Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz refuses to listen to audio of him murdering students | LiveNOW

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Nikolas Cruz put his fingers in his ears in court while audio of him shooting students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, was played for jurors. Cruz has plead guilty to 17 counts of murder and a jury will not determine whether to recommend life in prison or the death penalty.
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The fact people still defend him for being "bullied" is beyond me. He had already graduated, he commit the murders when he was like 19, and most of his victims were freshmen. None of the children he killed were his bullies nor was this just an act due to him finally getting pushed over the years. It was so premeditated and so evil.
I was bullied HORRIBLY and I was miserable but it made me want to NEVER make someone feel that way… I’m so tired of people not valuing human lives…
@jefftrotter8152 Yıl önce
If you didn't want to hear yourself commiting those acts you should have never committed the crime.Just imagine how the victims and victims families felt.
I was 18, a senior when this happened, we were all so excited to be graduating in a few months. This broke everyone’s spirit. I remember crying during the moment of silence. I’m 23 now and it still brings me to tears.
@Mbabz1957 Yıl önce
My heart goes out to all of the students killed and those that had to flee and their families
@justanotherteenagerz3421 Yıl önce
that man is horrible. he covers his ears like a coward when HE was the one who killed everyone. he is NOT a victim. Oh, you dont wanna hear YOUR VICTIMS screaming and crying as they bleed out but the victims had to? Rot in jail.
@lucigooseydubs3768 Yıl önce
I'm dying to know why this kid is still on trial 4 years later when all the evidence is there. It should not take you 4 years to decide what a mass murderer deserves.
@Veemarieeeee Yıl önce
The strength she had while speaking. I couldn’t do it. The trauma all of those students and parents will forever deal with… fills me with such sadness.
@christietedesco6715 Yıl önce
god.. the looks in the parents faces. you can tell they’re struggling keeping their composure. my heart goes out to all the victims and families. this trial has been going on way to long. i mean we have recordings of audios and several testimonies from the kids there. what else do they need to prove this kid is guilty??
@donnasdoingfine7070 Yıl önce
The audio of her crying as she was running out of the school made me cry because you could tell that she had just processed what she saw and heard
@thempalmtrees4270 Yıl önce
I just don’t understand how people like this have such easy access to guns. A few years ago my school went through this too. I was lucky to not have been in the cafeteria when it happened but I will always remember how confused everyone was at first and then how quiet everyone got trying to hold in cries when we found out what was happening. It’s just something you never forget.
I was bullied from elementary school, until I graduated high school. And I’ve NEVER had even a REMOTE thought as dark as hurting one of my peers, let alone what this guy did. Absolutely disgraceful. It’s not about “being bullied” or else all bullied would end up violent offenders. This is about so much more than that.
@_Hayday_ Yıl önce
Him with his fingers in his ears while those parents have to hear the gunshots that killed their children is about the most infuriating thing ever. They should’ve pumped this directly into HIS ears, and made HIM listen to the brutality & fear and chaos caused by his actions. How dare he act traumatized by a traumatic situation HE caused. I’m enraged by the portrayal of this monster as some innocent child. I can’t even imagine how those parents must feel…
My sister is 15 years old and in highschool. A highschool I used to attend to. Im 24 years old now. And the “oh my god”s reminded me of her and I cried. Thinking of how sensitive my little sister is and always wanting to protect her tore me up inside. This is horrendous.
@TheEpicface69 Yıl önce
It’s so incredibly pathetic. In whatever psychotic delusion he had, he needed a moment of power no matter how terrible and now that he’s had it he can’t even face it. I feel like its not fair that his hands werent bound and his eyes held open to see what he did.
Those poor babies. This ripped my heart out. It doesn't matter if they are newborns or grown, they are always our babies. Anger isn't even a proper word. Heartbreak. Complete heartbreak for all of these children.
@angelican873 Yıl önce
I did an exchange semester in Idaho and while there we went through a shooting drill in my school. That day I was doing T.A. in kindergarten and seeing all those 4/5 years old crouching under the table and covering their mouths was awful for me. They did it so nonchalantly it broke my heart, they know from such a young age what a dangerous place school is and I hate that. Coming from Italy, where school shootings and shooting drills aren’t a thing, it was such a cultural shock for me and I’ll never forget it.
@allthingstravon21 Yıl önce
To have to start high school with a mass shooting and then have to deal with covid and everything else afterwards is beyond traumatic. I pray every surviving victim, their families, as well as the families of the deceased find peace
@coolkidsbros3041 Yıl önce
May the victims who passed away Rest In Peace and my deepest condolences to the families and friends
@percygirl101 Yıl önce
My heart goes out to all of the victims all of those who lost their lives their families and everyone who was there that day. The fact that it took 4 years to convict him is ridiculous.
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