Erik Satie - Gnossiennes 1-6

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Sista K.

Sista K.

5 yıl önce

Composer: Erik Satie
Pianist: Klára Körmendi
Album: Piano Works (Selection)
Label: Naxos

Philonico Yıl önce
J'adore tout simplement, tout grandement, tout éternellement
Philonico Aylar önce
@Dan Bhakta Me encanta todo, todo mucho, todo para siempre.
Dan Bhakta
Dan Bhakta Aylar önce
No habla francais!
Valerie Swift
Valerie Swift 4 aylar önce
Michel Duplessis ñb
pdreamb 9 aylar önce
you can interested my piano videos.
Pascal xavier
Pascal xavier 9 aylar önce
@Enrique Duek Et bien alors apprenez à les jouer.
James Baggley
James Baggley Yıl önce
I used to play these pieces when I was a teenage student. Haven’t played or listened to them since. Listening now I’m taken straight back 35 years to my family home, sitting at the piano. I can even smell the room around me! Isn’t music amazing?
Rook Aylar önce
@haurg Actually, the brain is redundant in this context without stimulus.
Scott Casey
Scott Casey Aylar önce
Keep playing james
James Baggley
James Baggley 4 aylar önce
@_DrNova no it didn’t make me feel like a Bond villain. But putting the shark-infested tank under the floor is another matter.
_DrNova 4 aylar önce
But did it make you feel like a Bond villain?
haurg 6 aylar önce
Actually, human brain is amazing.
Clara Solano
Clara Solano 9 aylar önce
Congratulations to the pianist Klára Körmendi for playing this masterpiece so perfectly
David C.M.
David C.M. Gün önce
the tempo was a bit high
Czérna Emőke
Czérna Emőke Aylar önce
🇹🇯 Klára Körmendi is a brilliant hungarian pianist
Miguel Ramires
Miguel Ramires 2 aylar önce
Best n5 i ever listened
max b
max b 3 aylar önce
She has a brilliant affinity for Satie
Ignatov 8 aylar önce
“I came into the world very young, in an age that was very old.” ― Erik Satie
𝔾𝕦𝕤 22 gün önce
@Malte Persson dude you are so stupid and thinking you are correct
Luc Delorme
Luc Delorme Aylar önce
@tal Yes it is accurate (born french-speaking here).
Leonard S
Leonard S 2 aylar önce
@Malte Persson he lived in France but was born Scottish actually
Tomy DeP.
Tomy DeP. 2 aylar önce
@Lord Mado Some people disagree : « traduttore, traditore » which means " the translator is a betrayer".
adventureman 4 aylar önce
It could be argued that what he meant in his own way is the a quote is literally what the person said at the time, then in another language it's a translation of a quote. And I'd be ok with that.
TrionBulldog Yıl önce
This man is such an artistic genius that apparently even his glasses stand in respect and don't need to be held up by his ears. That's true talent.
Offender Monk
Offender Monk 9 gün önce
Isabel Chan Glory
Isabel Chan Glory 20 gün önce
@Venom Comment me too🥰
Pascal Cadot
Pascal Cadot Aylar önce
Not sure if you are kidding... In French this is called "binocles", and it was very common at that time. Glasses are clamped on the nose.
John 1948
John 1948 Aylar önce
There are numerous types of pince-nez that were sold a few decades around 1900. The example demonstrated at (13 mins 57 secs in) appear to be the ones Satie was wearing, in the above portrait of him.
Yiğit Önder
Yiğit Önder 4 aylar önce
lmao ahahaha
Leeyah Fareed
Leeyah Fareed 10 aylar önce
I never realised that some of the most nostalgic pieces i know are all written by Satie. His music is a whole other level of emotion and philosophy.
γνῶθι σεαυτόν,
γνῶθι σεαυτόν, 10 aylar önce
Tiyas 3 aylar önce
Gnossiene no.1 is one of the sounds of my childhood -- my dad had discovered quite early on, with impish glee, that the melody scared the living daylights out of me. My body still responds to it the same way, twenty years on. Haunting and visceral.
