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When a ferocious storm leaves a man adrift in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean he quickly realises help isn't coming any time soon. For 76 days he must adapt to his new surroundings in the deep blue to fight off an endless bombardment of life-threatening blows. From starvation to dehydration, and insanity to predators. This is well and truly a fight for survival.

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Witness the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who found themselves in life or death survival situations. With first-hand accounts and incredible re-enactments, I Shouldn't Be Alive presents the raw danger these people faced and shows the physical and mental battle they all had to overcome in their effort to stay alive.

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Wonder Yıl önce
Steve published a book about his incredible story titled “Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea”. We wanted to share our favourite quote from the book, just in case any of you need some positive words today... "Dreams, ideas, and plans not only are an escape, they give me purpose, a reason to hang on." - Steve Callahan 💜
Namagembe Esther
Namagembe Esther 10 gün önce
@Richard Minfield ?????????????????
Namagembe Esther
Namagembe Esther 10 gün önce
@Safina Tonui U should have hope to the Lord, he will be wherever u go o wherever u be
Namagembe Esther
Namagembe Esther 10 gün önce
@Adrian Williams ⁶
Namagembe Esther
Namagembe Esther 10 gün önce
@Diana Morris Me ²
Anomalyisdead 11 gün önce
200th reply
D 26 dakika önce
2 and a half months, wow
D 35 dakika önce
At least he made some money off the movie, kinda worth it!
Noorsha 11 saatler önce
DJ LoACh 15 saatler önce
His divorce led him to be famous
Sim z
Sim z 17 saatler önce
I like how they depict him killing a mahi mahi at 21:36, yet when he starts filleting the flesh from the fish, 22:00 it looks like a completely different fish, just look at the color of the scales
M T 22 saatler önce
There is only one thing worse than being stuck in the middle of the Ocean, and that is being stuck in the middle of the Ocean and having to go through heavy storms, violent waves, rain and lightning.
M T Gün önce
So that’s how Sawyer ended up on the Island
Stephen Osborne
Stephen Osborne Gün önce
I loved this story . It was intense
alsh'S Vlogs
alsh'S Vlogs Gün önce
🥺🥺🥺I'm very sry for ur experience
Perry Sidhu
Perry Sidhu Gün önce
I can’t be the only one that wants to know what kind of watch he was wearing. I want one of those…like today.
Kizilbash Gün önce
Pretty messed up the first sign of life is plastic bottles and garbage
Matt Hughes
Matt Hughes Gün önce
Who's heard the WW2 camp survivors tale of "masturbation foot pedal roller coasters of death" and "water slides into gas chambers" and "forcing inmates to climb trees and then crow like roosters until they fall to their deaths"? These stories are all true and should never be questioned. If you question these very accurate and true stories then you are a bad, bad person.
Jyrexy 2 gün önce
Not ganna lie, this would make a good survival game
Schehrazad A
Schehrazad A 2 gün önce
Incredible story
The Roonster
The Roonster 2 gün önce
Ryan werdd • 3 years ago please delete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tj Rizzo
Tj Rizzo 2 gün önce
You could be lost out there for years and not be found.
HRY FA 2 gün önce
If you ever think your problems are bad, think about this guy
Janie SMYS
Janie SMYS 2 gün önce
Dear Amazon Customers: Caught 1k miles from land, had three of these solar stills. Kept trying to use these while I drifted 350 miles to the shipping lanes where I have a prayer of rescue. I only brought 8 pints of emergency water in my ditch kit because of the great reviews on these by world war 2 pilots. The directions were like IKEA furniture and I had to destroy one of my ‘Hemnes’ water stills to figure it out. This made me seriously thirsty and incoherent. I almost melted my life raft with a flare because of my dehydration and starvation induced psychosis. Also, the solar stills attracted sharks. It definitely wasn’t the blood from the fish I couldn’t spear. My next review will be for the spear gun. Very disappointed. 0/5. Do not recommend.
ivana Vukojevic
ivana Vukojevic 2 gün önce
Ljudi, komentari su genijalni 👍
Rock AD
Rock AD 3 gün önce
Him hopefully he is safe
Kathy Marik
Kathy Marik 3 gün önce
You have to respect the sea,because it doesn’t respect you
jay 2005
jay 2005 3 gün önce
So what did his sailboat hit that caused it to sink?
Glenda Galeano
Glenda Galeano 3 gün önce
Wow wow
Space X
Space X 4 gün önce
What a acting from 44:00
Raguveer Singh
Raguveer Singh 4 gün önce
relly exlnty story🙁🤗
Tabish Wani
Tabish Wani 4 gün önce
Never loose hope never give up 💪💪💪💪 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jill Carter
Jill Carter 4 gün önce
Millenials-- "why didnt u just call Uber eats or door dash??" 😝
storm king
storm king 4 gün önce
he got balls of steel respect man
MiscellTube 5 gün önce
Are the yellow patches on his cheeks scars from his ordeal after 70+ days lost at sea?
