!
@user-gq1sm7ts3t 5 aylar önce
Me encanta la receta.😊
@karenogden7403 4 aylar önce
This looks so so yummy!! I wasn't hungry until I saw this finished, now I want some. Thank you for sharing this recipe.
@mariaaparecidamagdalon3020 6 aylar önce
Gostei muito ❤
@teresaruiz1031 3 aylar önce
Se ve deliciosa próximamente la are 👍
@user-lx5ln5kc1q 4 aylar önce
Se ve delicioso provecho saludos abrazos
@neuzacarvalhocaffaro3095 3 aylar önce
Que arte incrível e delicada -- adorei as dicas da massa das panquecas (Brasil). Gratidão 🌻 pela delicia tão saudável com espinafre. E ainda, molho bechamel e parmesão!!! Hum... *e poderia ser com ricota? Abrs
@monicadiaz9126 3 aylar önce
Me encantó la receta la voy hacer y les comento gracias
@lauramargaritaletonagiron4057 5 aylar önce
Ya lo hice me quedaron deliciosos.
@karenogden7403 5 aylar önce
Oh my goodness, what a delicious recipe. When I saw the mixture for the inside I just wanted to go grab a chip and dip right into it. Thank you for sharing and I can't wait to make this.
@sineidemelo9845 3 aylar önce
Delicia vou fazer 👏👏adorei a receita prático e muito fácil de fazer 😘🌹👏🙌
@user-ef5ye8qh7q Aylar önce
Μπράβο σας πολύ ωραιο❤️
@aureamarques163 3 aylar önce
Amei a embalagem da farinha de trigo. Onde encontro p comprar ❤❤❤❤
@zildalucchesi3627 3 aylar önce
Parece ser delicioso,vou fazer,obrigada!
@zoilaauroravalladaresest-ue2cy 3 aylar önce
Q, rico, se antoja. ❤
@svetlanavezmar2180 8 aylar önce
Divan recept,moram ga što prije probati ..hvala👏
@elizabethmarins8607 4 aylar önce
Parece está uma delícia abençoada! Parabéns! Sucesso pra BJS_RJ.
@estermaddox9156 4 aylar önce
Gracias facil y delicioso 👏👏👏
@angelinadesales2637 4 aylar önce
Muy deliciosas😋las prepararé
@concepcionsasvin6151 5 aylar önce
Deliciosa Gracias por la receta
@DimitrijeLukic Aylar önce
Excelente receta! Gracias.
@guillealvarado1468 6 aylar önce
Hola yo soy de Mexico y estoy encantada con las Recetas muchas gracias ❤
@juana-eb9ri 6 aylar önce
Guille: en este momento quedas DESENCANTADA AAA!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈
@susanatexeira7115 4 aylar önce
Canelones se llaman en Uruguay Me encanto con la sencilles que lo hizo felicidades
@angelicasoto8404 5 aylar önce
Exquisita receta. Se antoja saborear ése manjar. ❤
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