The Only Script You Need To Close More Deals as a Financial Advisor

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Anderson Kao

This script will handle 7 of the most common objection that the prospect may have. This is my personal formula to close more cases with prospect during the first meeting. The script itself my vary depending on the prospect. Pick and choose which part fits your situation.

The goal of the script is to handle objection the prospect may have before it even comes up. I believe the best way to handle an objections is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

The 7 objection are the following:
-Branding and Authority
-Acting in their best interest
-Expertise in other areas (Law, Accounting, etc)
-Losing Focus and Off Topic
-How to get more referrals
-Client unconformable to share private information.

The goal of my channel is to help financial advisors grow their business properly. Subscribe to see my future videos.

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JP G 3 aylar önce
0:15 “I’m a firm believer you should ask more questions and listen” Rest of video: presenting your offering. Only covers 1 question
Anderson Kao
Anderson Kao 3 aylar önce
That's the point, the pitching script should only be 30 to 60 seconds long. The rest of the conversation should be question based.
Orlando Franco Novesteras Jr.
Orlando Franco Novesteras Jr. 4 aylar önce
Great video! Let's connect, I'm an advisor from Toronto.
Anderson Kao
Anderson Kao 4 aylar önce
Sure thing. Shoot me a dm on IG or linkedin
FHI Prince Peter
FHI Prince Peter 6 aylar önce
Good video and key points made.
Anderson Kao
Anderson Kao 6 aylar önce
Eg Yıl önce
Great job Anderson! This was a very informative video. Being a tenured Financial Advisor myself, structure is everything in client meetings and serves as your support system when handling objections. I look forward to watching the rest of your videos. Best of luck!
Anderson Kao
Anderson Kao Yıl önce
Thanks Edgar for your support! I appreciate it. I am currently abroad and do not have my gear to make new videos until coronavirus ends. Sorry for the delay!
Anderson Kao
Anderson Kao 2 yıl önce
Did you find this useful? What future topics do you want to learn first? Leave a comment below. Remember to turn on Closed Caption for a better view experience :)
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