Oliver Schmehr
Oliver Schmehr 3 gün önce
Ever had a look at this?
Totally Bitchcakes
Totally Bitchcakes 9 gün önce
love this ^
Emmanuel sebaali
Emmanuel sebaali 5 aylar önce
No1 : 0:00 No2 : 3:10 No3 : 4:48 No4 : 7:13 No5 : 10:09 No6 : 12:38
Shade 7513
Shade 7513 2 aylar önce
Thanks you !
Nihan isi
Nihan isi Yıl önce
Who is also up at 3 am listening to this masterpiece and feels deep gratitude?
spacewitch 10 gün önce
@Patrik Kelvisar GMT too huh!
Patrik Kelvisar
Patrik Kelvisar 10 gün önce
3:11 a masterpiece at perfect time
spacewitch 13 gün önce
3:09 I feel we're all sad about something or other.
Jack Hana
Jack Hana 17 gün önce
Rach S
Rach S Yıl önce
My cats like Eric Satie best and I've tried alot of composers on them. They lie on the rug and just chill, listening. I'm so proud of their exceptional good taste.
Barney Pitt
Barney Pitt Aylar önce
Mine fucked off the second Satie came on. They're not the brightest cats, to be honest though.
Squirrel Monkey
Squirrel Monkey 2 aylar önce
People who love cats love Satie as well. It's a law of nature.
Zehratu -
Zehratu - 3 aylar önce
My cat turned from attack mode to chill. And kisses with his eyes Hahah.
Thérèse D'avila
Thérèse D'avila 4 aylar önce
@Dan Jackson MDR ^^
The Survivor
The Survivor 5 aylar önce
@Dan Jackson lol
Nicho Mendonça
Nicho Mendonça Yıl önce
Sensacional obra! Grande inspiração.
MSK 7 aylar önce
I would love to watch a 2 hour documentary about the first track .. I want someone to unpack every note and every meaning behind it, it's so full of life secrets I can tell.
loitnin abel
loitnin abel 4 aylar önce
It's not 2hours long however ...
Memestress 4 aylar önce
@A D I had no idea what I would see until you outlined it for me
Damien Nugara
Damien Nugara 5 aylar önce
@A D All to true I’m afraid
JJ 5 aylar önce
A melancholic story indeed..
A D 5 aylar önce
You’d be watching some pre USA black and white Polaroid reel of clips, of really suspicious looking men in suits around the globe setting up the world as we know it today. Science, business, land, law and division. Spies behind enemy lines and star crossed lovers with hope in their eyes. Without a doubt the story would have a tragic end.
Elenice Maria
Elenice Maria 3 aylar önce
Como Deus fez sua criação perfeita. Esse som é maravilhoso e de muito bom gosto. Aprecio coisas boas. Gratidão!!!😀❤
Mikolaj Ochocki
Mikolaj Ochocki 11 aylar önce
How can something so simple sound so sophisticated?
vale das ventum
vale das ventum Aylar önce
@So What Technically it isn't difficult. To play it sensitively and emotionally is hard.
Kite Aylar önce
@programxxx LOL
So What
So What Aylar önce
@MrJewellz & Sage ♪ yes i am a pianist it’s hard the stops between the notes are so difficult
MrJewellz & Sage  ♪
MrJewellz & Sage ♪ 2 aylar önce
Did you try playing it on a piano? It’s not as simple as it seems
So What
So What 2 aylar önce
Because it’s not just simple it’s deep and touch your soul!! The pianist did a great job playing these pieces is the hardest thing to do
Eloisa Borba
Eloisa Borba Yıl önce
Para quem aprecia e admira a arte, eles dois e muitos outros, vão estar vivos em nossa memória por muito tempo.
