Kevin Durant And Devin Booker Exchange Words During Suns Vs. Nets

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Bleacher Report

Aylar önce

Kevin Durant and Devin Booker exchange words after this three pointer from KD during the Suns-Nets game.

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Leo Syyris
Leo Syyris Aylar önce
Booker just tryna finish his shift 😂
Douglas E. Johnson
Douglas E. Johnson Aylar önce
Book got the last laugh on "Ash". Drained 'em for a loss.
static1217 Aylar önce
He did. He clocked out with a W
Josh Wallace
Josh Wallace Aylar önce
💀💀💀boring day at work😂
G2 Aylar önce
Durant can have the highlight and the talk. Suns will take the win instead.
Ant R
Ant R Aylar önce
KD just showing some love that’s all lol
El Lobo
El Lobo Aylar önce
they were super close during the olympics it looked like
Douglas E. Johnson
Douglas E. Johnson Aylar önce
@C R E A M Get the Money Great shot. You nailed the 3-and-1.
Paul Pegues
Paul Pegues Aylar önce
?/@C R E A M Get the Money K.2
Paul Pegues
Paul Pegues Aylar önce
@C R E A M Get the Money sx
Ming Jin Lim
Ming Jin Lim Aylar önce
exactly durant actually messes with booker lmao
GG Aylar önce
Then Nets proceeded to get blown out 🤣
Cary Case
Cary Case Aylar önce
​@Luhh Yayo was a 20 point lead much of the game.
Luhh Yayo
Luhh Yayo Aylar önce
6 point game…
Robert Biar
Robert Biar Aylar önce
@GG That's what ya'll said when we verse the bulls
Martell Hixson
Martell Hixson Aylar önce
They didn't get blown out.
The3rd Splashbrother
The3rd Splashbrother Aylar önce
Yeah, I dont like the Nets Team. Its KD and a bunch of sidechicks.... They need Kyrie to be competitive
Ant R
Ant R Aylar önce
Booker ain’t even say nothing tho 😂
wtf exchange words? KD is the only one who said something
Douglas E. Johnson
Douglas E. Johnson Aylar önce
Durant probably demanded respect and Book uttered, " Kiss my Ash."
Grizzlymint Aylar önce
W speaks for itself.
Stephon Augustin
Stephon Augustin Aylar önce
KD 3 pointers look like a midrange how tall he actually is
Lil Home State 🇺🇸
Lil Home State 🇺🇸 Aylar önce
Oh I thought this was going to be like trash-talking that led to a fight Kevin Durant hairline is speaking more in this video than his actual trash talking of Devin Booker
Thchino Aylar önce
16 STR8 BABY!!! Let’s go suns!!! 💪🏼💪🏼 VALLEY BOYS ON MF TOP💪🏼
Lancelot The Knight
Lancelot The Knight Aylar önce
Durant to Booker: Hey book, just imagine if we score 30 points each every game. Its a sure playoffs win for us bro.
Eli K
Eli K Aylar önce
If they meet in the playoffs it'll be the finals
Curry In The Zone
Curry In The Zone Aylar önce
Can’t wait for warriors suns matchup holy shit
Samson Aylar önce
@BoxerTales each to their own. Oh and steve ker sees kwahi Leonard is kuminga. 🔥🔥🔥 i agree.
BoxerTales Aylar önce
@Samson our team is just as young and I'll take my players over them any day, I already said I will watch more but, the Suns are the team to beat right now.
Samson Aylar önce
@BoxerTales fyi i have nothing against ayton. i watch every teams game... Due to curry, klay ,wiggins, those youngins dont get 15+ minutes play to show what they got. Stop sleeping on them just because theyre not on your team. Lol warriors future looks bright with those guys. Jordan poole 22, wiseman 20, kuminga 19, moses 19, wiggins 26. Curry, klay, dray probably has 3 years left.