Buck Fiden
Buck Fiden 5 gün önce
I would have wanted that raft saved to keep as a reminder of my survival!
Mew 6 gün önce
Can't believe he left his raft and didn't clean up after himself!!!!
Mifta Gunawan
Mifta Gunawan 6 gün önce
wondering who is the actor? he did well 🥺🖤
Mifta Gunawan
Mifta Gunawan 6 gün önce
wondering who is the actor? he did well 🥺🖤
Salaar Ansari
Salaar Ansari 6 gün önce
The actor for Steve is Neil Newbon! The voice actor for Lucas from RE7 and Heisenberg from RE8!!!
AussieWWII Restoration
AussieWWII Restoration 7 gün önce
If this show has taught me anything it’s: 1. Never go anywhere without my dog 2. Boats Planes Helicopters are blind 3. 3rd world fishermen are the worlds rescue service
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing 9 saatler önce
Stranded people ALWAYS get picked up by 3rd world fishermen 😂
DrIsmirEgal Prof.
DrIsmirEgal Prof. 7 gün önce
He was never be so happy to see trash .
Debbie Gavins
Debbie Gavins 7 gün önce
Amazing. What a survivor he is. God bless him.
Karen Marie
Karen Marie 7 gün önce
Does he get diarrhea or throw up from eating raw 🐠 fish?
Эстебан Пантера
Эстебан Пантера 8 gün önce
I hope he recycled all the metal and plastic he had.
Random 7 gün önce
this is the most bruh comment I’ve ever seen on TRshow
Eric 0000
Eric 0000 8 gün önce
He’s obviously still alive for a reason
Vicky Landing
Vicky Landing 8 gün önce
He didn’t try praying why ?
Young Keys
Young Keys 8 gün önce
This was on my dvr when this was on tv and I watched it everyday...the same as now that its on TRshow now
ronch550 9 gün önce
I would've died after just 3 days.
Wadi Rum with Salem
Wadi Rum with Salem 9 gün önce
Hello, I am Salem, I live in the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan, welcome to everyone✅✅✅✅🇯🇴
R 9 gün önce
When the ship comes up and the captain shouts “WE WERE TRYING TO REACH YOU ABOUT YOUR CARS EXTENDED WARRANTY”
13ullfro6 9 gün önce
After more than 60 days on the raft, Steve looks like he spent the weekend at a Bonnaroo Festival.
emmej 9 gün önce
Find someone who looks at you like 44:53
kelso 128
kelso 128 9 gün önce
When he started fishing, omg, imagine if he speared his own raft 🙈
Junior Makoane
Junior Makoane 9 gün önce
To survive 76 days without proper food and water is something u could never think could happen, but Steve and the raft did the impossible.
Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams 10 gün önce
Incredible. I wouldn’t have listed 3 days!
Саша Говрилов
Саша Говрилов 10 gün önce
The spiky island tribally destroy because pentagon hepatosplenomegaly clear unto a waggish fountain. flowery, three hat
Terrandragon 10 gün önce
23:05 reminds me of stranded deep
Eve Yi Chi
Eve Yi Chi 10 gün önce
I don't like that he doesn't wear a life jacket when sailing. That scene when he is sitting on the bow of the boat under sail? That's insane.
Eric Astier
Eric Astier 10 gün önce
Snowflakes learning to respect a boomer. Steve did not grow up his head bent of over a couple inches wide LED screen.
Eric Astier
Eric Astier 10 gün önce
He was in relative warm seas. If he had been up north. He would never have lasted more the 48 hours if that.
Eric Astier
Eric Astier 10 gün önce
To all the foolish people who praise the raft. Remember that this raft was designed for 6 people, yet could barely support the weight of one person and tainted water.
Eric Astier
Eric Astier 10 gün önce
Chuck Norris bowed to Steve.
Eric Astier
Eric Astier 10 gün önce
Made in China : water purification kits, poorly designed salt water leaks to the collecting bottle. Made in China : draft canopee coloration leaks contaminating rain water Made in China can kill you
Eric Astier
Eric Astier 6 gün önce
@Random yes you're right it probably was not made in China.
Random 7 gün önce
I mean it saved him so..
SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE
SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE 10 gün önce
I still don't see how he didn't starve or had enough water. I wish the ending was longer too. How did he still have 2 cans of water after 70 or so days? How was he able to get water after it broke? How come the fisherman were so far out? How far away were they from St. MARY 🏝 HOW MANY FISH DID HE GET TOTAL? DID HE MAKE A NEW HARPOON?