Santiago (Nettle) Ortiga
Santiago (Nettle) Ortiga 6 aylar önce
De acordo. A música tem uma capacidade tremenda de nos conectarmos, desfigurarmos e construirmos como indivíduos diferentes ... Alguns com uma certa capacidade de se maravilhar independentemente do tempo e do espaço. Quem escuta com a alma quebra-nos como ondas no grande pântano deste oceano que é a vida ... com licença, meus portugueses. Saudações da Colômbia
bill ding
bill ding Yıl önce
I've been enthralled by Satie since first hearing his music 60 years ago. I have had, over this time, a number of recordings of his work. I am particularly enamored with the interpretations of Hungarian pianist Klara Kormendi and am delighted to see her here on TRshow. Her renditions of Satie are, for me, perfection.
Susan Balog
Susan Balog 8 aylar önce
Kormendi's playing is truly heavenly!
Adam Dorey
Adam Dorey Yıl önce
There is a huge ocean of music out there. Don't sit on the shoreline just dipping your toe in. Dive deep and explore. Only way you'll discover the beauty and mystery of Satie. Played his works learning the piano as a child. Still confuses me how his mind could compose such enigmatic pieces.
Will Requena
Will Requena 14 gün önce
Cierras los ojos y estás en otro mundo, me encanta, simplemente fascinante. 💜
roldan galvez
roldan galvez Yıl önce
If existential philosophy had a sound track this would be it...
T4000 16 gün önce
Nihilists? Fuck me... I mean say what you want about the tenets of national socialism, Dude, but at least it's an ethos!
Jack Hana
Jack Hana 16 gün önce
I am way too dumb to have any clue as to what you are saying….but I sure like this piece by Satie!
Sporting ARTIGLIERE69 29 gün önce
Yes Roldan. Probably this is the music of "esistenzialismo"
08YONKERS14 Aylar önce
*no* comment ist absolut
Christopher Edwards
Christopher Edwards Aylar önce
Hrmmm.... good point. I wonder if Sartre or Camus ever listened to this guy or if he read them - gotta check on my time periods.
ronny jr
ronny jr Yıl önce
This music is so powerful it scares me when I’m alone
John 1948
John 1948 Aylar önce
@Kite I should have expanded my comment. Satie is out on his own, as a composer who dealt with "interesting" phenomena that music deals to us. There has been discussion in places about his dabbling in mind-stretching effects in his music, that amounts to therapy. Long before it was a serious study, he instinctively understood chaos theory and how the brain works, through non-linear mathematical functions, that affect such disabilities as epilepsy. Epilepsy is the recurrent lapse of the brain in being able to work non-linearly (normal feedback mode), breaking down instead to linear function (epilepsy). Those of us who gravitate to the pleasure of Satie's work, I think sit closer to that sweet spot between regular brain function and that breakdown point.
Kite Aylar önce
@John 1948 I got it, but the way you phrased it, well, sounded a bit interesting lol
John 1948
John 1948 Aylar önce
@Kite Only coffee. I'm sorry that you don't get it.
Kite Aylar önce
@John 1948 one must ask, were you on any drugs at the time of this writing?
John 1948
John 1948 3 aylar önce
I only ever listen to it when I'm alone. Nobody else I know would like it at all. Yes, it is powerful but the power excites me, especially Gnossienne 3 at 4:48. It's an itch inside the head that can't be scratched, that would be a crime to scratch, because the itch itself is therapeutic.
Sylviane fidelio
Sylviane fidelio Yıl önce
J’adore sa musique, elle m’apaise, me donne un bonheur intérieur incommensurable, dans ce monde de brutes que nous traversons...
Daniel Butruk
Daniel Butruk Yıl önce
I feel like an entire psychological thriller film can be written to this as the soundtrack.
Cali k
Cali k 7 gün önce
I agree
Vladimir Komin
Vladimir Komin 4 aylar önce
And I heard this music in some kind of quest game full of suspense. There was an abandoned mansion and the character had to solve the secret of its former owner.
