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Time Team Classics

Time Team Classics

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A collection of classic episode cut-downs where Paul Blinkhorn gets to save the day.
00:00 - "Saxon Death Saxon Gold"
Series 18, Episode 2
(West Langton, Leicestershire)
• Saxon Death, Saxon Gol...
10:50 - "The Puzzle of Picket's Farm"
(Burford, Oxfordshire)
Series 17, Episode 10
• The Puzzle of Picket's...
24:04 - "Lost Centuries at St. Osyth"
Series 12, Episode 9
• Lost Centuries at St O...
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Time Team is a British TV series following specialists who dig deep to uncover as much as they can about Britain's archaeology and history.
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@SaxeGrove 7 aylar önce
Paul Blinkhorn is a favorite of mine. Motorbike and an immense knowledge - what`s not to like?
@kathyastrom1315 7 aylar önce
Picket’s Farm is one of my top episodes! I love Phil’s happy dance when the backhoe revealed the curving ditch, and the intriguing mixture of late Neolithic and early Bronze Age finds is just fascinating.
@MrWompz 7 aylar önce
Can’t say it enough. This show is one of the greatest ever!!!
@ripvanwinkle2002 7 aylar önce
20+ years and never a disappointment. well done.
@lindasue8719 7 aylar önce
That's an excellent point. This is got to be the ONLY program where I've never finished an episode and thought to myself, "there's an hour of my life I will never get back." I love every episode and they always make me happy ❤
@edwardfletcher7790 7 aylar önce
I love the reverence Phil shows for even the smallest find he discovers 👍😆
@JeffreyAu1 7 aylar önce
Thanks for posting this compilation featuring Paul Blinkhorn. From his first appearance in Season 6 at the live dig at Bawsey through the end of the series, he became my favorite finds expert. Equal parts informative and humorous. Perfect combination. I could listen to him talk about pottery all day long.
@lindasue8719 7 aylar önce
Oh, what I would give to live in England! I've wanted two for decades. Coming from rainy Vancouver, I would have no problem with the weather 😀❤️ Here, sadly, anything over 50 years old around here gets torn down. 😭 On the east coast of Canada they respect the history and architecture better.
@toocoolforbanshee618 7 aylar önce
I love this show ... please keep going
@kathrynschauf1784 7 aylar önce
Not a critique, but I'd love to see these themed shows. If they're continued, The only thing I'd ask is a further edited, crammed theme, I know you have the footage to do this.
@greenhighlander7 7 aylar önce
I bet that Tony is frustrated after day one, and just wondering How many times Phil is gonna say 'actually' in one sentence, I think record is 5 in one sentence.. Great serie, seen these a lot of times 😄
@greatboniwanker 7 aylar önce
Love Time Team, old & new!
@fractaljack210 7 aylar önce
Paul was always cool.
@JTW05 7 aylar önce
Great show the only downer was Tony Robinson which was a bummer because I like him as an actor. He always doubted the archeologists, almost demanded they give an answer while they are still looking at the evidence they just dug up and when he got an answer and they changed their minds because of the evidence or new evidence came to light, even slightly he had pleasure in saying, "You said yesterday" and then talks over them when they are explaining their conclusions. At least he started asking the archeologists if he could enter their dig pit because when he started he'd just jump in until he jumped on to something they were excavating and was told to get out he just stepped on to something important. Great show though.
@deidrecruickshank7975 3 aylar önce
You know its part of the script right, for him yo play the dummie etc.....the whole things based on Tony.....ummmmm
@bguns8486 7 aylar önce
Please upload more older episodes. Thanks.
@North_West1 3 aylar önce
Full episodes links are in description
@Davlavi 7 aylar önce
Love it.
@leed206 2 aylar önce
Ok question. Why when you google time team cast at no point is Helen mentioned?
@FrostyBalls01 3 aylar önce
Norman times is that when a lot of people was named Norman? Or is it when the name Norman was invented?
@AAD2698 7 aylar önce
any excuse to listen to Paul laugh.
@janicehill5605 3 aylar önce
Exquisite finds😊
@annazaman9657 7 aylar önce
Picket farm. My favorite
@Pesmog 7 aylar önce
Yes, it was an excellent dig. They were so lucky to find what they did, particularly as they went there looking for something different.
@Lornharding 7 aylar önce
ok what happened? it stoped in the middle of the second attack.
@Wickednell 7 aylar önce
I’ll never understand why archeologists insist that women couldn’t have been warriors. Why not? I think women up until the Middle Ages probably had more choices than they did when Christianity came into play. Idk maybe I’m just a wishful thinker and believe in the legendary shield maidens and women being in battle or at least being able to defend their homes with any type of weapon.
@wewenang5167 3 aylar önce
even before middle ages there were already Christians in UK...Christians came to Britain since late roman time. Yes there was women warrior but its rare and not the usual especially if they were Anglo Saxon, unless its a viking burial because Viking women does have more right than Anglo Saxon or Roman women. But Viking cremated their dead, not buried unless they were Christians. even if the women were warrior they would not buried them with weapons.
@ruthcarter8895 7 aylar önce
Yea, Paul!
@dingodelta 7 aylar önce
@AnnaAnna-uc2ff 7 aylar önce
@stiannobelisto573 7 aylar önce
Fun fact: A majority of archeologists are women due to their natural ability to dig up the past.
@nevillemignot1681 7 aylar önce
Fun Fact........................Our 'Expert' in Paul Blinkhorn was 1st seen with a trowel in hand in a trench in a very early episode of this series filmed in the Shetland Islands.
@robroy6804 7 aylar önce
@JeffreyAu1 7 aylar önce
@@nevillemignot1681 The first time Paul is seen in the series is in Season 6 in the live dig at Bawsey Norfolk. Look up Season 6, episode 11. The Shetlands episode is Season 10.
@nevillemignot1681 7 aylar önce
@@JeffreyAu1 The episode i was talking about was filmed on Fetlar, in the Shetlands, and it contained two digs, one was at the back of a modern dwelling that thought it was built on the site of a Viking building. And other one was a mound very near the sea of what was thought to be perhaps a boat burial. It also featured an uncredited [As far as i could tell], another person that later was to appear on and be credited on Time Time was pink haired Dr Alice Roberts. As far as i could tell from my memory this is the 1st time i did see them both, i could be wrong with the facts of what series it was and things like that, but for sure this is the 1st time i did see them and recognize them. And i would suggest that i will 'look up' what i what to, thanks and the only person who i let tell me what to do is my wife.
@JeffreyAu1 7 aylar önce
@@nevillemignot1681 Yes that is the episode I was talking about in the Shetlands. It is season 10. Hopefully your wife will let you look up and confirm that season 6 comes before season 10.
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