Rainstorm Sounds for Relaxing, Focus or Deep Sleep | Nature White Noise | 8 Hour Video

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Enjoy 8 hours of the relaxing sound of rain on leaves. You can find more music like this in the Calm app, the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation.

Calm Music is specially designed in four audio categories: Focus, Relax, Sleep, and Nature Melodies. You can access this through the 'Music' button on the home screen of the app.

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Evan T
Evan T 8 saatler önce
I've tried SO many of these but this is the only one that sounds just right. I put it on my speakers and write, clean, sleep et al. to this little slice of heaven. Thank you, Calm!
Jose Jones
Jose Jones 13 saatler önce
Peaceful Tube
Peaceful Tube 15 saatler önce
Relaxing Music | Meditation for Heart and Soul trshow.info/watch/lcl8LR25tuY/video.html
michael86734 16 saatler önce
How does it work do you play it wen you sleep or wen you go to sleep
MysticYHN Gün önce
I sometimes feel like I wish I just had a therapist lol. Basically just talking about my day and yk the rough parts about life. I don’t know sometimes I just wish things were easier even tho life is hard and it’s going to challenge you. I just sometimes feel like I’m not motivated enough or even at all. I want to try and and keep going but it gets hard and I just feel like giving up and just have it easy and stay at home but then I just know that means I won’t have nothing for my life doing nothing. I feel like talking to someone that isn’t your family but someone you can just vent and talk to helps sometimes but I never get to have that I’m so enclosed I never wanna hope someone is like me but it’s reality and idk if someone ever just wanted to talk for real I’m here.
Michelle A. Hernandez
Michelle A. Hernandez Gün önce
I've been having a lot of bad anxiety lately. Everyone's comments helped! Thanks to all you kind strangers. 💗
Eliza Campbell
Eliza Campbell Gün önce
hehe it's rainy
Eliza Campbell
Eliza Campbell Gün önce
very rainy :)
Melody And Harmony
Melody And Harmony 2 gün önce
Wow so calming
Z3R0 FUSED 2 gün önce
I came here looking for people that are like me and are just weird i now feel bad for entering this comment section
Hello Germany
Hello Germany 2 gün önce
Don't know if someone is reading this, but if you are: You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! ❤️
Anisa Cyntia Putri
Anisa Cyntia Putri 3 gün önce
Robert Crowley
Robert Crowley 3 gün önce
I always return to this sound. It has become part of my healing.
Maryam Ahmad Abdullah
Maryam Ahmad Abdullah 3 gün önce
It was playing in the background, I was having trouble waking up every 3 hours and wasn't able to sleep for 7 hours straight. I didn't think it will work... well, until it did! Thank you so much
Fidget Central
Fidget Central 3 gün önce
Katerina E.
Katerina E. 3 gün önce
I am going through really hard time in my life rn, and this helped calm me down. Thank you
michael86734 3 gün önce
wath did you use for sound
Yxng Addict Official
Yxng Addict Official 4 gün önce
i got covid and i’m hoping this helps me sleep. i’m in so much pain.
JtotheB 3 gün önce
you'll get through it!
Shylah Falconer
Shylah Falconer 4 gün önce
This sounds better than anything I've heard.
Music Deep
Music Deep 4 gün önce
noretreat_nosurrender 4 gün önce
nice and peacefull
Unmustache Æ
Unmustache Æ 4 gün önce
Everyday Relaxaholic
Everyday Relaxaholic 4 gün önce
The sound of rain soothes me🌱
Gonzalez Candice
Gonzalez Candice 5 gün önce
My dad shown me this TRshow channel to help me sleep Let’s see how it go’s 🥳
Relaxing Sounds
Relaxing Sounds 5 gün önce
Great content!
imnotgrandgamer 6 gün önce
How did you upload an 8 hour video?
imnotgrandgamer 6 gün önce
My 4 minute video took 7 hours to upload and btw great vid I subscribed :)
Sit Back & Relax
Sit Back & Relax 6 gün önce
Want some relaxing sounds? Take a look 👀 ….. trshow.info/on/mPvos8HzfrVMwV9eNdPVyA.html
Stealthie 6 gün önce
This is my favorite rain sounds video, I have no specific reason but it seems to resonate with me more. The sounding of the rain just seems to be different from any other rain video. Maybe it’s just that it sounds the most similar to the rain I hear myself ❤️❤️
Refilwe Mohasoa
Refilwe Mohasoa 6 gün önce
Mind Relaxation
Mind Relaxation 6 gün önce
trshow.info/watch/rm9r02cyvrg/video.html Stay Calm & Sleep Well With Listening To Nature
TRAVEL 7 gün önce
Soft water creek white noise for sleeping m.trshow.info/watch/cHGOA-N91WI/video.html #Softrain #relaxing #relax #sleep #sleepsound #sleepdoctor
B@d 7 gün önce
Can everyone here please BE ANGRY?