Randall Dickson
Randall Dickson 5 aylar önce
Ha! I was thinking the same thing. This would be perfect for a Hanibal Lecter reboot.
Nostradumbass 5 aylar önce
There's way too much visual media deadening our collective imagination as it is imo
A bold one
A bold one 7 aylar önce
life is enough
Juliana Ferreira Oliveira
Juliana Ferreira Oliveira Yıl önce
Graham 6 aylar önce
I'm not sure if anyone will understand what I'm trying to say, but I find Gnossiennes absolutely exhausting to listen to. Within the space of just a few notes, Erik Satie takes me on a rollercoaster ride of constantly changing emotions - happy to sad, hopeful to hopeless, and even beautiful to ugly. I think maybe his music is a window into his troubled mind. A troubled genius.
Bee Hale
Bee Hale 9 aylar önce
Deeply mysterious... and yet, so romantic! I get deeply lost in its swaying rhythm. Just beautiful 🖤
Павел Бураков
Павел Бураков Yıl önce
Adorei essas músicas!
The BJ
The BJ 5 aylar önce
French people are known for their unusual interests which are engraved in their artistic works too and it always somehow works out so well for them. Erik Satie is one of the best examples of an exceptional person, so is his great music!
john brown
john brown 2 aylar önce
PHIL NEW 3 aylar önce
Satie était une personne "inhabituelle". Sa musique est "inhabituelle". Et cela d'une façon extrême. Mais le miracle, parce que c'est un vraiment un miracle, ou un mystère, c'est que cette musique entre chez vous et c'est comme si vous la connaissiez de toute éternité...
Monica Penaloza
Monica Penaloza 7 aylar önce
Maravillosamente tranquilizadora 🌼🌼
Lizz Martinez
Lizz Martinez Yıl önce
this has always made me so incredibly emotional, i remember hearing it for the first time as a little girl and even then it brought me to tears (especially No 1&3). its absolutely beautiful
Andrei Pipelats
Andrei Pipelats 5 aylar önce
Очень красиво, это прекрасно
Werisson 3 aylar önce
Gênio atemporal, pode não ter sido valorizado em seu tempo, mas sua obra transcendeu a história e o século XX.
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson Yıl önce
This piece of music so confuses my mind. I cannot tell if I am happy, sad or where my mind really is? This is some kind of therapy for the soul.
gianni 8
gianni 8 7 aylar önce
This Is surrealism music, composers of the Surrealism period try to explain Dreams with music and art
Dustin Harford
Dustin Harford 8 aylar önce
I find music like this is supposed to transcend the limitations of emotion. What we are listening to is the theme of a stoic and unreactive observer. Almost like walking through an abandoned building or the remnants of a fallen civilization and just taking it all in, not feeling or thinking about it too much.
Karen Bailey
Karen Bailey 8 aylar önce
Yes, all of this
Marc Fedak
Marc Fedak 8 aylar önce
Hi Peter, it could be partly because of the mysterious almost Moorish modes/scales he uses, which give it an exotic, other-worldly feeling.
Damaris Rosas Molinero
Damaris Rosas Molinero 8 aylar önce
I always listen to it when a feel stressed becuase it doesn't give sadness or a false happiness haha it just puts my mind in a very comfortable limbo hahaha
Erik Coelho
Erik Coelho Yıl önce
Isso é espetacular!!!!! Um ótimo remédio para ansiedade.
blipblip88 Yıl önce
I wish he had composed 1000 more of these lovely little gems. So wonderful! Exuberant! Delicate, Whimsical, Lethargic too!!. I cannot imagine a life without them. Thank you.
