Will County Illinois DUI Attorney - The MacNeil Firm - Great Five Star Review by Omar K.

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Donald MacNeil

2 yıl önce

Will County Illinois DUI Attorney
www.macneilfirm.com/ The MacNeil Firm Ltd. Frankfort Illinois Reviews - Will County DUI Lawyers
New 5 Star Rating

Amazing, a true lifesaver! I went through two other law firms and everything seemed hopeless. I was looking at 15 years minimum for something I was not guilty of.

Finally, I met Donald McNeil, and he saved my life! He did not take no for an answer and he had my back 100%. Me and my family are truly grateful to have him in our corner.

He threw his gloves on and beat my case with ease. The guy is the best of the best! I just wish I could have met him sooner.

Omar K.

The MacNeil Firm Ltd.
20527 South La Grange Road
Frankfort, IL 60423
(815) 290-9170

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This is really a great review! If you need a Will County DUI Attorney, you need the MacNeil Firm.
Donald MacNeil
Donald MacNeil Yıl önce
Thank You!
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