Eranga pushpakumara
Eranga pushpakumara 8 gün önce
Hello recorded equipment i love nature sound but no equipment
Sninggels 8 gün önce
This is nice
Michel Boily
Michel Boily 9 gün önce
Andy Walks 🥾
Andy Walks 🥾 9 gün önce
Relax and free your mind 💚🙏
Sofie 9 gün önce
trshow.info/watch/i0EuGxfCp2E/video.html This video is my top favorite!
Daily Relaxing Sounds
Daily Relaxing Sounds 10 gün önce
hello Guys 🌧❤️🌩 ! Some Support To My Channel it has a beautiful Nature Sound Videos For Sleeping and Relaxing 🎶
Benjamin Sanchez
Benjamin Sanchez 10 gün önce
Very nice!
A turtlu
A turtlu 10 gün önce
The proper way to address someone is NOT , hey you. Its ,excuse me.
voiceless 10 gün önce
Budha meditationtrshow.info/watch/SY-RFaIib3o/video.html
Preetinanda Behera
Preetinanda Behera 12 gün önce
Like this sound of rain 👍👍👍
simplycatt 12 gün önce
it’s the night before school and I can’t sleep at all I’m so used to being up till 5am .
Mama Pink
Mama Pink 12 gün önce
Just the right amount of peaceful… 💗💤💗💤💤💤
Backup youtube acc
Backup youtube acc 12 gün önce
I'm not sad or stressed this rain is just calming🌚
胡枫 12 gün önce
Hey Kelly, I miss you quite a lot. Even though we might never see each other ever again, I still dream about the day we meet again. I am terribly sorry for the pain that I caused you, and it’s going to hunt me for the rest of life. I guess that’s my pay back. Anyway, wish you the best, and the time I spent with you in Malden was the best time of my life. Love Feng
Brian Floyd
Brian Floyd 13 gün önce
Gods sounds , great for your soul !
relax rain videos
relax rain videos 13 gün önce
Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins 14 gün önce
Thx and yes
relax rain videos
relax rain videos 13 gün önce
Relaxing Piano Music
Relaxing Piano Music 14 gün önce
This comment section is the positive group chat that never dies.
Tony Gramazio
Tony Gramazio 14 gün önce
As I listened to this in the darkness I don’t what happened at the time, only the memory afterwards. I had no thoughts, and for what seemed like seconds I felt this feeling of falling and then my whole body jumped as if I was electrocuted. The strangest thing I ever felt. Just the memory was there not the reason!
relax rain videos
relax rain videos 13 gün önce
G P 15 gün önce
Cheers to health, love and finding peace and happiness in your lives
Leslie Dean
Leslie Dean 15 gün önce
I came here for the sounds, then stayed for the comments. They are so sweet and supportive it’s great! ☺️😊
Blog Family Forever
Blog Family Forever 15 gün önce
Dude I love the sounds of rain!
Enock Kazembe
Enock Kazembe 15 gün önce
Who dislikes this?
MrMelons 14 gün önce
People who are allergic to water.
Breanna Clements
Breanna Clements 15 gün önce
I have been stressed all day until I heard this even my dog fell asleep
Air Relax Sound
Air Relax Sound 17 gün önce
Denis Salagean
Denis Salagean 17 gün önce
Now I understand why people love rain
Wali Malik
Wali Malik 18 gün önce
Wali Malik
Wali Malik 18 gün önce
Wali Malik
Wali Malik 18 gün önce
Wali Malik
Wali Malik 18 gün önce
Wali Malik
Wali Malik 18 gün önce
Wali Malik
Wali Malik 18 gün önce
Wali Malik
Wali Malik 18 gün önce
Wali Malik
Wali Malik 18 gün önce
Wali Malik
Wali Malik 18 gün önce
Patty Chiodi
Patty Chiodi 18 gün önce
Love it....❤️
Timothy Zhu
Timothy Zhu 18 gün önce
If any of you have data caps, remember to set the video quality to 144p to conserve data.