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman Yıl önce
I love Erick Satie, much love from Russia, one of my favourite composer! i remember passing by a narrow passage somewhere in Paris listening to this pice of art, i listen to this everytime i read, Merci !
erik Soto
erik Soto Yıl önce
A masterpice and a gift for the humans species👏 Thank you Erik
MEL HERNANDEZ 2 yıl önce
“Everybody offers to buy one a drink; but nobody ever dreams of buying one a sandwich.” ― Erik Satie
Barney Pitt
Barney Pitt Aylar önce
This is not a peculiar mystery. People like alcohol more than sandwiches.
andy hercules
andy hercules 2 aylar önce
Jim Morrison comes to mind
ᄏvᄏ 3 aylar önce
@배윤수 띠용
user 5 aylar önce
@Someone You Probably Don't Know It’s better to cum in the sink, than to sink in the cum.
Malte Persson
Malte Persson 8 aylar önce
What is the differens between a witch and a sand-witch?
Rebecca Jane
Rebecca Jane 2 aylar önce
Sitting here driving through the hectic streets of Cairo, listening to this in my headphones. I can hear the loud beeps of the thousands of cars around me, watching women try to sell tissues in the streets to make a living. I watch as the old fashioned boats sail down the Nile, full of families, newly Weds and couples. I remember how Egypt has captured my soul despite it's hectic, crazy, ways.
Ömer 2 aylar önce
Greetings from Turkey, my Muslim brother.
Perséfone Lótus
Perséfone Lótus 7 aylar önce
Sublime...when I play this tears came out...❤
Random Dude
Random Dude Yıl önce
I've been obsessing on Satie for quite a few years now and I have to say these renditions of the Gnossiennes are my favorites.
António Cracel Quitério
António Cracel Quitério Yıl önce
Simplesmente maravilhoso.
Fernando Rodríguez
Fernando Rodríguez Yıl önce
Music that will live forever.
Awatif Bachari
Awatif Bachari 11 aylar önce
Erik Satie ce génie de la musique de son temps, nous raconte à travers cette musique l'époque qu'il a vécue. Tout simplement!
Malu Pezzim
Malu Pezzim Yıl önce
musicfanBRA Yıl önce
Sublime music, marvellous interpretation. Brava Klara Kormendi.
3notesabar 10 aylar önce
Forever grateful to this man for picking me up in my times of utter grief and despair.
GoodVibesOfficial 10 aylar önce
This balance between the chords and solo is amazing as the emotion on the touch of the keys. Pianist: Klára Körmendi
Rabbi kumar
Rabbi kumar Yıl önce
Erik satie's gnossiennes and gymnopedies together with Bethoven's moonlight sonata 1st mov is the most existential piece of music I have ever heard
Burr 14 gün önce
@azzouz0000 If you like feeling fuzzy in your head just listen to French composers like Ravel and Debussy, their music sounds like their fingers are water but the ideas are clear yet you can still get lost if you aren’t paying attention
azzouz0000 4 aylar önce
@Dragomir Ronilac sup , if you know more existential pieces of music , i'd be grateful to get their names
Bastobasto Yıl önce
@Dragomir Ronilac Calm down
Dan Yıl önce
I highly recommend Chopin - Nocturne in C Sharp minor. Give that a try :P
Dragomir Ronilac
Dragomir Ronilac Yıl önce
You didn't hear a lot
Jean Ard
Jean Ard Yıl önce
This piece of music was used to great affect in an Agatha Christie (Hercule Poirot) movie titled; The Five Little Pigs". Very well done and made the emotional aspect of the movie more intense.
Dale 10 aylar önce
This music makes an image in my brain that I’m in an endless library that holds all the information in the universe wandering for all eternity driven mad that by all of knowledge I cannot comprehend
lorenzo luciani
lorenzo luciani 4 aylar önce
sounds like borges' library
Rick Nasher
Rick Nasher 9 aylar önce
I was once offered all there is to know in the universe in some sort of a dream, but that much knowledge in a split second, including all the future horrors in my life was just too much to bear, too overwhelming and made me recoil backwards, like when opening the lid on a sewer and inhaling the stench too deeply. So now I know all but not fully conscious. Still wondering what it was for and what would have happened if continued to look into this endless library?