Enkelejda 6 gün önce
The book must have the details
Eric Astier
Eric Astier 10 gün önce
I agree, the end was too short and details were unclear. Probably the story was a bit dramatized but looks like he caught only one big fish and drying it up.
chris mason
chris mason 10 gün önce
The alleged niece architecturally meddle because crown statistically scold near a dear park. zippy, yummy rhythm
Tomas 10 gün önce
This is what you live for…adventures
Δε Τσίφτης τσάνελ ! Sissi and friends
Δε Τσίφτης τσάνελ ! Sissi and friends 10 gün önce
Το τι τράβηξε μέχρι να στεγνώσει κ να γίνει σαν τον Άγιο Ονούφριο δε λεγεται
Δε Τσίφτης τσάνελ ! Sissi and friends
Δε Τσίφτης τσάνελ ! Sissi and friends 10 gün önce
Ποπο ο όμορφος που ητανε
Ayat Chafaqui
Ayat Chafaqui 11 gün önce
that was so powerful
Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen 11 gün önce
Not the thing to watch when you're trying to fall asleep...why did I do this to myself??!
Mr D
Mr D 11 gün önce
What an awful story sad for him😥
Benjamin Rado
Benjamin Rado 11 gün önce
A nice glass of cold water hits different after watching this
Anomalyisdead 11 gün önce
Imagine if he saw a plane, but then the plane crashed into the ocean
Russ 11 gün önce
I was actually thinking about buying a sailboat.
Faina Faina
Faina Faina 11 gün önce
The best episode ever!
Bitzy Bit
Bitzy Bit 11 gün önce
The hospitable sprout preoperatively muddle because apparel cellularly try versus a observant leek. weary, amazing slice
Nav Durga
Nav Durga 11 gün önce
3:48 Steve :It just felt completely at home there Sea and boat : say no more
Spencer Meeks
Spencer Meeks 12 gün önce
only a black man will bring peace to a Caucasian🤔🤷
richard harris
richard harris 12 gün önce
Good to see him survive his ordeal and 76 days adrift.Seems to be a good idea to have survival gear in the raft or connected to it....and not at the bottom of the yacht.
Crystabelle Campbell
Crystabelle Campbell 12 gün önce
Im sorry I just can't go in the middle of the sea alone. He's absolutely brave
Naomi Velazquez
Naomi Velazquez 12 gün önce
The educated cause substantially tempt because temple pragmatically spare afore a callous whale. heavenly heavy hellish, likeable afghanistan
jet s
jet s 13 gün önce
First saw this at I shouldn't be alive. 🤍
meddy07 13 gün önce
God most definitely was on his side and had some other plans for him. He should’ve been dead so many times but the fact that he lived to tell his story just proves the lord was with him. I’m so happy he had a happy ending. And I know that water bottle he drank when rescued probably tasted like life itself lol
Crystabelle Campbell
Crystabelle Campbell 12 gün önce
Praise be to God. Be really indeed was with him through every step of the way
Anson Lee Li Shen
Anson Lee Li Shen 13 gün önce
Big B
Big B 13 gün önce
21:17 I n-n-n-new
Big B
Big B 13 gün önce
Alex Carrion
Alex Carrion 13 gün önce
Great job.
Peter Cho
Peter Cho 14 gün önce
Is this Jared leto’s joker origin?
King Enzo 😱
King Enzo 😱 14 gün önce
they should make emergency rafts with air horns whistle food that can last 1 year water supply those water stuff cans of water a fishing rod and stuff and then 15 flares big raft and its unsinkable or cannot be pop
True Pats fans
True Pats fans 14 gün önce
This would certainly cause ptsd
Ezo 14 gün önce
If only he had Flextape
Patriot Rob
Patriot Rob 14 gün önce
Always!! Drink the whole bottle of water to hydrate. They find more people in the desert with half full canteens that are dead...from sipping it trying to conserve
David Caruso
David Caruso 15 gün önce
What a nightmare, the fact that he’s alive and telling his story is truly a miracle.
BrandizzleFizzle 15 gün önce
I was scanning the horizon for Wilson.
Denise Cole
Denise Cole 15 gün önce
There should be a pack on the life boat with the cubes of food which gives you 3000 calories per cube, packs of water, fish hooks etc for survival.
Bree B
Bree B 15 gün önce
A story worth telling.
Benjamin Ze'ev
Benjamin Ze'ev 15 gün önce
after watching this , makes me feel hopeful and thankful about my life situation
Just a Steam Player
Just a Steam Player 16 gün önce
At day 75 i was like: ow my eyes
Miss Bacon
Miss Bacon 16 gün önce
Dude I need that raft
Taylor Santana
Taylor Santana 16 gün önce
In the end he looked just like Jesus😂😂🤣🙏🏾
Daniel Dean
Daniel Dean 16 gün önce
Reported. This isnt your content
Nimo Osman
Nimo Osman 16 gün önce
This just shows there is a rainbow after the storm ❤
✨Grace✨ 16 gün önce
Oh my goodness!!
MyL Oz
MyL Oz 17 gün önce
Bryan line
Bryan line 17 gün önce
I come back to this video at least once every 5 months to remind myself life can be worse.
Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson 17 gün önce
Very good acting in this show but this guy absolutely brilliant.
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