BoxerTales Aylar önce
@Samson that is fine and dandy they are not on the same level as Ayton clearly and your whole team had trouble with him last night I love basketball so I'll watch more of GSW and see but our squad is deep and you are trying to throw shade at that maybe you should watch more suns games to see what I'm saying. Mikal Bridges is a nightmare for people too with his long arms bringing in Shamet and peyton with McGee really made this team take the next step with lots of growth from the year before.
Samson Aylar önce
@BoxerTales oh and james wiseman is currently getting trained by the same guy who trained big man the joker aka jokic. 😀
K. McK
K. McK Aylar önce
Current score: Suns 97 Nets 77
Manuel Luna
Manuel Luna Aylar önce
Durant: you cant hold me!! Booker: you cant hold us!!!
elzzird23 Aylar önce
KD " See that's what I can bring to your team . Trade for me "
Maccabeach Aylar önce
Hit This Loud G Before I Change My Mind
Hit This Loud G Before I Change My Mind Aylar önce
Booker smacking KD now up by 20 lol should have shut up snake
SuNyB Aylar önce
Phyto_UC Aylar önce
Devin booker looks like a Smurf compared to KD😭😭😭
Michael W. Seymour
Michael W. Seymour Aylar önce
That SMURF and Team BEAT KD AND Team!
Miles Kelley
Miles Kelley Aylar önce
Caption reads: KD and D Book exchange words. Actual clip: Booker never says anything. Lmao
Real TV
Real TV Aylar önce
KD that dude💯
Real TV
Real TV Aylar önce
@Santino DeBiaso it’s cool bro
Santino DeBiaso
Santino DeBiaso Aylar önce
@Real TV u right
Santino DeBiaso
Santino DeBiaso Aylar önce
@Real TV my bad
Real TV
Real TV Aylar önce
@Santino DeBiaso I watched the game and I’m commenting on the one play that was shown, not the whole game!!
Santino DeBiaso
Santino DeBiaso Aylar önce
U not watching the game??
Diamond Aylar önce
Thank you refs for not giving a technical. 🤗
Howard Holloman
Howard Holloman Aylar önce
He who laughs last, laughs loudest...ask KD how it work out for him.
jeffrey RA
jeffrey RA Aylar önce
Talk all you want KD!! The fact remains, YOU LOST!!
Michael Janiszewski
Michael Janiszewski Aylar önce
It's lovely in Phoenix in the winter, but in the summer everything dies.
jamari murray
jamari murray Aylar önce
He telling book "man hurry up I got next u holding up the line bro.....!"
UrbanSipfly Aylar önce
Where there's smoke there's PHOENIX SUNS!!
TheRealStink Meaner
TheRealStink Meaner Aylar önce
Booker for MVP
Joseph Young
Joseph Young Aylar önce
How can they exchange words if booker doesn't say anything 🤔
static1217 Aylar önce
Gotta finish the game tho. Only 2nd quarter when this took place
Davey J
Davey J Aylar önce
More like it's great to see the refs not call Tech
J Williams
J Williams Aylar önce
Kd want a tough guy image bad booker look like he said anything
G HiLL Aylar önce
It's basketball talk no hard feelings among them I'm sure.
sean woodfork
sean woodfork Aylar önce
He was just asking that mane "Where can I get some shea butter for my legs?"....
Kai Aylar önce
Thinking this as click bait 🤦🤣.Damn with the caption 😤
Daniel Olinsky
Daniel Olinsky Aylar önce
i watched the game listening to the Suns' broadcasting team. even though they lost, should have listened to the Nets team. Ahh she so good!
SushiCry Streams
SushiCry Streams Aylar önce
Booker owns the nets
Et 23
Et 23 Aylar önce
Kd told book man send us cam Payne for Kyrie he be tripping loll
Rashad Griffin
Rashad Griffin Aylar önce
Literally no words were spoken. 🤦🏿‍♂️
Psymon Aylar önce
but they lost the game 😂
daddy2times Aylar önce
For everyone in the comments if u watched the game he did talk smack lol it’s not clickbait also kd loves dbook and dbook loves kd y’all need to relax lol
Abdi Aden
Abdi Aden Aylar önce
Awwww how sweet...