Ann Wright
Ann Wright Yıl önce
Really can't get enough of Erik Satie whose glorious music always puts me in a wonderful mood--truly he was and is a gem for all time. Thank you ever so much for posting!!!!!
Francine Audy
Francine Audy 7 aylar önce
Je l'ai découvert début vingtaine et il est toujours demeuré dans mon âme et y restera jusqu'à la fin de mes jours et probablement après...
fooster 4 aylar önce
Envolvente, especial!!!
andre luisman
andre luisman Yıl önce
Personally for me the best musician I know. Gives me an fantastic flow over my last more than 45 years. Genius 4 me. In love since I was 16 years old.
ishit realbad
ishit realbad Yıl önce
The capacity to learn is a gift The ability to learn is a skill The willingness to learn is a choice
Zinquilla Zombih
Zinquilla Zombih Aylar önce
fat fact right there
Jay Aeecee
Jay Aeecee 2 aylar önce
The process is work.
C. GR Yıl önce Hi! I played Francisco Tárrega masterpiece "Lágrima" with guitar. If you want to listen, you can reach it via the link..🎶🎶🌹🌹
starz storz
starz storz Yıl önce
@Christopher Diedrich absolutly nothing. And this is why philosophy sucks balls. They think they reach truth writing good looking words (for them). Poetry is the real deal, and the best poetry is the one from Allah
Suzanna Bienkowski
Suzanna Bienkowski Yıl önce
@Sarkis Tchentchenian a world of idiots on autopilot, with comments straight off a template.
Kenny Dee
Kenny Dee Yıl önce
Its like I'm sitting in tall grass on a mountain meadow looking over the Alps and while breathing deeply I'm taking in the rhythm of life. Truly a masterpiece for continual reflection.
Kostas Bi
Kostas Bi 8 aylar önce
all these big musicians have offered so much to the whole humanity until it vanishes. Even if hundreds or thousand years later we are robot-like, music like this will be the connection with people's souls and nature
Steven Orsolini
Steven Orsolini 7 aylar önce
You are so right
C 7 aylar önce
I normally end up here after about the 3rd or 4th glass of red wine. Masterpiece.
Emanuel Cecchetto
Emanuel Cecchetto Aylar önce
momin adil
momin adil Yıl önce
One of my favorite music ever heard, Thanking "The Queen's Gambit" for using this masterpiece music no.1. Amazingly felt the music was built for the specific series. MASTERPIECE!!!
Daniel Mendez Castañedo
Daniel Mendez Castañedo Yıl önce
Excelente pieza melódica , me transporta aún cuento mágico ,en tierras desconocidas nubladas y misteriosas
Anastasia Pouliou
Anastasia Pouliou 8 gün önce
A wonderful composition..the dynamism of the sound..the feelings conveyed..just amazing!
N 8 aylar önce
Sometimes, I come back here and listen to these masterpieces. In my head, I always see a vacant place. Well, either vacant or just stopped in time. I imagine a city that has been abandoned really abruptly. Everything seems normal at first look, but there is absolutely no one. I am looking at a peaceful but sad place. As if there was some chilling facts about this place. Other times, I see a 1950 nightclub full of happy people, but everything is frozen. Everyone is frozen in the middle of their actions and I'm just walking through the scene. It makes me feel happy and sad at the same time and I feel like the feeling I am feeling at that moment is very similar to the one I am feeling while listening to this amazing piece💕
Cor Severin Chris
Cor Severin Chris 5 aylar önce
If i have pain in my mind and spirit " I Play Always his music ' It give peace and power 💟✝️🙏🏻 legend
Fazlı Güngör
Fazlı Güngör 10 aylar önce
This is wonderful playlist for me. When i heard this first time literally i fell in love with with this !!!
Odyssey Pipia
Odyssey Pipia Yıl önce
Красиво, интересно 👏
Studio Krohn
Studio Krohn Yıl önce
Played very peaceful! This music is very magical, sounds like he has secrets and telling us how to get them. Music is always a key for something mysterious.