Essential Advanced Skincare and Medspa
Essential Advanced Skincare and Medspa 18 gün önce
Ummm I can’t sleep but it a great noise 😊
Kobe 18 gün önce
Be honest, you yawned.
JEREMIAS VELEZ 18 gün önce
Sleep time
LifeASMR 18 gün önce
Perfect Rain ASMR for sleep and RELAX trshow.info/watch/HiUBFpqc4kc/video.html
Milos Chill
Milos Chill 19 gün önce
Love the channel. You have inspired me to create my own
Tomas Hammond
Tomas Hammond 19 gün önce
this is so relaxing, i am nearly falling asleeplistening to it whilst doing homework
AV14T0R 19 gün önce
sleep. y a y~
HT :D 18 gün önce
Malak Ismael
Malak Ismael 19 gün önce
It wash me internally
Erica Desiree
Erica Desiree 20 gün önce
Thanks,peace,love and light.
Jae’s Thoughts
Jae’s Thoughts 20 gün önce
CRITROLE 21 gün önce
be better with subtle music imo
~B~ 16 gün önce
Plenty of that on TRshow
Marc Reicher
Marc Reicher 21 gün önce
This is a really nice sound covering video and i appreciate it very much. One point of feedback...It does however have these little hiccups ever ten minutes or so which become a little distracting after listening for a while. just FYI. one example is at5:46:52. Sadly after sometime i have to stop listening. It would be really nice those were not there. But again, overall, it is really nice and i appreciate it very much. Thank you to the creator of this.
leo plays rocketleage
leo plays rocketleage 21 gün önce
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RabbityDev 22 gün önce
This video Made me not breath goof for some reason
Thiền ngủ
Thiền ngủ 22 gün önce
The sound of rain to sleep
Camryn Cupcakes
Camryn Cupcakes 22 gün önce
Camryn Cupcakes
Camryn Cupcakes 22 gün önce
Relaxation Is Golden
Relaxation Is Golden 23 gün önce
mwddhhhh 23 gün önce
What I know bout ya is......Harry Styles follow you on instagram wth thats cool CALM🌹❤️❤️😭
Colton Coleman
Colton Coleman 23 gün önce
Des R
Des R 23 gün önce
8 hours of rain,….has to be recorded in the North West of England🤣…..it ain’t called The Lakes for nothing🤣
~B~ 16 gün önce
Clearly, this was recorded on the tropical rain forest of Arizona.
HT :D 18 gün önce
Nah its probably recorded on vancouver. If it was england, you would hear an old man complaining to the cashier that his tea is 1 degree colder than the perfect temperature and demanding a refund on the background
B. C.
B. C. 24 gün önce
Insomnia brought me here
Littlebuddytwisty 24 gün önce
Baby Turd
Baby Turd 24 gün önce
These kinds of videos mostly have nice comments when i just here to go to sleep.
Soothing Sounds
Soothing Sounds 24 gün önce
Hello to the person reading this I hope you have a great day☺️
Manuel Gisbert
Manuel Gisbert 24 gün önce
You‘re awesome man, thanks
Karyn Gabriel
Karyn Gabriel 25 gün önce
it makes me fall aslep in 5 secs
Khimbaba 26 gün önce
Very true!
D003 26 gün önce
This comment section is so motivational ❤️
RandomMakiroll 26 gün önce
I love how the comments are always so wholesome in these, a lot of us are currently going through some dark times and those comments are able to put a smile on our face, it doesn’t matter if the smile only last for a few seconds, it still helps.
relaxing sounds for sleep
relaxing sounds for sleep 27 gün önce
Wow this is awesome! So relaxing.. I also want to help as many people as I can with sleeping and get som stress relief 😁 if anyone has any tips or ideas for me it will be highly appreciated.🥰
투데이릴렉스 today relax
투데이릴렉스 today relax 27 gün önce
lovely sound & nice video
ThunderBlood 27 gün önce
life sucks
Manuel Gisbert
Manuel Gisbert 24 gün önce
You don‘t suffer from the events of your life, but from your judgement about them. Happiness begins with a clear understanding of one thing: Some things are within our control and some things aren‘t.
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