Banner Health
Banner Health Aylar önce
Booker didn't have to say anything because the W does all the talking.
bigeers11 Aylar önce
Lol down 20 book don't care he had 30 in less than 30 better shooting percentage
Steven Starkey
Steven Starkey Aylar önce
This is awesome
BoxerTales Aylar önce
And who got the W?
victor sazon
victor sazon Aylar önce
Isaiah Etienne
Isaiah Etienne Aylar önce
Can’t believe this is a video smh lol
PAC Aylar önce
Booker please don't test KD because it won't end well for you young buck lol.
Hamza M
Hamza M Aylar önce
Booker dropped 16 in the first quarter, he was straight dogging KD and the Nets, "dont test KD" be quiet casual 🥱
Douglas E. Johnson
Douglas E. Johnson Aylar önce
Nets lost. Durant dried up from a lack of skin lotion. The snake molted.
PAC Aylar önce
@Westville I respect that and it's true.
Westville Aylar önce
@PAC of course kd will he's a generational talent but book can hold his own against anyone he scored 30 of his own.
PAC Aylar önce
@Hit This Loud G Before I Change My Mind Yet who will end up with the better career 🤔? I forgot that's not important because most fans focus on 1 game 😂.
Miss Peafairy
Miss Peafairy Aylar önce
Na kD and Booker are cool with each other.
D Watson
D Watson Aylar önce
Mr Durant plz just look up a wave tutorial on TRshow.
David GuadalupeEstrada Dj SWEET Salsa
David GuadalupeEstrada Dj SWEET Salsa Aylar önce
All that talkin didn't guarantee the win that's how come they're losing
Zadiel Rivera
Zadiel Rivera Aylar önce
Sofian Zinai
Sofian Zinai Aylar önce
Harden is so OVERRATED !!
GreekSneakCollector Aylar önce
Becareful Book, you are talking to Slim Reaper!
joao barata
joao barata Aylar önce
Booker didnt say shit, what a hell are you even talking about
Chris Yim
Chris Yim Aylar önce
Hey Book, Bridges and 2 firsts?
Rius Franco
Rius Franco Aylar önce
Unlike NBA YoungBoy My Music Is Still On My Channel 🗣🔥
Thomas Aylar önce
Where was the "exchange"?
Brandon Stanton
Brandon Stanton Aylar önce
Clickbait title much?
Gunshow605 Aylar önce
Who cares? The NBA is full of guys that “have words” but not a single one of them will ever do anything
Avatar Roku
Avatar Roku Aylar önce
You would them to get in fights and lose money ? That’s low IQ lol
Ripkuno Aylar önce
Did it matter?
kingdomdominionalc Aylar önce
Why is this news ?
Barefoot Jones
Barefoot Jones Aylar önce
Those Jersey’s that Durant made are ugly. They should’ve been yellow.
Francis Froca
Francis Froca Aylar önce
No Aylar önce
“Congrats to Everyone who is early and found this comment”
Luis Navarro
Luis Navarro Aylar önce
Douglas E. Johnson
Douglas E. Johnson Aylar önce
That wasn't much of a reel. Why did it make the news? Not enough trash to take the garbage out. KD made a three. Big deal.
Douglas E. Johnson
Douglas E. Johnson Aylar önce
@Chrystina Avery It would be big news to see AD ("Ash" Durant) block a shot, given that he's nearly 10 ' tall. Play some defense maybe. Or dish some hot assists a la Steph Curry. AD is a one-trick pony. Smother him on the court and get in his head on Twitter. Mess him up. He's way too sensitive. He can't win without an army.
Chrystina Avery
Chrystina Avery Aylar önce
Exactly and booker made a 3 with kd in his grill and you don't don't that in a highlight or anyone talking about it favoritism
Mr Aylar önce
Claim your "here within a hour" ticket here 👀
LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals
LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals Aylar önce
Book just ain’t and I don’t ever think he will be on the level KD is at
Jovan Sanchez
Jovan Sanchez Aylar önce
Jordan Poole Drops Jordan Clarkson 😱 #Shorts
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