Nana Yuo
Nana Yuo Yıl önce
perdeu sua mãe, o pai abandonou, seu primeiro amor trocou ele, sendo o mais criticado , ele sempre vai ser o melhor pianista pra mim ;-;
Gea Vox
Gea Vox Yıl önce
Somehow reaches into the soul to find the melancholy of our very existence, superb! 👏
José Ortega Román
José Ortega Román Yıl önce
Muito bom
MHL Piano
MHL Piano Yıl önce
So beautiful :) Thank you for sharing this great content!
Pamela Joy Pol
Pamela Joy Pol Yıl önce
This composition could have been written yesterday. So progressive and intensely dramatic. Love at first listen. 💕
Adorei essas músicas!
Gilberto Lovric
Gilberto Lovric 5 aylar önce
@Malu Pezzim Demos Graças a Deus ! Somos poucos mas, de vez em quando aparece algum. Um dia serāo.muitos - sobretudo brasileitos. Grande abraço, desde Sāo Paulo.
Malu Pezzim
Malu Pezzim Yıl önce
Finalmente alguém com o idioma português!
Carl Bowlby
Carl Bowlby Yıl önce
These pieces are brilliant. Of course I have to listen while looking at the score, but just listening alone without distractions is enough to hear such sublime craftsmanship. I don’t know whether Satie is mad or an absolute genius. Either one, it fits!
Kortex Yıl önce
I love Gnossienne No.5 for some reason, I just love the way it presents a happy joyful composition with a melancholic undertone.
Dorothy Chuang
Dorothy Chuang Aylar önce
Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous work.
Fan Made Videos
Fan Made Videos 11 aylar önce
Satie captures the essence of apprehension in his melodies
Anita Popova
Anita Popova Yıl önce
So deep.... Can't be explained in words.... Just transfers me to a completely different world.....
Laura Barragán
Laura Barragán 9 aylar önce
No. 5 is just about the happiest thing that happens to my ears.
Jon Goss
Jon Goss Yıl önce
A piece that allows contemplation within the subconscious, providing the listener freedom to interpret it in their own way. Genius.
Joselito Costa
Joselito Costa 9 aylar önce
Maravilhoso para começar o dia
Amit D
Amit D 9 aylar önce
How can a music be so mysterious at the same time full of answers!
Alec Rechtiene
Alec Rechtiene 8 aylar önce
Satie music just draws you in in the most haunting yet brilliant way.
Baris Cankaya
Baris Cankaya Yıl önce
This somehow settles my anxiety attacks everytime. I love it.
gorki bruhmaz
gorki bruhmaz 6 aylar önce
@Euphoric ne iyi gelmesi dinledikçe ağlauasım geliyor şu müzigi
w124Adam Yıl önce
@Baris Cankaya +1 kardeş.
Aleizdein Yıl önce
Does the same with me. These pieces let my mind exhale.
Euphoric Yıl önce
@yaşamaya dair Bende de ayni sorunlar var ve hic merak etme zamanla daha iyi oluyorsun. Şu an kendimi daha iyi hissediyorum eski halimden. Geçicek bunlar merak etme.
yaşamaya dair
yaşamaya dair Yıl önce
Sınav stresinden kurtulmak için dinliyorum ben de. Aynı şekilde kaygı bozukluğum var. Seni biraz da olsun anlıyorum, cidden zor. Umarım ikimiz de kaygılarımızı aşmanın yolunu buluruz. Şans diliyorum sana.
zaratustra 234 games
zaratustra 234 games 2 saatler önce
caralho, que musica linda velho...
Cheyenne P
Cheyenne P 4 aylar önce
I never thought I’d ever have a favorite music composer until I first heard Gnossienne #1 and gymnopedie #1
Houda Benmansour
Houda Benmansour Aylar önce
Never too late to discover the best😊👍🎄🎁💝🌸🎀
AhmetZ27 8 aylar önce
One of the greatest piano pieces ever!
Raphael Aiello
Raphael Aiello Yıl önce
Such an unique composer...
David M
David M Yıl önce
"My dream is to be played everywhere, not only at the Opera" Well I expect this will make him pleased, wherever he is.
Neko Aylar önce
He wanted his music to be played as background music. He didn't liked people listen to it like the orchestra
Pala 2 aylar önce
Thing tho is, he got really mad about those compositions because he wanted to create music to be a backdrop in life.. nothing to get really noticed just there and enhancing the Environment ( he is considered founder of atmo music in that regard) and he got really mad that his music was getting so much attention, even tho it was meant for the background and not as the main attraction
Stefan Pancea
Stefan Pancea 4 aylar önce
@Jarno Rusink ?
eternal Doorman
eternal Doorman 4 aylar önce
I'm listening to it half way up Volcan Tacaná in México right now, ...
SuperMichuPL 4 aylar önce
Very interesting
P Lima
P Lima Yıl önce
Bela música !!!!!!!!
Jam Huon
Jam Huon 9 aylar önce
🎶 Beautiful, beau, eternal 🎹 🎶 love it !
Jennifer Gonzalez
Jennifer Gonzalez 7 aylar önce
"APRENDÍ una oración para decirla solamente de noche; pacífica el sueño, transparenta los párpados: Adonais, limpia mis ojos, vélame ahora que me entrego a la muerte nocturna, a la instantánea muerte. Suéñame un ángel puro, que me acompañe siempre, y que sea mujer." Ernesto Mejía Sánchez.
Jackson Langford
Jackson Langford Yıl önce
his compositions are often described as "child like" which I always thought was a jab but its really not. that's like calling Picasso child like. it is, and that's amazing to still be able to channel such artistic purity
Elaine Hidayat
Elaine Hidayat Yıl önce
my favourite sad and mysterious composer, thank you 🙏🏻 👍🏻🎹🎼i like how at gnossienne 5 he suddenly changes the composition to become very happy, it really lifts up a sad mood ! and at gnossienne 6 it makes me feel like i have encountered a strange mythical creature or an alien from an outer world
John 1948
John 1948 3 aylar önce
For me, the magic is in Gnossienne 3. I find myself in the strangest place, a kind of enchanted glade, where at each turn, there is an unexpected new insight. The piano is spelling out some kind of eerie message.
Waqar Noor
Waqar Noor Yıl önce
I came here after listening to this mysterious melody while watching The Queen's Gambit show. This is something beyond this world's time and space.
Varoluşsal Sancılar
Varoluşsal Sancılar 9 aylar önce
Nah it seems that way because its from a time when people werent yet turned into soulless zombies by technology and brainwashing.
Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima 2 aylar önce
Satie is a Alchemist of the music This is the masterpiece of Satie's aesthetics
Jeff Dawson
Jeff Dawson Yıl önce
Whatever the “most French sounding” piano music means, I say it is Satie, more than Debussy, Ravel, or Fauré. I can see the mist shrouding the dome of Sacre Cœur in the early morning just before daybreak, the cobblestone paths that wind up Montmartre glazed with dew, and the shopfront curtains as white as snow. Like an Utrillo painting...
deepulse 10 aylar önce
Frenchism at its finest. Parisian vibes. Wow
10Ammar Yıl önce
You just might be right.
conteselegendes Yıl önce
Magnifique ! Quelle pureté, quelle délicatesse Ça donne beaucoup d'émotions : joie, tristesse, sentiment de beauté absolu...
reditr Yıl önce
I passed from extreme anger punching the walls to dancing alone my eyes close while writing poems in my mind in less than 3minutes listening to those.
Graciela Lopez
Graciela Lopez Yıl önce
My God!! This man is a complete marbel his music reaches my very soul, it awakens sentiments of joy and tears weaknesses and power,all within moments
The Golden Host
The Golden Host Yıl önce
This group of songs is so beautiful and mysterious! Can't get enough of it.
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